Neutral Face Emoji

A face featuring a straight-and-closed mouth, not giving away any particular emotion.

Neutral Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😐 Face With Straight Mouth

😐 Straight Faced


😐 U+1F610




Tweets For 😐

cursed af 🐰🏒🍁🍁 ‏@marnerlicious

I literally just walked in on some of my friends drunk-crying and just stayed there like 😐

defne ♡ ‏@dlvsts

so where is skam nl season 3 😐

itgirl 💋 ‏@jaysierra0

i got up and made a bottle cus she was wide awake to come back to her knocked out sleep again 😐

𝒦𝒶ℯ𝓁𝒾𝓃 ‏@gguksstars

what’s with these sugar people following me 😐✋

Rejj || 💜 ‏@MoonsPersona

@KnaIsAFlop THIS MAN😐 He rly doesnt get it does he🤡

ًpussy destroyer ‏@renlebffs

i swear renjun and chenle stans hate me😐😐

🦋 ‏@Jenna0071

@FayeB45 @Wood1760Steve I’m so sorry I hope he’s found safe and well. Can I suggest when he’s back home you get…

🐀 ‏@fizzyninaa

i will wait till the release date 😐

It'sReal ‏@MilaSefti

Bad mood njir😐

jas is 💤 ‏@chl4mydia

almost 4am n i cant sleep bc it keeps lightninging outside 😐

rei ★ ‏@jinsayshi

Twitter should add like bookmark folders so that I won’t have to scroll down for the reaction videos 😐😐

👑 Prince Mari 🎨 ‏@irregulartaste

@Cheech_dmnd18 @Sonjoe_Kutuh It’s that Gemini talent I’m jealous of 😐 Tupac, Kayne, Biggie , Left Eye. Their word play is something els

grace misses bangtan ♡ ‏@gcnjhs

one of my irls and followers annoy me so much,,,stop acting like two different people on social media and irl. say…

Pattie With a Fattie X 🍑 ‏@curlypettysue

bitches keep testing me & it’s not going to end well 😐

Mpho Kiki ‏@Kiki_Nomevz

@ompimissfrenchy He banna 😐

ابو نورة 🔺 ‏@MiNiBoGgah_

@zeeibr Okay i feel offended 😐😐💔

King👑 ‏@Jinnggles

Blood Of Jesus Christ 😐

Craig Potter ‏@Craigeep

Another visit to a and e today ! Both girls taking it in turns now . Might get a small flat nearby 😐

mL ‏@mclovinurwife

Bruh I wanna keep getting faded and I been faded since 6pm 😐🤣

شہزادی ‏@nazia390

@EngrImrann rhny do us m bhi sry hoe hi lgo gy 😐

` ia ‏@bangtan_mirage

Some people be acting like their fav couple is taking alimony from them when they getting divorce. It's the couple'…

Jarvis ‏@JarvisOfficial1

@tonystark_1993 @pepperpotts_96 @Anils_Hater Sir Don't take this food often.. It contains fat and heat..😐 This wil…

Precious Pearl 😍 ‏@Sabatweets7

@itx_adee yh tou serious nahiii thii😐

Daniel West ‏@DanielMarkWest

Why is this so disturbing... 😄😐

infinitereality recasts her tale ‏@infinitereality

@OrdinaryGeekSF I did for a bit but I’m afraid to look now 😐 still looking into better alternatives

lei ‏@leilaxhrn

finally escaped the grasp of my tita and tito's after 4 bottles off san mig, a bottle of wine and half a bottle of…

✭ | HASEUL DAY🎉 ‏@rendezvouskoo

wait a min their time slot was pretty short compared to the rest now that i think about it......😐

Hemi ‏@fuckhemi

@carssere the government tried to ban me from the dark web 😐

Lẹ́yẹ 🤙🏽 ‏@JBadaman

@DammieLolaa @GlintofSilver_ @Xtraordinary49 Like, he'd be stroking and they'd both be straight faced like 😐 all th…

