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Potable Water Emoji

A symbol of drinkable water, usually displayed as a faucet with a cup. Some platforms display this as an object; while others retain a symbol-like appearance.

Potable Water was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Potable Water Symbol” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚰 Thirst

🚰 Thirsty

🚰 Water Tap

Unicode Name

🚰 Potable Water Symbol


🚰 U+1F6B0




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JohnBubbaJ80 ‏@J80John

@malingenie @Mike_Pence Have lived on well 💧 🚰 🚿 🚱

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Angry nasty woman 🏝🌊🐚 ‏@FreeToBeMe65

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Nancieliña ‏@8rareddy

@arunindy What did they put in the drinking 🚰 water💧?

wash your hands 🙌 ‏@washitnow

🚰 please, wash your hands regularly

Auburn Campus Rec ‏@AuburnCampusRec

Drink more 🚰. Eat that 🍦. Have a 🎵 jam session in your car. It's called #selfcare. 💖 https://t.co/opuyLtBeGA

☢ㄒ卂ㄚ卂 尺卂丨☯ ‏@RubiksKyubi

Be Like Water! 💧💦❄🚰🌊 https://t.co/6Fi4JwTSxL

ash. ‏@isujaehyun

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Young Trice ‏@Patty_Love96

The episode where all of Moesha’s ex’s are in the same place at the same time... whew, my girl was runnin’ through them like water🚰 😪

Human Rights Measurement Initiative ‏@rightsmetrics

🇰🇭Have you seen our human rights scores for #Cambodia? They show room for improvement: 📚Education = 67.2% 🍚Food… https://t.co/qPSWaJDY9c

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SeniorResourceGuide ‏@SRGTexas

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🖐😷✨ ‏@xSaltsicle

@thislolak since I had walking pneumonia in Jan. is related to this and not a lingering effect of that? I've had sc… https://t.co/3VRcNv5sfQ


I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you can't cum hard enough to hit your face, you need to drink more water. 🚰💦

Holly 🤜🏻BLM🤛🏿 Hilton ‏@slackferno

Look, all I’m saying is that if Cory Booker is invading my neighborhood, I’m here for it. 🚰

Carla_bianchini_amaral🇧🇷 ‏@AmaralBianchini

@Nana_KIJI_1213 Please, take care 🚰

Kim's Convenience ‏@KimsConvenience

idk who needs to hear this, but make sure you drink enough water today 🚰 https://t.co/bnrcSU2Vp1

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Penguinos ➡️⬇️↘️🅰️ ‏@Penguinos9

Boy drip swag like a broken faucet 🚰💯🔥

Connected Cities Lab ‏@networkedcities

🌊☔️“Water management worldwide is failing” 🛁🚰 a call for a new approach by our @anna_kosovac out in @uommedia Pursu… https://t.co/hesGjI1WiB

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fghjman ‏@fghjman

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Northumbrian Water ‏@NorthumbrianH2O

@ThomasJ161299 Thanks Thomas. #ChooseTap 🚰 https://t.co/iX81ukYfx6

Miragee 🌊🌊🌊 @🏡 in 🖼 ‏@eegarim

Wheeeeuu! Late getting outside to water my plants. Spent the am. on the phone. Couple of calls were about my plumbi… https://t.co/DQM1HItC3Y

Cristina ‏@Cristin19602010

@sasakumi_0421 Take care with heat 🙏🏻🌡☀️💦😓🚰🥤

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ATTN. @NYCHA residents: Tomorrow's planned maintenance work will require Brooklyn service interruptions at: 🚰Coop… https://t.co/5XPEPj69WG

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King County, WA ‏@KingCountyWA

With warm weather in our forecast, stay safe: ⛱️If you're outdoors, take breaks in the shade or inside air-conditi… https://t.co/fs32Mbkpo3

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VHC Medical Brigade ‏@MedicalBrigade

Love this from our friends at @EOS_Intl! 🧼 and 🚰 goes a long way towards keeping everyone healthy during the pandem… https://t.co/dqx2qOdN1k

John Reilly ‏@johnny_reilly

The world has needed this for so long 🚰👏🍏 https://t.co/rt38dI7d6F

Chester & friends🐾🐾🐶🐶 ‏@chester_friends

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CHPH Construct Group ‏@ChphGroup

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ZainyBrainy ‏@zwitterz

@5aad @Anumak47 agent and passing it on to someone else. So really, the only way to combat this deadly virus is to:… https://t.co/ROj1ZgSF7z

Parkguard Ltd 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@ParkguardLtd

Yesterday our @IslingtonBC Team supported @LFBIslington🚒 who were working on a prolonged task in full #PPE - Seriou… https://t.co/4cVmK0ZYWH

City of Long Beach ‏@LongBeachCity

Expect some hotter temperatures starting this Friday until Monday. Stay hydrated during #LBHeat! 🚰 https://t.co/svaTvsdzlQ

WKSA of Liverpool ‏@LiverpoolWKSA

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🧡🐘🦏🍃🧡Karen Cooper💛🍃🌼💛Keep Safe🍃🧡 ‏@karenjane16ka

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NHS Whipps Cross Hospital Dietitians ‏@WhippsDietitian

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Kerry Walker ‏@superwhuffo

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Alameda County WD ‏@AlamedaCountyWD

