Prayer Beads Emoji

Prayer beads used by people of various religious traditions.

Prayer Beads was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📿 Dhikr Beads

📿 Rosary Beads


📿 U+1F4FF


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Lesley Emerald 💖✨ ‏@woodywigmore

@Sky13861654 @pkamla1 @ChristiWalling @SweeetMamaSue @glasgow_bruce @ursobuursula @Lakisha19537166 @DianneD03113533…

Frank ‏@frank_56_

I say y’all bring back the anklet for the spring 📿

Keka💛 ‏@erikeka94

my friends said this year there doing the senor de araro in honor of my baby and for her amazing health 💝📿 cant wai…

4myBabyBoi ‏@4myBoi

@shannonrwatts @NRA @shannonrwatts HAS been demonstrating Gods work through advocacy for all of our children's safe…

Tam Rosby ‏@theycallmeTAM

Tibetan & Bone Bead Necklace. #HandmadeByTam 📿#LuxeProper 📿 Beads & Baubles & Such. Link in Bio. ••••••••••••••••••…

Maintain Harlem ‏@MAINTAINHARLEM


Frances Garner ‏@MrsGarner18

@realDonaldTrump Never doubted you or your family for a second! I pray🙏📿 God continues to bless and strengthen you, @FLOTUS and family.

J-U-LISA ‏@HairMistress_

Moments like this is should be pulling my cards. 🔮📿

👸Nel👸 ‏@Nel75751241

Spring is finally here #zyrtec season but patiently awaiting a lil warm weather👙👡👒📿

•PinkBarbie• ‏@sayblueindia

India would be a cute name around your neck . 📿

Just Like Paint ‏@JustLikePaint

⏩ #BathBombs $6. & 💎🎉📿 Surprise Necklace #BathBombs $20. Order with me directly, have QUESTIONS?, need website assi…

bazooka_Brad ‏@bradwalker_88

What quality about yourself do you value most? — Somewhat of a wise thinker I hope 📿🙌🏽

Denese Cavanaugh ‏@DeneseCavanaugh

Ushering in vested, humbled yoga teachers in to our world! Thankful to give to our universe!!!real karma❤️💯💯🕉🙏🏼💫📿

Ladii SavvMac (Hope McIntyre) ‏@HopeMarie1015

✨Phase 3 of My Sunday Mind💆 Body🍑🍷 & Soul💮🦋🔥☯️ #SpiritualCleansing🕉️💮💆👌🏽💦📿 ✨ . . 🔥 Cleansing My Aura & Environmen…

Georgia Marxist ☭ ‏@georgiamarxist

@alkhwarizmi42 🙏📿 god bless wolfram alpha 📿🙏

Pepper Mint ‏@peppermintjewel

Get 10% off all jewelry. 💍📿💍

Susan ‏@SuzePlace

Sunday night Jewelry Sale 💍📿 If you see an item you want Please comment the corresponding number to that item Shi…

Made in Kenya 🇰🇪 ‏@MachineGunSalee

My babies need new jewelry 📿💎

Hey Marina Brasil 🍊 ‏@heymarinabr

📿💍 The Family Jewels Videografia💍📿

Ladii SavvMac (Hope McIntyre) ‏@HopeMarie1015

✨Continuation of Phase 2 of My Sunday Mind💆 Body🍑🍷 & Soul💮🦋🔥☯️ #SpiritualCleansing🕉️💮💆👌🏽💦📿 ✨ . . ✨ "I am health, s…

💔Joyce🌊Frye💔💜💜 ‏@melgibsonsmrsme

@Cruellaisdevine Noooooooooooooooooooooo! We need you to stay! Please don't go! Not yet!!! 🙏📿

Rafida ‏@RafidaOrg

As a sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), wearing #GemstoneRings is a special aspect of Islami…

Santi ‏@SantiWebo25

@ElsavageDan 📿 amen

N/a ‏@jessie_hendrixx

But there's someone who can move it 📿

Ladii SavvMac (Hope McIntyre) ‏@HopeMarie1015

✨Phase 2 of My Sunday Mind💆 Body🍑🍷 & Soul💮🦋🔥☯️ #SpiritualCleansing🕉️💮💆👌🏽💦📿 ✨ . . A healthy lifestyle is not just…

