Performing Arts Emoji

Two masks often used on maps to indicate a theatre, these originate in Greek Theatre as masks of tragedy and comedy.

One mask frowns, the other smiles.

Performing Arts was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎭 Drama Masks

🎭 Greek Theatre Masks

🎭 Theatre Logo

🎭 Tragedy and Comedy Masks


🎭 U+1F3AD




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Em✨ ‏@Emm_GA_Fan

the first 12 emojis in your history will show how 2020 will go JANUARY: 🐶 FEBUARY: ✨ MARCH: 🎭 APRIL: 👫 MAY: 😍 JUN…

Lauren-Andrea Smith ‏@LaurenAlexisSm1

A theatre on the eve of Christmas is always a family a tradition decisions decisions of what musical extravaganza i…

R E Tree ‏@RETree415

Do I secretly admire people just to feed the Ego? 👀🎭

Louise Pitre ‏@louloupit

Tonight on @TheAgenda 🎭Piaf/Dietrich @Mirvish until Jan 5th, 2020

Charles Lee Ray ‏@runaround93

@illustjuan Yeah somebody saw me the other day and they were like “I can tell by the way you’re built you played fo…

Patrizia Cromi ‏@Cr_patty64

@unclevanyaplay My work is theatre... I teach theatre also to people that have many difficults to live....🎭

HARLEii quiiNn ‏@Ludybiitch

you know watt🤙🏽iim exccciitted ttoo🤘🏽💄🇺🇸🥶🎭🤙🏽🤰🏽

Slate Nation ‏@slatenation211

🤚🏿IVE Ps — Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 🎭 | Last Saturday night WE LIVE IT at #SOA 🔥 epic @ Sounds…

Hilary Jones ‏@fatilatuti

@burningcane @PhillipYoumans @Tribeca @WendellPierce @netflix @ava @ARRAYNow This film is a must see. 😊🌅🎭🌟💚

MissCCorr ‏@MissCCorr

@c_deller @Bedford_Academy They were sooo well behaved and had a great time 😌 🎭

em loves taetae ‏@vantesvixen

ANYWAY stream taehyung’s music for his birthday 💜 Scenery ❄️ Winter Bear 🐻…

G6D ⁶𓅓 ‏@G6D___

Photoshoots, I'm a star now, I'm talkin' Time, Rolling Stone, and Bazaar now. Sellin' dreams to these girls with th…

Paul Rondeau ‏@paulnrondeau

@darlotheatre @cazoconnor @robertcatto Congrats, Caroline! You are a wonder! 😚❤🎭🍾

EyesWideShut ‏@iiiiwideshut

@politico #Shameless #Tantrum #ImpeachmentDebate Award goes to @RepDougCollins 👶🏻😡😭🎭

SMSU Today ‏@SMSUToday

🎬🎤1940’s Radio Hour 📻 premieres tonight at 7:30 PM! The show, presented by 🎭 @SMSUTheatre 🎭 transports the audience…

Random Catholic ✝️🙏 ‏@RoyWills7

@EpochTimes @nytimes A walker? Oh please, Harvey. Whose arm will you twist for this Oscar, Mr. Drama? 🙄🎭

Hilary Jones ‏@fatilatuti

@StellaAdler Awesomeness. 😊🌅🎭🌟💚

St Mungo's HS ‏@StMungosFalkirk

So looking forward tonight’s performance of ‘The Dude in the wood’ panto 🌲🌳🎟🎭 by staff and pupils @StMungosCreate…

Julia Smith ‏@JuliaMariko

It’s our final performance for the red cast tonight @RNCMvoice‘s production of #DialoguesDesCarmelites definitely g…

Cotswold Life ‏@cotswoldlife

'Right from the get-go, it's clear the effort put in by all involved must be phenomenal.' The Everyman's production…

Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance ‏@GVPTATheatre

Call for submissions: @PTC_Playwrights and @UITATheatre's sessions on Producing for Theatre 🎭 Block P in 2020…

Croydon ‏@Croydon27585441

Come and see 𝔹eYᵜ🎭⚔️Trunks's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE

𝓖𝓪𝔃𝓮 𝓛𝓪𝓷𝓰 🎭🥂✨ ‏@headupwarrior

Lauren educate me, now!!!👽🎭✨

Tony KL ‏@TonyKL4

@Y_Strahovski @SAGawards #BestDramaEnsemble"🎭🎬. Proof that the sum is greater than it's parts.👏👏👏👏👏

JoyMahaffey ‏@IAmJoyMahaffey

So there were three blondes and lots of fun Carolers too 🎶 🥰👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🎄🎅 théâtre 🎭 #SAGAFTRA #holidayseason #party…

charlotte cleave ‏@wednesdayfilms

Avoiding election night with my great friend ⁦@StackThehat⁩ at the Gielgud Theatre 🎭

¡Acta Non Verba! .·. 33º ‏@CriticaSinMiedo

@olebubbles Ma'am, don't get upset!!! The Cave where this #DemRats live, will implode by 07/17/19. Soon GRANDPA…

