Pile of Poo Emoji

A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in color with a friendly smile in most versions of this emoji.

Previously shown as a more literal pile of poo (with flies circling above it) on Android 5.0.

Pile of Poo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💩 Dog Dirt

💩 Smiling Poop


💩 U+1F4A9






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Peter ‏@Peter13113600

@trenchtown208 @JWalton12267995 @jeremycorbyn It’s fake, the child was put there by its mother who took the picture… https://t.co/wiNiW2HO3A

Josie ‘let’s go christmasbians’ Recknagel 🎄❄️ ‏@josie16185581

@DavidB45212563 I rewatched it last year with a friend from Indonesia who’d never seen it before and found myself n… https://t.co/vtx4pOfQvl

NecroGoatLord ~ AFOWWS ‏@NecroGoatLord

Showing some support for an AFOWWS squadmate. Show me where it's written "Thou shalt not post clips of casual."… https://t.co/dzv5UzNL2P

Kate Pebbles ‏@Subgirl_kate

22. Turns offs Life destroying chaos! Scat Knives and blood etc Scat, just can’t. Would happily give a rim job but… https://t.co/MDlb9IqQee

Diana ‏@kuyng_N1

In Korean, smile means 🌚 and angry means 💩.

Guillen ‏@Josuu_bruh

Apple Music radio station suck ass🙃💩

Anthea ‏@RavinEmerald

@JayDee01082616 @Sysngn @Jeffers28083958 In which case she may be forced to stay with that piece of 💩 So sad!

katie hayward ‏@felinhoneybees

@HessionV @ZipWorldUK @little_food_hut @mertynabbot @Culture_Wales @CochMaes @visit_snowdonia @SnowdonMR Good morni… https://t.co/4QcXmGVVtE

Manish MMK ‏@Redfish18

@imbals Dhruv 💩

a ‏@tyrhhnn

Gosh , i will never trust men anymore 💩

Mark 🇬🇧 ‏@marky1187

Another 💩💩💩 https://t.co/yIWJPMT8N6

me4Bernie2020 ‏@Bernie2020Me4

❤️🇺🇸🎤😎🗽 🎤🥺Dump Trump IMPEACH the CROOK NOW! Lying sac of 💩

JaKe 🤗 ❌ ‏@Scottwatson747

@PaulKersey13 Crap 💩

Michelle Forrester ‏@lovinangels10

@0MrsZero @NiaziShamsun I 💓your YouTubes, thank you for bringing the funny memories back, I am feeling a real lose… https://t.co/vGXzXhYtCR

panjam ‏@bryankulot

Prof: most of the items sa exams true or false lang Us: yunnnn, thank you serrrrr Exam Instruction. write T if the… https://t.co/4tosgu8iOJ

(((Aunt PithyPat))) ‏@YourVeganHO

@MysterySolvent Dumb and Dumber has been done to death, I presume? 😀😂😂💩😜😜

dalisiea ‏@dalisieanashae

hate i cant get this 💩 out my head sometimes

💧klaushfrohlich ‏@klaushfrohlich

@bugwannostra When the river runs dry they’ll move on and we’ll be fucked! Especially if you live near the death 💀… https://t.co/xn2ggObaMZ

Timj61 ‏@timmyj1961

@CronFlakes @BBCPolitics More bull💩He has never denied there have been instances of AS in Labour and has apologised… https://t.co/zdCzJLplaZ

Southwinds ‏@polskakoza

@bewar3them00n @Sys7emsGal @RiotDragonX @salma_abuzaid_ @SynSuzy After reading your tweet I positively want to join the hell party. 👻💩

me4Bernie2020 ‏@Bernie2020Me4

@Ilhan 😀🎤😎😎Yes they are . looks like they don’t give a 💩 about the constitution. Or The people Of this country.… https://t.co/uqZUPsEhiF

Julie Ann Blue moon 💙The Brexit Party ‏@julieAn34464628

It's backfired 😬 There will be more Fake News 💩 before Thursday cannot wait to 🤐 all the Bull 💩 Loonie Leftie scum. https://t.co/uzI7LSOVos

trisha carlisle ‏@CarlisleTrisha

@AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump I follow to read his ridiculous bullshit. Still amazed by his cult following. I can’t… https://t.co/G5ZN5T4sXh

