Pie Emoji

A pie shown with pastry and steam rising above the pan.

Apple pie, pumpkin pie (see: Thanksgiving) and other fruit pies are popular in some countries as desserts, while meat pies such as steak or chicken popular in other locations around the world.

This pie may be sweet or savory.

Pie was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥧 U+1F967


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hoopla digital ‏@HooplaDigital

@BSPLibrary We just want to bake all of the pies!! 🥧 https://t.co/mlNArNlZwc

✨Emily Rose ✨ ‏@Frankly_Emily

Happy #NationalPieDay! ✨🥧✨ What’s your favorite Video Game pie? Mine is the Pumpkin Pie from Stardew Valley!… https://t.co/yyjcNxUL70

kate miller™️ ‏@katemiller232

@Kaitlin_M_Ruiz you’re an intrepid texan, do it, you know it’s what you want 🥧

Andrew hates ❄️ ‏@aweav14

In honor of #NationalPieDay I want to recognize my wife, who makes the best damn pies ever. @its_brookebell 🥧😍 #pieandbeers

Colonial Farm Credit ‏@ColFarmCredit

Happy #nationalpieday! Fruit pies, meat pies, veggie pies, oh my! The possibilities are endless 🥧 https://t.co/NMosMSFkak

SeaTacPark.com ‏@seatacpark

Happy #NationalPieDay! Where's your favorite #travel destination to eat this deliciously sweet treat? 🥧🌍 #Foodie… https://t.co/cmcOEp78yh

Will Fletcher ‏@WillFletchUK

@hijakejohnstone Didn’t realise it was #NationalPieDay. Good job I happened to have one for lunch regardless 🥧 😋

A Changed Man! Q ‏@LocklearAndy

@Rise1Soar2BFree @MarkMil81518832 @realDonaldTrump I think she likes Pie 🥧...... and Cake.....and........

PreferredContracting ‏@Preferred_KC

National Pie Day...🥧 Do you agree with this "pie" chart?!? #NationalPieDay #Pie #DIY #Cooking #Kitchen #NewKitchen… https://t.co/G8Zzk81ClJ

ohitsjustme ‏@____Queen____V

@Whataburger When life gives you lemons 🍋 make pie 🥧

Theo Rossi ‏@Theorossi

👑👑 It’s that TIME of year again my friends. Remember to ALWAYS finish your PIE! Especially on #NationalPieDay 🥧🔪☠️😵… https://t.co/ksAgoq7pdr

AroundMainLine.com ‏@AroundMainLine

Did you know it’s #NationalPieDay? Yup! Look at this stunning pie by Chester County’s beloved 👩🏻‍🍳 Hippie Chic Cake… https://t.co/SO1TRvd7RU

Dr. Kirk A James ‏@kirkajames

@robreiner Yes, yes & no! While many things you state are about #trump — the truth is: corruption and… https://t.co/TvcNNZtOvo

Linfield College ‏@LinfieldCollege

When math faculty take time away from π for 🥧. #NationalPieDay #Mathematics https://t.co/QYu8MapOzn

Mary ‏@m_arrotta

@Robin_McGraw Chocolate cream pie 🥧

Villas on Bell ‏@VillasonBell

My Oh Pie - It's National Pie Day! What's your favorite pie? 🥧 https://t.co/ECMEmiynco

LOCAN ‏@locanbrand

I don’t think I’ve even heard of a buttermilk pie 🥧 but boysenberry would be my pie of choice. #NationalPieDay https://t.co/k3LUNXAxbK

Marquette Bank ‏@MarquetteBank

Happy #NationalPieDay 🥧 Find a sweet deal near you whenever you login & search for Local Deals within your… https://t.co/vnl7x8Q4sa

Bing ‏@bing

What you are seeing: frozen 🍎 on a tree. What you should be doing: warming up your winter with a freshly baked 🥧 fo… https://t.co/vT3712b6cd

Alyssa ‏@hermodkitchen

It's National Pie Day 🥧 and I know NO better way to celebrate than with a slice of gooey @milkbarstore Crack Pie. I… https://t.co/exWASpZMnb

Dina Titus ‏@dinatitus

It’s #NationalPieDay! Not sure where to celebrate? Here are some spots in #District1 and around the Las Vegas Valle… https://t.co/6fOU79GQot

