Potable Water Emoji

A symbol of drinkable water, usually displayed as a faucet with a cup. Some platforms display this as an object; while others retain a symbol-like appearance.

Potable Water was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Potable Water Symbol” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚰 Thirst

🚰 Thirsty

🚰 Water Tap

Unicode Name

🚰 Potable Water Symbol


🚰 U+1F6B0




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Bathroom Suite upgrade for friends in tranent 🚰 🚽 was a pleasure to help them out with this one 🧔🏻👩🏼👶🏼… https://t.co/FkH4VcWgll

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🍒healthy fav(◡ ‿ ◡ 🌸)🍒 ‏@healthy_fav

bucky just started drinking fresh crisp water🚰

Gary Edwards🍶 ‏@GEdwardsTwit

Class is not dead in the UK ...calling water 'council pop' put's you low down but aware that you're not at the bott… https://t.co/eQKNGkLifE

Alex Kauffeld ‏@AlexKauffeld

got so much drip they think i got GONORRHEA😩😤💸🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰💦

Doctor Session ‏@DoctorSession

How about this for a Saturday banger??? It’s man like @aarandmusic on the remix of @GreenVelvet_ “Percolator” 🔑🔑🔑🛀🏼🚰 https://t.co/91sjbIeBO6

Winchester Golf Academy ‏@WinGolfAcademy

Great advice to stay #hydrated on the #Golf course even in #cold weather🚰 https://t.co/7udvjmleX5 https://t.co/e0SoJMgKov

Stacey ‏@svail89

I've heard the phrase council pop before. I've *used* the phrase council pop before. 🤔 "The phrase 'council pop' di… https://t.co/j3MyPF4bq0

be gay, do crimes, smoke herb, good times 🌈🐺🏴 ‏@bobbyd0g

@CaseyExplosion it’s all about electrolytes baby 🍌🥛🍳🚰

L-Trader / investor ‏@BeginerTrader

The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/QOkQo6TYln

Lawliet ‏@7awliet

This is a fucking prank. A joke. No one, NO ONE, calls it anything other than water. NYT, Americans, trying to be e… https://t.co/mftpCX6ZWm

Valentine Andrew ❤♊ ‏@softskiez

What the hell? I haven't heard of this before. 😅 "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/9xnKUJ5QCp

Future Spaces ‏@SpacesFuture

To The 🚰

It's Candy Gains ™ ‏@CandyGains

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Ro ‏@swswqeqe

@bmstores This morning 🚰🚿🛏🗑💡

Rhian Hughes ‏@RhianJHughes

When? This morning mopped kitchen floor 🚰 https://t.co/W0QHBNNMQA

Takoda ‏@TakodaTiger

The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/lEn1y9DMJc

Sadie Banyard ‏@Sadiee93

@tomvvardle The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/e9MFuiHMGi

Curiosa Company (PTY) Ltd ‏@HeidiDEdwards1

@watsenaam ... and I thought the Eastern Cape has no water ... Rhodes rumoured to be closing because there is no water. 💦 🚰

lakka♥︎태태 🥺 ‏@chaesakus

LOVEMYSELF TODAYY🥴💗👁👁🤱🏽🕰🤱🏽🤱🏽👁🥰🎸💜🎸🤝🤱🏽🥺🤣🤣🧸🤱🏽🎸🤝🤝🧸🧸🍬🤝🍬👢👁👁💓👁♥︎💗🎸🍬😌❤️🥰🥰💗🤱🏽🥺🚰🚰🚰💓👄🤱🏽🤢❤️👁🥺🚰🚰

James 🙈 ‏@Daft_Doughnut

I've only ever called it "tap water" but a mate of mine calls it "council pop" & I actually thought it was an entir… https://t.co/yBBgXKgIS1

Paola Casati ‏@WordMinded

Study reveals the UK is deeply divided over #tapwater 🚰 https://t.co/IG1SU40JLZ

vincent mckinnon ‏@VinneCent

⚡️ “The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰” https://t.co/Nw6AOmI1bC

