Performing Arts Emoji

Two masks often used on maps to indicate a theatre, these originate in Greek Theatre as masks of tragedy and comedy.

One mask frowns, the other smiles.

Performing Arts was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎭 Drama Masks

🎭 Greek Theatre Masks

🎭 Theatre Logo

🎭 Tragedy and Comedy Masks


🎭 U+1F3AD




Tweets For 🎭

Drake’s Nephew ‏@ovotones

Stizzys go by too quick 🎭

kittycatkate😼 ‏@eatmyarrogance_

I will not be satisfied until I am able to take Brian to NOLA & show him why I love it so much. 🎭

🍹 live_space_party ‏@live_space_msgs

Update: 🎭interpretive drinking games 🍶 - I am wondering?

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

Not trynna be the villian in this shit but if I got to I will...🎭

Rod 🤴🏾 ‏@Rod_Smith28

City of war Episodes 2 & 3 Out now‼️‼️📲 Executive Produce by @KodakBlack1k @kninedacameraman_cityofwar…

Miss. Elmi ‏@MissHElmi

What a blast with Ms. Joanna today! We’re super grateful for Learning Through the Arts! 🎭 🎶 @BegleyBroncos1

Uncle Al ‏@AlPoppie25

@vivien2112 And theaters! 🎭

JN Faixa 🤬 ‏@jn_faixaPreta

Fut Rolo Firme 🎭

Jade V. ‏@starogreen

🎭Livin' that THEATER MOM life...💞 . . . #jademade #jademadecustoms #maker #making #handmadewithlove❤️ #thespians…

NamJin Boyfriends ‏@FeelingsNamjin

🎭 •° You Again °• 🎭

Amanda 💜 ‏@28MouseEars

@stitchkingdom I wish they had shown the Midnight Masquerade designs. I’m excited to see those. 🎭

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

I didnt just get 13,500 plays for nothing I worked my ass off for it...🎭🔥🔥

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

It may be longer to get bigger but I'd rather have full control of my money then letting some label get a portion of it... I'm not dumb.🎭🎭

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

I don't use music to show off... I do it for the passion... most the niggas you see doing this shit doing it for th…

🤙🏾Malc Belton🤘🏾 ‏@Malc__Bee

#StickTogetherLikePlaydoh 🎭🤞🏾💯 @ Artist Point, Yellowstone

Cindy Massey-Hawk ‏@kitteehawk57

@TravisMayfield In Shakespeare's days, men played Women on stage!🎭 And Male actors have always worn makeup, as well…

CAp🗽⚓ ‏@iam_seancarter

@Chops_2 We have a transfer ban, we just lost our best player, then there's the striker issue, our next manger whic…

Tammy Schuster ‏@TammyAS

@MsReneeLawless @OWNTV Lovin’ Katherine tonight. And Hanna is off the hook❤️❤️🎭🎭✍️✍️🎬🎬

Lorelei ‏@silverseasun

@SweetEmmyCat @Janeen_FluffyJ @Susan_E_Smith 😊 Extra special because they have a revival of “Oklahoma!” playing on…

Blue Plus Yellow ‏@BluePlusYellow_

#Repost @popularcbdbrands • • • • • • Celebrities Who Use CBD 🌿🎭 Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson recently…

Deborah O'Brien ‏@Disneybelle9

The first @joshgroban concert we went to at Mohegan Sun CT featured @chrisbotti . You guys are in for a good show!…

KhaYza67 ‏@Khayza67

Come and see 🎭AnAkJaHaT😈's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: jum mandi

yung star rod⛲️⭐️💕 ‏@YungStarRod

@33lifexo everybody hate me🎭💕

N9 Gaming🤘🎭 ‏@N9Gaming

My new video today passed my old video in views in a matter of hours, thank you all 🤘🎭. Forever humble. #N9Gaming

Colegio Yaocalli ‏@ColegioYaocalli

"Rapunzel" Prefirst School Play 🎭👸🏼 #SoyYaocalli #PrimariaYaocalli

Camilla Joyce ‏@ActressCamilla

Powerful, Political, Experimental Theatre by the Talented @WeAreKneehigh 'Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love so…

Ryan ‏@Rj11johnson

so ready for this season broo🤧, striving to be the best defensive end in the game.🎭♾ @RecruitGeorgia

threshold of revelation ‏@justspectral

Our bank 🕺🏻💍🎊 loooooves ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 the gays 👭🏳️‍🌈👬🎭 (but mostly your money 🌈✨🤑).

