Pouting Face Emoji

A pouting face outwardly showing displeasure with a person or situation. Displayed with a furrowed brow on most platforms, this emoji is commonly used for mad or angry emotions. Samsung's version of this emoji includes a red anger symbol on the forehead.

Not to be confused with the Angry Face or Person With Pouting Face.

Pouting Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😡 Angry Face

😡 Grumpy Face

😡 Mad Face

😡 Red Face


😡 U+1F621




Tweets For 😡

🐣 The Zoon Politikon 🐤 🐦 ‏@PoliSci_JpR

@heather28df Did they up the number? I ask because I've previously read it was limited to 22. Regardless, allowing… https://t.co/ZeE41trbZ4

cloudy ‏@ravencloudh

@ShayzellYates Dude wtf 😡😡

Cabell Perry ‏@PerryCabell

@SarahKSilverman Seriously!!! I have to get my old Nike's resoled😡

Sweet Caroline ‏@Witchywoo40

@LovelyBoxerLilz @thepigeoncoup33 Hope you are ok sweetheart 😢those pesky teeth😡😡sending you love , cuddles & kisse… https://t.co/y0bHrQoBrg

🇯🇲Kordeination||Parafamily🇯🇲 ‏@normaican

The fucking wifi dropped in the middle of the movie😡

Jose ‏@JoseUYanez

Bruh why everybody gotta graduate on me like that 😡

dream your dream ‏@sparkleblusher

@Ticketmaster also i ended up leaving early because the whole thing was a safety hazard there goes that ticket i paid $$$ in a presale 🙄😡

Diceman ‏@Diceman19770421

@Purplerainn3 Stalin and Nazi-Germany😡

Sanskari Sam👧💫😌🙈😎💥 ‏@Endless_girl

@DSTIsHere @Being_Shupriya @karmakar_shweta @DhanashriTendu @SumayaSimi @no_more_in_life @Shalini01427229 @anjumk13… https://t.co/bIOadC771I

Hannah Whitmore ‏@hannah100590

Great customer service @AskPayPal!!! Just ignore me why don't you?!? 😡😡😡

lisa ‏@LisaHeals_

@TheFilthyTorb yeah mkay like theres totally a better mercy pocket than me 😡

Michele Germain ‏@GermainMichele

@hannashoshana Reported for hate-speech and incitement of terrorism. 😡

pendejajaja ‏@BEAUTYBOYLOVE

@kevindoann i love u say it back😡

Scott Pugh ‏@sc0ttpugh

@NickFreedom Apart from the thousands of emails I’m getting right now from people trying to update their database! 😡

Eliza Lynn ‏@ElizaLynnArroyo

@socialism_sucks @madmamma4 When making original movie didn’t someone, anyone get a weird vibe about these scenes? 🧐🤨 Wow, just wow! 😡

Marcos Zeledon ‏@_MZeledon

@AndreaHerrera1 How dare you?😡

Amar ‏@amar_ramaraj

Dear @siddaramaiah @DrParameshwara @DKShivakumar @dineshgrao @reachmbp @DKShivakumar @DKSureshINC sirs... Trains a… https://t.co/AiFiZNvMQS

Khushirajsingh ‏@Khushirajsingh2

I hate her... Actually I am jealous of her bc my best friend likes her more than me😡😡😡 #fuckingbitch https://t.co/JYTWIh2zJl

Davidson Samraj ‏@DavidsonSamraj

@sri50 Petrol cost for 1 litre is 83 RS today😡

USA~GTFOofSYRIA!!!⏳ ‏@EvillySexyBitch

@Syroid_Hawk @peterpobjecky 😡😡😡 DAMN them all !

