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Joker Emoji

The joker in a deck of cards, usually appearing like a court jester.

Joker was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Playing Card Black Joker” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🃏 Joker

🃏 Joker Card

Unicode Name

🃏 Playing Card Black Joker


🃏 U+1F0CF




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CMJ ‏@CMJbtw

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Z3KAY🎭➕🇬🇭 ‏@asuodin_gh

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Hasi ਜੋਹਾਰੀ 🇮🇳 ‏@warriorhasi

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TipTupTheTurtle ‏@turtle_tip

@PinkieLopBun Years ago I transferred them to dvd. I know I have the dvds and I’m like 90% sure I have the vhs

vthanggg🦋 ‏@viyahwiyah

y’all know how people be doing “the face.. the body” can we start “the dime.. the penny” LMAOOO💀💀

Vidya Hegde ‏@listen2thiswomn

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DDGoldberg ‏@ameasuredDonald

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Mrs.Carter ‏@Bizzlewife2

@MahaIicia She deserves to win a Hell in a Cell

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mizu (402/600) ‏@Ochakolate

When Gou said: Who needs friends, I just want to become a pokemon trainer. ....i felt that.

junie b jones ‏@pr3tty__hxrts

what’s the point of being under somebody post u so called don’t “like” . obviously ur obsessed wit them lmao .

Zero ‏@686Zero

Betta do the stepping or get yo stupid ass stepped on 🤷🏽‍♂️🤝

Jack Mansfield ‏@jack25mansfield

Thiago looking good so far https://t.co/p1jxPYGa93

Sharon Lane ‏@LaneSadalup

@UncleRobTrump Praying for you to get well soon! We love you! ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️🙏❤️🇺🇸

Kaz ‏@kazeius

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𝐣𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐞 KALYNN & MADI DAY ‏@jamdrowning

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Captain M ‏@hmrhema

@luciindarella Yeah, not just randomly. But you could still cuddle without it being romantic

Ru@#BLM #Pride was a riot ‏@Runzi333

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Jessy ‏@JessysMattar

@Thefakedrake2 Nah at all 😅 but why not 🤣

👭🏾🐝🦁 ‏@61stCheeze

To be honest @PUMA the only one who really fucks with our people

ً ‏@BintAmazigh

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NeverEmptyChest ‏@CalamityBot

Glimmer, foe of thieves is a club with a triangular head of balanced crystal. Crackles with yellow lightning.

@the.heart.speaks._ on IG ‏@theheartspeaks9

Time does heal. You just have to be patient.

JayDee ‏@oo0JayDee0oo

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JMediaFMRadio ‏@JMediaFMRadio

https://t.co/K7WxO5AFGw #JMediaFMRadio 🔊 James Gang - Funk #49

effy ‏@oussfonn

Burned some bridges and I let the fire lead the way

Jamie ‏@JamieBiggsNR

When I see a racist Facebook comment and I tell myself to just close the app but then I end up responding. https://t.co/W805zNzosK

Ana Paula Gois ‏@AnaPaulaGois20

@StellaMoris1 That is not justice!! Is getting arguments to get people in jail no matter what! US is very scared t… https://t.co/xbFOMkRTNe

Marissa ‏@_marissarose

@andreaveraaaa No ✨💖 I’m going to buy you some

nachik ‏@nachik

@RichardBonnerDa @DineshDSouza I agree with you, but what's the argument then for reparations or AA?

