Pile of Poo Emoji

A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in color with a friendly smile in most versions of this emoji.

Previously shown as a more literal pile of poo (with flies circling above it) on Android 5.0.

Pile of Poo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💩 Dog Dirt

💩 Smiling Poop


💩 U+1F4A9






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Sherry Parfait PR ‏@SherryParfait

@brithume Sad. Everyone involved is full of 💩.

Steven Howson ‏@Howsy29Steven

Shat better looking turds 💩 https://t.co/oTOpflgt9n

KiNG 👑 KuSH ‏@ishineushine5

👉🏾Niggas be kissing ass to the same mf they was talking 💩 about

chuck miller ‏@cdmiller002

I'm sure glad i didn't eat any of that cereal this person was pushing years ago. It sure messed this person up.💩🎯 https://t.co/iIYMci8xFU

Lindsay Bilodeau ‏@lindsay_b11

... well we know how my neighbourhood feels about the conservatives 😂💩 #OntarioVotes @OntarioPCParty https://t.co/YKfNksutq2

Internet Stars PR ‏@InternetStarsPR

Now that’s a classic example of turning💩 into 💰! https://t.co/xmiIdU7arr

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

Only if they interfere againstTrump, otherwise ok ! 🐘💩..D🤪👹T https://t.co/1tciX6tXQ5

AP10 ‏@antoine_prvt

Hey. My name is Alisa and I'm 29 years old. I'm looking for a good lover! Do you mind getting to know me? Sign up h… https://t.co/2J3bFYfpfV

⚾️Pennellizer⚾️ ‏@ThePennellizer

You’re professionals. Change in venue doesn’t mean you either play like champions or play like 💩 https://t.co/knXd9tAcmc

There Goes My Hero! ‏@TGMHpodcast

Have ya heard the new issue of the There Goes My Hero podcast? Shit really hits the fan on this one. Check it out.… https://t.co/oSaRZTKYay

@decipheringcrypto🧐 ‏@letslearncrypt1

@LisaNEdwards @D4rkEnergYYY the furthest away is the one it's always used to go poo poo 💩💩

Lyn Smith ‏@liberalismental

@aofarre @Timcast @ShaunKing Oh you mean like the black chick that cried rape but the police body cam proved she li… https://t.co/8ay9geOgXZ

JesterJelly 🐻 ‏@JesterJelly

@ILissaJackson @thebradfordfile @KamVTV @CoreyLMJones @steph93065 @carrieksada_ @FLeWeRR @hidehunt1 @HeatherNotABot… https://t.co/ZcHVP0dErJ

Deadpool in slow motion ‏@A7madB_

Well...💩 https://t.co/V7xbz3jJOn

Bili ‏@bili_ntuli27

My word !💩💩💩 https://t.co/EEUcwtbP7e

WolfmanJack54 ‏@WesleyTBrown2

Don’t know who the judge is. Don’t care. This is bull💩. If this is upheld, then Twitter MUST be forced to stop shad… https://t.co/RISS0IyvFJ

Jamie ‏@Jamie34945525

@quidd You can put this bs out in the middle of the night with crappy notice, but you can’t get the promised 8:00pm… https://t.co/KTXxrpy3gq

BenFaygo-vonditsio ‏@benfaygo

@LawrenceBJones3 Tomi’s a great voice & she didn’t deserve that at all. Liberals can do anything they want & never… https://t.co/VpgPaQwRqG

🇦🇺🇦🇺🇺🇸Make Australia Great Again🇺🇸🇦🇺🇦🇺 ‏@realRick_AUS

Twitter doesn’t give me enough characters to really tell the world how I feel about the corrupted leftist cesspool… https://t.co/AhW57nVODI

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

All Trump’s bullshit is doing is making inflation kill the common man ! Drill more,sell to China, Americans pay way… https://t.co/E8gXIoe853

Ilissa Jackson ‏@ILissaJackson

@JesterJelly @thebradfordfile @KamVTV @CoreyLMJones @steph93065 @carrieksada_ @FLeWeRR @hidehunt1 @HeatherNotABot… https://t.co/7TdMU9X5M0

Joey Routolo 🌹 ‏@joer138

@pjbone95 @JasonMayeroff @davidhogg111 Thats not nice. He is trying to make a difference in this shitty world. 💩 🌎

Grief Thompson ‏@GDdotT

@kaskaraN64 I wish. Food poisoning? Or 🤮&💩 either way. Blech.