Gillian Graham ‏@Gillian_GGraham

@EDCHEvents @EdinDogCatHome Just a tad 😉 I know what I'm most looking forward to too (clues -👗🍰✍️🐾🎭)

Mariners B&B - Torquay ‏@MarinersTorquay

Lots of A1 #Attractions in the #EnglishRiviera🌴in 2020 >incl #HarryRedknapp⚽️@Aj11Ace🕺#GylesBrandreth #JimmyCarr…

Patrizia Cromi ‏@Cr_patty64

@unclevanyaplay 👍 With some friends!🎭

Jon Grauman ‏@JonGrauman

Just Sold! | 1946 Vine St | This refreshed #HollywoodHills craftsman is minutes from hip eateries and shops in…

Darren Fower #VoteLabour 🌹+🦁+🗳️ = #LisaForbes ‏@Darren_Fower

#MaxinePeake 🎭 on why she's voted Labour today. Your Polling Station: #GeneralElection19…

Emily East ‏@Emily_East92

Ready to watch our @MsJodiePrenger in @TasteofHoneyNT, @TrafStudios! Have a fab show lovely lady! 😘🎭🍯

shelley silver ‏@shelleysilver3

@kayleighsparks @TheBiancaDelRio @JamieMusical Yeah, she is there the 19th of February. So enjoy darling.❤️. She’s…

♥Kezza_Lou♥ ‏@KerryLouiseRoss

Time for @bbceastenders #EastEnders 🎬🎭🎥📺

♥Kezza_Lou♥ ‏@KerryLouiseRoss

To be continued..... #Emmerdale 🎬🎭🎥📺

shelley silver ‏@shelleysilver3

@andreaod4 @JamieMusical @LaytonWilliams @TheBiancaDelRio @MelissaJacque12 @TheOnlyVinegar Just beautiful darling. 👏🏻😍👑🤡🎭⭐️.


THIS WEEKEND! 🎭 Our friends at @americanrep presents its annual Run AMOC! Festival for the third time. Don't miss a…

t🍯 ‏@ti3louise

I absolutely bloody love the panto🎭🎟

Evelyn Hargraves ‏@evelynhargraves

Great trip to @OxfordPlayhouse to see this FAB panto this morning with school. Little did I know that I would appea…

The Sanctum ‏@sanctum_the

@JuliaHB1 @SimonPearson961 Respect democracy 🥇 Remoan 🎭

Nia 'wazowski' Sc ‏@DarkNia_

A little doll in hell. 🎭

CHS Drama ‏@CoalingaHSDrama


kaseychild ‏@kaseychild1

I love that @PeteButtigieg is using the arts 🎭 to fundraise for their campaign. @Chas10Buttigieg @davidwaxmuseum.

[email protected] ‏@HeadteacherBas1

Very excited! Congratulations to all involved today...not long now! 🎭 @BassalegSchool1

anastasia ‏@AnastasiaMobl96

@jessecbrooks @CodyWolfeMusic Let me tell you about this thing called Mardi Gras 🍻🎭🎉 ~Louisiana Girl ❤️

LCM Acting ‏@LCMActing

Well done to the cast and creatives of “Comme on est magnifiques!” Which was written by @CWipraechtiger with direct…

Danielle Evans ‏@monty7016

Well done @elicia_may1 on your stand up comedy mark!!!❤❤ you absolutely deserve it!💃🎊🎭

[email protected] ‏@DeanesPerform

The Departure Gp1 - #TheChristmasShHoHo #🎭 #imatterasanactor

Hannah Sarkar ‏@hannahsarkar

Thankyou @NiaPetruccelli for our backstage tour of Les Mis😍 so amazing to see everything 🎭😍

[email protected] ‏@DeanesPerform

Great opening number from #GATE #TheChristmasShHoHo #🎭💃🏼🎼

QuieroViajar Mx 💯 ‏@QuieroViajarMx

#QuieroViajar Go behind the scenes of Le Rêve - The Dream WynnLasVegas and see what it takes to make sure this drea…

Sarah Ziolkowski ‏@sa_ziki

Throwback. Theatre studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC. 🎭 #actorslife #actor #actress #theatre #stage…

Sodomite ‏@Sodo_mite

And here's the exciting line-up for January 19th! 7pm @phaseonelpool 😊🌈🎭 #queerevents #newwriting #cabaret

TitanRepublic ‏@TitanRepublic

Here are the latest leaks and info on unreleased Revenant Legend in #ApexLegends 🎭

andre ‏@andreaemfan

A THREAD: Emma Watson with Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen and the rest of the cast behind the scenes o…

