Prince Emoji

Male royalty, intended as a gender pair for the princess emoji. Shown as a man with a crown.

Prince was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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The Prince emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤴 U+1F934


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Turbafunmy Ace ‏@iamjust_ace

@mynameisogo @OgbeniDipo Lemme be your king 🤴

danny ‏@Daniels5Sanchez

nominate me for homecoming king if y’all are real 🤴

しーちゃん ‏@phantasm1230

@lumina_szk 🤴   👊╋━━━━      𝑭𝑰𝑵𝑨𝑳 𝑭𝑨𝑵𝑻 𝑨𝑺𝒀

cheska🌜 ‏@chamoonam58

Stream Epiphany and Queen🔥🤴👸 #BTSQueenStreamingParty

The Saranghe Oppa ‏@TheSarangheOppa

My prince looking so damn fine 🤴👑

Seeka Jones ‏@Seeka_Impossibl

Who I do it for 🤗👑🤴😘😘😘

Seeka Jones ‏@Seeka_Impossibl

Just something to pickup for my only prince 🤴#Anything4MyBaby 💯🅿️😘

Michelle Vizcarra ‏@MichyKat


Rebeca Lisboa - 레베카 ‏@RebecaBarAba

@NICKIMINAJ I love us, they tweet each other and then we create a hashtag to stream both artists which is probably…

aRVee's Blog ‏@arveesblog

Check this out ⚽️ 🥅 🏈 🤴 👑

Moniqueeee✨ ‏@MoneekAleek

ok i need to go here ASAP!!!!!! 🤴

Shellian A Hennes ‏@shellglory

My ANOINTING has the Capacity to Cover the KING 🤴 in my Life...The Holy Ghost had to “birthed” me out, and PREPARED ME...#that’s PRINCIPLE

(GreenHaze) ‏@falling_matt

@broontangoGta5 Keep on trucking bro and thank u and yes u r the best because u keep it real for all of use u don’t…

Chris curry carlyle ‏@chriscarlyleor

@realDonaldTrump Go look in the mirror dude. You are the 🤴 of meltdowns

Vivian ‏@uhhuhhunnie

Honestly Bretty is gonna be my baby daddy by showing how patient he is sitting with the other side for the sake of Level 6 😘👅🤴 #BB20

Unknown ‏@suemelcakes


Vivian ‏@uhhuhhunnie


kim hay ‏@hay69wild

@EllaFrank2012 💜👨‍🍳🤴👨‍⚖️💜. “Your Love is exactly what Julien said - powerful. It’s intense, all-consuming and takes…

Travis ‏@TravisBrawley1

Hmmm, seems kinda steep there Tom. Who cares what Trump wants he’s not a 🤴

Citizen EARTH ‏@tucsonrosie2001

@adm0 @wigglebabe151 @Marcelo981 @MartyJay2 @TraceyATCB @JulieShaffi @SharoniePoni @CindyElvis @denisecahoon4…

PeraCash & EmmyJeffrey ‏@ajayibrovas

The Undisputed king 🤴

Amin Abdulai ‏@AminAbdulai1

King 🤴 we are here for you ...till caskets

Chris Blount ‏@Lifted_Anchor

@HRE_Wheels @AudiOfficial @WheelsBoutique Stunning 🤴

かけくまもん【公式】 ‏@kakekumamon

🤴   👊╋━━━━ 𝑭𝑰𝑵𝑨𝑳 𝑭𝑨𝑵𝑻 𝑨𝑺𝒀

GGGamerWolf ‏@QuinNorris1

@sssniperwolf I swear I’ve had all sorts of spam email but none have ever been from a Nigerian Prince 🤴😂

Ghost__Protocol ‏@FarouqRibadu

Monkey post 😂😂 Score and keep 1 Touch Four post 2 Touches Middle Man. The score and rest, where you just keep drib…

V a l e ✨ ‏@Fire_fly__

No need to kill the King when you can be King and Queen 👸🤴 I've just finished @NBCGoodGirls on @netflix and IT'S S…

Dan Sixsmith ‏@DigitalAdvantg

Sales Is King 🤴 Tip Of The Day 85: Here is the Cure for the “Do Nothing” Virus #sales #tip #b2b

life is what you make of it ‏@raisahawk

A king 🤴😍 I feel so inspired by this Ted talk !!