KrazzyKatze ‏@KrazzyKatze

@IAmDanJordan @KTHopkins How stupid do you think you are looking right now? I ask for examples and this 💩is all you can manage.

StevenWallace #MAGAveteran ‏@missouriwolfman

@ohiomail I'm so glad that I'm not stupid enough to believe any of that trash..... wake up, pull your head outta yo… https://t.co/Axt4Qxg8QL

Brushback Bob ‏@brushbackbob

@RapSheet @JimTrotter_NFL Our media is liberal 💩 Only here to impress themselves in the 💩 bubble

JesterJelly 🐻 ‏@JesterJelly

@ILissaJackson @thebradfordfile @KamVTV @CoreyLMJones @steph93065 @carrieksada_ @FLeWeRR @hidehunt1 @HeatherNotABot… https://t.co/QKNuyJstON

Kooya ‏@jerick_mico

was told life is going to 💩 by said friend. ok, no, yeah no I failed a class last month. said friend is a dropout. his life is perfect.

Simon (C)ook ‏@scook9914

@AndrewOnions73 @CSpillard Just 2 we have at the fire station which are absolute turd 💩 is washing up liquid which… https://t.co/7fgG9vUoqy

joeymaxlewis ‏@lindaplewis

@justinhendrix I can't imagine being a cop paid to protect this 💩. I'd let the protestors through to his car. he de… https://t.co/GyglmRsKnN

BenFaygo-vonditsio ‏@benfaygo

@DiamondandSilk And why weren’t they worried about golden girl, Hill? She should’ve had spies in her campaign helpi… https://t.co/0Lib89jmGe

Al Nash ‏@Mad_Al

@VodafoneUK She’s not on Twitter. She’s out at the moment taking our son to an appointment for his autism. She’s so… https://t.co/zSF7HORBVr

Caymen Durant 🌊🚫🍊 ‏@CaymenDurant

@graciewoodyt @JetDoctor67 @usnavyvet2000 @davidhogg111 @Emma4Change MAGAts wait for any indiscretion to try to dis… https://t.co/8p6ukHXiEU

chuck miller ‏@cdmiller002

He's what's hurting people today.💩🎯 https://t.co/V5jPfzifSn

Cesar Garcia ‏@raiders47ife

💩💩getting real, real quick

Jazzy ‏@JasmineDB

Being back in London from holiday is like that noise when you scratch a chalk board. Never felt more 💩

Herewego ‏@dahlpeter3

@YB_Sodermalm @RebeccaWUvell Religion 💩

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

🚽#SewagePruitt🌏STENCH 🐽‼️ of😷#BuDonicPlague💉INFECTED 🏚#CarsonLarceny🤑 👑#Kakistocracy👑+ 📰#NoNunesGoodNunes🙉 🤕… https://t.co/bor8Y6gWIW

Kane Saxby ‏@OKanesaxby

What is this 💩 https://t.co/DDxeBo42Bg

Zo ‏@enzoisamore

EnzoIsAmore is back Better than ever Smacktalker Skywalker Dropping my haters like the 💩 they are. MY MOM & DAD GO… https://t.co/vlldyaEObb

Proud #Trump Supporter #MAGA ‏@samoli32

@RealTT2020 In few words they are sending 💩💩💩💩. #NoMoreMS13Animals

Gidget Grace ‏@iGidgetGrace

@vachilly64 @FirstFlag1776 So tired of the all talk no action bs! Constantly hearing abt all the💩the left does & th… https://t.co/wXOtPePfpg

Sn ‏@seventineee

ask meeeeeee anyth! 💕💩 https://t.co/fEUxuW26LP

Andy Bisnos ‏@AndyBisnosLCFC

No. Left wing = 💩💩💩❄❄ https://t.co/XwGQGSlEyp

qp mayonezu ‏@ArkMayo

@ZyamiEru I understand that this server is U N K O 💩

sharon bivens ‏@sbiv56

@TxJoker3 @jeremy28012 @TalbertSwan @COGICFamily @realDonaldTrump Tell me thru more GIBBERISH, how I have racism in… https://t.co/9JM8NWyFBE

John Hergt ‏@natureofthings7

@AUkeibro Floating 💩can be swept away by 🌊

Penny Wyatt ‏@pennyjwyatt

@FoxNews You spit on me I’ll beat the shit out of you . I guess your mom is proud your 💩

Cheryl Taylor ‏@cheryltaylor204

@thehill Outstanding my ass, just a bimbo spewing 💩

The Calitaliano Kid!! #VoteThemOut ‏@moved2italy

A beautiful and hopeful piece on "putting it all back together when the Trump 💩 Show ends. And whatever your politi… https://t.co/7xJvOwMlPF

V ‏@StephanTokarski

@kstreet111 Tweet the 💩 out of his accounts!!! I started last night!

