Pregnant Woman Emoji

A pregnant woman, intended to complete the family emoji set.

Pregnant Woman was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤰 Pregnancy

🤰 Pregnant Lady


The Pregnant Woman emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤰 U+1F930


Tweets For 🤰

letícia ‏@jwnhoe

i love jennie 🤰

Dany 😎 ‏@Danylle__

@jai_stockdale Catch the pregnant 🤰

Morgan Younghusband ‏@Iammorganrenee

Aaaaaaaaaand now I’m pregnant 🤰

Anthony Prince Taylor ♛ ‏@_PrinceTaylor_

How can a bitch have 4 kids and be pregnant 🤰 while living in her moms crib THAN have the nerve to say “baby fever”…

Busy Tonight ‏@BusyTonightTV

Jessica Simpson's feet during pregnancy is literally all of us. 🤰💕 #BusyTonight

meli ‏@Iauvtroye

I lauv you ✨💔💅🤪🤮✨💔😙🤰💝💖😎😙✨✨💓💔🤰😪✨🤩💖🤪😙✨💔💅💔🤮

Michaela🌻 ‏@Mickyjean41

Today is my due date so she needs to hurry up 🤰 @ Sylvania, Ohio

ً ‏@jihyose

omg ok goodnight for real 🤰

Ma' ⭐⭐ ‏@lxstmuse

"jesse 🤰"

DA ONE ‏@IndustriousLady

I got a male OB/GYN and be like get on this table good pussy🤦🏾‍♀️😭😭 remember he said it when I was pregnant 🤰 and m…


This is what pregnant pace day looks like 🤰#36weeks

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

@morphjng yes thats perfect thank u 🤰

monze🥳51 ‏@cloutforcorbyn

Ha my favorite part was when they were giving birth 🤰 😂😂 @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan #DolantwinsTuesday

gwanz ‏@Gwanzo

@BrandenBadd Stop trying to ruin my trap goals 🤰

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

am i annoying yet 🤰

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

@DyingInDema im pergerent 🤰

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

@solinafahlo damn no need to get aggressive 🤰

Erica Kaiser ‏@EricaKaiser_

@CharlotteReeve_ @WFAN660 Omg! No, for the last time, I’m not pregnant or even trying to get pregnant 🤰 #FullStop 🛑🚫

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

@faIlawaymv u should 🤰

Stephanie ‏@Stephthemua00

I swear I’m such a bitch when I’m pregnant 🤰 I don’t like to be touched or bothered 😂

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

im pregent 🤰😭

jesus 🌹 ‏@chorizotrash

Do you ever just...🤰

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

bye guys im off to play forknife 🤰

Mo Cheeks ‏@MoCheeks

👀 39w5d!🤰 Thank you for your support!

janet ‏@janetlvne

@ivypivyy suddenly im 🤰

Tobi ‏@tobiie_og

Ohhh my food baby rn 🤰😔

Chloe Browne ‏@chloeb899

@katetolanddd Not yet ffs fuck 🤰

△⃒⃘ ‏@adorablerahaf

Group B b-Haemolytic. Bacitracin-. Strep. Agalactiae. Found in vaginocervical, Trans.🔞, 👶🏾: Neonatal septicaemia,…

SEEN Mag ‏@On_Seen_Mag

[Next thing I knew, I was pregnant] @ArianaGrande @LizGillies ✨🤰✨ #RENT4Lyfe

charles ‏@charscape

@screamvex @FakeTiffanyAle @DUHDNews Prevenge is awesome, I would recommend it to everyone, not just horror fans 🤰🔪

Jose Solis ‏@_Jose909

@the_side_chick I love you too babe 🤰❤️

Lacey Placey ‏@thelaceyplacey

Ever since I was a little girl myself I dreamed, hoped, prayed for and wanted a little girl. But each time I got pr…

