Passenger Ship Emoji

Passenger Ship was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🛳 U+1F6F3

️ U+FE0F


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Trinity ‏@Trinity51662122

I cant wait till MAY 23; im outta here!🛳

ᴾ ᴿ ᴵ ᴺ ᶜ ᴱ ˢ ˢ ‏@princesslight09

Welcome aboard 🛳 @ ShipHaus

Jarimar Santiago 👑 ‏@JustinIsMyFreak

Can’t wait !!! #15Days 🛳❤️

FREE; mybrother twin ‏@imjstlexus

Last min packing for this cruise 🛳❤️

it’s literally the boyZ ‏@CLEOYOKiO


Sam Bulmer ‏@sambulmer

Today’s the day! I’m off to San Juan with @CelebrityUK to check out the newly ‘revolutionized’ Celebrity Summit 😎🛳…

Zion Forbes ‏@_Unilen

She honestly be like this. Best supporter ever. Love ya ma 💙👑🛳

TCOT Gaming Threads ‏@TCOT_Gaming

(🛳) - .!! Overwatch ..... Capitalist .?! Pages: 1, 2, ... 84‚487, 84‚488

Ciara's Country ‏@CiarasCountry

Some of the highlights from my recent cruise around Central America with @HALcruises 🛳 Next up, Alaska cruise? 🌎

Megs ‏@megs_0723

Oh yes! I am so there!!!! 😀🍹🛳


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Angeles Rent a Van ‏@lanmime

Angeles City Rent a Van (ACRAV) Acrav Transport Services Repeated Transaction 🤗🚐Angeles City Baguio City Subic 🍓…

Marissa ‏@melanin_glitter

My sisters and I all have addictions 😭 @DannieJohnson is cruising 🛳 @AnnieTweetsAlot is phone📱 cases and mine is @BTS_twt 🇰🇷


@pvlikovskys but🍑 it’s never🙅🏽‍♀️ ok😌✨to ship 🛳 Sharon 👩🏼 🕊and Steve 🧔🏼🇺🇸

Laʊʀʏռ ‏@LaurynNsnbabe

Yo girl on vacation 🛳 #carnivalcruise

Sandpiper Apartments Broadbeach ‏@Sandpiper_GC

Like to plan ahead? Did you know you can search and book hundreds of Gold Coast tours and attractions via our websi…

☆mary charles☆ ‏@ray_charles40

cruising’s our new favorite thing!!🌞🛳🌊🌴 @ Mr Sancho's Cozumel Beach Club

Pinky 💕 ‏@pinkybabey816

reasons tomorrow kicks ass: -its friday (given) 💃🏽 -pay day 🤑 -baby girl comes back to the states, after being on…

Molly Kayann ‏@Molly_Kayann

Come set sail with my “crew” as they are Crusin’ 2 Paradise Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm at The Cub…

BYE ‏@daehwissong

My original ship 🛳 😍

Chelsss🌹 ‏@croney_01

Nothin new just missin the Bahamas & this dude 💙🛳

Leigh Cara ‏@LeighCara

One of the many perks of living, working and traveling with your partner on a cruise ship. 🛳❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Soaking up…

Patrick O'Doherty ‏@patrickod

"Your PCBs have been shipped" 🛳 yes plz. Looking forward to the module builds I have lined up. Really love using th…

Maxwell Grubor ‏@maxgrubor <— if yall would like to watch some fishies from my trip plz enjoy. 🐠🦞💦🌊🛳

夢想家 ‏@anthonyxfree

Out here making BIG moves 🛳

Auburn Gymnastics ‏@AuburnGym

When in NOLA...🛳 #WarEagle

CageyBee ‏@CageyBee33

The ship of fools 🛳

AWS Support ‏@AWSSupport

@utkarsh24518707 Hello, Utkarsh! Help is available to get you started, check out our Activate program for more info…

Tan Bob Bob ⭐ ‏@bobbob_xp

Day 2 in Hawaii 🇺🇸 Been to the place that I always dream to go 🛳 Saluted to those hero who sacrificed their life to…

@Babcockalan ‏@BabcockAlan

@KatTimpf Yee Need to See the Sea Vessel 🛳👍❗

Jess △⃒⃘⚯͛ ‏@JessicaaAC

Cruising on my birthday doing a cruise pub music crawl with my girlfriend and family 😂😍 what a way to spend my 24th 🛳☀️

