Pregnant Woman Emoji

A pregnant woman, intended to complete the family emoji set.

Pregnant Woman was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤰 Pregnancy

🤰 Pregnant Lady


The Pregnant Woman emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤰 U+1F930


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IzintombiZamahlubi. 🦋 ‏@_enhlem

@Thandam11 It'll be such a beautiful thing oe😻😻🤰. Obviously can't force matters but hopefully we do b/c woow🥺🥺

Mary's Center ‏@MarysCenter

Don't Miss It! Join us tomorrow for a live online session to learn about prenatal health and share your story! 🤰 👉…

Jen Knowles ‏@JKnowlesPE

This is getting harder by the week 💪🤰

BABA SADIQ ✨ ‏@Sadeeq_SY

@aeesha_mft @ArewaaConnect @antyburger_ @rul3z7 @omar_bilkisu @__sarauniya We don meet already 😂😂🤰

hurt dni ‏@rendesuka

atomic ⚛️ shell 🐚 been broke 📉 so many times ⏰ i don’t know 🤔 what to believe 💯 mama 🤰 said 🗣 it’s my fault 😢 it’s…

king hussle 🏀 ‏@souare_king

@MeekMill Did you get your period yet? You might be pregnant 🤰

Nyasha^_^ ‏@ThisIsNyasha

Eish , these chiggas on my tl 🤰

PU$$YCAK3WITCH ‏@Cakethewitchboi

Did you get your period yet? You might be pregnant 🤰

Truth ✝️ ‏@HorllyL

@__nnenna_ Fineee 🤰

Malleah Albee 🦋 ‏@albee_a_torres

Hey guys I’m big and round AGAIN!🤰💕🐳

Demilee ‏@demileebibby

Thought I’d be nursing a massive hangover tomorrow from my big bender of the pubs reopening, not nursing my bump 🤰

🇰🇪🇸🇴kid ‏@mahad_shariff

@ghettocnderella It's not over until it's over 🤰 right 😂?

@S1moNiZfn ‏@S1moNiZfn

read first letter of each emoji ( po slovensky ) 👅🚈⏰🍍🦁 ➰✨ 🤰🍍🤰❌🍍

ًyesha ‏@natzunit

heart ❤️ been broke 💔 so many times ⏰ i don’t know 🤔 what to believe 🤷🏻‍♀️ mama 🤰 said 🗣 it’s my fault 😿 i wear…

Rob H ‏@RobHNY

@hossehenad ANY leniency for an obviously pregnant flier? 🤰 #TedCruz #americanairlinesgroup #BanTed @AmericanAir

🌱ʰᵒⁿᵉʸ🍯⁷ ‏@namusfroglover

@lesbianamkooker missed role-playing as frog hybrid namjoon 🐸🤰

rare💎🧚🏾‍♀️ ‏@Hajarlabbo

Now that bobrisky is pregnant 🤰 what next?😂🤔

sᴜɴ PROUD OF LOUIS ‏@lwtdefenceles

why don't we go there amo tanto 🤰

- ‏@lamanambisi

my medium algorithm said ✨alright sweetie tonight we’re going to contemplate the theories of time✨🤰

MrsKRomero ‏@mrskromero2018

Big Catholic Families is how we win! I pray to be pregnant 🤰 I want to have a big Catholic family! 🙏🏼✝️

T. a. m... ‏@Tammy_x_99

Why do people smoke when they're pregnant? 🤰

ashley ‏@swaysrae

I’m 5 months today 🤰😌✊🏻

Stizzle_Huncho ‏@StizzleH

@_IbeezParis Now how do y’all get pregnant 🤰

Mike ‏@mikczmarski

@kristen_shilton I’m a little pregnant 🤰

sᴜɴ PROUD OF LOUIS ‏@lwtdefenceles

what a feeling 🤰

Bongizipho Kunene ‏@Zipho_Kunene

And muhle 🤰

this is not the end ‏@1Dellusional

@TPWKHSLOT frat boy ziall made my tummy 🤰

IZULY'S HERE 🤩🥳 ‏@moonbyjinn

@rendesuka @yandesuka atomic ⚛️ shell 🐚 been broke 📉 so many times ⏰ i don’t know 🤔 what to believe 💯 mama 🤰 said 🗣…

Intelligent & Flatulent 🤓 💨 ‏@Intelligently4U

@udyyy5 @EbzSaga @NBCNews Hi. Where was that confirmed? I've been trying to learn how she died as a 🤰 woman myself.

