Pouting Face Emoji

A pouting face outwardly showing displeasure with a person or situation. Displayed with a furrowed brow on most platforms, this emoji is commonly used for mad or angry emotions. Samsung's version of this emoji includes a red anger symbol on the forehead.

Not to be confused with the Angry Face or Person With Pouting Face.

Pouting Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😡 Angry Face

😡 Grumpy Face

😡 Mad Face

😡 Red Face


😡 U+1F621




Tweets For 😡

J-Mac ‏@JMcSparin40

This is absolutely disrespectful 😡 https://t.co/rqgryzp7IN

Mr. Big Chest ‏@WillTweet4HenNY

@justcalz @RealTingReese Mine either! And my nails are clean 😡

Rosa Cruz ‏@CorpusArmis

@Imamofpeace Call me a cynic but, with my UK experience it is very possible she is here already or on the way, and… https://t.co/RUvGW9gCIQ

Mamtashukla🇺🇸 ‏@Mamtash54207923

Pakistani govt ask him to tie 200 kg rdx on his body and jump in india but he refused to do and start screaming "Pa… https://t.co/AOSR5cGSHM

Josie WWG1WGA❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸🚂 God is so Amazing❤️🙏🏼! ‏@Josiegirlz5

@SaraCarterDC @BarbaraRedgate But it’s okay that they unmasked thousands of us Americans right?😡😡😡spied on us, stok… https://t.co/HEGwELRF04

Sarah Garner ‏@segarnerco

I try to give more compliments than complaints, but @AmericanAir this was the fork that was wrapped in my napkin to… https://t.co/GuZ8u34Bh8

Ju-Ju ‏@juju_bod12

I say this every time g 😡😡😡😡 https://t.co/M2pc1TBxPT

caaalos ‏@calarios123

I’m tired of being fat and ugly, just gonna be ugly now. 😡 https://t.co/uNDGVqPw09

Ragnar Lothbrok KAG! ⚔️🛡⚔️ ‏@VikingRagnarKAG

@seanhannity Smoke Signals Detected‼️😡

💕WHY DONT WE💕 Sofia🇲🇽 ‏@matisseftcam

@TheTideNate I cant imagine that 😡

Navy_Lady_45 ‏@Navy_Lady_45

@SenSanders, 👉I'm not standing in any bread lines or lines waiting to get a block of fake cheese. 😡I'm saying NO… https://t.co/hv2tvnsVWd

Kellyx ‏@fpender1

In other words, we don't want to lose all our little perks and hand-outs and what will the sharks, sorry Lords, say… https://t.co/VBdZx0l6aW

Arriadna🗽 ‏@Arriadna

WTF is going on with fashion designers?? 😡🤬 Burberry apologizes for hoodie with noose around the neck - CNN https://t.co/wyWQg8taI4

freddie mercurial ‏@redshirtlondon

My incredibly competent job provider fucked up my booking and my coffee making class got cancelled 😡

Y🅱️N conal ‏@Conal7x26

nothin more frustrating than seeing lav and lee come online and knowing im a million miles away 😡

Marinez Guzman ‏@maaarilouwhooo

Mama says I need to sit inside a sauna so all this shit can clear out 😡😞

faduma 💋🐍 ‏@shadybitxh

@ThisIsAlecx Whoever does, i'll st*b them 😡

Benny Lonergan ‏@BernardLonergan

Well if i have won the #euromillions the first thing i am going to do is call in next door with a TRUCK load of the… https://t.co/uafDgmNmbl

Chloe Whiting ‏@cocowhiting

You’re a fucking grown man at nearly 50 and you’ve thrown them all away just because I keep one in my room😡 don’t k… https://t.co/wTQCQNBQzk


@elllieeac HAHA we sure showed him!!!! 🤣🤪😜😳😡💪🏻🔪

julia ‏@tpwkjulia

i just took a sweater out of the laundry and said “it looks wrinkly and shrunk” and my boyfriend said “so do you” 😡😩🤬😤

