Pouting Face Emoji

A pouting face outwardly showing displeasure with a person or situation. Displayed with a furrowed brow on most platforms, this emoji is commonly used for mad or angry emotions. Samsung's version of this emoji includes a red anger symbol on the forehead.

Not to be confused with the Angry Face or Person With Pouting Face.

Pouting Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😡 Angry Face

😡 Grumpy Face

😡 Mad Face

😡 Red Face


😡 U+1F621




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🇬🇧joyous 🇬🇧 ‏@redial999

@tobystyke74 @IanIp59 WTF!! 😡😡😡Where do they pull these names from? John and Jack are catholic names FGS- more frig… https://t.co/CFkZo0FbCa

*♡ daisy ♡* ‏@gryffinwh0re_

Valley metro gave my ass $20 vbucks as a participation trophy where are they u t r g v 😡 I want some salt & vinegar chips

safa 🐉 ‏@sfamkr90

@SpqceAkira @iroumiel Kprout ? 😭😡

Margaret Mulcahy ‏@mulca12

America, Sarsour is on #7 here in America😡We must stop them!Starting with Omar,Tlaib, Sarsour &Antifa🙏 https://t.co/zdiuTZszX8

Stanley Davis ‏@4lifestan

BUT Taliban are just mannerless, inhuman, murderers! How do you attack a wedding? Which glory does your ideology ga… https://t.co/XKeLmsPicO

Adam Driffill ‏@AdamDriff

@AndyDriff Mate... It riles me up..... I hate being late..... He is the same..... Right, we're leaving at 6.... 5.5… https://t.co/Rzu49vHKaF

DEB ‏@DEBMillbank

WHAT ! I can’t believe what I’m reading! They can’t get rid of it, all this thing about climate change! It’s a sp… https://t.co/UVkXVy6y7y

taanvi💌 ‏@taanvichatshit

@KozakBlack LEGIT it’s so bloody annoying 😡😡😡😡

Ernest ‏@ernestmt_ernest

@_AfricanSoil Bathong..🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️he was obviously schooled by his pathological liar master.. the buffalo himself 😡😡… https://t.co/3gukw46CLK

Aéroport de Toulouse 😡 Stop NUISANCES BRUIT 😡 ‏@Stop_Avions_Tls

@jlmoudenc @editionsprivat Once more your dirty NOISY planes ARE flying on #Toulouse hospital @CHUdeToulouse Purpan… https://t.co/KcBikbRG9d

Ttaniah ‏@Ttaniah1

@xsapofficial Hi no voice from you anymore!! You are not answering! Was it really all just scam? Where are my tokens?? 🤔 😡

Karen Wotton ‏@KarenWotton6

@sowetokinch Wtf is wrong with people?!! 😡

ᴬᶜʰᵒᵒ GOWON ‏@Min_lto

@KurenaiSinn Why’d you delete it 😡

Thorishammerd_8 ‏@thorishammerd

Dame 4 am shunk. 😡😡😡😡😡

Na na na na(vi)🌹✨ ‏@jojmacca

@octoplushgarden and so i shall, be...right...back 😡

Finbarfin ‏@finbarfin

@DanCardenMP @joek1974 Fucking evil personified!! 😡😡😡

tommy2percent 😂 ‏@loucylouise

@BrendaEastman10 You on the wine/glue Brenda ? Educate yourself on the countless miscarriages of justice 😡

RehanSaeed ‏@RehanSa42266099

@JagiraniSaad The must be unsubscribed by pakistanis , shameless people 😡

Angelina Simone ‏@AngelSimone02

I know some pretty ass girls that only post the most mediocre pictures of themselves and it makes me so mad 😡

Royaal ‏@Rvyaal

When are they bringing back arena duos😡 im tryna get good and have a good chemistry with my duo. FUCKK

jodieohdoh ‏@jodieohdoh

Oh boy @ExpertLetting you better hope you never fall on hard times yourselves 😡 https://t.co/LUWLsUKxmR

Abimata Anjaya Tirta ‏@AnjayaTirta

@idpdka Angery 😡

Steven ward ‏@sward0382

@rickygervais Horrible fukin tradition 😡.

