Pouting Face Emoji

A pouting face outwardly showing displeasure with a person or situation. Displayed with a furrowed brow on most platforms, this emoji is commonly used for mad or angry emotions. Samsung's version of this emoji includes a red anger symbol on the forehead.

Not to be confused with the Angry Face or Person With Pouting Face.

Pouting Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😡 Angry Face

😡 Grumpy Face

😡 Mad Face

😡 Red Face


😡 U+1F621




Tweets For 😡

SpaceForceSGM ‏@SpaceSGM

Cleveland cannot do right. Just, unbelievable. Mayfield is stunned on the sideline. Fans. Are. Not. 😡🤬

Matthew Muzik ‏@merksquad69

SERIOUSLY 😒😤😡 fuucccckkk

SandySandman ‏@SandySandman3

@Thomas1774Paine Joe, you should do the right thing and go hide in a dumpster somewhere.... 😡 https://t.co/SCN4qVju4d

Tyler ‏@_Chaos_Official

@ItsShake4ndbake Ur a pats fan 😡

ḋ̴̜a̸͐ͅd̴͓̈́d̸̥̚y̶̛̲ 💉MISSES BTS & MX ‏@juicijeon

Short dudes really just be walking around like /😡\ |… https://t.co/h4tzjZIets

Janice ‏@pandaluver365

@paulkrugman STOP just stop it😡 We will cross that bridge when it happens. Damn Paul why are u & MSM so negative? W… https://t.co/DkQHnISrox

Victoria ‏@WickedGin1949

@MsMariaT Yeah, "Boys will be boys". Same attitude about Kavanaugh , boys will be boys. 😡

DRH ‏@brewmeistersmom

@6abc How is it not her fault. She is seen leaving the child on the doorstep. 😡

타냐 🍑 ‏@Trivia_lied

Guess who's still awake like an owl and will be late for college tomorrow??? ME 😡😤😠

Melanie McGregor ‏@_Mel_McGregor_

Okay I’m so mad 😡

jeffrey 🎩®️ ‏@GOTHICPUNKSTAR

Man I’m still mad I didn’t get to try that black Halloween whopper 😡

bofi_liamz ‏@LordBologz

@OLUSEYE21 That Donarumma na bastard. Wasted my sleep for nonsense 😠😡

Antonio Sanchez ‏@_Sanchez_A

Speechless duuuuude 😡 https://t.co/Ir32HNEC09

KJames ‏@kimmyj214

Oh hell no 😩😡 https://t.co/wWOmEBtYTk

Rich Jaeger ‏@RichJaeger

Don't think our so-called border walls are WEAK? Watch this video! Wake up fellow Americans! This is an invasion i… https://t.co/Jtyh9wV4tb

Clicquot Rico ‏@AstronautKI

Only the Browns man. 🤦🏾‍♂️😡

Young Stani ‏@AlwaysHH

@JOJEHARVEY @lane_paula @Ryanair Absolutely disgusting- isn't racism a criminal offence- he should have been arrest… https://t.co/z1a6qkprzA

Jim Laws ‏@jlaws007

He'd be swearin after I stuck my Spur up his ass !! 😡😡😡 He thinks 1 tackle means 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 WRONG !!

Scragers ‏@Frances42229538

@TigrisBlue @PawsomePippin Yer chips..and kitty’s wiv no wages orl wkend 😡

Warren Rushold ‏@WarrenRushold

@marklevinshow I need an angry emoji! Oh, 😡

ForeignServiceGal🌍 ‏@ShirlsAdams

@leftyjennyc @AnnaNotaro22 @jackjonesbabe @Freeyourmindkid @HillaryWarnedUs @SallyAlbright @susmurphy @artist4ever… https://t.co/HywbxWiix7

Jo. ‏@brazyyyjojo

Jason Garrett has got to go bro he’s fucking up😡🤦🏽‍♀️ #Cowboynation

Kiara ‏@_Live2play

This about the most dumb shit I seen my son do. He asked for an apple and takes bites and then spits them out I sai… https://t.co/jJTKrS4yFz

