Pile of Poo Emoji

A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in color with a friendly smile in most versions of this emoji.

Previously shown as a more literal pile of poo (with flies circling above it) on Android 5.0.

Pile of Poo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💩 Dog Dirt

💩 Smiling Poop


💩 U+1F4A9






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DGE(A) ‏@EllDevon

I concur. Globalist scam. 👇👇👇✈️✈️💯💩💩 https://t.co/xGVxtRyvx6

Dave_Baron 💩🤮 ‏@nuffnuff68

Smart Alick #murraybridge 💩💩💩 Disgraceful Sacked.....

Franz Neumann ‏@FranzNeumann10

Pedo 💩 Schiff ... you are lost ... you are Toast ... your end is near ... Pencil ✏️ Neck ... drive to the Soleimani… https://t.co/RHiqEvkIDW

Phillip Maxie ♊️ ‏@_felipe21_

This 💩lame to me that’s why I’m barely on here 😫I need to find a purpose even though I think I found one 👀

SHAKETOSHI ‏@TradeIdeas2

Bang! Send it back up again to see what happens again you naive ones. ⚔ 🎼 Yeah I'm gonna short $XRP down to all… https://t.co/arLlR1mSSF

3Wish 🇨🇦🏒🇫🇷⚽⭐️⭐️ ‏@3WishGenie

@ladyluck538 Apparently someone else has her baby. I don’t know how accurate that is 💩

Truth.Reality.God ‏@JessAboutGod

For those who say they believe in the Word of God but also this stuff 👇 😂🤣....He says there are waters above the fi… https://t.co/2nn16vlUAC

Daryl Barber ‏@DarylOld

Nice Job, very Yankee, pity in English, it is used in potty training! A nice Jobby! 💩 Has been dumped on the UK! Br… https://t.co/LKYs3Bqvto

🇦🇺mikeaubrey🏳️‍🌈 ‏@mikeaubrey2

@hula_grl @JacquelineMaley @honourawoman It sure should be.....but Morrison has cheapened it 👍🏾👍🏼🇭🇲👎🏾👎🏽💩

Al ‏@Al69127084

It would be a good time to share it, because of dems have got 💩-else for evidence. 🙈🙉🙊 https://t.co/ZrReJCaPAh

Critic-of-everything ‏@TexasMMAFan

@DannySwift looked like 💩 fighting like that will get himself hurt if he fights @MannyPacquiao or @mikeygarcia

Dan Wells ‏@rightside69

If there's anyone out there that has evidence that Eric Swalwell shit his pants when he farted on tv ..Please come… https://t.co/yKC08G7yC8

Hitback ‏@Hitback5

@_sabanaqvi Ohh please don't devide indians by saying jai bhim jai mim all that 🐂💩. It belongs to every Indian

William M ‏@kdollins1

@SpeakerPelosi And walk in their 💩. Woohoo! Good times!

BlackWoman InMarmalade FascistAmerica🆘 ‏@amberr_booker

@nickzezze2 @ann_cannon Wouldn’t that be the craziest thing EVER if 🍊🍄💩 left Skankania for Paula White??!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ankita ‏@anna_da8

@add_dash @spicy_buttercup Whatever 💩

bluja ‏@bluja4

Everyone needs to read this - the TRUTH about Huawei. They don't just make your cell phone. 💩 #qanon #wwg1wga… https://t.co/cbWBCoUPeq

nooFar🕊 ‏@farahinoorul

My own stupidity 💩 https://t.co/qD6J0npYtH

desi🇿🇦🇨🇦 ‏@desicool21

@SafetyPinDaily @DevinCow can't a cow catch a break ! Devin after me like a fly on 💩 ! Even changed my hairstyle an… https://t.co/oGjTY2ZyVP

Richie Salerno ‏@DaBikeRichie

@JimCarrey Gee not many comments from this month and especially after this morning ❄️😭😂❄️😭😂💩❄️😭❄️❄️