John Ryan ‏@John_Ryan1

@joeneville2010 @CillDaraTimes *tea not me and *bug not big! Fat fingers/autocorrect! 😡

tyquan carter ‏@fineststarENT

They telling me Gucci is canceled 😡 PayPal is telling me to claim your money 💵 Because that Mario Gucci 1985 custom… https://t.co/18Wi2e3k9i

JewelsandLace 👩🏻‍🦰 ‏@JewelsandL

@TakingMickey @onemanshow2012 @MickFleetwood Mickey, there is no end to the bands casual cruelty!😡

Spider🕷 ‏@RH_Mamun75

অবশেষে রাতজাগা বৃথা গেলো। এমন পারফরম্যান্স কখনোই আশা করি নি...😢😢😢😢😢 FT: Olympique Lyonnais 0-0 FC Barcelona Two goa… https://t.co/AhZH8BGOWj

🌺🌻Tina Marie 🌻🌺 ‏@fluttershy_23

@_saraxcx @MrsHobson3 Hmmm shows she guilty as now account deactivated 😡😡😡

Mr Architect🏛🍑😎 ‏@linesville_

A night someone should sleep smiling but NO, this fool called #suarez was just playing like person wey dey swear fo… https://t.co/RQ89QGxJfj

el ‏@__ellaaa__

Stalked: murder in slow motion is so heartbreaking to watch. I will NEVER understand why people think it’s ok to st… https://t.co/cmC6Qeu3G0

Stuart Boyd ‏@stubo15

Take my wife to a lovely resort and all I get is - “it’s not a cruise though” 😡😳 https://t.co/IhIQcRly3D

wide between the ears ‏@igarglebleach

@telltalegames @skyboundgames The hardest decision for me was without question shoot Kenny or let Jane die. Shoot a… https://t.co/5RL2z6AzHS

Sandi 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦HAPPY 2019👍 ‏@oaktreechikadee

@liberal_party Get Lost Liberals!😡

shay ‏@tragicsabrina

I meant to say OR breathing 😡 https://t.co/HprnU7QP1b

◟̽◞̽ ‏@tomlinrainbows

@alcoholicIarry I WILL😡

October 13th ♥ ‏@Viictoriiax3

a piece of my hair just ripped out, i'm tight! 😡😤

Vin Barbato™ ‏@Bagadonuts_


I ❤️ nifflers ‏@CeeCeepants

@joelpollak Legal to be gay (seriously, no one was asking this question). Not permitted to serve country. Got it. 😡

Jose berrios ‏@Joseber95109819

@SportsCenter Damn shame 😡

Andrew ‏@MOUTHandHANDS

@Unrealized_Tomb Ahh, man! Spoiler! 😡

Jabba ‏@JabbaXII

@savgretch @PlayApex YES. I wanna play with my girl😡

JesikahRabbyt📿 ‏@jesikah34

😩😩😩😩😡who ever brought that in my house will be dead https://t.co/LECJAX7dTI

Miss Chun Li the street fighter ‏@glowiththeflow

He looks like Ice JJ Fish I’m FUMING😡😭 https://t.co/Dv0sFDKxdK

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ‏@KingMike33

Terry Crews done officially jumped over. There’s no excusing this. You felt that tweet by that White woman demonizi… https://t.co/hJSXdYfHry

Jo M Cunningham ‏@JoButterfly888

@paulnicholls @josephharker I wonder what the parents of the children killed at a concert in Manchester would say t… https://t.co/IdzyL7IKmt

Tonya Baggett ‏@BaggettTonya

@JenHatmaker No flipping way...😡

김종인 ‏@JonginWife91

NEVER TAKE DISBANDMENT AS A JOKE!!!! What a nonsense #/EXODisbandmentParty to trend 😡

Kwurly ‏@Kwurly13

@TheBHF The item delivered was damaged. Im returning it for a refund, though have to make a special trip to get th… https://t.co/LY9JOj6EMK

Madam is Outraged 😡😡🤬🤬 ‏@MadamEarth

OF COURSE HE IS 🤨😡👿 @JoeHockey @LiberalAus HOW the fuck is this even allowed in the FIRST PLACE?! Where are the c… https://t.co/Du5iGCX5Hp

