Palms Up Together Emoji

Palms Up Together was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤲 Dua


The Palms Up Together emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤲 U+1F932


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maskedapple ‏@maskutsu

@LeventeLosoncz4 Mobile friendly 🤲

Usin ‏@KAZZAM87131973

Before i end this i just want u too know that i wish u and the kids the best of everything, and may u all have and…

🦋rιtα🦋 ‏@sirjinan

@ncusofficial he looks like a hot vampire😳🤲

🐾 ‏@SurprisedSadio

@JAMlEWRLD I see me 👀🔌🤲

The One True Kiwi ‏@TheNicestSocks

@userjaymes she said ______🙂 | 🤲 |

Debkumar Dasgupta ‏@DebkumarDasgup1

@abhishekkurt @HamidMirPAK 😁😁😁🤲 Allah Tere bade Shan!

Ayşegül ‏@ayeglcan5

Amin amin amin 🤲

Marcy G 🍕 ‏@BunAndLeggings

@mela_shea @LittleMissAngr1 Happy birthday, Meg 🎂🤲

Khaizran Siddiqui ‏@Khaizran

@SamiYusuf listening to "Hamziyya " makes me feel so content and at peace. I can feel different emotions in the mus…

nico ☆ ‏@nicolettavalen

who wants to go watch frozen 2 with me😔🤲

LG Gashi ‏@lggashii

I don't understand what's police doing, this is clearly hate spreading!? Then Islam is problem. My god forgive them…

Softness ‏@FatinNashrah

This is my dream. And I do really hope my dream comes thru where I can bring my mom along with me. In shaa Allah. M…

DANIEL🔞 ‏@dbmelon

Weekend 🤲

A D A M ‏@capt_puffer

Underrated prayer. Amin 🤲

محمد الفلاحي ‏@KRYPTlK

@extremelyyellow Spare some gallery pictures miss 🤲

Farooq Gajo🤴 ‏@FarooqGajo

Just when the caterpillar thought it’s life is over, it became a Butterfly. This 👆 shall be your story at every di…

Jason Collie ‏@ukcavhead

@sallybiddall Be careful. @GarethRichman will get jealous, especially as that picture took more than 👉 to take (journos 🤲)

0m ℕamah ∫hiⓋaaya 🛐 ‏@IN_THE_K_NOW


para-noise ‏@imkjygdrgn

@iloveleonony Wish me luck 😭🤲 Cant wait for ur next GA 🤭

wen hate club president ‏@furrypiIIar

spare clout maam 😔🤲

olawunmi ‏@the_olawunmi

Pray for me 🤲

Hussnain Abbas ‏@hu55nain

Power of a Momin♥️ If Muslims would be united, then no power can defeat us.This mas has no external/western suppor…

gemstone ❤️ ‏@gemstone_626

@_senz_y Lord 🙌🤲🙌

i pee alot ‏@froggieyuzu

@mesdeuxkai @gwsbyun song 🤲

❤️Myhbby gains✨🔔 ‏@LvMy_Hbby


Len🎐 ‏@letrangerBits

so...AgustD2 today? 🤲 #MAMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt

AfiffffDanial ‏@afiffffdanial

till jannah aminn 🤲

GüL_MisaL ‏@destimucize

@Sahin__bey_ Amin 🤲

ØBSĖSsiØn ‏@mitbili

@jaejnakamoto Please share 🤲

patsy ‏@iwaizai

@kanrojimitsuri ommm thank u 😔🤲💗

FæRd0Us 🦅 ‏@realfardous

Power of a Momin♥️ If Muslims would be united, then no power can defeat us.This mas has no external/western suppor…

Srilans75 ‏@srilans75

I am sock and I am going to the hospital Woo is me 🤲😖😞

KARACA-OĞLAN (Halk Ozanı) ‏@A_Metin001

@Santamartha16 😂 Amiiin amin.🤲

⛓ ‏@jeongshyos

please twice girlies compliment jeongyeon everyday she’s so adorable when she gets attention 🤲

