Old Man Emoji

An elderly male face with gray (grey) hair, and visible wrinkles. Balding in many versions of this artwork, such as Apple and Microsoft’s images.

Old Man was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Older Man” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👴 Elderly Man

👴 Grandpa

👴 Old Man

Unicode Name

👴 Older Man


The Older Man emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


👴 U+1F474




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Adictos be like ‏@Epic_jojoAddict

hey you with the pretty face welcome to the human race 🙋☝️☺️🤗2️⃣👶👦👧👨👩👴👵

পৰেশ শৰ্মা ‏@PARESHSARMA

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pweeble @ packing !!!! ‏@PenootBwutta

Im so sleeby 👴 mb i’ll take a nap hh

Emily Cox 🦋 ‏@MrsCox2016

Yes 😢 my daddy dearest and my grumpy grandad 👴 https://t.co/VbhYad9Nlt

Alhab ‏@ahalilu1

Get educated🎓..weed shouldn't be the excuse of why your stupid🙉👴👦

Merle ‏@Merle37330811

That is one sick nasty old man 👴 https://t.co/DnILxxDbem

Mkhonz ‏@EcMkhonzeni

Sorry I'm late🙅👴 https://t.co/b6CuSURSNv https://t.co/nDfmiUXeaw

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

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💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@Darthspoog @JaneCaro Our brains heart and courage appears to be under covert threat, losing its way at the moment. ⚫👴 #auspol

kit ‏@xoxoffgun

crossing 🚸 roads 🛣️ is an off👴gun👶 thing 💚 https://t.co/SNniugoA8i

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@vanOnselenP Neither do I. Will be interested to read your report. ⚫👴

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@noplaceforsheep @nswpolice Who owns the roof, would be the clue to answer your question. ⚫👴

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@CaraMia200 @sunriseon7 7 sunrise banned Hanson first. ⚫👴

JAHEIM💦 ‏@Jaheim007

If you are supporting your PARENTS 👴👵 & FAMILY 👪 with WHAT you have, May your pockets be BLESSED and never RUN DRY. 🙏🙏

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@simonahac Are they 2 of the 3 original Amigos. ⚫👴

Sheldon Meingarten ‏@smeinga

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Sage 👴 ‏@KobbykyJunior

Relax onua no one dey feed you for here👴.

Jitu Bora ‏@Jitu_Bora1

@BorahMajumdar Ohhh missing my childhood 👴👴👴

Eric Cartwright ‏@EricCartwright9

@MolllyOnoway Hahaha, and here's me thought I was past it 👴😅🤣😂

Juan Two III ‏@taganorteako

@BakerStrLondon So be ready to be hated by Italians. 🧓👴

Juan Two III ‏@taganorteako

@BakerStrLondon I honestly do that also. It's kinda weird but it's satisfying. 👴👴

Galadanchi® ‏@usmaniyya181

@Mbahdeyforyou Good morning "HEAD" Boy. 👴

dad ‏@officialraddads

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite! 👴 #dadjoke #dadhumor #dadmemes #dadmeme… https://t.co/XVgFwFV5Vg

RED button entertainment ‏@REDbuttonenter2

#JobSeekersSA Job hunting in South Africa is really hard, sometimes you have to dye your hair👴 a little grey so em… https://t.co/T16qmUsNQK

Kemoturki ‏@Kemoturki1

24 year 👴 https://t.co/34XweYWwtv

flora ‏@florafromACNH

@Noll___ @Stinky_ACNH hi mom 👴

Hajara Bello ‏@Hajara13

Golden words from my grandfather 👴.Allah yayi masa Rahama.Ameen

Eric Cartwright ‏@EricCartwright9

@MolllyOnoway Hahaha, really? I thought I was past it 👴😅🤣😂

🍜Bryan Cervantes🍜 ‏@BeezerBopLS

@Nataleeskye (i think I spelled that right... It's been a while.... Like I said... OLD 👴👴👴

