Pregnant Woman Emoji

A pregnant woman, intended to complete the family emoji set.

Pregnant Woman was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤰 Pregnancy

🤰 Pregnant Lady


The Pregnant Woman emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤰 U+1F930


Tweets For 🤰

Brittany 🌻💗 ‏@brittanyxo2001

Yooo he’s to fine 😍😍🤤. Oops 🤰

[email protected] ‏@keshawnbabbbitt

@lifeof_jaliyah Jaliyah FunnyNike [email protected] to visit Baby 🤰

Tloholo sa Basia ‏@NdoboPalesa

Askies.... Get well soon, are you 🤰? 😂😂😂😂😂

zam ‏@zamarvelez

Only thing that keeps me up 🙄☝🏾 when I'm feeling down 👇🏾😓👇🏾 I don't know about you 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔🤭 but I gotta keep mines a…

🌚 ‏@vantaes95


Roxanne Sleigh ‏@RoxanneSleigh

Come see about me by @NICKIMINAJ got me in the feels and I love it getting my pregant ass cry love you boo album is lit 😍😍🤰💖💖

Tloholo sa Basia ‏@NdoboPalesa

Why are you there? 🤰👀

laura withall ‏@laura_withall

@bestgoalsounds @superagent73 I remember this game like it was yesterday, I was 8 and a half months pregnant my las…


@primejenni Puts our picture💀🤰

Catalina Beltrán Dom ‏@Cata_BelDom

📽On 2016 we had to work hard to hide my #7MonthPreggy belly 🤰🙈 ... 2 years later I was asked to bring "my belly" to…

Briana ‏@addiedae12

If Miguel was here he’d get me 🤰 tonight 🙄😭

Syed. ‏@syed_s_s

Stand up 🤰 Stand up for the championnn stand up! We hope best for our country and may Allah help IK in all good thi…

jmø ‏@theJesseMontana

having the best fucking dinner at PYT 🤰

four·letters ‏@fourLTRS

im a lexus convertible 🤰

Come N Wish ‏@comenwish

Our Services on Baby Shower 🤰👶🏻♥️ #comenwish #maternitywear #maternitysession #maternitygown #maternitylife…

Come N Wish ‏@comenwish

Our Services on Baby Shower Event 🤰👶🏻♥️ #comenwish #maternity #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #pregnancy…

Da Prince ‏@Sonny_G_74

How you pregnant 🤰 & burning 🔥 that baby gone come out cremated 😟😂💁‍♀️🤦🙊🤔🧐

Edileusa ‏@Edileus09554879

@QueenNaijaPriv You look good pregnant 🤰❤️

Madison & Manhattan ‏@LuvMM_

@itvnews Wow! This is a once in a lifetime story.. Congrats to all 16 🤰.. #diapers4days

Shaun ‏@ageofthe_sailor

Hope your baby is healthy and you are Happy Ms @HilaryDuff 🇺🇸🤰💟⚕️🇦🇺🙂

Nika🌲 ‏@branikabrandi

@JeremyLennartz My sisters 4 months pregnant 🤰 be patient you can meet the baby.

Desy ♈ ‏@Desyenriquez

@_laalanaa Make some girl ! I would eat green apples and peanut butter pretty much everyday of my pregnancy 🤰

Anya Arthurs ‏@AnyaArthurs2

An intriguing and eye-opening talk from @BeardLabUofA regarding Zika virus infection in the female reproductive tra…

•••• ‏@Persian_Wonder

Patiently waiting for my God son to be born 🤰

NINETALES ‏@JeansHolyCrotch

I've been eating my feelings out all this week. Not pregnant just eating good! 🤰

cynthia 🌙 ‏@loser_much1

oh my god i want a baby 🍼🤰

Hlumelo ‏@Hlumelo65716348

@rizzzy__ Mmmmmm that is sseexxyy I just want to make a sex with you 🤑🤑😻🤰👰👸👳👫💏👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👇 now here in my room

Shea Shea ‏@FlyChickShea_24

@zookiepooh23 Lol I show am damn I know me toooo well why your pregnant 🤰 ass not sleep


@velocityethan its facts not tea! 💓🤰


k but @velocityethan is so talented 💓🤰

Hannahhhh. :) ‏@HannahM_Wood

I swear my child is going to be nocturnal🤦😂😍🤰

💜🌻MirandaTrash🎗♉ ‏@TlcGirl3

@ColleenB123 At the end of the day nothing else matters. 💜😌🌻💙💛💚🤰

tomate ‏@arturov64320201

@Sia I on my way wait until I fall from above for you.👼🤰

Kandeece💋 ‏@Kandeece1

So jania pregnant 🤰 by @GGYOUNGBOY

meesh_ ‏@MeeshOkay

Had dinner with my coworkers running a little late 🤰

J.D ‏@JD01976

@WWEMaverick congrast on the arrival of the little one in 9 months. 🍼🤰👶👣

Brooke Chautin ‏@brooke_chautin

I need a good foot massage. Mommas feet are KILLING her 🤰

Tiger Turkey ‏@TigerTurkey1

@Korsoto Please convince Colleen to do a pregnant sassy dance with you! 🙏🤰💃🕺💜

Tiger Turkey ‏@TigerTurkey1

@ColleenB123 I know you're busy and super pregnant, but can we please please please have a pregnant sassy dance? 🙏🤰💃💜