Annie ‏@pinkpalace789

@jackbuckby @Sugar86578012 I agree with what your all saying. To his parents he was special. It’s very sad as is an… https://t.co/QTMOtKsxUW

Patriots United ‏@PatriotsUnited5

@MikeMiss975 RELAX 😡😡😡😡😡😡 https://t.co/dEOkAYtgyb

🌴Bethany🌴 ‏@1TrillMama850

This bucs game 😳😡

Sungodess ‏@SDSUgrad1983

@BernieSanders This statement and any other crazy ones you keep making, are why you ARE NOT the President of the U… https://t.co/LEVaEZkPFS

laia. ‏@morphinnes

@signofls that means "lie" 😡

John Ashley raftery ‏@G00NERJOKER

Anyone criticise any of my gooner family friends, should do one, not worthy of being on Twitter imo 😡😠


@LSUfootball someone tell Alabama that My squad wants all the smoke 😡🤫

.L.F. ‏@L70RBS

Mate every other story on insta is an advert 😡

Tiffany ‏@Tiffany84544307

@uhmn3 I’m Aggravated 😩😡

Ron Rowden ‏@RonRowden2

@MSNBC @maddow @OANN @BBC @BBCWorld @Reuters @ReutersWorld @FoxNews @DRUDGE_REPORT @CNN @cnni @usminority… https://t.co/RiGrp7Rok0

The Outcast Society ‏@OutcastSociety

The Trump administration's threat to trans people is revolting. 😡 VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! https://t.co/jWLe4d1Pcn… https://t.co/BZH7c7mJIV

jade ‏@iridvscence

yous are gonna ignore me again i can feel it 😡

AZ voter in CD4 ‏@azvotercd4

@dg4az ya’ll gotta get @CJsRebellion his sign or his refund for said sign because it’s super shitty of you to take… https://t.co/1rYgB6SIUd

Cizzle ‏@mafia_cizzle

@LivinForDebo Yeah I’m sick off that 😡

Nerea can’t recover from LFF ‏@ifnotELIOwhen

@oliversandelios @flowersfortimmy @Annella_P Yes! I really hate that now they’ve turned it into this whole thing ab… https://t.co/5Nf2zIRIA2

NTSHIENG🇿🇦 ‏@LeratoNtshieng

We can't get hold of @Zweli_Thixo @Zweli_Thixo is on leave 😱😱😱 Who approved the leave??? 😡😡 https://t.co/KRlBXXVVU1

Amber Sky ‏@Juliexwolfe

Maybe if it didn’t fucking uninstall my map. 😡 https://t.co/KuAAzsMH4F

Helen ‏@helenmarie1981

@TomGent I don't think we can appeal because it was 2 yellows rather than a straight red but yes ref was awful!! 😡

TRUTH DOCTOR ‏@Flyover_county

@DrJasonJohnson You are out of your mind! No one is physically harmed at a Trump rally. The only damage is to repo… https://t.co/WFwkvKSlgV

Yoofi Eyeson ‏@YoofiEyeson

Man for look for some surfline then use n forget this MTN mobile data cus the way tins r goin am even scared to rea… https://t.co/XxYOamo0mz

TalkTurkey ‏@TalkyTurkey

Plimer! The slimiest sycophant south of Fog-Ducker Kenny. How do these people live with themselves? We must boycott… https://t.co/0uxtT5Nt4O

Lord Toni ‏@ToniSenju

Start 😡 @JvyTrillv https://t.co/n9iJxTLITp

jaz ◟̽◞̽ ‏@signofls

@morphinnes bitch 😡

Paula Cormier ‏@b1skv64

@jontaffer @paramountnet @BarRescue Watching bar rescue now... Can't get any house work done! 😡

The Khàleëd ‏@thekhaleedd

So, this Uber driver tells me that I can't enter his car with my dog Maxy because it's against his religion. And… https://t.co/cr42q9YrCK

Patti Littley ‏@PattiLittley

@BleedingGreen Defense shit the bed...that’s how 😡

Sarah de Janeiro ‏@sarahdejaneiro

Absolutely bloody disgusting. 😡 Don’t ever tell me that Pacifica people DON’T face racism here in Aotearoa. Becaus… https://t.co/CSaCyTbbyj

