Pretzel Emoji

Pretzel was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥨 U+1F968


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Chuck Borden ‏@SteveBreh

Can’t wait to get twisted this weekend @zach_auer 🥨

China Doll ‏@DareDevilzAngel

question: but where r the pretzels?? ;} 🍫🥨 *got those instead of bday cake one year* <3 🥰😋

AllOccasionsCakepops ‏@AOCcakepops

Valentine’s Day dipped pretzel rods 🥨💕

evan ♡ ‏@bwayevan

i’m stephen anthony and i endorse this pretzel 🥨

Purple ✨ ‏@itsKarsmine

@mmmsolis Go and wake everyone up! Go chow down on some pretzels 🥨

Sherilynn Gould ‏@SherilynnGould

@Influensterca @hersheys #GoldIsIn #complimentary #hersheysgold with #crunchy 🥜 #peanuts & #pretzels 🥨 so good!


Make a spinach/artichoke dip with some warm pretzels 🥨

ky ‏@cvrpediem

🔮🥨 - i shouldn't even have to do one of these for you, u KNOWW i love you!! seriously tho, u make my days sm better…

i miss tmnt 2012 ‏@jcrcrrea

@JakeDiIIinger if u want tmnt anti 😉😇🥨

Kristen ‏@firstcomeslatte

Do you have a favorite spot to grab a warm Mickey pretzel?? Mine is the pretzel cart in Frontierland. Always crispy…

EH Kato ‏@edoublee72

@Acosta @abbydphillip She is a human logic pretzel 🥨

Kethegoddess🤤✨ ‏@kethegoddess

Prepare for Valentine’s Day & pre-order your boo 🥰 or secret crush 🙈 a little something special 🍭🍓🥨🌹. Every gift wi…

ألينا ‏@Alinaax16

Chocolate covered pretzels 😍🥨

Dorothy Schletty Harmon ‏@dorothyharmon

Listening to #SteelyDan on @pandoramusic "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" on Pretzel Logic 🥨

$𝐤𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖙𝖔𝖓🦇 ‏@arixniza

742 miles away for 13 weeks, my marine is home & im so happy. i missed this boy more than words. my baby is a Marin…

𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖎 ‏@yoguiebananni

@mccnflcwer I cant even afford a pretzel 🥨

mindsey langale ‏@womangale

Got a Thai massage and I thought “is this how pretzels feel?” 🥨

Jac ❃ ‏@jacc0la

I’m obsessed with peanut butter filled pretzels 🥨

#EndTheTrumpShutdown! ‏@TheMominatrixx

@viciousbabushka @kingarthurflour King Arthur Flour is the BEST + their cookbooks are fantastic — and it’s an emplo…

100tinyowls 🦉 ‏@100TinyOwls

Pretzels are gross 🥨

Jθ§μ ‏@41a396372f5d464

I need a personal photographer. I don't get flaunted enough. 🥨

James ‏@eBikeSTP

@blueallez I can imagine that would be a predicament. Hopefully you can find a crave equivalent. 🥨

Canton Charge ‏@CantonCharge

Pretzel time 🥨

John K. Koluder ‏@JohnKoluder

Happened to land some pretty choice seats for the @Pacers game tonight. Shout out to Pam Aitken in the Mayor’s Offi…

Morally Fat Pom 🎨 ‏@pompuffy


John K. Koluder ‏@JohnKoluder

@DoctorGC I went to go grab a 🥨 when he got hurt. Sorry, yer on yer own on this one. 😐

Liz☀️ ‏@Lizhorn_0923

I literally went to the fair yesterday & I already can’t wait to go back just to eat 😭🤗🎡🥨🍩

Dyn ‏@eunooia

been missing you. so much. countless tears have fallen even since the news of you would be arrested till yesterday…

Shaz ‏@ShazC24

Some one mail me 🥨

Janelle Marie 👩🏾‍🍳🍁 ‏@janellemarie15

@DisneyFoodBlog Anything Mickey shaped is automatically cute. 😍🥨

𝙥(⁎˃ᆺ˂)𝙢ヾ โดชิเต โดชิเต ‏@jjjuanpmpm

the touch of your hand says you'll catch me if wherever i fall 🥨

sam kiszka lovebot ‏@tomspettys

🥨❤️ “run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.” -River Phoenix

not evelyn ‏@watchlist2019

@cheryltonis @aaIison This tweet is also a: rude!!!! Bless your heart. Read the communist manifesto. Be enlightened!!! 🥨😢🌟👌🏻🥨🌟👌🏻☺️💫💷😖

Mary Seller ‏@swimstar414

Can we talk about the #nbcsportsbarandgrill at #citywalk The pretzel 🥨 mmmmm...its a must have. I definitely did n…

