Passenger Ship Emoji

Passenger Ship was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🛳 U+1F6F3

️ U+FE0F


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Viktor Gamov @🗽🏡 ‏@gAmUssA

A postcard from the Bahamas 🛳

HELECON ‏@Spiros209

@BrindusaB1 @dianadep1 @agustin_gut @Cassini_jon @ANNAMARIABIASI1 @mariatontini1 @bgv_online @scastaldi9 @marmelyr…

FapBot ‏@itsfapbot

🛳 Travels📸 - #GalaxyNote10Plus.

Jeffrey Feddersen ‏@Feddersticks

God bless and make it a great day y’all’ ✌🏻🌴🛳😀

Andy Harmer ‏@UKAndyHarmer

To hear from these amazing speakers... and many more - register now! 🛳❤️

MyVirtualVacations ‏@MyVirtualVaca

@travel_grl Ohhhh, I agree! It’s so nice to be able to find what you are in the mood for, at that exact time, on a #cruise. 😀💕🛳

Cruising with Matthew ‏@MatthewCruises

The sun just peeking out behind @pandocruises Aurora's funnel as she sailed into onto Santander last June 🚢⚓🛳 I do…

GracieDekeh ‏@Gracie_Dekeh

@realnickmez @johnnecruz Have screenshot this one oo let it be part of my gallery🙈 Mad shot📸 The Lord is your guide…

Karen Burhoe ‏@kgburhoe

Stunning #sunrise in #StMaarten 💕🛳🍹

Jade ‏@cjssaints

10 days onboard! 🛳

Cruise & Maritime ‏@CMVoyages

Always ready to go! 🌍 World Cruise Update 🛳 Columbus will be crossing the Equator 📸 : Louise O'Leary

Irene ‏@TheWomanAdler_

from 🛳 to 🏊‍♀️

Ellis Barker ‏@ebarkerFOCL

57% of @SilverTravelAd survey feel more adventurous now than in their 30s 🛳 #SilverTravel #over50sTravel…

Anthony Caldwell ‏@CaldwellAnthony

@SullivanJohno @lorraine_fevre Name the fvckers... and their roles both current and past. Every fvcking federal mi…

Yan ‏@Yan_CGC

@icoksuk @NewTypo_ @crackenarts Same 🛳❣️

America First Coast Travel ‏@AmericaFCTravel

#Florida Cruise & Stay #holidays 🛳 If there are two elements of a Florida #holiday that go together perfectly, it’…

FLOR! ‏@floradexplorer_

yayamanin ang training for today😅🛳

Star Sports ‏@StarSportsIndia

#NZ fielders could've probably saved the Titanic! 🛳 How many runs will they end up saving in #TeamIndia's innings?…

e-MARLIAN 🌿 || set awòn OFFSET. ‏@investor_xo

@umar_ayotunde A yatch 🛳

Tosin Mebude 🇨🇦 ‏@_Tosin

Electric BC Ferries vessels on the move in Victoria! 🤔😲🛳👌 ->

Tomthunkit™ ‏@TomthunkitsMind

Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍🎃🛳 😏 via RexChapman

Jenny the heartless bitch ‏@nycbaby_

Can it be May already?! I’m ready to get on this 🛳 😭

Andy Harmer ‏@UKAndyHarmer

Why not come along and top up your river cruise expertise - our evening Showcases now include an optional afternoon…

North East Live Traffic ‏@NELiveTraffic

Good morning, we are now back online providing you with the regions traffic & travel news throughout the day…

Brit ‏@_britney4_

so unbelievably proud of my man 🛳💕

vitaminjae 🌸 ‏@0nly4kimminjae

Nurse Park Eun Tak being straightforward & jealous at the same time!!! 😂 The ship has sailed. 🛳♥️ #DimpleCouple…

Ang 🧸 ‏@BabyAnggg

I just want to be at holyship and get wrecked with the loml already 🛳 🥴

Mike Benedict ‏@mikeyb3102

Says the guy who put The Weekly Standard our of business. Ahoy. 🛳

- 𝘭𝘪𝘢 ‏@grazerwurld

@greyywater @lovserfinn @greyywaterstan1 @neoncarnations @derryscoven @DENBROUGHNATION @finnsbbyboi @finnsclover…

Hey! It's DJ Supreme ‏@itsDJSupreme

Last chance! Final patent day is coming! Full payments due by February 10th, 2020 Destination 🇧🇸 #BahamasCarnival…

🖕🏾 👹 ‏@Migo_Jefe1

Gotta go on a cruise this year 🛳

Storm Paglia 🇺🇸 ‏@storm_paglia

Can always count on @KurtSchlichter to predict the future. Especially when we’re talking about RINO losers. 🛳 Becom…

ellen k ‏@officialellenk

Thank you @officialsting 🛳 🎸🎶 @officialellenk #TheLastShip @iHeartRadio #ellenkmorningshow @kost1035fm #iheartsting

gяєу ‏@nurndhirah

nurse eun tak ‘i wont do it anymore’ dr yoon ‘is that confession?’ nurse eun tak ‘yes, i promise i wont be late nex…