Duksbeek82 ‏@duksbeek82

@rxphael0 @PatrickTimmons1 Haha. Dining out on one trophy! Sad little plastics.💩

ady ‏@artdrienne

bro here we go again 💩

Campingal🇺🇸🐕🇺🇸🐕🇺🇸 ‏@Campingal1

So liz warren you are saying Trump hired the chinese scientist who stole the virus from the Canadians? I have a bri… https://t.co/Zbj3CECDYJ

Suzui. (h) 👑 ‏@hongsuzui

I know this toooooo late, but i hope you never feel disappointed. Let's be happy Ucaaas, thanks for everything. Wis… https://t.co/0Ai98cMFrh

🍭🍫🍠👻 ‏@dubjeossi_kim

Josh 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Deborah K. Herman ‏@deborahkherman

@EliseStefanik Shred and eviscerate are two awesome words to describe what will happen to you in the next election.… https://t.co/Vz8qsFl0U7

Karen ‏@jkkc40

@Time4U2Know More $hit 💩💩 in Cali then normal tonight for sure!!!


😂😂 Valencia 💩’ed on you guys. https://t.co/8H7gxf4kwe

@joeymul06 ‏@joeymul061

@giftkhabako @mm_mokoena @Lesufi I agree with you that this tactic will not work today because the current govt doe… https://t.co/yNWyAckNpN

Eduardo Jones ‏@deuceohsixx

All of this 💩 that have been going on in Seattle lately is bring out all kinds of NIMBY/Boomer #KeyboardWarriors tr… https://t.co/p5Kwon8EqR

𝕴𝖟𝖟𝖆 ‏@jeizlmanzanero

lmao i look like 💩 but I’m happy so it’s okay 🤠

pure soul sana ‏@Kamalde97537384

stay happy my darlo... when we walk we keep our eyes on road not on #ants ...so ignore #ants #mahirakmini… https://t.co/wFJa0QlIrh

dilekvictoria ‏@dilekvictoria

Exactly what i feel about January💩 https://t.co/codpBNWCi2

Boza Zomba ‏@BozaZomba

@Pacnana02 @titanium125f @Malinga_Nko @helenzille @AtholT @Julius_S_Malema My brother you are brave to argue with a… https://t.co/x2HwO1UD7m

MS ‏@MS54371848

@MurphyEoghan empathy time+again said und 2demo this. life is💩when thins go wrong but in this country,this newage i… https://t.co/ss1kq6P4Jj

REEKO ‏@Reeko____

Let's have the conversation! I hate how smart Twitter is. 💩

XR™ 09 ‏@XRteam09

Come and see 💩A⭐️🐼STEFFI's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: BATTLE 20:15 https://t.co/pQ8qlpKM5k https://t.co/iBDFAzRSVC

Lawrence Harris ‏@Tank_614

@maliekevans1 @itsbrax7 Liek you ain’t 💩🤣

Danimal ‏@danigisme

@leiftree Get that cigarette out of here we see you ☠️💩

sarah 🥝 ‏@sarahvirginyA

@bigtimerude on that influencer shhhh💩 babey!!!! MAKE that antioxidant cleanser, sell me a protein shake god i love you

pinkkushroyalty💯 ‏@KristeeneBatac

Your taste is shit!!! Like you!! 💩

Staceyt218 ‏@MeowMeowCatCafe

@WWG1WGA_WW Holy 💩!

Bill Eckford ‏@WillyBorNot

@CarpeDonktum I just had an EPIPHANY. 😎 While watching (Part 3/5) of @tedcruz ‘s Impeachment Pod Cast called “VERDI… https://t.co/Wp7O2Y30te

hoeforlili ‏@lanacondor97

Cozs he hv 💩🤮🤮🤮 mentality’s https://t.co/O8elRsSCq3

Richie Salerno ‏@DaBikeRichie

Too sad not to share 😭😂😭💩😂❄️ https://t.co/RKxZcXMhyo

PoopScoop: Get the Scoop on Poop ‏@PoopScoopSF

@PoopScoopSF SF311 closed this 💩 as a duplicate: "Case is a Duplicate. Request is a duplicate and has been previous… https://t.co/hDQ1PPAiRF

