Pregnant Woman Emoji

A pregnant woman, intended to complete the family emoji set.

Pregnant Woman was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤰 Pregnancy

🤰 Pregnant Lady


The Pregnant Woman emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤰 U+1F930


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Caroline♑️ ‏@_SittingPrettie

I just ate entirely too much 🤰

Sol☀️ ‏@Sool_garcia_

@SofiLopz182 Baby❤🤰

C A R R ‏@iluvcaron

iont want nothing to do with none of these nasty ass niggas, all y’all niggas want to do is fuck bitches, get’em pr…

Miguel ‏@Miguel_Machad0o

@deathofmaria Wait 🤰

Gwyn Becker ‏@gwyn_becker

#IHadToGrowUpBecause I was pregnant.🤰

💕 ‏@TMiless17

@SavageMemeHUB @priscillalexis Ya they gettin it in 🤰 & all

Jazmine Lopez ‏@jazminelopez71

I can’t wait for my little reveal though! 💙💕💙💕🤰

rato rezando para nao morrer ‏@exverso

todo ep de healer eu espero quietinha eternal love tocar pra puxar o ' .. it's a beautiful feeling what we got deep…

l e o 🤠 ‏@leoooolopez

she cut my man shit up ❗👊🤰

𝘰𝘤𝘦𝘢𝘯♡ ‏@princeminie

@intaeIectual *chefs kiss* the flavor !! 🤰

Bo0MH4CKZ ‏@Bo0mh4cks

@TeannaTrump @Blacked_com Ah yeah!, that’s one way to get pregnant 🤰

Dani Daz 😉(Nicki stan ) ‏@DANIDAZOFFICIAL

Nicki Minaj Is pregnant 🤰.

FUN GIRL 🤸🏽‍♀️✨🎉💕 ‏@Miss32_flavors

🗣get him pregnant 🤰

me.Funmilayomi ‏@that_girlfums

@Fiddsss 🤰 maybe??

Baylor Scott & White ‏@bswhealth

Did you know getting the #fluvaccine during pregnancy actually protects both mom and baby? 🤰

becarefulouis ‏@becarefulouis

mood : 🤰

Colin O’Sullivan ‏@ColinOSulliva16

@jennasalayko They’re trying to make sure sure that you don’t pull a Danielle Cohn 🤰🙅‍♀️

bre ‏@itsbreyonce

@emhorann 🙈🥰🦚 staph 🤰

Cyrile ‏@cyliwitch

@hexgrrrl I’ve been avoiding spoilers very well, but I’ve also watched a lot of theories so not expecting anything happy 🤰

nanda ‏@tentographry

@boahyuns tenho fraco por crackheads dont worry 🤰

Silvia Harni ‏@HarniSilvia

@versaceevmin @BTS_twt Jungshook 😱💀💜🤰

jaxs ‏@Jackelynlemus

Everyone out here really getting pregnant 🤰

ki’ ‏@kissinkila

@CrashonAriel Pregnant 🤰😂😂

Axel De Acetis ‏@AxelDeAcetis

@micahhyo Agree, but family first. Too important for your well-being and your balance. 👶🤰

Logie ‏@LogieiOS

@ZoleFN *one week later* So I did some 90s on a girl.. and uhh.. 🤰

Mr. Void ‏@Void95531275

I want to be pregnant 🤰

gadus ‏@Gadussss

Watching my boyfriend work and I just-... 🤰😍

Two Moons Hair ‏@twomoonshair

What a fab day to start the 3 day social media workshop with @PaulOMahony. My head is filled with ideas! To all mum…

h ‏@bittersweet

not studying all day sure makes u hungry 🤰

Janny ‏@Lannjy

What’s the difference between a pregnant woman 🤰 and a lightbulb 💡? You can unscrew a lightbulb 💡. What’s worse t…

Sam 🐘 ‏@MsCalkins

Week 37 bumpdate 🤰 Baby girl is still moving and grooving and growing. 🌷 We had an ultrasound last week to measure…


@PopCrave @katyperry @daddy_yankee @theweeknd @BTS_twt @halsey @DanAndShay Katy’s also pregnant 🤰


Is Katy Perry pregnant? 🤰

Sophia Rose ‏@sophiarose_well

32 weeks 🤰 #pregnancy #bumpdate #fitpregnancy #mirrorlake #yosemite #yosemitenp #california

Makavelly ‏@theyALLuvVeLL

@runningerinns Must b nice. We right behind y’all.! U komin bacck 🤰

z ‏@wtfrightnow

ready when u r 🤰 <3

ShayShay_ ‏@BoulevardBenji

@pprincessmar Yeah i said the same thing now look at me 🤰

SmartDev🇳🇬 ‏@okkyjay

I will name my daughter PREGNANT 🤰, so when guys stop her and say "Hey dear, my is John" she will reply and say I'm…