Sarah ‏@SarahJane06

I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. The next 4 weeks are going to be pure torture. 😫🤰 #pregnancyproblems…

Triple Serge 🇨🇲 ‏@TBLACKB1

A man may have testicular cancer if he pees on the pregnancy 🤰 test tube and it comes up positive

Soleah Wright ‏@Im_So_Leah

We Fuck Under Covers🤪 We Dont Even Fuck With A Rubber 🤰

ana & lynx again ‏@anagkcx

@qKryptic @cohhdz Keep on movin 🤰

Miss Tim ‏@GetOffMyZickk

@balleralert Y’all sound cloud rappers better go get a Kardashian/Jenner pregnant 🤰

trash ‏@rapmonslter

i'm so well fed 🤰

Britt. ‏@britt_anysmith

@love_rayven I took ONE pic the entire time I was pregnant 🤰

Kimberly💓 ‏@_Kim0216

Todo set para mi Baby shower 😍🙈🤰

Controlfit ‏@ControlfitDR

Elastic band arm work. 💯! Spinal articulation, rotation, flexion, extension. This sequence has it all!! Training…

Aeon Eon ‏@2012eon

🚼 ⏳ #Abortion ⏰ #Timing ⏰ #PlannedParenthood ⏱ #Parenting ⌚ #ProChoice ⌛#Trump2020 #MeToo…

Kate Aspen ‏@KateAspen

What better way to celebrate the arrival of a sweet baby girl than with a glam, three-ring circus baby shower? 🎪🤰 📸…

Erika Tallan ‏@ErikaTallan

My pregnant belly is becoming a catch-all... splashed makeup on it before showtime today. Oops! Time for a belly bi…

KyleezyFoSheezy ‏@KyleezyFoSheezy

@KingDozier90 If you had kids I would have curved yo ass with a quickness lol. We'll bless the world with a beautibaby in a few years 😄😁😂😇🤰👪

Jacqueline Gabardy, L.Ac. ‏@sweetbeetacu

💛🤰GOLDEN NEEDLE 🤰💛 it’s traditional to use golden needles on Kidney 9 (the beautiful baby point) during pregnancy a…

îâm_frêäk_mèék ‏@meek_aleey

You're pregnant 🤰 but scared to tell your parents 💏 .my sister👰👰,if u can open your legs,why can't you open your mouth 👄👄???

Catherine Kingston ‏@CathKingston

This may or not be me one day! 😂 @REradioz #NextGen #KidsDriveNASCAR 🤰🎧 🏎📝

Kadin Family Chiro ‏@KadinFamChiro

Sensitive topic ... Dr Kats thoughts 💭 on pregnancy 🤰 after loss... #FertilityFriday

ℳ∊liiiii ‏@OO_MeLiSsA_E

Heartburn, pain , moodiness , swollen feet 🤰 all worthy but 😩😩😩

alayna safar ‏@AlaynaSafar

@JoGraslie Aww i know lol soo cute!🤰😍😁

🎀🍼Lul Mommy 🍼🎀 ‏@__SheDances97

I’m in so much pain 😫⛓🤰

. ‏@keinyah_

Bitter baby moms 🤦🏽‍♀️ but congrats to jayda on her pregnancy 🤰

Baby Box ‏@babyboxkapiti

The door is closed but we are open with the heater ON do stop by for a spot of shopping 🤰

Ola ‏@horlashile_

Soooo fulllll 🤰

Ola ‏@horlashile_

Just had a plate of jollof with moi moi ,assorted meat and suya on the side 🤰

CPK ‏@calpizzakitchen

Spicy 🌶 sweet 😋 & savory 🍝 our Kung Pao Spaghetti has your pregnancy cravings covered! 🤰 Don’t believe us? Ask…

✨Baby_girl_shine✨💎 ‏@Diamond_Thomas7

@queennaija Girl I already see you gone slay your pregnancy 🤰. Keep on letting the haters get them something to tal…

angela ‏@angela51654882

@loveandhiphop I think the new woman if she is pregnant 🤰 need to leave him alone care for the child put his ass on…

