Pencil Emoji

A pencil, used for writing or drawing.

Pencil was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✏️ ✏ Lead Pencil

Apple Name

✏️ Pencil


✏ U+270F

️ U+FE0F




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PromptBot ‏@ExoOTPprompts

Role reversal au featuring Jongdae, a sick person. He crosses paths with Chanyeol , a rebellious person. A ✏ complicates things.

Christine/#SAVESHADOWHUNTERS ‏@clacesfatebckup

Weird things started happening and I have many questions 👀✏ #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters

Dalana🦄 ‏@dalanamarie

Parent / teacher conferences tonight 📚✏

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Johnny Bond and his Red River Valley Boys et al. ✏ You Brought Sorrow to My Heart 🔗

Bravo 👏 ‏@ccbravo1

#FreeHand ✏ 👉 asgardstencil en Vintage Ink cali

Bizzy_DontDo'It ‏@BizzyDontDoIt

I luv bein slim, jus hate these ✏ legs 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

Ana Macedo Aguiar ‏@AnaMacedoAguiar

✏FONT: Beauty 🎨DESIGNER: #PremiereGraphics Click on the link in the bio to download the font. #type #typedesign…

edu ‏@OduolJude

@Disembe Where is this school ✏📚please

Naomi Mc Laughlan ‏@NaomiMcLaughlan

🤔Do you pay (enough!) attention to what your customers and clients want and need? ✏📋If not, why not? 🌞🌷🚩Take a loo…


We can take you here. Come join us. Link in bio❤️🐷 . 👉 . . Tag your besties 😘 ✅ Turn Post No…

ᴹʸ ᴸⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᴿᵉˢᶜᵘᵉˢ 🍀Ⓥ ‏@MyLittleRescues

✏ This ribbon lasted a single second. 😂🤗 #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #MondayMood #MondayThoughts…



Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Cliff Carlisle ✏ Memories That Make Me Cry 🔗

RIFF Magazine ‏@RIFFonline

Kailee Morgue flips the page on her 🍔 career, plays @AugustHall_SF with @palewaves | | ✏:…

THE 64 SQUARES ‏@the_64_squares

@IzzyCSCx Izzy, your drawing of Her Majesty The Queen is absolutely amazing. Fab posh hat too. This is incredible a…

Bloguers ‏@bloguers_net

✏ WordPress. org o WordPress. com | Seve Luna #internet por @sevelunaes ⤵

Janni. ‏@_mixtapeherz

I don't know what I'm supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you. Take me back to the night we met ✏

Marvel's Insecureman ‏@fitfreak_76

If you were paid to write✏ a new book 📚on subject you 👉wished, what would it be about!?

RIFF Magazine ‏@RIFFonline

INTERVIEW: @cailinrusso finds a 'House with a Pool,' home with her bandmates in @wearerusso…

Roman Gokhman ‏@RomiTheWriter

INTERVIEW: @cailinrusso finds a 'House with a Pool,' home with her bandmates in @wearerusso…

November 26 ♐ ‏@AyeItsAyolexii

Working is fun and shit but I can't wait to go back to school 😍🙏📕✏

Hair Talks Mag ‏@hairtalksmag

Rate this hairstyle 1-10. ✏

fcb_jana__art ‏@fcbjanaart1

✏ x 💻 (~10 minute sketch) - "the wise man looks into the space and he knows there is no limited dimensions. " -…

South Carolina Honors College ‏@SCHonorsCollege

✏This Week at the South Carolina Honors College

Aimée Marie Bejarano🌽owner Dead Man Walking Pub. ‏@Spokenamos

👐👇👉✒📝✏If you'd like to sign up for my monthly #newsletter, all you have to do is click here!…

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Cliff Carlisle ✏ Memories That Haunt Me 🔗

Zeo. ‏@pisangin

✏ Written by me

Zeo. ‏@pisangin

✏ Words off

Zeo. ‏@pisangin

✏ You gotta read this

Magda89 ‏@Magda892

Maja completing her phonic homework ✏🔡 #mwcphome #mwcpy1

Zeo. ‏@pisangin

✏ Captured by me

Wastani_nu_face ‏@JaggeW

Getting my hands dirty tranna paint ma self pon dis 1 🔨🔧🔩✏📊 👣👣👣👣 #inklovers #inklove #graffiti #graphicdesign…

leanne sarah flicker ‏@leanneflicks

@IDSAbertawe @IDS_Mrs_Evans @IDS3to18 Great learning,Mia hopes to return to school tomorrow after not being very we…