Tacita ‏@Tacita41218128

@AROD Wow cute A rod&jlo💍💎📿💪🏽👞👞👠👠💃🏽🎤👏🏽😀😀♥💚 I understand now wow bertter you stay with herjlo is my mom I know 😀n sh…

Tam Rosby ‏@theycallmeTAM

Turquoise Agate Bracelet Set. #HandmadeByTam 📿#LuxeProper 📿 Beads & Baubles & Such. Link in Bio. ••••••••••••••••••…

hmmmm ‏@weeecho

Please pray for the primo 📿🙏🙌

Toasted Rye Bread w/ 2 dippy eggs ‏@CaptianStirling

Can I get some more feathers, please? 👒📿💄💐

Lucy Hawthorn ‏@FlickLucy

I swear to god I get a feeling about something then later on it’ll happen. Happens a lot too, ima start doing readings one day soon 🔮📿

Ladii SavvMac (Hope McIntyre) ‏@HopeMarie1015

After waking up with a headache..I realized this may be a sign from my #SpiritGuides👻 that I need a Mind💆, Body🍑🍷 &…

SONIMA ‏@LiveSonima

Relaxation is not all in the mind. It is a full-body experience! Use the mindfulness exercise with deepakchopra i…

𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖟 ‏@king_aboodz

@ps4savewizard Swag turned to the maximum 📿

Brisbane Psychics ‏@PsychicBrisbane


Self ❤ Made ‏@samanthaself

Hello all! Hope everyone's had a great weekend? I'm working on new products this weekend and would like your though…

duckinboots ‏@LydiaLaw53

@Saczak1 We had better all start praying now I think........Our Father which art in heaven🙏📿

‏﮼ياسمين ‏﮼نجم ‏@YasminNegmm

The word of the day .. (The qur2an is the map of the life 📿📖)

Ladii SavvMac (Hope McIntyre) ‏@HopeMarie1015

✨Phase 1 of My Sunday Mind💆 Body🍑🍷 & Soul💮🦋🔥☯️ #SpiritualCleansing🕉️💮💆👌🏽💦📿 ✨ . . Ok I hear u Spirit Guides👻...LOU…

🐐 ‏@idkwho_tbh

{Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that you may learn taqwa.} (2:183) 📿

Kiejah D. ‏@kiejahd

@rolandscahill @audible_com Oh @Rosie ! Please come forward to the congregation to do the Lord's work, if you would please? 🙏📿#wwjd #BeBest

Alyssa Eisenstein ‏@alyssaeisen

Sitting in the sun on my back patio, feeding the mind, body, and soul. 🧘🏻‍♀️📝📿🍵🗞

Inkedsol €The Sunkid€🌒📿🦎 ‏@InkedSol

A lot of the things you say helps 🌒📿🐸@BeautifulPass15

Norma♡Jeane ‏@NormaJe25519970

@davidhogg111 Sorry for your loss.🙏📿

سیدہ صناء بخاری ‏@SyedaShahaSana

#ImamMehdi 🙏📿❤ as a light illumine and guide me, as a shield overshadow me. As a light , As a shield be with me…

They Call Me Fab ‏@Forever_Fab

A blessed rosary 📿 . . MONDAY- WEDNESDAY: 1pm - 9pm THURSDAY - SUNDAY: 1pm- 11pm 180 Nw 183rd Street #107  Miami,…

GrowingUpItalian ‏@GrowingUpItalia

You know you’re Italian when there is some type of rosary/cross in your room right now 📿

Self ❤ Made ‏@samanthaself

Hello all! Hope everyone's had a great day? I'm working on new products this weekend and would like your thoughts?…

adeesha ‏@adeeshaxx

@imranye some of u guys 👳🏽‍♂️ are in the gym 🏋️‍♀️ tryna pick up hoes 🙆🏼‍♀️ when you should be in the mosque🕌 doing DIKHR 📿

farheen ‏@Farheenrao_

some of you guys 🤡 are outside 🌃 smoking weed 🌳 when you should be in the mosque 🕌 learning tajweed 📿