Opinionless Spirit ‏@OL_Spirit

@Adrestia_ Whateva 🤰

Amy Jo Allen ‏@sexysiren78

Soo...there's that! 😍🤰❤

sarah ‏@kissyroses

new layout💃🤰

Lisa lee ‏@LisaAnn20000

@skipajlee Everyone I am pregnant 🤰 my sexy wife

sarah 🎈💀•244 ‏@reedusxdixonx

please be a girl. please be a girl.🤰❤️

$Rydaboy or Ryda lol ‏@RydaboyMusic

Next bitch play me I'm getting her sister pregnant 🤰 now go play wit yo niece 👩‍👧lil whore 😂

The Button Bulletin ‏@ButtonBulletin

The Button’s first load of laundry is in the washer. Her car seat and bassinet arrived this week. Mom and dad are almost ready for her. 🤰👍🏻🤱

Dana Lauren ‏@its_dana_lauren

@ColleenB123 That’s because the majority of your followers from Miranda are pre pubescent teens. They don’t know wh…

mia (¬_¬) ‏@heIpimhighaf

@sadmanlet 🤰< me every time u call me a local

ekam 🌻 ‏@eeeeekam

I FORGOT TO TWEET ABOUT [email protected]# HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tinkerbell817mc YOU'RE A GREAT PALLLLLL 🤠🐸🍵🤰❤️

mia (¬_¬) ‏@heIpimhighaf

him *ignores me* me: holy shit i think I'm 🤰

Becky Cawthon ‏@becky_cawthon

@SoapDigest See whosever head is in the way? It’s probably because Sami is pregnant 🤰 by Rafe!! LOL 😆

Becky Cawthon ‏@becky_cawthon

@BandB_CBS NOT me👎👎👎👎👎!! It will just end!! END in a DIVORCE!! He will cheat on her!! With Steffy!! Plus she is pre…

Landie Greyling ‏@LanGreyling

Good luck to all the @whaleoftrail runners tomorrow! May your troubles be less & your blessings be more, & nothing…

Ali Lewis MS,RDN,LD ‏@BeNaturAli

Hi Steve Hancox ! Thank you for following 🤰#beNaturAli

Jill Newell ‏@JillNewell

The effect of unmet #chickfila #pregnancycravings 😂😭🤰.. . my dear sis sobbed when @ChickfilA got her order wrong in…

👸 ‏@kabonkie__

@matshire_xx Congratulations 👀🤰

MADALYN ‏@Maddy55467004



@Flashdols I wonder why 💓🤰

Jacob Pierce ‏@pierceweekly

I’ve found a new reason to consider having children. These kid emojis are hilarious! 🤰👼🤱

WɔɖzebɛyɛWo 🇬🇭 ‏@SiisiKwesi

🤰 This emoji is pregnant and don’t know who’s responsible, some guys are wicked 🤦‍♂️😢

💖Rebecca💖 ‏@beckylouise1988

@LauraAshleyUK My fiancée before our baby is born 🤰❤️

Lizzy Mace ‏@LizzyMace

Thursday's @ImprovShakesCo show "I Wish She Wasn't a Gemini" in emoji: 👦👨❤👭 👭👴💭👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🗨👭🤰☠🛏🔃🛏 👭🗨▶️🤺🤺 👵❤▶️👴📝 ⭐🌟☄🦀🐟💫☄…

Emily Hawks ‏@MrsEmilyHawks

Baby moves all the time now!!! I love it!! 🤰❤️

A d a m Ⓥ ‏@AdamJoshDotCom

RT-ing every tweet from @katepowerland until that baby comes outside!!!! 👶👼🤰

Lee Bakker ‏@bakker1337

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🤰🤰🤰 🤰 🤰 🤰 👇 🤰🤰 👇   🤰 🤰   🤰  🤰   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of pregnant woman

Cher-ah Kerton ‏@sarkerton

@SoranaBanana How did they find out! 😮🤰

Anna Kay ‏@AnnaAnnaks

I keep refreshing my #YouTube subscription box waiting for @kerenswan and @khoa_nguyen 's birth vlog!!👶👣🤰

HerFamily ‏@HerFamilydotie

Another reason to take it easy, mums 🤰

Katie Thorne♡ ‏@katedianethorne

Hospital bag is packed 💙🤰

노바 (Nova Lavita) ‏@Nova_Lavita

My Baby Bump Progression... 👶😘🤰 (16weeks to 36weeks) (58kg to 70kg) Udah Naik 12kg... 😄😂 #firstpregnancy #momtobe…

Your Doctors Online ‏@YourDocOnline

Am I Having Braxton Hicks Contractions? 🤰 Read on as Dr. Richard Honaker Explains Braxton Hicks Contractions or Fal…

Ada ‏@WhitKnee__

Can’t wait to be a soccer mum 🤰

Trouble Jones ‏@1killerhighlife

All I wanna do is clean and this stomach makes everything ten times harder 🤰 hate that my man has to help me with s…

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