Pensive Face Emoji

A pensive, remorseful face. Saddened by life. Quietly considering where things all went wrong.

Pensive Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😔 Pensive

😔 Sad

😔 Sadface

😔 Sorrowful


😔 U+1F614




Tweets For 😔

aaliyah 🎀 ‏@WoahItsAaliyah_

i really miss the field man 😔

🧁Tracy Mason🧁 ‏@tracylynn0220

@Suzzzzeee1 I did too Suze 😔😔

𝑳𝒖𝒍𝒖⁷ ⭐️・˚*。✨ ‏@FLUFFYGUKKlE

@kookcao I’m that oomf😔✌️

Berneri 🐴 ‏@Bberneri

@Suspu ✊😔 this fucking dude

🦋⁷ ‏@eternaIsan

@cloudychaIamet i gave you everything 😔

𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐫 ‏@cinnmaroll

@lourdesleonfp me too!! it’s so good 😔

xel 𓃟 ia ‏@wilbursblade

@losinqface co-coronavirus? asthma? why can't u breathe oomf 😔😔

Neil Gow ‏@ohwassat

@MedievalJelly Sorry Jess 😔

tikaʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ🍓 ‏@taytawanmysun

@omilwxy @subtanyarl Staysafe kaaa😔💕

Mirna Gonzalez ‏@GonzaMirna

Hey @boxycharm I check my inbox every morning for my shipping confirmation email and nothing,nada,zero,niente,rien☹😔

N ‏@_nanaansah

I thought the introduction to HSM3 would be how every school match would be like😔

Shadyplier ‏@Shadyplier

@_SwiftShady Seems like they're daily habit. It really gets annoying sometimes 😔

‎ًj⁷ ☾ VMIN PLEASE COME HOME ‏@vmcubs

This tweet actually makes sense 😔

🌞 ‏@angelbabygis

snapchat: reminding me i was skinny a year ago today 😔

Ali ‏@Bhuut_

@smollandcurly What? 😔

lin lin 🐳🐳🐳 ‏@violetseungs

oomf how far are you in criminal minds 😳 — almost done s5 i kinda slowed down watching it recently 😔

cass ‏@fitztard

@carsonanti bro same 😔

sof🌙🐰 ‏@sofkloster

no self control club here I come 🤘🏻😔

Magia Record hate page ‏@MochiTorch

I need to use Mami ebooks more 😔

je ‏@vibefortonight

@cephcassnyx STAY SAFE COKOO😔👊

soup stan account ‏@waxeymeech

the things i would do for the ability to venmo titty to those in need.....i’m so tired of hauling around these jugs 😔

Kailen ٩(^‿^)۶ ‏@KailenMaire

@realalvajay i no longer believe in love 😔

𝘁𝘂𝗳𝗳𝘆 ‏@godisparkjimin

@jmIovebot my hero i think thank you 😔

TARZAIN. ‏@zainwastaken

@toxxxicccc @Stfu_Hashim Sach to yeh ha key i am a lesbian mjhy larkiya psnd hein 😔😔

Alejandra #LLT💙 ‏@ChoAles

@YORKIE007 😔❤ I'm gonna be prating for her

Andreé ‏@4ndreef

@andreeeedeleon we’re still clowns but i do still remember when we used to TALK 😔

Kamaldaaby ‏@kamaldaaby

@Officialneha Don't sad😔 Always cool-#-😎

ang ᵗʳᵉˢ ‏@oangreyes

Amy Winehouse 😔 #PINKChella1year @ygofficialblink

simon ‏@SimonReed11

@frlydensmith @STSFTrust What is it they say about a picture and a thousand words?😔

jeu ‏@jeulovesexo

Since I ain't having moots here so timeline is so short😔

Annie 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 🇪🇺 ‏@annief3051

Can't believe "Henrik" is trending and it's not about my boy Henrik Love Hanssen. SMH. 😔

🇵🇷Tatianna Irizarry-Melendez🇵🇷💜 #LoveWins 💜 ‏@TatiaMelendez

@analydiamonaco @CitizenNem Coconut oil clogged my pores and caused me a ton of black heads 😔 it is excellent for my hair & curls though!