Samantha Busch ‏@SamanthaBusch

The #SuperBowl 🏈 is coming up & your snack game better be strong! This one isn’t healthy but it sure is good. 🥨 + 🧀…

Auntie Anne's ‏@AuntieAnnes

@ryansoroka @garibaldiarts Just you and your pretzel. 😉🥨

Quisha ‏@quishajuice

@DisneylandToday Literally never. Pretzels 🥨 tho... all the time 😂

✿Doy 도이 2/150 ‏@Smeraldoy

Today my father bring me a gift that costed a dollar and I was so happy.... the pretzels 🥨 were delicious. I live w…

Michele Downey ‏@Bamateach1

@amandacdykes @Joe_toomey1984 ...when you take a bag of stale pretzel pieces 🥨 for your lunch & a Christmas pepperm…

Sal Corrente ‏@salcorrente

@ShannonBream @FoxNews @foxnewsnight #ShannonBream you are a fabulous host but let’s not turn your show in to the…

not evelyn ‏@watchlist2019

@bloomsoftly Some people are so whack!!! 😔🥨🎈⚒🎅🏻🦢🧽🌟😜

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TheVegansClub ‏@TheVegansClub

🥨 Vegan Pretzel With Spinach Cheese Filling 📷 by xanjuschx 🚨🚨Recipe: about 8 Pretzel ) 250g flour, 1TL sugar and 1…

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anna #SongRequest ‏@seahyoon

🥨- sharonnn i LOVE u my bb girl (even tho ur older than me i wanna PROTECT) ur literally sooooo mf supportive of ev…

Roxy ‏@RoxyOSullivan

Hi @themarketco can you tell me when the next Artisan Market is in Wilmslow please? Or Alderley Edge if it’s not th…

Amber Bambi ‏@amberbambyy

What the hell is life without chocolate covered pretzels 🥨

Sally ‏@SallyGirlUSA

@JE1849 true! too bad they don't have chips and dip emojis but they have the pretzel one lol . Cheers! It's Wednesd…

нαииαн✨ ‏@itsmfhannahhh

SOS i need pretzels 🥨

Scottsdale Beer Co. ‏@ScoBeerCo

What's super delicious and only $3 during Happy Hour from 3 to 6pm? This giant pretzel 🥨 of course! We've got $3, $…

Melanie Deziel ‏@mdeziel

@josh_mlot I like the way you think! 🥨

berkeley ‏@8bgwks

Send me funny photos/memes! I need to enhance my collection, thank you in advance 🥨

𝖇𝖔𝖓𝖓𝖎𝖊 🥀 ‏@starvingdoll

🥨 day 10 🥨 okay today i ate way too much and i know what i said yesterday but now i repeat what i said: gonna starv…

Diamond Jackson ‏@eatadog

@ByronYork No Byron it’s as black and white as could be. Please stop twisting yourself into a pretzel 🥨 trying to defend the indefensible.

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C• ‏@aspenfox

@cryptojwan @theglitchmob @temple_denver gonnna be gooood🙌🥨

alex ‏@surfingbean1999

@theofficenbc pretzel day is better 🥨

✨ rebecca ✨ ‏@golddustrebecca

@repecky Self care update: feeling extremely cared for 🥨

William Zachary ‏@SrZachary73

What do I do when we have an ice day...? Ditch my kids and head to the mall and my favorite store @BuckleStore oh.…

Elysium Marketing ‏@ElysiumMG

You do knot know how excited we are to welcome @PPFPretzels to the family 😜🥨 #restaurantmarketing #marketing…

ash ‏@spindledroses

🥨 - your tweets are hilarious and you seem like such a fun person i wanna get to know you more

Noteabley ‏@noteableyfood

Soft pretzels are our favurite snack! 🥨 What's yours? Via: 📷 stickaforkinme

Amanda Kuclo ‏@Amandalatona

My ‘stay flexible’ yoga stack...🥨 . I feel like our fitness journeys are constantly evolving, and since mine has ev…

Locum PA Ltd ‏@LocumPA_Ltd

👉Psst! There's a batch of freshly baked shifts for #physicianassociates on our scheduling app - get them while they…

Smart Cara ‏@SmartCaraEurope

Do you know that Bread is one of the highest in foodwaste? 🐶🍕🥨 #gardening #eco #plastic #shop #uk #recycling…

yann Le Dû ⭐️⭐️ ‏@leduyann

Allez Racing 🥨 @RCSA 💪 !

Auntie Anne's ‏@AuntieAnnes

@X_kristyna Come on over. 😉🥨

☆Thea☆ ‏@thea_meow

When you get to work and they have a fucking SOFT PRETZEL BAR! 😋🥨😮🧀 #yummyfood #pretzelday #TheOffice

Auntie Anne's ‏@AuntieAnnes

@rcprice1996 You have a very good momma!🥨💙🥨

John Jarvis ‏@JJarvis215

Pretty sure wawa has the most underrated pretzel in the Philly pretzel game 🥨

jmb ‏@JeanmichelB67

@RCSA Allez Racinggggg 🔵⚪️🔥🍺🥨

hαrper. ‏@lovesaweed

Again cuz why not. 🍓: I want to hug you. 🥨 : I want to be your friend. 🍒: I have a crush on you. 🍑 : I want a casual fuck with you.