Suchada Gerd. ‏@jew_suchada

#GrandOpenning 🛳 👉Department of tourism. #you can check the information of the cruise ship…

Rich Jones ‏@rj0802

@JohnMiddlekauff That’s not a yacht. That’s a ship 🛳

🌺 Joanna 🌺 ‏@JoannaPhillimo1

@casualappareluk Gorgeous bag - perfect size for a weekend away! 🚂🛳✈️

Anita K Mitchell ‏@anitaktmg

Proud to have held this event on our Grand Classica at The Port of Palm Beach 🏈🛳

Sasha Taratov ‏@SashaEats

Viking Cruises (⁦@VikingCruises⁩) to make stops in Duluth, Thunder Bay 🛳 #TravelTuesday

Anita K Mitchell ‏@anitaktmg

So very proud of players, kids, and our great ship crew! The comments and life wisdom from the players to the kids…

Chad V ‏@MileHighPopHunt

Freddy paid a visit to his travel agent to make some changes on his upcoming @CruiseNorwegian cruise only to find o…

Mary Ann D. ‏@lovehopepromise

@switchfoot @jonforeman Jon Foreman, you look so cool in nautical fashion❤️🎏🎢🎡⛱🛳🚤🛥⛵️🛶🎟🏄🏼🎣🌊☀️🌞🐬🐋🐳🦈🐡🐟🐠🦐🦂🦀🦑🐙🕶🕶👀✌🏻👍🏻🤛😎🇺🇸❤️♥️

Oren Peleg ‏@orenpeleg

@breijOR_THEY I just left! I was there for like an hour! 🌌🚢🌌🛳🌌

Nick Cothrel ‏@NickCothrel41

@greggrosenthal Tough life 🛳

TheLastRhino ‏@winterizkoming

The kind of 💩 you say when you bought a ticket to #TrumpTrain #TrumpCult #Cult45 and it turns out to be a tix for t…


the exo ship 🛳

Monte ‏@montegeaux

@4kingandcountry @TWFTonyWilliams CONGRATS !!! 4 👑& 🇦🇺 🔥 The 🛳

ChillyKg ❄️ ‏@GasuKiarra go check out how fast our vacation went.. (or how it felt) Some of my favorite clips! still…

Space Monkey Lexa Rose ‏@RingQueenLexa

Who got to watch @AEWrestling in a jacuzzi at the #jerichocruise? This lady right here 😎🌃🛳

Peabo Bryson ‏@PeaboBryson2

When I say we had fun.. I mean we had fun 😃🛳 @soultrain #peabobryson #jamesingram #soultrain

ePearce4Q ‏@ePearce4Q

Ship 🛳 Nancy was full of gun powder everyone got off and when the British boarded It, it blew up.

🎇Happy Noel Year! 🎆 ‏@madamcolebaybay

@superkickbucks No, you can’t. 🛳

Town of Port Credit ‏@TOPCA_Executive

⬆️ KEEP THE PORT IN PORT CREDIT: Take a visual tour of the #PortCredit Harbour Marina 🌊⛵🛳⚓🛠⛽ See what's at stake as…

TisBooked ‏@TisBooked

2020 is the year of travel ✈️🚊🛳

Lynn ‏@LittyLynn

“Don’t wait for your ship 🛳 to come; swim 🏊‍♀️ out to it. “ -my fortune cookie

Allyssa Kaiser 💁🏼‍♀️ ‏@AllyssaKaiser

As if I need an excuse to plan a vacation... 😎🛳 @CruiseNorwegian #PlanForVacationDay

Gb god bless G.B.M ‏@Gbgodbless

🎭 Jokers Wild - Events with Best Vibes Tropikal Kooler Kruise Tuesday Feb 18th 2020 . ⚓ Harbor Master Cruises C3 Ma…

#ImFive ‏@FIVER5ON

Have You Listen To the Latest , “Bleat” Streaming now Everywhere 🛳💃🏾🕺🏾💎🌟🔥 @unitedmasters @RIAA

John Boggan ‏@john_b_1914

I just said two days ago that I wanted to take a cruise. Today the family sends a text saying to book ASAP for a fa…

nunya ‏@aran814

@GrantRandom @Truck1223 It isn’t this Sunday by any chance...? 🛳 ‏@trydaily

🛳 Shipped a new feature for our @trydaily app for @intercom. Your support team can start video calls inside Messeng…

αℓex🏳️‍🌈 ‏@AlexandriaRM

Getting my car cleaned up for the cruise is the most exciting thing I’ve done this week. 🛳

J͎am̶es N. 🛳 ‏@CanobieFan

Lol, uh.....was in Belize yesterday, Mexico today, and on my way to Honduras right now....on a the Caribb…

🦅OVERLOOKED🦅 ‏@soloXsavage007

When you da captain of the ship 🛳 you gotta give your people help, instead of throwing dem in dat water and lettin…

Hays Travel Wallasey ‏@HaysWallasey

🔹️ 28th June 2020 - 13 NIGHTS 🔹️ MEDITERRANEAN Beaches ♥️ 🏖 ONLY £1199pp 👇👇👇👇 🛳 INTERIOR STATEROOM 🛳 ❗ SOUTH…

