Palms Up Together Emoji

Palms Up Together was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤲 Dua


The Palms Up Together emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤲 U+1F932


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Triswardana Ikhsan ‏@trisward7

Get well soon mom. 😢🤲

البَتُولُ ‏@Der_Bet__

@seymaokuyucus @Alimimperatore Amin 🤲

Ahmet Karatana ‏@KaratanaAhmet

@cemaltoptanc21 @RTErdogan Amin.🤲

Levente Varga ‏@LeviCobbler

@Plastician 🤲 I'm ready mr plastician

Gareth Griffiths ‏@gaznsummer112

@RFC_Colin Hopefully beginners luck for me 👌🤲

fvck ‏@milosejukk

my one month free trial is about to expired. i hope there is no more negative vibes 🤲<3

𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗹 ♡'𝘀 𝗴𝗴𝘂𝗸 ‏@ksjthwings

@vopeternal @BTS_twt this boy is everything to me, i feel a huge urge to hug him! I love so much :(( ♡🤲

Queen City Kitchen ‏@CincyQCKitchen

We're looking for some extra help this coming weekend! 🤲 Have some free time this weekend? Have you been wanting to…

General Neptune🔱 ‏@bobbykrystal

My Nigeria mirrors yours. 🙏🤲

Voodoo ‏@voodievoodoo_

Male/female Rant e Azam, sitting in ?Croyden, doing 🤲 to Kunal Kamra's photo every morning, can use only Bhakt word…

nat⁷ ‏@ggukkwluv

goo morning koo please hand over the imagine cover 🤲

Rama adhy ‏@Ramaadhy

All the World & all Sports Aspect is giving him for a last honour for a last time 🤲😇😭😭😭

gubernur sontoloyo.. ‏@ArjunaFreddy

@Lepileomord Amin..🤲🙏🤭

Engr. Ibrahim A Bello™ ‏@Itz_Dollar

@serhdeeyerh Aameen Ya Rabb 🤲

𝐦𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐲 ✧・゚: *✧ ‏@VOGUEHARDY

maths is beating my ass but at least i’ve got queen 😗🤲

kavunicibalik0 ‏@kavunicibalik06

Make #popmundo great again 🤲 @therealpopmundo @PopmundoTurkiye

Nilesh Mishra ( नीलेश मिश्र) ‏@NILESH04

@SassyShweta_ Very good evening dear 🙏🙌🤲😌

ali ♡🍭 ‏@kuuronyan

going 2 see my gf 🤲

akgneo got s worded/ everythinggoesman🍃 ‏@notakgneo

@ jungkook pls show me arm 🤲

천국 Ciel 💛 ‏@txt_luv_moa

@soobinsdibs Thank you so muchh!!!! 🤲♥️

jo,, 127 day ! ‏@milkywooseok

sir,, ur hand in marriage please? 😔🤲

semi-rest| i♡me ‏@jiminiewithlove

More language lessons please 🤲

Vin ‏@Kevinrinor76

Allohumasholi ala sayidina muhammad , Oh God, stop this plague like you gave a rainbow after it rains. because you…

↘️ 45+45 ↙️== s0nyekta == @45son45 ‏@s0nyekta

@S1481114 Amin amin amin 🤲 #deprem #Manisa

Mae missing svt for the next 6 months ‏@sproutbear

@andreaaragonaa Thank you for your contribution 🤲❤️

Reham B. ‏@everdearest05

The heart wants what it wants.. 💕✨ I don’t see any reason to feel sad, angry or jealous.. kung san masaya yung tao…

Tori Ahmed ‏@ToriAhmed12

@BiggBoss @ArtiSingh005 @kashmerashah @justvoot @Vivo_India @BeingSalmanKhan I hate her because she is so fake,bori…

𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖆 ‏@hhhhhwa

Yes i wanna do this too sometimes, hope the ground below is cushioned with money and money only 🤲😐

nadia ◟̽◞̽ ‏@nadialoveslou

@lwtfearless91 do it 😔🤲

#⁷ ‏@yvesyibo

can atz + ggs follow me 🤲

lynlynne ‏@jncrllynnedp

@ChaelRielle @kateojena @CarllynneJ "👏" "🤲" amen

MESUT ‏@MesutET88117760

@1_pearl__ Amin🙏🤲

##d ⁷ ✰ ‏@jungk0ook


Turkışh Lion ‏@Leon43561681

@MehmetBerkErgin Amin 🇹🇷🤲

Shahzaib Malik🇵🇰 ‏@Mian_walian

Ya Allah replace our depression with Happiness 🤲

sarah ‏@omleilish

@eilishfuI i did but i don’t know who was there before 😔🤲

♛Guillermo Peyrano ♛ ‏@gpCody

@ScrumESPN SAAAA !!! A FULL 🏉❤🤲🐆😝

sir libanski ‏@libanskii

@PlugSheeg @msmvse 💯🙌🤲 jzkllh kheyr couldn't think of a better answer. Thank you

Ali 🇱🇧 ‏@Captain_Leb

Nabih Berri turns 82 today !!! 2arrabit !!! 🎉🎉🎉🤲

H👹 ‏@Hoekage77

@johntagbo @nazathegeneral @Oluwafemi_Dante They will think we came here to fail😭🤲

lubnawaseem98 ‏@lubnawaseem98

@VM_Maker @imrealasim @BiggBoss @viacom18 @Vivo_India @BeingSalmanKhan @EndemolShineIND @ColorsTV @justvoot…

nevzat ‏@nevzat01965267

@hayaletkadin123 Amin 🤲

Our Lady of The Wayside ‏@OLOWKilternan

Well done to the pupils from our 5th Class who sang in the Laudate Festival, St Agnes Church Crumlin last night cel…

k♡s ‏@ninetial

trying to play the event while outside for a fire drill 🤲

Irfan Nadhir ‏@irfannadhir

Wow respect, sir 🤲🙏

alegrìa ‏@Abbakhar_ess

@lifeofruqayya @Muhamma73484122 Angry act, what she did was very bad may Allah have mercy on us all🙏🙏🤲