Stephen Robbins ‏@Steverobbins008

@IWillRedPillU @NinetyEight_6 It's beyond sickening ❗️😡

Jum Murphy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎗 ‏@JumMurphy

Michael Russell wrote to David Lidington on May 15 – the same day that the Scottish Parliament voted formally again… https://t.co/cOXCp6YeBi

yourfavthickbitch. ‏@KiiKiiDeeee

All I wanna do is sleep and I can’t 😡

Dean jones ‏@dean_dean66

@tizzynasher1 morning what a day yesterday be so glad when it's out poor little one poor silver fox one has to say… https://t.co/fyVykUyF6w

Colleen Morgan ‏@goofballgeorge

@RobKolanowski was hijacked (by Twitter staff?), his follower acct set to ZERO & then locked out!😡 He's in charge… https://t.co/075wC0fvaO

maddyteague ‏@maddddyteagueee

i hate when i can’t go to sleep, pisses me off 😡

Marilyn LOVES Trump. ‏@MarilynKayStew1

@IWillRedPillU @_IamAnita_D That's SO FUNNY! Haaaaaaaasa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaa!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😀😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂

lil t ‏@T33_baby17

@Champagn3mami_ I’m still mad u didn’t get my food man lol 😡

Andrew Perng ‏@PengWangZi

I have never wanted the main leads in a drama to break up so badly until watching #밥잘사주는예쁜누나 😡

léyxa, hilton. ‏@JIH00NPARKs

@bjiyourg BRRRAAAYNNN😡😡😡😡

Kai' 🌸 ‏@clashes_inparis

I always get put in the middle of everything in my life and I’m sick of it yo 😡😪💔

Sarah Switzer🍩 ‏@Riginal_Zin

@estarianne If we don't get the House back, then this is all pedantic tongue wagging, anyways. Then we will have to… https://t.co/HKwtoi3L97

MLH ♥️ ‏@just_mindy

This is so so disgusting. I wish I hadn’t read this while trying to go to sleep 😡 https://t.co/Ukb5dLMMKl

Katiria Jefferson ‏@kaymillionare3

@AppleSupport why are Your chargers trash? Ive bougt 3 in the past moth and they’ve all broken!!! 😡😡😡😡 i got bills… https://t.co/3rZZV1PCF4

Josie Lacaria ‏@JosieLacaria

@rangerwyld @TorontosMayor @JohnTory Send them back where they came from. They are not refugees! 😡

Ariel ‏@JoelAriel19

@nohemigomitas 😡😡😡😡 instablock

betamonkeys ‏@edpsych42

Tax rises needed 'to prevent NHS misery' was that the small print on the bus?😡 https://t.co/jbv6MJlGTD

Amanda ‏@BlacklockAmanda

@GMB My partner pays 40% already because he works offshore and he’s suffered pay cuts and having to fight for tiny… https://t.co/CBFs13Gjct

LilyM ‏@EmeraldLilyM

I’m wondering why on earth we shell out $$$ on @comcast when our cable is totally out almost every day and night ar… https://t.co/fWnSyYECzY

Ric Ultima (NSFW) ‏@AD_RicUltima

@cad_wing Who doesn’t love Cad? 😡

🌹MsRose🌹 ‏@msrose2343

#auspol #estimates my fed member feels the same way I do. We deserve an explanation about this from Mr Harbourside… https://t.co/YqyTkfSzAL

miked1968 🤔 ‏@mikedunphy1968

@northernassist @MellesBellesMcr Northern Rail owners should all be sacked,this is not how you run a business,bring… https://t.co/222BZwLUSu

JuanDaMan ‏@JuanDaMan10

Why not simply tax all business at the same rate you tax hard working individuals and then perhaps the NHS might be… https://t.co/mUnfyuVf56

John M. Wood III ‏@OriginalJahWoo

I think #Survivor #SurvivorFinale makes CBS more money than they spend producing a season of the show from commerci… https://t.co/6wsnEOj4O6

Dare Maoki ‏@MaokiConcepts

@TaosVisual frick you man you're banned from my Christian Minecraft server now 😡😡😡

sammy lynch ‏@sammychii

@MRobertsQLD 😡 wow not on Turnbull, and you dening sick and disabled people from pensions 🤢

Dennisse Duenas ‏@ddennisse_

The fact that my parents went to the calibre 50 concert😡 I’m beyond jealous

Ciano ‏@ciano

How come all the lads selling shit on done deal from the north say, no texts, calls only, how the fuck am I supposed to understand u like 😡📵