CΞLΞSΓΞ 🔫⚓🇺🇲 ‏@gagggnnooonn

@BoltzBlazersFan @NickCannon @Eminem He shoulda saw it coming 💩😂⚰️

Seanmhair_Broc ‏@seanmhair

@JohnBrennan You mean ... how far YOU have fallen . 💩.

zero ‏@dr_boss__

Me after listening to @NickCannon diss😂💩 #ripnickcannon #eminem https://t.co/gfK4oMtJi4

#BOUNCEBACC🤐 ‏@Rich_maccin

🤮🤷🏽‍♂️💩lmk tho https://t.co/ttTTv7Y4lR

naughtyfortydiaries ‏@naughty_forties

@Rich_Cashplus how do you sleep at night knowing that you are making life difficult for so many people? It’s Christ… https://t.co/AdSvTM8nMF

Gunner M centerist/ realist brexiteer ‏@gunner123me

@madsvid @CressidaSmith1 @Sara90698329 @Fibutton @DavidGWrigley @BorisJohnson @keepnhspublic @marcuschown @cpeedell… https://t.co/pGydaWRxf8

Alex Thomas ‏@AlexThomasPL

#PlantASeedForSafety (& #SaveALifeListenToYourWife!) is about acknowledging the give-a-💩 factor of rural women, ens… https://t.co/H3vGtZaC2z

Seán Cresham ‏@Seanc619619

@41Strange @garyruane could be "handy" for ya for the xmas sessions 💩😂

🌈#ERAnow!!!gerrymand cost 16😱 #BLUEWAVE18 seats! ‏@WebOften

@PoliticalMemes5 @Corbinburnsin @MarthaKoester She had to be nice&politic—appeal to the ones who weren't fools. I w… https://t.co/gFZ1hAVj9C

Dissident Aggressor against Trump/GOP ‏@AlienGurudeva

@56blackcat He looks like a poor man's Harpy Eagle. No class, orange and full of 💩.

SMB76 ‏@SarahBurns21776

@AngelaRayner Nigel Farage is a 💩 that won’t flush. This “con man” has successfully manipulated a good many people… https://t.co/5ddY4YMHCY

Mr Elmo ‏@____Elmo__

@sbabarshahb @sankrant @ImranKhanPTI Hello Mr @sankrant let me shit 💩 on your face 😂😂

Graham Hoy ‏@GHoy06

@RonnyLerner Hadn’t noticed but great pick up jumping from hair style to hair style #💩

Jon 🕷 ‏@jmarcjones

@DrLindaDykes If it was all electronic and ONE system to manage it all for the whole NHS then we’d have much more t… https://t.co/noHBYSNnA8


@SoraRoxas001 it's honestly not worth it 💩

Beth 🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@bethnosam

@SCARFYYYY Thank you! It’s sad that some people feel the need to respond with anything but kind words. Internet tro… https://t.co/T1f7h2cLwe

🛰don🛸 ‏@spacenavis

If you aren’t 💩 faster than you’re peeing, you’re doing wing night wrong

rzastaypimpin ‏@rzastaypimpin

@nyhir_ SHITTYBOYZ 💩

fran kizer ‏@kizer_fran

@JohnJHarwood @MSNBC Goes to show they full of 💩

Nausheena ‏@Naushy_K

No one talks more 💩 than an ex who couldn’t get back with you 😅

WhosJasper ‏@JasperWhos

@ExSZN @FaZeSway @EGIRLfn @EGIRLfn damn, 🐕💩

Jack Wright🧢#VOTEBLUE#impeach the MF ‏@machonejack

Come on folks he’s just a trump puppet with his head so far up trumps big fat ass all he knows is 💩💩💩😂👍 https://t.co/r6M19nrPgH

Jav ‏@jav_jav321

@AnilKum30328557 Are you stupid bro?? Didn’t you go school?? Ur English makes no sense lmao and of course ur brain… https://t.co/Z0thnmOcXj

🇺🇸🇧🇸🇭🇳🇰🇳 ig: thechosenlyriclife ‏@chosenlyric

Thanks Joshua Van Duyn 🍊💩☠🇺🇸🕵🍑 for the follow!