La dictature . ‏@iblevrai

Iblevrai 🤰 — Yessay

puta like a butterfly ‏@hagseul

I'm streaming 🤰 but i think I'm going to fell asleep, can you come to give me cuddles? >:] — that face at the end s…

Ethan ‏@FlorenceFan3129

@Amatista_IX @ItsNubu i don’t wanna take your money 😔 i want nubus money 🤰

mandy rape ‏@mandyrape

Our big boy taking care of his mummy 🤰

T☀️ ‏@tonywillsurvive

it feels like u announced the pregnancy yesterday 👀🤰

roach ‏@bluebehhr

@ThaShitCrae @ortizx408 @ZanyDany_ Broo u should’ve seen the one that pulled me and my friend over last Friday 🤰

𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘢 ‏@nervouspatience

@needydes mon:🤰 tue:💀 wed:🍆 thu:🤠 fri:💔 sat:💦 sun:🦵

oh ‏@iRandomNobody

just had wings again 🤰

CFC/AS.ROMA ‏@georgelamps

Wait...trying to get me a PS? Someone wants to get 🤰 this year

Lisa😘❤ ‏@lisaogadi1

I was found pregnant 🤰

jenine! ‏@jeongpapi

@oncemika no you just flopped 😂😂🤰🚫❤️

Science Museum ‏@sciencemuseum

How can a fish (or frog) tell if you are pregnant? Find out in our latest #StoriesFromTheStores film 🐠🐸🤰 📺…

j ‏@hrtbrkroom

@needygalore i agree i- ur brain cells snapped 🤰

Alexander Toth ‏@UntilTheNextTee

@GolfLRE @Brittany1golf @DGouws That's amazing!!! Congratulations Brittany and Dewald. 🤰👼👶

thread.care_ ‏@threadcare4

•Jane the Virgin 🤰 -Gossip girl 💋 •Pretty little liars 👠 -The 100 ⚔️ •The Walking Dead 🧟‍♂️ -Murder 👩🏾‍🎓 •Orange is a new Black ⛓

Fruntimmer ‏@Fruntimmer1

@StefanMolyneux Fellow ladies: I feminized it... What did you all come up with this time? 💗+💗+💗= 30 💗+🌻+🌻= 20 🌻…

Macmillan Publishers ‏@MacmillanUSA

Catch award-winning @01FirstSecond author and illustrator, @LucyKnisley on #booktour with KID GLOVES! This graphi…

B e t h ✨ ‏@BethEyers

I think I have a problem, I can’t stop eating 🤰🐷

uzair bloch ‏@imranali2637

@ItsAliIjaz @RehamKhan1 I was trying to get her pregnant 🤰 so she be busy in baby so she can stay away from imran a…

Young Scot ‏@YoungScot

Looking after your mental wellbeing is always important, and especially in the potentially overwhelming time before…

SHELBS👑 ‏@shelbylovex33

I can’t wait to hold my baby😩🤰❣️❣️

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

can someone play fortnite with me 😡🤰

Brittany 👑 ‏@bhowarth97

It's been the hardest 26weeks of my life, but feeling blessed 👶🤰

amber ‏@aivey33

@BebeRexha I was about to say “now if anyone gets 🤰 that’s on them “

ohmymag ‏@ohmymagfr

Baby boom pour le final de "The Big Bang Theory" 🤰😃?

Lexie ‏@lspar12

@jhen_n_juice CRAZY!!! Can’t wait to see what news stories come out a few months down the line 🤰

E ‏@jjustcallme_e

@JayeAintShit Lmao 😂 da lies i won’t even give you a chance if you gotta kid buy shit they running 🏃‍♀️ out of opti…

oɓnH ‏@hugo__ruizz

My friend just told me she’s pregnant 🤰 &

J e s s 💙 ‏@jessicabeckxo

So excited for my pops baby shower with my faves 🤰🚿

Khayelihle ‏@Beejay_rsa

We have unprotected sex and she gets pregnant 🤰 who's fault is it for not using protection?