Fred L ‏@FLPreach

@Goz_1911 @USAloveGOD what a bunch of 💩that needs to be in the🚽

Felicia ‏@FeliciaDelacour

Brain on Fire (2016) Dir: Gerard Berrett Genre: drama, biography The movie didn't take time to build the main char… https://t.co/9vYKJoyuZV

Lance ‏@IP_eMosca

0-4 from three-point range 💩

One Disgusted John, Deplorable Bot ‏@agabus98

Philadelphia Eagles Players Rip NFL For Requiring Players To Stand For National Anthem | Daily Wire 💩💩💩💩 LEAVE OU… https://t.co/RKLyGqufNb

Beach Blonde - Baldie 🐳 ‏@BeachBlonde8

@RealJamesWoods @Jeanett80176235 Would of went after Shaun King (FERGUSON - BLM FAME PIECE OF 💩) who wrote the vile… https://t.co/q069AkczhS

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

French president lauds Europe as the 'most attractive place' for tech giants..🖕🏾🖕🏼Trump’s 🐘💩 https://t.co/1Xpu7kj1rO

chuck miller ‏@cdmiller002

Don't see two many of these high paid cowards wanting to trade places with a https://t.co/2RcOcABH6k wouldn't have… https://t.co/28QWhBbU6m

Stevie ‏@Notlongnoo

A smell 💩💩💩💩💩 https://t.co/0lULIsS646

Angel Orsini ‏@TheAngelOrsini

That’s it! Don’t y’all backdown as the eloquent Rep Maxine Waters said - No I will not yield No for 1 second will I… https://t.co/JeRcu9G113

Connie Taylor ‏@ConnieT75679370

A TESTAMENT TO UK LAW? Bahahaha the 1st conviction horse💩. #PedophileElite rarely see jail is true. This Animal did… https://t.co/RhNJQGJXpO

David Ferris.. ‏@IndyDave2Indy

Nicola Sturgeon on 🔥 Ruth Davidson pure 😭 Richard Leonard talking 💩 as per Wullie Rennie has not even spoken yet 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣#FMQs

CB ‏@The_Sweary_Mom

Went to #timhortons. Nobody threw their poop 💩. Kind of disappointed Canada 🇨🇦...

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

'Political dummy': North Korea minister slams Mike Pence after VP makes Libya comparison..👏👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿..🐘💩 https://t.co/6HM5Aua1I8

ISurvivedCancerJusttoSeeTheEndOfTheWorld ‏@Whodidthis2017

@BettyBowers These folks are Pro-Birth only. Once those little feet hit the ground, these hypocrites don’t give two… https://t.co/Laf9JT3nQm

Dave Longland 🌈 ‏@r7yrb7

Well how about that: With the help of OurABC: Months of observing done in a couple of hours find not 1 but 2 supern… https://t.co/FmmPb6aFHU

andy ‏@AndybingAnd

@SenSchumer I guess you know people that listen to your lying dribble. You only want to work with people who think EXACTLY like your PC 💩

Bowll ‏@Meesukthanakon

Selfie in toilet is so cool.🤢 💩

🍀 🇳🇬 ‏@AreDeyLarger

@jideGoke @Sylvester_0 Naaaah like I said .. I want to fight no time to settle shit 💩🙄🤬

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

Trump (Putin’s pal )calls the special counsel's probe a 'witch hunt,' but his links to Russia go back a long time.🐘💩 https://t.co/1qlOKYktn0

Caviar Nolastname ‏@caviar_diva

@BellaMoonP Count from 20 backwards slowly and take long cleansing breaths. Tell yourself: "I'm here for the payche… https://t.co/GcgDm6ljLq

Parts of Adam ‏@parts_of_adam

Hmmm...I wonder if I can piss anyone off today🤔 Let's find out! *ahem* Billy Ray Cyrus is the greatest artist and… https://t.co/Cg6QhhR0Ax

Bourne Stupidity ‏@BourneStupidity

Its interesting how people's conscience doesn't wake up until there's a public outcry calling them out on their bul… https://t.co/s2XoycDcud

fishy fish ‏@Bichyouthought

@MufcinNewsinfo You said savic was going to sign after the World Cup 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