Jason Bahamundi ‏@CookTrainEatRce

@Rnrgrltx @runnerdragontat You don't need snow for hot chocolate. Not sure either of you gets it. 😡🤬

[email protected]@ambassador2378

@NikoLoveTM 💘 you faithful then and now you 😡 still do!

hoseok is 25 ‏@uriseok

@ bighit i swear if you ever announce a tour date and make the tickets go on sale in 10 days after again im gonna unstan 😡

Ian Sutherland ‏@Blinkygolspie

@joannaccherry @theSNP @sajidjavid Stop giving it airtime it’s just giving all sides more ammunition. She’s either… https://t.co/scTNLQv1pc

hammer ‏@hammer09878230

@CascadianDennis First “criminal justice reform “ and now this shit😡

𝙎𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙢 𝘽𝙚𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙤𝙧 🌩 ‏@BehaviorFN

@TrixBR Bought a code off of @ATFNFortnite 12 hours ago and it says instant delivery still haven’t got it then he s… https://t.co/Lfl0dh7aEw

rodrigo ‏@g0dsentus

@WildPatroc this is going too far 😡😡😡😡

🌸🦋 seddso 🦋🌸 ‏@seddso

Bloody hell John Wayne 😡 #MassiveRacist https://t.co/wrMCKkhWmL

louu🦄 ‏@ddaylouu

dj still sleep nd im just waiting 😡

Football Therapist ‏@Footy_therapy

Arthritic pains are the worst, feels like someone sticking a screwdriver right inbetween your joints 😡😠 https://t.co/dd36phO2YB

PSteve ‏@pits3024

@ForeverLogical @realDonaldTrump Thanks, 45 😡

royalty 🎗 ‏@grantscartier

who swerved to graysons lane just by watching todays video 😡 that screams UNLOYAL

Jessie ‏@foodiejess

@sunbrntfreckles @Xaarlin Unfortunately no, he was surprisingly strong for being so skinny. But it IS in reference… https://t.co/yI1WfqdIc5

t a a l i a☽ ™️ ‏@TajMahaliaa

@princessngl1 @ishanali101 FFS DO u wna take this outside🤬😡 bc ur dyin 4 it

A Y ‏@Memshalah


HIM. ‏@french_inhell

still kinda pissed my baby had some 3mo. tights on when she got here 😡

Keyt ‏@cupkaaaaate

Haays 😡😂 @WiFayeee https://t.co/62F0MVTtM4

concetta ‏@RETTinol

The evil dems are filled with jealousy 😡 https://t.co/urZwrmq0v7

Iz ‏@IzAhmed

How is Azhar congratulating the ring leader, when he refused to play alongside Amir on his return. A 17 year old ki… https://t.co/mubPgIuWGc

Team Taff! ‏@thetaffies

Welsh plum given regional protected status A moment of joy amidst the potential 😡 a mass influx of English supporte… https://t.co/eP4gx7k7zp

RLR ‏@RLR07404646

@DonaldJTrumpJr See she never said that on Twitter Trump most of hacked her Twitter account 👌RIGHT 😡

sapphire chi elibe ‏@poshchi

I just saw episode 214😱 I’m not gonna say anything until Thursday sha, but who has emiene’s handle should just help… https://t.co/q4fxrOU9mm

Cillian Byrne ‏@CillianByrne5

@nathankellybish Oh my god 😭😭 that’s all I keep saying to everyone 🤣🤣🙌🏽 Like imagine the laugh we’d have over there… https://t.co/ON1wzSvg1v

Russell White ‏@RussWhiteBury

@CampbellGraham7 @toffeedoug You lot helped the fkers! Last minute 😡

Yolianie ‏@yolianie24

I'm going to whoop some ass😤😤😂😂😂 don't fuck with my friends👏😡

비티에스 ♫♪♪♪ ‏@LOOPHOLEJIN

@hugkevindoan pls ciaran is a baby 😡🥺

CAWoman4Trump2020 ‏@CaWoman4

@charliekirk11 @BernieSanders Crook lying to his followers...... talk ng bribes from big business / lobbyists.....a… https://t.co/Fj9qyEfMl1