𝒗𝒂𝒍𝒔 ‏@bizzIeriot

there are like 101 species of lemurs how the hell did she forget to mention it was a LEAPING one?? 😡😡😡😡

name cannot be blank ‏@samosaholland

Handmaid's Tale has me all kinds of triggered 🤬😶😡

Hollow Ornate ‏@hollowornate

@BBCWalesNews @AndrewRTDavies Nor if it's a fucking stupid instruction that will damage Britain hugely, Andrew. Yo… https://t.co/TyEPSiFdMU

Mayhem Miller ‏@TheOnlyMayhem

When will I learn my lesson... NEVER AGAIN @Postmates !!! 😡

Aéroport de Toulouse 😡 Stop NUISANCES BRUIT 😡 ‏@Stop_Avions_Tls

@aeroport_tls Once more your dirty NOISY planes ARE flying on #Toulouse hospital @CHUdeToulouse Purpan. You, Toulo… https://t.co/g3phuaBqAX

ProletaireX Redux ‏@ProletaireY

James Corden a ‘legend’? Come on: even ‘comedian’ was pushing it! 😡

CL ‏@cehntle

@aechanct Am not a babie why you always call me baby. 😡

mick ingall ‏@IngallMick

Hypocrites who used to be loved and respected but have turned into a pair of elitist Gravy Train robbers 😡😡😡 shame… https://t.co/4a9AitRVDr

katie ‏@glorfindels

— my family: oh yeah no that’s fine !! it’s better to take your time a learn so you’re a safe, good and confident… https://t.co/L25AspTkI0

Hello #FBPE 🇪🇺 vote LibDem why not ‏@Randomcomplime2

@richardSuncarr @mariacaulfield Are they really calling #nodeal prep operation yellowhammer. A bird known for its c… https://t.co/jwldGXP9la

Your WIN:D ‏@Silver10022064

Ok Fanplus...what’s wrong with you? I watch video ads and no votes given to me. Only that annoying Samsung ad is playing! 😡

Sheri Monette ‏@monette_sheri

@depressionnote @BradWollack All I can say is that he is a very lucky man just because I was watching him through a… https://t.co/9FSDo2TM9w

James 🔴🔰🇾🇪 ‏@JMillsy_7

@92xplorers Omg thats genius 😂😂😂 better not being doing that to me tho 😡

~K™ ‏@lifeisteastains


Jar ‏@JaeKim97

the viet language is 😡

Shekhawat ‏@Shekha_watSP

@Being_Vinita @Rajput_Ramesh Hey angel.. I'm in Jaipur.. And tweeting. Don't spread lies. moron 😡

Hassan Younis Malik ‏@onenine21

@KlasraRauf Need Gabber as Muhammad Bin Qasim no more😓😡

ᴬᶜʰᵒᵒ GOWON ‏@Min_lto

@KurenaiSinn You should of posted it 😡

Dusty Pee ‏@DustyPee

@austenite20 Guess who’s never flying business class again? No cheese box, no fly. 😡

𝐞𝐥𝐦𝐨; ‏@tqehyung_

@luvkth95 you hate me but use my picture i sent you 😡😡😡

🌱IFA🌱 ‏@voyezbizzle

fuckkkk YGENT😡😡😡😡😡 https://t.co/G66JGsDKja

❤️ 흐린 ❤️ ‏@SooniAJS

@Raazeaaa Whoa WTF 🥺🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

honey bee ◟̽◞̽ ‏@lofilouie

@Wednesday_Hater why kinda 😡

Aéroport de Toulouse 😡 Stop NUISANCES BRUIT 😡 ‏@Stop_Avions_Tls

@GuillaumeFaury Once more your dirty NOISY planes ARE flying on #Toulouse hospital @CHUdeToulouse Purpan. You, Tou… https://t.co/EKxKaQ8IQA

ʟıєғıє™❤ ‏@Nana__Xaba

😡 I really do not understand why it hurts so much when you bite your tongue accidentally and it doesn’t hurt if do… https://t.co/jx5ezZxswf