Dakota Phillips ‏@DakotaFolkActor

Finished writing a script for a character I will be portraying this fall !! ✍️🎭

josephnokeooo ‏@JosephNokeo

Ice cream you scream giving giving ice cream! 🍦🍧 another performed video! 🎪🎭🃏🦅

josephnokeooo ‏@JosephNokeo

Perform at school again! 🦅🎭🎪 in the courtyard! #circusshow #dancingking #kpop

Freedagang🦅⛓ ‏@ForeverVito

Ain’t no better feeling then thumbing through thousands 🤑 I been running up that check them blue hunnits 💵 still pi…

amy mcintyre ‏@amycatamericana

@respektor @JeremiahSilva13 Wonderful podcast! So excited for the show! You are a National Treasure! Quirky doesn’t…

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

Thank you brother for yo music... it keeps me sane..🎭🔥🔥🎭🖤

Colegio Yaocalli ‏@ColegioYaocalli

"Rapunzel" Prefirst School Play 🎭👸🏼 #SoyYaocalli #PrimariaYaocalli

Hey beccky ‏@HeyBeccky

Frozen - Um musical Encantar 📷 @iago_anacleto 🎭 encantarproducoesmg . . . #frozencosplay #disneycosplay…

♡Jordan Nasser♡ ‏@JordanNofficial

@ZoeLeigh123 Amazing news, congratulations Zoe ☺️🌟🎭

Kayla Johnston ‏@kaylaetc

Just because I can't take a bath while my incision heals doesn't mean I can't pamper myself 🎭 . This is my first ti…

Linda Ayers ‏@LindaAy30729397

@LaraLeaTrump @kayleighmcenany @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @jaredkushner @TiffanyATrump A pleasant appe…

Sienna Tristen 🌈🦄 ‏@SiennaTristen

Just spent a gorgeously sunny day in Hamilton watching @thescreambean and @jenfrankel perform readings for Feminist…

Alexandra Perez ‏@zerepardnaxela

I’m a Libra. Worst: Gemini Best: Gemini... ...Oh wow how ironic 🎭

“ERV”🤪🌹 ‏@ErvBabyyy

Imma keep it straight up with lil thug he’ll probably get killed by his right hand man. 🎭🔫

Roger Bacon Drama Guild ‏@RBDramaGuild

All of this rain has us, well... Singin’ in the Rain ☔️🎶🎭😆

ButrPcnMexiRican🌹 ‏@_kweenpea

“All women are actresses dear. I’m just clever enough to get paid for it.” 🎭

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

Exactly g... let's stomp on these fuck niggas we unstoppable g... they dont know our aura.. cant wait for more g...…

🏴‍☠️ ‏@chevaiz

Ehhh that normal shit never been me but I don't go out my way to be unique It's truly a gift and a curse 🎭

MADAHER ‏@ms_maad20

back to home .. 🔴🔵🤙🏻🇪🇸 we wait .. 🎭⌛️🔜 #neymarjr

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

We Dark side niggas... these niggas dont feel our pain... so we gotta show it to these niggas g...🎭🔥🔥🎭 @TheBeamon

🆖Yummy ‏@Charlie_Cheww

Everybody can’t be a starter play your role🎭

LSI Talent Mgmt ‏@LSITalent

Where do I start? What incredible talent & teachers @lma_uni_official I was blown away. Two completely different sh…

LSI Talent Mgmt ‏@LSITalent

Where do I start? What incredible talent & teachers @lma_uni_official I was blown away. Two completely different sh…

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

Sum to smoke too bet g.. good shit again on the song loving yo energy g blast on these fuck niggas g...🎭🔥🔥🔥…

Video Advocate ‏@VideoAdvocate

Watched Young🎭#CharlieHunnam in🎥#ABANDON. Tonight's🎬#movie recommendation...&🎭#BenjaminBratt was a💪#YesPlease too 😏😉


「🎭」Mr. @KV_CHANYEOL92 has changed the ID Card. Enjoy with your new chara! Prev: KV_LUCAS99 ─ 100 ₩

GingerBugs ‏@gingerbugslodi

Awesome Theater Camp today!! 🎭🧡💚🎭 . Thanks sabrinawb_ from changing_faces_theater The kids did a great job devel…

Nyro ‏@LewNyro

Always last pick🎭

Jack Sorenson ‏@jacksorenson14

@MrGhostStories Your just too Admazing. 👑 Ur a genius ...right!!!🏵 And ghost hunter.🎭👻 And ..cumpter Wizard 🧙‍♂️

TS ‏@highlandcoo_JPN

@NigelSlater @MarieLawrenceUK @lizziemuncey @stephenventura1 @Jake_Ferretti @jonnieriordan I am SO sorry that I can…

Video Advocate ‏@VideoAdvocate

💪#TomHardyTuesday...When ur so beautiful they make a doll out of u. 🎭#TomHardy #ReOrg figure😱#Ineedthislikeyesterday

Backstage ‏@Backstage

Know how to nail that Shakespeare monologue. 🎭

Music Dev't Office ‏@MDO_SA

Artists and arts workers aged under 26! Applications for @Carclew's Fellowship Program are open. Applicants in all…