Gabriel Araujo 🔱 ‏@1__Godfather

Fuck I’m getting this double Time on Sunday nigga I’m blessed 🤔🔮📿😏💰

Raw&Rich 4L📿 ‏@Raw_Rich4L

I can’t do no fugazy shit it don’t sit well wit my conscience 📿

🕯Readings by Wen🔮 ‏@readingsbywen

Huge variety of #witchy #books #crystals #crystalballs & #statues here in #Fayetteville . Drop by and say hi! 😊📿🔮🕯…

🕯Readings by Wen🔮 ‏@readingsbywen

Huge variety of #witchy #books #crystals #crystalballs & #statues here in #Fayetteville . Drop by and say hi! 😊📿🔮🕯…

Liz? ‏@crazywildkitten

Self care is driving a crystal through your heart 🕯🔮📿

Nagual 🐆𓂀🐺 ‏@TheJaguarShaman

I got asked two days ago with the most passive aggressive tone why I carry around so many prayer beads 📿 lol people…

Muhammad Uzair Khan ‏@Muhamma66920069

True 📿

Karina Jamaitz 🇾🇪 ♥️ 🇧🇷 ‏@KJamaitz

Everton Felipe 🤦🏻‍♀️😰 📿

MichellesShop ‏@TheBabyBoutique

3-3-30 📿💎📿 Buy '3' jewelry items during the next '3' days; get '30%' off all of them! So many pieces in stock! This…

Dawn Michelle Texada ‏@Dawn_Texada

📿 Pearls For Days Maxi Dress 📿. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Harris V. Vinnyvon. B.G.S.,L.S.C.,B.F.A. P.h.D. ‏@HVinnyvon

Please 👂🏽🙏🏾✊🏾🇨🇦🎈📿❤️🧡💛💜💙💚🖤🙏🏾

Julia Dang ‏@JuliaDang13

G idles Senorita is so goood 😏💍💎💄📿👢👠

Petey ‏@willypeters13

@FaulconerSheen ....maybe 👻💽🗜📟📿⚜️🔱

💜 ๑ᴛʀɪᴄᴋʏ๑ 💆🏻‍♀️ ‏@squiddlysquad

I will be blessing my Mala beads later today 📿 with a Buddhist mantra prayer 🙏🏼 I’m sending all light, love and hea…

Pedro Esteves ‏@PedroEs46701920

@_viktoriakay You're not here to tweet. Where is Viktoria Kay?🇭🇺🇩🇪👡💎💅💋💍👑🍑💟💗💪📿🌹🤦🙏🔥🖖💓🏺🌷🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

Recover ‏@GetRecover

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” Proverb⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Enjoy some downtime and all the pretty things 🎀…

🌿ArctodusAru🌿🌸 ‏@ArctodusA

My big white snake. 🐍📿👹

BitchyWitch ‏@BitchyWitch9

A little sneak peak at some of the readings I will be offering next weekend!! #Tarot #Oracle 🔮📿☪️

Bhagyalaxmi Jena ‏@BhagyalaxmiJena

@sambitswaraj @BJP4Odisha Jay Jagannath 🙏📿


hello, welcome home. 📿 #NewProfilePic

Garletter G.F. Lee ‏@GarletterLee

@amjoyshow @RepMaxineWaters The end for Special Counsel #Mueller is that he will not make any more indictments; Pr…

Christa Weldon ‏@Doohickiesnsuch

My favorite flower! 🌻🌞📿 #bracelets #jewelry #women #handmadejewelry #supportsmallshops #madewithlove #buyhandmade

Garletter G.F. Lee ‏@GarletterLee

@RepMaxineWaters Host: @JoyAnnReid @MSNBC Interview w/ @RepMaxineWaters Los Angeles, CA. Mar. 24th, 2019, watchi…


Free readings to help me practice 📿 #tarot #MotherNature #palmistry #watertribe #spa #zen

Rafida ‏@RafidaOrg

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon his family) used to sleep on his right side, with his right hand under the fa…

Daily Kepner | 📿 ‏@dailykepner

Our old twitter was blocked this is new ✨📿

Satya Jewelry ‏@satyajewelry

Seeking a fresh intention for the Spring? ✨ Join Satya at @theVastuYoga on Saturday 3/30 for a powerful and inspiri…