🌊Lyrically TC✨ ‏@LyricallyTC

@m_imnk Definitely and so nice they are hand written😙✏

B I G B 3 4 R R ‏@BiGB34RR

✏What do you think about the deep freeze bundle? Do you think it's worth it? Me, personally, I don't. Let me know y…

Miss Wilde's Findom School ‏@findom_tutor

Available for lessons right now! Come and book your session! 📚✏ #findom

Tweet Punchline ‏@TweetPunchline

Le Ying et le Yang #Punchline ✏ #Citation

P1 Dunipace ‏@MrsSigurdsson

Consolidation week for sounds this week ✏ Lot's of adding, careful counting & writing today too 👍

Brittany 📚 ‏@Brittany_Books

Nanowrimo LIVE write in today at 1:30pm PST!! Don't miss it!! 💻✏ #nanowrimo #nanowrimo2018 #amwriting #authortube #booktube

Millionaire Trader ‏@Yogi5456

Wanna become professional trader. Follow these rule! 📖 📚✏ 3.Experi…

African Creatives ‏@Africancreativs

Meet Clement Nwafor @nwafor_clement on instagram. He is a full time studio artist. His artworks are very full of li…

fleethood ‏@fleethoodlum

Some neotraditional, pointillism & trippy linework practice 😋✏ #tattoodesign

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Slim Whitman et al. ✏ Cattle Call 🔗

Roman Gokhman ‏@RomiTheWriter

💿 REVIEW: @MumfordAndSons search for evolution with 'Delta' ✏: @plwestrom

Instructional Innovation ‏@OHIOinstr_innov

. @ohiou faculty, apply through February 28, 2019: You can nominate your students to receive one of five scholarshi…

Uvi Poznansky Author ‏@UviPoznansky

Uvi ✏ Breaking the rules #author writing #tip …

•Hoodie Rat• ‏@_gazz__

Finally done✏✏✏ ‏@writingclients

✏ Writing Gig List - Week of 11/19 ✏ -

Hawazen AlSindi 🔱 ‏@Hawazen_Alsindi

I Need peace of Mind , a Calm Head and a Light Heart. ✏

sleezyhenry ‏@David12734447

When I get married I'm going to sign my marriage certificate with a pencil ✏ 🙅I can't risk my self 🙏

Louise Swinburne ‏@louluvgossip

@sweetliner I hope you have a lovely day🌼🌸🎨✏✒🍂🐶🐾🌻🌈✨💖❤💖


[FANCAFE] 181120 #Junhyuk fancafe post 🔗 ✏ Trans: HOTSHOT Update INA ☡repost / take out wi…

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Cliff Carlisle ✏ Blue Dreams 🔗



RIFF Magazine ‏@RIFFonline

💿 REVIEW: @MumfordAndSons search for evolution with 'Delta' ✏: @plwestrom

REWARD IT ‏@rew_it

On this day in history, one of the most used writing implements was patented. Incredible to think they are still us…

░M░o░n░i░c░a░ ‏@CrazyGG429

@JuicyJuiceUSA My daughter is Grape-ful of her friends and school ! ✏ #JJgrapeful

FengShuiForWriters📚☯️ ‏@FengShuiWriters

✏ No one could ever push you to write or become a writer, except yourself. - Desi Puspitasari

Puhjay ‏@Puhjaymas

Obviously, this isn't what came to fruition, but just to give you an idea here's the design I originally sketched u…

22CMBoost ‏@22CMBoost

Now introducing... #MeetTheTeam Monday! First off, Joe Coughlin: -Has 15+ years of experience✏ -Won over 30 reporti…

Kiara_Nicole98 ‏@KiaraNMusic98

Every Morning Before Noon You Would Call Me!☎️ "Arguments" Drops Tonight!! . Like👍🏾, Comment✏, Tag @pontiacmadeddg…

Live the Valley ‏@livethevalley

Why do you #LiveTheValley? Tell your story at ✏😄

Mooch-Ealing ‏@MoochEaling

A very busy day at the bench today 📏🔨✏

KinQuepire ‏@KQuepire

• Double tap if like this one! ❤ • Follow💯@KQuepire 👉 @KQuepire 👈 • If you like the quote tag a friend to see th…

Mooch-Ealing ‏@MoochEaling

A very busy day at the bench today 📏🔨✏ @ Mooch-Ealing

Hair Talks Mag ‏@hairtalksmag

Rate this hairstyle 1-10. ✏

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Cliff Carlisle et al. ✏ Lonely 🔗