Mike Bechthold ‏@mike_bechthold

@ProfessorBroad @CarlaJeanStokes Congratulations! Happy, happy news!🤰🐣🍼

Big Stepper 🦦 ‏@TinaRenee2075

@arielrose_14 🤰 congratulations

Cyrian Bezerra ‏@BezerraCyrian

I'm so much disappointed by someone's daughter. What's wrong with the other sex 🤰

chuchu ‏@theyesurgeon

@Aa__bish I hope not in size 🤰

SomeBout_angel ‏@AngelSomebout

22 more weeks left pregnant 🤰

íɑʍ⦃Cⱥr𝖑ⱥ⦄ ‏@_Carla_N

I can’t shed these last 3 kilos of pregnancy weight. 🤰 😓 It’s so annoying! 🤬 Ok the magnum ice creams at 3am don’t help. 🍦

Ashley Moon ‏@ashserenav

I'm going to go ahead and register for my fall classes today. Peds this semester! 👶🤰👍 Just praying for a small mira…

yssy/hosie rain kiss ‏@geminicvn

✨ and the fact 💯 you 👈 are taking 🤲 these women's 👩 rights 📋makes you 👈 a such fucking😡 piece✨ of shit 💩 i 👁️ h…

_su-lah ‏@callmesula

@_ace_girl When your 🤰 na😂

ramsey ‏@taybrinasmilla

the way there’s so much new sabrina content just in this one tiktok and we’re going to be blessed with many more ti…

Lizbeth Pena ‏@LizbethPena16

Wait what happened? Addison it’s not pregnant 🤰!!!

Zara²⁸ loves ZAYN 😡 ‏@zaxraa3007

@HlGHWlLDFLOWER the comments prob all like "🤰"


@MsSelfieOnly 🤰 after🤰 lol

angel ‏@itself2021

@10NewsFirstAdl And I was pregnant 🤰 and he said I was a Bitch they drug me again so I would forget my baby cry in…

oikawa anti ‏@hipsbyun

nothing this is the best anime 🤰 oh maybe saitama doesnt get the recognition he deserves by citizens

⁷ ‏@mapofthefics

This is so embarrassing - 🤰

⁷ ‏@mapofthefics

Help we are making boosts for the least popular ships first and there's still no recs for JINMIN... This is so sad 😭😭😭😭 - 🤰


My great friend since senior high is going to be a first time mom very soon 🤰.💙

🦋 Basic Alisha 👑🦋 ‏@ElishaBenson4

All this sad news today..🙏😥😭 #2020sucks despite my new arrival coming soon..🤰

‘Yomide Charah 🤰🌚 ‏@charah_xx

It’s a cake world! Love to see it!!! 🤰😍

Meagan MacDonald ∞ ‏@mrs_macdonald17

Omg bring on the tears 😭 my family is truly amazing 😍😍❤️😭😭🏥🤰

PositivePennyTweets 🇨🇦 ‏@Postive_Penny

Yesterday was my childhood pen pal friend’s birthday. We started writing each other when we were 8yo. It is so str…

autumnasasadboy✨ ‏@autumnasaboy

california moms we're unforgettable, daisy dukes, bikinis on top 🤰

‘Yomide Charah 🤰🌚 ‏@charah_xx

Same 😭🤰

ًjisun love bot! ♡ ‏@oyosoeun

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow 🤰

Santi Hernandez Fan Page ‏@SantiPage

@BBCNewsbeat OMG that is horrific. Poor mama and baby 👼🤰

First Artist in the World #kth1 ‏@tumtumtae

@mondemmamon @milkcchiato Yess 🤰

Samantha, MSW ‏@Dontstopbelief

Save. The. Babies. 🌸#prolife 🤰

εm ‏@em_b33

38 weeks officially 🤰💙🥰

Conceive Plus ‏@conceive_plus

Conceive Plus is for #PositiveResults 🤰 👼 Visit 👉 #fertility #lube #fertilitysupport #ttc…

esteban 😷 ‏@theservewithin

@Katleix__ @katyperry She looks good tho 🤰

Sisanda, MBA🎓 ‏@SisandaMarwayi

@HermaineM contractions 🤰 when you about to pop 🤱

helo¡sa wyatt day! ‏@wolfhardsangel

@breathineddie LICE 😭🤰💐🥰😸👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💗💐🤰😭💗😭

𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘰 505 ♡ | temos vagas ⚠️ ‏@anonimamusica

❧ de: 🤰 ❧ para: @CH4ENGIRL best part - Daniel Caesar 01:00 —|————— 2:20 |◁ ❚❚ ▷| ∞…

mi ‏@yuraachi

its me 💅, jessie 🙋‍♀️, and ari 💁‍♀️ if they test ✏️ me, they sorry ❌ rise 🚙 his uh 🤰 like a Harley 🚘 then pull off…

santos ‏@lucasonce9

she's pregnant!!! 😍🤰🍃🤱😊

jeya ‏@inctagrams

the end 😖🤰💦

🎉felicity🎊asmo big yummy! ‏@asmotiddies

@BornFromLucifer You + I = 🤰 Try again, love.