🐇 rie: reading 二哈 ‏@SHlZUNS

@HANGUANGJUNES Do you have more relatable AND also ridiculous ones 🤲

caity ‏@sgrfreebxtch

Gonna start reading again if anyone has any suggestions hi 🤲

라라 아미⁷💜 ‏@lalakookie92

Malaysian ARMYs praying circle: @BTS_twt 🤲 🤲 🤲 🤲…

emm 🦋 CF14 J10-AB 🦋 reading 2ha ‏@nikud0ns

thankful for concept art brushes that make drawing plants easy 🤲

✨ ‏@tuyaaaaaa_

@beefiqu @rrahadiansyah1 Done kak ^^ wish me luck 🤲🙏

low mei yen ‏@Ehamoiy_

I just be myself 🤲


@Cosmic202 Congratulations. ! Oh God grant me such games 🤲

🧡 Annalise 🧡 ‏@annalise847

Paula can have little apple?🐱🤲🍎 Paula's fun fact is that she loves toffee/candy apples but struggles to hold them…


God bless ur mom @elissakh 🤲

solar ‏@yeIIowinwin

@forvalentineboy I DO GO TO SCHOOL HSHCJJSKCJ i just take naps after i’ve come back 😭😭🤲

harus legowo ‏@Amalianarahayu

@PigGifter Wish me luck 🤲

Tajul ‏@Tajul41389764

@Spotboye @shefalijariwala @imrealasim @realhimanshi @BiggBoss @BeingSalmanKhan @ColorsTV @sidharth_shukla so cheap…

Waqas Chaudhry ‏@waqasch123456

Pray for China 🤲

Tenzinwos(#fightbacksana) ‏@tenzinwos

@ColorsTV @sidharth_shukla @Vivo_India @BeingSalmanKhan Now not going to support Sid...only sana....she is real...🙏🤲🙏🤲

JoJo ‏@JPJovani1

@LModa365 Inshallah that fixes but allah is enough 🤲

seviN_& ‏@svnsrp

@AydinCevher Amin 🤲

ronnz⁷ ; skz x ateez au ♡ ‏@caramelCB97

@chanknots omgggg 😳😬 it be like that sometimes 😔✋🤲

Kieran Burke 🏇⚽🎙️ ‏@Kieran_B_Sport

Making my glorious return to 5-aside tomorrow after 3 years out of the game. Send an ice pack and prayers folks 🤲

Aghiiez ‏@Aghiiez1

What do you think about this? Yeah, i'm pretty handsome from a kid. You can see, that's look so cute, like me today…

rabia ‏@rbytuln

dah block 😔🤲 weird men stop following me i dont do anything on this bird app

Marlina ‏@Lhi_na

Wish u all da best Bro... U know da best u have to do for de next step.. 😇🤲

cheesecake ‏@bathynotcathy

@ness0100 meme pls 🤲

tea ‏@nasagods

a few days ago on my snapchat memories was a video of me breaking down over s6 ep9 of teen wolf n wow that shit rly…

christopher birth ‏@chrisptoepher

@hwangseiress my absolute favorite picture of hyunjin 🤲 here you go

jen is a lazy ass bitch ‏@fiveangelz7

@hornybloodcum @pizzaisfood74 gimme pictures 🤲

Mutagubya ‏@mozey___

Man 💔 ion even know we just pray he safe 🤲

Abdul Maalik Soufi Yamma ‏@KundiimaAbdul

Happy belated birthday to you Have nothing worldly to give you wishing you Long life with good health Prosperity Ma…

nnr 🇧🇩 Benzema C.F ‏@Benz9ahin

@TheLucasTempo and we love to see this 🤲

Sinem Nazlıhan ‏@NazlihanSinem

@tripkutusu Amin... 🤲

Ak47♛ ‏@HolaItsAk47

"And Allah knows what you hide and what you reveal." [16:19] It's okay to take your time to heal, to take your time…

nis ‏@saltychan__

usual rut blabber but gimme that sunghoon sungjoon rich college boy dongcheol love triangle au i deserve 🤲

ّrest ‏@w4npil

@kimwonpril it would be if the teachers also fun, not [redacted] to the students 😔🤲

harputlu ‏@ayasofyadacuma

@ozlemaltayist Amin 🤲

𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒍𝒂𝒊 ✰ ‏@scftsunwoo

me watching jj change their layout for the 192982th time today 😌🤲 all are cute too

aslı pir ‏@aslipir

@buketorhn @Aslnmhmt Amin ecmain 🤲

Plan International Jordan ‏@PlanInterJordan

We work with parents to ensure a holistic approach to child protection. 🤲 Through our parenting sessions, attendee…

petite lonjunie! ☆ ‏@renjunyie

i wish i could be enough. that’s all i wish for. 🤲

kris⁷ ‏@mainlybts

@/jungkook your workout routine, now 🤲

alyssa♡☁️ ‏@cmfrtculture

@lknowapIace we are harries now 😋🤲

seviN_& ‏@svnsrp

@KosovaTaner Amin 🤲

kalpgözü ‏@Kalpgozzu

@AyarsizDilek Amin 🤲

maria♠️ ‏@siouxsiejacuzzi

@dennphetamine omg tysm 🥺🥺💖🤲

Nesli ‏@Nesli13202663

@vasenoy Amin.🤲❣️

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