Performing Arts Emoji

Two masks often used on maps to indicate a theatre, these originate in Greek Theatre as masks of tragedy and comedy.

One mask frowns, the other smiles.

Performing Arts was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎭 Drama Masks

🎭 Greek Theatre Masks

🎭 Theatre Logo

🎭 Tragedy and Comedy Masks


🎭 U+1F3AD




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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead ‏@vampirecomedy

The Real Prince Hamlet, Vampire Hunter (AKA @joeykern) 🧛‍♂️🏆⚔️🎭

bëçkŷ💃 ‏@Beckyw2102

@evapope your PC partner Bill made an appearance in @BBCCasualty today was so hoping for you on my tv screen🎭

Open Theatre Leeds ‏@OpenTheatreSoc

🎭 Just days left to send us your show ideas for Semester Two! 🎭 To propose, all you need to do is fill out this fo…

Ms. O'Meara ‏@OMearaEng12

Only one more chance to see Hairspray! Do not miss out on this fun production and talented cast and crew! 🎭🎤🎼

Duck ‏@gemma_duck

This evening I’ve represented @WFGangShow and omg - What an amazing show @Greenock Gang Show 2018 was! Such an imp…

Q ‏@quentonbb

National Qualifier, Thespian Scholarship Recipient, 7 dance work shops, 3 amazing scripts, and great and talented p…

vvaleria ‏@vlcnt

Get a taste of our upcoming production, The Wiz! luna’s coffee house is offering drinks on the menu named after 3 o…

Charlotte Crowe ‏@charlottecrowe_

After hearing the band for #brightlightsbigcity yesterday, for the first time, it’s all starting to feel so close n…

Lu Valentino ‏@LuValentino

Oh @deacon_gray I am so sorry😓. You'll be missed by many of your fans.. I'll def cherish the trouble we used to get…

Hanne ‏@thesaltiestbean

About a year ago, I was up the night before my first high school audition trying to figure out what to expect. I s…

Madison Naylor's Mum ‏@Naynaylindsay

🎉Madison is very excited to be part of this exciting world premiere from Present Company!🎭 🎶A brand new musical 'A…

Rodriguez M. ‏@vallartajal7

My lazy look 😈😇🎭


Come “Seize the day” with us tonight at 7:30 🎭

SoyTeatroCol ‏@SoyTeatroCol

🎭 #Constelaciones 📍 @planetariobta 👏 @marcelamar07 @Angeliquebox @humbertobusto1 👏 Dirige: @FabioRubianoO…

Destiny Yarbro ‏@DestinyYarbro

This is Austin - I’d love to go! 🎭😲

BAwareMentally ‏@bawarementally

Two of my new bracelets 💝 Yes, this one 🎭 stand for my own version of #bipolarawareness 💚🌼

. ‏@_shezmonai

this year some people turned they back on me 🎭

The Deaf Dream ‏@TheDeafDream

Introducing DeafBlind theater 🎭 Have you experienced before?

Dianara™ ‏@DianaraGold

@Actor_K_Mav Thank you my dear, and I'm very happy about your upcoming series! ♥️🙏🏼🌟💯☯️💜😘💖😎👑🎥📸🌍🦋🕺🏽🎞🌟📺☮️🎊💎🍾🥂✨🎭🎬🏆 Ma…

Jerome 🐩️💨 ‏@JeromeFitz

🎭 10PM: A Celebration of Life, via The Death Show. 🌃 @ArcadeComedy 🎟️ We put the YOU in…

👑 BAD N BRUJA 👑🤘 ‏@MonetMerchand

.Undeniably One of the greatest #FilmMakers of All time. With a career that spans over 50 years this genius behind… ‏@SherryHemstreet

If the world could see how you worked today - would you do it again tomorrow the same? 🎭

Barbara ‏@barbieloovee

When we do events, we take it seriously! 🎭✨ • This Is Me🌸 World Premiere Reading! #ThisIsMeThePlay #ThisIsMe…

