Package Emoji

A parcel or package being delivered, containing the goods of an online order.

The Apple version of this emoji has a wine glass symbol on the side, indicating that the contents may be fragile.

Package was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📦 Box

📦 Parcel


📦 U+1F4E6




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GREG LOERA ‏@realgregloera

Delivery Man is not making the drop 📦💨💨💨💨💨💨

The Angel Project ‏@TheAngelProjec1

Insanity. $10 mystery box 📦 at the Angel tournament values anywhere from $45 - $160.00 ( average value $90)

Rod 🏒🚨⚾🐻 ‏@dareisay

Seriously though @YouTube When are you going to drop some of that #YouTubeRed on #BoxPeek📦👀 ??? @EasyAllies @KyleBosman


From Squares 📦 to triangles like a Crystal 💎🌀💎🌀

Moving'Em ‏@_MovingEm

📦 📨 One-hour delivery service in last 30 miles. 🚚 Serving NOVA/DC area.


@Binno23 Almost time beast box 📦 time

Christipher Thomas ‏@bkoach1911

Today was a great day Thanks to our SRO’s @register_dean Mr.Coleman , Ms.Tuner and Mr.Foxy our principal…

POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

1,000 MATT LAM #BusinessCards - £59 with free UK 🇬🇧 Delivery 📦 #printing #Startup #Manchester #Yorkshire…

Ruku DeNiro ‏@rooqnorookie

Listening to city girls is a mood. 📦💳💰

Coupon Deal Explorer ‏@CouponDealExp

v🔥$6 📦✈️ after code 70MVK76Z, through 12/10 while supplies last. Regular price: $19.99 %70 off…

Reading Royals ‏@ReadingRoyals

Fun fact: @cvasaturo6 is one head taller than 6 file boxes 📦 📦 📦 📦 📦 📦 Use that fact to impress your next date. R…


When they try to put u in a 📦 #mcm photo taken by fausto.briseno @ Moonlight Rollerway

Lorna Leigh Lane ‏@LornaLeighLane

There's no time like just before Christmas to declutter the house to make room for all the new 'stuff' that comes w…

Mav ‏@mavvi88

Fair play to charlotte big jugs! Nooooooooo fuckin chance you would get me in that 🐍 📦 #imacelebrity

Hake's Auctions ‏@HakesAuctions

Well, the 1st huge load of orders from our most recent #auction is ready to be sent on their way to their new homes…

Mabella Barnor ‏@mob_social

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: SALE ALL WEEK, NEXT DAY SHIPPING 📦📦📦📭📭📭.…

MM0GOR ‏@mm0gor

Phew....Finally got all OQRS and Bureau QSL returns ready for #MM0GOR #MM1E and #EA6_MM0GOR activity over the past…

POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

PULL UP BANNERS - £59 With free UK 🇬🇧 delivery 📦 #banners #printing #Leeds #manchester #PopUp #Yorkshire #startup…

Visual Box Manager ‏@VisualBoxM

Honey don't cry and take out your phone because there are your boxes. 👉 🍎 #AppStore 👉 📦…

Dynamic 3PL ‏@Dynamic3PL

Happy #ThanksgivingWeek from your favorite logistics experts! 🦃 Get in contact with us at 📦

Beth Oliver ‏@BethOli24928125

@PrivateBrief Amazon Already used drones for delivery in a few areas, Testing To See If It Can Be Done Successfully…

Tony Fitz ‏@TFitz62

@Ocasio2018 It’s All Three Branches you box 📦 of rocks!!! The people who voted you in must be zombie idiots!!!

