Prince Emoji

Male royalty, intended as a gender pair for the princess emoji. Shown as a man with a crown.

Prince was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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The Prince emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤴 U+1F934


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Nwabuogaranya |ANOTHER 🎗🇳🇬 ‏@BaddmanRichie

With the king of Entertainment in Asaba frankddon22 🤴 The Bounce House Party Asaba 📆 Friday, 14th December 📍R…

Tami NoBehaviorBhrisBrown Chica 🇨🇺🇧🇧 ‏@Cuban_Bajan

@chrisbrown #Loyal Over three million sold. That just stood out. Don’t know why but over three million isn’t that a…

Vignesh ShivN ‏@VigneshShivN #PettaTeaser - is a TREATser for #Thalaivar Veriyanssss MaranaMass Musical from our 🤴 Ki…

Heir Jordan ‏@HeirJordan6

The @FortniteGame #InfinitySword is a killer!! Fit for a 🤴 #Fortnite #FortniteBattleRoyale #catchingdubs

kevin ‏@kevin32386004

@Marni_moore_x hey gorgeous princess 👸 good morning Marni missing you very much my very sexy special friend princes…

Celousrach 🌠 ‏@Celousrach

King 🤴

❤️Jayshree❤️ ‏@JaySO_9

@Arjunzadi @arjunk26 @kritisanon ICONIC 💥 uffff... feel I got my morning shot Of Koffee 😉 Will it be EPIC , Arjun .…

Dj kulture ‏@dj_kulture

@sarkodie @IsaacSolomonGh Preach more king 🤴

D ‏@DessiDarl

@cnj_kvgn @DxMbro @mvnd_xxii He needn’t lie. A Prince 🤴

LouMun 67 ⚽️🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@lfmunro

@FCBarcelona Celtic’s Holy Grail 🤴

dark soul ‏@Mohammed_blaad

@chrisbrown Ppl are debating who’s da king 🤴 of R&B can u just drop a pure rnb song to prove them u the living one

Mark Brigham ‏@markdbrigham

@SheaSerrano @angelicabastien FOH: No 🕵️‍♂️👮‍♂️only 👸🤴

Josephine Austin ‏@4Birds7

@realDonaldTrump Hire Jared for the job -he can take on one more assignment since he is not busy focusing on Khasho…

Lyn Ryan ‏@LynRyan18

I knew it! Soon as I saw Boris had his hair cut! Said to Kiaran. He’s hoping to be the new leader. 🤴

köjø Gyamfi ‏@MR_memphis_

@sarkodie Wise 🤴 I

köjø Gyamfi ‏@MR_memphis_

@sarkodie Wise king 🤴 I

Dex Blink ‏@DexBlink

@wizkidayo Sound king 🤴

haru27nah ‏@haru27nah

Fresh prince 🤴 of Bel Air

Randeep Rai The King of Hearts ‏@deepraitheking

The King 🤴 of Hearts ♥️#angelface @irandeeprai “Dil Ki Aawaz Dil Tak-7” . #YehUnDinonKiBaatHai #RandeepRai

Randeep Rai The King of Hearts ‏@deepraitheking

The King 🤴 of Hearts ♥️#angelface @irandeeprai “Dil Ki Aawaz Dil Tak-6” . #YehUnDinonKiBaatHai #RandeepRai

Mary Patri 🌺🐝🦋 ‏@marypatryto

@sweettimmy1 @Nohemi_Madrid @KarenHobbsie Oh yeah!!! Hot dog Armie!!! Ok i get King Armie!!! 🤴

ICEY ❄ ‏@QueenAleeB

Happy birthday to my best friend & the dopest person I've ever met in the world my dad ! 🤴💙

El Vivid 🌎🚀🌎 ‏@Awakening_Vivid

If each esl map was one of the 7 kingdoms, i would be the king of coastline 🤴

Sanjana ‏@Sanjana83447861

@RanveerOfficial I am proud of you.Not single actor from any generation is present on this list.And what a list, al…

स्वामी सनातन श्री। ‏@Agnives99385144

@OKarthik82 @suprema_she @BJP4India @TEDx The tone and tenor used is totally not acceptable. I request @RahulGandhi…

Kathryn Hall ‏@kathycool77

@jules79hob @williamsmark29 @TheGangENG You both deserve one, you're the chosen one Mr Williams 🤴

Babalola Nelson Sowore ‏@NSowore



@SRK_FC SHAHRUKHKHAN sir your zero movie Trailer is so osam and SALMAN KHAN AND SHAHRUKHKHAN your dancing so osam…

Sab ‏@Sabryn79962066

He's my galaa buddy..💝🤴

Kollywood ‏@Kollyfilms_offl

🤴💰Box-Office Prince #ThalapathyVIJAY🕺✨ Receives #IARAAward🏅👏 for #BestInternationalActor👤🎋 in...