Karen Webb #FBPE ‏@KWebbNurse

Finally saw #threebillboards Outstanding 👏🎭

Bethany Suthers ‏@thatsutherskid

Ive been on the Majestic Princess for over a month now, only a week and a bit left and I’m home bound. Got so much…

Follow Help ‏@gainffsnow

Follow everyone who LIKES & RETWEETS this 🎭

Abrantie Kweku🎭🇬🇭 ‏@Abrantiekweku1

The journey hasn't been easy !✊🙏.... Honourable PapaJ exhibits some wild moves on his wife's 70th birthday 💥💥💥🍾🍾🍾🍻🍾…

Rachel Dahlenburg ‏@racheldactor

Shoot day #4. 🎭 @ Los Angeles, California

ASTRONN ‏@AstronnWay

Imma work with Uzi one day and it will be legendary 🎭x🦇 [email protected] just wait 🌟😤

Zivan Holloway Jr. ‏@zivanhollowayjr

What better way to spend your day than doing what you love. I like these costumes! 😃🎭🎶 #techrehearsal…

💮Papiicasso♠️🎭🃏 ‏@_OpineIsMyName_

@grooverelly @boomshiggidy 💮♠️🎭🃏 THANOS (ft. @reggie_ice_ & @DR1PPY ) Moonwalker EP…

Ruby Thompson ‏@RubyThomp2007

Not long now! 🎭🧙🏻‍♀️@DJohnsonDrama @hopemilltheatr1

Heather ‏@ducklover52

Already sick of the snow? Come escape to the beach with us! 🌴🎭 #SouthPacific #MusicOnStage @ Cutting Hall Performin…

Stefanie Worth ‏@stefanieworth

@roysexton Thanks Roy. We’re hanging with a pretty awesome place. 🎭❤️

KD. ‏@kdyinka1

You guys don’t want to miss this flighttt!!! 🎭🎭 Come and support me and the mandem

🧛🏽‍♀️🦇 ‏@JordanIanKing

Smile now, cry never 🎭

Robin🖤 ‏@robinsdailylife

Tagged by @JodieBlaireau : 5 things I love which are not people: ❤️ 1. Theatre 🎭 2. Music 🎧 3. Tea 🍵 4. Doctor…

D13 Thespians ‏@d13thespians

And a gigantic thank you to everyone who participated 🎭

Ali Spender ‏@alispender

Hanley Babe catching up with Ugly Sister! 🎭👸🎶🎄🎭 #pantotime #tlcpantomimes #cinderella #mitchellartscentre…

Karl Lieber ‏@kbrunolieber

@BetteMidler ⬆️ Pure Theatre 🎭

Klein Oak Theatre ‏@KOT_Info

Texas Thespian Festival 2018 is coming to close! KOT is so proud of its National Thespian Festival qualifiers!!! We…

BrandonAndrus ‏@BrandonAndrus

👹👺 🎭 @ Metropolitan Learning Center

ellie taylor ‏@MissE_Clare

Good luck and love to all @NewVicTheatre tonight - i guess it’s now officially Christmas! Can’t wait to pay a visit…

Anthony Larraga ‏@anthony_larraga


DIY Invitations ‏@DIY_Invitations

Fabulous Paper, Card, Ribbon and Envelopes we have everything you need for DIY or custom made invitations today -Su…

BassoContinuo ‏@ContinuoBasso

@Northern_Llama Live theatre is one of my favourite things. Even if I don't always understand it, there's a real bu…

niaomi 💫 ‏@n_omiai

@ttsfdj 🎭💙💛 PLEASE PLAY "Finesse" by Bruno Mars for TROUPE 7988!! 💛💙🎭

Chris ‏@Firevixen203

@thundacat830 @BrownGaro Bahahahahaha you two need your own comedy act! The boys of Richland County🎭