💕🇬🇧 Deb's 🇬🇧💕 ‏@DebbieLouiseR

@VeteranNI1 In a world like today gender neutral malarkey 😐😐 😂😂 who knows 🤦‍♀️

/abbyⓋ/ ‏@Functioning_Gay

Me: gets sexually assaulted My friend: Awh you can’t go chucking that statement about lightly…

ty | SILVER CHAN LOCKDOWN ‏@miamiinho

@leeknowscat minho has affected us minho stans 😐 I feel like retaking the test one sec

Poseidon ‏@Dha_mist

Is he the one paying his school fees? 😐

wild flower🥀💫 ‏@Halidubu__

Sorry 😐

Ben Mitchell ‏@BumChumMitchell

Good morning @eastendersweek I owe Alex an apology, I’ve not been paying attention to names until today (sorry 😐) B…

🦋 ‏@NorthDaytona

But no if you saw the amount of money I blew this month just as fast as I made it 😐

anastashia beaverhausen #fan account ‏@lynnt09

@Meganmj1 Sorry 😐 my bad 🤗

##vy :[ ‏@cwjeons

i don’t even like cake .why m i craving it 😐

U.D.U.A.K🖤 ‏@Uduak_Inyang14

@Karrisodidi You literally just liked someone’s reply to that tweet and said the exact same thing😐.

u do note cassie is ma peyk ‏@kalbssssss

losing streak sunday😐

Larry Blaze ‏@LarryBlaze6

Of course this smells of petty 😐

Dawn4europe #FBPE ‏@Dawn83903655

People are so brainwashed they don't have the capacity to realise what Brexit will actually do to the country 😐

ً ‏@d_aehwi

you have to be kiddin gme 😐

Irene Fraser 😉 ‏@boozybluesy

@lizzie_grime :-) Meds. To avoid the drams. 😐

You die? Damn that’s crazy 😭😂 ‏@caarrtterrr

i miss sofie gn 😐😑😐

Tee🖤✨ ‏@klulesskidd

If yo dick good, idc I’m telling mfs you burnin, I’ll be damned if they get sum😐

sam ‏@yutathekitty

i’m gonna try to sleep bc it’s almost 5am 🔫😐 my body better not mess this up and i really hope i don’t get woken up…

Paayal Bhakta ‏@paaybhakta

Not quite sure why my sprinklers are always on when I’m trying to get into my house at 1:30am 😐

💕KHÁÑ 💗SÀBÄ💋 ‏@Khan___Saba

Call me old fashioned but Jo maza purane songs me hai Mostly mid 90s se mid 20s Tak Wo level par aajke gaane kabhi…

K K M ‏@kels_khumza

@mzwandileMasina Kanti when are you resigning msunu?😐😐😐

💫 Karin Louise🌱 ‏@KarinIsSharing

I fucking know all of this, not like I haven't studied Indonesian Cold War history & geopolitics to an extent. This…

Idif ‏@RReulier

Long time since my last post 😐 But I recently finished the first game I've worked on ! It's a mobile VR game (samsu…

Big Noob Devon ‏@D7von1

@FlixmoYt Well its outback 1st game on so 😐😐😭

Faithmarieh ‏@marieh003

I'm starting to doubting myself if kaya pa ba nko ang grade 12 😐

🐆 ‏@TheFahadHakim

why you always mention money in every single tweet 😐 — Okay

Galeas ‏@callmejoiei

Why am I so tired already 😐

Oga saamuu ‏@samiee_lee

@iAmTheFayFay You are invited... I can drop you a location... Any kinda bet is available 😐😐

💉Your Friendly Neighborhood Nurse 💉💊 ‏@IzzieTheFreak

Why is my grandmother talking about their pastor taking a flight to Botswana from South Africa every Sunday like it's a normal thing?? 😐

roan ‏@decodedflowers

thinking about groceries by mallrat 😐

Counter Sadhu ‏@SadhuMaharaj16

@Heisenberg369 @me_lds Estaap reading my mind you charles xavier 😐

ً 세 제 아 예공 ‏@jenosnana

yall really happy that hyuck took back his words abt kissing booth😐

chris=weeb ‏@sylveonies_

@toxxxicsupport If it were me id be like "😐"

n ‏@nureenafifah

and here we go... benda paling malas is to send gambar😐

🥟 far 🥟 ‏@hanseuqnwoo

why do people like this think alices arent supporting seungwoo... i know some alices rant a lot about ot7 victon al…

