Persevering Face Emoji

Face with scrunched up and closed eyes, frowning. Used to show helplessness in a situation. May be on the verge of tears.

Persevering Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😣 Helpless Face

😣 Scrunched Eyes


😣 U+1F623




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Joe Fortunato ‏@joefortunato

@TonyGrossi I was thinking the opposite. He’d make it for sure. I wish you were right 😣

vane 🌻 ‏@suckmeputas

@basicbrii I don’t like texting on sc 😣, but iMessage I reply like super duper fast 💁🏽‍♀️

Janee Doe ‏@JaneeDoe11

Being played sucks even more 😣😔

Ladii SavvMac (Hope McIntyre) ‏@HopeMarie1015

💁🏻‍♀️If you aren’t tryna see me happy 😃 .😣Close yo muthafuckin eyes 👀😝💯💪🏼

D.A.V.E. ‏@DaveCrossover3

Oh my fuckin god. 😔😔😔😔😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 nothings worse than false hope from my Brownies 😣😣😣😣😣

pjot🍃 ‏@diminienim

That little cute slap in the air ajnsnxjxmdmdkkd jimin plishhh😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😭

India ♡ ‏@IndyIndyBoBindy


michhhael ‏@m1897

@KeesRomkes That guy ruins everything ffs 😣

pjot🍃 ‏@diminienim

"My name is jungkook and number 7" AHSJJXJSJSNNXNDNDJDKXKMXKD why this reminds me of "anneyongg hahssheeyoohh chone…

TheOddMCW ‏@OddMCW

I am jealous sha 😣

guccimako #COLORIZ ‏@izoneslays

Hiican scolds that fan lmao. but does she know that most ppl cant get the tix bc it sold out really fast 😣

Rachael ‏@rachIowrie

@AbbieDevlin3 @chloeandrewsxo @_nolanah Oh my god 😣😣

Sarah ‏@sarahoneillx

I feel physical pain after watching a star is born 😣

angel 🦋 ‏@angellrosexo

how can someone make you feel so unwanted and not even realise😣

Bum's stuffed toy frog~ ‏@NyaBoyd1996

But... I'll be sad when KS season 3 ends bc we'd have to wait through another hiatus again.😣😦

Apheeezy ‏@AphiweNxumz

This gif makes me cringe 😣😷

zehra🍓 ‏@_monaroz

@sule_buyukk Yess😣

leaf 🌱 ‏@haspuwu

You ☹️already 😞 know 😿 what 😔the 🤧fuck 😢 going 😣 on 😭

Herwione ‏@hdeannn

Why is finding the most basic Halloween costume so hard to find??? 😣😣😣

Tina ‏@dohertyxfisher

I’m sad. 😣

Caitie ‏@heroicredriot

they all caught beldum... I want one 😣

@euriceeugenio ‏@eurice_domingo

and now, let's face the final week. 😣😂 ravaaaaannnn!💪

MaryM Robin 🖊 ✒📝 ☕ ‏@MaryMRobin

#Xfactor in all the years l have watched this show, l have never seen the judges have such a melt down…

Rabia Nur🍓 ‏@rabia_ylmazoglu

@Gkaydeci Aminnn😣

Quadir Scott ‏@quadirscott13

PHOTOS: Montgomery throws East Orange past Columbia They gotta get everybody's name right 😣

Official_skimhee_jay ‏@Skimhee_jay

@TheLhanraay Is she even wearing pant😣😣

BerndGL ‏@BerndGL_

@misshlovescash Damn, hope you'll get well, soon 😣

👑Lola Moan (Jay) ‏@AquariaMoan

I love this...even tho I would be able to do it 😣😂

Angela Min ‏@ChoLwinAung

I miss u Yoongi.....💔😣

Padilla ‏@Dirty2Thirty

It’s hurts being a Coug lol this hangover is killer😣 #GoCougs

Ellie 🏵花 ‏@WrenneElliott

Omg this is so adorable 😣

m ‏@_hxsxxk

he is the most gorgeous man 😣😣😣 loml

man ‏@Manon_starring2

@annassarmiento Miss you too. 😣❤️

Sativa ‏@Mpopi__

Got a eina in my tum tum 😣

Smooth_Bear ‏@GermanBearsFan

@Rich_Campbell More growing pains 😣

ohSOnana! ‏@_envynana

Really don’t want to be at work rn 😣 super tired

darcy de bourbon🌹 ‏@darcydbag

i hate my whole ass class i detest our teacher for making the performing arts class spend an entire week together w…

Monalisa ‏@Pricey_Mona

I just saw THAT thread😩😣😢. I'm "shook"😰😱😲😳😵.