$TSLAQPodcast ‏@tslaqpodcast

@PlainSite Bet they float too ⛵🚣‍♀️🛶🚤🛳

Jeffery Burgin ‏@jefferyjsburgin

@azhangso Same ship, different deck tho. 🛳

Rachel #NYR Mahoney ‏@nyrhockeychic

Congratulations to my nephew @jameslyonss who graduated US NAVY boot camp last week. I miss you JimmyJam! Love ya,…

linda🇨🇦mcgowan🍁 ‏@linmcgowan

@WillAndGrace Wilcoy!!! 🛳 #WillandGrace

Tyler Taylor ‏@Showgirltyler

Shipping out bikinis 🛳 🌸

lazylonguy ‏@280245nt

Pls Re ❤️ 🛳🎬 จ่ายตัง travel ⛱✈️ 📍 #เนียลอง #เนียลองฟิค #ฟิคเนียลอง #nielongfic…

R i A | LauRiAT13 | Miss MinChimchim ‏@yoo4ria

With all these TaeKook and YoonMin interactions I'm witnessing in my TL rn, I DESPERATELY NEED A NAMJIN VERSION to…

Brian Glickman ‏@dmbriguy7

Better late than never: some highlights from Rock Boat XIX. #therockboat @therockboat ✌️🎸🛳⚓️

steve Froggatt ‏@FroggattSteve

@IsabelOakeshott It will not their/ our boat has sailed , it matters not how fast you can swim 🛳 #physics

Mark Cerbo ‏@cerbojam

The remains of another sunset in Manila Bay on a Thursday. 🌅 🚶 🛳 #VisualStories #CityOfManila #UrbanTravels…

Shannon Culpepper ‏@SLCulpepper

Fun in Puerto Rico and on the 🛳 Cruise Ship! 🤣


@thekillakay_ @OfficialJayHarp Don’t worry I’m in the 🛳. That shit sinking though

Atiatia ‏@AtiaJoyR

This shit is a vibe and I’m on-board. 🛳

🤠 southernGRIT ‏@REDnekwitaTWIST

Lemme driiii da boat! 🌊 🚢 🛳 🌊


@RobertArtRobArt Please remind us when to sell. I didn’t sell any when it pump hard 😓. I missed the ship 🛳

Bald Cats ‏@Bald_Cats

@vanillaOPRAH Done, done and done. I waiting for World of Warships beta tomorrow, can’t wait to float my boat!⛴🛳💥💥💥

Spicetag ‏@Spicetag

Get a retro look for your trip to Disney with our vintage Steamboat Willie inspired bum bag. 🐭 🛳…

Justin Muse ‏@JM_Designz

Can’t wait to read this @Karamo !! Going to be reading on my cruise next week 🛳

Julier1776 ‏@JulieRi03312007

@BreitbartNews Real Republicans don’t watch @MSNBC. She must’ve heard from the Cap’n Kristol & the crew of the SS B…

Greening_Media ‏@greening_media

The wealthy might be safe for now, but don’t forget that we’re all on this sinking ship #ClimateCrisis 🛳

D O N 💡🇵🇭 ‏@RyanRai08

Happy Beerday papang 🍻 #teamMkt 🛳

Flirtin' Cosmetics ‏@Flirtin_Co

All aboard for Aruba 🛳 - Wake up to “A Sunrise Breakfast in Aruba” on miles of a white sandy beach with crystal cle…

Dcoad ‏@KeyCoad

@todd_harrison I hope so 🙏. Entered today. Either way, I'm going long on this puppy. Great captain at the wheel 👌🛳

Shawn Orr ‏@Hail2themaiznbl

Officially on vacation. Ready for some fun in the sun & lots of cocktails! ⛱🌴🍷🍸🍹🍺🛳

Sammy Gaddi ‏@sammygaddi

Yeah, we have a crew pool! 😜🛳 @ British Virgin Islands

Party Tours ‏@PartyToursVegas

How ever you got to get here by 🛳 or ✈ don't miss out on this weekend with Party Tours Las Vegas BOOK NOW :

Kami Nordby ‏@Kami_Nordby

Three days til it’s cruisin’ time and I am soooo ready for shenanigans with my mama! 🛳☀️🌊🐠👙 . . . .…

Jessica Ryan ‏@MrsJessicaRyan

Interacting with hyperdocs to discover & evaluate information about the Erie Canal! 🌉🛳 #lowbridge 🎶 #4Rhappydreamers

