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Pisces Emoji

The Pisces astrological sign in the Zodiac. This Zodiac Symbol represents a Fish.

Pisces was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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♓ Pisces


♓ U+2653




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freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♓ #Pisces Daily #Horoscope  Thursday 6 August  https://t.co/ofjAnZzCFr Click 👇 for this free Pisces Horoscope ++more

Ferruzkilla ‏@ferruzkilla

♓✨ MOOD The Moon Song - Studio Version Duet de Karen O https://t.co/cD78u4s6wS

BadHoroscopeBot ‏@BadHoroscopeBot

♓ Pisces: Overnight Wyatt and Flannel bubble.

Shar ✨ | Stream NBTM ‏@ProudtobeIGOT7

🌞Height : 5'1 🌞Shoe size : 7 🌞Zodiac sign : Pisces ♓ 🌞Tattoos : none 🌞Piercings : none 🌞Fav Drink : Matcha 🌞Fav Col… https://t.co/oLfOG9AN7T

The Astral Market 🦋 ‏@TheAstralMarket

@sagistarbb This is great ans true! As a ♓🌙, I feel all the emotions and I express them quickly & very enthusiastically bc ♈♀️ 😂

Astrologer Coach ‏@sonjafrancis

For nxt 4 hrs: make some inner adjusts around 2 different urges - the desire 2 B creative, outgoing & self-expresse… https://t.co/DT8eHZsmPy

Nishkal Chourasia♍ ‏@Imnishkal

@AboutVirgos My Girl Will Be Either 'CANCER' Or 'PISCES'♋♓💛❤️

Asyrul Hanni ‏@HanniAsyrul

@ShopeeID Pisces♓

YourGreatGrandma ‏@YorGreatGrandma

Stop being nice to me and be nice to someone else ;-; Facts abt me: ♓ Sign: Pisces ♓ ❤ Favorite song: Butterfly's… https://t.co/i5Bqm8vtP3

Nia Danser ‏@DanserNia

@JEHLANl Pisces ♓

Geoffrey Olufemi ‏@GeoffreyOlufem1

#Repost wake_up_world_boutique #inrepostme https://t.co/lPAIlzBw2O —— #qanonsworldwide . . . . #Repost… https://t.co/pP0HxESpXY

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♓ #Pisces Daily #Money #Horoscope  Wednesday 5 August  https://t.co/RIUnUmtKzC Click 👇 for this free Pisces Horoscope ++more

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/qxioolbRE5 #Pisces ♓ August 2020 Part 2 #TarotReading from me ur #tarotreader The Guided Pisces♓ sub t… https://t.co/rv54HulMwO

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/CMSrtU7Dke #Aquarius ♒ August 2020 Part 2 #TarotReading from me ur #tarotreader The Guided Pisces♓ sub… https://t.co/J6iFDVDbs1

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/yiiOjbCcT5 #Aquarius ♒ August 2020 Part 1 #TarotReading from me ur #tarotreader The Guided Pisces ♓ my… https://t.co/7kTuApEiA4

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/TGPtS9XNGS #Pisces ♓ August 2020 Part 2 #TarotReading from me ur #tarotreader The Guided Pisces♓ my Yo… https://t.co/mvXu7wCL5i

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/2zAYTBFxuF #Pisces ♓ August 2020 #TarotReading from me ur #tarotreader The Guided Pisces♓ is my YouTub… https://t.co/rwbiA6KUxT

Mr.Desolation ‏@SpadeHarris

Its not the zodiac sign its the person #ZodiacFacts #ZodiacSigns #Love #Philadelphia #Happiness #Sex #Passion #freakythreads ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/NVG8M3ipN4 #Pisces ♓ August 2020 #TarotReading Part 1 sub to my YouTube The Guided Pisces♓ from ur… https://t.co/pqx0FEmiq2

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ▰ ;゚д゚ ) ノ♥ Ooh! you are the ♓Pisces! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♌Leo 😉Friendship: ♍Virgo 👤Car… https://t.co/bkh7pEsrQ2

Nicolas ‏@nicolasjames916

Come and see 🎨♓₭ιммʏᱬᴜᴀΔΔZ🎨's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: #chill 😘Missed You😝 https://t.co/mcOcQEDJY4 https://t.co/LpHeV5ZV5X

aj divina ‏@jsmoove316

@lenachubz Team Pisces ♓!

