Pile of Poo Emoji

A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in color with a friendly smile in most versions of this emoji.

Previously shown as a more literal pile of poo (with flies circling above it) on Android 5.0.

Pile of Poo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💩 Dog Dirt

💩 Smiling Poop


💩 U+1F4A9






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Dezzy ‏@DezzyFox55

@RobP69420 Lol 😂😂😂 I don't play claw hand or w/e it's called tho so I wouldn't make the cut 💩

Everything Yankees ‏@EverythingYank1

Pitchers: Sevy:⬆️ (Sustain first half) Paxton:⬆️ (Big games will help) Tanaka: ⬆️ (Better first half) Happ: ⬆️ (Lov… https://t.co/4VIqrNeA45

Mrs Klaus 🤶 ‏@one_mrs_k

@sheila_welsh @Ayrshirelass23 I can only find one that looks a wee bit like pakora... 💩

Y. 🦁 ‏@YurelPing6

Nah we exist. Y’all just pass us up for guys that treat y’all like 💩 https://t.co/U6THLGodXU

🎄Cup ⊕f Tea🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@Trad_Youth


Laura Icardi ‏@atimetolaugh

Why does no one ever draw ME a bubble bath and feed me a clementine in it? WHY?! (Although I’d rather not earn th… https://t.co/LfqyXtHHip

JAY🔑🔮💟👩‍🏫VALENZ ‏@JayValenz67

It's wedgie time for JR. Might as well get use to things being up there, because if I'm not mistaken? JR. Openly ad… https://t.co/m29bgVrg1L

Lord Extravagant-Poseidon ❄️💀💯 ‏@757aop

Yooo fuckin subway yo 😫🚽💩💀💯

Nycorta🤴🏾 ‏@primetime___21

That effort 💩 really matter! 💯 https://t.co/7XGcZ5EII2

gaybol ‏@gaybol

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/nXrOyfSEWR 5 PIORES JOGOS de 2018! 💩 👎 - PIPOCANDO GAMES

Megan ‏@fbg83

Watching @TheEllenShow and had a thought. Why don't her guests check that box between the chairs after they hug her… https://t.co/S8cpsbfPnH

MsCarter'sbbygirlE ‏@PRETTYAZZ_ERICA

I’m not dumb and ion wanna here that 💩!!!!!!

Simply Complex ‏@Ant_Nixon

@ReggieC_6 Another day it’s DC has the highest AIDS in the country. Just throwing around 💩 and seeing if it sticks 😒


@RobGWann Clueless bro🤦🏾‍♂️...💩 is sad

Jali_Cat{⭐️} ‏@Jali_Cat

👌🏻Kind of stunning to step back & consider that three people who in the summer of 2016 were principal players aroun… https://t.co/o7pPmnswlL

JP ‏@Twin_003

@ASOS_HeretoHelp So you actually do ship 💩 out? First it was the 5th, then the 12th now the 14th. I’ve since moved… https://t.co/231ju3hgjr

JANE R ‏@zr1186

@Stucam7771 I am very sorry to say, skin color is paramount to 💩for🧠 immigration policy. He want fair headed people… https://t.co/57bTmw19Se

island melanin 🇯🇲 ‏@ExquisiteYardie

@BurgerKing stupid app kicked out my 1¢ coupon and I’m not driving back by a McDonald’s so I’ll just eat elsewhere since your app is 💩!!

Dannielle Griffin ‏@Dbossbitch


TC💖+ ‏@TayyCleve

i talk a lot of 💩

bigflav ‏@bigflav

Could the Phoenix Suns of the NBA relocate to Vegas? - Las Vegas Sun News. And it begins 💩 https://t.co/Igc3K1ShYN

GRigby #PEOPLESVOTE #FBPE 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺 ‏@R0ze01

So ERG extremists reckon 63%/37% isn’t a strong enough % to maintain the status quo. Meanwhile citing 52%/48% as a… https://t.co/p3SO6e1dqf

