Package Emoji

A parcel or package being delivered, containing the goods of an online order.

The Apple version of this emoji has a wine glass symbol on the side, indicating that the contents may be fragile.

Package was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📦 Box

📦 Parcel


📦 U+1F4E6




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Ft3Ch ‏@MrFa1sal

@OPay_NG Obuy where someone can upload his item new or fairly used for sale and you connect him to the buyer and hi…

Big BalLur ™️ ‏@Lur_StayGold

@lattalove333 With a lay up package 📦

Lorie M ‏@M5Lorie

#homedepotdeliveries #getthejobdone #servingcustomers #buildingstrongrelationships #d94 #0275 Jared & Jose 💪🏻🍊 📦…

Ness Da BRAT ; ‏@GetLikeVee123

was browsing theough disney plus tryna find something to watch with dream and i find out of the box 📦 im to hype rn 😭💓

Butler Amanda ‏@ButlerAmanda11

Sugar babies needed, momma is here to make you happy, All I need is your time and attention. First 60 to like and r…

Derek Thomas Wilson ‏@derektwilson

@StagecoachMids Very kind, much appreciated! 📦🎁

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Genea Crivello ‏@Thirdeyegypsy

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POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

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SAP Retail ‏@SAP_Retail

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Sarah Reimer ‏@Teacher_Reimer

Our read aloud for today, “Not a Box” has inspired us to be creative and used our imaginations in different ways. T…

Premier Hop ‏@premierhop

And also back in this year and a revised version for 📦 & Online now — @mobberleybeer | Eleventh Hour | Toffee & Cac…

OCC ‏@OCCollege

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Premier Hop ‏@premierhop

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Thomas Willner ‏@ThomasWillner

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Premier Hop ‏@premierhop

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amg11900 ‏@amg11900

The republicans are all losing it with their questioning. They’ve got nada, yelling, pointing their fingers and pop…

Microsoft ‏@Microsoft

This week's episode of #MicrosoftUnboxed📦 is all about female founders.👩‍💼 Subscribe and tune in tomorrow at 9AM P…

Bully Rodgers 💭 ‏@ThaRealAntt__

That uptop pressure 📦 , everything back to normal

BehaviourTeach ‏@BehaviourTeach

New delivery 📦 🚚 📚

POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

5,000 #LETTERHEADS £139, Full colour, with Free P&P 📦#southyorksbiz #NorthWestHour #buylocal #sheffield…

Mrs. Walker (Temperato) ‏@MissTemperato

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Ace 🎩💚🤟🏾 ‏@2muchbags

@SwapBsg Close deals📱 & pump that Merch ⚡️💰📦

Steven ‏@Dey_callme_donV

I don’t know why but the last couple of I been thinking of just packing up 📦 and starting over new 🌃 new scenery 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️

COMFY BEDDINGS ‏@omowumi56422836

I sell quality 💯beautiful 😍and affordable 👌bedsheet and duvet Nationwide delivery 📦 Door to door delivery in Lagos…

Holly Sisson ‏@sisson_holly

Note from Holly: You are free to think outside of the 📦 when coming up with a gift idea, and simply disregard this…

Big Cari ‏@Midwest_Cari

shit I used to Pray for better days. 1 time so desperate I had to Mail dem bitches to where I stay 📦💯

SmollMart ‏@SmollMart

⭐️| Simple creative design line solid color cotton T Shirts Men's 💪 | 100% Quality Guarantee 📦 | FREE Worldwide Sh…

Agent Shave 😎 ‏@agent_shave

Some great #topsecret parcels heading out for delivery today! 🚚📦 We hand wrap all orders so if you are buying for…

Re; Knights of Athan | Kyd & Plae ‏@TemplestKinqsly

@RaymondJames Depends, where’d you hear about it? 👨‍💻📦

SAMH ‏@weare_samh

The whole group were engaged last week with different tasks for our upcoming event🥳 from emails✉️ to posters 📇 and…

Speakerboxx, The Novel. ‏@SpeakerboxxN

This poll is a clue, an insight if you will to my world. The world that was written about my in the book Speakerbox…

Ernest & Hadley Booksellers ‏@ernestandhadley

Moving soon? Come raid the box bin in our courtyard! 📦♻️ #freebies #creativerecycling #enhbooks #loveyourlocal#west…