🍜Bryan Cervantes🍜 ‏@BeezerBopLS

@Nataleeskye I'm floored when I think back to when I knew you during the banana lytes days. I'm very proud of you...and I feel so OLD 😭😭😭👴

Ngozi Odigwe ‏@OdigweNgozi

If u didn't "feel" like waking up early this morning or didn't "feel" going to work today,raise your hand Me: 🙌🏾 👴… https://t.co/KvsenHg9bU

Mark Huger ‏@MarkHuger

@Dante__Brando @manukabanu 👴Mark

Paóo #ProtectHumanRights #BLM ‏@paoootb

It's been a yearrrrr 😭 a damn fcking year, missing u everydayyyy 👴 i make u proud alwww ily

shubham parashar ‏@shu_bomb_bot

My Old 👴 Phone ☎

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@emma_husar I think it's a win to every single person in Australia. She no longer has access to MSM on demand. Bann… https://t.co/n5u8knqcoz

alayna 🦕{ claiming track 4 of cg2 } ‏@yellowcafee

@beetle_snail hopefully cuz tf is 👴

HalilMrT ‏@HalilMrT1

@its_natalie @sarahlouise0291 Ditto! Not that I am an authority on hair! 👴🤣

शिकारी ‏@QuietPredator

@sarjanaa_ You must not wet 😜😄👴

𝓃𝑒𝓋𝒶𝒹𝒶 ‏@nevadathing


💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

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💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@twtrrr Could become a Micheal Jackson "moonboot" moment. ⚫👴

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

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👴 | Do any other animals get male pattern baldness? https://t.co/dTGibQQC0C #question #answer #facts

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

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💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

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Ayowilliam ‏@Ayowilliam4

@Fbizzy_ Your papa 👴

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oenjii ‏@oenjii

Frosted Flakes trending. Meanwhile I got two boxes sitting on top of the fridge that have been there for literally… https://t.co/LxNL6dvHk8

Vxrush ‏@Vxrush2

@mfdubs Give it up dubs your no longer a teen in body only mind 👴👴👴

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Johnny ❌ ‏@johnnygonzxles

2:12 in the morning and I miss you more than ever. I should’ve spent more time with you when I was still home. And… https://t.co/NFa5bz9Ssq

Kunal Narang ‏@kunalnarang_16

#BoloGuruji Please pick my question Guruji🙏. My question is👇. Which is the best laptop💻between 40k-50k. Please sug… https://t.co/Nol61RScRC

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@SerkanTheWriter Ours up here been open for 2wks. Urgency over money sadly, shame!! ⚫👴

Drew ‏@andrewww_P

You know you’re getting old when you’re excited for new furniture 👴

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@SerkanTheWriter Check Vinnies Red cross etc. Wife does voluntary work at Vinnies, place is over run. End up donati… https://t.co/9pMQehLQrq

Yogesh ‏@Yogesh_Kothiya

I just realized that I am 133 years old 👴 Whatsup @WhatsApp? Seems like your DateTime module is messed up. Thanks… https://t.co/6LrQ8MnJXL

Jere / Selfway ‏@Selfwaylol

19 today👴

louis ‏@mrlouistherat

@Royale_senpai grandpa voice 👴 jkjk

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Spike In Madness ‏@MadnessSpike

@theSIZZEL_KING @AndinoPalacio @dickandcomix Okay, that's pretty cool. 👴- "Hello, ya' young whippersnapper. "

ZuttyTX ‏@pupzutty

@TheAngryBeaver4 @TallDeviant I’m probably not in the know about that stuff lol 👴 >>get off my lawn!<<

whiskeyadventure2.0 ‏@whiskeyguy20

@tattooed_bee As of this Thursday 49...👴

Mike Kasprzak 🦖 ‏@mikekasprzak

Uh oh, it's midnight. That means I'm 40 now. 👴 https://t.co/0UZVqOKP5f

QueenSleepy ‏@QueenSleepy3

My grandpa is such an Amazing person I love mi Viejito 👴

Shane! Come back! ‏@peterlprete

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DadHasADD; Chuckwich on Twitch ‏@DadHasADD