‏مصطفى ‏@Staphmann

My day started on a good note 😊. Ragnar 🤴 @amoahriddick brought me Jollof 😍. What time does your throat open cos…

M.Shanmugananda ‏@MShanmugananda

@ok_one_more Animated 🤴 Prince!

Thuppakki Munai 💢🔫 ‏@kollywoodnow

🤴💰Box-Office Prince #ThalapathyVIJAY🕺✨ Receives #IARAAward🏅👏 for #BestInternationalActor👤🎋 in #London🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 for 20…

Elvisards ‏@elvisards

@keifer_lee07 Hello my little 🤴 Keiferrr😍

YAM🐰 ‏@yam_030_

《The king's chair》🤴

[email protected]@Co2Denise Click youtube link to watch this flash back amazing live performance video by BTS..😍💜 BTS…

Amr Alsadat ‏@ElsadatAmr

Mo slash the egyptio king 🤴

Dan Sixsmith ‏@DigitalAdvantg

Sales Is King 🤴 Podcast Episode 55: Marketing + Sales Alignment : A Non Traditional Approach #marketing #sales

alexa loves skz ‏@skztokyo

@younghuwu we love a supportive king 🤴

J405_C ‏@Castro902

@blyatbruce You got this my prince 🤴

Wake-up Ahmad 🇵🇰🇬🇧 ‏@nightshadow009

@fragranceofluv Donkey king 🤴

KyuMinIn ‏@Panditryoshka

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 King 🤴 #Happy4thAnniversarySaeMin

silvia Maria Bojorquez ‏@silviabojmor @PepeAguilar the best💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏😚😚🤴💙💋💋

Marina ‏@Marina_berisso

You could be the 🤴 but watch the 👸 conquer

A-Scrilla ‏@nigga_mendez

Turned the whole squad to bosses ✍🏼🤴

Nadine Gonzales ‏@NaylaKodiak

Happy 9th anniversary to #ThePrincessAndTheFrog one of my favorite #DisneyMovies from the 00s era👸🤴🐸❤💓💕💖💗💞💟

💜SaphiraKJJ💜 ‏@KjjSaphira

@Kjj_033 4.5 hours and we can meet our 🤴〜💜

💜SaphiraKJJ💜 ‏@KjjSaphira

@momsykris Thank you for the 💜ly 🤴!

Heaven Costumes ‏@Heavencostumes

Need an outfit for your church or school's nativity play? ⭐🐐🤴👼 We've got kids and adults costumes for every charact…

Krystle ‏@livesxc

The fight that never happened 🤴of 🤴

Feea Lovegood♡ ‏@feeafarhanah

@wanihyunni The king of your heart ❣🤴

Mirza Faisal SRKian ‏@MirzaFaisalSRK4

Good morning all Srkian.. King 🤴 is new look 😍❤️


2019 will be your year 🤴 I bet my entire life saving on it

JUANITO ‏@jbangulo28

Some King shit right here 🤴

Paresh Bangera ‏@1twilight8

The Mood Today at work.. on the streets.. in train .. #RaGa The Prince 🤴 that was promised 🤣 #GOT #Elections2018…

malusi  ‏@malusi_dzanibe

@BuyaniMD @MpumzNgwenya He deserve all the gratitude and praise,Khaya is king 🤴

faveeeeeeeeeees✨ ‏@Faveeeeeeees_

Happy birthday KING SEUNGRI 🐼😍🤴

Paresh Bangera ‏@1twilight8

The Mood Today at work.. on the street.. in train .. #RaGa The Prince 🤴 that was promised 🤣 #got #bjp #election — feeling entertained

Abby E. ‏@abbbster

So far on my Netflix Christmas movie marathon, I have watched 1) The Princess Switch 👸🏻 2) The Christmas Calendar 📅…

Dwayno ‏@iamDwayno

Young king 🤴 👑 👑 Dhimani mi amor @ Cartago, Costa Rica

John Dean ‏@gibbonsfall

@NateSilver538 And @realDonaldTrump is the king 🤴 of trolling.