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🧬Astro Deity🧬 ‏@RaphaelDaVincii

My soul is of different era. I'm a spiritual time traveler

FWO lunatic!! ‏@FWOLunatic

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Foxy ‏@Scallywag87

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King County WA #wtp2020 🆘 ‏@IndKingCountyWA

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SFH - #EqualityAct ‏@sfh2019

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DreamForgeMagazine ‏@DreamForgeMag

@Alexa_Seidel Yes, It is. Now, who wrote that one? :)

Beedie ‏@BeedieBuilt

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Prasannakumar Rapaka ‏@Prasann48548888

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E.Ahmed2020 ‏@ahmed2020_e

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By Gramma ‏@ByGramma

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SkipIntroduction ‏@SamhainousD

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YourDailyReminder ‏@YourDailyRemin6

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🇯🇲 ‏@idecenough

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Bré ☔︎ ‏@Bre83201049

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🌊🌷Jën🌷🌊 ‏@jenwilcor

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jackie ‏@jackcomrie

@ScottishFotoExp Thank you! Joined too

Toxiquid ‏@toxiquid

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United Airlines ‏@united

@WCA1963 Hi, Wayne. Can you please send a photo of what you are referring to? ^KG

bre ‏@breannaromeroo

can’t I live in peace without people being mean to me lol

jokerr 🚬 ‏@hiddenjokerr

@VrilPill i’m jew

ShadowRaze ‏@ShadowRazeCS

@nitr0 Sad and happy at the same time :D Best of luck on this new journey Nick 🔥

FireWalkWithMe🔥 ‏@NowVoyager34

@malreverie Well if that’s true then I’m in trouble.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

lia. ☁️ | finding 🥚 ‏@leeheesng

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Kelly1017 ‏@rjgrammy14

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Andy Mirlach ‏@AMirlach

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Anders Sandberg ‏@anderssandberg

Ahh... chanterelle, horseradish, and fresh cheese topped Arctic char with home-made potato mash and heirloom tomato… https://t.co/kCknrRqcz4

veronika, Ms.Vee if ya nasty ‏@veeishungry

But then I just recently stopped being an insecure asshole about a month ago so maybe I shouldn't test my waters too soon

(Shock) Get some rest Sorachi ‏@Shock6420

@Ariix_YT You have too much time on your hand bro...

swag patrol ‏@welickdogs

@GalloStan1 There are like 3 good female rappers

the void ‏@thefly90

After quarantine https://t.co/JM1PjPjUi1

kendall ‏@capsramos

#WDW2ISCOMING laugh out loud https://t.co/s3zy8Q7fG0

ينيس 🇩🇿 ‏@yn___is

Retient https://t.co/bTSapMNlKy

A🍺 ‏@paramoreslut26

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8BitShade ‏@8BitShade

Fall Guys Getting that Cown https://t.co/xUcPiuYX2O

TheDiceCon ‏@TheDiceCon

What makes you want to see a panel?

Fake Yelena ‏@EmperorFloch

@flochcult @Hez07833719 "i can't believe.. she said... That i jerk off to anime tits..." *Crying*

Marc John ‏@TheMarcJohnNFL

@JohnM_98 I bet week one they come spread out heavy 11 personnel. They are heavy in the analytics department too no… https://t.co/QozrJR9hJg

Mike Dennis ‏@Thedriva

@MarkDice Hey buddy suck it!

Tears for Dinner ‏@metromeki


SAMI DAY ‏@oeczone

more proof that bananas are demon fruits https://t.co/LdFi3V4Cd9

bavv ‏@YoungBhavv

This heat slapping

HL | CammyWammy ‏@CammyWammy0507

@deepfriedwoomy obviously but just why

knz🐒🦖💙 ‏@kenzobenzo0

@jadekianajones if youd come to six flags w us :((((

Shauntay ‏@_iLOVEMYJs_

@Relle_Danyelle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 like duhh why be ashamed

Mia🦋 ‏@gallavich31

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emi⁷ ‏@Cortez003Emily

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mo ‏@curlylarray

not really that big but i still get chills when laura replies to me byeee queen from austin and ally IM CRYINSHDH I… https://t.co/VW2KGQFsYu

railwaytourettes ‏@deedee10780561

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beida ‏@beidaaaaaa

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beomgyu loves you 𖧵 ‏@gyulovesyou

love talk https://t.co/hw4sOBwhF3

jack ‏@jackbradley_9

@glossysza @jazzosospecial @Nas bc she has saggy boobs, kanye prob has very voluptuous honkers

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