koral loves dan ‏@punksdan

@galaxyislame I'm just joking 🤰

Hannah Fraser ‏@hvfraser

@MissC_1717 I discovered my love of olives when I was pregnant... could it be that?? 🤰

VI ‏@khalsal07

@ThePr0phet_ Alright chief 😂🤰

annie♥ ‏@perfectnasa

mine is today: 😭 wed: 💔 thu: 🤪 fri: 👂 sat: 🤠 sun 🤰

Eva ‏@eva_sheffield

I can still see what’s left of my abs in this light 😊 not for long I bet ! Shoulders and back trained today, becaus…

anna ‏@hon3ylight

i'm gonna hug him from back and he'd say kamjagiya 🤰

Samuel Johnson ‏@SammyJohn86

@Flo_Zimmer @andreapetkovic @JesseKotansky I doubt there'll be another Petko season after 2019, too... 🤰😎😂

VI ‏@khalsal07

@ThePr0phet_ When are u back on apex tho 🤰

lilambie ‏@Ambro466

my husband 🤰

coward ‏@marchtotheseaz

@yeehawmolly omg hottie 😍🤰

Retro GotAim Swain ‏@Retro_11

All that dick riding I’m surprised niggas ain’t pregnant 🤰😂🤦🏾‍♂️

🌻Kezia Rios 🌻🇧🇷 ‏@Kezia_rios15

@ArianaGrande Is Ariana Big You Really Pregnant? Do not lie, speak the truth, Ari, please. @ArianaGrande…

Novi ‏@novibabyuk

If you're in the early days of #pregnancy and don't want to jinx things, try these 10 great tips to keep your bump…

Ali Lewis MS,RDN,LD ‏@BeNaturAli

Hi Lanre Idewu ! Thank you for following 🤰#beNaturAli

$$$_Money_Madame ‏@x__MrszStackz

That Pussy hit harder when YOU'RE PREGNANT 😂🤰💥💣💦

♦️200K | Peachdoll ‏@PeachWaddle

It’s not all a dance on roses. It will be worth it in the end 🤰🙏.. but rn I’m just sad and hormonal... depressed…

Keithiaaa🧠 ‏@mamii_kiki_

@ariannasand0val Wow I didn’t know I was pregnant 🤰

t calls me babydaddy🏳️‍🌈 ‏@max_the_dino

okay so it continues 🤰 be the daddy of my children 🏄 you look like young Lou and I am ATTRACTED 🧤 could you pls le…

T☀️ ‏@tonywillsurvive

@max_the_dino where is the, be the daddy of my children, button?🤰

An ‏@Angie_Pradi

@Linozk 😱 pregnant?🤰

Julie Smith ‏@JulieSmith2001

@RussJmorris congratulations Russ on news of baby number 2! Hope all goes well 🤰

Carry Maternity ‏@CarryMaternity

Best friends who bump together...🤰 How cute are these too? @daniellefishel is wearing our Carry Blaire faux wrap dr…

Kingcess Emmanuel ‏@EmmanuelSphiweM

Can Lelo be carrying Emkay’s kid if she’s pregnant 🤰 😮🤭🙆‍♂️ #Skeemsaam

Jalena ‏@jalenarocks

My first maternity shoot 🤰 📷

Mia Stark ‏@MiaTenorio3

Finally married 🌸💍🤰👫

ً hoseok 24hr lock down ‏@luv4seok

@goodassperson it rlly be 🤰

Rhianna ‏@Rhianna46714352

Baby shower sundays 🤰👶❤ #7weeksleft

ry ❤️’s bts ‏@taeggkoko

this stress is bad for the baby 😔🤰

aurora ‏@un19s

new oomf is both a laboum stan and an rv stan 🤰

Lil_keybored ‏@Lil_keybored

Currently working on a poppy track appropriately entitled 'Jokmok'. 🤰

Petey ‏@cruzjay05

@Robin_H00d She’s 🤰

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