Pushpin Emoji

A push pin, used for pinning notes to a notice board.

Pushpin was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📌 Thumb Tack


📌 U+1F4CC




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Karol 🌿 ‏@karolcummins

📌The report also rued technology’s ability to exacerbate inequality. https://t.co/lqoKAmyjOO

CleanUpQuan🔋😎 ‏@HeadHunchoQuan

“I got the OG on go, I’m prolly the nigga thts servin your neighbor🤷🏾‍♂️📌 https://t.co/eMxZnwBcrD

KPOP HAVEN PH ‏@kpophaven_PH

📌 CLOSED https://t.co/135uwLtVl4

KPOP HAVEN PH ‏@kpophaven_PH

📌 CLOSED https://t.co/TmrSNoz3QD

♟ ‏@MarMason24

I’m not a threat until you feel like you’re a threat to me 📌 Don’t let that go over your head💡

Karol 🌿 ‏@karolcummins

📌The new strategy was notable for emphasizing a kind of return to basics, focusing on rival nations and providing p… https://t.co/itnwic4PJh

🦉 iboy Dan 🇹🇿🇹🇿 ‏@iboydan

@DanfordShadrack @DARTMwendokasi @Abbymexahnk @mlabwa @CarolNdosi @Sushilevsky @GIVENALITY @JMakamba… https://t.co/aXmZ9Ca1uy

Karol 🌿 ‏@karolcummins

📌Shifting the focus instead toward countries that threaten the US on a geopolitical scale, chief among them Russia,… https://t.co/gq2wFDAedl

Jennifer Valencia ‏@JenValencia

📌 I see you @StabilDrill 👀 #branding #oilandgas #drilling #rentaltools #manufacturing #repairs #teamunleaded… https://t.co/7B3Bozexxy

Paulene Hernandez ‏@PaulenHernandez

MADE TO ORDER ITEMS ♥️ Selfie Ring Light ✨ 📌 Rechargeable 📌 3 light setting 📌 pink • white • blue • black 📌 180 on… https://t.co/yyqhv1fWU0

Leeslaay🍒 ‏@ContLeeslaay04


HypoxiK ‏@zblack44

📌New year new schedule. Let's make this one to remember. Here is where you can find me: 🔗https://t.co/mhoBeEV4KK… https://t.co/QIRQ2WS8WT

🎉🌈 ‏@OZXOntondo

These mixes i done recorded on 5fm be hypin me up for what is to come when i dee stunt upon y'all real soon Nizawu… https://t.co/kNZee2uoZG

MW Consulting, LLC ‏@MWConsult

📌 For your #PR to be its most effective, you need to rely on the right types of content. @natalieslyman of… https://t.co/roayoVFeot

IjobaPoly ‏@sodiq_ololade

📌Dear God🙏 *I beg Borrow me 47 Trillion naira out of my future money-* I gaz tidy some stuffs 😁

David Kay ‏@DavidKay147

@USOpen9BallPool @chrismelling1 @MandalayBay @BarryHearn 📌 Shame we can't have one or two 9 and 10 ball pro Tournaments in the UK

syl ‏@naiintriga

— • Science & Faith • — 📌 Honestly, one of my favorites. I loved making this serye. 📌 Listen to @geiuko’s Sol at L… https://t.co/tzzLhQn8dE

APOLLO BRECK 3 🛫 ‏@ApolloBreck

@Jaylon_F Keep her behind da scenes. Private life is where it’s at 📌

O’Shaun W 🥀🕊 ‏@_LowKeyOnly_

@TheTreCraig11 @BigBebyBoon Big Tre vs. O’Shaun Super Bowl Wing Off 📝📌

Charlie Gettn Money Wright ‏@Elchoppo1k

How u say you love me and you don’t even like my picks 📌

MMJ PROMO NO MINORS ‏@jshackstone1

@DutchTruffles @rkeytechto @mukafahat_hahrt @Jimmy_45644 @nxtaus @GrowBigBuds @usa_seeds @pairolies @shorecannaclub… https://t.co/xKvz52V6cZ

KNK 크나큰 Argentina ‏@KNKOfficialArg

190123|| IG || #SEOHAM #서함 "Lluvia (Rain)" 📌https://t.co/HHNXlvQDQ8 °————° Cr.: knk_official_knk. KNK 크나큰 Argen… https://t.co/D4sK655Ube

Daz Rice ‏@DazRice1

📌Big thanks to @KBRadio_Canada - So proud to hear #PreciousTimes in and around Canada and beyond✊😁 ✨Tune in to list… https://t.co/H3PzSpCMMR

KNK 크나큰 Argentina ‏@KNKOfficialArg

190123|| IG || #SEOHAM #서함 "Lluvia (Rain)" 📌https://t.co/HHNXlvQDQ8 °————° Cr.: knk_official_knk. KNK 크나큰 Argen… https://t.co/ig6sEF47FH

