New Moon Face Emoji

A moon with a face, hiding in shadow. Sometimes perceived to be creepy, this is a regular new moon, with a face on it.

New Moon Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “New Moon With Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌚 Creepy Moon

🌚 Dark Moon Face

🌚 Molester Moon

Unicode Name

🌚 New Moon With Face


🌚 U+1F31A




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Tharishinee ‏@tharishinee_pr

Am I the only one who did not get a key pendant or any pendant for that matter 🌚

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@Fleurelyx Fair enough. Tulips are elite tho🌚

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@yafavegirldee Aha I still Stan by this statement 🌚

Conanya_once_stayGO生_B221 ‏@COnce221

@STRAYK9DS What is this?? Is this today?? I can't understand 😭😭🌚

Salés Nicco ‏@OnlineDentistTz

Kila mtu CCM sio?🌚.. I never liked these people anyway.. I think my gut was onto something.

shaima ‏@chanelbiebs

@drewsdacre Not me wbk 🌚💅🏻

luna ‏@omlola_

She let it clap for a nigga, she throw it back for a nigga🌚

Ovy is ia sometimes ‏@bieberstinn

@drewsdacre Not me 🌚✌

Dersim ‏@Dersim10232160

@dariinkamal I don’t know you but happiest birthday to you baby girl 🌚❤️

MGBTS ‏@phi_nongwuv



The real greeks were faggies so who really appropriating who 🌚

Hasaan ‏@Kashmiri_Chaa

@Anisabaegum "Some" 🌚

Haweeli ma ronak rakhna Wala ki bdy h 29ko (meeru) ‏@haweeli__wala

@no_you_donttt @Hussnainsays_ @3rd @IamLazyAf_ Already🌚

queen ‏@_modernempress

It’s really bothersome to live in a world where everybody hates the truth. 🌚


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pan-pan 🐼 ‏@apkibehan_hon

@hmziii_0 Joth h yeh🌚

Dx!! ‏@Dsoluwapelumi1

@JasmineTush Oh I don see ham..My Two hands up🙌wizkhalifa Junior🌚😂

K T💕 ‏@ganstafeva

@tee1neee Hey friend🌚

Tim Prebble ‏@timprebble

@gkt_wales also.... very cathartic! 😃🎤😉🎤💩🎤👽🎤☠️🎤🐮🎤🎬🎤🥁🤹‍♂️🥁🎤😑🤩😈👍👌🧑‍🚀🕵️☂️💀🌚👾🏟️🔌💾🪓⛱️📍❤️🔁⚒️💣🛌 saved by ironic organ 🐈‍⬛

Sunshine ‏@elie_elie1191

@jojoe_luv Munhurume haapiwe mari🌚 also expectations breed disappointment

nerea ‏@venushrj

@official_ONEUS we can go together if you want 🌚

yumr ‏@BlancLegend

@farhan00231383 He went 🌚

AS🤍 ‏@lAli_sadeq


aboogie’s entanglement🥰 ‏@semsxox

Am I the only one that dislikes mac and cheese🌚

Cris ‏@zaca_texas26

I still remember my mom had no idea I was doing biology till she saw my lab coat come out of the dryer after a year 😂🌚

IG: ife_aboyeji ‏@ifeaboyeji

@curnyluv @segalink Following who abeg? 🌚

Paprika ‏@therikchic

@sharmaaaaaa_ji @NishitChhaya2 Your bff, your problem 🌚

Anjaa 🍱 ‏@Fireraindom

He looks so good in white with white background he stood out 🌚🌝🔥 #SeoInGuk they shot close up a lot here

YessY ‏@ThatsHerYESENIA

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not leaving this man alone 🌚

NarwalLevyy ‏@Narwallll

Btw, i made a upgrade in my H2H squad will make a vid about it today🌚

niki✨| 3 day limit ‏@cupofvkook

You all remember when tae did this 🌚

Kiky ‏@kiky_festus

@August_igbodika @ojone_blessing Who you🌚🤡

Yomii_ ‏@ChemicalBoii

@Dsoloist Leemau 😂 Shebi you see us you no gree toast us. E never deal with you yet 🌚 😝

the Champ__ ‏@KalimbohR

@maarthabernardo You know who to start with🌚🤣

... ‏@segopotso__

@Gama_Maverick Lol I am just passing by man, I don’t agree or disagree 🌚🌚

HASSAAN. ‏@Parhako_475

@nashra_nasir But crush did'nt understood my feelings..!🌚💔

TAHYOR 👑 ‏@eyitayojay

@_temitayoakande It is ooo🌚

Fiyinfoluwa ⚓️ ‏@hyperopique

Congrats King, more wins 🌚

Femirolly ‏@Femirolly2

@oreoluwa_rogers Lol 😂🌚🌚 ahhh before

Gaofenngwe Tlatsana ‏@phoeniicx

The gall gurl, audacity! 🌚 Now he keeps on peeping to see how far I am, Chile. The situation is annoyinG

𝑷𝒓𝒂𝒈𝒚𝒂 ˑ༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ✧ ‏@_Bekhayali

@Emotion_Les So my mom finds this 12th boards and 10th boards ka result useless now bcz she thinks me and my brothe…

Goddest Madrid ‏@Goddestdanielle

So fucking annoyed I’m up rn 🌚

Mahendra Agilan ‏@mhdra18

UCL last 16👀🌚

Lady Figgy ‏@EmasenyeUnanam

@ObongRoviel Only for God to hear your cry and bring you a girl that ends up annoying you every hour🌚