Eli Kplim ‏@DogbeyAklade

@shattawalegh King 🤴

Michael Cammon ‏@michaeldcammon

Fresh Prince 🤴 @ Nashville, Tennessee

emrullah bal ‏@emrullahbal1

@TamimBinHamad Thanks bro you are real king 🤴

[email protected] ‏@needeebees

Share this amazing post and donate if possible to get my girl where she needs to be for next years venture. Will be…

Srinivasa ‏@srinichai

@akarjunofficial Happy birthday to our evergreen action king 🤴 🎂🍰

Ash Rodriguez ‏@Ashley_GM7

@OfficialMonstaX I love you my king 🤴

Shy Dela Cruz ‏@shy18

Happy #2YearsWithAgustD Love you my Savage King! 🤴

Mark Tucker ‏@Mark_Tucker8

Just finished all 67 episodes of #GameOfThrones in less than 4 weeks! It was like watching the longest but the best…

Thots & Musings ‏@thotsandmusings

Mr. Into Bears-Muscle-Leather-Daddies-Queer 2019 🤴

Ricky Shinoda 💔 ‏@RickyShinxda

@4lycats KING!!!!!🤴😍

🤠JO🐆 ‏@imwilin

@OhItsTeddy boost finished homie 🤴😓

𝓞𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 ‏@Nano_E90

@_brian_estrella happy birthday to the TU 🤴

TIMM ‏@MentorMarket_io

🏰 BTC is KING! 🤴 by bitbrain

Dän Päscôe ‏@Broadsword999

@WBunder9 I’m not sure about that, I forgot my crown. 🤴

Trap ‏@zTrappin

Good morning 🤴

Jessica Jones ‏@Jewel8404

Yasss! 👸🏻 @IamLaceyChabert & 🤴 @brennan_elliott = @hallmarkchannel Royalty!

elizabeth ‏@bettersavor

I know I should eat a salad but... I’m getting Burger king 🤴 😔

Jamal ♤ ‏@PrimeMartial

Day 176 - King of the court 🤴🏀 @AustinMcbroom @CatherinePaiz

Willy Whitelaw ‏@whitelaw827

S/O to the cable 🤴 @stevehamlin19 for the 🔌 #VamosRayo ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Nico Timmermans ‏@nicotimmermans

To be part of such a special and intimate celebration is always a privilege 👸❤🤴 #blessed #whentwobecomeone…

(GreenHaze) ‏@falling_matt

@broontangoGta5 Thank you broon for all you do for the real glitchers !! And u r the best glitches on you tube ther…

CigarErsa ‏@CigarErsa

How to Win 10 Royal Danish Cigars Special Blend Ligero and a T-Shirt from The King of Ash’s 🤴 you need to Like the…

BiLLionaire Boy🧞‍♂️AlaDDiN🧝🏽‍♂️🦁🦖💨🌊💕💔⚖️🗽 ‏@eLi_Thepoet

Prince 🤴 AlaDDiN 🧝🏽‍♂️👑🦖🧝🏽‍♀️🔮💍⚡️🗽🗡🐒🎃🤓 @ New York, New York

BiLLionaire Boy🧞‍♂️AlaDDiN🧝🏽‍♂️🦁🦖💨🌊💕💔⚖️🗽 ‏@eLi_Thepoet

Prince 🤴 AlaDDin 🦖👑🧝🏽‍♂️🔮⚡️🦁🧞‍♂️🗽

meg 💚 ‏@ptxmeagan

Narnia lamp for @mattsalleemusic 🤴

Tori ‏@2legit2gone

Shout out to my Papi tho. Straight up king 🤴

Don Skizzy ‏@skizziepromoz

Kama Ivien Presents King 🤴 Of Cities live in Concert #MyJourney on 14th Dec @KyadondoRugbyGrounds #kim…

Kama ivan Management ‏@kama256

Kama Ivien Presents King 🤴 Of Cities live in Concert #MyJourney on 14th Dec @KyadondoRugbyGrounds #kim…

Isabella Ruiz Loma-O ‏@ChicaRuiz27

@kingarturo23 Suerte mi King 🤴

fik fameica ‏@FFameica

Kama Ivien Presents King 🤴 Of Cities live in Concert #MyJourney on 14th Dec @KyadondoRugbyGrounds #kim…

Mooreman ‏@JamesMoore014

Happy Birthday sir 🤴 @zthomas42

ҜУLIΞ ‏@iiAmityy

@OpTic_Scumper lets go king 🤴

what is dead may never die ‏@laufeysoo

Loki is a great king 🤴

MARY ELLEN ➗💙 ‏@m_e_domingos

In fucking shock after the last episode of Escape the night. Can't wait for season 4 honestly, I feel it's going to…