Mom De Longe ‏@furcoat

Southerners get so mad when something isn’t about them | The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/Ns1dCi6BBV

RealZoo ‏@RealZoo524

@VexingVixxen Oh yeah, I'm fixing my drip. 😎🔧🔨🚰🚱

۩ ExSudoreVultus ۩ ‏@ExSudoreVultus

@EvaWiseman @jessphillips On Merseyside, we call it Corporation Pop or, more commonly, Corpie Pop or just Corpie. W… https://t.co/5QDsvO3SFB

Abby ‏@abdab28

We've always said this... why is it such a weird idea to some? 😂😂 "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/Pu4yBn8ClS

British Gas ‏@BritishGas

@TechSolChris Hey Chris, I'll ignore the profanity given your previously inebriated state, but maybe coming up with… https://t.co/hXUJb3BiR2

Steve Hepworth ‏@stevehepworth

It’s not just me @RiversideCarol The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/Bih3REMl9U

DC ツ ‏@djmclare

Pop is fizzy you weirdos -- "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/DnmgGJ0rzB

mads 🌱 ‏@mxdysun

davis liked his vday present and im so happy :-) i love him so much and let me just say: the pipes were laid 🚰

Dr. Mike ‏@EmergMedDr

My mum always called it corporation pop. Manchester 1950s "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/0b2qI9tNQh

#hashtag ‏@BrusselSpout

@GuinnessGB I get my Guineas Clear out of the tap 🚰🤷🏼‍♂️

Heart North East ‏@heartnortheast

What on earth is TAPPY?! 🚰 Am I the only person thinking 'tap water' is perfectly normal? - @emil_franchi https://t.co/FKLOPbTDEp

Danny Diaz ‏@DanielDiaz956

Some actual national emergencies I can think of... 1. The rise of white supremacy groups emboldened by Trump 2. Pe… https://t.co/b4PfNshYY9

Molevalleydc ‏@MoleValleyDC

Check out this video from @sewater on how to turn off your stopcock: https://t.co/WxtNP9hS3Y #SurreyPrepared🚰

ig:BabeThreadz 🍁 ‏@babe_threadz

key to smelling like a snack 🚰 https://t.co/uzqT2kC10o

Domonique ‏@_domchantal

@idgimaddy fyi I’m calling it council pop from now on. “The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK” 🚰 https://t.co/vopdekymAc

Haroon Sabir ‏@HaroonSabir9

@RapidsRPD @teamrpd # 🚰Picks vs Kicks🚮 https://t.co/JKnFL6BGOz

Remy Walton ‏@walton_remy

@iheartMarlo I’m not about to play with you good night ❤️😂😂😂🛁🚰🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️

Maysiebug ‏@Maysiebug

I said tap water but technically my parents could call it “well water” as they don’t have mains water The phrase… https://t.co/ZvFAMzRoNz

WolfmanKnows ‏@WolfmanKnows

From the man himself.👀 JPM coin is nothing to worry about.🔥 XRP is water and ILP the pipes in witch it flows💧 Ba… https://t.co/U0KGusf7Ux


or be destroyed... . .. again . . . ... and be welded . . ...... a self inflicted slow death in living .. and spiri… https://t.co/eIDhuPA7np

𝑴𝒐𝒏 𝑴𝒊𝒓𝒂 ‏@monmiraptrp

Water therapy 🚰✅ https://t.co/kzHyDB9Ou1

Tom Flowers 🎧 ‏@TomFlowers

⚡️ “The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰” https://t.co/BLQOtBzsYY

Laura ‏@Laura888_Resist

Being British, I’m truly flabbergasted that I’ve never heard of this. On the other hand, it’s possible I’ve blocked… https://t.co/A7or7NL0Ev

vanesa ‏@vanesuhhh

🤓👹👩🏻‍🚀🥭🥯🥫🥮🥏🧘🏻‍♀️🤺🤽🏻‍♂️🤹🏻‍♀️🛴🛸🛰🏗🏚🧱🧿🧺🚰🧴🛌🛋🧧🧾📮📇🗳📁🗂❔ emojis I never saw until right now Hahahah