LittleBlackBootts✨ ‏@LBBblogs

New blog post up 🍁📦 just a little life update with a couple of tips for packing put in there... fingers crossed onc…

Kay Griffin I am a Hufflepuff ‏@PipsKay

#catsinboxes📦 so this box was moved onto the chair so the areal rug could be vacuumed..and well... @ San Antonio, T…

tanch ‏@tan_tan_ch

Polar Air Cargo PO212 PAC212 from PVG to NRT B747-400 N452PA freighter 📦

Apple Box Collective ‏@AppleBox420

Be Thankful!!🦃🍎📦 #Appleboxcollective is Available Everyday 8am-10pm-We strive for quality service and unparalleled…

St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School ‏@SJB_DHS

On Friday some SJB students visited the Gerald Ryan Outreach Center at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Parish in Wyand…

Praise xClampn ‏@772Jordan_

@Horsey2k0 go follow him I just joined his pro am team we bout go crazy 🧢❌📦

Jovi Shai Beauty LLC ‏@jovishaibeauty

#noshavenovember 🧔🏾🧔🏿🧔🏽 save up to 20% off +FREE SHIPPING on U.S orders over $60 📦 use promo: NOVEMBER | shop 🔗…

ℰ ‏@ellECeia

My package says Friday🤞🏽📦

tanch ‏@tan_tan_ch

FedEx FX5608 FDX5608 from CAN to NRT MD-11 N528FE freighter 📦

shemeka ibrahim ‏@IbrahimShemeka

Hey, 👋 angels, why did this box, 📦 had the word NEGRO to describe the color of the mailbox! The company or the Spa…

Stay True Til' Infinity | The Committee 🌕 ‏@StayTrueTilINF

New Mixtape: @arlonnn_ #TheDrp 📦🤯

Il Buono ‏@Monkeyboy_73

@Shaun07738627 @OnlyEverEverton @Ste_133Efc @Ijj1878 @bluenose19611 @chris_pimblett @rigby8ace @Gag16 No worries Mr…


New Mixtape: @arlonnn_ #TheDrp 📦🤯

Gregory GoldWire🌕 ‏@GregoryGoldwire

New Mixtape: @arlonnn_ #TheDrp 📦🤯 ‏@ethicalholiday

@KristenPCostume @theblondpond @EKOearth_ @EthicalHour I actually really love wrapping things too so kind of miss t…

Moving'Em ‏@_MovingEm

Immediate pickup 🚚 door-to-door 📦 delivery within shortest possible time-frame. Serving B2B in NOVA/DC area.

windex44🌊🌊🌊 ‏@jupp517

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Box 📦 of coal for you trump!

Wicked_Lee ‏@edmondson_lisa

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump This is going to be a wonderful Holiday Season this year 🇺🇸🦃🌲🎅🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦✨❄️☃️🍗🍰🥂🎁📦📬🎊

John Coene ‏@jdatap

10 days of #rstats tweets conversations 💬as a growing network of mentions build with 📦 @kearneymw's {rwteet} , {gra…

SwaZee TV ‏@swazeetv

🔥🔥🔥Hot Sex Store☝Stop Shop BUY #sextoys👅 #sexpills💊 #condoms Free Ship to🇺🇸+ Ship📦🌍 👉👣 SAVE 15% VIP promocode:15OFF

BabyZugar 🐰| 2.2K ‏@ZugarAlts_

≈ 📦 ¡SORTEO!.[🔓] [•] Netflix Account (▫️) #Fav (❤️) + Follow ⤵️ @ZugarAlts_ - @Sbleit_YT - @JaviAltss ≈ ¡…

K-Nel ‏@KnelKing

I want you to read this post in it’s entirety! I challenge yesterday one of our clients requested that…

Bill-i-am ‏@silverpalm21

Amazon Prime is clogging up everyone’s porch this time of year 📦😂

Marilyn S Chambers ‏@Chambers13923

Are you making your lists? Did you include yourself? WELL!!!!...GET READY!!!!! We are pulling out all the sto…

Legendary Ave®️ ‏@legendary_ave

In the lab 📦 New arrivals available this Saturday...Trap Sip & Shop @ Sheiks 5-9pm Dayton,Ohio

Twigg Martin ‏@TwiggMartin

Is It Christmas Yet? 📦📦📦📦📦 @ New York, New York

Toddi ‏@HotToddi

Do you still need food for the food bank @TheClockThirsk ? As I have put together a box 📦 #foodbank #todditalk

Rosie Mercado ‏@MsRosieMercado

Repost from @pureswissusa - We’ve sent our gal pal @MsRosieMercado a self-care package of a few of our favorite ski…