Señorita Cosa ‏@Helel666

I’m celebrating by eating 4 Marie Callender’s pies 🥧😋😋😋😋 https://t.co/6Uwcz3BbOr

sǝɯloH ʞɔolɹǝɥS ツ ‏@SH_221bBSt

So, the key lime pie was for a dinner party tonight and I get it out from the fridge and!!!! Someone has eaten mo… https://t.co/qCMYa08LYh

KBW ‏@KingBobbyWdlnds

@alegriselle @rrfosho72 @astros_dude What a cutie pie 🥧

Campus Dining ‏@NDCampusDining

What's the best kind of pie? 🥧 #NationalPieDay

CARite of Fort Pierce ‏@CARiteFtPierce

Come Get Your Piece of the Pie! 🥧😁 Comment Your Favorite Fillings Below! Ours is: Tart Cherry 🍒 #NationalPieDay… https://t.co/UjBg8KLUCm

Penny Murdock ‏@Pennmur

Happy National Pie Day - Click to find FREE and DISCOUNTED PIE Offers 🥧 https://t.co/U4EPA5QEH4 https://t.co/U4EPA5QEH4

Candy 🍭 ‏@LucisApprentice

dantes-babe: National Pie Day! 🥧 https://t.co/uifhXJioun

Ferrari_Silverpants ‏@icanloar

How can it be that it's not bigger news: TODAY IS NATIONAL PIE DAY! 🥧

Thomas Veg ‏@BigBear818

@Gotham Wow 😂... I’m on a diet, thanks... no Gotham meat pie 🥧 for me 😁

UCD Students' Union ‏@UCDSU

Have you ever wanted to whack a pie in an SU Sabbatical Officers face? 🥧 Your Sabbats will be seated beside the gi… https://t.co/beNPxqo5nX

🌴Jason-N-Paradise🎢 ‏@Jason_n_Pardise

@joeybagovdonuts Chocolate chip cookie dough pie 🥧 wrap your brain around that one!

⭐⭐⭐God Bless AmeriQa ❤ Tessa ‏@hummingbird102

@gsampson178 @Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump Gotta love it girlie!! 🥧😳😁

HyperBeard ‏@HyperBeard

Happy #NationalPieDay!🎉 Which is your favorite pie? 🥧 #KleptoCats https://t.co/kh3bKK4NjG

Camden Amber Oaks ‏@CamdenAmberOaks

Oh oh oh, Sweet pie of mine! Angel and Brittney are ready to celebrate #NationalPieDay today! What kind of pie is #… https://t.co/rk7dN3YmSI

Clarke Wolfe ‏@clarkewolfe

The sugar dragon is real, y’all. 🐲🍧🍰🥧🍦🍭🍩🍬🍫🍪🐉


@ldnortheast Looks delish 😋 🥧

Joey ‏@Joey_Blogs

@themichaelowen @PrometheusX1Z And fed less pies 🥧

Fiona-Natasha Mellersh ‏@fifimellersh

Numble/humble pie. Full of intestines. Who knew. 🥧 #RightRoyalFamily

Visit Macon ‏@MaconGaSoul

It's #NationalPieDay! So what kind of pie is your favorite? Retweet with your answer! 🥧 https://t.co/D05kuhtA16

Tina ‏@lostdogs20

@Kyle_MacLachlan No one enjoys eating pies more than Agent Dale Cooper. #TwinPeaks #NationalPieDay! 🥧

Petra Sammitha Belle ‏@JazzminFlower

And put a cherry on top! 🥧🍰🍨 https://t.co/A6djztGmkK

OnTrack Diabetes ‏@OnTrackDiabetes

Is it just us or is lemon meringue pie seriously underrated? 🥧🍋https://t.co/q2o7gPLUiH #NationalPieDay https://t.co/OkyDtRG3oc

TheBrissyPieman ‏@TheBrissyPieman

Get your morning started the right way 🥧☕️ Gislers famous loaded pie 🤤 Wash it down with one of our delicious ho… https://t.co/39R34iQk0J

OnTrack Diabetes ‏@OnTrackDiabetes

Happy #NationalPieDay 😀🥧 https://t.co/Ch7lESIkf7 https://t.co/ZAW1FAv2lu


Who doesn’t love 🥧!? Let us know what your personal favorite is #OutlawsNation 😋 https://t.co/5lIGP3OqLF

City of Pasadena ‏@PasadenaGov

Celebrating #NationalPieDay 🥧 with a Dutch apple pie from @pienburger! #food #dessert https://t.co/AjAiSqrsgK

sam ‏@scottishlowden

Nothing beats walking into the Brooks Atkinson theatre and smelling freshly baked pies 🥧 https://t.co/giC4hYPfCl