🚧👷🏗️ From fish passage to pipeline upgrades, our projects continue so your water is there when you need it. 🙌 Curr… https://t.co/Oq0jzVXFK5

Erika Gibson 🍂 ‏@erikagibson

Go drink a (whole) glass of water 🚰

Misha the Applehead Siamese & Her Siblings🍎😸 ‏@the_misha

@skybluebink @Boris56056403 @EvieFreddie @SoxandD @truffle_cat @owenclark3 @Pebblescutiecat @Sherlockdacat… https://t.co/J7sz7AkcRn

PAWS ‏@phillypaws

Dante is a dapper dude hoping to win your heart and access to all of your sink faucets 🚰 This curious companion ha… https://t.co/dA7GljfaZh

Marjolein Koster ‏@MarjoleinCK

Stay hydrated! 🚰 https://t.co/YNWKHHvWbJ

M ¹ᴰ can’t choose a display name🌲 ‏@excusemliam

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Tim Armitage ‏@FussballTim_

Hoshi says "stay hydrated" 🚰 https://t.co/JeCEuDe5ss

Steve ‏@stripey2121

@fiftyminus2 I actually bought it by mistake, I thought it was just plain water, didn't read the label, that was a… https://t.co/4RIqiPlklb

Iggy ‏@TheIgMan

@ej4_fl 🚰: “I though you said you were going to crop that before you posted it?” 😂

Primary Service Group ‏@primaryservice_

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InappropriatelyStabby ‏@FreedSongbird

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Every Dab Bot ‏@EveryDabBot

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Rose ☾ ⁷ ᶠᵒʳ ⁷ ‏@llamayears

@poiseunwang True true, gotta stay hydrated 😂🚰

Human Rights Measurement Initiative ‏@rightsmetrics

🚰To slow the spread of Covid-19, we all need #AdequateHousing. How well is your country doing at making sure ever… https://t.co/s0OZzChK2Y

ً#𝐓𝐆𝐏𝐀𝟏𝐬𝐭𝐌𝐎𝐓𝐌𝐎𝐓 was wonujjeong ‏@ulttjihan

yOw Yow yoW~yeAhh gimMe tHat bEat 🎶💓 KIKIAM 💪🏻👅 LIMA 5⃣ PISBOLL🐟 ⚽️ LIMA 5⃣ PALAMIG 🌬 LIMA 5⃣ BAYAD 🤑 BENTE 2⃣0⃣ SU… https://t.co/eprdM7u75u

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Critical Messaging Association ‏@CMA_wld

Hello, @Swissphone_IT, #CritcalMessaging Workers in 🇮🇹#Italy, sometimes mixed up with 🇦🇹FedState (The State Founder… https://t.co/Nib9dmBvkM

♡🐝𝕎𝔼ℕ𝔻𝕐 𝕎𝕆𝕆🐝♡ ‏@Wendywoo_g

Stay cool and hydrated 😎 💧💦🚰 https://t.co/zEPuvmYW9g

Wexford County Co. ‏@wexfordcoco

🚰Enniscorthy Town Water Supply Interuption for leak repair on Thursday 13/8/20 in The Prom, Mill Yard Lane, Priory… https://t.co/IbPU9fG4M8

MapAlerter ‏@MapAlerter

🚰 #Wexford: Enniscorthy Town Water Supply Interuption for leak repair on Thursday 13/8/20 in The Prom, Mill Yard La… https://t.co/0I01S3201L

Northants Healthcare ‏@NHFTNHS

As the warm weathers follows us into the evening, here are some top tips to staying cool 🌞 • Take a cool shower be… https://t.co/VgPzq7kJX2

gabija ‏@gvottie

just saw 355576 guys one of the was renaldas pls help @DJMattAttacks 😭😭😭💯💯💯💯🚰

Annie ‏@nontanne

@Alecks_Guns this is a sweeping romance🚰

MapAlerter ‏@MapAlerter

🚰 #Kildare: Derrinturn Water Conservation works between 11pm and 3am on Thursday August 13th, low pressure or possi… https://t.co/Ph5YxgzlCZ

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yle / 🇺🇦 / йле ‏@eivoza

🚿 whuter (wooder) not wah-ter 🚰

Debonairs Pizza nigeria ‏@Debonairsng

We have adhered to all safety guidelines mandated by the state government. Your safety is a priority to us. 🚰 😷💯

𝖏𝖆𝖒 ‏@jemiejuthapich

petition to dig @mmikesire 's grave so he can wake up from the rest 🚰

พช ‏@iamthepich

@NCTsmtown Nana my dream 🤩hbd to you ☺️🎂♡、🚰·̫🚰

Christina Cronin-Vejar ‏@cvcroninvejar

“Inadvertently” is really doing some heavy lifting here. 💰🚰 https://t.co/P69q0VACzu

Brandon Chamber ‏@BdnChamber

We've Got This 💪 You have the tools and resources needed to take the extra precautions needed to combat this most… https://t.co/e9LYOiN20N

Misha the Applehead Siamese & Her Siblings🍎😸 ‏@the_misha

@Poserpup Thank you Sachiko😸💓 Keep cool and stay hydrated🥤🍨🍉🍧🍦🚰😉

fghjman ‏@fghjman

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