'KuPz' ‏@LpHernandez4

Good morning hangover😣😷🍻

Liv Eade ‏@livvy_eade

Some serious over thinking been going on today 😣

melanie ‏@rosiehwh

@laurlovesmel thank you baby girl 😣💞

Miss Direction ‏@FreakquencyGod

I'm keeping this screenshot where I can look at this forever 😣😣😣 I really don't deserve Cori 💕💗💘💜❤💜❤💜💘❣💕💕❣💘❣❤❣💕💜💘💚❤…

Anime Kyuubi ‏@Anime_Kyuubi

Bleh, couple hours now and the power has yet to return. There goes playing more soulcalibur. 😣

Areej Shah ‏@Sayyed_Zaadi

My first Tweet... Its a lill bit confusing 🙄but hope i'll learn it with the passage of time😣 #FirstTweet😐

Its Me. ‏@MizzRawri22

Do something @Jaboowins 😣😂 #dudeSUCKS #fitzmagic #browns #gobucs #Bucs #footballsunday #NFL #LetsGo

ibby ‏@_ibbyyy

@heyitsshivani I know I’m heartbroken 😣

TSOFACK H. Landry ‏@Tsofhiland12

@nanjoue I don't understand 😣

Official Chyna Whyte ‏@ItsChynaWhyte

Ugh yass 😣

Mincho_❤ ‏@MangweMinenhle

I never take advantage of people but they don't hesitate doing so to me😣😣

Sodeeq ‏@sdktalks

The wickedness in the heart of man 😣😣😣

[email protected] ‏@LillianVikingDK

@MBrake02 Sorry for your loss. 😣😣😣😣

cup of tay ‏@CupanTay

@lindsheartstayx Same Lindsay. I even worry about not worrying sometimes 😣

Day🙂 ‏@Daytrianaa

Hey girls... if you didn’t post pics in your underwear and bra...😬😬 (not as many) guys would hyl asking for pics😦😧…

May 🦋 ‏@May3rafa

I miss my best friend so damn much, like at this point i can do anything to talk to him for a while 😣

I Purple U💜보라해 ‏@Shsima

@BTS_twt Aaaa...i wish he could have visited Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam 😣. Thats also another biggest dream of hi…

Henna🐰¹²⁷ ‏@TiddyBearJelly

@FcllHyuck Une knee saRaNgs yoU😣😤💓

Amor.Bumble 💙 ‏@_iCantTweetThou

Got my food & lost my appetite after one bite 😣

Anne-Marie Hallman ‏@amhallman4

Great day pitching for Austin striking out 4 in 2 innings (3 up 3 down in the first inning) ⚾😊 and picking off runn…

Chimmy🐨 ‏@YoonMin887

💦 I want a boyfriends But where he is??? 😣😂

ً🌷lil one’s🌷 ‏@peachIuvr

watching tae’s passion for art develop actually has been one of the best things ive ever experienced ): and for him…

Jay loves Andrew ♊🎃 ‏@softskiez

@GrimMcDade No! Actually, it isn't. Grrr, I forgot the name of the female Vocaloid in the picture. 😣

Jasmin || ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ ‏@BloodyGhoul

@elainesayshiii @Angel_HazeX I never saw this tweet 😣😣 if it's still open, is like my name on a star that sounds so cute I'm gonna cry


Wasn't this the event that armeries wanted tae to go!? I'm glad he went 😣😣

Lady In the mirror ‏@LadyInthemirro1

@kodeerants Eeeem 😓😣 it's gonna be end of my me😭😭💔

Alina 😎😜 ‏@alinatigerflame

@waitingforevrx AJ sorry I think my fever is back from stress an I feel like passing out right now that’s why I sai…

Alliecat ‏@Pokiswoof

Need to get my hair cut 😣

xanella🍀 ‏@thaplugzaughter

@_DeeEyeCeeKAY No fuck that bad enough i gotta share our moment with them 🤯😣😠 now you want me be nice tooooo 🚮

🐞 Μɑяµ 🌈 ‏@Marudelrey5H

@perfctlxuren Same pls 😣

LaFaye 🥀 ‏@_thaJUICEE

omggg i feel terrible . hate being sick 😣

Ana-L ‏@AnaL39055168

@BTS_twt I'm coming To this exhibition next week could toi wait for me plz😣 karma is a ...