Michael Perri🦏 ‏@IMichaelPerri

@Food_For_Life Can you please make some super pretzels 🌱 🥨?

EatingPortlandAlive ‏@eatingPWMalive

Color me impretzed! mainecraftdistilling with their big-ass 🥨 and Six Grain stout cheese 🧀 serving up snacks on Wed…

Kelley Ren'e McDonald ‏@kemcdonald92

Saying I think so won't get you into heaven, but saying I will can. 🥨

Deputy ‏@JhoothaChal

@galat_fehmi I'm na mentally twisted 🥨

Frances Clayton ‏@Frances24708578

@ProdMichelle 😲 I was tasked with watching my niece the other night. We had Super Pretzels 🥨, hard salami slices an…


ENTREPRENEUR: RAINBOW 🌈 CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS 🥨 _ Follow Me On Instagram @Phillyspecialtreats Please Check Out…

CleanSweepUSA ‏@CleansweepUSA

Dr Barnard. On plant based diets. #vegan 😊🍉🍏🥑🌽🥝🍍🍌🥨🍄🍟🥦🌶️🍝🍿🍜🍛🍉

Rainbow Caverns ‏@rainbowcaverns

There is a new merch line at both @WaltDisneyWorld and @Disneyland , it is "D-Lish" *pun intended* The link below h…

Ascend Engineering ‏@tampacnc

Almost exactly a year ago we were on our way to Germany to visit the DMG Mori XXL plant open house! We met some gre…

Jeanette Lehn ‏@lookwhatimade

@LitaStarr @AllisonHutchiso I also have this book and wish that I did more with it. I bet you could make some prett…

nicky t ‏@nicky_terranova

@JoeGiuliani7209 @ejmianti @JonAtTheBar 🥨 <- want some salt with that

Park Jimin ‏@jiminpolaroid

@gainbtsmuttuals I’ll follow back uwu 💜✨💕💞💓🥨🍟🍕🍝🍟🍕

Jessica Elberfeld ‏@JessElberfeld

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Best news of 2019 🎉😭🥨🍕 #itsback I love you for this, @littlecaesars. Wonderful decision, you…


@CorporationDom @less4more11 @DamnitJasonRoy @ceciliavfx @JakeSherman Facts really do matter. The solid concrete pr…

Anthony ⚡ ‏@Toussinours

Elfreth’s alley in #Phila 🥨 • #Philadelphia #oldStreet #oldCity #elfrethalley #quarryStreet #house #historicStreet…

NerdNomadMom ‏@NerdNomadMom

@terrill @DigitalEmpress Factory is closed 🙅🏻‍♀️ no 🥨 no 🥞


Meet the Teams of #UIBC2019 of Young Bakers: #Denmark Katrine Bergmansen (18) and Tobias Roemerwill (21), the best…

Smart Cara ‏@SmartCaraEurope

Frustrated with the foodwaste caddy collection? 🐶🍕🥨 Smelly and dirty food waste in your kitchen? Use Smart Cara!…

Kang One and Only ‏@KaylerMonta

Midnight cravings 🍟🍗🥨🍦🍰🥤

Wolff's Biergarten ‏@WolffsBiergartn

Pretzel 🥨 Sticks 🤤. Get some today! Barcelona plays Sevilla & Man City vs. Burton Albion is on as well! Come down!

Park Jimin ‏@jiminpolaroid

@gainbtsmuttuals UWU ILL FOLLOW EVERYONE LETS BE FRIENDS 💓💞✨💕🥨✨💕💜✨💞

Pinky Abercrombie ‏@naiomipink

Candy/Treats Table For A Pink Pajama Birthday Party🥰💕🍓🥨🍬🎀 No Cake Needed🤣

Anatoliy Gerasimenko ‏@dq345_32mail_dq

Tula gingerbread delight for the soul🍔🍪🥨 #food#instafood#food2019#funny#follow#likes4likes#tulagingerbread#nofilter…

Joonie ‏@itsonlysana

@btstanmutual I’ll follow back uwu let’s be friend uwu 🥨🍝🍜🍲🥗🍕🍟🍟🍕🍜

Magic Tree P&E ‏@MagicTreePub

$1 off one-pound Twisted Time and Sweet & Magical Pretzels ALL DAY! 🥨 • • • #midweekmagic #wednesdayspecials…

Jess 💖 ‏@bluudoll

shout out to doris for leaving those pretzels 🥨

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