Moversandmovers™ ‏@moversandmovers

Our packing tip? Stay organized, use a checklist & have a little fun with colored labels! 📦 🤓 #packing101…

Lake Ozark Self Storage ‏@LOSelfStorage

Stressed trying to finish renovations before the holidays? Get a unit w/ us to hide boxes, materials, & decor clutt…

Micheal James ‏@Micheal_james_2

#sugarmomma 😍😍😍 Sugar babies needed, momma is here to make you happy 😁 All I need is your time and attention. First…

STATIIC PROJECT ‏@statiic_project

📦 The FROMIS9 GYURI SLOGANS arrived at my USA Address but there is a mistake in quantities, I am contacting the Fan…

Claudia Gi ‏@Caila_Du

Ready to go...#Outofthebox📦

FIFI Freight Tracker ‏@FIFreight

The America has just arrived at the Seaview dock. 📦

กดบั้มรอบ2 วันที่28พย/มีกิจแจกให้ลค.รีวิวติดแท็ก🎁 ‏@Elevennn__11

[Pre-order] STRAP Pouch 👝 - MONSTAX - WJSN - SEWOON ✔️ 550 บาท 📦 ค่าจัดส่ง 40/60 #มอนเบเบ้พลาซ่า #อูจองพลาซ่า…

John Munday ‏@munday_john

Mad as a 📦 of 🐸!! 🤣

MonsterScooterParts ‏@mspdotcom

🎁 Shipping out now, 📦 From far to near, 🌏 To make you go "wow!" 🤩 And spread holiday cheer. 🤗 Our seasonal shippin…

Michael Tingsager ‏@MTingsager

📣💥 PODCAST ALERT – LIVE NOW 📣💥 So excited to announce this podcast interview with friend and fellow purpose finder…

Shalimar Malimban ‏@ShalimarGrace

I just saw someone wheel away some cardboard boxes in Target and thought “you can make a lot of sketch props with t…

Judy E 🇺🇸 {⭐️}🇺🇸 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@judy_ewell

EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland asked to have a short lunch break so he can get back to his office in Brussels. After…

POP Print & Design ‏@popprintleeds

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Lizzie Tyrrell Bunge ‏@LizzieTyrrellB

@glossier great paint but enormous packaging 📦

hera 💙🇬🇷🏆 ‏@mrstsitsipas

@moodyasparagus_ thank u 😭 i’ll send u one 📦

Sbuerry Henry ‏@SbuTheGooner_

@_Milli__ @faf1307 Thread? 🔥📦

A.... #utag👊 ‏@Anthony18334957

@ardhow @SuptAndyCox It’s just boxes 📦 of #Uber complaints, heading for the local dump..

Fran ‏@Frannn_____

Someone needs to take away my Amazon Prime. 😂 💰 📦

Vicki Morris ‏@vickihoworth

@P1THOMPS imaginative play, the fun you can have with a box 📦

Poke A Bowl® ‏@PokeABowl

“Ash your hole with @pokeabowl! It's simple, easy and quick.” - 💁‍♀️ ft.…

GypsetSerafini ‏@GypsetSerafini

#FreedomOfThePress [ Call to Action ] Social & Mainstream Media despises Trump and Us, #Censorship is happening d…


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Forelock & Fringe ‏@Forelock_Fringe

Our winter ready November box from @LucieJones86 ❄️📦 Orders for Decembers Christmas box are now open! 🙌🏼 We are ex…

JustDIAMOND ‏@KhloeCoutureMom

R won’t give up about this damn package 📦😤 see this why I should’ve kept my car 😩

Larry Rouse ‏@Lazz_R

Here is a collab with my friend @malb0x from the upcoming album, out now! Hope you all like…

Constantin Nautics ‏@CoNautics

The imagination and creativity are our main strengths to make us Unique. Dare to be Unique ! 💯⚓️ ®️ ⛵ ⚓ ☸ ✈️ 🗺 FREE…

Constantin Nautics ‏@CoNautics

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Nora McManus 🤟👩🏻‍🦰 ‏@Nora_McManus

@CanoocheeCreek Haha honestly, this particular theme made me feel a little bit boxed-in. 🐫📦😬🤷‍♀️