💧roseg🤡💩🇦🇺 ‏@roseg

@Triplejay58 Same 🎩💩

Shreeanshu ‏@shreeanshu23

@Devoleena_23 Anyway how are you?and How is your 💩 obsession

Suman Bhardwaj ‏@suman2564

I don't like you actually the way you talk 💩💩💩💩@Devoleena_23 shenaaz is thousand times better than you .. R jo AA… https://t.co/NdcwUrvVwT

JimmyMatthewIantorno ‏@Jimmyiantorno

Hearing that literally just made feel like 💩

Andrew ‏@realpeeps99

@kitty62862 @BelkissObadia @BeSeriousUSA @senatemajldr I can’t stand them. Repugnantcans are 💩. Any normal person s… https://t.co/RgqXvuiRFI

FutureBot27 ‏@Grace75646541

In 9 years from now humans will be vegan-friendly and we will be SO happy. What a diminishing time that will be! What will be next? 🤣💩🌂🕴🏼

call me tars 🪐 ‏@krasiwayah

Oomf dead as thinks its the woman’s fault for getting raped be of the way she dresses 💩

CAM ‏@camillemota3

@morganemtth Good luck 💩

Alip 🍒 ‏@youreunsangie

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF 1. Alip 2. Single 3. Universe, I'm here for you, Rewind 4. 5K 5. WA 6. don't have a crush 💩… https://t.co/EFmNrl6bZx

🐝 ‏@beuronb_

@StandardBankZA the service as your Vincent branch in East London is soooo slow!Joh hah!Also, What’s the point of i… https://t.co/synxg4vQXI

CΞLΞSΓΞ 🔫⚓🇺🇲 ‏@gagggnnooonn

Hey @NickCannon , why you tryna embarrass yourself by "Trying" to diss Em? No one can defeat the RAP GOD 🙌 Your jus… https://t.co/PcH7ffF0eb

mun ‏@munnylala

need strengthening exercises for legs, my balance damn 💩 alr HAHAHA

AfterBurner ‏@Grrrlgone

@Justme10000000 Loose 💩?

Veloce FoxyMW 🦊 ‏@FoxyMW_

Was planning to be super productive today. Get my assignment done Get 3-4 videos done in advance Get some other st… https://t.co/qctKdTYKRH

💧Mick Ivill (Im going electric are you ??) ‏@ivillm

All I can say folks is save some of these shameful posts on the bushfires. Next election march them out so this mon… https://t.co/QmPhMOnfRL


@TheDemocrats attacked #Obama & act like the #GOP. They basically threw him under the bus f*cking shame. The… https://t.co/NbX53EYxfI

yaya ‏@aliaalame

😞🤘🏼🤩🥺🤲🏼😭💩 I don't think its a good sign https://t.co/WSg55qKF0w

Hope Tucker ‏@HopeTuc08163102

@CillizzaCNN The wonderful thing is, you actually get paid to be an absolutely terrible journalist who sounds like… https://t.co/heYTnNZGjo

Michelle J Deininger ‏@dr_deininger

A big thumbs up to the driver who accelerated through the puddles as the crossing was about to turn green for us pe… https://t.co/HIGB9N9rnv

Haider Rizvi ‏@haidr_mehdi

@PawanKu67340117 @ImranKhanPTI These stats r made by ur modi idiot. In 1947 most of the Hindus were in East pak or… https://t.co/pIIqf58pz3

Saffos ‏@saflovesu

@bbclaurak You should check your sources first Laura, otherwise your just publishing lies, try and remember you're… https://t.co/dVLYdKNPke

Paul Booker ‏@bookerpr

Give our Son the tools he needs to defund our Country. Last time Labour was in, my brother had to pay for his own p… https://t.co/EoIrXQcEHT

Shawn Waldroup ‏@gatekeeper75

@RubeusSwaggrid @terryschappert And your point? Still no one tried to impeach him and he committed real felonious c… https://t.co/Qlp4WsgFdK

fiona ‏@24fjblue

What utter bull💩 from the antisemite Corbyn 🤬 https://t.co/CaHgZYCkjj

Pastor Jimberoo ‏@PastorJimberoo1

@ChrisDonnelly12 @JamieBrysonCPNI The Donagahadee Dunce. Everything he touches turns to 💩