#DataMustFall ‏@K1Morakabi

@milk_and_money_ Me cleaning up my digital footprint after seeing this because WOW!!......😣😣😂😂

💫 ‏@Iovskook

seeing tae be so happy about art and his fav artists just make me so 😣💗💗💗

Steven ‏@StevenPayne89

So close 😣 #DaBears #NEvsCHI

Ream ‏@Ream_RR

#KıvançTatlıtuğ #KivancTatlitug Let's celebrate🎉🎉🎉 #kivancTatlitug35thBirthday 2️⃣7️⃣October #10FacesOfKivanc Day…

Emma Foskett ‏@EmmaFoskett33

Sunday night and I’m trying to do my housework but my neighbours have been arguing for over an hour. Now I’ve got a…

Melissa Baxter ‏@mylittle1andme

@UnbalancedMomma Yeuch!! Out of order on his part. Let’s not even think of the part itself! 😣

bards ‏@seveneleven2002

bumbum 😩😣💖

Erinne Valentina ‏@hellotaev

@BTS_twt I'm literally jealous right now because i wish i could go there and seeing my favorite artists masterpiece…

𝒔 ♡ HANBIN ‏@iIovelalisa

hehehe thank you SOO much!!!! AHH ILY 😣🤘🏹💗

DawnDish+Water (YesOn8) ‏@DawndishW

So, #twitterTrolls how is your day going. As you probably can tell, my pantry needs restocked. Planning this for Mo…

Snow 🍵 ‏@Snowical

Looking back at some pictures from nearly ten years ago and I'm about to cringe myself to death, I was such an emo…

eric ‏@Lazy3_

@FearTheHoss We 0-2 boss 😣

100% ‏@MzNurseyNurse

This is tooooooo much 😦😣 #Halloween

Shawnee ‏@_connally

so andrew and i are being jack and coke for halloween and why is a jack daniels shirt so hard to find 😣🙃

Shonni ‏@shonni__

This is cute until it’s wash day 🤭😣

𝑫𝒆𝒑𝒑𝒊𝒆 ◟̽◞̽ ‏@Softcurlsh_

@signofhoe Bitch be careful what you wish for you never know simon may be stalking twitter and see this😰😰😣

💭 Awetistic 🧠 ‏@IndieAutistic

@LuminaryObscrty It’s pretty upsetting 😣

Andre Barbosa ‏@fknandre

@ssaltyysydd If ya want me to. How long is it gonna take 😣

kryshma_andres ‏@KryshmaAndres

what a nightmare😣

Jean ‏@notsupermum

@ms_katherine_r @jimbo2556 Absolutely, I was sorry to see her go. Just shows that one bad dance is enough to finish anyone 😣

NormaniForce ‏@ForceNormani

@exquisitekordei @kcmstar3 I wonder what she'll do😣

Naya ✨ ‏@FaceeDownnAssUp

Its kinda sad thoo 😣

𝐸𝓋𝒾𝑒 🎃 イーヴィー ‏@Eviebunniex

@pink_starry_sky I hope you slept okay Misa chan 💞😌😣

Raphael DeLaGhetto ‏@MekaGotMelanin_

I just wanna go home to my baby😣

Matthew ‏@MDNA73

😣 #travel #France #holidays #Autumn #Fall #bouldering #climbing #RepostSave atkinson9624 with repostsaveapp ・・・…

MiMi Canterbury ‏@mimi_canterbury

@catintx17 @realDonaldTrump I can’t believe 😣there are people as dumb as you in our Country WHY don’t you give them your spot 😠

river moon ‏@saintriver98

@yunghermoso why am i feeling this right now ugh it’s something i can never get used to 😣😣😣

Anne-Marie Hallman ‏@amhallman4

Major mom fail for the second time this week 😣 just now missed videoing Austin hit a home run to center and earlier…

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