hwang ‏@yunseorig

@zeunho junho did you know that typing argh argh was so addictive 😐

Olalekan Jimoh Adeyemi ‏@jamleks

@JohnNetworQ A show of shame 😐😓

Hope for freedom ‏@Hopeforfreedom2

@JustineClaire65 The same as you 1😮2😀3😐

제이홉 ☪︎ ‏@tearhoya

@diorjhoseok @Mansiarya_ this is why we all begged you to make a backup😭😐🤚🏻 or prvt acc where only few knows

yalin 🍭 ‏@borahae94

@somniecult A*B*6*I*X 😐 they got 4 songs despite debuting this year 😒

Fhay_vurh ‏@UkaomaFavour

@80s__vibes Copy copy😐

҉ Click Clack Bow ҉ ‏@FuckUTalmBout

How are y’all defending Jay Z by saying just wait and see.... 😐

Anish Mohanty ‏@anishmohanty

Travel several kilometres to meet a client and when you reach, you realise his phone is switched off. 😐

𝐦𝐢(𝕟)𝐠𝐮𝐞𝐥(𝕙𝕒𝕠)• HIT ‏@the8_myungho

i forgot all about this 😐✨✨✨✨

7 ‏@ymbIood

@PETCHEEETAH and bc rolo kept jumping on me during the night i was like 😐

Elif aka Turkish Barbie ‏@sweetenerwords

Wait today is sunday and i was getting excited for the new video #theORIGIN and forgot its already oveer ❤️😐 @SamandColby

pushpadrsmy ‏@sharamy37

I dont know if I'm okay or get used to it already til I feel okay in not okay state 😐

suresh ‏@suresh11136041

@shibani_cutm @HMOIndia U have no dm option 😐

Orange ‏@Orannge_

Man it’s almost 4 and I can’t sleep. 😐

S L S ‏@suziiestrawbs

@LillzTrackLife 🤔😐 I see people didn’t listen when you tried to explain the minimum sauce required for such a routine 🤣

BRIDGETT LAMAR❤💞 ‏@lamar_bl

@JMolleyOfficial It's so sad how I've been following Jesse for so long but he won't follow back😐

K ☾ ‏@khenbangs

6 months and counting... 😐

mokamorienzi ‏@sanyibayor

I got tired of the city life and now this country lifestyle is chocking me 😐

⚜️💯 ‏@504KT

Faded & lonely 😐

💕🇬🇧 Deb's 🇬🇧💕 ‏@DebbieLouiseR

@jonstone8299 Corbyn is vile to the core.. someone like him should never be in power but play the “ yoof card “ is his only way 😐😐

FATIMA🇵🇰❤️ ‏@Fatima_Yaar

@SaysSheikhoo @MoizShafi NO NEED❤️😐

Elle J ‏@ejames500

@PaulLaugh43 Oooops! I'm not laughing honest 😐

Shashank Jaiswal ‏@Shasha_Jaiswal

Bhai it's just 2nd GW.. don't write off ur season just yet 😐

هدا🐰💞🇲🇾 ‏@nrlhudah

I’ve been wondering how my senior perform well for this paper.😐😭

malome Mpho ‏@mpho_R6

@MathabathaDolly Now you pushing it 😐

Aleksandr Azonobo ‏@i_am_alexbrown

@IrawoBebeyi @Olabodel 😐 come. Why were u now bursting me up for my own 6 cats, when u have been there done that

Rebecca Lowman ‏@MrsRLowman

@finan3domsooner @mattoades @mattoades is the best person I know 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗 No comment on you @finan3domsooner 😐

Francesca ‏@franekwuyasi

@nnkybaby Don't let me say bad things😐

Matt ‏@_Mateo710

Females think they slick af talking about yeah you the only person I’m taking to 🤣😅😐

Anita Carvalho ‏@anitamarquesc

Dear Summer, where are you? 😐

Kyle ‏@SchlumpBoyKyle

Still can’t believe we outshot Tottenham 30-3 and tied... 😐😅

asem ‏@NorHazrien

@alwaninos im speechless 😐

abby !! ✰ ‏@hyuckjora

the fact that i lost friends bcuz i called ex oomf's tiktok boy ugly 😐

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