Pile of Poo Emoji

A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in color with a friendly smile in most versions of this emoji.

Previously shown as a more literal pile of poo (with flies circling above it) on Android 5.0.

Pile of Poo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💩 Dog Dirt

💩 Smiling Poop


💩 U+1F4A9






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GIO👑🖤 ‏@life_of_gio

Them...💩 🗑 https://t.co/jcv5HO2ZfA

MAtFA 🍷 ‏@DanFoc77

@jk11195355 @Vincenz42493578 @LeonWhi63670221 @Gavinintheusa @UtsukushiSaiga @SwampFox214 @jupitorbacksUSA… https://t.co/zYCpniviAa

Lucy MacLeod ‏@LM_Illustration

@StaceyHunterEDI He was so weirdly argumentative! Imagine what he’s like when not being filmed 💩

Lucky Nine ‏@Cindynine4

@LindaMusgrove9 @usvetram @FranklinUSMC @RcWiksten @traveler002 @AyalaCisneros1 @Larryputt @GracieLovesUSA… https://t.co/ColMVwuwTS

Kaye Alexander ‏@KayeAle86787850

They're FAKE NEWS ZOMBIES! They feed off that 💩!!! https://t.co/0h0Nc9pDoc

Emoni ‏@JustEmoni

I feel like 💩💩😭😭

BJ 🤡 ‏@bethanykjonesx

certain ppl are so nosey I can’t even believe it like the world doesn’t revolve around u 💩😂

Double J ‏@YzfpilotJarvis

@seanhannity Oh crap I’m gonna quit my job so I can collect all the FREE 💩😂😂

MAtFA 🍷 ‏@DanFoc77

@jk11195355 @Vincenz42493578 @LeonWhi63670221 @Gavinintheusa @UtsukushiSaiga @SwampFox214 @jupitorbacksUSA… https://t.co/LvKV8FIkse

dyani ‏@dyanixdx

my friends know when i’m going to take a dump bc i take my phone with me 🤭💩

Cassemoji Pope (Fan) ‏@CassemojiPope

@KaceyMusgraves Everyone knows that if they want someone to be there at 5, they should say to be there at 3 because… https://t.co/SjEFRQWKA1

Stephanie Englund ‏@StephEnglund

@lombardi_brian The latter. 💩

1stMarchPisces ‏@byeilos1

I am no longer available for people or things that make me feel like shit 💩

gwayboy ‏@AaronSheehan14

2015 like 💩💩 https://t.co/L04RvcBe3k

Tanya ‏@UTtanyaTU

@GREENRAGETHETA1 This is TOO FUNNY! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IMO he did not need 2 do this! BUT I REALLY LUV what he said… https://t.co/46217KrLK2

Kissa Meassa 💜Joon said EAT ME! Not my fault!💜 ‏@KissaMeassa

@Trepe_Around I...What did I ever do to you for you to attack me so hard?! Did I take a 💩 on your puppy?! Those gif… https://t.co/X5ETcIYmrA

✩ ✩ ✩ maucducati ✩ ✩ ✩ ‏@mightybanker

The crude, sad, pathetic reality of the far left extremist #progressive #liberal #democrats in #America! ~ While co… https://t.co/AHdhm1jmuL

Sebastian Noel ‏@SebastianNoel47

Scottie Pippen been saying some dumb 💩 lately. https://t.co/Lh8CkWupot

CUBS L❤️VE 1969 - ? 🇵🇷 ⚾️ 💪🏽 ‏@GoytiaFabian

THEY “ ALL “ leave the “ white house” is NOW THE “ DARK HOUSE” 😱💩💩💩💩😱👎🏼

Tam ‏@Tam03031095

@RodStryker @rkukkapalli1 Sorry piles of 💩

Curtis Allen ‏@curtisjallen

$SCYX ... Selfie Tuesday...💩💩

Sha. ‏@ShanahanWilson

@jayrimii Single rim, double rim, triple rim? It don't matter. I'm still missing that 💩

LARRY HARPER ‏@Vote4Donald

what a POS,but i assume there's a lot of Losers who Identify with this turd..💩👹💩👿💩👽💩☠️💩💀💩💩💩💩💩💩 https://t.co/9xgrXRcOpt

Nick Demoran ‏@ndemoran

@MattVTyler Read this 💩 @SMMitchell1966

NeSTorDaMUs🐲💉 ‏@T0p_sO_L0nlEY

@KnockOutVlnes @partyfactss This shit has to be in Texas 💩💩💩

melissa ‏@MelMendezS

I’m such a good friend 🤦🏼‍♀️😂💩 https://t.co/y2ldSqf0ko

B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


Keltie Melanson ‏@keltiemelanson

Come Shoot the Sh*t! 💩 https://t.co/gvMZBjpJ6b

D. A. Wood ‏@piedpenguin

@DavidAFrench Try this: occasionally have a take that isn’t hot lava 💩.