♓ⵏⵄⴰⵎⵔⴰⵏⵉ ⵔⴰⵢⴰⵏ⁦♓🇲🇦⁩ 🇧🇷 ‏@Elamrani2968

♥️♥️♓Bilmawn is one of Morocco's traditions on Eid al-Adha. And all north Afrique / #ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ #ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵎⴽⵜ #fashion… https://t.co/m6Yna6Pmi3

🧚🏼‍♂️Glitter&Stardust 🧜🏼‍♂️ ‏@cj_parslow

@wetneptune ♓☀️♐🌙 here and clothes always feel so confining and it just feels better to feel free

O_O Semele ‏@CyberTal3s

Androgeo : 🌑🌗 :-O 🚐 🍈 🔭 🐸 ❔ ✌ ♓

Ahmad Raza ‏@AhmadRa56036464

Oliver queen. 🇬🇵🇬🇵😅🤩🤩🏃🙅🥥🍇🍑♓💙 Ahmad khan https://t.co/MNVaQ8TTC7

Kayla 🐺 (rewriting draft 3) ‏@wolvesofarcadia

5 facts, 5 tags ✌ • I'm 5'3 • I'm learning astrology and tarot • on that note I'm a ♐ ☀️, ♒ 🌙, and ♓ ⬆️ • I want t… https://t.co/peoIl4mp7g

GA99PEACH ‏@GA99peach

Crystals for #Pisces ♓♓♓ #TruePisces #PiscesAF #WaterSign #WaveAfterWave #PiscesWoman #PiscesFacts #PiscesProblems… https://t.co/Xom5cGBTO6

#Redforkashmir Smashed Potato 𖧵 ‏@lazybiird

@TXTBigHitWW @TXT_members @TXT_bighit Pisces ♓ @TXT_members

GA99PEACH ‏@GA99peach

Lmbo!!!!! 💯♓💯 #Pisces #TruePisces #PiscesAF #WaterSign #WaveAfterWave #PiscesWoman #PiscesFacts #PiscesProblems… https://t.co/MiQFuzGa2c

Lala Johnson ‏@MzLalaJ

What y'all worth ♓♓♓ https://t.co/nsmkTUe46e

Lala Johnson ‏@MzLalaJ

@PRIZ_MONEY Pisces all day baby 😜😜😜😜😜♓

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 2 Dopey 🌑 ♓ ✈ 🎸 🍰 🍶 💊🚬💊💊 🚽

Pisces Perspective ‏@ThePiscesP

Do you agree? .⁠ .⁠ #pisces #pisces♓ #piscesseason #pisces♓️ #pisceshoroscope #piscesmemes #ad #piscesfacts… https://t.co/Ygt1Q8fCGm

*Naturally~Me* ‏@mjones3491

Long hair don't care* 🌻🌹♓😏 https://t.co/lEKcH6lvfG

*Naturally~Me* ‏@mjones3491

Just because I can. 🌻🌹♓ https://t.co/NdAvLGFl1a

🎼 f⭕r💪€ 🏁ℹⓂ🏁🎇L🎇GY.™ ‏@AdhiggsJr

ℹ🌴 D⭕€⚡ 🌴♓€☁ B🌅DY G⭕💿D❗🏄™

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/TJlND4dVqt #Capricorn August 2020: Y'all are really cutting the bull shiiiiit out y'all way!!!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🤗🤗… https://t.co/tFhnCdHsIK

powamowinstarot ‏@Powamowinstarot

Water signs ♋♏♓ sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Some of you may need to practice forgiveness this week, it'… https://t.co/xHHrr8PaX1

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

https://t.co/wMnNzUGYZ8 Here's partial of #Capricorn August 2020 #TarotReading from ur #tarotreader Sub & hit notif… https://t.co/40I38qDOZY

♓👑Cesta Lester♓👑 ‏@lester_cesta

@_lowkey__ian @murphy_kay1 @lester_cesta i will follow back asap 🇳🇬 🇧🇴 💯 ♓ 💦

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

PISCES ♓: You will never hear about this on the mainstream media, but you will not be charged for the week.

Cody Jones ‏@CodyJon23182932

@DCnumerology 😂 I stopped making plans long time ago♓

👺 ‏@kundlinisyndrm

@permakink 💪♓Haha if I can do it you gotta too

vanka ‏@flirtkihyun

@psycxte @OfficialMonstaX @MTV Pisces ♓ REQUEST @OfficialMonstaX @MTV #FridayLivestream

Sarah Jo BunBun ‏@bunbun_jo

@capriwhorenmoon damn your big three are well balanced even if I say so myself (I'm a ♒☀♓🌜♑⤴)

PROPH-777🇳🇬 ‏@proph_E

I personally think one should decide how important it becomes to you and how much value it adds to your daily life… https://t.co/Sl05LCIBTm

