New Moon Face Emoji

A moon with a face, hiding in shadow. Sometimes perceived to be creepy, this is a regular new moon, with a face on it.

New Moon Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “New Moon With Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌚 Creepy Moon

🌚 Dark Moon Face

🌚 Molester Moon

Unicode Name

🌚 New Moon With Face


🌚 U+1F31A




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if you’re having a bad day just know that tonight I have a party at my best friend’s house and we’ll play truth or…

Bönito ‏@Abhish3k_

@JoshuaIsYoung I miss you 🌚

🐼 ‏@imhyeraaa

@bbunnytaee Astagaaa 🌚🌚🌚

THE CONNECT ‏@daddyblaze_


heyitsKay_ ‏@Kayla_Moeisha

i need stevie to go pick up something for me .....👀👀👀👀🌚

🦹🏼‍♀️ popvinylhero 🦸🏻‍♂️ ‏@popvinylhero

@empukofficial @FunkoEurope Boo!!! when are the #SDCC2019 exclusives going up 🌚

杜斯坦 ‏@IzdriZZY

@Zii_da Heheh it depends on who’s asking!😅🌚 and who the soul mate is!!!

Michael Las Sagoe ‏@mbsagoe

@Chaz_Dichakane if only she knew 😂🌚

RJ ‏@ReignRun

@YohoRobo 🌚🌚 no I meant maze. Not amaze. Though I mean, some other day when it wouldn't be such a bad day, it would…

Jaiye jaiye Minister😃 ‏@IbomEyo

@michael_oden Ohhh y’all are buying into my idea now🌚

itsBhaalu ‏@aBhaaaaaaluHEHE

@Sarkarrrs Alaka try to feel once 😂 Btw Sidra Mansoor from FB 😂🌚

🅰️lhaji Transaction🗽 ‏@bleckpenta

@onyeoma_kc This is hard for me to answer 🌚

⁶☉v☉ ‏@Iykee_

Chelsea 🌚

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@breath_light924 Stay tuned on disney faddynoona 🌚

Mithai✨ ‏@mitss_ib

@ManglamArya @Ajanabii_ Maybe 🌚

Owosexual ‏@Ojone_

@omosalewasmiles Hmmmm kinky 🌚🌚🌚🌚

noor ‏@IAmNoorayy

Be a helper to people donot impose fatwas on them🌚

DJ Afrobeats to di world ‏@DeeJayOhenny

@rayenocharles @GeoLeNupe "Don't jealous me" as well 🌚🌚🌚

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Marina ‏@marxnalay

Just broke the curse and got my ticket for Paris 🌚

Brown skin girl with Joy! 👑💞 ‏@IamAdesua

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Joey. ‏@YehDilBeparvah

Tokyo is the most annoying character yet professor's favourite one among all🌚 #LaCasaDePapel3

zain ‏@OyeZainu

@theanimatednerd but you thought about taking interest 🌚

Adrian G. Simmons ‏@AdrianGSimmons

It’s absolutely amazing to me we walked on the moon, and 50 years ago at that! It’s also amazing in its own way th…

Young PK ‏@PaulKlinger7

@LilaSprite_ Casting Couch 🌚

Prettycoats ‏@prettycoats

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drakesis🍒 ‏@drakesis_

@ritz_roop Both 🌚

🧸 N.Yaaaaa🌺✨ ‏@bettayy1

I'm not rude when I tell you not to touch my face. I'm not germophobic either but don't 🌚

🤸🏼‍♂️ ‏@Ruth_Less_Lady

I’ll stop being savage now 👀🌚

𝙍𝙞𝙮𝙖 ‏@thatvmmakeronig

@ErisedRiya Wow. Don't expose me like that 😂 (also, you're welcome. I love being 🌚 with you)

§aba ‏@SabaSheikh06

Mine #Bold pics... OK?! 🌚 #ukhano

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

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Not so sasta philosophist🎭 ‏@philosophy_wala

@rantassaurus Yes, he is very expressive 🌚

Sosa Spillburg ‏@SlowGrind_Sosa

@_onetwonine 🌚🌚 plz don’t speak on old Gucci

𝕔𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕤 ‏@teydigz

"Dreadful Attitude" 🌚

lajaeffects ‏@lajaeffects

@favdem__x Lmao 😂 I sabi sing o 🌚💁🏽‍♂️

Vho Kgabo ‏@YourBoy_TK

@MrGwej I think I slept for about 10 hours 🌚

bubab🌙 ‏@carolimagni

get u the moon 🌚

Nightmares are going to takeover🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@Smitty_gunner

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earl sweatpants ‏@MosaShuping

