Persevering Face Emoji

Face with scrunched up and closed eyes, frowning. Used to show helplessness in a situation. May be on the verge of tears.

Persevering Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😣 Helpless Face

😣 Scrunched Eyes


😣 U+1F623




Tweets For 😣

Karissa Martinez ‏@karissaamariee

This has been one of the worst months of my life😪😣

Pyscho🔪 ‏@crxz_187

@CashApp $bAphOmenT 😣

Viͥ Feͤrͬrͬeͤiͥrͬaͣ ‏@ChingatumadrE66

Mood 😣

🍒bobohu'ㅅ'🍒 ‏@baeknis236

I really miss him😣😣@B_hundred_Hyun #EXO #EXOL #baekhyun #weareoneEXO #baekhyuninstalive

Mark Linnen ‏@MarkLinnen

@HoarseWisperer Truly awful 😣

🌒 ‏@erinn_brooke

@vBinmotion Perfect. I guess I’ll have to venture out 😣 Instacart has literally no available delivery slots

Shauntz 👑 ‏@tii_xo

Men guns very big 😣

Old Town Road🐴 ‏@khamisnajib

@SaharaReporters @HQNigerianArmy More than a hundred RPGs. 😣 May God give oir gallant army the strenght to overcome…

sufi.🥀 ‏@yvestals

they're not done being angry yet 😣

ling ling 💮 ‏@asiannbrattt

@_roshizzle you right we some clowns 😣

ᵐᵉᵒʷ ‏@HANAluvjeno0423

@xzsung I hayte😖 fireflies yeah😒 so 😣what 🙄

Chris Ward ‏@C_Ward93

@danstephen93 @NG1892_ We were ridiculous that season. Very lucky as well. God I miss football right now 😣

Gaxa Man ‏@KurofaMajor

Some prophet said, the day Shatta Wale go release sensible music will be the day Corona Virus go disappear 😣 Na die 💀 we go die 😒

☩ 𝕽𝖊𝖒𝖒𝖘 ☩ ‏@SlayerViole

@adeolu_bamgbade Cold world fr 😣

Fetticcino ‏@Buth2Brazy

@Grizztyb Keep ya head up my boy I’m sorry 😣

රුවි ‏@ruviii_a

@michellens_ I really don’t know why 😣 its so draining and I wake up so exhausted every morning. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep now

ChengBo$$ (mafia boss)🇱🇨 ‏@hunchoche

Wtf masiay please PLEAAASSSEE stop going on bikes without protective gear!!! Fellas, girls, EVERYBODY😣

YEL ‏@arnjs_dnwm

i don't stalk him 😣😂 he kinda hint abt smtg related to broken heart on his ig story 😂😂😂

Monica ‏@lilmommamonica

@madgib1987 @poggydoggy @BobbyTenSpeed1 @flowerPotzzz @RyderLong2 @catahoulasrule @wgang1616 @Mastersprout1…

lil nae 🧚🏽‍♀️ ‏@htx_tajanae

last night i threw water on my nigga & said “ stfu and keep driving bitch” 😭 ugh why he make me act like that 😣

drax imo ‏@dragonduturfu

@mgboneboi in chat la😣

the professor™ ‏@heyy_charul

Saddened, Unlucky, Comfortless, Spunk, Irritancy, Furor.....!!! Bye bye tweeples, Need break. 😣

playboi danny🐰 ‏@_Krumm_

Need me some love like this😣

Zama wakwaMgaga🌻 ‏@Zamazile_M

@xovlone You're asking the wrong questions 💀💀💀😣😣

Sana Tabassum ‏@Sanat114

@usmisami It has already happened 😣

شيخه ‏@shalhosanii

I am so depressed😣😣😣😣

✨Zab✨ ‏@zabwis

@Aibellie im the same way rn. our circadian rhythms are just not having it and i just want to wake up before noon 😣