Aeropost ‏@TortolaExpress

This one gadget could save your life. 📦 #justabouteverything with aeropost

CrossFit Iron Bear ‏@CFIronBear

Great test for #CFIB athletes today with an EMOM 20 of Cardio Cals and High Box Jumps 📦 💪🐻🙌 @CFIronBear dekacomp…

David Iwanow ‏@davidiwanow

@littlewardenapp @MontseCano @TheHodge @OmiSido @eYordanov @dawnieando @HalideEbcinoglu @nickwilsdon @JudithLewis…

angl frm ur nitemare ‏@pocketyade

my psychic powers include knowing the exact moment when the mailman has delivered my package 📦

Hand Banana ‏@Im_ColdAF

Two part answer: if they getting the 📦 then it’s overly priced 🐱. But if they not then yes they’re letting her run…

Jay ‏@JayBallin05

i do this shit 4 the gang🤟🏾📦

Moving'Em ‏@_MovingEm

🚚 Delivery seven days a week. 📦 📨 Flexible service choices. 📦 📨 One-hour delivery service in last 30 miles. 🚚

DeadStock DMV ‏@Deadstock_dmv

🦃NEW ARRIVALS 🦃 Size 8.5 $140 (InStore or Paypal Invoice) 🌍 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 📦 202-746-2767 @ DeadStock DMV

Swithun Still ‏@RussianGrainTra

@MashaBelGrain @guthers00 @cbhgroup @Dartman62 @Strawhats7 @bentleystweet @NickPoutney @StefanGrainMan…

BabyZugar 🐰| 2.2K ‏@ZugarAlts_

≈ 📦 ¡SORTEO!.[🔓] [•] Netflix Account (▫️) #Fav (❤️) + Follow ⤵️ @ZugarAlts_ - @BeasAlts_ - @JorgeeGiveaways…

POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

500 x A3 #POSTERS £119 with Free P&P 📦 Printed full colour, #motorhour #liverpool #ilovemcr #southyorksbiz…

i-Say ‏@isaynews

Which is the better shopping holiday? #BlackFriday 🖤 (Nov. 23) #BoxingDay 📦 (Dec. 26) Vote in more fun polls and c…

T y r u g e r A N D a r i ‏@Ruger_1612

Worried bout a check 🔌📦💰🏃🏾‍♂️

DeadStock DMV ‏@Deadstock_dmv

🦃NEW ARRIVALS 🦃 Size 9 $180 (InStore or Paypal Invoice) 🌍 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 📦 202-746-2767 @ DeadStock DMV

DeadStock DMV ‏@Deadstock_dmv

🦃NEW ARRIVALS 🦃 Size 10.5 $150 (InStore or Paypal Invoice) 🌍 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 📦 202-746-2767 @ DeadStock DMV

DΔVID ‏@dxviddxng

I perpetually have at least one package on it's way to me 📦

Dominick ‏@Dominic24631791

@Ceejaii2 @ElRaptor5 @nx_ioo @FortniteGame We all know that x 📦 is better👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

DeadStock DMV ‏@Deadstock_dmv

🦃NEW ARRIVALS 🦃 Size 12 $120 8/10 (InStore or Paypal Invoice) 🌍 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 📦 202-746-2767 @ DeadStock DMV

POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

2,000 x A5 #LEAFLETS £59 with free P&P📦 colour both sides #yorkshireis #sheffield #southyorksbiz #barnsley #flyers…

DeadStock DMV ‏@Deadstock_dmv

🦃NEW ARRIVALS 🦃 Size 10.5 $170 9/10 (InStore or Paypal Invoice) 🌍 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 📦 202-746-2767 @ DeadStock DMV

Brandi's On College ‏@brandisoncolleg

Come in and enjoy the BOGO shoe sale sitting by our fire place 🔥... save with Brandi this holiday season 🎄🎄📦📦🛍🛍 . .…


@Optimus_Code They have to go its beast box time babeee yeahhhh beast 📦

🥺 Sad Lil Taco 🌮 ‏@SnowTube93

Dragon Ball work out 🏋️‍♀️ tops, finally you can train and look like a saiyan! #train #workout #dbz #dragonballz…

Jai 🍂 ‏@aaldairaa

Boxedo Mask has revealed himself! (and he sounds suspiciously like Luke Arnold...) 📦