Sola Aiyepeku ‏@solaiyeps

@olaleyedada @BadekaleTola Me too😤😠😤😠😤😡😠😤😤😤

lilly brown ‏@lollyb1984

@easyJet also would be nice to tell people what’s going on instead of being like it’s not our fault , errrm the pla… https://t.co/q3H0J5bLkl

Miley ‏@blissfuIloving

@OfDramaticIntro That excuse doesn’t work anymore 😡

Wilky ‏@wastedmilk

Text me wit your name, lost all my contacts !! 😡🤬

ミミッキュ ‏@Iyokuu

Man, I don't ever get to participate in community day. 😡

Fashion Luv & [] ied ‏@lil_mis_dx

@KingBeyonceStan First what the fuck did he say Happy Birthday😡 Secondly his post is spammed with stream this or th… https://t.co/Vky9kX5xeE

❤️Dixie 4 President Trump Maga 2020❤️ ‏@DBurton3

Obama refused to make employers use e-verify. He used Executive orders for everything he really wanted though. The… https://t.co/UTyoMbSMte

Denise Vivian ‏@DeniseVivian4

@btsportmotogp I find this remark disrespectful to Rossi and his career and his fans. Yamaha has let the team down,… https://t.co/coQP5lADef

Adahlia Morgan ‏@AdahliaMorgan

@itsJuiceWRLD @YaBoyyyAP And when that person doesn’t see it ....😡😡😡 @briannatristan

Cole King ‏@031Kingc

@ReddHead_13 Me too!!! 😡😡😡

❌Jay ❌ Conservative Ambulance Chaser ‏@jay_slatter

@dunbdav @SaskLass @hippieontherite @KingofDaddys @safety_canada7 @MousseauJim @carolinasassie @Katalytical87… https://t.co/E8lQzFBQq6

Bhupesh Jatiani ‏@BhupeshJatiani

@IndiGo6E flight 6E 766 #delayed by 30 mins without any reason 😡 #disappointed and #frustrated for reaching so lat… https://t.co/wSGT7eMfij

Savannah ‏@Savanna32173549

@Larrypolya22 @deansjojo Think Dr Ford went on a vacay with the money she made on this piss pour acting assignment… https://t.co/EWJI29V64g

RGH ‏@Choikles

@simonrees73 SAN Siro is amazing!!! Not quite as good when you are being spat on from above for 3 hours though 😡

💛ColoredSpirit❤️ ‏@ColoredSpirit

Cheerleading coach annoys me with her differences. Yet sadly she’s honestly discriminating. 😡#AmericatoMe

Alex Meginnississippi ‏@Meginississippi

@RealMamaEagle My scapegoat is the Philadelphia Eagles. Same as Tennessee. 😡

Donna ‏@ladyPHdriver62

@jazdolly761 @AnnelisaDavison Indeed!😡😡😡

Vicky Pitchford ‏@vic77

@alexfowler2582 @NatashaZipfel @_SJPeace_ What the....!?! 😡

B 💋 ‏@x_BeeMarie


Abdul Abdul ‏@af_abdulkareem

Ok. I am not angry. Hurt maybe. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

the red haired girl from the bog ‏@ateenagemonster

When one of the people who emotionally manipulated and abused you in your teen years tries to re-enter your life bu… https://t.co/1tbM3SdiiO

Marina❄💚 #ILoveLucifer 💚 ‏@L_Ithil

@jenniclarephoto @Kimberlyjws @Malirensch @C_licare @NotOneLineFF @_Navaros_ @abouttomellis @winny_atheart… https://t.co/gR3MWBLNy8

Irfan ‏@JesusChristSZN

@NxbySZN @LFC @ManCity Where did i ask😡

Mhm ‏@mxhamyy

@randhawastan fUcK yOu fOr cHeAtIng oN meEe😡😡😡

Jessica Gillham ‏@HutchiePhenix

#XFactor @thexfactor what’s the point in a sing off obviously Ayda and Robbie are gonna save each others acts their… https://t.co/c1OaHVemlc