Kiya Murphy ‏@KiyaMurphyyy

So my dad eats in his sleep & he ate MY ice cream & the put it the fridge I’m so mad 😡

Isabel Jones 🇿🇦 ‏@zeekny

If any lil pale inbreds did this to MY kid, everybody including their parents are catching hands😡😡😡 https://t.co/ckv31xbsg7

ManUtd Die Hard Fans ‏@MUFC_D_H_F

An ABSOLUTE DISGRACEFUL thing for a club legend to say 😡 https://t.co/E3L4WVpHSt

Yash ‏@yashmax32

This is shocking news. Rohingyas has done mass killing of Hindu & Bandha community, And every one is silent. No any… https://t.co/pBDKHZSLbx

MANISH AHLUWALIA ‏@ahluwaliamanish

@1kunalbahl @snapdeal @Snapdeal_Help ALL YOU GUYS ARE FRAUDS! Sold off FAKE shoes and now NOT RESPONDING TO MAILS,… https://t.co/DJmzBvlxJ6

Josie Lacaria ‏@JosieLacaria

@MichelleRempel @FaithGoldy Why are there illegals coming into Canada? Where are they coming from? Doesn’t make any sense! 😡

vio || dear moon 💕 ‏@kevinplanet_


Efren ‏@medina10x

It irks me when people call me Efrain 😡

Mukalah ⚽️ ‏@Mu_kalah

@mos3sjt He wasn’t called? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😠😡🤬

rundownmonii😈 ‏@__darkskinnnn

The last episode of 13 reasons why 😡😡

Miss Beautiful ‏@_Gerougoues_

@Jadaphi_ Lol yes i hope they get Bryce 😡

Sandy Sikich 🦋 ‏@sandysikich

@Hawkeye_Kay Kay, I'm sorry to read this! 😡 They lost a treasure for sure! But, I agree there will be bigger & bett… https://t.co/5UPX5sQjjC

Will ‏@Wmhaynie53

@RoyRtracy @steph93065 @VanJones68 Won’t say anything derogatory to this particular issue. Will hold my breath.… https://t.co/nL4inE85o5

Grandpa Toms ‏@XoxoToms

When I was in school they taught us how to think. Now they teach our children what to think. That’s not education t… https://t.co/5oVYTlFa6B

India 🇮🇳 Always 🇮🇳 First ‏@lets_say_truth

@MyVoteToday @narendramodi Modi 😂 where is Vikas 😂 Modi 😂 where is job 😂 Modi 😂 where is black 💰 😂 Modi 😂 where is… https://t.co/eIvJvduN7U

MsMarley 👑♒ ‏@TheRealLadyRaw

Worst thing you can do is be loyal ✊🏼💯 to the wrong mf 😡🙅🏻‍♀️💯💯😵

dream your dream ‏@sparkleblusher

@ticketmaster screwing things over again selling tickets for a show where I couldn't even see the stage😡

Overlady ‏@Aitch_El

Bloody hell! I sincerely hope voters punish Libs with a thrashing for putting us all through this election hell! 😡 #auspol #SuperSaturday

𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕒𝕤 ‏@lucasqbs_

MY neck my back. Lick my KaJigger and my Whatchamacallit. — Get out of here Jatory 😡😡😡 And it wasn’t a Tom Hilfilji… https://t.co/Bl3TiCrNXA

James ‏@JamesMalevolent

Correction @ferialhaffajee The Country has fallen apart and like Humpty Dumpty all of Cyril's men cannot put it bac… https://t.co/Aq1JY9ilni

Kwali Nale ‏@FransWoye

@rinah321 @Shange_A Shange you see the results of the things you say. 😡🤭 I do @rinah321 that guy keshiinge nawa ka.