Mohsin Akram ‏@MightyAkram

#councilpop #water The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/WhHAv5X2r1

Bored Dan UK ‏@GamerDanUK

"The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/xFVIUw2uPE Really?! Brexit is just round the corner abou… https://t.co/YaM8nXr8LL

madison ✌ ‏@nursemadiwill

🚨LONG WEEKEND🚨 Be sure to practice some self care! 😴Get plenty of rest!🛌 💦Drink LOTS of water!💦 🚰WASH YOUR HANDS!👏🏼… https://t.co/Ix9VePmHP3

Waiākea ‏@waiakea

Want to know why we’re all smiles today? We're looking at our 2018 impact report with @PumpAid! You REALLY made a d… https://t.co/DsKb18SO2F

John Irwin ‏@ji_excelents

#councilpop it always as been #barnsleyisbrill #barnsleyhour #ATSocialMedia ⚡️ “The phrase 'council pop' divides th… https://t.co/BJbItLeAcT

KRK ‏@Page1ANews

@Sen_JoeManchin @WVMetroNews @Sen_JoeManchin. But Trumpers gotta trump. The hardcore 25 percent hold 100 percent c… https://t.co/m79Z46QDkh

KRK ‏@Page1ANews

@likeagirlinc But Trumpers gotta trump. The hardcore 25 percent hold 100 percent control over the massive deregulat… https://t.co/rKb48EGZqg

KRK ‏@Page1ANews

But Trumpers gotta trump. The hardcore 25 percent hold 100 percent control over the massive deregulations that will… https://t.co/NQ2YORKwwL

yoonbin soft bot || dodam au 📌 ‏@yedameatscds

@junhyukiss dedicated 😎 au writer 👊 only the 🅱️est 4️⃣ my fans 🚰

Lord Shite (She-tee) #Tory ‏@LordShite

Disgusting working class scum. #CouncilPop The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/X0T7IV7yMo

Skid_ ‏@Skid_

"The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/atGeArILl5 Yep. Always known it to be called council pop… https://t.co/8OASwOUklE

Nicola Timmins ‏@tikkin

Wow. I thought it was just tap water. You know, because it's water... and it comes from a tap. >> "The phrase 'coun… https://t.co/fMX5FIeKCZ

jackie 🤘🏻 ‏@bustedashtxn

does anyone else call it council pop or is it just my fam sksks The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/DFlD3X4AiA

emma 🦇 ‏@kidgorge0us

Is it really so difficult to grasp that some people use different sayings/idioms 🙄 The phrase 'council pop' divid… https://t.co/9g6lZxY2vU

Nic ‏@ReclaimQueer

Forever lol at the time I taught @MsJodieLW to say "cooncil juice" in a Dundee accent "The phrase 'council pop' di… https://t.co/RTaPYyVJ2K

🧥 ‏@MRsidewardfern3

@NBALiveMovement who tryna run head to head later on on 15 .. never played online and i just noticed servers are… https://t.co/IojbRVD4fk

Rick Gazzo ‏@gazzo_rick

The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/sQUw1wG9j7

here's your reminder ‏@tinycarebot

@wlbnrk here's a personal reminder for u: 🚰: please go get a sip of water! take care!!