Abubakar Umar gagarau ‏@umar_gagarau

@Ladyposhhhhh Sharshar very nice ummita🙏🤲

M Amin Sabiri ‏@AbuSabiri

@AyperiLove @RTErdogan @ImranKhanPTI @chedetofficial Absolutely 👍 Ameen 🤲

safigl4 rt ‏@lalehanrt1

@Yaren08014055 @beyazkus12rt3 Amin 🤲

ؘ ‏@jenonbinary

@NCTsmtown_DREAM babies 🤲💓

Ichaaa🌟 | AU📌 ‏@Wooseok2nd

@advocawoodz Sita, get well really soon 🤲💞

stitches_by_aishabarma ‏@ayshabarma68

@NDanlasan Ameen ya Rabbi 🤲

Bakhtullah Achakzai ‏@BakhtullahAcha4

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting you the defender of HOLLY QURAN🔥🔥🤲❤️#ilyas_Hero_of_Muslim_Ummah

Safigül ‏@Safigl4

@milyoner_the Amin 🤲

jean | tmr X1 good news💫 ‏@kkungkukkaka

The amount of 'Kangen' words i found in my tl in these few weeks. Lets keep strong one its, we can pass through thi…

☁️ ‏@jinnieats

japan’s really strict w their phone policy so they cant really record but i hope someone takes one for the team and record lights for us 😭🤲

HN ‏@haiqalnafiee2

wish me luck 100m sea games 🤲

Prideunlimited1 ‏@Prideunlimited1

As we pray🙏🤲🙏 for no hard times 👇🏽👇🏽 Life goes on💃🕺👯 👉🏽Happy weekend famz💞💓💖

Srinivasa Ayyappa 🇮🇳 ➡️ 🤙🇨🇳+🇵🇰=😖 ‏@SrinivasaAyyapp

@MMAB01698675 @nmndwivedi @Fida64372315 @majorgauravarya @srktwo Even PAF had lost 12+ in a year and half... and la…

S ‏@Skorpi1074

Amin 🤲

🦋нυмα🦋ツ ‏@_Leo_Girl

Big Salute and respect to this brave man❤ May "ALLAH" give him his reward for this(Ameen)🤲 #BlackFriday…

Skitप्रहसनØ ‏@skitofficial

Need some recommendations on what to do in Chiang Mai. Got like 5 empty days there so open to any suggestions 🤲

𝐜𝐡𝐥𝐨𝐞 DREAMLIKE J-23 ‏@culturesuh

@R4INF4LL omg oui 😔🤲

RicF's A Nationalist 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐🇺🇸 ‏@WopaneseMe

Get these Illegal Aliens gone...before God forbid 😮...American citizens take matters into their own hands!! All the…

shànon, jfb ‏@yeoctji

@WeGotLoves (🌻). jinjja! YOU'RE MY ENTHUSIASM SGSJSNKS😭🤲

Ahmad Bilal ‏@chahmadbilal

@aneelakhaled May Allah bless you always Ameen 🤲 you are gem of a person really Anna. Always keep smiling and sprea…

Penelope 💅💕 ‏@Penelop28741742

@ITUMELENG_MKN I don't have a person 🤲💑👫

𝕒𝕟𝕒 ₂₈ ‏@dazedfreetime

@rootingforcv here. have mine ♥️ 🤲

norfadila kamarudin ‏@dilakamarudin

Slowly but surely, inshaallah. 🤲

ken ‏@kenspiracy

ask me 😌🤲

zain el morsy ‏@zain_elmorsy

Anas bin Malik narrated that:The Prophet(pbuh) said:"Seek out the hour that is hoped for on Friday after Asr until…

Regarius Q. Ball ‏@RegariusQ

🤲 The Closer You Get To Your Promises The More You Lose 🤲 ...

mia ‏@hiscolette

ok cas and eileen be best friends now 🙏🤲

Scuba Diver 🔥❄️ ‏@ItsUCee

@RemitanoEnt Amen 🤲

deacon🌺 ‏@ugetsum

yesss thank you 😍🤲

Haj ‏@HeyHajjj

TBH dili ko pakatulog ngano 2nd ra mi 😭 knowing the fact na mas chada pa amo but still I am beyond blessed for this…

alex. ‏@YOMGlE

@JIMl1N ur welcome 🤲

卂卄丂卂几 Ꮆㄩフフ卂尺 ‏@ChaudhryAhsanG1

@TalhaGhouri786 Masha Allah 😍 Stay blessed Always 😍🤲😍💐

HRS ‏@MrAdvocate123

@MKhalidJamali @ForeignOfficePk @parepprague1 @SMQureshiPTI @CzechMFA @AhmedZahra1111 Congratulations Khalid Jee Prayers for your success 🤲👍

billabong ‏@fight_cali

@rexelbartolome @TongueYnah i spend it on saving the earth 🤲🙏🙏

Noushad Kottay ‏@NoushadKottai

@irenaakbar Congrats.. May Allah Shower more blessings, Rahmah n Barakah in your business and life..🤲