JerryM ‏@jerrymaherwd

@RapSheet @RapSheet do u have broken ears? When did he say deport? I don’t agree with his opinion but u so called “… https://t.co/m9qFKgPITb

Evkb ‏@you_r_here

@CNN Good!!! Shame on that piece of 💩 he didn’t live through that he didn’t have a child killed , my heart still br… https://t.co/zUvRaTSkt8

Leona.the.new.god ‏@Leona_bumbim

@mercydnp I quote 💩

mom first ‏@MAGA_Yall

@TalbertSwan No, because Obama’s hates America and all Americans. He didn’t give a 💩about his “hometown” of Chica… https://t.co/P0wtgDpoL7

Ripper⚾️ ‏@RipperSoftball

@Eagles congrats on enabling @realDonaldTrump. Now he thinks players that protest should be deported. Do you all have 💩 for brains?

Ahmet Furkan MUNGAN ‏@furkan_mungan

Lens 💩 https://t.co/xseU9ZveZI

💰 ‏@_WhoisJuiceee

Grinding ...Too far in this 💩 for me to start whining 🤷🏾‍♂️

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

Why he’s helping boost oil prices (and profits $$)here by selling more to China . 🐘💩..D🤪🤡T..WAKE UP AMERICA..Comme… https://t.co/6IlyjWPPu6

MJ Dunstan ‏@DunstanMJ

MY HEALTHCARE payment is a helluva burden every month and these LIBERAL BASTARDS want to give it to ILLEGALS FOR N… https://t.co/Qpq4hD8Saq

Ana ‏@Missy_ana

@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends More lies!!! Fact NEWs!! 🐂💩

sharon bivens ‏@sbiv56

@NicholasRank @joshsetsfire @charliekirk11 U know 💩 & U just proved it.

Jordan Yemm ‏@jordannyemm

There deserves to be embedded vids for the @darrentill2 vs @WonderboyMMA fight wtf @ufc 💩💸

🇺🇸#InMuellerWeTrust🗽 ‏@TexasLuvee

@foxandfriends imagine 5, 8, 15 years of watching the bull💩on @FoxNews ...its no wonder our country has an idiot tr… https://t.co/WMble1sF46

🐧임지아🍚Krystal💎 ‏@dusktiny

Why are so pretty? — i look like 💩 https://t.co/a5IK9zwJpw

Ripper⚾️ ‏@RipperSoftball

@NBCNews Where does @realDonaldTrump 💩 for brains want to deport them too?

Forest "aww hell no Karen” dump ‏@Mealiesman

[email protected] You piece of 💩, you may have bullied the @NFL and some of the country but the #Resistance will ne… https://t.co/xyd9ba7siQ

Clyde C. Cledera ‏@cccledera

💀💩L2 was 😂😭🔥

MR. E ‏@SmasChingon

@RawStory @realDonaldTrump ✊🏾Take A Knee 💩🇷🇺🤡🍊#MAGA https://t.co/eIVU0awij0

Chris ‏@Lemieux_26

#Erdogan tells Turks to not exchange their 💩 lira. Unfortunate really.

D4rkEnergY ‏@D4rkEnergYYY

This poll is much more about crypto and toilet doors - you will figure that out later 🤨 You are at a Big Crypto-Ev… https://t.co/GX7KaQQMsI

@Floyd ‏@FloydBhere

@Fjfitnes They believe horse poop 💩 is clean. Where I live I can own a horse but no cows or goats...

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

US launches investigation into auto imports on a 'national security' basis...is that why Ford is stopping most car… https://t.co/yk8RrTy1Oj

Saraswati ‏@saraswati81

@MartinGHodgson Don’t know the story, but this is why I feel very uncomfortable in such countries, even just being… https://t.co/gwFzLx6RnY

Lobster Bisque ‏@LobsterBisquick

@tribelaw Yeah you did you miserable piece of 💩. I thought the left hated guns and wanted them banned. But I guess… https://t.co/EFE9zL5BwB

Claire Blackshaw ‏@EvilKimau

Today in JS: If your function isn't marked as async then await foobar(); Will error complaining that foobar is unr… https://t.co/GJMT9lXGZ5

Judy Braughton ‏@mttziblue

@SenAngusKing @Morning_Joe Watched u on Morning Joe and I must say you are full of 💩! You know what this President… https://t.co/IL7zrzpX1t

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