RAMS v CHIEFS 🏈 Questions about 💵💳, 📦📬 - ☎️ or DM us! #fashionshowlv 702-405-0390 We 📦🌎✈️🚚 Free Parking 🚗🚙 #nfl…

TRISTAR Miracle Mile ‏@TRISTARVegas

RAMS v CHIEFS 🏈 Question s about 💵💳, 📦📬 - ☎️ or DM us! #miraclemilelv 702-534-1650 We 📦🌎✈️🚚 Free Parking 🚗🚙…

Before the Cruise ‏@Beforethecruise

((COMING SOON)) SHIP YA! ⚓️💦📦 Looking for the best voyage gift for that special Seafarer an Crew. Look no fu…

Moving'Em ‏@_MovingEm

Early morning, overnight delivery 🚚 for your time-critical shipments. 📦 📨

Sandile ‏@Sandile_Kewana

@Connie_Ferguson @Soso_anne_ For what you did today I’ll order you the next shipment 📦 from the Colombian for free 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Isabellancali ‏@Isabellancali1

Look what came in the mail 📦💌today as a #Christmas gift for my 14 year old daughter! It was on her Christmas wish l…

Saxco International ‏@SaxcoInt

Brand: a personality that identifies a product, service or company. A brand also represents the relationships betwe…

Coupon Deal Explorer ‏@CouponDealExp

🔥$32.24 📦✈️ after code 25KVEL1L, through 11/22 while supplies last. Regular price: $42.99 %25 off…

thefinalfurlongbar ‏@mobilebarbuxton

Our shiny new website is finished! Don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE. Our christmas give away will soon be here! 👍🏼 🐎 📦…

Nancy Hernandez-Mancha❤️ ‏@nancyyy_22

Going through the stores boxes from the attic!📦 More like going down memory lane! 😁

andrew murray ‏@drusincmur

@racshade42 @StephenMcCart2 @HumzaYousaf And common sense isn’t a narrative, so try using some instead of spouting…

Jared Barber ‏@JaredRBarber

Excited to have received some swag 📦 in support of a cool sounding game 🖱 experience in development called "Space O…

❤ ‏@_lucyylou

.hubby package 📦 just came 😊

#The420Wire ‏@the420wire

🌳 4 Arm Tree Perc Beaker 🌳 ➡️ ⬅️ ✅ FREE Shipping! 📦🇺🇸 🔞 🔞 🔞 #weed #cannabis #marijuana…

Cream City Crates ‏@CityCrates

Wood Drink Sign 📦 . . . #drinks #alcohol #thisway #wisconsin #wisconsinlife #milwaukee…

✖️Tommy Skylar✖️ ‏@itsTommySkylar

Hardcore creep level: Amazon leaving you a picture of your delivered package just sitting on the porch. 📦 😐

Moving'Em ‏@_MovingEm

Next Business Day, Early morning, overnight delivery 🚚 for your time-critical shipments. 📦 📨

Pure Swiss USA ‏@PureSwissUSA

We’ve sent our gal pal @MsRosieMercado a self-care package of a few of our favorite skincare products to try... 📦 T…

Roswell Boutique ‏@roswellboutique

👕 #Tshirt MOON SKATEBOARDING 🛒 📦 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 👽 #RoswellBoutique 🇺🇸 ____________…

Typo Qween ☾ ‏@_kokako

I bought shoes yesterday and I’m just waiting for the email notifying me that they’ve shipped. It’s gonna be a big…

Surmesur ‏@surmesur

Let’s start our #BlackFriday Week off on the right foot by giving you 50% off ALL accessories! ✔️ - • From Monday t…

A. Majeed ‏@Abdul_Marjeed

@renoomokri @MBuhari #NextLevelNigeria package 📦 of the @MBuhari Administration has unsettled and scattered…

boB Rudis ‏@hrbrmstr

Re-writing splashr to take advantage of this new Docker interface 📦 in 10…9…8… #rstats // CRAN - Package stevedore

FROCH COUTURE ‏@shapskid

Sweatshirt #nowavailable‼️ for N6000 Contact:WhatsApp/08026194563 Or dm to place orders Complete package (box) 📦…

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