Pouting Face Emoji

A pouting face outwardly showing displeasure with a person or situation. Displayed with a furrowed brow on most platforms, this emoji is commonly used for mad or angry emotions. Samsung's version of this emoji includes a red anger symbol on the forehead.

Not to be confused with the Angry Face or Person With Pouting Face.

Pouting Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😡 Angry Face

😡 Grumpy Face

😡 Mad Face

😡 Red Face


😡 U+1F621




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🍀 Perrette 🍀 ‏@Perrett89925677

@MikeHudema Why aren't right laws and hard punishments 😡....so weak and crazy is this world that it cannot change.… https://t.co/BhN5GjI39I

Jay Park ‏@JayZSeanPark

@lanahasmywig This the shit u send me on Instagram with vomit emojis😡😡😡😡.........the HYPOCRISY!!!!!

Becky Y ‏@bayounger

@mare_grieve Makes me sick. He is his father’s son. 😡

Alan Henderson ‏@HendersonAlan

😡😡😡😡 A rare antelope is being killed to make $20,000 scarves https://t.co/kfUdOVqxgc via @NatGeo

saeen سائں ‏@saeen2k

@Noxious_Numaira You destroyed my 2 minutes reading these stupid trends of unknown people. 😡

ɥs ‏@0sxv_

@sxxvine i’m here😤😡

Bigg C ‏@VitaminCee44

@AOC @jrgaillot Especially when it's legal now. The governor's wife in Utah is prime example..!🤔😡

Bre ☆ 190424 Taehyung ‏@pockettaes

Me: Taehyung better post a picture with his jet back hair or I have an event planned 😡 Taehyung: *posts an old vid… https://t.co/tW8eTJ1OV4

Chloekeddie12 ‏@chloekeddie12

Some people are so rude clearly on their phones but ignoring ur messages😡

Liannegelu Orencio ‏@yanny831

Complete yung emotion. 😂😍😡😢😱😊 but 🤫. 😉

Amy Ní Muircheartaigh ‏@Miggeldy4Pres

Just off phone to doctors, finally asked about #hpvvaccine as it wasn't available to get when I was in school, pret… https://t.co/T6HfN0XOam

[ • • ] Jacquie ‏@JCH999

SPEAK LOUDER YOU ARSEHOLE!!! 😡😡 #judgerinder

juliya 🌻 ‏@juliyadewitz

What and the actual hell? 6-9inches of snow on April 27 😡 https://t.co/s2v2flTxgn

LuTzz ‏@LuTzzzlol

Nobody: Hoes : 😡🤬😤

samantha ‏@samantharicci25

Until they give me the last three episodes I’m not watching another nbc show again @nbc #blindspot 🤬😡🥵💔💔

Dr. ID🌼 ‏@idixxxe_

This is the problem I also have with the exam .. mine expires next year and I don’t even have any plan to use it im… https://t.co/78DhemAXM1

Rolly💘 ‏@sanntonioo

kids really think it’s funny spoiling Avengers EndGame! 😡

Clinton Blasdale ‏@clint_blasdale

@DanielK97593144 Cowards 🤬😡

KimNatyeom93🌼💚 ‏@KimNatiGyeom93

@jooh0rneey @valeriita98 @GOT7Official Denuncien xq esas están haciendo trampa! What is this?? BTSh is cheating.… https://t.co/xNDdZLrdo8

ً ‏@maisielfc

just made a cup of tea and forgot about it & now it’s cold😡🤬

🌻kd🌻 ‏@kay_deniseee

A teacher just stole my money on Teachers Pay Teacher and I want to sign a warrant on her! I’m mad. 😡

Louise ‏@clwtweet

@Chas10Buttigieg “No one puts Buddy in a corner!” 😡

Sonee Cassiday ‏@BrentsMom59

Michelle Obama for president?! Oh my fucking gosh. Say it isn't so. 😡😠 NOTHING would surprise me with this crew of… https://t.co/qBexg4DObE

The Re-Up mixtape on now on all platforms ‏@TrapMontana901

Memphis looking bad out here. Leave these kids alone mane 😡😡

mamaw ‏@Pattymamaw

@alexbruesewitz @NFL This is so wrong 😡

Mark Baden ‏@Mark_Baden

I believe this is the latest I’ve ever seen a Winter Storm Watch in our area. Late April snow = 😡🤬 https://t.co/RCTfJ0PXUu

Liz Presley-Hazard ‏@lizpresleyHaz

My sentiments exactly! 😡 https://t.co/JL2MY6AsS1

BK ‏@TinyDancer95

@KUsuperman @jaelynbrooke I’m bitter. 😡

Jay ‏@makeeemrun

@YoungDxggerDick I was waiting a few weeks till the cinemas calmed down 😤😡😡

Tina Lennon ‏@DoctorMommyTina

@sassistheword Holy shit. 😡

gio ‏@iurnslol

@toastyfn BTW im JUST a CONTENT CREATOR! I DONT have to be good at the game , The OTHER 2 GIRLS in PARALLEL arent good EITHER!😡😡😡😤