ًYANAN??!!?! ‏@h8nse

support my yanan board 😔

E$ The Bull 🐃 ‏@PLAYB0Y_ERICK

I don’t be talking to nobody anymore this shit wack the homies barely hmu. 😔

Jazzy Jack 🍊says STAY HOME & STAY SAFE ‏@JackEsq007

@crimethink I don’t find it boring ... but I really miss my family 😔

Ashy ‏@4shyH

we deserve better😔

𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐧 ‏@lokibucky3

@Era_Of_Bliss Why you always making me choose between these two 😔

Lordof'95 ‏@MoonKhid

@alyciacassady Literally noone stayin home.. All the beaches flooded w people rn.. 😔 smh

dweebi ‏@yorozuyaebi

@NBHDCONCH My DMs stay dry 😔

lt. cmdr. rainn 🏳️‍🌈⚰ ‏@rainngrace69

@jehhwee Fighting the good fight ✊😔 we dont deserve this awful stereotyping

dana*little 7* *little 127* ‏@HqkaaaS

@kingkimvtae Oh no I dropped my emojis. 😠☺️😠😠😔😔😘😔😘☠️👶☺️😔😕😯😕😮😧😬😧🤐😯🙁🌝😪🌜😪😎🤡🌛😴😠😐🤬🌝😑🤚✊🏼✋🏻✊🏼✊🏼👏👍✋🏻✋🏻✊🏼🖐🏿🤟🖐🏿🤵🦸🧝🤶🚣🧞🧟 @BTS_twt

💞 dumb of ass💞 ‏@v0reluvr

@lildarkvixen ehhhh i don't necessarily think it's Bad but it weirds me out cuz he was there when she was born 😔

shan ‏@9mrchyoon

@mw0oya stay safe yah 😔

Noah F. ‏@noahh_fran

@_clfs damn so you just want goop in your mouth with no texture variation that’s tragic 😔 sorry to your taste buds

Pankaj Sharma ❤ ‏@Pankajsharma722

@PG_Edits_ yes...aaj fever h ...😔😔

KyleVelenti and MariaDeluca love BOT💖 ‏@ryantrevinoian

people just now realizing Cody Christian is hot so y’all just skipped teen wolf all those years? 😔

Jayla 🃏 ‏@TipsyGranny

Looks like it’s gonna be a sad day today 😔

Cultured. 👥🧖‍♂️ ‏@Jay_imm_

@_Shamoo100_ Sure it is... And now in 200l as to that effect.😔

ᴍᴀʀʏ⁷ • stream moon ‏@jiniesuga


Rucksanaaaaa ‏@Rucksanaxo

Feel like pure shit just wanna go outside😔

αяι ´꒳` ‏@chimxvantae

@sftyuri @Seokmoonies @Lil_meow_meow_y @ggukiverse_ot7 @agustdloveeer @BTS_twt @yvessainttae @bestofyou_V…

PRiME ‏@UrNo1Carpenter

@DianahLiEs Plz tell mih ur no kidding 😔🎤

dybal ‏@thenajibmrad

@Omarcastic @bejjani_carmen I appreciate it bas trust me i tried everything and she keeps rejecting me.. maybe a su…

faheema 🌻 ‏@UncoolFaheema_

@raees_samsodien And I hate everything that followed 😔

aliciaa🌩 ‏@whatupppdoe

i miss my fancy lady dates with my besties 😔

Mefisto ‏@Korosensei2001

@Lyncik_ Wow, exposing me like this? Maybe people should know you aren't human 😔

woojins maid ‏@bitchungha

anyways raesung i still sarang you 😔✋

seth 😳✋ ‏@73seseu

guys get bored and play video games but girls get bored and play with my trust 😔

noob ‏@not_your_typ

@sadestnigga_ 😔 yah aeb group chour deye hom aese tomse personal issues hay onke idk 😎

❤u.Busisiwe❤ ‏@uBusisiwe_22

@nippymokono The worst thing ever😔

𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖓 ‏@StonerStevenn

@cchheeeekkss @sadnugss And watching your favorite budtender get handcuffed 😔

Knee Growth ‏@chickenfingie

the astrology people told me I need to life my ego out of my current situation but it’s so hard 😔

