Paperclip Emoji

A paperclip can be used for holding multiple pieces of paper together, or ejecting SIM cards from mobile phones. Also known for being Clippy in Microsoft Office.

Paperclip was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📎 Clippy


📎 U+1F4CE




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odik cici 10s. ‏@wonyqong

[Update Chara] [INFO] IZ*ONE will attend 2019 KCON in Japan on May 17th at Makuhari Messe *The stage for Friday an…


[INFO] IZ*ONE will attend 2019 KCON in Japan on May 17th at Makuhari Messe *The stage for Friday and Sunday Perfor…

chayson shoemaker ‏@chayson88

@ClintBowyer Bro, I’m 99% sure I saw your brother today at the 📎, buying a couple BAGS of hotdogs!!! Tell me my assumption was correct?!?

Philip Goodman ‏@yep_itsphilip

I love my mom! Best birthday present I've had ☺️ We enjoyed pulling for @AlexBowman88 & @Blaney! Finally got a…

Pixelade ‏@Pixelade

🎉 NEW VIDEO 📺 CHRISTMAS DECORATING! 🎄🎅 // The Sims 4: Rags To Riches (Fame Edition) #38 📎

Davey Segal ‏@DaveyCenter

Although @danielmcfadin beat me to it, I stayed until the ☀️ went down 😈 who wins, @jeff_gluck? You decide. Quiet…

kuanlin ☃❄ ‏@kuanlinwangja

Kuanlin for L'OREAL Paris Shampoo and Conditioner🧴 Buy these set things and get Kuanlin postcard 😅👍🏻👍🏻 📎…

Seda Saran ‏@SedaSaran6



+ antes del comeback 📎 @ygofficialblink ©black2dpink824 A~

Nathan Kalmoe ‏@NathanKalmoe

@C0INCELPR0 In 5th grade, saw a 📎 in a school💡 switch meant to be worked with a 🔑 rather than switch. Tried to impr…

rhn♡ ‏@rogershighnotes

oops 📎📎📎📎📎📎📎 📎📎📎📎📎📎📎 i’m 📎📎📎📎📎 spilling 📎📎📎📎📎📎📎 all 📎📎📎📎 my 📎📎📎📎📎 paper clips

장! 원! 영! #HEARTIZ ‏@wontyougi

🐣. #원트유기 #HEARTIZ Whoops . . . Hello wizard ! The first video is came out ! Guess what ? YUP ㅡ Concept trai…

NAPA Racing ‏@NAPARacing

Glad you you had fun @MartinsvilleSwy 📎. We sure did enjoy watching you work. 👊 #di9

Ray_Roussi ‏@rayane_roussi

🔰BIN NETFLIX Via PayPal🔰 📌Worked Perfectly😌 💳 5244263x8xxx83xx 💳 52442631x244xxxx 💳 5244263xx2x4xx7x IP NETFLIX :A…

MrZineddine ‏@MrZineddine

🔰BIN NETFLIX Via PayPal🔰 📌Worked Perfectly😌 💳 5244263x8xxx83xx 💳 52442631x244xxxx 💳 5244263xx2x4xx7x IP NETFLIX :A…

Davey Segal ‏@DaveyCenter

#STP500 round-up from the 📎 @keselowski put on a clinic but the show wasn’t totally stunk up. Plus, @KyleBusch’s i…

Its All About BTOB ‏@AllAboutBTOB

📎Schedule 190325 #비투비 [Idol Radio] Jung Ilhoon Time - 9PM KST Guest - Momoland [Skool of…

Tyler J. Kinsell ‏@tylerjkinsell

Good day today at the 📎 of ole @MartinsvilleSwy leading laps and come close (p2 finish) to bringing home one of tho…

Lucas Revert ‏@Lucas_Revert

Two top-20 finishes for #TeamGanassi this afternoon at the paper clip 📎 Texas next weekend! 💪🙌🏻 #KB1 #TeamLarson…

SNSD Charts ‏@SNSDChartsbr

“사계 (Four Seasons)” has surpassed 5 million views on YouTube! 🎉 #Taeyeon_FourSeasons 📎

TAMIA😻 ‏@Young_Flyb0ss

I’m not fit for nobody 📎 I’m my own person no one will ever understand me “ why i think how i do “ why i act a cer…

Hinako💫 ‏@Hinakobts388

3/25【Radio Disney】#Ranking47 #RDArgentina #9 IDOL ↘️ #25 FAKE LOVE ↗️ #43 DNA 🆘 Voting here 👇 📎…

Hinako💫 ‏@Hinakobts388

3/25【Vega Radio🇦🇷】Top40 #33 #BTS - #Idol (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - VEGA Radio Voting here👇 📎…