Monique van der KZN 🇿🇦 ‏@Monique_PR_

🐟Pescatarian 🧀Vegetarian 🌽Vegan ....almost anything can be cooked on the braai 🔥😍 📌 #KwaZulunatal #Drakensberg A… https://t.co/H9chqEKs58


Domestic advisory groups should be: 📌 advisory 📌 consultative 📌 institutionalised 📌 competent to cover all pro… https://t.co/Zw4CQSM9Q7

Beauty & Wellness Academy ‏@BeautyWellnes10

#beautyandwellnessacademy ・・・ #didyouknow . TeMana Lips Pursuit Of 100% Natural Ingredients. . 📌 Import from Italy… https://t.co/3sfHtKEtpN

Pat ‏@Patrickbyrumm

I’m stumbling 📌 https://t.co/Viqps7OKvK


≡≡≡ UHC Bêta #2739 ≡≡≡ 🚪 Classique 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 FFA 📋 Cutclean HasteyBoys Rush 💛 Abso OFF ⚔️ Enchant 1.7 🔒 90 slots ⏰… https://t.co/YnEe2yKde2

🦋💛🍯 ‏@Krisdeunna1

If I fwu I'm really down for you ❗💕📌

YoGov ‏@YoGov__

📌 We just published our first Real ID transition survey for California residents! Still millions and millions of re… https://t.co/hDiMgiGCSy

Martin and Laura U ‏@MartinAndLaura

📷Snapshot of the current Tustin real estate market as of January 22, 2019 | No major changes in inventory of homes… https://t.co/t4GCY6EXGc

Royal Heights ‏@RH_Oshawa

EXCITING NEWSLETTER NEWS!!!! 🌈📌📎✏️ Did you have a favourite toy when you were a child? If it was a doll or a stuff… https://t.co/SpxppDGPkU

Martin and Laura U ‏@MartinAndLaura

📷Snapshot of the current Irvine real estate market as of January 22, 2019 | No major changes in inventory of homes… https://t.co/PQchD2Jx64

약속 || 𝔓𝔬𝔴𝔢𝔯 𝔬𝔣 𝔇𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔶 ‏@JessZhu94

[READY 1 LAST STOCK ARMY BOMB 3] ONLY 1 PC (LAST STOCK)!! IDR 880.000 (usd price ask by dm) 📌 Ship worldwide fr… https://t.co/YMzeurbrU8

Watersprite ‏@WaterspriteLP

📌 https://t.co/IbKkOqguWV HOW TO BE A KNIGHT?? CHECK THE VID OUT TO KNOW HOW! NEW #Hogwartsmystery episode live! ^… https://t.co/Y553gchn0Y

Posh Pretty & Savvy ‏@poshprettysavvy

#Poshprettyandsavvy ・・・ #didyouknow . TeMana Lips Pursuit Of 100% Natural Ingredients. . 📌 Import from Italy. 📌 Mos… https://t.co/IoA4LMOxfm

Stepper ‏@Yeahimmeg

That part 📌 https://t.co/VmGQs0V6zK

Anthony M. Anderson ‏@A_AndersonDrums

📌📱 New VIDEO on my Instagram. Go comment and check it out 🙏 ➡ https://t.co/k2H2CooY7M

옹. ‏@osw_onge

📌 Since now this account handled by new owner. Any matters that related to the previous one is no longer rela… https://t.co/Sm7teHceXL

⏳ ‏@shetechsavvy

2nd semester starts tomorrow night😱📚📌 I’m ready bring it on! 😊

ᴘɪɴᴄᴀ qυeendwn ‏@jietqionq

📌 ‘Due to the @Twitter's new policy, I am inclined to mention that I am not actually Zhou Jieqiong nor d… https://t.co/OYrtF2p6iC


⏰ Set a reminder for Dr. Matos' video on "Diagnosing peripheral artery disease (PAD) and ankle-brachial index (ABI)… https://t.co/LAvIDzNuSZ


💬@GuyRyder introduces "Work for a Brighter Future: @ilo Report on the #FutureofWork" calling for a human-centred ag… https://t.co/lnfi0lD2IE

Monique van der KZN 🇿🇦 ‏@Monique_PR_

📣Any where, any weather, any time. Braai 🔥 📌 #KwaZulunatal #Drakensberg #BulwerKZN A1 #TravelChatSA 🇿🇦 https://t.co/BiMEXykyGE