Some Gx͙яL🎈 ‏@jackndsallylove

@RiderofWolves No Vegas trip 😡😡😡😂 you’re wayyy to young , cool and awesome for Branson

Jimmy 🤦🏼‍♂️ ‏@ItsJimmothy

I don’t even know where to begin with how angry and disgusted I am by this! Not only the man himself by Ryanair for… https://t.co/b80834wnqh

ms c #GTTO👊🏻 ‏@carmel_prescott

Last night I received a txt message from my bank saying my account had been disabled . It advised me to go to my br… https://t.co/NrjEl83U5w

look @ this dood ‏@micasusername

@lilycottonx he’s so fit wtf 😡😡😡😡😡

denise lafferty ‏@denlafferty

Won’t be doing any more good turns! What a prick! 😡 #angryisanunderstatement

Sherry💙🐝💚 ‏@sqawbaby63

I'm disgusted hurt for Lou and his artist but I'm not surprised or shocked Simon seems to be trying flex Dom muscle… https://t.co/XuL7npVrd0

#sosNicaragua🇳🇮 ‏@alwaysamandax

GO TO PROM😤😡 https://t.co/qhs4jsYAuW

Bird ‏@Birdle2963

@JoanneTirado09 Sad fact😡

🙈 Baby marshmallow princess 🙈 ‏@Cutebabyvegan

@lostweirdluna What was you mumbling *quiet roars* 😡

Ceinwen ‏@purplepingu38

@theRealEnzoMac He should have been off loaded from the flight and banned from the airline for life ... an absolute… https://t.co/7dykgt43Cx

TEN4Cruz ‏@Ten4Cruz

@March4America @DLoesch @NRA @POTUS It’s time Americans join the fight for freedom and our #2A by joining the #NRA… https://t.co/uc4NjFlO7E

nikki crowley ‏@nikkicrowley1

‘Move the lady’ ffs @Ryanair really?! I’d throw that racist scum off the flight mid air.. this is Britain today & i… https://t.co/XQBK0ily74

Erynn N. Butzke ‏@erynnshea

@HuffPost @IowaGOP is this really what you represent?? 😡

Gaby ‏@_Gabrielaaaaa_

The Laura Mercier radiance primer is literally the worst primer I have ever tried 😡

Lana ‏@FresnoQueenbee

You are so scared! You know if the Dems win the house, your reign of corruption and fraud will be put to a stop imm… https://t.co/TgCwBx7NUv

hergesadventuresof ‏@hergesadventur1

@chanellejhayes @Ryanair This guy is everything that is wrong in our world, bigoted, entitled, boreish, WRONG 😡

bigg_gibb76 ‏@bigg_gibb76

@Ronnie2K @PlayStation @NBA2K this what happened when I tried to play court conquer all day..no 2xVC no 2xmypoints🤔… https://t.co/kox9cJKXq1

mono♡ ‏@gukksoftie

@seesawhore My OPpaR iS DaTInG tHis gIrL???? iM AnGRy nOW 😡🤬🙄😒🤗🤬🤡😁😆

𝘣𝘶𝘯𝘯𝘺 🐋 ‏@prettyintaekook

@1agust_v already bought my plane tickets 😡 we ✈️ ass kicking

WrathofJan ‏@JDignum

@CBCAlerts Oh that’s lovely 😔😱😕😡. Trying to get in as much as he can before midterms, I see. Just one more big reas… https://t.co/zi5JRF9cQg

Alex Dray ‏@AlexDrayx

I can’t wait to move out, absolutely livid that my sister thinks it’s okay to go in my handbag and take out things… https://t.co/Hd9rLPVboy

phoebe✨ TODAY ‏@callmebylwt

@siccasfricc we all need a bit of self love bea😔😡

Kiana Barbery ‏@KianaaKMB

But this lil boy broke his damn finger on our snorkeling trip , I was mad af we had to leave early 😡

🦄 ‏@wjnoona

🐦 don’t touch me or i’ll kiss you! 🐰 just do.... 🤴🏻 GUYS STOP WE’RE IN PUBLIC!😡 2park ft king jaehwan😂 https://t.co/GADpN0bAPD

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