미 ‏@wordsmx

{@OfficialMonstaX}♡ . . .✏ eu amo ser hyungwon utted ♡

RapsLJ ‏@RapsLj

@Levis_UK @LoyleCarner @LivLighthouse @SoundCity @LFC Still waiting on that invite 😊✏✏

Flats ‏@Immokalee_Flats

I forgot the tags!😜 @collierschools @VOEPanthers #CCPSFAMILY #VOEADVENTURE #19PENCILSSTRONG ✏

Jordan Gunn ‏@gunn_gunn19

@LittleMix Are you doing any signings in scotland this year? ✏✏

The Right DA Club ‏@therightdaclub

• Help and support your transition to becoming directly authorised ✅ • Our fees are not based on your turnover ❌ •…

Raj bhagwandin ‏@Rajbhagwandinhi

Reposting @lighthouseatelier: - via @Crowdfire Work in progress✏✏ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #drawing #draw…

BANGOUTS ‏@BangOutsGaming

New Episode Coming Soon! thesamurider vs @DieselWhoDaresW on Mortal kombat X 🔥 . . . . graffael_ ✏ . . . . . . . .…

Lindsay Kiebler ‏@MrsKiebler

Northville Community Financial Credit Union presents a money counting/saving assembly! Thank you so much Mrs. B!!!…

Cory Brant ‏@Brantromyzon

Such a wonderful 🐟✏ community! How one scientist transformed #SciArt.

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Cliff Carlisle and The Buckeye Boys et al. ✏ Death By The Roadside 🔗

Polina ♆ ‏@linfreakable

181118 Bundang Fansign #KIHYUN Q. How to annoy Kihyun while playing a game? 🐹Game? What game? 💬Any~ Battleground?…

Adalinka ‏@AdalinkaNYC

Did you try @iskn Slate yet? 😀 If you are a pencil lover, you will love The Slate! 😊 ✏✒✏✒✏✒ #iskn #madewithslate…

Ver Des'Artes✏ ‏@Verartesdesenho

My art, my passion ✏❤ #SherlockBatch

Mikaila💎🌕🌸🕊 ‏@Mikaila029

#NCT are such #Shawols 💎 it warms my heart and makes me have faith in them as a group, knowing they taking proper n…

Tech-Ease YQR YXE ‏@techeasesk

It’s National Education Savings Week! 📚✏🎓 Canadians with disabilities can apply to the Canada Student Grant for St…

Jelly ‏@jellywaites0821

Going to sign up for school📚✏🖋🗒🎒🎓 today wait maybe there close today idk we will see!!!!

Old 78s ‏@old_78s

🎤 Cliff Carlisle ✏ SevenYears With The Wrong Woman 🔗

Ms. Fennell ‏@ms_fennell

Got a talent and a passion for Winter Wishes?! Combine them both and audition for the the assembly next Wednesday &…

Adalinka ‏@AdalinkaNYC

Did you try iskn Slate yet? 😀 If you are a pencil lover, you will love The Slate! 😊 ✏✒✏✒✏✒ #iskn #madewithslate…

名井南 ‏@myouirna

. . . ✏ #발레리나미나 #스완라케 Black Swan meet a flowers and they're suits well! can you guess how many flower on the vid…

Stephen Sumanth ‏@stephensumanth

WORLDS TALLEST STATUE ON THE TIP.OF THE PENCIL ✏#StatueOfUnity #IronMan #sardharvallabhaipatel #microart…

Maureen Obiorah ‏@Maureenluvsnna

...that's me! 👩‍🏫 📚📘✏🖍📅📁📏📐🖇📍🖨💻🗂 There are thousands of reasons to be a #ThankfulTeacher #IAmThankful #Bornteacher…

Sara Ramzan ‏@Pharm_Sar

How do you guys organise papers relevant to your research? 📑✏ Personally, I prefer to print them and take notes on…

🎤💻❌mike taylorsings⛔Ⓜ142📼 ‏@miketaylor34 🎵YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELIN'💽(LIVE) @SimonCowell Said #verbatim you sound exactly like…


@taelify @MerchForFree done✏

matthew ‏@MatthewRedeemed

My study chair. I sit here more than anywhere. Study the scriptures✔📜✏

Mr-Shin ‏@TheMisterShin

This is taking me a bit of my time to complete ✏

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