Enfer Angeee ♍ ‏@vavevivovuu_

Pancit canton with egg plssss 😣😫

Alisa Boyer ‏@alisajoy331

@maydaymindy1 😣😖😳 EeeeWeeeeie I’m not sure Viagra would even work Oh the thought 🤢

analicia(=゚ω゚)ノ ‏@analicia98

I want Cinnabon😣

the.breezerrr 🧙🏾 ‏@OSG_Breeze

“Man we done watch the whole fuckin Netflix when Netflix 2 come out” 😩😣😭 #Stolen

Reneilwe🍑 ‏@_reneilwe_

2 hours? 😣 Chicken Express? 😣 The disrespect😖💔

ginanun ko talaga sha teh ‏@alt_husser

mean AI shows me the dance videos I like 😣

Umm Marzouq & Mahfuz ‏@heedayaht

12k for Salad 😣😣😣😣😣 gbese

‏ً ‏@soloqiong

@zaizyx thats what annoys me the mostt!!! we could've witnessed exordium too like 😣😣

J1 ‏@J1Grimesz

@Dasilvsss Only tough people last😣anyways Nando’s on you when this is done 😁

Jaz ‏@jazlyndenisee

@crazyydaisyy96 I dreamt I was at Disneyland 😣

🅝🅚🅞🅝🅞🇺🇬 ‏@nkonoimmanuel

@EddiePages This man again! 😣

banc ♡ ‏@nancibarra

@jocelynnnj yes 😫😔 supposedly they’re just gonna extend your membership when they open up again but still 😣

SaimaBhat ‏@saimanawabi

@Muhammedarif590 @ANI G han😣

🛑🛑🛑 Please stay home 🛑🛑🛑 ‏@Lency_20

Is that not the infamous ghost house of Ongwediva? Mboli eumbo la tate Chicco... I hate rumors man 😒😣

kT. ‏@screamxKAYYY

My anxiety has been at a ultimate high these last couple of weeks !! 😣

💫Bubbly Bubbles💫 ‏@Bubbles_0289

I am definitely not in Ghetto but this man just amswered his phone "hello ee ke mo Ghetto,ke ta bua le wena kamoso…

Abeiku/Ayomide ‏@abeiku_baffoe

@EllasVoice1 I miss them😣

SP⁷💜🤪 ‏@son_pel

@sichengpatootie I see... I just found it a little disrespectful to say its the best sirtaki they have seen because…

YoursTruly ‏@YoursTrulyHaris

@jessealordiah Bruhh this kind trips😣😣

Mira ‏@MiraMustafaAli

Colleagues and bos early March ada pergi Indonesia.. travel for work.. omg 😣

Sheeba🇵🇰 ‏@Emaaan_butt

This Pic speak all. New world order? We don't want thi Corona is just a trap. I wish we can educate our people abou…

Raghu Charanism™ || Vedhika ‏@RaghuCharanism


liv ‏@livwarddd

I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying 😣

Mïchaela ‏@MichaelaAlmonds

@Nia_true It’s just irritating that everyone keeps yelling to stay at home, which i understand but like some people…

Rahul Madaan ‏@skeptey

@aajtak Guys please for heaven sake, stop that irritating ad of yours on exit polls. We live abroad and we want to…

innocent bosman ‏@Ocultious

@FanJizzy1 Sshit😣😣😣😣😣

Rule Nisi ‏@RuleNisi

I had appetizer now I've got slight pain.. Not even alcohol 😣😣😣these gallstones has got me by my balls.

Qils #StayAtHome🖤 ‏@qilssy

I’m scared 😣

🌻 ‏@citrusvin

Thinking about his cheeks 😣😣😣

DeidreMF ‏@DeidreFolkman

@SuzanneLepage1 Surprised there is still dye on the shelves. Bought two months worth myself knew it had to come... 😣

~⚜️Jennifer⚜️~ ‏@lilviolet3

I miss football season 😣

Jasmine Hoyt ‏@jazzhoyt

Shite not knowing when you’ll be able to next see your friends or family 😣😭#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver #lockdownuk

jill❄️ ‏@glenncocolleen

@giigantorr i love it!! and i love the song recommendation too😣💖 i been searching for this song for a hot minute no…

venus ‏@milkyfears

@galaxykgs ill try not to do it,😣 thank you btw

k ‏@blvckhips

how some a unu get gyal is beyond me 😣🤯

AZEEZAH عزيزه ‏@simplyazeezah_

@AladeAdekunle5 Nothing😣

the red ranger ‏@leenxntza

@Israel_A17 it’s only cuz i don’t have the app 💀 they be nuttin to envy 😣

임 Bora✨ ‏@BOORA_LIM

Oh! Wait- I've prepared a small gift for you!! :D Please click this link! Click! Click! ⬇️ I hope you like it 😣