Jérôme Petazzoni ‏@jpetazzo

📌 https://t.co/aJoL2jB1yo is coming to Canada! (Avec des formations en français et en anglais!) From February 25t… https://t.co/cPFx7fRVqy

hanan ‏@hananishkr

This is it. 📌 https://t.co/xrDS4kzkAx

Harrison Horticulture ‏@real_andy_plant

The childish side of me enjoys a good rude plant name. Examples: 📌 Leucanthemum X superbum 📌 Narcissus assoanus 📌… https://t.co/175fYop3Ze

RenascenceLondon ‏@RenascenceL

💥 CLEARANCE SALE 💥 •Save the dates:🗓📌 15th February - 3rd March •📍Chelsea, 22 Park Walk, London, SW10 0AQ •⏰Open f… https://t.co/YstSrgKo1E

Meta4 ‏@Meta4_GlobalHR

📌📌#NEW POST! Automation or humanization? Discover how these two #HRTrends can change your company this year. Read o… https://t.co/2I8JptTHeo

Cynthia Benkert ‏@drcjbenkert

✨ Join my FREE workshop TOMORROW: True Cellular Detox and Thyroid Imbalances! REGISTER HERE:… https://t.co/hUYbbpW17J

DJ EM ‏@DjEM411

⛔️🛑⭕️STOP LIGHT PARTY⭕️🛑⛔️ ‼️𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄👉🏽 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 2nd!📌 ‼️𝐋𝐎𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍👉🏽 Rhythm n’ Booze 📍 ‼️𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒 𝐂𝐎𝐃𝐄👇🏽 ❤️ (r… https://t.co/NNf9H6Br5k

Nine653 ‏@Nine653

😉💫💢💫💞💕Thanks God📌📌 https://t.co/BvAgERlIDv

Kim Chi Qina ‏@AkakSeniorComel

📌Queen Fitted Bedsheet 6 in 1(3D) . ★Material mix Cotton . ★Queen Size: 1 Fitted Bedsheet 4 pillow cover 1 bolst… https://t.co/WisYzrgt9V

Appleby in Westmorland ‏@applebycumbria

Squeeze Box - An offshoot of popular local band Absolutely, Squeeze Box are a trio that are looking to explore new… https://t.co/I2atOH7V7t

a n e n ‏@itsnotjanine_

Dear self, I just want you to be genuinely happy. Love yourself more than you love anyone. And most especially, kno… https://t.co/Vcxw6NJ01W

Quenoo🤟🏾💯🔫 ‏@Its_Quenoo

With all the drive in the world u still gone need gas📌

HerkesİçinHavacılık ‏@HIHD_2015

📌Sonic Boom It occurs as a result of moving soundspeed or above the soundspeed. The soundspeed is about 1235,5km/h… https://t.co/lnkPphAWBH

♏️💜 ‏@Raveeennn___

📌 WAKE UP 🗣💯 https://t.co/nqPlkSkx9D

THiNKTaNK ‏@B2Spirit_TT

@rizzn @engadget @Jobvite There's no juxtaposition. Only weak imagination. Graduate from 1-dimensional to multi-dim… https://t.co/duLTPZF6aY


#Live from the @CANARIE_Inc Research data management #RDM workshop to present the #FRACS project! #FAIRdata 📌Disco… https://t.co/QawurA8FIk

Mitsuji, Sen. ‏@MEETSUJI

📌 ㅤDue to the @Twitter's new policy, I would like to inform that I am not the real Sen Mitsuji, and I don't have… https://t.co/w4CgiP3vHT

yannss🦋💓 ‏@DopeGirlYanii

I’ve been down & out since last week but still maintained a smile , still cried in private & prayed whenever 🙌🏾 201… https://t.co/7F4AV0faJm

Fikar Idrus ‏@FikarIdrus

Reposted from @boutique_lucia - Get the best deal ever, book thru our website . https://t.co/uEWXC0zpre . La Luci… https://t.co/EZSZYFkDQF

Coin Parliament ‏@CoinParliament

📌 DigitalNote Long Round 2 [XDNBTC](470% PP) https://t.co/ai1QL9Qc6H https://t.co/44JINVd4qy

Chidi Okereke ‏@Chydee

I mean 📌📌 https://t.co/csAyNSb8cW

ZÀE 👸🏾 ‏@zaebriannaa

I’ve been down & out since last week but still maintained a smile , still cried in private & prayed whenever 🙌🏾 201… https://t.co/YQjYFdFcZ7

Kim Chi Qina ‏@AkakSeniorComel

📌3 TIER BOOKCASE . 💰RM 70 FREE POS SM . . #bukuanak #buku #bukumurah #bukuimport #bukuceritaanak #bukuanakimport… https://t.co/t9bVUe6M0X

The Nigerian Photographers Hub ‏@NGPhotogsHub

🔌 #PortraitPhotographer!: @smettvisuals 📌 About Us: The Nigerian Photographers Hub (N.P.H.) is a community based… https://t.co/AIHXTBxlJ2

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