Adam Jones ‏@AdamJonesey

Just seen that OG. The sooner that idiot Phil Jones leaves the better. 💩

AnaisNinja 🌊 ‏@Ennuigo1

@BoringEnormous Oh Paul....if you just ignored her nobody would've ever heard this 💩 name. If you wanted to unleash… https://t.co/dxd8NKffhf

E ‏@ezotic

@dorothylynn21 @HYn_MIGHTY Wow!! He needed to rape more than one victim to get time. WOW!! THAT'S SOME REPUGNANT 💩!!

clara loves exo ‏@HYOUTTED

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/gXl3c6P4K2 5 PIORES JOGOS de 2018! 💩 👎 - PIPOCANDO GAMES

Jeffrey W Bruce 💭 ‏@jeffreywbruce

@scotthoage @shawmissionpost Stay in your far right lane, Scottie ... you obviously don’t know 💩 about Kansas suburb politics

E R I C ‏@wayoferic_

If I get in dat 🐱 I’m wreckin’ 💩

Robbie Donohoe ‏@DonohoeRobbie

@Spudy8 ah I'm finished wit tat cabbage 💩🤣

BettyBoop75 ‏@ogcoffeethatpay

Who put or elected these idiots/CA State Regs 2 represent CA Citizens?The CA Public Utilities Comm is scheduled 2 v… https://t.co/jmJw9ai2Nz

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

‼️¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡‼️ 👢Stamp👢OUT👢‼️ 😷#BuDonicPlague😱💉💩🏌🎱💣🇺🇸🌏🕳‼️ and ALL Carriers‼️ EUTHANIZE the💀… https://t.co/sXJzGV9E6K

Andrew Dolman ‏@dolmanandrew1

I can't watch anymore of this shit @ManUtd @TotallyMUFC 💩💩💩

Grace ‏@SueJRN

@AnnaApp91838450 @starcrosswolf @BreitbartNews And we can't get a measly $5 Billion to protect our homeland? I cal… https://t.co/oNiuxhwb41

Connor Russell-Tuck ‏@ConeRussellTuck

Romero’s kicking accuracy must be similar to Jones rating tonight. A solid 0 🙄💩 #mufc

Abdulwahab ‏@Abdulwahab187

@omomina129 You not alone 💩

Justin Cancilla🌹 ‏@Konducta4LFE

@JaysClef @DSA_LosAngeles @MayorOfLA @ericgarcetti Definitely! & it’s a mixed bag in the Valley! Encino = 💩 But ve… https://t.co/qlsuMy2j4I

Tap ‏@1_Bundles

@D3NNY_13 He said some Aiite 💩 I can’t hold u

#Lil〽️ic' 🚧💸🔌 ‏@LilMicUptownY

@rissa724 that was 💩🗑. try again.

Eric St.Escobar ‏@St_Escobar

Growing up...ALOT of girls/women were down with doing “things” than ppl realize...they lived for that 💩...thirsty t… https://t.co/FqqPwZSRBw

Carmz ‏@CarmensaurusRex

@SimplyK_xoxo 😂😂😂 he gone get that yellow nigga from up north to talk 💩 and ACT tough....ain’t that right @GottaLove_Chelz 🙄

Chrissie ‏@heyyychrissie

Love Rita being so straight talking about doing a poo. 💩 Need more women like that on tv. WOMEN POO! #imaceleb

United Life 4ever ‏@UnitedLife4eve1

Pogba need to be sold to China,what a load of 💩💩💩💩 ED needs to be sacked

Proud deplorable Trump supporter. :-) ‏@domnliz

@TimRunsHisMouth The #CreepyPornLawyer lives off immoral earnings, he even advertises for Stormy on twitter, yet pr… https://t.co/3G40WKoh8r

Steven ‏@steveeenn13

@elprofeta20000 Juventus straight garbage today 💩

Chris Moore ‏@ChrisEC7

@btsportfootball Should have played him tonight, couldn’t have done any worse 💩

Bee💃#GetMayOutNow. ‏@BeeAHoney_

So, just under 2/3rds of the parliamentary party don't give a flying fuck about democracy, or the opinions of 70%… https://t.co/jy4K53YJV1

