Passenger Ship Emoji

Passenger Ship was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🛳 U+1F6F3

️ U+FE0F


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Yanlin ‏@yanlin44125109

The ally Outcast and The Critic play against Universe destroyer, who called destroyer The Commander.Destroyer's fri…

Diabetes 101 ‏@_diabetes101

Take us around the world in 1hr... 🗺 Show us your globe trotting pics?! City, beach, mountains.. we want it all! Ca…

Interesting Engineering ‏@IntEngineering

There are millions of wrecked ships around the world. But of course, some are more beautiful than others. 🛳

Manish Madan ‏@ManishM_StARMF

🛳 The giant ship Bremer passing through the Corinth canal in Greece. The largest ship to transit the canal ever.…

Mr. Bitches ‏@Young___Apollo

@GeoLeNupe Shiiid bro 🛳?

少林 ‏@yourlhin

ON THE WAY ー 🛳 #lhinsphotograph

Richard Batterby ‏@battenbergs

@emmacruises Limelight Lounge 🛳🎤🎷🍷

b̼̼͖̩̺̪͓̓ͥͯͬ̓a̯̬̯̠̺̼̤̪̞̤̭̘̣͙̭ͤ͗ͪ̎ͧ̈́͐̈̚k̈́͋ͣ͌̈͐̎̎͌̚ ‏@bakker1337

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🛳🛳🛳 🛳 🛳 🛳 👇 🛳🛳 👇   🛳 🛳   🛳  🛳   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of passenger ship

EURACTIV Transport ‏@eaTransport

🛳 Cruise ships are heading toward Europe, but the @EU_Commission has advice on how to handle passengers and crew

Yanlin ‏@yanlin44125109

The ally Jackass and God Complex feel sorry for Universe destroyer, who called destroyer Lone Warrior.Destroyer's f…

S. Renae ‏@FirstClassIvy

I 💗 this article. I am so looking forward to my next #cruise 🛳🚢⚓️🏝 #CruiseAddict #cruiseship #Vacation

Mpangazitha ‏@Honest_Hustler

@phumumakhara @MorningLiveSABC Noooo Jumping ship 🛳 during a storm Storm will pass and ship will continue to sail b…

Simon Hall ‏@ZweihanderHall

I usually post pics of games but those seem to be few and far between in the coronapocalypse... So instead here's a…


Ahh you've got the Ben when I was at heysham the other day I looked to see is she was this end 🛳#staysafe

abstract ‏@abstrvctt

@GatsbyArts @Dasher Just a designer ready to see a new ship sail 🛳

victoria ‏@salchichasss

@strawberryxtalk I will die on my dair ship 🛳 😭

Umme-Kulsoom Saiyed ‏@U_Ksaiyed

@ASTsupportAAli And that is true leadership from your mum... 💕 💕 💕 A mother's dua and to then be a part of it, is o…

Andrew Forsman ‏@ForsmanAndrew

@robbierocket7 @atc_races @CoolmoreAus I was thinking maybe the wide draw, dropping back in trip and meeting the ma…


@espnmma @stylebender @arielhelwani UFC is turning into 70s sitcom shows first Fantasy Island and now Sanford & Son…

Caro Cool ‏@Wantaknowlady69

What does a ⁦@TheZombiesMusic⁩ fan do after missing a seven day canceled pre paid VIP cruise, we bake🥳.Dedicate the…

Political Platypus💧🌱🔥 WASH YOUR HANDS ‏@PlatypiPolitics

#RubyPrincess THREAD 🛳 Ok so many Australians would assume this is something border force deals with. But it docke…

tk ‏@Tk5oul

👑🛳- you can in clutch today, but you cool and chill af

MV ‏@pvl_pvlxrsm

@thegoodgodabove Cruise ships 🛳 😷

DiceKang ‏@ShineSjS

@Xbox The crusie ship 🛳

PoorMan ‏@PoorManTrading

@Inevitable_ET I don’t understand how anyone could support the DNC at this point. Sinking 🛳

Yanlin ‏@yanlin44125109

The ally Deathstrike and Big Time reward Universe destroyer, who called destroyer Silver Lining.Destroyer's friend…

門 士(カド ツカサ) ‏@hanmenteacher_x

@PlayDauntless Thank you in the midst of a very hard time in the world.🦠 I'm looking forward to the event quest and the next hunt pass.🤩🌸🛳

ryuu 🦅 solo leveling ‏@hypedkyuu

@meimeimmii Yes omg we ship 🛳 ❤️

Sarah 💫 ‏@Harriet_Vane_

My ship in a bottle didn’t come with glue or paint and now I have to buy that too, but shipping is expensive so wha…