Teresa Ho ‏@Jiujiujiu128

Beautiful The Carole King Musical 🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶 . . . . . . #SisBond #QETheatre🎭 #CaroleKingMusical #Beautiful @ Queen Eliz…

mia ‏@RamirezMia7

@TTSFDJ Troupe 5872 - O'Connor High School! 💙💛🎭

Anthony Larraga ‏@anthony_larraga

@ttsfdj SHOUTOUT TO TROUPE 7988 🎭

Daroderick Sallie ‏@IamDaroderickS

Studying and rehearsing my monologue 🎭👨🏾‍💻 - #monologue #actor #actorlife #actorlife🎬 #actorslife #actorslife🎬…

JO ‏@jaredolin

@skyleredwin We’re making moves ! Mine’s Film & Performing Arts 🎭 what about yours ?

Anthony Montemarano ‏@shockthemonst3r

Last night’s #harlot with some amazing performers and friends 🧛🏻‍♂️🦹🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️💃🏼👗🎪🎭🎨 Had a great time body painting…

Hannah Gibson ‏@H_Gibson56

Fantastic afternoon watching @MatildaMusical in London. Absolutely incredible, would highly recommend!🎭📚

Arvin ‏@heyarvin

When she sees thru your mask 💖😭👀✊👅🙈🎭

Daroderick Sallie ‏@IamDaroderickS

Studying and rehearsing my monologue 🎭👨🏾‍💻 - #monologue #actor #actorlife #actorlife🎬 #actorslife #actorslife🎬…

Louise Bloomfield Dramatherapy & Training ‏@LouBloomfield

Fantastic work! So inspirational! 🎭💕

Michael Fraser ‏@drmikefraser

@alfiejoey @TEDxNewcastle @TEDTalks Yes, everyone should have a Fr Baron 🎭 Great story!

🇸🇦 ‏@n_3_s_

18 November 🎭 .

North Shore Kid ‏@kidns

kidstocktheater Today’s Summer Camp Theme Reveal is: STAR SPANGLED MOVIE STARS! Available July 1-3, each day our s…

SanduskyStateTheatre ‏@SanduskyState

Knights that say Ni! Thanks to @SanduskyRec for putting this together 🎭♟

amani 🎭 ‏@planetani_

13 colleges want to offer me money and want me in their program & I made nationals? made my mark, i guess you can say 🤪💞🎭

LilMax49 ‏@SoulSis4DJC

Great #Hedda Review @QueenslandTheatre @daniellecormack 🇦🇺 #brisbane 🎭


We are so pleased with how the Lonsdale Traveling Theater 🎭 version of The Nutcracker came out! The families & frie…

lyaenne.of.zion ‏@lyaenne

I Had the privilege of producing a VR short film with an amazingly creative team today. Our aim is to change health…

James 「ジャム」 Gregory-Monk ‏@jamgregory

Watching #Gypsy 🎭 (@ Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield)

CJ Gaspari ‏@WhatTheCJ

Broadway Los Angeles 🎭🌃

OrangeVistaASB ‏@OrangeVistaASB

Lights, Camera, Action!!!!🎭 Tonight is your last chance to see the first production in Orange Vista History. $1 wit…

DUNDU ‏@dundu_eu

😍Wonderful Social Action with in @stuttgart.meine.stadt 🎭 and we got a beautiful gift 🎁 from ProKid…

Situation ‏@Situation

We're honored to share that @SitchProject has been recognized as a finalist in @TheDrum's #SocialPurposeAwards in t…

Tip Cullen ‏@TipCullen

Jesus.... we done it!! Get on Ireland!! Shoulder to Shoulder!!☘️☘️☘️☘️👍🎭


🌨🌨Ski masks on Deck in various colors 🎭🎭🔥🔥💯#Myfresh #4ucaps #4ucaps98 #morethanjusthats #Originalsince1998…

Shaun Nolan ‏@shaunycat

Seeing @WarHorseOnStage for the first time EVER tonight! 😵🎭🐎 #WarHorse

Harjumorbih006 ‏@harjumorbih

@Dremodrizzy Make him a big photo art 🎭 of his best pics..