Pat Gavidi 🦂 ‏@patgavidi

2 weddings almost done .... welcome this Aussie girl to my family... Tevutevu today and the real party on Saturday.…


@TheTazTaylor boss mentality 🤴

tebow6543 ‏@tebow6543

@SethAbramson We are not your 🤴 kingdom🤡

#Friendzoned🔥 #pablo_escobar🌪 ‏@Rei_tee_cee

@RealBlackCoffee can’t talk about greatness without mentioning I grootmans name in that sentence, Talents discovery…

FestiveFox ‏@frivvifox

“Social supernoodle” Hahaha ollie pls you’re the edit king🤣 🤴

Alexander D. Great One ‏@Gyptsea1962

Time to say nite now folks, but always remember...🤴 Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World.HQ. ultimat…

S_T_R_E_T_C_H ‏@MarkKaeo

I AM with you always dear one... “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mot…

BECKY ‏@rebecahsizemore

@johnnybananas @MTVDevinWalker 👎🏻 @WestonBergmann is the 🤴 Johnny you’re starting to grow on me. Please stop that 🤣

Miranda Yen ‏@mirandayen88

Can’t wait for the 🎾 season to begin, and the return of the 🤴 👑 @rogerfederer #RogerFederer

Jin_Epiphany_12.4.92 ‏@makeuplover610

@ILOVEPARKJIMlN And i will protect our fanboy prince 🤴☺️

Tinashe Mahachi ‏@MahachiTina

@TMupangure Not ma T-shirts akanzi Queen 👸 and King 🤴😂🤣

Mister____Subliminal ‏@Bucklamond

Maxwell is the king 🤴 of r&b !

ᴡᴏɴᴛᴀᴋᴇ ‏@_WONTAKE

181125 SPECIAL MEETING 🤴🎤🎶👍💕 #주원탁 #JUWONTAK #원탁 #WONTAK #IN_THE_LIGHT @2able_wontop #세상에서제일잘생긴원탁이

🌙miracle ‏@choicookies

this a whole prince 🤴

Radit ‏@akuncanggih

🤴 : "would you like to play with me?" 🦊 : "I can't, I'm not tamed." 🤴 : "What does it mean?" 🦊 : " It means to esta…

Virgil Caine ‏@Bro_Im_Slow

Trump holding hostages like a mf king 🤴

The Tsu Plug! ‏@TnStateConnect

The real king 🤴 of R&B #BigFacts 💯💪🏾

Bryan ‏@bryanlvk99

Support the king 🤴

Cameo/Nicole/Blewett. ‏@b_cameo

Prediction that Prince William become a king 🤴. Or a women after world war 3 🌎 . Someone in the royal 👑 family bran…

icookthat ‏@icook_that

@Queen_vvee 🤴 🤴🤴❤️ Always there babe. No matter how difficult things get I’m not going to leave you

🎄Gabi🎄 ‏@LGabrielaL0pez

🤴 & 👸🏻 TAG YOUR FAVORITE PERSON . . Life with you is like being able to eat all the donuts 🍩 and not get sick 😷 Wha…

OJBBK🔵 ‏@ojbbk

The Only hip pop tune in the city 🌃 #TheDream by Obibini Kwaku Boafo 🤴🔭❤️

🔑🕋 ‏@only1poohman

This the year of living like a King 🤴 2019

jack ‏@jackmcm3

me: hamlet: OH 🤭😮 that this too too sullied flesh 👊💉 would melt 💦🕯 thaw 🌡🌊 and resolve itself into a dew 🙍‍♂️➡️💧,…

Ibrahim Elbakry ‏@ibrahimmo4321

The king 🤴

this just in ‏@Jphilly2

The Egyptian King 🤴

Daynite Care ‏@daynitecare

@Canadian_diaper Congrats! 🤴

Brajesh Kumar Singh ‏@BrajeshOfficial

One of the reason behind #India to lift the 2007 & 2011 Worldcups 🏆 Wishing you a happy and heathy life ahead. May…

Dona Vanda ‏@Donavandaa

My prince 🤴 and princess 👸🏻

Shefani ❤️(Emelia) ‏@libertyrun1212

@blakeshelton @NBCTheVoice Your welcome king 🤴

Lisa ‏@Lisaney83

@BradySpears Happy B-Day, 🤴!

Emily Feagins ‏@EmilyFeagins

@ColleenB123 He is the most perfect precious thing in the entire world. I am literally crying. Love you Baby Boy St…

❤️💌SFGiantsFan⚾️⛱ ‏@girl_disney

The king 👑 🤴 has already fallen for Miss Evans. 🥰 #CrownforChristmas @danicamckellar @hallmarkchannel

pooja_psk_ ‏@pooja_sri_krish

Happy birthday to @rajinikanth sir ur most talented and outstanding actor🔥🔥🔥🔥 #SuperstarRajinikanth 🤴🙏…

🌙 ‏@nicolewatkinss_

@hivictoria_ you’re welcome 🤴

톰스 ‏@_081909_

Happy Birthday to my KING 🤴 @ForvictoRi

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