Anthony o'dowd ‏@AODowd75

@nytimes NYT is disgusting Russia didn't work now lets push obstruction 🐂💩I think your panicking where is Obama nev… https://t.co/FiBqEGVVLo

Lee James ‏@BonitaJames75

@njjeff201 That's sewage nominating 💩... America is going to FLUSH that thought right down the toilet. So unworthy... even for the thought.

JCV ‏@JCVCreates

@MaryaT1221 Nice! 😊 Fiber! 💩

Teri_🤔 ‏@Jane_Doe089

This 💩 is RIDICULOUS 🤣🤣🤣

FUCK YOU, AND YOUR LITTLE WALL, TOO! 🍊🐖💩🍼 ‏@LaurieSorensen7

@100_Disable_vet I can call the 🍊🐖💩 some real bodacious names!

Lori ‏@NeshaLanae__

know we were goin thru some 💩, name a couple that isn’t.

Skex ‏@Skex16

@leeleeb50 @EAKoyle We are for someone who isn't afraid to advocate for the policies that we need not some watered… https://t.co/bTlptfN0WU

CB ‏@winwarchr

Another moron in the family! Jussie belongs in jail for his racial crime against MAGA!🐀💩👎 https://t.co/GDHDJSDYU8

QueenOfHearts❤️ ‏@QueenOfHeartsSF

@CurbedSF Sir Richard Branson @richardbranson hotel guests will now have an honor of walking over needles and 💩 sta… https://t.co/1vIJmZ2M35

hamish ‏@CoomaDoc

It turns out that “Acopia “is a valid diagnosis in #powerchart . Although I have yet to use it, I know that it wo… https://t.co/HMCGzD1c0y

Kezt33 ‏@KerrieT35027863

@sallymcmanus Now she’s demanding an apology. 🤮🤮💩💩

Doug Pickering ‏@dougpick

@DineshDSouza Still trying to wrap my mind around how it's a good thing? HOLY💩

Adam ‏@adammarqq

@Bungie @Weestables @A_dmg04 Season of the drifter..sparrow drifting league 💩

Jason Johnson ‏@jason_jjay

@TMZ Who gives 3💩💩💩 about the #Kardashians. 🤣🤣🤣

Ramon ‏@chuysweeet

@KPingenot @theniggadarius You’re husband straight 💩

Posty Follow Trick ‏@FollowPosty

Follow everyone who LIKES this 🚓💩

Forchy ‏@Forchy

@TomRMarks have you got much 💩 over Tetris 99? Btw it’s 49 on each side & 1 in the middle =99

[email protected] ‏@gailgirl58

@Duchessmontagu Remember the 2 $ cigarettes tax supposed to go to schools, well it is paying for 💩cleanup to the ti… https://t.co/nqZhEAigrM

josh ‏@jceastb

Random Airport thoughts- Duty Free 💩

cathy71263 ‏@cathy71263

@HeartEyes4Brady Love the little teeth I am sure they are sharp thou 💩🐾🍩

Barbara Smith ‏@nanaslugdiva

The collection of stories published today is probably some of what T was losing his 💩 over during the weekend on twitter.

JustAnotherResister ‏@mhmhart

The NYT's full of 💩. https://t.co/rsdMGINeyI

Lady M ‏@pooppuup11

Ooooooh the frustration is on 🤭🤭🤭 we know the drill, you guys are so 💩 you feel the need to talk about Madrid to gi… https://t.co/NtH2o2zaTG

Thomas ‏@OgPurplyfe

Get addicted to constructive criticism! There's going to be some 💩 you may not want to hear, but you need to hear! #WordsOfWisdom 💯

brandon⚾ ‏@bsow38

@JJRossReaders i am bored! Slide in my dm’s and talk dirty to me! Lmao!! 💩💩💩💩

Lee James ‏@BonitaJames75

@MSNBC Soooo.. 🤔 Sewage decided to nominate 💩. Cool... 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

Willy Nova ‏@WillyNova3

@GOPChairwoman Impeach And Deport These American Haters 💩👹👀

Skex ‏@Skex16

I honestly have no idea. Any of a score of things that the Traitor in Chief has done should have resulted in a GOP… https://t.co/JHosZy34WZ

Yaya YNGSTR Rincón ‏@shai_yaya

I’m going on a jog outside.. wish me luck 😅💩

dan van ‏@danv9119

@Carolinacate3 @prageru @realDonaldTrump EXACT same 💩 as republicans. This is NO difference.