VegasRenaeBot- 🌟🌟🌟 Not programmed for DM's ‏@vegasrenae

@lynney62 @tyler_casper I heard a song about 50 ways, but I had no idea it was about this. 🤣💩🚽🧻

Colin Trapernick ‏@IAMHVRCRFT

💩 is real https://t.co/j0sF6S0chL

PoopScoop: Get the Scoop on Poop ‏@PoopScoopSF

@PoopScoopSF SF311 closed this 💩 as a duplicate: "Case is a Duplicate. Request is a duplicate and has been previous… https://t.co/OWkI0WLnKh

2020 Pac-12 Champs 🏆 ‏@hottakeitudePGP

@james79rigby @CTIDANDREW @City_Xtra @ManCity 5*. 4 L’s and a D is shit 💩

PoopScoop: Get the Scoop on Poop ‏@PoopScoopSF

@PoopScoopSF SF311 closed this 💩 as a duplicate: "Case is a Duplicate. Request is a duplicate and has been previous… https://t.co/MzsV7q9Gvu

Japjap ⌬ ‏@japjarapjapjap

Death by a thousand shit 💩 https://t.co/P1M3mefLE7

David🇺🇸Still🇺🇸Defend🇺🇸from⚔Communism⚔2020 ‏@SGTHarleyDaveK

@twatteaser @jpearson2549 @KirtonCharles @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Wow, the hate is strong with these 💩🐦s.

NICOLE🤩 ‏@nicole_neal5

I feel like 💩💩💩

PoopScoop: Get the Scoop on Poop ‏@PoopScoopSF

@PoopScoopSF SF311 closed this 💩 as a duplicate: "Case is a Duplicate. Request is a duplicate and has been previous… https://t.co/qUBLQulZTP

Jonathan ‏@gersjon17

@voorhees50503 @SoCaliSteph When do the Chargers play next Sunday? 💩

B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


Buddybud 🆘 ‏@Buddyboybudbud

@Teesa_Michele He is just 💩 talking to impress his fearless leader. No! Not Putin... you know, the other one! 🍊 🤡

paul h ‏@paulh62454504

@realDonaldTrump You call it a partisan IMPEACHMENT hoax. You have been given every opportunity to provide document… https://t.co/AV6WLF65Ut

🔥Shubham Bhandari ❤️ Sidhearts ❤️ Fan ❤️ ‏@Bhandari42O

Love for ❤️ Sid Nd Tatti for 💩chuslet #OurPrideSid

PoopScoop: Get the Scoop on Poop ‏@PoopScoopSF

@PoopScoopSF SF311 closed this 💩 as a duplicate: "Case is a Duplicate. Request is a duplicate and has been previous… https://t.co/KiN5Gz4LtC

DC 🇭🇹 🇺🇸 ‏@HFreethinker

@janehuston10 @RepAdamSchiff GTFOH with this 💩

Rayne Steele ‏@raynetungsten

In 2004 it was cows farting, but then by 2013 when the poles were still covered in ice, we learned that we were gor… https://t.co/wF7ajgPnnY


@chuckwoolery This guy won’t shut up, I don’t see how he can talk nonstop for like years and it’s all 💩

Alt. Speaker 🇺🇸🌊🏳️‍🌈🌊 ‏@OnceLayne

@realDonaldTrump It says fux noise, hard f’n pass. Eat 💩

a s h⁷ 🐉🖤 ‏@KicsterAshie18

@FLAWLESSHAISE That son of a motherfunction stalker of Naye-n posted Chae's number here in twt asking ppl to help h… https://t.co/xwRvaRTqGW


I’m goin through some 💩 Only I Can Get My Self Out Of

Mypes 🥀 ‏@Mypes45

@PpollingNumbers live by the latest poll, die by the latest poll 😃and where do you think the support for all those… https://t.co/JRlIFNRHKG

KD ⁷ | barricades for BTS tours ‏@joonchokeme

Fuck dating and going out. 🤷‍♀️💩 Till now I'm single.