Rose🌹🐰🐣👗🏰🎶🎩 ‏@RosieBreenP

#DorisDay with #JackCarson in #RomanceOnTheHighSeas 1948 🛳💞💖

Chris Nwamuo ‏@sgtborish

🛳👨🏽‍✈️ Roger that

The 'real' Antichrist👹 ‏@TheRealGDAntiC1

@LBF777 👹- They sure as hell tried. 🇮🇱🛬🔥🛳🇺🇸

sesamenurin ‏@garyasmin1

Tadi layan #WhenTheWeatherisNice ep 11&12. Mind blowing 🤯 Jaw dropping 😧 Didnt expect that thing to happened. Main…

Brooks Wegrzyn ‏@bbabblingbrooks

@SnapMyAd My daughter putting in work 🥎 #covid19cansuckit Many prayers to you and your sailors! ⚓🛳🇺🇸

Yanlin ‏@yanlin44125109

The ally Dot Matrix and Zeus are saved by Universe destroyer, who called destroyer Moral Imperative.Destroyer's fri…

الميييآآم♡` ‏@itsTFM_

therapy I need after this quarantine: ✈️ ☀️ 🌊 🌴 🍉 🍹🛳 🏖 🐠 🍍 👒 🥥 🏄🏻‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 🍧 🛥 🏝 🥝 ⛱ 🍷

H A I 🦁 ‏@Itsbabyhai

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor - Roosevelt 🛳

joselle ‏@joselleeee11

@_monaalawi Team #LooVana’s ship is sailiiiiing 🛳♥️

Jobes ‏@TheBookOfJobes

I keep thinking about that article written for Republicans about their boat sinking (read: Rep. Party) and that the…

Victoria ‏@Grlamarige2020

@TheCollectiveQ Did anyone else catch the “Escort law enforcement to and from the ship” 🛳

King ‏@King95335816

She go on the trap🛥🚤🛳

BOOMBOOM ‏@BigCappo_


Gibkcoc74 ‏@gibkcoc74

Come and see 🛳𝙺𝙸𝚈❦𝚂𝙷❣︎'s LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: #star Chat up

Austin Blake Shrader ‏@austinshrader

Please tell us how?!?🤯🤯🤯🛫🛬🌊🧨💥🛳 @jeff_rake @NBCManifest @warnerbrostv @ManifestRoom #Manifest #MontegoAirways Someho…

Nicole ‏@NicoleWC78

@Detroit_Gem08 Love you! I love hearing everyone’s stories and their experiences. It lifts me up! I meet them this…

Nan Walton ‏@NanWalton4

Grmyluny Honey, I was cleaning out the 🐔coop the other day and all that 🐔💩reminded me of Stephen Miller. I also sta…

Michael’s Massage ‏@massage_michael

@ThePornhubgay_ @SRhyheim @JAYxALEXANDER Your outfits reminds my of the theme parties & fucking that happens on gay cruises. 🛳

Jack Owoc ‏@BangEnergyCEO

📢AWAKEN🔊. . 🛳🚢🛳🚢 . 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪. . 🌍🙏🌍🙏🌍🙏🌍 Tag 5 friends who need to hear this message. . #Friends #Bible #HolyBible…

Natasha Lannin ‏@NatashaLannin

#30DayLegoChallenge. Day 8: We were stranded on an island and built a boat to find a way home (kinda felt like that…

Debbie Lloyd ‏@debbiesue1008

@KLoeffler @BernieSanders And the Republican corruption right ? Not happening you rich pos we’re taking our country…

Vanessa ⛱ ‏@VanessaSwift

@DrewTapp1, in our biased opinion, we recommend trying ours: We recently hit the Top 20 Po…

thebigtease💇‍♀️ ‏@TonyaMa63771199

@Queeni_Martini @HillaryClinton Have fun at #GITMO... maybe you can be president there🌴🛳⏳

Ash ‏@xAshBrady

Trying really hard not to cry rewatching parahoy videos. Phil is currently judging paraoke with me. Dreamin of the big boat 🛳

CalleOchoNews ‏@CalleOchoNews

The beautiful @RoyalCaribbean terminal 🛳 lights up city during these dark times🙏🏼 #calleocho #royalcaribbean…

mella ‏@bellaa_bearr

@DFernandez_5 Pull up in the fucking boat 🛳

Laveshni Naicker ‏@LavN012

So I just randomly created a YouTube video...😅 To all you #landscape, #NaturePhotography and #travelphotography lov…

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