[email protected]@markbrett20gma1

@SkyNews And this is "News, really honestly, your having a banana moment fella, 😅😂🤣💩

nichtvermietbar ‏@nichtvermietbar

@elchman_66 @Zeroorless Mess around with 💩 Moin Toiletties 🤣

iamsyedimran ‏@komran98

Can someone tell me who’s Nick Canon ? Cuz the diss song was really a trash .🗑 Who is this guy and you’re trying di… https://t.co/FupEtIRKAP

Johnathan E Starkey ‏@JohnathanEStar1

@ImDontai @Eminem Lmao bodied by Nick Cannon. Biggest oxymoron is history. 😂😂 Nick went to get 2 other dudes to spi… https://t.co/gaVeiEwqCz

Kris Howard 💃 ‏@web_goddess

Jesus. I made it home through the smoke only to learn that yes, cats can have explosive diarrhoea. 😳🐈💩💩💩 #poopapocalypse

Cobbinrose ‏@Cobbinrose1

@SaraCureton @karl_trotsky @NormaHayton2 @skwawkbox I’ve seen a lot of comments from frontline staff saying the sam… https://t.co/RbnZXBOMrn

[email protected]@markbrett20gma1

@SkyNews Amerzon Health service, what are these pricks up to, if it isn't the Marxist terrorist sympathiser party i… https://t.co/d54JGI4XCC

Steve's Page ‏@scrumpy54

They did have time for TWO more works of UnLib UnDem fiction !! Shame it's so shiny or it could be used for what it… https://t.co/xM1dUzWgnN

Nyota Sidfan❤️ ‏@nyotarene

@Devoleena_23 Pottyleena 💩 ko BHI to footage Chahiye tha tabhi Sid se flirt Karne lagi thi, otherwise keise keise g… https://t.co/3BGhSiK5Te

❌E-Cult 45 Cubs Fan Forever ‏@EricHed7

@DonaldJTrumpJr @wcrat @Twitter Sir, I know the solution is not easy, and I believe in free market solutions, but s… https://t.co/UWvjClb5nu

JB ‏@CouvreFeuFire

@IanDunt Its no surprise - the shock jock is alive and well with this excuse for a human being and talk💩e is willin… https://t.co/OcGHCKOJic


@gimblemusk @Politic28332701 Thick as 🐷💩

richy palmer ‏@GifuRichy

@SteveBarme @Nipponbasse @sushi_football I didn’t realize that about Omiya.. going backwards with Tochigi... Kumag… https://t.co/6RKi7wopYC

CΞLΞSΓΞ 🔫⚓🇺🇲 ‏@gagggnnooonn

Nick Cannons diss to Eminem SUCKS!!! Such a piece of 💩 I couldn't even finish the song #SorryNotSorry

ً ‏@crueljjk

matty healy.. 💩

Phillip Hughes #FBPE ‏@HEW5Y

No doubt Johnson, Hancock and Laura Kuenssberg will say that a baby being treated on a chair in A&E is a vast impro… https://t.co/aGf8NP9HL0

Scott Cameron ‏@Cammy26_2

Another night of 🤮💩passed with minimal sleep, losing the cup final hangover shows no sign of disappearing🤢

All Nate Doggs go to heaven!🐈 ‏@mtc21

@RepDougCollins what a piece of 💩

kasut-ra👠 ‏@syuraamrnn_

9 days 🙄💩

Bobmeister ‏@Robertsemple13

@leonagraham Totally agree also best DJ 🤘🤘who watches that 💩💩? Looking forward to ur show this morning l… https://t.co/iCkiTnuzJ7

Billy ‏@billybaines159

@GMB @JonAshworth More 💩 from the liebour party

Younger, Thinner, Less Shady Aretha ‏@allayalla

@ZindziMA I doubt inno, the prestigious Vogue revealed a covergitl who, just 24 hours earlier was live pooing 💩. T… https://t.co/Di0HE7UdMN

Scuba Steve ‏@Kruger_Ind_Smth

@SportsByTone @ARoyalPain @ LAL: L by 1 was 🐂💩

BoiSoIcy ‏@Ihatemyself1133

finna strong arm that pack off you you not no gangster you aint finna shoot me ova the 💩

Joe Penny ‏@Penny_Dropping

@jsphfstr89 @UKLabour Funny, cause the Chief Medical Officer admitted that this did indeed happen... almost as thou… https://t.co/3d5zJG4laq

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