Beth ‏@NXSinsider

Way to go!! @keselowski gets the 🏁 and the 🕰 at @MartinsvilleSwy 📎! @Team_Penske & @roushyates brought the 💪🏻 today…

Lee Know #Clé1_MIROH ‏@aintlino

guess what was released a few hours ago? it's our "MIROH" M/V! guys, go check it out! do stream a lot and give a b…

Garage Guy Chase ‏@GarageGuyChase

I sure hope you checked out my Fantasy NASCAR picks for the #STP500📎 If not there’s always next week at…

Gale Jackman ‏@GaleLady

@retrodollsarah Yay! Sarah, I hope you have a great time tonight because you all deserve it after working so hard t…


guess what was released a few hours ago? it's our "MIROH" M/V!!! guys, go check it out!! do stream a lot and give…

saul monroy ‏@dalesaul8

now that is how you do a burn out,after winning @MartinsvilleSwy aka#the 📎

юша ‏@minhyunniee

- `[158/365]´ - i love him??? i love him. 📎💌

Graydon Bunn 🇨🇦 ‏@SmoothOper88or

@NASCARonTSN @MartinsvilleSwy @joeylogano @keselowski @dennyhamlin @chaseelliott @nascar_opinion @turnsnobrakes…

정국_Euphorians🐇🐰 ‏@JK_followers

📰 Article about Kim SoYoung, the former MBC announcer & a famous #Jungkook's fan's dream about jk giving her shoes.…

Douglas Duncan ‏@Douglas63271035

@Team_Penske @keselowski @DrawTiteHitches The #2 team mastered the Paperclip. 📎+2=🏁

lovely girl. ‏@lemonvermouth

ᴅᴀʏ ⁸³/₃₆₅ 📎 💌┊hooray! you returned home safely and i cannot express in words how happy i am to see your smile. bu…

BTOB Archives ‏@BTOB_archives

📎Schedule 190325 #비투비 [Idol Radio] Jung Ilhoon Time - 9PM KST Guest - Momoland [Skool of…

Beyond the Checker ‏@BeyondChecker

@keselowski wins the #STP500 @MartinsvilleSwy! 📎 #NASCAR

That’s Racing ‏@thats_racing929

@keselowski wins the #STP500 @MartinsvilleSwy! 📎 #NASCAR


Congrats @keselowski for the win today at the 📎 ! #ispympi #mpidifference #nascar

Team Penske ‏@Team_Penske

Post-race chats with @MRNRadio in victory lane for @keselowski! 🏁 What a win for the No. 2 crew at the 📎.…

Gilligan's Isle ‏@Uytdeman

@5FromThe6ix 550hp is A huge difference from 750hp on short track. Passing at the 📎 is off the corner. All track position.

Spencer Cowan ‏@sbcowan98

Top 10 from the 📎 1. Keselowski 2. Elliott 3. Busch 4. Blaney 5. Hamlin 6. Harvick 7. Bowyer 8. Truex Jr 9. Almirola 10. Suarez

Sycamore Baseball ‏@IndStBaseball

RECAP | Sycamores Earn Sweep of Rutgers With Sunday Victory #MarchOn 📎

Cheryl Gurl ‏@Cherylgurl628

Good run at the ole 📎 @RyanPreece_

Patrick Judge ‏@judgep15

Great work by @tydillon and the entire @GEICORacing @GermainRacing team tackling the 📎 today!!! P13 #STP500 #NASCAR

Donald Hawk ‏@HawkSMI

@keselowski Congratulations Champ for winning at the 📎 @MartinsvilleSwy kudos to you and @Team_Penske @roushyates…

Adam Kirchner ‏@aKirch42

Dominating win!! #2crew #WorldFastestPaperclip 📎 @keselowski @Team_Penske

Garage Guys Fantasy Sports ‏@GarageGuySports

TIK TOK MOFO’s 🕰 Brad Keselowski bags his second career win at @MartinsvilleSwy #STP500📎

Guess the movie ‏@Guessthemovie3

Guess the movie 🚉 🍠 📎

Go Fas Racing ‏@GoFasRacing32

And that’s it. A very hardworking and trying weekend for the @KeenParts team and @CoreyLaJoie finishes 33rd at the…

TNT Media ‏@thenascartimes

Five laps to go from the 📎


190325 TEN PHOTO PRESS #JUNGKOOK Arriving in Korea #방탄소년단정국 '시크한 올블랙' #BTSJungKook "Chic All-Black Fashion" 📎…

JAIYEORIE ‏@jaiyeorienews

RETWEET : Devon Franklin | Yes, Girl! Podcast | ESSENCE #lagostoibadan #WednesdayWisdom Nigeria Jesus Buddha…