Ailsa Forshaw ‏@AilsaForshaw

It is a little bit funny, that on #NationalPieDay, I've got another batch o' mah' fave Oatmeal Cookies in the oven… https://t.co/7D489DPfLw

Kristy ‏@KThack80

@Complex Sweet potato 🍠 🥧

Maura Acox ‏@maura_acox

Today we celebrated #NationalHandwritingDay by working on our cursive handwriting! In addition to… https://t.co/kkiZG6s5P0

Snitches & Witches ‏@SnitchesWitch

I LIKE PIE! Oh it was poisoned... 🥧 https://t.co/jdss84hTZB

Serpent Queen ‏@GreenProphet68

@LoreCurious Now I want Pie.🥧😋

Kerry Millhouse ‏@kerrymillhouse

@AnnaKennedy1 Cherry pie 🍒 🥧 with cream 💗

Wild Heart ‏@Wild_Heart_Co

Who doesn't love pie & puppies!?! #HappyNationalPieDay to our friends @theuppercrustKC! We had so much with you th… https://t.co/O4wjxHVgRx

Lila Seidman ‏@lila_seidman

As long as more pi/pie holidays, mean more 🥧 -- I'm supportive :) https://t.co/WX1W0PMvJa

106.1 BLI ‏@1061BLI

IT'S PIE DAY! Yes, a free excuse to break a diet 😍🥧 https://t.co/khcnfRHwZq [email protected] https://t.co/FTVAzUdDwQ

The Forum Shops ‏@TheForumShops

Happy #NationalPieDay! 🥧 Celebrate the occasion with a slice of Mascarpone Cheesecake Pie from @joesvegas at The Fo… https://t.co/O1bEy1m58x

Jeff Tabaco ‏@jefftabaco

@KarenatashaB Ooh, thanks for the heads up! 🥧

TG ‏@TGhomegirl

@jherrera5 I say there should be one a month at least!!🥧

Spurlock ❤️❤️ ‏@alliespurlock

National Pie 🥧 day! Thayne will celebrate anytime any day .. he wouldn’t even wait for a fork.. Nom Nom Nom 😋… https://t.co/OHqzddbLhD

Tim Petree ‏@beMediaSavvy

[email protected] - rise and shine! It's #NationalPieDay 🌛🥧

Chester Rushing ‏@ChesterRushing

@Player1Esports 🥧💫Wishing you all the best! Can’t wait to hang out with you all again Very Soon🤘💫

Cher Norris ‏@chernorris

@RickGriffin @KermitsKeyWest @SashaEats @suziday123 @FoodTravelist @MyVirtualVaca @travthroughlife @monstervoyage… https://t.co/Tuk50Arq8j

Destiny ⚁⚅ ‏@gottagodomino

January 23, 2019 National Pie Day! 🥧 (Not to be confused with Pi Day!) "There, I guess King George will be able t… https://t.co/9vKU2qln0h

JACK Cleveland ‏@JACKCleCasino

Happy National Pie Day! Visit Seven Chefs Buffet for your pie fix today and everyday! 🥧 https://t.co/syOD3yR96k

Save Mart ‏@SaveMart

"Crostata" means tart or pie in Italian, making this the perfect recipe to celebrate #NationalPieDay with! 🥧 Take a… https://t.co/Zvi9mcfyzh

Kashmiri Mirch 🌶🌶 ‏@dear_sangeeta

@arpit_1309 How dare @pewdiepie u!!! Indian civilization is 30,000 years old. Is it cz we were not overthrown my C… https://t.co/PyluHRvptm

The Spoiled Mama ‏@thespoiledmama

Happy #NationalPieDay Mamas! What pie are you craving this pregnancy? 🥧 Here's an amazing #vegan #glutenfree pie re… https://t.co/O3RoaIGOZ3

NC Education Lottery ‏@nclottery

We've got scratch-offs to satisfy every pie lover! What's your favorite 🥧 flavor? #NationalPieDay https://t.co/Pu0VKT4LnK

Claudia ‏@cdmtx65

@Superberries Raspberries - Peach 🥧

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@RYZEGlutenFree I truly LOVE all kinds of pie! It is one of the best desserts! 🥧

Chester Rushing ‏@ChesterRushing

Celebrating National Pie day with this yummy apple pie! And YES I am sorry if this made you hungry. 🥧😋… https://t.co/Acvv2ggq1o