Watchdog Ventura ‏@WatchdogVentura

Why does #Ventura have a Water Commission 🚰 if Ventura Water suppresses what #CityCouncil hears from them?… https://t.co/GP5dU1TNA5

Marie Guillemot ‏@MarieGuillemot_

The formula is clear: help us in our INN’EAU’VATION project to bring clean water to people: https://t.co/NqQZk9d1eu… https://t.co/TWnashL4Tn

shelley ‏@Shelltea_

This was The Talk at work today The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/x9I4jSaTvW

Keegan ‏@Keegmann

Due to recent events My twitter will now be permanently SHUTDOWN Enjoy the tap water emoji while you can 🚰

emily ‏@_Warrior_99

The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/cbPBji36LM

Rebel Voice ‏@myrebelvoice

21 Savage needs to get a claim in for Universal Credit when he gets his council place in Croydon & starts drinking… https://t.co/ac7sVvF8bV

Amy Elizabeth ‏@AmyB14105

That's exactly what it's called "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/GjFpFGX2o9

รђคչค๓!⚡ ‏@faith_by_five

When I was a kid I wanted to punch people who called fizzy drinks "pop". Da fuqqin raaage! "The phrase 'council pop… https://t.co/uF8JG12vur

VUBBLE ‏@vubblePOP

Drinking nasty swamp water to save the world - https://t.co/c7plobbOGL - @letstalkscience via @MarkRober @BillGates… https://t.co/3KIpHsjZ4j

Steve Marshall ‏@BravestarrMarsh

Apparently, people haven't heard of 'Council Pop' "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/LCCargRaC5

Kerrie Alley 🤪👩‍👧‍👦 ‏@thekerriealley

@jaYleeNWA can you actually believe this after our ‘council lemonade convo’ 🤣 The phrase 'council pop' divides the… https://t.co/thyHxGgREu

Greyraven ‏@Sir_GreyRaven

⚡️ “The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰” https://t.co/dxL6ybn65n

Chalky ‏@ChalkAdrian

@LouisMoir99 You don't love her https://t.co/UXiM5wH2Mo stopped seeing her for a month.🚰🚰🚰🚰😂😂😂😂😂

Jazmin Rangel ‏@JazminR64953115

Well we learned about Solid, Liquids and gas. 🍎🚰🎈 @Principal_SES @shufordnccs https://t.co/CV1WmBjVgh

KLBrearley BSc (Hons) MSc ‏@work_gently

Corporation pop ➡️ "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/2aacfFmjX4

Nicola Dunn ‏@NicolaBAStrath

Lots of fun in science today completing an experiment with a Milky Way and a Mars bar! We got to discover which cho… https://t.co/BGQOHEqGwd

Krissttina Isobe ‏@oahuwriter

⚡️ “The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰” https://t.co/aQAaW5tN9H

Lynne Scrafton ‏@Flamedlioness

It's always been and always will be.. Council pop "The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰" https://t.co/xa0Mwgq9sX

Bindian KPOP Stan ‏@BindianKpop

Whilst kpop is yet to make a major impact.... 😩 #kpop #kpoplover #fridaythoughts The phrase 'council pop' divid… https://t.co/H9UodppiHO

JerseyShoreInsideInfo ‏@krys10kay

🧼 Sonic 3 sleep Massage Facial Cleansing Brush 🚰 can be found @JerseyShoreSun ... this is totally a amazing product… https://t.co/i9nVzeBoEK

𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚊𝚛𝚒🌱🌹 ‏@Makari_Makari

Never in my life has anyone I know called it council pop 🥴🚰 https://t.co/8AtXTtEapf

Aidan McGinley ‏@aidanjmcg

This is why I will never fully integrate as an immigrant to the UK. Also, today I learned that people in Norfolk u… https://t.co/kcoBTJYTEI

Lauren Pattison ‏@laurenpattison

do people legit not know what council pop is?! 🚰 https://t.co/mA8UAbX84c

Rob Ford ‏@robfordy69

Pretty impressed how far through life some people have managed to get before ever hearing tap-water referred to as… https://t.co/PFcPOaZYdW

Chewie Chewbaaarker ‏@chewbaaarker

The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/9dlKw1a3Nh

how’s ur girl and how’s ur family? ‏@piratekingbilly

"billy whats got you so upset today?” The phrase 'council pop' divides the UK 🚰 https://t.co/QzD476Ekwd

hiren ‏@hiren91072598

@Veldpark @jozi117 @CityPowerJhb Saxonwold shebeen has its own power station. 🍸🍺🚰

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