Garage Guy Chase ‏@GarageGuyChase

I want Chase Elliott to bag Martinsville so bad. Let’s fucking goooo!!! #STP500📎

Lucas Revert ‏@Lucas_Revert

60 laps to go at the paper clip 📎: Kurt (11th) and Kyle (18th). #KB1 #TeamLarson

ily fa || chichoo || bts w/ mimi ‏@hyoclabst

how do you see me? ✨: pastels, giggles, skirts, stickers, fuzzy socks 🤠 : cigarettes/alcohol, dark clothes, hood…

Roush Fenway Racing ‏@roushfenway

About 75 to go here 📎 @MartinsvilleSwy

blairalwaysthere ‏@writtenbyblair

@NTINA74_ That was heartbreaking😢📎


[YOUTUBE]- streaming Please remember to stream “Yuki no Hana” on Youtube under the channel of Liing Li! 📎…

Pam ‏@PamJAllen

@caramariecooper Watching same thing you are🌭📎

Agnes Macgyver🖇📎 ‏@Cbsmacgyver

'S daily post 🖇️ Only 5 sec but hach❤️😍 📎 PALEYFEST SPECIAL 🖇️ 📎🖇️📎🖇️📎🖇️📎 📎📎📎T.A.G.S.📎📎📎 #macgyver #reboot #2019 #2…


Rerun MacGyver episode 14 in half an hour. Nice to watch Jack Dalton again. 😊🖇📎❤.

Velocitraptor ‏@LaFlamaBlanca89

@_Gonzi Behold the power of the paperclip 📎 🚘

Danielle Lockemy ‏@DanielleLockemy

Half. Mile. of. Mayhem. 📎 #NASCAR #STP500

LeavineFamilyRacing ‏@LFR95

150 laps remain here in Martinsville📎 as @mattdracing improved to 17th

𝘤𝘢𝘮𝘴 bomb bomb ‏@charmynine

📷 btsofts: ꒰ˢᵒᶠᵗ ᵖᵃᶜᵏˢ꒱ 📎💌 ˡᶤᵏᵉ ᶤᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵃᵛᵉ, ᵗʰᵃᶰᵏˢ. 💟 © ʲʰᵒᵖᵉᵐᵉᵒʷ

Kip Childress ‏@KipChildress

#Perks @MartinsvilleSwy 🌭 at the 📎

🔥 CODE: kraftykaylub 🔥 ‏@KraftyKaylub

🔥LIVE NOW🔥 📎📎 Live now playing some #fortnite classic squads!! 😈 Drop in and have a chat…

Chris Cdawg Theurer ‏@Chris_Theurer44

cmon Chase pass Keselowski and win at the 📎 #NASCAR

Jana. ‏@janall91

I am always stronger than you imagine .🖤📎

Nancy Le 🌸☕ SHRM-CP, PHR ‏@gracejoyvictory

Yes, it has now been actually turned on.📎✂️📐🔑🔧⚙️🔩🛠️

|alessia ♡ a.c.e| 📌giveaway!! ‏@yuchansgirl

「190310 A.C.E IN LONDON」 »»—take me higher (encore)—«« 📎full ver. #ACE #에이스 #ACEinLondon…

• D E F I A N T • ‏@armklaus

I'm bookmarking this📎

JAIYEORIE ‏@jaiyeorienews

RETWEET : Expectations | DeVon Franklin #lagostoibadan #WednesdayWisdom Nigeria Jesus Buddha #jaiyeorie "Unspoken E…

ATLRA Racing League ‏@ATLRAssociation

The NASCAR Strictly Stock Series gears up for the #STP500 at @MartinsvilleSwy! Can Andrew Tenold claim his second…

Suho ‏@jurncotton

[OFFICIAL] [INSTAGRAM] 032419 UPDATE with SUHO on his instagram kimjuncotton: " Kangaroo " 📎…

Go Fas Racing ‏@GoFasRacing32

Two stages down at the 📎. That whole run was on a set of scuffed tires. We’ll be putting new tires on during this…

®️🐺 ‏@_RB_3

New new 📎

RCR ‏@RCRracing

250 laps down. 250 to go. We’re at the halfway mark! 📎 #RCR50

Reese ‏@IN_Wildflower

@jamiemcmurray @LarryMac28 @JohnPearley @RacingRocks500 @RikiRachtman @Jessica_Ruffin @heymartysnider @ShannonSpake…

Reese ‏@IN_Wildflower

@adam1alexander @FantasyRace @Pat_DeCola @JennaFryer @JeffGordonWeb @mikejoy500 @kraftdaddy85 @Bobby_Labonte…

mikee, and a flower 🌾 ‏@miyeoniee_

Watching Sehun walk down the stairs increased my life span to 200 📎 @weareoneEXO | #EXO #SEHUN

OLO STORY ‏@StoryOlo

I said(What I said!)not a question!✂️📎

Toyota Racing ‏@ToyotaRacing

Wheeling at the 📎

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