Beware Of Thought Police ‏@BikGaiHaiDuniya

I want my account back 😡😡😡 #StopSuspendingPakistanis

Sjava indlalifa ‏@Sjava_atm

Where the hell am i going to get Guava leaves😡 https://t.co/JkVNXn7tlN

PAKISTANI DIL SE ❤️🇵🇰 ‏@humahashmi735

@GoldSta64585269 @simadwasim If u did this again I am gonna I am gonna slap you so hard 😡😡😡😡😡😭😭

P Fiddy ‏@kingfid

@livesey99 @NorthernCasual @MrJamesMahon @elbalson @EmmaThommo Pacifically 😡

𝘿𝘼𝙍𝙏𝙃 ‏@darth_gg

@ImDeophest Accepting Brig jail is a crime. 😡😡😡😡😡

✰𝖋𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖆✰ ‏@vinyltomIinson

ew seeing my mcm’s name/username puts a smile on my face. wHAT IS THIS BEHAVIOUR. HE HAS BEEN CANCELLED😡😡😡

sandieshoes ‏@sandieshoes

@SueWhitaker11 Gina Miller 🙄 on Sky said proroguing Parliament off table. She’s written to Boris asking for reassu… https://t.co/RgwxGev7AY

GEXTER'S LAB ‏@angelicaxtina

I hate it when my crush sends me a cute pic of himself when we’re arguing bc he knows I can’t resist 😡😡😡 rupok mo Gex

JC ‏@alexandrite31

What?? 😡😡😡😡 https://t.co/MxgxxB0qUN

Laura ‏@lks3615

Not happy @OfficialFPL sort the app out! Made a transfer - great. Had a look at my team later that day, app said 1… https://t.co/6NYMUR4Cwj

सचिन ‏@geetarth

What's your problem @Mivi_Official almost after 2 week you have replaced my product which is type C data cable.. M… https://t.co/t0iieubAzW

𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓎 ‏@forneocultech

@ecstasyong fuck you😡😡😡

Alexandra ‏@Alexandra132

Bloody weather , more plans cancelled- British summer 😡

Roger Wilson ‏@loweroddfarm

@russbmckenzie @PaulWoldfarm Turned straw yesterday afternoon, not too sure we’ll bale today 😡

Tex Gowing ‏@tagowing

Now I wonder why that is 😂😂😂😂😂🤔🤔. Could it be something to do with maybe his 210 days of golf in his 2yrs 8 months… https://t.co/LgWZh9dfhE

Zaahid Khan ‏@ZaahidKhan15

@hazelists Losliya I can't see you now so I am get very angry I try to control but I can't normally get angry but i… https://t.co/VekoDiiCCH

Annie Chrisman ‏@orphan64

@LisaGarr I think you are kind and compassionate! I do not like your guest tonight, Kimberly. She has been so rude… https://t.co/r1IAwThSt1

Jes Fernie ‏@JesFernie

@MartinSteinwand Relentlessly grim 😡

ChiefSeattle ‏@ChiefSeattle9

@JParkerSculptor @The_RHS This man is a conman. Advertises for workers then moans about having to pay wages as he ‘… https://t.co/oFNwXja7Cf

بالی سرکار🏏 ‏@MeBilalkanwal

@PUBGMOBILE Again Hcaker😠😡 https://t.co/BUww8tte1u

Scott Theobald ‏@ScottSTheo

Very very disappointed with @O2 I’m currently in Dubai, called up yesterday to double check the £4.99 data package… https://t.co/pX1eLOV4l1

arlindaademi ‏@arlindaademi

@BarcaTimes He don’t want to face the problen ,bcs he is not able to solve it -enough with him 😡

Sarfaraz44 ‏@Sarfaraz442

#videocond2h worst customer care not responded pathetic services😡

Folarin Fehintola ‏@Flamingfolaring

Smh. Everyone is bold on this app and that's fine... Just keep the same energy until you actually see me though. Ca… https://t.co/SbpXml5PFc

giselle ‏@gisellehtx

@babyystrella you are important 😡

🏳️‍🌈 athena's mom 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@jinri

@uelmendrado @chick_in_kiev @HerreraBeutler Clark County doesn't want her! We wanted @ElectLong, It was the other c… https://t.co/SqeX4pDDZ4

