Pregnant Woman Emoji

A pregnant woman, intended to complete the family emoji set.

Pregnant Woman was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤰 Pregnancy

🤰 Pregnant Lady


The Pregnant Woman emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤰 U+1F930


Tweets For 🤰

BiteBrittany😋😘 ‏@_FireRedbone

Can’t wait to get this boy pregnant 🤰

Rebecca storer ‏@Bec_storer

@robfub @karin_gerber @KateWhittle2 I’d love too but will be a bit busy in sept. 🤰 👶🏻. So many conferences in the a…

Forrest Trump ‏@TheScorpioBaby

Bitches be single AF....then out of nowhere pregnant 🤰 with twins 😮🤔

Paid ‏@twinz_mommie

Baby shower at work tomorrow 💕💕🤰👑👑.. they luff me

Tyler Womack ‏@thrittt7

I need someone who’ll sing Minecraft parody songs with me 😫😫😫🤰

Alex 🌞 ‏@_alexannnndra

I’m on a granny schedule.. gn 🤰

Chennai Times ‏@ChennaiTimesTOI

#Rambha announces third pregnancy 🤰! Check out the baby bump picture she shared! 👏

α gαngѕtєr’ѕ díαrч. ‏@HEADLESSGANG

I wanna get someone pregnant 🤰💐🤴🏾 . Y’all niggas ain’t doing it right, imma have to be hands on with you niggas. Im…

ddsnorth ™ ‏@ddsnorth

spring is here ... 🤰 and the bugs 🐛 spiders, 🕷️ anything that crawls .. 🤢 they out 👽 flying insects .. 🐝 some…

►Walid™🇦🇴🇨🇲 ‏@WalidTnk

Happy is Walid 🤰

Love ‏@Love07981857

I love my family so much have a big family and I love it 😊 5 kids in my family and my sister Anna is having a baby…

Angela Coleman ‏@angelatcoleman

OMG Tiana’s pregnant 🤰 with Hakeem’s baby 👶🏾 I knew this was gonna happen when u don’t use protection....smh. What’…

Tyrone Tyler ‏@TyroneTyler11

It’s 2 pregnant 🤰 bitches that be hittin my jack worrying bout me I’m confused cause they carrying somebodies else’…

Ruben ‏@thats_so_ruben

Man I thought cuffin season was 86ed! All these bitches getting into relationships and getting knowcked up ! Where…

Lia Nora ‏@LiaNora10

I don't even look in my drawer for t shirts anymore, I just go straight to Lincoln's. None of mine fit anymore.. 🤰

ShasSpeaKs 💕👒✨ ‏@shassy_bomb

The night I got pregnant 🤰 😂😂😂

Tiny ‏@tinylilaa

I want a lil Lila walking around 😩🤰😭

staccey ‏@staeccz

Why do girls always wanna start shit when the other girl pregnant 🤰 🧐

Becky lovell ‏@XBekzxx

Mat leave would be much more fun with a baby!! 4am wide awake 😏 #HadEnough #Pregnacyinsomnia 😞🤰

cash™ ✊✨ ‏@__Ericccc

9 Months to go 🤰

Taylor ‏@wtt41

@SZizumbooo @CHARANN24 That's is Sam! Lol👶🤰

esther🐿 ‏@tribeswapped


🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

🤰#ElevensesHour 1960s #Arsenal & #Chelsea x 3 Bargain Lot in #The1pSale All Played in #Division 1…

🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

⚽️58/59 #ManUtd v #Arsenal @ #OldTrafford ~ #United Review No:8 1958/59 with TOKEN 🤰…

アØΠÇHØ ‏@poncho__21

Im pregnant 🤰

November 5th ♏ ‏@ty_peezy97

She better not be prego 🤰 #NickiAnnouncement 🦄

Heli♥ ‏@itshelide_duhh

I made a chocolate tres leches cake just for me. Gotta take advantage of this cravings before my DD😋🤰

Sam-D ‏@fuckinggduncan

Hello,I’m pregnant 🤰

Kasey Weisenbarger ‏@k_weisenbarger

I liked a @YouTube video MY TOP 8 PREGNANCY STRUGGLES! 🤰

lisette ⚓️ ‏@lmgonzalez85

I want a baby girl 🤰

Katelyn ‏@KateAmbroseRP

night 💜🤰

Soulja $Lim 💂🏾‍♀️ ‏@Ogkiddz19

Tryna get showed off how y’all show off y’all pregnancy 🤰😭

Beautiiiiii ‏@NishaAnnaMarie

Just got home from PriceMart and there was this guy and his lady 🤰 .

🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

🤰#ConfuciusSay: 1000 #Tweets, One More #NoVoter, It's Worth The Effort 🤰 @MandyGall7 @manutdirishreds…

Sarah Garcia ‏@sarahgarcia0301

Yay tiana is pregnant 🤰 Yay cant wait for season five with @Bhadoosky and tiana so cute!!!

Maurice Ross ‏@ChattyReaceShow

SHE PREGNANT 🤰 WHAAAAAT #empire #empirefox

Adam ‏@ChalicothereX

Oh wow, the apes all died before the experiment took place. So we still don't know if humans can crossbreed with ou…

Alejandra Lara ‏@AlejandralLara

Why is first trimester of pregnancy 🤰 the hardest #firstimemom

Rico SúaveA ‏@JonathanDoesIt

If your bartender is pregnant 🤰 but lowkey pretty you think there’s a chance she needs step baby daddy?

hashim ‏@abn_akil

@AndreWilliamsJ2 was about to say me then I saw she was pregnant 🤰

lezlie : ^) ‏@grulcheese

Omg sea battle on IM? ANYONE? Thank you Alyssa for introducing me to this 🤰

🌻 ‏@MzN3NA

You guys are killing me with all of these baby announcements 😍😍😍😍 Literally everyone and their mom is getting pregn…

Mason Spencer ‏@masonspencer

The #HandmaidsTale S2, Ep 6 Emoji Spoiler Summary: 🤰😌🍵,🛌>📢🤬😠>🍞🥛>🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️😬🌱>📢✊🔫😮>🌧️🌱🌹>🖼️👧🏿😭>💣💣💥💥😮😮 @HandmaidsOnHulu

🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

@Forrest_Trump20 @MandyGall7 @Irishprolifer @DrCollins10 @EmmaMurphy12150 @DublinTalks98FM @LoveBothDrog…

Show Me Your Mumu ❁ ‏@ShowMeYourMumu

Knocked up knockout 🤰 @colognemumu in the Baby Shower Dress #muternity

lynne miranda ‏@joannalynne07

I still don’t look pregnant at 12weeks 🙂 I’m not complaining though 🤰

Katelyn ‏@KateAmbroseRP

We're excepting 💜🤰

baby ‏@iamemoasfuck

omg ladies happy 4:20 🤰

Godson 🙏🏾 ‏@Fvckkjayy_

Im getting her 🤰 period.

Aulia Rahmani M. ‏@dr_liabrowny

One more night ya baby (talking to my tummy)🤰

Hans ‏@allaboutHans

Finally i made it to Gold 1 with Zerg🙏👌🤰 Next stop Is Platinum😎 #starcraft #starcraft2 #zerg #gold #platinum…

mama🦋🥀💋 ‏@Omgitsemoni

You not gon tell me bout no baby till you showin😏🤰👅🤪

Tamsin Louise ‏@Tamsinlouise3

Hello week 22 👶 🤰 😍 #22weeks #mygirl #minime #tanned #brunette #babygirl #babymama #body #pregnancy #cleavage…

Heli♥ ‏@itshelide_duhh

I love how i keep getting presents from my family😍🤰

YK Rico™️🐾 ‏@yunginrico

@Prettyboyfredo the fun part bout ur reaction to the pregnant test is that’s the same reaction I had wen my girl t…

🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

⚽️58/59 #ManUtd v #Arsenal @ #OldTrafford ~ #United Review No:8 1958/59 with TOKEN 🤰…

LYL3 ‏@dfwlyl3

@iamcardib You are pregnant 🤰 & you must be having normal symptoms of them, get well soon.

Enviyy ‏@itsria_bixhes15

So my dog lovesssss to lay against my belly, so whenever my daughter moves or kicks she gets scared and jumps 😂💘🤰

regimore ‏@Regimore1

@lindaikeji Did all this happen in just one day,i mean the rape and the pregnancy 🤰

🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

🤰#ElevensesHour 1960s #Arsenal & #Chelsea x 3 ~ Bargain Lot in #The1pSale All Played in #Division 1…

Allie ‏@Allie_burton10

Ughh I can’t wait to see my baby boy on the 29th of this month. I just wonder how much bigger he’s gotten. 🤰💙

🇮🇪 #SaveThe8th 🇮🇪 ‏@MufcProgrammes

@CelticCrusader2 @sarahlmulligan @pau1clarke @Irishprolifer @MJDonnchadh @TopBoyTanners @MandyGall7 @DarleneHBrook…

RCV ‏@rcat20sk

And she is only “slightly” pregnant 🤰#SpyGate

Maro Dequit ‏@maroredd

5months preggy.🤰

Shanti Baby Yoga ‏@shantibabyyoga

Prenatal Yoga’s start date is postponed for a couple of weeks. Please check back! No Pregnant 🤰 Goddess class tonight.