The Magic Hatter ‏@magichatter

The Hatters went to see Sleeping Beauty at @YorkTheatre last night 🎭 Find out what we thought in our honest revie…

sarah 🌄 ‏@sarahyoung_xo


Lil Bubbien ‏@SouljaFam_Bub

People be smiling but be hating at the same time 🤣🎭

.~°}V{°~. ‏@iVICKEE

@NEUTRALbiPOLAR @franksinatra Has too B strangers in the night for me 🎭🧙🏽‍♀️✨🧙🏼‍♂️🎭

Austin Ku ‏@secretaustinman

Noon 🛌🌞🗽. Errands🚶🏻‍♂️. See friends in #AnythingCanHappen @yorktheatrenyc 🎟🎭🎶👏🏼👏🏼. More errands, gym @PlanetFitness…

HARLEii quiiNn ‏@Ludybiitch

so GOtt DAMN up @escobart___ hey🎤🎭 iim a qr0upiie for we😕🥶🥶🥶

Gnome Girl 🇨🇦 ‏@ibrink8

@DanaDelany I’m so glad to hear you are starring in another play!🎭Hope to be able to see this one!🤞🏻

Encore! Tulsa ‏@EncoreTulsa

⭐️Meet Ruby Avance, who plays Esther Jane in our production of A CHRISTMAS STORY, December 13-15 at Tulsa Little Th…

Saline PS ‏@SalinePS

Our wonderful P1-3s have definitely sparkled & dazzled during their nativity performances of The Innspectors. We ar…

Miss.kitkatkitty💙ˢᵏ ᵇˡᵒᵒᵈ ‏@Ms_kitkatkitty

@kjr_studios - see this 😁🙈!! #Hero fever vandhuruchu ✨ WA status lam vachu pala vaarangal achu but this poster Par…

Sue Odell ‏@scorpioredhair

@TheMandyNetwork Oh! This heavenly tweet has made me feel quite emotional. Thank you so much!🏳️‍🌈🎭🎬❤️

Stephen Tures ‏@stevetures

@EmojiMashupPlus @EmojiMashupBot any chance you can do a poo 💩 + performing arts 🎭 so I can have a sh*tshow icon?…

ARija Meiers ‏@arijameiers

Lindsey Graham called out on impeachment contradictions 🎭 - CNN - via @YouTube (Then - Now Hypocrite)

Sassy Camel Co ™️🐪💋 ‏@sassycamelco

@NFMLA Best of Luck to all who are showing their films!🎬🎭🎥👏🏼🏆☺️🐪💋

Renee Cunningham ‏@MrsPageTurner

The many faces of using the @quivervision mask app 🎭 ! @NewTownES I love watching students play and explore....…

♥Kezza_Lou♥ ‏@KerryLouiseRoss

Time for #Emmerdale 🎬🎭🎥📺

♥Kezza_Lou♥ ‏@KerryLouiseRoss

Good Episode #Hollyoaks 🎬🎭🎥📺

Sue Odell ‏@scorpioredhair

@JakeGraf1 @bearsdenmusic Love it Jake!🏳️‍🌈🎭🎬❤️

NCN Sports Now ‏@NCNSports

🎭 Catch @spssailors performance "The Waltz of the Red Death" today at 3:45 from NSAA State One Acts - LIVE on…

Lorraine Healy ‏@LorraineHealy3

Active @jctEnglish lesson today when we were lucky to have Peter and Juan from @KildareYT with us to learn about t…

Sue Odell ‏@scorpioredhair

Oh WOW!!!🌈🎭🎬🏳️‍🌈😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

KitandKatCreations ➡️ Commissions OPEN! ‏@KitandKatCreate

Chromatic custom hoodie for Fang has been delivered! 🌈 We won't be open for custom orders until January 2020! 🎆 But…

🎄 Isaac Whittaker-Dakin 🎄 ‏@IWhittakerDakin

Good luck to the Third Years in Narnia tonight @LPAC_Theatre 🎭

@Lillays ‏@hagaman_susan

@rtraister @joanwalsh Stopped following him months ago due to his dual personna 🎭

🍹 live_space_party ‏@live_space_msgs

Soooo ... 🎭interpretive cocktails 🍸🍺 - I am really wondering? FML

Rooted Theater Co ‏@rootedtheaterco

#goodtimes #abclive #RootedTheaterCo #EastNewYork #ENY #Brownsville #Bville #CypressHills #EastBrooklyn #StayRooted…

Motion Picture Association - Canada ‏@MPACanada

Congratulations @AliEhsassi, on your new role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Min. of Innovation, Science & Indus…

TRAGEDY ‏@Tragedytweetz

🎭 Nightmare | Caution Tape Available Only On Tidal.

Svetlana Koreneva ‏@Sveta_Koreneva

@DanaDelany Congrats!👏Break a leg!🎭

Apex Legends News ‏@TitanfallBlog

Here are the latest leaks and info on unreleased Revenant Legend in #ApexLegends 🎭

Norma Jean ‏@NormaNjean1219

@jubrsmith Brian, I have not been getting your tweets. Tweets were not checked off. NJean in New Orleans 🎭🎷🎼📿🔮

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