Shewee & Peebol ‏@SheweeWC

Get your #secretsanta & #christmas gifts in time! 🚚📦📫✈️ 🎅🎄🎁☃❄️ #christmas #lastpostingdates #royalmail #UPS

caitlin 🦋 ‏@catiebbymakeup

Tysm @CoastalScents for this very generous package 📦 I can’t wait to try all these goodies 😍

Seamus Leheny ‏@Freight_NI

Only the beginning of autonomous deliveries 🚚 📦 🤖

Goldi ✨ ‏@aerialeeee

I need to find another reason for him to come back in 📦🤣

𝐑𝐮𝐛𝐲 🌙 Smpronpa Spoilers ‏@newermilo

they gave me: bi i am: a lesbian they gave me: 17 i am: 16 they gave me: taken i am: taken I think idk it’s confus…



🐜hony_ciko ‏@cikojr1020

This savage issa mami wota package 📦🤦🏿‍♂️

Certified King ‏@HandSomeSmith

Skinny chicks got the best 📦 I’ll argue ....

BBC Radio 4 ‏@BBCRadio4

📦 Are you accumulating or decluttering? @claudiahammond explores the psychology of ownership

Femto ⚡ ‏@femtoduino

📦On @tindie, ships fast! Try #MicroPython on a dime sized coin! Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RGB LED.

Dj 47/51_Mylord ‏@Dj4751

📦 in the 📪📬 #Itsgone 💰

Escape Room Races ‏@EscapeRoomRaces

What's in the box? 🤔📦 It's a secret! 🤫 You'll have to book your team onto an Escape Room Race to find out! 🤣 Find…

Release Butler ‏@releasebutler

🔥 New Next.js Release 🚀 📦 v9.1.5-canary.2 🐤 CANARY PRE-RELEASE 🏷️ #nextjs #react #node #universal #ssr…

DÖM TØRAN ‏@iamdomtoran

Think outside the box📦

cannabliss ‏@khenalabie

@findingmsfig Yess popcorns 🔥📦🤪

Mayank Sharma #ItsTimeForAfrica ‏@mayank7sharma

The team in Africa gave me a new nickname today - “Maniac” Not because I am mad or anything, but because I push to…

Heather ‏@Heather98401548

#sugarmomma 😍😍😍 Sugar babies needed, momma is here to make you happy 😁 All I need is your time and attention. First…

Pete Cerruto ‏@petecerrutoGJJ

@RudyGiuliani 📦 @realDonaldTrump #ImpeachmentHearing #RudyGiuliani Rudy be better then this sir

Cherry Wallis ‏@CherryWallis

📣 Doo doo doo! When they’re gone, they’re gone! 🎄📦

Simon Rees ‏@simon_jrees

I need to stop getting so many "bright ideas". It usually ends up costing me a bomb 💳🚚✒📦🤦‍♂️

Fikinbricks ‏@drlucky4life

Pre-Holiday Flash Auction All sealed with shelf ware Reserve Auction Winner Pays Shipping with or Without 📦 Star…

daniel Anderson ‏@danielA44329738

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Emoji Snake Game ‏@EmojiSnakeGame

Score 1720 📦📦📦▫️😞📦📦📦📦 📦⬛📦⬛▫️⬛▫️⬛📦 📦▫️📦📦📦📦📦▫️📦 📦🇬▫️🇦▫️🇲📦🇪📦 📦▫️📦📦📦📦📦▫️📦 📦🇴📦🇻▫️🇪▫️🇷📦 📦▫️📦▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️📦 ▫️⬛📦⬛▫️⬛▫️⬛📦 ▫️…

Biznest Oficinas Virtuales ‏@BiznestOficinas

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Shalissa ‏@HeySweetTweetz

Just received my prize package 📦 thank you so much @Maybelline for the awesome gift, I really don’t know where to s…

🔞HH 👑 ‏@ddy_hh

let me take you to the store room and spank you 📦📑

bri ‏@peabrianna

So I had a big package getting home for me and someone had to be home, so I called my dad asking if he was going to…

Pix ‏@pixaley

📞 Awkward - but necessary - phone calls: 👍🏻 🎧 Headphones charged: 👍🏻 🎼 Playlist selected: 👍🏻 📦 Boxes to be boxed up…

City Gear Sugarland ‏@CityGearSugar

🚚NEW ARRIVAL📦 Puma is back with the newest model in the amazing RS-X line! We have the Puma RS-X3 “Puzzle” availabl…

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