Zealous x ‏@Zealous_x

@Reborn_Butcher You just can not score anyway 💩🤨

Rein ‏@ReneeSpartan

@realDonaldTrump 6,420 misleading claims to date from your mouth. You keep our news media busy checking the 💩 from… https://t.co/2qYmyhZDh8

Bray Uchiha ‏@bbraayden

the world need to end already, i’m tired of all this 🐂💩

Zahid Khan 🇵🇰 ‏@ZeeKhanSafi

Don’t compare a woman of sky high values with a bitch 💩 https://t.co/h9Opxr2IkD

Kobudo_1965 ‏@1965Kobudo

@JussieSmollett Who is going to waste their $ on this 💩? #Liar

The_Vol_Nation ‏@The_Vol_Nation

@zachTNT Kongbo was a beast too & balled like 💩. I hope Crouch is much different...💯

ves ‏@vesupak

NOOOO!!! NO, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Feinstein, Sheila Jackson Lee, Waters, Harris, etc...have ALREADY given Your… https://t.co/xdmwFMrhls

#1 krashhash stan #krashhasharmy ⭐️ ‏@breaditors

@croompeet @KrashHash #2 fits you just fine croompeet 💩💩💩

flymother ‏@lovinlifesgifts

@Negotiator13 OK STAR ⭐️ ain't nobody better!!!!! It's Q💰ain't 💩 funny!!!

👑I'm miss world 🍬 babygirl💄 lolita💋 cutiepie😍 ‏@sweetlolitababe

liverpool here is your rating = 💩 bayern here is your rating = 💩 here is your match value = 0x0=0 (my good math wor… https://t.co/BbxwCm2tAO

Elinor ‏@ElinorBurniston

So amazing! 💜💩🌟 https://t.co/jBSvmSMDd3

Zach McNees ‏@ZMsuited

TSA PSA: Pre ☑️ is the 💩 I will never not have it again

stephen bogovich ‏@K3T4USA

Most, if not all, can’t act worth 💩 anyway https://t.co/K7E18pskLO

Tanya ‏@UTtanyaTU

@Ironhorse76 I am UPSET! He was sort of a spoiler (IMHO) BUT I LUV his words re: 💩RUMP!

K H ‏@KH75974470

@TabathaSouthey It's a figure of speech. Guess that one just went over your head 💩

❌ ExposThm ❌ ‏@ExposThm

Liberals have SUPERMAJORITY in CA. You CONTROL everything. There is nothing you could not do if you wanted to do… https://t.co/olcoma8Vzx

🅱️utcher 🇫🇷🇨🇭 ‏@Reborn_Butcher

@Zealous_x I can not score when it is you who makes the pass 😂😂💩❤️

🥐🐦 ‏@TDBCole

@FaZe_Meme5 @Carter09192818 @JGhosty Because the gameplay is sh💩t. The building is dumb. It’s a cash grab.

Karl Booton ‏@karlbooton

And bears use the woods... 💩 https://t.co/yJVF4TGmdF

😌 ‏@nachochicbo

💩 really just be pissing me off & irritating tf out me !

short_man😈 ‏@tlekan2

@IamUchyBaba Blasting💩👇 and twitting https://t.co/zbifoLzgZn

phili ‏@floodph1

@ScouseGirlMedia 💩🏡's is the word i think your looking for.

1NF|NIT8 ‏@DreamsOfNoir

@hodgetwins @sandra8301 @therealroseanne If a couple of cultured guys like these can see it, my guess is most of th… https://t.co/w9ERKCD0HH

Nathan C. ‏@NC97420

@KenMatthews His credibility & reputation is now equal to 💩, which means he’s now suitable for employment with CNN,… https://t.co/tSYElHbI3A

Hackleys_Dave ‏@HackleysDave

@TheBabylonBee @IMAO_ Man, i had to do that once, no 💩

Isaiah ‏@Shupweme

Flashing lights was my 💩 https://t.co/dgWIwc9w4j

BethelAccelAcad ‏@BethelAccelAcad

BAA will be closing early today at 3pm. There has been a plumbing malfunction 💩💩. Please check your Edgenuity and t… https://t.co/MCde3tCvJD

Juice ‏@Retros_Since95

Now slow dat 💩 down on the ganggg !!

CB ‏@winwarchr

Socialist with 3 houses !💩🐀👎 https://t.co/7TiiTM9fhR

Sandra 🌓 ‏@sandy_moon2003

@CNNPolitics Those 16 states in 🇺🇸, don’t represent 💩to me! I thought I was clear before, but hear me out once and… https://t.co/i0ZqPH8rFL

Samuel Polay ‏@samuel_c137

@rainmuffin21 Fellow Virgo. Can confirm. Zodiac is horse 💩

Adam Lein ‏@adam_lein

@LynEpar @FranSchumacher1 @TurbidTG1 @kylegriffin1 it's really hard to keep up with the 💩.

Joe C. Lemaster ‏@JoeCitizen58

America is only an embarrassment because of people like him and the rest of the Socialist and Islamic clans. 🤪💩😠 https://t.co/iPZhPtB9Ma

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