Mira | أميرا ‏@Amira97_Azman

@ghitaziq98 True true... Anyways the keypoint is not that we dont need these artists talents to entertain us... W…

sidra | self-portrait ✨ ‏@ohsidbbh

I don't have just one fav tbh 😣 the album is just too good to be true

Kavin ‏@___kavin

@BCCI__fan Now a boundary CSK won by 3 wickets with an over reaming,😣

𓃱 ‏@ohinipit


3/11👸🏾 ‏@Amber_lafay

My sex drive has shot tf up in the past month. I’m always ready 😭 like rn😣

B A R B E R ✂ ‏@BHATTI_Barber

I'm trying to stay strong but, sometimes I break.😣💔

𝑙𝑖𝑙 𝑚𝑎𝑚𝑎 ‏@BarreraLisette

FR!!! me and the girls are supposed to be at all of garden 😣

whale crimes ‏@orcagami

@Melociraptors I kept trying to talk to Melba with a net and I ended up hitting her 3 times in a row 😣 felt like a monster


@djkaywise Kaywise good😣

Nikki ‏@BromleyBeau

@NineDragons3 Exactly 😣

Marv💕 ‏@karl_ladislao


Kiesha From Babboneau ‏@BajanBeauty8

I’m in the waiting room with 5 other people. I feel so uncomfortable 😣

hkhatss ‏@hkxxo

I just switched my iPhones appearance back to light and holyyyyy how did I deal with that mode for so long😣😣 #BackToDarkIGo

acnh lockdown ‏@unfuckalovable

i cant believe i have to pick between a aesthetic village or an evil village why can’t i have both 😣

your mum ‏@AuntyMartin

@HouseOfJCurtis They’re not great when you’re hairy though 😣

Kerry Sharples ‏@Kerrym24

Literally can’t cope with how many people believe stuff because it’s been shared on Facebook so it must be true…

Shondaa 💗 ‏@TyshondaL

@ArneishaKelly__ Same 😣 this sucks

🌙Haechan ‏@hechanie

@dongpiuw gomen nde 😣

xorcet ‏@xorcetttt

@WereSeeK 😣😞😞😞 it was fun grinding

moon_child69 ‏@trenabear24

alll i can say is WOWWWWWWWWW 🤯😪😪 @Outlander_STARZ i was NOT expecting that outcome. 😣

empa ‏@azlorel

@rlthingy Let's try 😣

lynn⁷ ‏@JIMlNKSA

@ghostin333 join werewolves if you care about me 😏😏😣❤

Osa's Ay ‏@Osas_Ay1

What is wrong with me 😣😣, i have been hearing about the wonder of @thisisWurlD vocal, since i have not listen to th…

༺ Fεરɴίέ ༻ ‏@fernando705

@johnclydenyc Me too 😭😭😭 by the time everything goes back to normal I’m going to look like Claireece Precious Jones…


@jaehyunmct Nooooo! My height is perfect! Not too tiny not too tall 😣

SUPERMANDUDE ‏@TheSupermandude

Finally a day of relief from the pain. Pancreatitis attacks are lasting longer and longer. 4 days of constant pai…

. ‏@xoxo_ambss

@honeydagoddess need her here now 😣 my body’s done.

M!KΞ ‏@MikeJo98

@Northlander74 So many lost in UK 😣

Alexandra ‏@_AlexaBenitez

Sometimes i feel so bad for jason cuz i constantly come to him with my problems just to rant 😣 and he just sits the…

🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@ducklingmingi

@tami_te_ami @ETRNALGOO Imagine when he gets to perform Ego😣🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Sésé ‏@kitkatfreaks

awwiee.. my pwetty boii!! 😣💞

alexiayeolmae ‏@ilovechanyeol07

@chanyhoney92 @weareoneEXO Ahh missed my son and his dad💕💕😣😣😣 Good them enjoying together 😘😍 #CHANYEOL #SEHUN #EXO

지얀 🔫 ‏@aerik0nic

Me right now: 😣🔫

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