Ailsa Forshaw ‏@AilsaForshaw

#NationalPieDay 🥧🥧🥧🥧🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Let's say you looove Pie🥧😜💖🎉🥧 And now let's say you want to make your very own pie, but… https://t.co/G87KYUk9zk

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@goodcakesfran This looks so decadent! Love the topping! 🥧

Yelp Montreal ‏@yelpmontreal

Everything is better with pie on the national pie day, wouldn't you agree that it makes everything better?🥧👍 • 📸: C… https://t.co/TAApLANQJS

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@WhollyWholesome Such a humble pie! SO yummy! 🥧

Radisson Blu Mall of America ‏@RadissonBluMOA

Celebrate #NationalPieDay at @FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar and try their White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie! 🥧… https://t.co/YBYbllzT63

Nifty NYC 🗽 ‏@niftynyc

Free & cheap things to do in #NYC today + free pie 🥧 for #NationalPieDay: https://t.co/y8TPEH3s3f https://t.co/ap9njLqwbQ

tvchiquita ‏@tvchiquita

@franklinleonard DUDE... you’re gonna ignore pie for pi? But...PIE!🥧 https://t.co/6qUp0gTJvn

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@BarneyButter Mmm! I only have PIES for this delicious recipe! 🥧

Savannah Riverboat ‏@SavRiverboat

Happy #nationalpieday we love our chef’s homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream!! Was a perfect warm treat on thi… https://t.co/3ArT1dEuJ0

ᴵ ᵃᵐ ᴳʳᵒᵒᵗ ‏@rckchkhwk

@rock_chalk_sara @BrandonL_Webb @ladybirddiner Team 🥧 > 🎂

Suzanne_Richmond ‏@SuzieSue1979

Candied lemons, bit tricky & nearly poisoned my husband with first attempt!! 2nd attempt just OK. #bakeaholic 🍰🥧🍩 https://t.co/2zVMbf80eP

OurFlipSideLife ‏@OurFlipSideLife

@drkellyann This looks so buttery and flaky! 🥧

NORMS Restaurants ‏@normsrestaurant

Mood: 🥧 #NationalPieDay - 📷: Dutch Apple Pie A La Mode #NORMS | #WhereLifeHappens https://t.co/09T19Y4AQi

C ‏@jimandpam4evr

I miss dairy 🧀🥐🥖🥨🍕🍔🍦🥧🍰🎂🍿🍫🍩🍪

The Fabulous Fox ‏@foxtheatrestl

Sugar, Butter, Flour. 🥧 We hope you're treating yourself to a nice slice of pie and tickets to see… https://t.co/5E9JYxV43a

EnjoyRelax Studio ‏@jamesenjoyrelax

Cheeky little treat from @HeniBumble for #NationalPieDay 😊😘🥧👍 #thatsloveforyou #fourmoreplease https://t.co/SwMUblgBZR

JodiG ‏@JodiG_Tweets

@ArleneDickinson I recently noticed half pies at a local bakery here in St. John’s, NL. As soon as I looked at it,… https://t.co/CrxK5CHjww

Charly Zandau 🕉️🌍 ‏@charly_zandau

Just had a a nice vegan dessert😋🥧🌱 https://t.co/vUXHqwQvIW

Liz Rotz ‏@EllieAndAddie

Throwback to a Christmas photo because apparently it’s National Pie Day! 🥧 I was completely unaware of this holiday… https://t.co/ZY3dVTaQtJ

Jess Vandenberg ‏@Jvandyink

I've always really enjoyed listening to @WaitressMusical, but after seeing it at @TheOrpheumTN on Saturday, I LOVEE… https://t.co/HikD8dAo0Q

Kiersten ‏@kiervan

why did i just find out this falls on my birthday?? wtf 🥧 https://t.co/jocBVPP5lW

virgifar ‏@virgifar

@SueSerioFox29 Too funny 😄 don’t be shy with the pie 🥧

a nobody ‏@lwtiero

@awsten @waterparks @JawnRocha that’s a cutie 🥧

Symposium Corp ‏@symposiumcorp

Happy #NationalPieDay 🥧 https://t.co/MLlW2cP4R4

Claudia ‏@cdmtx65

@MarieCallenders Sitting here with friends enjoying a @MarieCallenders Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Pie 🥧☺️ … https://t.co/GPdWw9WXCJ

Los Angeles Magazine ‏@LAmag

For all you home cooks out there who'd rather make some good 'ol homemade pie. 🥧 #NationalPieDay https://t.co/P8RTkVqyz6

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