Ayesha And 101 others ‏@AyeshaYayy

@sufi_sufy Buddyy🌚❤🌸

☠️ Psyka ☠️ ‏@Folha_Alves

@Rum_da_Bota For honor e wow 🌚♥️

M A R I A M♥️ (Ayshh , Ramsha🎂) ‏@Mermaid_hun

Need new friends puranay walay bewafa hogaey hain🌚💔

Shajim ☔️ ‏@shajim_

@ShushKaro Just smart like that innit 🌚

i just be tweeting ‏@finestslimjim

@4RAofficial_ @kwasi_29 As do I do both of u shut the fuck up thanks 🌚

dont_have_ ‏@Head_phoneJack

@amourr_cherrie @LotusOhnana finna replicate?🌚

lidia 🤍 ‏@bblidiaaa

dam the rose i got for valentimes lasted longer then my actual relationship 🌚🌝

sofia ‏@yostoee

I🙋🏽‍♀️was🧞‍♀️a🤗girl👧in👈🏻the🤫village🏘doing🧸alright🧼then🤭I become🥵a princess 👸🏽 overnight🌚now⏰ I gotta👁figure out🤔how…

Kami ‏@Kamisease

@smilelovecookie Was ist dieses "Stil" ? 🤔🌚

Hasaan ‏@Kashmiri_Chaa

Be less emotional 🌚

Jim-George Somina ‏@Mieibi

@Sodjee @peeytee Lmao 😂 The next best put in so much work tho and it helped I guess 🌚🌚

Yasir 🔥♠ ツ ‏@Floxy0000

@Areebah_tweets Why do you ask 🌚🚬🔥

$O$A OTTO!¡ ‏@nizzygetbizzy

@XoDoriane @_StaySchemin24s Yooooo relax dude🌚

Hasaan ‏@Kashmiri_Chaa

@BewafaNiklaHeTu I jus nap when in sad boi hours 🌚

Yes ma’am😌 No ma’am😒 ‏@Otoriah_

Anyone to share the link on Aljazeera city of Windhoek 5G tower rot or whatever 🌚

Cryssie. ‏@vousmxoyez

Test new @ 🌚

Director Special ‏@CptFmj

@Cheedeema_O I’m still recovering 🌚. Please Don’t stress me dear

Special ones ❤️ ‏@sumellika_spcls

@suchita_a_10 Isn't the teddy a gift from sumedh to Mallika? 🌚❤️

ali✿ ‏@oyeuntagme

@BellezzaAngelic @daffydiligent Merey life ka special day bohot iss day sab change hua tha🌚

Sakshi Arora ‏@SMishbirfan

@_awaari And 🌚 fans call MishBir hypocrites. Slow claps

Jim-George Somina ‏@Mieibi

@Mo_ladipo You should try car 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯✌️🌚

Ceeyah Ibama ‏@Siiyaa_

@thelocalchief You eat Amala sir And you’re singu🌚

Jay Carter ‏@cruiseboy__

@yaboyyjuice Hmmm feel yourself 🌚 hope say no be that other feeling sha

Minni Mich ‏@__mxch

Anyone else hide in their room when a family member is in the common area and you don’t want to be seen so you wait…

—— ❝𝙼𝙰𝚇𝙸𝙽𝙴ˎˊ˗ ‏@clvssqdior

me and @iix_Ally are sOoOo a like, we didn't plan to almost match pfp🌚

𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐚 🖤🪐 ‏@gws_arii

@imhwhore @selfishrings Idk 🌚 also the only thing that I can recognize u from now on is cuz u don’t have the tiny ⁷ 😭

✈️🇯🇲🇬🇾 ‏@r0dneyzguide

@foreversammmy Okay say I back init 🌚

Jayne Christian ‏@shelsherland

@natluurtsema @laurapanda88 I like being a crab 🦀 😂 & ruled by the moon 🌑🌚🌛🌜

Maria ‏@LostG_irl

@HaZ8800 I need to go back to middle school 🌚👍🏾

Don O Snack ‏@FortuneMnisi_

@sunraysandstuff Oh I even forgot 🤣🌚

your shy girlfriend ‏@Ememessny

Updating my media🌚 #COVID19 #deeperlife #KameneAndJalas #twitch #Iran #whatsappdown #TREASURE #wednesdaymorning

K.Sakyi⚡️ ‏@AddaeSakyi

@Ella_szn Text me 🌚

Yaro Mai Kudi ‏@OlamitundeMalik

@__HalfxO 🌚 fear fear

man on the moon ‏@_DaraDaniel

@Ope__x Okay I take back that point. But why did he refuse to honour any part of the contract or collect any money?…

Haz ‏@HaZ8800

@RioSage_ YES. Give it all the foods🌚

Tharusha Fernando ‏@Tharusha2013

@SenuviDulmini Lawyers 🌚😂

pray ‏@septtemmm

ghost ship is coming 🌝🌚

YAHANASU🤍 ‏@yahanasuhmn

🌚 I'm going on a break

Fizza Malik ‏@fizzamalik94

@oscillatingfpga Waiting for the release 😏🌚

Anna²⁸☆ ‏@AnnasHeartbreak

Thank you. are 👀👀 you 👆👤 lost 🌚🌚 baby 👶🤰 gorl 👧❤️??

🍰 ‏@shelenite

@Jae_Day6 Good bye to a foreigner who loves climbing 👋🏼 and welcome astronaut eaj 🌚

ThecrossGuy ‏@_MitchThagod

Lol🌚 People have already responded to you, but I'm sure if wisdom was an app your brain wouldn't install.

Laziestkiran💎 ‏@laziestkiran

@Shahsultan1100 NYC jock🙄🌚

Mbanusi Mirian C ‏@mz_nemerem

I was always there to hype you sha 😆🌚

JK1Gaming » Jonas ‏@JK1Gaming

@paysafecard [PSC] PaySafeClan 🌚

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