Hays Travel Prenton ‏@HaysPrenton

🔹 28th June 2020 - 13 NIGHTS🔹️ MEDITERRANEAN Beaches ♥️ 🏖 ONLY £1199pp 👇👇👇👇 🛳 INTERIOR STATEROOM 🛳 ❗ SOUTHAM…

Hays Travel Prenton ‏@HaysPrenton

🌟FAMILY OF 4 HALF TERM CRUISE 🌟 🔹️ 27th October 2020 - 5 NIGHTS 🔹️ ONLY £1749 total 👇👇👇👇 - Southern Shops this i…

UMass Lowell WBB ‏@RiverHawkWBB

Taking the sea-nic route 🛳⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ TMRW | 6:31 PM RIVER HAWKS vs. SEAWOLVES⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #UnitedInBlue | #AEHoops

Dale Schalow ‏@daleschalow

luck can be made (sure), isn’t always up to you though. —🛳

Jemison Thorsby ‏@TheBigBlueFrog

You want to feel like a pariah, catch a cold on day one of a seven day cruise. 😷🛳☠️

Ashton Salopek ‏@ashsalopek

“What? You think a first class girl can’t drink?” - one of the best quotes from the Titanic 🛳

Darien Foundation ‏@DarienFDN

Don't forget to save the date to Yacht Rock On! 4/25! Tickets go on sale in February! 🛳🎸Our committee chairs Byrne…

Liberal Texan 🌊🌊🌊#Resist ‏@FREAKINWOKE

@AdjunctDespot My dream is a month long tropical cruise with NO technology. None! And anyone on the ship that want'…

Mark Hartzell, ACE ‏@tweetermf

@judyrobinsson It’s not #LostinSpace but I am going on @startrekcruise in 5 weeks. 🚀 🛳

Asa Elliott ‏@asaelliott

Stunning evening sunshine all ready for the sail away 🛳 #AsaVentura

Jeffrey Feddersen ‏@Feddersticks

Have a wonderful day y’all! I have reached my screen time for the day. Going to enjoy the #cruiselife see y’all tomorrow ❤️✌🏻🌴🛳

Ariane Colenbrander ‏@Vancouverscape

Exploring St. Maarten with @VikingCruises: #MyVikingStory #WestIndies #cruising 🛳

Lyndsay Saunders ‏@fancifulpursuit

@atmosphere just gonna leave this here 💙🛳🎶

Miss McGee & P1M ‏@KPS_Primary1M

Engineers in the making 🛠⚙️ These fab boys worked together to build a boat 🛳 They followed the instructions very ca…

Hilary Murphy Travel ☎️051 421629 ‏@GrabAHoliday

💥ROYAL’S DEAL OF THE DAY!💥 allows you to enjoy the amazing 🌟 Allure of the Seas🌟 as she takes to the seas next May!…

🖤 ‏@phg_brittany

Will have a whole lot of bixhes jumpin ship 🛳

Kimi ‏@kimitravels3

I just want to get in a ✈️ or a 🛳 and just go🗺 #Travel

Captain Sandy Yawn ‏@CaptSandyYawn

Monday Funday Feb 3rd! We get both #BelowDeck and #BelowDeckSailing next week! Only on @BravoTV! 🛳⛵⚓

G$C 🎱♊️3️⃣ ‏@GscDrippy823

Sail Upk or Sail TF off 🛳‼️

KS95 ‏@ks95

Oh, goodness! #GwynethPaltrow is partnering with #CelebrityCruises to take her #GoopLab on a cruise! 🛳 - Carissa

🔥🐉VICKYCHARBEL 🍷Wine Enthusiast ‏@ObellVicky

@realnickmez @johnnecruz When the sailor sails smiling, the vessel is in love... May you live and never stumble⚓🛳⛵

The Oak Ridge Boys ‏@oakridgeboys


马伟鑫666 ‏@780OTKiZx0q9yV0

@MONSTATREZZ happy birthday🛥🚤🛳

O'Callaghan Travel ‏@OCallTravelDlk

🛳#Alaskancruise 🛳#PrincessCruises 📆Departs 12th September 🛏8 Nights 🏨incl pre #cruise stay in #Seattle 💶from €171…

DreDoGG ‏@Dre_DoGG

🎭 Jokers Wild - Events with Best Vibes Tropikal Kooler Kruise Tuesday Feb 18th 2020 . ⚓ Harbor Master Cruises C3 Ma…

Blue✨ ‏@Xxpariee


Mark Graham ‏@MarkGra11601194

@skybingo This one is Titanic! 🛳

🅾️rmortarrah 💯🇳🇬 ‏@Afrisensation

Except Cruise ship 🛳 😁

CPSprimary1 ‏@Primary1_CPS

Working together to build a boat this afternoon 🚤. The boys built the boat but, then had to figure out how they cou…

Petey ⚡️ ‏@cruzjay05

Cruzin’ the gulf 🛳

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