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Behidnerte ‏@Ehrenhoe

@B0lizai Hello 🌚

3pac Amaru Shakur ‏@3pacAmaru

I still haven’t made my first million 🌚🤦‍♀️

✨💫leah ‏@leahwhitehousex

afterlife voyage mixes are so unbelievably chilled🌚

‎ᴇᴍɪʟʏ🌚 ‏@fawhovian

49. Donna Noble my g 🌚

Society Watch ‏@Society_watch

Grandpa himself have spoken but in all @shattawalegh remember that a brother is always a brother 🌚🔥🌹

Boujetta⚡️ ‏@_Saaj__

@TQKE__ do🌚😂

Rimsha Zulfiqar ‏@YourBaeKhaleesi

@MuzamilSheikhh So you own own it? 🌚

14344 ‏@i_am_keji

Peep what’s written on her shirt 😩😩🌚

Glock21 ‏@Glock21OpEd

@_Astro_Nerd_ Welp, now I want to load the Apollo mission on KSP and send some Kerbals to the Mun. ❤️🚀🌚

Dermatophagoides ‏@B0lizai

@Ehrenhoe Oh hi there 🌚

Purely Virgin ‏@Nano2unes

@MainTife Get what 🌚

Baby T🦋 ‏@_Pepsss

@tayo_dara Thought you were 6’6 🌚

Pippy LongGawkings 🎀 ‏@Mfknyesitsness

@ScoobySteve15 🌚 good morning, Steve. Have a good day 🌻

PRIMUS ‏@jaywowone

@AdigunOlajumok Looks like you 🌚

Horsman Ayo ‏@horsmanayo

@Khun_mhie @fayokunmii @its_liltush @JDaIey @iamtiniethemi @I_amAbdulAzeez @Yetunde13606545 Why I’m I the second 🌚

Richie Rich 🌮🕺✌#decentralize ‏@WinwithRick

This is #cryptotwitter We love moon tweets Neil ! 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

♚ ‏@M13_Pumba

you were on the top of whoooo — My twin 💙🌚

Picasso's Pizza ‏@picassospizza

Right off the belt and into your lunch plans #wegotslices 🌚🍕🥰

MUA BREE ‏@breanngotel

@Dvpe_Bx @konichiwa_bxtch @AGCanniDudeTX @wtson4747 Since** 🌚 twitter need a damn edit button

Kba ‏@RRvvck

His dramatic squad 🌚👌🏽

Endi ‏@Endi09_

@IsmaaelCR @S2Vesports @Gamepolis_org Save it for later 🌚

Oluwaseun Akande ‏@og_acanz

@the_kemmy I’ll like to know this your cousin 😂🌚

SucroseBee ‏@Bussiryour

Wizkid killed that song, buried it, and killed it again 🔥🔥😍 I double stan a King 🙌🏻 Your MCM could never🙄😌 🌚…

VICTOR ‏@kosi_nnebe

@Miss_Cosyy @thepamilerin @chemicalbrodar @volqx @Alex_Houseof308 Oya say that I’m not sick. Say it 🌚

chris ‏@Cweb66

@JoseCanseco see you on the moon 🌚

noor ch ‏@achi__bachi

Drop nature pics clicked by you 🌫🌚 mine:👇

♡kim hyunbin♡ ‏@khyunbinnoona

I see kim hyunbin 🌚🌚

حمنہ ‏@namastebeech

@iabdullahakber You’re saying you look ugly in photos. You don’t look ugly 🌚

i like cake ‏@livelifeatcake

Some people I only talk to because my mum wants me too 🌚

laylay ‏@smoovewizz

@tee2yaa 😂😂💀💀🌚🌚🌚chill

lexyyy ‏@LextheeSag

This bitch said she forgot to take off her makeup from yesterday ... so you didn’t shower before coming to work? 🌚😭

sal 🍒 ‏@petitkyuu

— bacotanku pdx ep12 🌚✨

D A V I D • A N K A M A H ‏@mr_ankamah

Andlatertiedtoo 🌚

City Boyz Ent 🎬 ‏@Slankzzbroo

Somebody got ya gf on layaway 🌚

RJ ‏@ReignRun

@YohoRobo Of course you did 🌚 Though I did come across your school during the random a exploring I did today

حمنہ ‏@namastebeech

@iabdullahakber You’re not ugly 🌚


Black people think white peoples lied to them during slavery about everything except for Christianity 🌚

Ron Da Don🤑 ‏@ronnie_god21

I just wanna let my girlfriend know...she definitely is. She’s enough headache by her lonely 🌚🥴💙

Too Young To Love🌟 ‏@efuapiett

@chairman360 @parkie_iiww Mainly boys 🌚

g money ‏@GoldieQuakez

@MidKnightGaz @lawrenrae_ 🤣🌚 hey Gaz

𝙴𝚞𝚖𝚎𝚎 ‏@_eumanoban

How to calm my anger? Hmm. 🚘🌚

Hade Mabebeza ‏@Mlumebobby

Says the one person that abuses gum🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🌚

LogiKaL🦍 ‏@keji_logiq

@Kyrie_Busty Follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men 🌚

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