Young Lenwood 💬 ‏@mckinleydoss01

I busy my ass everyday so maybe one day my future wife,kid, and my dog can have a life they deserve 😴🤲

S y e D A ح M E D•__👽 ‏@Syed_Ahmed05

Big Salute and respect to this brave man ❤ May "ALLAH" give him his reward for this(Ameen) 🤲 #BlackFriday…

Zeeshan Mahmood ‏@zeeshsls

First exam of final year. Keep us in your duas 🤲

JiN [Kasper's right nut.] ‏@thatnamhoe

@KasperChung Why are you such a smexy daddy😔🤲

Innovative Solutions ‏@InnovativeSol

🙏 Life gives us so many hints along the way. Last night was no exception. Kicking off Global Entrepreneurship Week…

Madeline Licyayo ‏@LicyayoMadeline

Depressed @toomilustrisimo 😭😛🤔😉🤲😭✔️😅👏🤩❤️🍵😘👇🤔😊😅🍵✔️😅✔️

peanut ♡'s 여상 ‏@kysfang

i wanna doodle ateez more. spare ideas 🤲

ًmargot ‏@demonpiIIar

@echuob im u n mobbus child 😔🤲💕💕 couldn’t ask for better parents

Neelabjo Roy ‏@neelabjo_mufc

@SolskjaerTime @UTDFuture @DeveshUTD @TheRedVerdict @WazzzaWarrior @Bongpandaa @TheUnitedLink @mnuupdates…

NMK 🇲🇾 ‏@NMasya98

One of the BEST year in my life.. Alhamdullilah.. 🤲☺️

jk ‏@kthsbttm

Ok. I’ve decided to do the Hobbit one. 😔🤲

A lly ‏@alyjvrdlsy

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, popularly known as the Simala Shrine or Simala Church. The main reason why they vi…

ain ‏@ainsyirahanuar

this time,pls make it real 🤲😪 ‏@WeAreAMission

You musn't think your small actions cannot change the 🌍. #JustDoIt! 🤲 Live updates, for live apostles. See our inte…

CapMoEssam🏊 ‏@CapMoEssam94

Prayer is way to love Allah.❤️✨🤲

𝓢𝓱𝓮𝓲𝓷𝓪 💋 ‏@blessedsheina


Toshi ‏@toshiy__honda

@Alhilal_FC Ameen 🤲24.nov.2019 Mach VS Urawa go go 🇸🇦 I love Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Ameen 🤲💯💯

Cherry Mae Paral ‏@Cherrymaepeee

@aldeyaaamot_ happy birthday 🤲

R ‏@RutsKai

@hyuck_me_up doubt it very much sweetie 😊🤲

Ali🔥 ‏@SayedAliNaqi

Where is the defender of the traditions of the Prophets and their children? Where is the investigator of the blood…

mish mash potat ‏@anamarysha

my boyfriend left his hat and jacket in my car for 3 WEEKS. Best to say, he had mark his territory and not planning to let go of my car. 🤲😒

Yusuf ‏@Yusuf0333

@leyla_heny Amin 🤲

Syed Adnan Ahmed Bukhari ‏@SyedAdnanAB

@stay_awayyyyyyy May ALLAH help you. 🤲

Anjali ✨ ‏@Mystic_Riverr

@JuliSingh_ @gokul_nath_g I'm not anti-Nivin after Moothon, sis. Had been consistently hyping him after watching Akbar 😭🤲

islam ‏@GtlIslam

Amine 🤲

Go 95.3 ‏@Go953mn

One of your LAST chances to get your 🤲 on tix to see @ScHoolboyQ for #GoShow19 is SOON ⚠️ 7am to be exact. Be liste…

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