Queens English ‏@SoE_Queens

The School has got that #FridayFeeling today 🙌 Here's a list of adjectives to describe tone, emotions and feeling… https://t.co/SefeTPUzjm

[email protected] ‏@RealMattDunada1

@RogerFritz7 @heyk1967 Not this Right thinking Patriot...🇺🇸💪🏼💙# Screw the Left, Fck the PC Socialists...😡👊🏻🤕

meeee ‏@nzmiii_

my twitter crush is @acpmri 😡😘 https://t.co/1MojuA821b

Elena. ‏@i_ayeshaaa

@qazipanda @Brandonwoelfel oh my god, you’re so mean to me 😡

Terry Luoma ‏@KazLuoma

@hydraic I'm just mad Snowdrop doesnt play nice with my i5 😡. Hit 455 gear score and havnt touched it since.

A🤠 ‏@26Role

@dylanftbl Hahahaha we dippers can't live now he made fun of us ffs 😂😂😂 on my way to beat my wife 😤😤😡

Sam Connett ‏@SamCon_Gado

@PGATOURLIVE @PReedGolf @henrikstenson @Graeme_McDowell @Louis57TM @CA_Schwartzel @PGATOUR Why did you bump out Cam… https://t.co/mqcDrzCmot

dee¹¹ loyalies 📌 ‏@tkdior

i was TRYING TO BE HEALTHY 😡😡😡 https://t.co/uy30nqwN8o

International Banana ‏@mcmikalPB

@pdsghofficial stop playing with our light 😡

Ṯäệ🤘🏽 ‏@taejahburney

Wtf there’s proof he was planning this 😡 America continues to look out for the white people man and it’s sad asf bu… https://t.co/P2RKRuXXpX

Sam Brown ‏@sambrownye

@AarronnC Course I fucking do, left ones a rump and rights a sirloin 😡😡 https://t.co/EsszVGr6og

john howard ‏@JohnWest300

@CharltonCARD @SthLondonPress ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… https://t.co/2aorxTzBNs

VampireShawty ‏@Alondra921

My brain on SICKO MODE🤬😡

ClareBee ‏@pinkmuppetstar

@DancingTheMind I live near Oxford, let me know where these are and I’ll rip them down!! 😡

Aqua Moon 🔮🌙 ‏@MysticSophie

@tarotbyiris @venusin12th Now I’d be like “crazy? I’LL FUCKING SHOW YOU CRAZY THEN YOU PIECE OF ABSOLUTE TRASH!!!!” 😡

Renu yadav ‏@Renz25

No @JeAmourIndia this kind of customer targeting is not accepted. I am not interested in lightening my skin tone to… https://t.co/qFvIUMHfNu

Laura Bertolli ‏@_laurabertolli

Can you imagine a black person choosing a white candidate over a black candidate? No! We should never choose our… https://t.co/ze8RQfaaxI

Steven Pisa ‏@PisaCake_

On me!!!! 😡😡😡😤😪 https://t.co/xcuf5NFBUT

irem ‏@666jamaisvu

jeremy change your name to zeremy right now I am not playing if taehyung said ure zeremy then u are 😡 #BBMAsTopSocial BTS

Jono ‏@johnottawa1

@JamesMelville BBCQT bad for my health ... 😡

fleur's asya ‏@gayvaIdez

🤑 - oomf who suggested me tof 😡 vs oomf who suggested me tof whos my friend now ig 😡😡😡 fr though ily lots<33

ichá ‏@iam_bbygurl

@ameliacaa_ typo😡

Val Vino ‏@SimPly_VALeriee

Fucking Briana and Chanel are ignorant af ! I asked them the same question 3 times and they still ignoring me ! 😡😡

Sharon Jaffe-Johnson ‏@jaffe_johnson

@funder @rcarr57 Threats need follow thru, so ARREST them if they don't comply..... NO ONE is above the LAW 😡

Gary Robson ‏@GaryRobson63

@DLq1 @chelleryn99 @therightarticle @jeremycorbyn Brexit will be his Achilles heel and helping useless TM get it through 😡🦄

-.-. .- .. .-.. . .- -. Kay-Lin ‏@BlackStar95CD

Argue to spice up yalls relationships!!! Dang!!! Boring behinds 😡

Kamart ‏@kamart160

@NaomiAKlein Ahh yes. The same guy who said our troops needed to go house to house with AK’s and point them at inno… https://t.co/5xBxwTLfKu

min //HIATUS ‏@triviapretty

😡😡😡😡im wuv yous https://t.co/RELjo0uQvA

Cooky #STOPBrexitNoDealNow #RevokeA50 #Remain ‏@markcarline44

@CpmGray I can't for the life of me understand why so many #Remain cannot see what's right in front of them 🤷‍♂️😡 T… https://t.co/9rUekUvMYp