draasdam ‏@iamdraasdam

@imyuanfi sprinkles on ice 💩 #Agnation #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards

XR™ 007 ‏@xrteam007

Come and see 💩A⭐️🐼STEFFI's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: BATTLE 20:15 https://t.co/GcgHYD2azd https://t.co/0QzeVHPUJ8

Rex Klotz ‏@HayseedRex

@RoseDC11 @JerryNadler @realDonaldTrump Dehydration is bad. Thank goodness you, No Nads Nadler, are full of 💩!😂😂😂

Yeoman of the Bowman ‏@pgmorse

@NicoleCNN And not a religious zealot pile of 💩?

Pam ❤ SidNaaz ‏@Purnima65788124

@parminder1397 @Manpreet1227 Great Create rifts between fandoms👏👏👏 That's what U can do💩


@JRubinBlogger Hear him speak? That guys a liar and spews total 💩

Richie Salerno ‏@DaBikeRichie

Since day one- these kooks are so full of 💩💩💩❄️😂😂😂❄️😂😂❄️❄️ https://t.co/IZeYn6ZAAt

Tripp ‏@glenzo4

@billycinders U should have asked him if he done the lotto 😂💩💩💩

Slam Bones ‏@Slam_Bones

@Rascalian1 @RyanAFournier Another dip 💩expert on politics. 😂🤣😂 🙌🏻TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🏻

Susan DuFresne ‏@GetUpStandUp2

@realDonaldTrump got out his sharpie again to create a new school lunch alt reality. 🥔= Fruit. Pasta 🍝 = Veggie. Ri… https://t.co/hdPjfJgLjx

LNava ‏@EnoughNava

@slss1419 He is such a whiny sack of 💩. So sick of him always playing the victim

NotableAnon 🌐 ‏@realNotableAnon

#ImpeachmentManagers wheeling in cart of damning evidence. These people are an effing joke! Do they realize the wh… https://t.co/RtO3UjncLf

MPMCMXMJ ‏@nolenation74

@Power_STARZ @STARZ Dang shame after 6 glorious years these last 5 episodes have been 💩💩💩💩. Completely changed Ghos… https://t.co/f4IVzcSjJM

🔸VaultHunter🔸 ‏@Josh_Gere

@realDonaldTrump Why would we watch Fox 💩 Fake News?

Curt ‏@codenbach23

@realDonaldTrump Where Are The "Facts" That YOU Are Keeping From The American Public, As Well As Requested By Democrats! 💩 Head!

The Curly Cat ‏@groverat61

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @OANN @CNN So childish!💩

Aaron Liggio ‏@aliggio1

@RepAdamSchiff Do you find yourself in a state of delusion often? Do you think things around you are happening that… https://t.co/TYgO4123bu

DallasBoyTellem ‏@darvishboy

@GreenDay @NHL Something about dookie 💩

Impeached POSUT tRump* Human Scum ‏@POSUTtRUmp

@VFWHQ Adam Schiff’s correct: tRump* must be convicted and removed from office. Because #impotus3 will always choo… https://t.co/ZTcygtmqem

AnuiBe ‏@anuibi

@OriginalLKS I can’t wait for her to sit in trial with him for his $1.5 million dollar lawsuit for the hit and run!… https://t.co/F7q7y166UR

McQueen Fan ‏@Michael93959341

@DailyCaller She's Unverified.😜💩

Thomas Crown ‏@Blk_Brad_Pitt

Tasha, Tariq and Saxe are the only ones they haven’t accounted for the night of the shooting. Maybe Benny’s sister?… https://t.co/rpcRpjdxJz

amorfyza ‏@amorfyza

lmao imagine hitting for 22 then the opponent hits for 100 @FortniteGame fix your trash game🤮💩

Free Your Mind ‏@FreeYou71570774

@EyesOnQ Probably still free little birds, doing whatever they. Sacks of crap 💩!

Nelson ‏@ne1sonshine

@ElephantMag Pro tip from a man: Do both at once to save time. 🛀 💩

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