@rodney_berry In my day, they had these things called manuals, and you could either read them or not. 👴

왕님선우🍃 ‏@seonsitivity

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♥️αяα∂нαηα♥️ ‏@aaru_am6

@BS_offl @Twitter Dadaji👴☺️☺️i was waiting for you😂😂😂thankyou so much😊❤️🤗

Paolo Novero ‏@photonchun

@Snow_Angel_13 @Kitean99 @Usah_Knights @Mercys_Cake Gon flex my semi-old-man card to say them young whippersnappers… https://t.co/x95rHSFHU2

Angie 😌 ‏@daswhatsgoingon


Craig Drebit ‏@CraigDrebit

Always fun when everyone's phone get an alert but mine. 👴☎ https://t.co/hvUxJ8lfz0

Isabella ‏@ISABELLA200020

@PaulStanleyLive 2)And more 😈😵Supiste Paolo?...Girlfriend of the child of #Trump has #Covid_19 If he don't sicks W… https://t.co/54XPrOTjsE

ღ💃❤🐕ღ♥•❥¸¸.•*¨*♥ ‏@Mily116

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't… https://t.co/luuJ29DB2y

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@BelindaJones68 Down to 700 votes differential, no concede by Liberals. ⚫👴 #auspol

💧Dotman 🇦🇺😷 ‏@GregoryJohnJen1

@maureenchuck1 Get familiar with operation of Zoom. ⚫👴

William Drumm ‏@DrummPhotos

@Jake_Blackson 12 years and 35 lbs 👴

dad ‏@officialraddads

Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators? It raises their spirits 👴 #dadjoke #dadhumor #dadmemes #dadmeme… https://t.co/PjyPXH2RJ3

💧 AussieYank 🇦🇺 ‏@brownhk

@MatthewBevan Grey nomads are the worst! 👴👵 Disclaimer: grey-ish nomad here.

That Tohnii Croc 🐊🛹 ‏@limsa_brominsa

@alabeangan In the best ways possible 👴

nick 🐣 ‏@yeagertodie

@hyperkendo MID???!!!! u ain’t seen it have u 👴

Li Josh 🎩🤵🏾💵💰💸🔫💣🧨🔥🪓🔪💃👯‍♀️🌃🌇 ‏@Joshuab83369203

.....,Sweaty foot fungus smelling 🥵🦶🧄🧅😷🤢🤮, Bad breath 😷, Welfare living, Twilight zone superstition land living, Wr… https://t.co/EB0o7P4epg


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Mufasa just logged on to https://t.co/SPP2dqE5X7 at 28800 bps using a real #modem over dialup! ☎👴🏫👍 Sun 19:52

Zohaib Khalid ‏@KnG95390837

Good morning😀😀😇👴

Josh (he/him) #blacklivesmatter ‏@WannabeTecLib

Jay-Z and Linkin Park Encore / Numb remix. 16 years old. Wow. 👴 Still extremely fresh.

Minto ‏@notminto

Supreme af1 restock? I haven’t heard those words in years 👴

❤️Taanvi🇮🇳 Insan🎶 ‏@insantaanvi77

#GiftOfHome Poor families👨👦👧👩👴👵 The @DeraSachaSauda volunteers👏 built homes 🏠🏠 for two extremely poor families and… https://t.co/YDsCpKS8b7

Antwuan Jackson✒🎥⌨ ‏@IamAntwuan

Is it me or does @Android still not have emoji's that represent every race? Asking for a friend? 🤔👈👆👏👎🤟🙏🧔👨‍🦰👨‍🦳👴👴🧓… https://t.co/qEdgdFDT9C

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#GiftOfHome Poor families👨👦👧👩👴👵 The @DeraSachaSauda volunteers👏 built homes 🏠🏠 for two extremely poor families and… https://t.co/HsCZ0Bkfwa

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Podcast episode is all scheduled for tomorrow! 🚗👴🌱🌷 This one just hit the fifteen minute mark so it's a relatively… https://t.co/zT2FOeIFqm

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