LooksThatKillAu ‏@LooksThatKillAu

Ten Seconds To Love by Looks That Kill - Mötley Crüe Tribute, live at Eddie’s Bandroom 01/06/19 💥🤘🏽🎭…

sLEazy ‏@MobbinDre

Been listening to Future OD again 🎭

tuks ‏@tukszx

For the past six months... 1- Yes 2- Yes 3- Yes 4- Yes 5- Yes 6- Yes 7- Yes 8- Yes (???) 9- No 10- Slightly yes lo…

04:29 ‏@1xmillyy

I just play my role .. i know mfs dont fwm fr 💯🎭

Matthew Newcomb ‏@Matthew21344103

@Casting_Elite Need protein everyday much as you can get in your system. Fruits, vegetables less carbs, sugars and…

Emily N Kirk ‏@GettinKirked

Cast me. Book me. Let's work together. Check out or contact me to learn more! 🎭🎥😆 #actress…

Arts Huntsville ‏@artshuntsville

⏰ Time has run out for the world's most infamous master criminal, but could he have one last trick up his sleeve!?…

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

If you hear music just to hear music you need to change your thought process.... music's more than just sound.... i…

léa 🇫🇷 ‏@paynohome

I wanna break this mutual since a long time now but I think they like me.. 🎭

Dee-Jay Lane ‏@DeeJayLanePA

My new twitter Banner just remidned me how beautiful a smile is 😍❤🎭

Mr. McCord ‏@mccordtweets

It was 5 years ago when my students started rapping songs incessantly from this new Broadway hit. Now it’s opening…

Michelle Cron ‏@michellecron

I used to worship with all of my heart and avoid serious injury to skill and language arts 🎭

TheatreChat ‏@TheatreChat

Someone reached out to me with a app, that is the future for arts! #Producers #ProductionTeams #Artists #Patrons...…

MB Stage Productions ‏@MBStage

@RobotTeammate @hollywoodfringe Awww thank you! Right back at ya we have always been HUGE fans and love your can do…

Siera ‏@LifewithSiera

@Readyornotfilm looks super twisted and dark. Just like my heart. Excited to watch it 🎬🎭🎬🖤🖤🖤 #movies

Alex Kidsley🎭 ‏@AlexKidsley

@skyabovetheroof You were so amazing yesterday👸🏻🙌🏻 Thank you for everything❤️🎭

chrys chacal ‏@chryschacal

Shotegun 🎵🎶🎭

Liza Duaime ‏@lizabd123

2 long weeks between end of school and theater camp so my daughter found a new hobby- shoe painting! Perfect to wea…

🍃IceMoreICE ❌🍃 ‏@2StayFreez4Me

@HillaryClinton You've separated ur share of families permanently. American families. What does it matter now! Is w…

Video Advocate ‏@VideoAdvocate

@LethalProt3ctor #IKnowRight! How did they not pick🎥#Venom 4 best kiss? 🎭#TomHardy's💋lips alone should get the🏆award

Matt McDonough ‏@lordam33

The Devil is one of God's many faces 🎭🔥💯

Matt Calvin 🦈 ‏@RealMattCalvin

@LynnDoles @officialmcafee @RSBNetwork You missed a lot... McAfee has clones that wear masks 🎭 with his face. @JayPizzle88 is one of them

Darcy Tannebaum ‏@dt007

Saved the best seats for the last show of the season -opening night @wecomefromaway @ArshtCenter @BwayAmerica 🛬🌎🎟🎭…

Brock Public School ‏@TDSB_BrockPS

Our K-2 students got to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream thanks to one of our parents. Her own students performed th…

ian johnson ‏@iankj

@alunjohnhood @AdrianMoleUK @DameDenning Seeing it tomorrow and looking forward to it very much. 👍👏🎭

Rod 🤴🏾 ‏@Rod_Smith28

City Of War Episode 2‼️ 📲 Executive Produce by @KodakBlack1k @kninedacameraman_cityofwar @official_cityofwar…

Deborah Bacus ‏@debbacus

#intheglen Mother daughter night! ❤️🎭

Rod 🤴🏾 ‏@Rod_Smith28

City Of War Episode 2‼️ 📲 Executive Produce by @kodakblack @kninedacameraman_cityofwar @official_cityofwar…

MIND$ ‏@Minds777

I've been saying this thank you for putting it out there...🎭

Dee Chilton ‏@DeeChilton

@TipCullen Can we meet you for a beer or coffee (or both) while you’re there? (we’ll be booking tickets as well of course!). ☕️🎟🎟🎭🍻👍

✨ ‏@ReeseWinnin

so many drugs at one time i’m so intoxicated💨⛽️🍼🍇💊🎭💞

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