chocolatebabe__15 ‏@TantyBimBim


Héctor Yang 🍌 ‏@HektorStormborn

La cafre en mi just got pregnant 🤰

Enzo Gomez ‏@EnzoGomez32

If Argentina wins the World Cup its a wrap I’m getting Gloria pregnant 🤰

Dj Devolution ‏@DjDevolution

Welcome to Wisconsin 🙏🏾 We got BROKE drug dealers🚫💰💊 PREGNANT dykes 🤰 , MARRIED Hoes 💍 , RESPECTED Snitches 🤫 , TRU…

Val 🌹 ‏@valerieemarie

Lawrence comes up to me and pokes my belly "holy i never touched one before" 😂🤰

Zoe ✨💖 ‏@mummyandliss_

So much love for my little girl, I still can't believe I've been blessed with 2 👧🤰💗

Mamachickx4 ‏@MamaChickx4

WYD = I'm trying to fuck 🙌 I need baby formula 😑 🍼👶🤰

^.^ ‏@Wanjiku_JO

Well tonys’ boyfriend issa snack Justin and jessica 🙌🏼 till end of time Alex mmmmh gaaay😂 Clay superman Zack 😋🤪 P…

mia ‏@rhenjuns

@yixngsus hello wife 😍🤰

😈Princess😈 ‏@BARBIE_22345

They mines well be sister wives😂😂😂😂😂🤰

💪🤘🤙👌👏👍👐 ‏@josephpistol

@Saydazainab143 Mothers love is precious in the world 🤰👩‍👦

😈Princess😈 ‏@BARBIE_22345

Yah bitches out here getting pregnant 🤰 by side pieces 😂😂😂

» ‏@prettydolxn

Kidding they’re all still there 🤰

k ‏@dancingyeom

gone but never forgotten😭🤰💐😭😢😍😇😋💖💕🍑🍑

Emma ‏@emma_bailey3

My wriggle bum 🤰💕 I'm not even sorry about the pregnancy spam. Feel free to unfollow me 😂

Stephanie Galloway ‏@GallowayTalula7

25 weeks pregnant and counting! Feeling blest and happy! <3 🤰

ASU Nursing & Health ‏@asunursing

Meet one of our outstanding #CONHI undergraduates Larissa Lyman!! Watch as she shares how she plans to use her BSN…

Cedars-Sinai ‏@CedarsSinai

Giving birth before #37weeks of #pregnancy may serve as an early warning of future risk of #heartattack or #stroke…

Chloe George ‏@chloegeorgex

The first episode of the new The Handsmaid’s Tale is so so good and stressful 😩🔥🤰

Ronald Geames ‏@majorgeames

#TeamFlash @candicekp I knew it before the episode started! I'm the real life thinker!😎🤰

Keef Savage ‏@kingkeefsavage1

@hollyhoodjunkie Pregnant 🤰

nocontrolisabop💅 ‏@eleni_xr

I listened to #Nervous and now I'm pregnant 🤰

UrFavLightskin🇩🇴 ‏@honeydipped_x

Let me find out 🤰

💎Lacey Kush💎 ‏@LaceyKushXXX

I guess it's time to announce this on here because it's going to be noticeable if you do a cam show with me now: IM PREGNANT 🤰

samira🌸 ‏@ishqbaazlovex

@MeeratTariq1 @priyatweetxx @NakuulMehta @SurbhiChandna @chaarchaand6 @misha_mikul @n_a_d_d_y_baaaz @Riaatweets…

Chelsea Greaves ‏@ChelseaGreaves

I love my new car! Here's to family life 🤰💁

Kelli Kaspar ‏@kelkaspar

So many baby kicks 🤰😍

carrie ‏@carriemayx

Just ate a cheese and onion sandwich, pack of crisps, a garlic bread, 2 BBQ steak wraps, portion of chips and a bow…

Jordan McMahan ‏@MommyTooZoey

I keep going back and forth between wanting a girl and a boy...I really want zoey to have a sister.. but as long as…

Katrina Nemeth ‏@Disaster_K2301

I really hate it when my employees decide to be inconsiderate... When I’m talking to you do not ignore me that’s ru…

leah 🎗 ‏@le4hhh_

@nayomayoo I love u so fucking preach it u queen 🤰👸🏽

China Red ‏@SexyChinaBabe

Income taxes season got a lot of people pregnant 🤰 lol that wait for them taxes had mfs stress lol

Erin | rep CLE & CBUS 🐍🖤 ‏@MrsFrieds

Everyone has such adorable #reputationStadiumTour outfits and im just over here eating another donut super 🤰 @taylornation13

#BINGLEBANGLE ‏@cornflakeus

if indi redownloaded twitter to see it omg 🤰

jennes ‏@pjmslvr

i have so much to say and rant about im so blessed for securit gayes :’)) 😡🤰💖💖

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