Bev Priestman ‏@bev_priestman

9 months today - amazing how this 9 months flies compared to waiting for them 🤰! Our best mate for life 😍

Momma Wolf 🐺 ‏@breathing_tree

It's so crazy that after my next midwife appointment, I'll be going in every 2 weeks! This baby is gonna be here before we know it 🤰

Amber Huizar ‏@amberambahh

Is the whole fitness community pregnant 🤰

Narges mohamaadii ‏@NKhajemohamadi

@Kkaebtomysong @weareoneEXO Lay doos pesare mehraboon😎🤰

2x💔 ‏@laajay4

@johnnngotti Nobody call him that but you .. 🤰

🌻🍀✨ ‏@kingroyal_muva

My sis keep telling me I’m pregnant 🤰 just because royal be all up under and this bitch say it’s a girl 🙄🤣🤞🏽

ً ‏@skkuras

made oomf listen to oh my girl im getting em promo before the cb 🤰

Mr. Williams ‏@djofjob

Soon as she tryna be done with a nigga, BOOM 🤰

cherriearoantonio ‏@chewicheriche

Hearing your heartbeat the second time is so much love. 💝💖🤰 Mumma and Dada was so thrilled we didn't mind the power…

D I S C O V E R L A G O S 🇳🇬 ‏@discover_lagos

The Harvest, Lekki Imagine visiting a restaurant with comfortable & picture friendly environment, diverse tasty fo…

Lesley ‏@saltedsnowflake

Oh heck Gemma is pregnant 🤰 #Corrie


Don’t nobody get pregnant 🤰 faster than a female who don’t need no more got damn kids‼️😂

Brittney Ann 💋 ‏@brittneeyannn

4 more months to go then my little family will be complete 👪🤰 #TEAMMGIRLLLLL 🤞💕

Dana ‏@dandoonnx

You can be the peanut 🥜 butter to my jelly 🍇 you can be the butterflies 🦋 I feel in my belly 🤰 you can be the ca…

Quise ‏@MarquiseB1898

True story y’all- So this girl i used to mess w like YEARS ago here n gram. Called me yesterday talking bout she wa…

Edmund ‏@EdmundOris

@_kunnumi Thank you. Or maybe I’m pregnant 🤰

Xoxhithl🦋 ‏@xo_xoxhithl

My coworkers just told me I was glowing... 👀🤰 I was like, "Its a light sweat from walking up the stairs b"

Mom on Other Planets. ‏@aggiesmomx

Listening to Aggie talk about the baby is the sweetest thing. "Beece-bee! Beece-bee! BAAAAABY!". Let's just hope that enthusiasm stays.😅🤰👶🏻🖤

Sam ‏@mrcool7377

@MaddyBadd @blackgurlblues @girlhoodposts Lol 😂 You want me to get pregnant?!😂 Well, I can’t be pregnant but I can…

JRD ‏@jaredepicpower

How is this an acceptable adv, on Inc? Why is the level 5 girlfriend 🤰? Why does her outfit never change? Why was I…

Yousafzai ‏@imsohail1122

@GFarooqi @BBhuttoZardari Lagta ha umeed say hai I mean seems like pregnant 🤰

ala ‏@kiIIthelove

just got my period 🤰🚫

Mackenzie Dutton ‏@beautiful892

We're all excited to hit the 3rd trimester today! #🤰 #pregolife #myfamily #mykids #28weeks #thirdtrimester…

Caris College ‏@CarisCollege

Our sonography students are in the lab today practicing scanning on pregnant volunteers. A special #ThankYou to tho…

bella 🦋🍒✨ ‏@bellawydd

This is the essence of beauty 💦🤰😩💝💖☕️☺️🙏💖😜♈️♈️💘😒☕️🆖☕️🆖☕️☺️😒😯☺️

Mamafit® ‏@Mamafit_UK

🤰 Pregnancy & mums fitness classes starting tomorrow evening in South Liverpool 👇 BOOK NOW:

y/n 🥴 ‏@nerdypities

just kiddin we never too busy to hate ourselves in this house 😔🤟🏻 thats called a selfcare routine 🤰💅🏻

DajahTheReason ‏@bytchIMsuperior

This nigga soo fuckin fine I would get him pregnant 🤰😭😭

broken! bitch! ‏@mskaliuchis

kim saving pop music tonight 🤰

manchester’s finest 🇿🇼🇬🇧 ‏@djfistoz_uk

@thabosayz Fuck dead tings cockblock tf out and they get pregnant 🤰 easily lol 😂

Bonolo Rivers ‏@Nolo_Tiro

Even the 🤰 one yoh

Je m'embarras ‏@TaiwoTribulates

It's officially baby season. Seems like every 10th woman I see on my commute is 🤰

MelissaVegas ‏@themelissavegas

If you’re not paranoid that you’re pregnant, were you even really dancing with him? 💃🤰

IG: MINKLASHESBYLEA ‏@christuhleaa

i'm pregnant 🤰

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