Ricardo Henrique ‏@RicardoRiccatoh

Sorry for the absence my invisible friends... but this week is being exhausting, and leaving me stressed. 😡😩 But d… https://t.co/NlwwamI7Vg

Chowkidaar Pankaj Kumar ‏@PankajKiRai

@gauravbh @Rishabhjain6377 Sorry....✋ ✋ ✋ He has blood on his hands for killing several hundreds of defenceless kar… https://t.co/YPRXQgrZH9

meesha ‏@meesha28710789

@SebGorka Why do we bother putting them in jail.. injections are even to good for them🖕🖕😡

meg ‏@cvlte

KIDS ARE TALKING ABOUT ENDGAME IN MY HISTORY AND i think they just spoiled it so 😡

April ‏@12MonthsOfApril

@tjreadsthestars Are you kidding me?? 😡

Rossy - GlosPolBiker ‏@GlosPolbiker

It is a shame we cannot honour our fallen like this, patriotic to the core & here people complain about Union Flags… https://t.co/u1ZXkokA0i

Evelyn Ibarra ‏@eveyy_ibarra

@nessacastil @keemiemillz No because remember what you did after I gave you $200 last time? 😡

bad society 2 ‏@brian_stronks

Be careful border States are cracking down on Americans for any violations it’s not the fault of the law enforcemen… https://t.co/LeWkhki11m

Queen👑Van leer💋❤️️ ‏@Moesagal

@tyrone345345 Watching this video it’s piss me off😡😡😡😡😡 where is all black people and Talk is cheap

baby joe 🐐 ‏@superjoemcnasty

tryna go back 2 sleep 😡

Jobeena ‏@nkilpat512

@joncoopertweets @MsActiviss Enough with all the contemplating and veil threats. We. Need. Dems. To. Act. #DoSomething 😡

Trap Gyandalf⛽️ ‏@nIrv0

If ya know how I HATEE when people leave voicemails and then I end up with that irritating notif 😡

Archival Archi ‏@ArchivalLolo83

@StrictGoverness @Lady_Discipline @mistress_baton @ragdollotk Any Lady, any Mistress MUST BE RESPECTED Any deserved… https://t.co/dzdDB364LJ

Ian Saunders ‏@mysticironhorse

@popy_1 Shame she will get ripped off by London tourist prices 😡😡

Eileen OS ‏@eosull

84 yr old woman with cancer asks her husband 2 hold her hand, he is annoyed by her request so beats her for 2 hrs 😡 https://t.co/iTFtIgyWbZ

john kavanagh ‏@kavsie

@AddressingLife Speeds are low...like mine, 100 mb sent via optic fibre to distribution box which is 500 mtrs from… https://t.co/KG7UxKkR8t

Madam Outrage - Climate Change Is REAL 😠 ‏@MadamEarth

@colonelhogans Exactly 😡😡

Kai #EGN ‏@KaiTheGaymer


𝐥𝐨𝐥𝐚 ‏@clarkeregbo

@anndeever @andanteandantes bitch we LITERALLY went together 😡

African Queen ‏@AfricanQueenNo1

I’m leaving @TheDemocrats if they don’t choose someone who can beat Trump😡

ًgab ‏@jmnfile

@tannieera u too babie 😡💗

Upekhah Abeykoon ‏@nancy_woodpekha

@yaps9 @irbishi @TomMoodyCricket @RoshanCricket Miracles happen everyday Yaps and I might get STRETCHED!!! 🤪 Still… https://t.co/IWlG5E1beS

LuhRichF6lk🖤🗡🦅 ‏@1YungRichieRich

apple music bitch ass needa start having da new music as fast as dey take dey funky ass money out my account 😡😡

Jacob Sadowsky ‏@dudley1936

@CNN Eric you should be in jail And not giving the American public your opinion 😡😡😡😡

D. ‏@TheKsMother_

I’m playing 🥺😡

Josh ‏@DontSmileJosh

Hands if I see cuh in my son or daughter’s Pre-K class 😡 https://t.co/QHAqINihLr

iShyni ‏@i_shyni

@Layav9 How many times yaar?! For God’s sake how many times should Pragya and we fans go through this nonsense!? 😣😖😤😡#KumKumBhagya

linkinparkmark ‏@marksims94

@sophjbutler YES I AM! These people dont appreciate that some of us have been on a 10/11 year journey to get to th… https://t.co/WxZpP08FMp

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