Sarah Dangar ‏@sarahdangar

@Dontlookback198 @FMullaneAAFDA This is one of my favourite tweets EVER!! 🛳

Susan G. Moore ‏@MooreFreedom20

Working on my Patio is heavenly!! Live tonight!! 🇺🇸🛳👠🙌🏼🎉#grateful #worthit #cruise #20 #committed #opportunity…

Susan G. Moore ‏@MooreFreedom20

Working on my Patio is heavenly!! Live tonight!! 🇺🇸🛳👠🙌🏼🎉#grateful #worthit #cruise #20 #committed #opportunity…

Wilko S. Wolters 🇪🇺 ‏@WSWMUC

Not only connected cars can be hacked — capsizing a ship with a #cyberattack is a relatively low-skill enterprise…

I ❤️ This City ‏@ilovethisbot

I 🛳 Lucknow

Bryan N Kilmer ‏@agentkilmer

@sshtramel @JordanSchachtel The Golan Heights are sovereign Iranian territory article incoming 🛳⛴🛳🚢 ahoy!

Luke Siddham Dundon ‏@lukesdundon

Even Sydney doesn’t want @mjrowland68 to bid farewell to @LisaMillar 🛳 @BreakfastNews

Debbie Durkin, Producer ‏@producerdeb

CHEESECAKE VIBES 🍰 Thank you, Meagan, for a wonderful seaside birthday lunch 💋 Let's keep the party going!🥂…

France Cruises ‏@FranceCruises

Looking for a family vacation this summer?🌞 Here at France Cruises we can give you 4 reasons why you should cruise…

Kas ‏@Originated2300

✈🌅🌴 2019 1. April - Ocean City , MD (Kids) 2. May - Virginia Beach (Road Trip🚙) 3. June - Jacksonville , FL (😏)…

Ollie Mathews ‏@OllieMathews14

@CassandraRules You’re ruining the poop deck!!!!!🛳⚓️🛳⚓️🛳

Dale Anonymoose ‏@daleanonymoose

@atlhighwater Murray State vs Wisconsin in the ship 🛳

Louise Mitchell ‏@LouMitchellx_x

A band of naughty pirates Took some jewels 💎 form me I hid onboard their pirate 🏴‍☠️ ship 🛳 And sailed off out to…

Santi Gómez Salgado ‏@santigsalgado

El arte de vivir, por encima del abismo! 🌞 Just #Beauty! 😌 🇧🇸 🛳 Citizen of the world 💛 #Bahamas

Iviss ‏@IvissAburto

Book your cruise today! 🛳☀️Contact me directly

Get a Life at Sea ‏@getalifeatsea

It’s #throwdownthursday!!! Check out Princess Cruises Assistant Cruise director stef_hammertime’s view from her ‘o…

liam ‏@liamanthony_01

Ready for that cruise in August 🛳👌🏼🏝

Co-Captain • Earl Hjertstedt ‏@EarlHjertstedt

Experience A New Adventure 🛳💦 Themed Cruises 🧜🏻‍♀️💋 • (CLICK ME)👉 #ThemedCruise #Cruise…

Travelzoo UK ‏@Travelzoo_UK

£699pp Greek Islands cruise with Venice stay, was £894 🛳

every sheriff bot (10 minute version) ‏@everysheriff10m

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🛳🛳🛳 🛳 🛳 🛳 👇 🛳🛳 👇   🛳 🛳   🛳  🛳   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of passenger ship

Mah ‏@ccmilacontrol

@VanessaMorgan you and madelaine were PERFECT in this dance battle i'll give this one to my 🛳

Name ‏@teasandsweets

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage. Slide slide slippety slide 🛳

Linda Everitt ‏@lindajeveritt

@kathyrelihan0 You’re very welcome to do mine! I need to sort out my holiday clothes! 🛳😀 x

Cwmbran Youth Netball Club ‏@CwmbranYouth

Lots of deposits in this week for our Disney Tour 2020 #disney Already have lots of excited players 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏀🛳🎢

Andreas Søren kjaær ‏@Red_Viking1973

@ChellyShip Phew tanks captain keep this ship a sailin 🛳

Alberto Gutierrez ‏@_alberttogm

Living la vida grande 🌊🛳

Pamela Cahill ‏@cahillpamela

Amazing afternoon with ⁦@nevenmaguire⁩ and crew out on the bay in #Santander filming for ⁦@RTEOne⁩ - I had to captu…

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