Pisces Perspective ‏@ThePiscesP

True or nah?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #pisces #pisces♓ #piscesseason #pisces♓️ #pisceshoroscope #piscesmemes #ad #piscesfacts… https://t.co/kSlcrCmm0t

Lillian Summerville ‏@LillianSummerv1

EXTREMELY! #Itiswhatitis ♓ https://t.co/FwTOxCpvIY

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

📷 ♓ Make an effort to see an issue in the right perspective. #pisces #astrology #moodboost #believe #uplifting… https://t.co/nhYZs1gxog

ok. ‏@mandisamelody

@jennifer_adindu Same with Kiddwaya. It's that Pisces energy ♓❤️❤️

☀️Hazel☀️ ‏@easysunburnt

they gave me : pan i am : it's the closest they gave me : 1m75 i am : 1m64 they gave me : 🇨🇵 i am : 🇨🇵 they gave m… https://t.co/cS501Ewjta

Lala Unique BKA LaNique ‏@Loveli1_

I told y'all.... them Pisces ♓ got it man..... and go for hours like she said.... 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 https://t.co/rf1wa1ICIb

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♓ #Pisces Daily #Career #Horoscope  Wednesday 5 August  https://t.co/12BNYN3h2K Click 👇 for this free Pisces Horoscope ++more

Lala Unique BKA LaNique ‏@Loveli1_

I know they are just signs but really. them ♓ are the freaking https://t.co/EimuBsCrqx and everyone on that post ta… https://t.co/TrG6IApoYj

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

Be sure to sub and click notification bell on my YouTube and Twitter here to get instant #Tarotcards… https://t.co/EpIRVklyAn

Glowing Up ‏@GlowingUpfire

Water signs 💦: ♋♏♓:: 💦 You are all going through a huge transformation in your life! Things seem lonely and rough… https://t.co/oA9CcvhujZ

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♓ #Pisces Daily #Love #Horoscope  Wednesday 5 August  https://t.co/6JuFsakDvR Click 👇 for this free Pisces Horoscope ++more

Astrologer Coach ‏@sonjafrancis

For nxt 4 hrs: U have an opportunity 2 B present. As best U can, bring a sense of flow & faith 2 who U R; allow URs… https://t.co/plm1pPj64F

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

@RealMrumaDrive I'm @guided_the aka The Guided Pisces♓ ifb asap hey Happy Bday Month to my #Virgos ♍ it's your Bday… https://t.co/alLfjlwa6V

kerrie ‏@idoru__

♓ - you either have a cold personality just the way fish are but warm on the inside or you're shady af - your humor… https://t.co/RyJndkPAr7

Pisces Perspective ‏@ThePiscesP

It's a Pisces thing... .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #pisces #pisces♓ #piscesseason #pisces♓️ #pisceshoroscope #piscesmemes #piscesfacts… https://t.co/5MEDgsaXsW

𝕹𝖎𝖒𝖔𝖞 🦈 ‏@VoltaDpsTemNgm

I became what I always wanted. A depressed Pisces ♓

The Guided Pisces ‏@guided_the

@RealMrumaDrive @GuidedPisces Hey y'all I'm @guided_the aka The Guided Pisces ♓Happy Bday #Leos ♌ August 2020… https://t.co/ZEomDknJow

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o ¯﹃¯ ) っ Ooh! you are the ♊Gemini! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♎Libra 😉Friendship: ♓Pisces 👤Ca… https://t.co/kNWE1m1YOp

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

♓ Make an effort to see an issue in the right perspective. #pisces #astrology #moodboost #believe #uplifting… https://t.co/VjwnJc83FB

Hai ⧖ ‏@Hai_its_Red

they gave me : idk i am: pan they gave me: 1m63 i am: 1m63 they gave me: 🇧🇪 i am: 🇧🇪 they gave me: 17 i am: 17yo th… https://t.co/8ZDvy26Uvm

SupernovaStarMagick ‏@SupernovaMagick

When it's Leo season but the 🌙 is in Pisces♓ https://t.co/NT47IVPZI6

Neptune Waves ‏@RealmofPisces

The universe was created for the fulfillment of our desires. - Realm of Pisces ♓

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ● `・д・´ ) / Ooh! you are the ♈Aries! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♓Pisces 😉Friendship: ♉Taurus 👤… https://t.co/9Sr6KeyqA3