lyra is semi inactive ୨୧²⁴ʰ୨୧ ‏@suhmayzooka

@Swirl_Wonderlan my poor 😢😭 meow meow 😸 baby 🤰👶 my little🤏baby👼who hurt 😡💢 so much 😣✊ but treats people 👪 with…

Benjamin Kofi Aikins ‏@AikinsKofi

Some girls know u are broke yet they’ll get pregnant 🤰 and tell you they have good news for you 😁💔😂. Ei😂💔Esther😂

𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐚 태연 𝐛𝐨𝐨 🦒 ‏@kihyunvoir

taeyeon ur e make me love yuqi (idle) i'm the trend 🤰 do snsdzinho ej oscar

PreacherOfLoveAndHate❤️💔 ‏@Emmysongzz

@_IbeezParis If you guys are happy good for you tho.... what’s my business? But I wanna ask , how’s she gonna get pregnant 🤰 now?🥺

f u c k c o v i d. ♡ ‏@CharityRae23

I love when my baby girl kicks 🤰

ODOGWU OF ABUJA!!!! ‏@the_omalichanwa

@M13_chimamaka Asa m.. My entire heart🥰🥰🥰 Zaddy to all my 17 children.... The 18th one is on it way 🤰...

U-Gan ‏@wingswilly


Sierra Bolanos ‏@S_Bolanos_

I woke up yesterday & it was like my stomach popped . My stomachs been smaller / Normal & then the day of my photo…

‧₊˚S’◡̈ | YNA AND TANJIRO DAY ‏@sakuxas

@kyoslut 😿💔 hearts❤️ been 😩 broken 💔 so many times ⏰ I don’t 🙅know 🧠 what 2️⃣ believe 🧬 mama 🤰 said 🗣 it’s my fau…

mari生 ‏@CHlWAE

@sexbombwin damn...🤰

diy⁷ ‏@wonggukh0e

I cannot wait la to meet oneus LMAO imma bring friends so that they can help me record while I termenung @ hwanwoong 🤰

ree⁷ 🎓|| HIATUS ‏@joonlvrs

🤰- you are literally the best person ever. thank you for listening to me rant and being a dumb bitch w me. you. tha…

poo ‏@rajubitya

things I did: THAT 😌🤰

R#Moh63 ‏@63_moh

Nitraria🛕🦚🌸🌈🤰🌋 (غرقد)THE NEWEST❗️NO🇨🇦NI❗️ THE MOST DANGEROUS JOB #RootMaze WITCH-HUNT❗️ #JESUS_WAR⭕️ #CaeserAct…

Tsunami! ‏@i_TsUnAmi

Ah sht I just worked out for a lil for the first time in a while & it feels great. I hope I can be consistent with…

T Shirt Club Academy ‏@chitowntaurus13

@TMZ Did you hear 👂🏽 they’re Encouraging Will Smith to go get her pregnant 🤰 In response to triflin Jada I’mma…

diyiaman ‏@amandikints

niall: "you make me wanna tsss one more night" me: 🥰😍😛😳🤤🤩👅🤰💋

14 dias #18DORG 🎉🎊 ‏@Rgiisidoro

6 meses. 🤰😍😍😍

Father-God ‏@Crackussrx

when he gives u absolutely NOTHING😍😍😍😍😍🤰

ً ‏@seonghwatgz

@hyunjaetgz hey pretty boy 🤰

Buy perfume oils ko ta san san🍝 ‏@i_iyanz

@abisola_temii My babyyy 😍😍😍😫😫 Chai. I'm feeling pregnant already Bisola!🤰

poo ‏@rajubitya

@cheeneekam and my soul belongs to u officially 🤰

hot pink bitch named breakfast ITS BIA DAY🎂 ‏@5alentine

@jaesleftdimple he looks like he's about to ask normani where his hug at tho 🤰

ShinIngdream3008 ‏@ingdream3008

@hiliija I was in my mommy's tummy 🤰

Bambii💜🌈 ‏@Ayomituntide_

@ImChiefDejjy @Arike_Mii I’m up but pregnant 🤰

lia⁷ ‏@vantechld

hearts❤️ been 😩 broken 💔 so many times ⏰ I don’t 🙅know 🧠 what 2️⃣ believe 🧬 mama 🤰 said 🗣 it’s my fault 👈 it’s my…

ʲᵃⁿⁿᵃ 🗣|  unf: unf ‏@MelanieExplicit

@xcopyeilish Where, qnd tinha 200k no insta 🤰

jeya ‏@inctagrams

@xeulbeaar daddy 😖🤰💦

ًsaima ‏@loevkv

the line distribution is so sexc oof 🤰

A ‏@avhern_

i had jus lost 30lbs and then 🤰 least that’s what i gained back 😂

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