Lisa Pacino ‏@VLPacino

📸#Photography by @VLPacino #Broadway🎭#Opera👸🏿#Ballet👗👚#Fashion👜🇮🇹#Jazz🎺#Music🎼#AllGenres🎹#Disco🎶#Literary📚#Films🎥…

Fonzo ‏@CARDO_93

Just a few more hrs til @_AnthonySimsJr performs another magic show for the 🌎 🥊🎩🎟🎭🎪 #teamsims #undefeated #17-0…

AW Theatre Ensemble ‏@awhsdramabees

Fantastic opening night!!👏👏👏let’s do it again! Curtain rises #achristmasstory 🎭

Martin ‏@martin_vader1

Psychoboy 🎭 #puertodelacruz #psycho #frame #art #artist #instaart #drawing #painting #harbour #fallinlove #heart…

Nada💦 ‏@NadaMostafa1772

Really ..i need some different people in my life to make me happy 🎭

Муляр-скамарох ‏@Finder_of_logos

Am I lost🎭🌠💰🔪🚬🎆✏️⌛

it's ‏@sereinnit

Games homie games 🎭😂

K ‏@Kevin_Mtw

Thankful 🙌🏾🎭

Rowena B. Winkler ‏@RBWinklerPhD

The reviews are in—Side Show is a must-see hit! 🔮🙌🏽 • • Only TWO more chances to join us at dundalkcommtheatre befo…


🙌🙌✨✨#Jackets on Deck 🎭🎭🔥🔥💯#Myfresh #4ucaps #4ucaps98 #morethanjusthats #Originalsince1998 @…

Scott Semple ‏@scottysemple

#Paisley was literally jumping and swinging today in the warm up for the Christmas lights switch on. That must mean…

Stephenson Smart ‏@StephensonSmart

Proud to support @AnglesTheatre 40th Anniversary celebrations 🎉 🎭 #Wisbech #Fenland #Theatre

Theresa Bowden ‏@TheresaBowden5

@CorrineGuntrip @WarberryLAP HOW TO BOOK PANTO TICKETS 🎭🎟 We have a limited number of panto tickets to offer for Sl…

Alastair Bruce ‏@AlastairBruce_

@TonyCurran69 @OutlawKing My pleasure! Thanks to all cast & crew for investing so much in retelling a great Scots s…

Lex 🤪🥰 ‏@baabyleex_

this week was so much needed ❤️ love thespian people 🎭 and i’m so much thankful to be given the opportunity to go !…

Woobie🌹Tuesday ‏@WoobieTuesday

@Toilet316 Nailed it. 🎯 And, of course, anyone who questions their collusion is being played by Trump and working…

ProVox VocalTraining - Est. 2013 ‏@ProVoxLiverpool

Tomorrow is our #musicaltheatre #masterclass with #GillyanneKayes & #JeremyFisher of @vocalprocess 🎶🎭…

Miguelito Loveless ‏@DrLiebknicht

Bill Maher does make a valid point or two. But dissing The Three Stooges? Fie! Besides, a Stooge short & a Carmen M…

K Vojtechovska ‏@beloperone

@violadavis Seen a preview in the UK last week 📽Powerful, great performances🎭 Loved it! Thank you 🙏🏼

richard aucott ‏@damerichard

A few more pictures of turning on the Christmas lights at the Westwood Cross promoting Jack and the Beanstalk Marga…

AlwaysTimeForTheatre ‏@AlwaysT4Theatre

140 years of giving the gift of #Theatre to the people of #Leeds and beyond? Now THAT’s cause for celebration! 🙌…

♡Jordan Nasser♡ ‏@JordanNofficial

Really enjoyed looking at our show from the other side today and putting the set and lights up as well as packing t…

Eddie Hewitt ‏@eddiehewitt32

I got a tap on the shoulder for this rare misdemeanour, but it's not every day you get to capture a moment in the p…

Christina Baboian ‏@CBaboian93

Part 1 tribute to Anastasia the film/production!! 1 of my favorites of all time so I wanted to sing some of the mu…

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