Billy Leader ‏@billygeorge23

Shitcunt snake! Big nosed prick 🐍🐍🐍💩💩💩 https://t.co/16rD9LtPiC

Joanne Marie Riley ‏@joannemarie66

@MarkmaccaMc Bet they cheered them when we won ,#socialmediafans 💩

🇻🇮SaintDaDon🥶 ‏@SaintLorenz12

Yo I ain’t hooped in a brick and i played like 💩 today

Gavin Bailey ‏@GavBailey79

@wesfrith @georgiebingham @theresa_may The best she can do? Her deal is garbage! She tried negotiating without the… https://t.co/jdrBjLCQGv

gigi 🧟‍♀️ ‏@seibbag

but we more like belly ... tommy and keisha 💩. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Dave Hoitsma❌ ‏@Dwhthediver

@SenSchumer Option 3 build the wall as a majority of Americans want! More 🐂💩 from fake tears Chuck

andi ‏@andi_playz

@DonHaci never talk about your business in toilett!!! 💩

vikki ‏@vikkilong33

@GMB The women didn’t start this. She is trying to sort someone else’s 💩.

Jaelynn Rae ‏@jaelynnraesays

All these people talking about if they were the Prime Minister they'd resign 🙄-sorry to tell you that you're not. I… https://t.co/TZ9uodlBkz

Bob Anderson ‏@Ande54775986Bob

@RepAdamSchiff we can say the same for you. Word is you sexually molested someone’s 19yo son you pile of 💩

Perry 🍺 Hammons🇺🇸🏁🇺🇸🏁 ‏@PerryHammons

Yes indeed but Hannity is smarter than @morningmika So he’d never make that mistake. The difference between her and… https://t.co/KF7ZuomBji

🤖OhioBot5000🤖 ‏@OhioBot5000

@s_pboyd @19stevenallen52 @darla22686198 @jan_cois @robin_ked @mailman576 @Agrant3595Grant @Capt_ST… https://t.co/VxntSwTGop

photographicfluency ‏@photographicfl1

@YahooFantasy Darrell Williams, a wily veteran in cohoots with rogue staff, slides on a #26 jersey, slips Damien Wi… https://t.co/ewIi9QPsny

Ibizian ‏@Edo_Ian

How come the business plans are always so completely shite? 💩 #BBCApprentice

Judith ‏@charliepepi

@Kieran_Gilbert You and LJ will fan it up, now both experts in British politics, so up yourselves 💩💩

Heffa Trotter ‏@HeffaTrottski

@jeancjunker @kingbob71 As the past 18 months have shown - the UK govt is 💩 at negotiating. As your fellow headbang… https://t.co/EqBsKhDXD0

🎗️=💩🐷#💪🇪🇸 ‏@7Zjp7HK0KbXj6IB

@loscarnaless @blackletter98 @negua597 @SergiBox77gr @locuspolitikus @JonInarritu @ANONSPAIN2 @PadMediaFiles… https://t.co/ZiVar75SPC

WakandaBarbie🌊 ‏@SPNPaulette

@Stonekettle Has he seen the 🍊 💩 stain’s approval ratings? 35%?! What does he think the other 65% will be doing?... and the military?

वरूण ‏@Agn1sh

Classic counter with 3 vs "none" and 💩 #MCIHOF

Alison ‏@alisdavidson

I’ve been crapped on by two different birds today; one in London and the world’s biggest bird 💩 hit my coat and tro… https://t.co/C7h7kc0yq3

Georgia Wilson ‏@Georgia_1Wilson

Exam in the morning and I’m sitting in bed googling pizza to calm me 💩

BernoVenter ‏@VenterBerno

@AwardsDaily But yeah, if you think it's rude you probably shouldn't. My bad💩

Antonio ‏@Titan_Cane

@arinfightinibis The 💩 show continues. Not even mad anymore.