Queen Portia Mkhize ‏@QueenPortiaMkh1

#30something 84 was a good year 😘♓💋❤ https://t.co/0tmBHmvG1y

Pisces Perspective ‏@ThePiscesP

True or nah?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #pisces #pisces♓ #piscesseason #pisces♓️ #pisceshoroscope #piscesmemes #ad #piscesfacts… https://t.co/66vOw0UK7L

sharon ‏@sharonsiidhu

@shrwnmhndr Pisces ♓ 🌙 tonight

🍀 ‏@Lucky__Montana

When you think about it you can't name a better sign then a Pisces♓

IG: iamwabitah ‏@iamWabitah

Balanced energies back here with the Waning Gibbous in Watery Pisces ♓

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

Pisces: horoscope of the day - ♓ Make an effort to see an issue in the right perspective. #pisces #astrology… https://t.co/m8oephz4XD

Joanna✨ ‏@JoannaStreams

♓Pisces https://t.co/XXwd1fK8n4

Holly ‏@astrohollyy

@lunarvvitch ♓♊♈/ Scottish Highlands

Detective D.D.D || ACAB ‏@DetectiveDDD1

Honestly kinda 🤸🦆🤡💙💅💐😔💙🍱💀🐱🐭🐗🐶🐒🐽🐼🐻🔮🎥🎒🎆🎑🎐🎅🏦💒⛪🏪🏭🌆🗼🏩🏬🏫🏠🏥⛺🏰🗼🔼🔼🔽🔽⬅➡⬅➡🔠🈷♿🈶🚼🚺🈲🈵🚺🈷🚸🆘🆔♓

𝐟𝐢 ‏@erensfiance

they gave me : bi i am : bi-curious😽 they gave me : 5’3 i am : 5'3 💞 they gave me : filo i am : british they gave m… https://t.co/bs42yd1f24

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o ¯﹃¯ ) / Ooh! you are the ♐Sagittarius! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♒Aquarius 😉Friendship: ♓Pi… https://t.co/DWyBHZi7Cr

Pisces Perspective ‏@ThePiscesP

It's a Pisces thing... .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #pisces #pisces♓ #piscesseason #pisces♓️ https://t.co/zkEo6hbwiP

Icarus Of The Wildseed ‏@IWildseed

Pisces ♓🌞🌑↖️ I feel like you working on a master plan. Your forgetting that lack mindset or not being ready enough… https://t.co/UeMrLDpZNO

Super Awesome ‏@returns_the5

Dazedon.......👓 🙌🙋💦💧👅 Awesome ♓

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( * థ౪థ ) > Ooh! you are the ♌Leo! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♓Pisces 😉Friendship: ♋Cancer 👤Car… https://t.co/RbdDTTgKzw

Jalisa Williams ‏@ILoveJalisa

I love dating Cancers for this reason! #Pisces 🦀♋♓🐟🌊 https://t.co/g3jW1ffEoG


Amen! I promised myself I would NEVER give up on me again. I am now married to myself🍃 I must say it is a BEAUT… https://t.co/qYZX7zEdlx


Very true, Back to the goals! Work never fails😍 Back to the grind, been a while but I am now focused forward an… https://t.co/WtXeQ5YONs

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♓ #Pisces Daily #Horoscope  Wednesday 5 August  https://t.co/OroFmR8RJ3 Click 👇 for this free Pisces Horoscope ++more

마라 ✨🍀 ‏@damaraio

Nominated Wonho ♓ and our dynamic air sign rap duo JooKyun ♎♒ @official__wonho @OfficialMonstaX https://t.co/K6tJcDkNUt

Meet Your Psychic ‏@meetyourpsychic

♓ Make an effort to see an issue in the right perspective. #pisces #astrology #moodboost #believe #uplifting… https://t.co/9chiLyXYTp

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ╬ ˘ ω` ) っ Ooh! you are the ♈Aries! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♏Scorpio 😉Friendship: ♉Taurus 👤… https://t.co/KfGvz6SorN

💀Shaunski not suspended 💀 ‏@Shaun39175058

@NatashaLink1 Hey Natasha do u follow Lilly ♓ something can't find her from old account lol

Pisces Horoscope ‏@DailyPisces24

#Pisces often wonder what the meaning of life is. #PiscesFacts ♓ https://t.co/RYN8XeacQu


my name 💳 my age 🔞 my favorite 🤪 color 🌈 my height 📏 my sign ♈♉♊♋♓♌♍♎♏♐♑♒ do i 👺 have a lover 😻 https://t.co/F4N29bbZyH

Cayden The Introvert ‏@CaydenRichards5

@Satan1st1cAngel I'm a Pisces! ♓

Saba :3 ‏@Choco_BunnyPop

@Dczlinqfay_ Aw this is so sweet of you, my dream halo has to be the new mermaid cuz as a Pisces ♓......I need it 😭 also its gorgeous xD

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