Gail James ‏@witchwaylancs

Middle of the school holidays and the only nice day for ages, so we decide to go out for the day 😡 it’s not on… https://t.co/w1y4bEdWgj

Kevin Campbell ‏@1kevincampbell

@RoscoBosco1966 @Everton @Arsenal That VAR in the City game cost me a win Treble 😤🤦🏾‍♂️😡🤣🤣🤣

Siritron ‏@SirianTwitch


BLANCO ‏@BlancoEmmah

@Beatricegabriek 😳😳 Who said you ain't??? Please DM me they names 😡😡

taylah leigh ‏@taylorayub

dennise needs to hurry her ass up 😡

Abdul Razaq ‏@magicalleo101

@UN @washingtonpost @WSJ @fekerksa_en @KristianeBacker but world is blind intentionally 😡 https://t.co/jtgn9lWu5F

kim depoy ‏@dear_yohank

@x1members Kaget aing!!! 😡

𝒢𝒶𝒷𝒷𝓎 𝑅𝑜𝓈𝑒 ♥️🐘♥️ ‏@GabbieRose26

@archillect WHAT!!!😮😡👎🏼 #SavePikachu https://t.co/LlibFlnbSD

Monisha ‏@monishasnair

@AmuMinaj Rood 😡

Dave Nosworthy ‏@DONCRICKET

More than poor behavior from the crowd at @HomeOfCricket yesterday when @stevesmith49 took a blow to the head...😡 C… https://t.co/mQCN0lbBya

malaahmed ‏@malaahmed2

@SHABAZGIL @ImranKhanPTI @peaceforchange @geonews_urdu @PTVNewsOfficial @PTIofficial only 300 rupees he was suspect… https://t.co/WqhZWGOiNI

Manduloh K ‏@Nanduloh

Esther in Frodd's bed🙆I don't understand this😡Wat do u want from Frodd???? Stay away!!!! #BBNaija

Moscow🇯🇲 ‏@TfromBrum

@longlivecmvc Wtf is this loooool and where's the address I need to know where not to go 😡

Triple X temptation ‏@3XTemptation

@RogersHelps I still need help rogers. Wifi hasn't been working for 3 days. 3 DAYS! 😡

TerraNova ‏@TerraNova0xB

@natgaff I'm so sorry to hear that you've experienced this ugly side of humans. No one should ever be coerced into… https://t.co/X11AfAjgyU

BornFabnotafab ‏@msmerrythought

Can’t make @eventbrite App work as it insists I enable location. Guess what - you don’t need to know where I am, I… https://t.co/Bjhp9nPobS

Paulo 🗝 ‏@Nictxfilia

Gibby!!! 😎😎😡😡😡😡

Ann Pinn ‏@stivesseagull

Exactly what I felt! 😡 https://t.co/kD7azoJQnI

Ree_ooh❤ ‏@girloftalentss

So much hypocrites....😡

swanky👩🏽‍💼👩🏽‍💼 ‏@fadimaaaaaaaaa

This is bullshit😡😡😡😡 https://t.co/RKliYuznPq

Eggaudo ‏@Eggaudo

I find it annoying af how people always compare rivalries in anime to Sasuke & Naruto. Rivalries didn't exist befor… https://t.co/NViTgxkLbT

Dewey ‏@ryandewey8

Some clubs are embarrassing just going behind players back requesting a transfer without even speaking to them how… https://t.co/8wQrTOfEHG

Dn× ‏@Dnxnidref__

@brfootball @Cristster7 Why is @Cristster7 retweeting this ffs?😡

jenny 🐸 ‏@emeralds3

@RealBlackIrish But let’s not mention the rampaging FAR FAR LEFT, Antifa etc......😡⁉️

Kushbythepound ‏@Kushbythepound1

Boycotting your stream tomorrow 😔😡 @Flight23White give us gta it’s not our fault u suck at madden https://t.co/EneOp1OQ4h

Camden ‏@LoverMP3File

@TheTaylorInMe Someone told me he wasn’t but like he still better be 😡

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