Gilly ‏@SamGill93

Taking an absolute battering here we’ve been second best by far all over the pitch. Some serious shit needs shifting in Jan 💩 👋🏻

Kev ‏@KevinMcG01

The Labour Party are 💩👜s

Kriselle Pons ‏@KRSLpons

@sashamarz Somethings are just worth the risk ya know 💩

Beecozz ‏@beecozz

One World Order minions‼️😈👿👹☠️👽💀💩 https://t.co/vP5WELVT24

c3rr3jon3nsis3 ‏@cerrejonensis3

@nyssavex Agreed. 7 seasons 155 episodes of 🦇 would’ve been so fuckin dope. Watch the CW give us a really 💩 🦇 now &… https://t.co/moPeG3oBH4

Rob ‏@hawaiirobin1

Why don't everyone get a legal colonoscopy like they are giving @POTUS and let the wold see what kind of 💩they've… https://t.co/MvtEcr8QG9

Neil Hart ‏@hartyltd

@ManUtdChannel Value of that team is over £300m. Total 💩

The Voice of One! ‏@jeolmoz2

@Montejp231 @lori_stella75 @GMFB_Stephaine @Kimmerella16 @SongBir61085170 @rudedogreyes @LionCuban @ricograzz… https://t.co/d3r1LxqD5A

Resident Futurist ‏@RsdntFuturist

@bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump @StormIsUponUs #B stand for b💩?

Lee Atkin ‏@LeeAtkin_

Wank that 💩

Connor ‏@connor2110

Love to know what united get up to at training. Few pics for the gram, chill then practise musical statues ?? 💩💩💩💩

Ross Cornwell ‏@Ross_Cornwell

How United paid £60 for Fred I'll never know 🤣💩💩💩

Gurmail Singh BASRA™ 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ‏@N1Jatt

@She3na88 That’s cus Utd are shite 💩

Steven Garnett ‏@Sgarnett90

This @ManUtd team are 💩

Payne 🤙🏽 ‏@PayneGuice22

Idk why these ctown fans talking 💩like did y’all even make the playoffs ?

Brad ‏@bradknox95

Be right on the weekend lads, Lingard and Matic will be back to save us from embarrassment 💩💩

Moon ‏@Is_This_Legal_7

@TheRynheart Yes, they've believed all his 💩 so far AND you've been selling it so....

Retract Them ‏@RetractThem

@newsobserver No one cares anymore. UNC’s public image is 💩. Good luck getting jobs after graduation. I wouldn’t hire them.

Jim Laws ‏@jlaws007

@Dc4l136 @LEE_TRU @rock3tnation13 @clarencehilljr Which = bull 💩 to me !! Like said above *All QB's miss REC'S, as… https://t.co/R2peoLgzV7

Neil Hart ‏@hartyltd

@MSaundersUK Mike he’s not that good. Total 💩

Jacob Andrew Biller ‏@jacobiller

@MeganHaycraft Talk 💩 get 👊🏻

Shane Cassidy ‏@Cassidy_9

Even I would struggle to score goals in that @ManUtd team 💩 💩

Ash Asran ‏@AshAsran

@livesey_paul @donnamacbabe @reade_steven @RatedR2012 @mciver9acs @Indinlily @wendymurphymufc @johnmurphy_mufc… https://t.co/PCglixQ9VF

❄️🌊🐈UncommonKat🐈🌊❄️ ‏@UncommonKat

@realDonaldTrump 3 people die in France .. why is that an excuse for a spite fence thousands of miles away? 48 were… https://t.co/00eZJhB4VU

luke 🦒 ‏@lukeknight96

No wonder the board don't want Mourinho in charge of transfers, Fred is 🐶💩

Nick Lunt ‏@Lunty252

I hope we have got another 11 fit players for Sunday, coz not 1 person on that pitch 2night deserves to wear the… https://t.co/ptdnYZbRbt

James Lee ⚽️👾 ‏@James_lee07

That Fred for @ManUtd us one awful player 😂 also see why Pereira never starts either 💩

Melissa Marlowe ‏@Melissa84873255

@Magnys9999 @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump @JudicialWatch @POTUS He keeps threatening to declassify documents against… https://t.co/ENPj5Dw7rQ

Wissam ‏@WisamAbboud

Fred 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Nick Slack ‏@slack_mr

@Jeremy_Hunt @theresa_may You still have something on your nose 💩

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