🔥Saléha.B•🔥👠🔥😈♡#MagnusB♡ #SaveShadowhunters➰ ‏@SalehaDidy

@RakelSermar Thanks sweetie ❤ we will all be amazing!! for our boys Malec loved 🤩🤩😘👗👘🛍👠👡💄📿 with our wonderful pic…

‎كيميا ‏@Kimiabonichi

some of you girls🧕 are in the gym 🏋️‍♀️ tryna get thicker 🍑 when you should be in the mosque 🕌 doing DHIKR 📿

Martelle ‏@Martelle

Good Morning and Have a Great Day 📿

sevenbuddhasmx ‏@sevenbuddhasmx

Spotted beatiful @dafneokie & @giovest #tbt ☀️🥑👯❤️ check out their account @nomad_fromsoultosoul 📿🔮🙏🏻 for yoga & me…

TwatTeaser 🖤 ‏@iam_moochie

@KWaistIt On IG... Come Get Waisted With Kay 📿🌻❤️

🌸Noor Shehzadi🌸 ‏@Noor____s

✨PRΣMIUM🦅IΠT'L✨ 5️⃣ Follow Retweet Follow Back💯✔️ 🧥@Madiha__0 @Gullam20425673 💄@Noor____s @Mehmood3Talat 👛…

Kayky Sincero ‏@kaykaomilgrau

God, if one day I'm about to lose hope, help me remember that your plans are bigger than my dreams ... 🙏📿✝️❤️😍

Kayky Sincero ‏@kaykaomilgrau

Dear God, I thank You for listening to me, guarding me and doing everything for me to see smiling! (Psalm 64) 🙏📿✝️❤️

Oseni Abdullateef Ol ‏@OseniOl

Ya’ ALLAH You Are The Best Of GIVERS 💯 So Give Me The BEST 💯🙏📿 Don’t divert ❌ My SUCCESS to Another…

Kayky Sincero ‏@kaykaomilgrau

Thank You God for blessing me much more than I deserve. 🙏📿✝️❤️

Just Like Paint ‏@JustLikePaint

⏩ #BathBombs $6. & 💎🎉📿 Surprise Necklace #BathBombs $20. Order with me directly, have QUESTIONS?, need website assi…

**B** ‏@Brobertz

I breathe success in an out my lungs got THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH COMING OFF MY TONGUE.#GODSBEST #BEVYSDOLL 📿💎👑💫

Eryn Kirkwood ‏@ErynsYoga

AromaYOGA stackable, Mother's Day feature 📿💐🙏💙💜💜📿 The Mother's Day stackable features matte crystal quartz semi-pr…

**B** ‏@Brobertz

The Lord defends B👑📿💫

ice cream &potatoes ‏@herAngel00

@HopeWellEy Jesus Christ 😢📿 May You bring comfort and strength to the families of the deceased.

♌Rex♌ ‏@RexxxyBaby


carly ‏@carly10571974

Purple 😈👾 🧞‍♀️💅🏻 🌂☂️ 🍇🎡 🔮📿 💜☯️

Lyndi MacRae ‏@2lyndi

When you're a giver. Takers will show up. Smile when they hand you the scissors. Cut yourself free 🙏 Be with those…

sadiqow ‏@svdiqszn

📿 Just realised these are beads for dhikr

🌼Madiha Noor🌼🍃✨PRΣMIUM🦅IΠT'L✨ ‏@Madiha__0

✨PRΣMIUM🦅IΠT'L✨ 5️⃣ Follow Retweet Follow Back💯✔️ 🧥@Madiha__0 @Gullam20425673 💄@Noor____s @Mehmood3Talat 👛…

Brandi 🐰🌹💜🌹🐰 ‏@EmilyroseRob

If you like History, Lesbians, Disability Awareness, Vintage Fashion with a Comedic twist to everything..." 😂 Wond…

0moh_Aerfer👳 ‏@0mohAlpha

HBD ⚰ Bro Indeed.. May Almighty continue to blessed u as you continue Growing Old 🐶. Wish 🙏 Long L $ Prosperity..…

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