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ‏@alfieinrealtime

Vermont Independent senator @BernieSanders announces plans to once again sabotage the presidential elections in #20… https://t.co/CVNSv3pxVk

Corey Leigh Edwards ‏@CoreyLEdwards

@sxphstop Never 😡

DangerousHeroTaratina#GTTO#NHS ‏@Taratina16

I now have longstanding Tories coming to me telling me that Virgin is taking over bits of NHS in our area. They did… https://t.co/iLLYm1HBkF

Michael J Gibbins ‏@michaeljgibbins

Posted, then deleted! Well done ⁦@YoungLabourUK⁩ 😡 https://t.co/CFUAV9vhgO

Dej✨ ‏@dejhanae_m

Nothing I hate more than lazy people 😡

Ty ‏@your_pal_Ty

1 star! my child likes the cartoon thomas and i bought him this claymation thomas dvd and when i put the movie in,… https://t.co/RU7TJoRObI

juno ‏@juonox

why the FUCK does my girlfriend look so goddamn cute in my hoodie 😡💓 https://t.co/LMb5wcNYX0

Jan Eliza ‏@JanEliza76

You DO NOT have to reopen CI. You just need to treat critically ill refugees on the mainland. It’s not rocket scien… https://t.co/HUVBy4xxVS

Chelsea Harrison🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@chelseaharrison

@JackPosobiec @fleccas She’s not a mother, she’s a terrorist!!!! 😡

PaddyOusmaneDembele⚽ ‏@Kingkuranga

Me, when I see Luis Suarez in the starting 11 😡😡😡😡🤪🤪🤪🤪 https://t.co/dpqCzdGMLz

Barclay 🇬🇧 ‏@blairforce2

@agcolehamilton @IanMacGilp @NicolaSturgeon Perhaps @ScotGovFM could be persuaded to strengthen ties with her own c… https://t.co/HUV0DBjl9G

ᴶᴬᵞ 🥀 ‏@JayRouxx

Shawna lost my damn headphones 😡I need them

❤️GemMar333❤️ 🙏God 💙Police 🇺🇸Military ‏@GemMar333

@KatTheHammer1 @FuctupMike @southernwayjim @VFL2013 @MARINE_99ZULU @TrumpOrBust2020 @DanCovfefe1 @mikandynothem… https://t.co/H4rsgD9cfl

DoubleDownDon ‏@DoubleDownDon

#TuesdayThoughts 🤔 on the #TrumpCrimeFamily🤥👺🤡👿🤬😡💀☠️👽👾🤖👹 “Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump’s T… https://t.co/CgoGyVwxkY

Thomas James ‏@thataussieguy1

@Leel06Lee @mavsmum @whereisdaz @Tim_Beshara And yet millions will still squeal 'climate change isn't real! That th… https://t.co/OhvRLBLEHl

Russell Whalley ‏@Ruskkeee

@KTHopkins @sajidjavid It's not over yet she can appeal 😡🤬

L1L E ‏@_LoneSoldier_

@iAm__Demo @Ant53_ @EpiccWarrior @YoBoy_Josh I was like 😵🤣🤔🙃😮😢😭😡😕

Kevin ‏@KevinStAug

McCabe slams Loretta Lynch in new book, says Clinton probe should have gone to special counsel...NO SHIT 😡😡😡 https://t.co/7xJi7qael7

Laura ‏@MagicLady3

@jfkeeler Well that takes her off my list. 😡 Ugh

Ashley Mackey ‏@ohheyashleyy

pretty sure I have strep for the thousandth time 😡🤒

ً ‏@knewyouweII

@ghostinwaves same 😡

W. Maxwell ‏@FloLake

@rjaviervasquez Impotus is playing ANYONE who'll listen.😡🤢

Lookatdisdood ‏@GabHombre

@DamianEstrada17 Fuk u 😡

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