𝔁𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓷𝓰'𝓼 ‏@yunmengcloud

@gnossilansis Lmfao it be like that. Because same. 😔✊🏼

처키 Mouse ‏@taegyumin

@qtseonwoo havent changmin stans suffered enough 😔

dira🌙 ‏@seoxkjinnie

can we skip this year?😔💔

⁷ ‏@starryjigguk

damn this pic of koo ✋🏼😔🤚🏼 thank u for the updates !!!!!!! 🥺🥺💗💕💞💖

yai loves 성화 !! #♡ ‏@hwazzlight

@MingiFlowers tbh yes .. ! but the tweet wasnt about them 😔

Anirudh ‏@AnirudhRal

@rutabakshii It b lyk dat😔✋🏻

✨ ‏@yojanaaa_

@denissearlettt I love you 🥺💘💕 gimme hug 🥺😔

MontanaSlim ‏@Adgile_Dol

@BasedJesusLefty Fried it right out his brain 😔

𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊 🍓 ‏@strawbelles

@LivMeDo omg this has me energy, but I always melt my spatulas 😔🤚🏻

jaz #⃝⁷ 💞 ‏@jiwoosparadise

@lpyeojin gwsn be slept on 😔

Kelly Schae ‏@KindSightCoach

My god. 🙏🏽❤️😔

❔ ‏@vintagepeonies

@Hudds21 At least ill have her attention 😔👌🏽

⋆ ‏@peaktaegi

im starting money heist! dude the subtitles go by too fast 😔

Cherokee Jack ‏@adj4242

What sucks about Easter this year is not being able to play 2s with my sibs at my grams or badminton 😔

*.:。lisa♡🐳 ‏@ilyeosangie

@mvpxvictory sure bb dm me😔💞

🌻🌻 ‏@theaehyung

@gpeurdtortues i wanna get outside, get outside of all of this 😔

golden goddess 🌞💛 ‏@casandrapgb

@YattaKidd you didn’t text ME back 😔

SuperDiabeto.BRTLHQ ‏@SuperDiabetoV

Spend more time asking if others are okay other than asking myself if I'm okay 😔😕

predebut jisung would cuss your ass out ‏@badboyj_one

a level lower than everyone else 😔

zaf 👻 ‏@hanna_zafierah

i wish i have a kedahan boyf 😬 ouh baru sedar takde boyf hm 😔

mak ♡ ‏@graysghosty

@GRAYSTOAST It was snowing where I’m at too 😔 but it was literally 70° 2 days ago

tanjiro the Goat ‏@vitaminZeeee

@totallynotshido Bru i wish I knew 💔😔

°•♡•° ‏@_Dxmb_Mutt

@fvckhera 😔🤚 Miss this is not appropriate

#⃝max⁽¹²⁾⁷ ⛧ HUNHAN MONTH!!! ‏@yifanclit

@yoongikiths i know yours already stop flexing and show some sympathy 😔💔

Taryn De Vere ‏@TarynDeVere

I felt like creme brulee so I made the mixture, had more mixture than ramekins so turned the rest into custard then…

Levaneeyaa🌸 ‏@Levaniaaa

If only you realise this a bit earlier maybe we could still work things out😔

BCM ‏@doublekreeme

I miss my 6pm-10 uni naps before goin out mannn 😔

a zapato ‏@yungparleG

when i saw a number + alphabet kichdi question i had to close my eyes that shit hurted 😔

amogelang matsho🦋 ‏@gelang_m

@Lulu_boat we have bad blood from now on😔

iBop_TOXIC ツ ‏@iBop_TOXIC

@shortBlasian i can’t even play at all bc my scuf was being repaired but Georgia is under lockdown so I gotta wait until Corona is over 😔

Lilia Aurora 🌙 ‏@liliaauroraa

I have to idea what the hell is going on in my math class , time to bomb this exam 😔

crystal ‏@dieforyungblud

@casualblud no we’re not 😔

noah ‏@coldnparalyzed

@joshuadun @tylerrjoseph ty coulda just dmed you before release but then again he don’t know how 😔😔 please teach him quick

... ‏@_jcpelayo

@BvckTV I took this after you told me to fuck off 😔

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