Joseph ‏@JosephMorado

My little Fresh Prince 🤴

MIING 🇵🇷 ‏@Boricua_Miing

King 🤴 pretty mami 😍🤤

groble ‏@groble

@lukekarmali Always a class act Prince Karmali 🤴

Jay ‏@JigtasticJ

@imthatSAMUEL I Uber-coptering in to rescue you now, my beautiful elf prince!!! 🤴

Louise Palmer ‏@Loopylouise75

@ozcboss @CCSNHSResearch What an excuse.. I thought you were the social media king 🤴 of twitter... 👍😂

][ ] []][][]]] ]][[ [] [ ] ‏@gnarccino

Group chat king 🤴

Moshiri's Boys ‏@moshirisboys

Sergio .. he just won’t go away 🤴#kopitesaregobshites

nads🍻 ‏@nadega_s

Gory💉storys📖we do that👍🏼and your host🎤 is a talking🗣rat🐀the past is no longer🙅‍♀️ a mistery❓ welcome 🤝 to Horrible…

diederik zijlstra ‏@domineegremzaad

@WikiGeorge @lizcastro You learned quikly the trump to spread fakenews , i dont play your game and stick to the sub…

JESS ‏@jessey_espana

@bazzi I voted for you king 🤴❤️

Maine ‏@Its__Maine

Only female that can talk shit about me who got my name tatted is my mom that’s it rest of you bitches bow down and eat me up please 🤴

Arαcely 🔮 ‏@pamaracely

@guruchurus Nuestro Sr. Darcy #YağizEgemen 🤴🙊

Dastla ‏@jockdaniels169

#FeatureMe #chat #Bored #BeamAFriend#Liveme The twin turbo 🤴

Simon Kelley ‏@simon_kelley15

Happy Birthday Pen 🤴💪 @iggypen #gettwisted

Zoel Hernández ‏@zoelhl

I may not be your Prince Charming, but I can be your king 🤴 On my way to Toulouse, I visited Carcassonne. As you ca…

Traumendes_Madchen ‏@TM_VN

That’s how she pretends to be a retainer & is hired by Berthe, the head chef, who takes her under her wing. In her…

Adam ‏@AdsB81

@londonyyc Just receiving a smile from you and I’d feel like a king 😊🤴

Bakgantsang Gaethusi ‏@Nathan_Gaethusi

KiNG ..🤴💪

Pazzo Italian ‏@PazzoItalianCT

Ingredients this fresh will have you walkin' around like the Prince of Bel-Air 🤴 . . . . . . #Eeeeeats…

Edson ‏@Edson28115478

@_SavageAssassin Good Night King 🤴

Noah Mahall ‏@Coach_Memehall

@SitNasty2point0 Happy Birthday king, I'll take you out for some fine dining and breathing 💞😍😻🤴.

AFC Rachel❤🔴⚪❤ ‏@rachelh157

@bajankris @cwb1365 Charles is top quality 🤴😊

ValenWien ‏@valenwien

King of my Castle 🤴 #salzburg #visitsalzburg #visitaustria #salzburgstadt #salzburgcity #igersaustria…

Drip 💧 ‏@princebell1

@wizkidayo Louder king 🤴 wizzy let them know 🌹❤️

T-Adamz ‏@TAdamz3

@Tshepo_makopoi @akaworldwide Slay 👑 🤴 king


@realmadriden I’m very sad 😔 @Cristiano is no more playing for @realmadriden I can’t stay here anymore, I’ve no oth…

KiingKról 🇵🇱🇬🇧 ‏@KILLUMINATI256

The best seat in the house for a king 🤴 is to sit on the thrown 💩...

sa♏️ ‏@saxgabri3l

@RedaKidProdigy2 he he birthdayyy boy 🤴🎁🎈

Duke 2Step Smith ‏@RaiderMagic94

A little rearranging of the diecast today. I must say this @BubbaWallace and the 🤴 autograph is popping in the Pett…

Rosie ‏@rosieshaw44

Otd Macbeth was slain by Malcolm son of Duncan 🤴👑

Chepoo, not Tshepo ‏@crazy_major

🤴#Gabuza to deliver the 3 points...🙌🏻

PHERDINARD 🚀🎱 ‏@pherdinardGh

Happy birthday KinG 🤴 @Phabrick

amanda ‏@Eh_Amanda

@amberguidice we love a socially woke king 🤴

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