Ideas are Bulletproof ‏@sarvamshivamm

@Hariadmk IDIOT i hope you are kidding ...Democracy is dead in TN, As a concerned citizen I am going to apply for… https://t.co/tbIn91XLUj

Daniel Kujawa ‏@dajo_k

@breebunn What an Asshole. Here in Germany the landlords can raise the rent up to a certain percentage per year. An… https://t.co/ON3Dx4BJrG

cblakey ‏@blakec5

@FoxNews Thanks Trump 😡

viti ‏@kenvitiello

@LotoBoho @kramer_susan @mkraju So basically everything will be leaked to Fox News in a twisted Pro-Trump form befo… https://t.co/3wrN8zTtX9

Beanie Guy ‏@__Avion__

Bella just put her shoes on without socks 😡


Why. WHY. 😡 https://t.co/7gF53iILM0

Can Cut Worm Red ‏@Nottingham67

@mrjakehumphrey Small club in Scotland? Do the BBC not have any training on avoiding coming out with patronising guff like this? 🤦‍♂️😡

Quattro Bajeena ‏@lim3494

Boosted RA 😡

David Cobb ‏@DavidCo40209962

@RealErinCruz @AliciaTolbert45 @POTUS @GrahamLedger @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @WayneDupreeShow I agree; We need t… https://t.co/moyWk7CKgV

Chetan Shenoy ‏@shenoyc

@AgentSaffron @coolfunnytshirt Look at that lady shouting as if she is the master of everything and look at HDK sta… https://t.co/zrIEv9Vrdw

Richard Garvey ‏@dickiegarvey

@TeamYouTube @jpm_507 Why does every social media think that they know better than he chronological order it infuri… https://t.co/pOrDQMb8NT

Mari ‏@MarriiGS9

@luisbravo__ Dude I hate him. Like literally 😡

RobertoMx ‏@RobertoMx8

@Treyarch complete the contract today and I did not get anything on the black market, the contract says active what… https://t.co/LSjFB1Xk1u

Thomas Blair ‏@BlairTomblair18

We spend $18 billion a year on illegal immigrant healthcare! How much will the wall cost?? I say the wall is money… https://t.co/poKhqd3C56

Prince$$ Kel$ey. ‏@kelsey_brass

annoying that my boyfriend does not say goodnight to me ever. Who will be upset if you don’t hear anything at all 😡🤬

ɐʌǝ ‏@evictoria_r

@PopeWhorehey why does nobody want to see me prosper😡

✨ ‏@brixamour

none of my messages are sending or coming thru 😡

PKDragoon(Hansel) ‏@PKDragoon

@Naoako808 You bastard😡

IIVIIIIXIXIV*bh ‏@Sandy_2_Phoenix

😡some fandoms (I will not name) are really boring ... 💕No matter, i love iKON it's the most important 😊good day to… https://t.co/bBD9zJC8pz

V!CKY ‏@VigneshKSekar

How shit the Govt is? 😡 #BanSterlite #SaveTuticorin

Marjorie ‏@Marjori62171276

@VimbaiSairon @Thembanator01 Proof of residence, has honestly made my life miserable😧😧😡😡

Cookie Lyon ‏@kenturahxo

Didn’t think I could get more annoyed...guess I can😡🤬

Z ‏@i2Sonar

@H1Z1 Put OCE Servers in the game😡...this is sooo dumb playing on NA Servers

Erica Michelle 👑 ‏@emgchronicles_

When I can’t stand someone, everything they do irritates tf outta me. 😡

vic 🤖 ‏@vickyxicky

Mf I'm 5'10.5 😡

christina bastias ‏@bastias54

Have Libs not learned a damn thing about the consequences of voting by skin color, & not ones character & policies?… https://t.co/qLx2dPpmpB

__HITMAN🇬🇭 ‏@RNSlebron

Sometimes I regret being a Cavs fan ah tf😡

skhothane ‏@Reliwe2

When I was chatting with gento 😴😡😡😡 https://t.co/jMaZt3plER

Kimberly Satoru ‏@kim_sama_999

Australia got busted for fake news again about Thomas The Tank Engine and Barbie getting banned in all libraries in… https://t.co/iJdxSjnG7u

Norma Battiss ‏@BattissNorma

@HHSheikhaLatifa @JabirOrg @hrw @uaehumanrights @HHShkMohd @MohamedBinZayed @MOFAUAE @RadhaStirling @KimDotcom… https://t.co/2z9jDYXch2



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