# Emojiguru - Litter in Bin Sign

Litter in Bin Sign Emoji

A symbol showing a person putting litter (rubbish) in the trash (rubbish bin). A more positive version of the Do Not Litter Symbol.

Litter in Bin Sign was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Put Litter in Its Place Symbol” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚮 Person With Trash

🚮 Put Litter In Trash

Unicode Name

🚮 Put Litter in Its Place Symbol


🚮 U+1F6AE




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#KiddricaX85m 🔰🌟 ‏@Mandie_simza

@glitzy_cynthia Yet he's already lost 10 pounds over Erica smh 🙄 men are trash🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮or and his fans said the gf is n… https://t.co/1TJBTfOtxG

✨Shay Tay✨ ‏@shaydakblack

Bitch pick a side 😩😂🚮

Ant ‏@KingOfTheJinjas

People defending this kind of garbage just to stay on brand politically 🚮 Yeah, Ben fucking Shapiro is the real pr… https://t.co/xU0SEdWtxu

Ma TK ¹¹⁵ ‏@taetaenemu

@allkpop The fake ot7 in the replies where were this energy when they always exclude him smh 🙂 BH you 🚮

Tia🤙🏽 ‏@t_tltn

I don’t know why I continue to go so hard for people that don’t do the same for me 🚮

Chester ‏@Chester_mbbs

@Nobsdaslushhkid Thank you for this narrative..👍 same reason a lot of Nigerians are myopic... 🚮


It costs 20$ minimum for a full pie in LA 🚮

❤ Leah ❤ ‏@Remoleah

My sleeping pattern this week 🚮🚮🚮

𝕚𝕒𝕞_𝕓𝕞𝕓™ ‏@Abimbol62246942

@zeezish_ @Pioneer__autos Congratulations on your woo🚮

#YouthMustLead✊🏾 ‏@tonderaizvimba

✏️People who watch #bbnaija2020lockdown the whole day 🚮 you need help

SAUCY BOI ‏@lengcurated

@NosiphoNxumalo_ @HumanRecede Mate 😭😖🚮

limitless.mutira ‏@mutirajude

@Greggskaranja @JustoMusabash 😂😂hii ni aim global...fell for it once...never again😂🚮

Cj2x® ‏@ynic_carpenter

Cut off a lot of y’all cause I seen y’all love wasn’t beneficial🚮

BrittSoMuch ‏@BrittSoMuch

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. 🚮 https://t.co/wj1cwvNmYE

. ‏@NosiphoNxumalo_

@lengcurated @HumanRecede Yuhh😳... well let me take my like back🚮

Musaigwa🐠 ‏@almost_as_if

@callme_44 @StanbicBankZW @larryhillzlarry @mutsa_25 Nhai it clearly says it doesn’t post on twitter 😂🚮🚮

Onalenna.s ‏@Toba_seheri

@amogelang_dince Amo D haek that team mon 🚮🚮

JAKE ‏@not_Jake_Frost

@GeoVin_FS @Pitso_Sb All the damn time 🚮

Shantel💦 ‏@cream_pyee

Nengi is being manipulative and Erica isn't?? Olodo FC Titans reloaded 🚮#bbnaija2020lockdown

21. ‏@_tresnap

that movie was ass 🚮 https://t.co/PuigYnhUkn

JustWrite ‏@parisinkdrips

Paul pierce said Luka was the best player in the league 😒 Might as well just throw the whole NBA away 🚮

L A OUTLAW🐺 ‏@legend_outlaw

@Shikonekeni_ If i were you I'd be embarrassed cos this tweet is old news 🚮🚮

JAKE ‏@not_Jake_Frost

@tuperfect @Pitso_Sb Reprimand her as you would if it was a man 🤦🏾‍♂️ gender yalena ledi double standards 🚮

😍Mpho👑❤ ‏@MelissaMpho1

@Pitso_Sb 😲😲 WTF this one is rude🚮

Josh ‏@HustIeHard

You gonna be hot a lil while, imma be good forever 🚮

Michael WillNotYield ☢🆗 ‏@Jmichaeltucker2

@senatemajldr 🖕🚮 you are full of s***🚾 Everything you just said is wrong and I will not be the last Jedi.

JaniceMarieFoote ‏@JMF1007

TO: Board of Governors of the #UnitedStatesPostalService #BoardofGovernors of the United States Postal Service: 💁🔊… https://t.co/h6HzsmEgsI

. ‏@NosiphoNxumalo_

@HumanRecede @Sweethesh21 The streets said you have GBV tendencies🚮 umhle engathi you never tried to stab your ex😫

Dakota Selby ‏@KingKoda269

She don’t want smoke with me cause I’ll sit this bitch out🚮

bebesita 🦋 ‏@DOLLAHXO

Can’t really trust nobody 🚮

Général Butt Naked ‏@jbreezythahulk

@RuggedCrossEnt Fam 😭 he was accepting and a rebel too Organised Religion man 🚮 All this man made ish actually Everything has an agenda

Basetsana💜 ‏@Basiie01

Season one did so well then after a few episodes of season 2 everything became a flop, I’m so disappointed 🚮💔 https://t.co/3UDF6gUlFh

viamoodss ‏@viamoodss

Y’all think it’s cute to flex you have asthma...LMFAO 💀💀🚮!

Boitshoko Moses ‏@Tshoki_Moses

"I'm terrible at responding to texts." Bye. 🙄🚮

Vaal Princess🇮🇹 ‏@_princess_felo

@itsPabalelo 😂😂😂Sis became a construction Company now she’s about to become a motivational speaker... Banna🚮 https://t.co/T7TLn782Pk

Cool Bot ‏@Coolest_bot

What is better than correcting people at the park and than going to the church and crawling?🚮 ❄️ 🆒

Ronnie ‏@Meticulous31

@Altgthr Hope this is the last time we do business with BVB though CBA going through such sagas again🚮

🌻 Sibusisiwe 🌻 ‏@LadySlee

One tao two? 😂😂😂🚮 https://t.co/bal05J1sXP

MK_THE_LEGEND ‏@MkMfanekiso

Heal sisi heal😅😅 twar thawusend gone 🚮 #ZodwaFindsVusi

Basetsana💜 ‏@Basiie01

I just watch all 3 seasons of @CW_Riverdale All I have to say is season 3 was trash 🚮

Nick Langley ‏@nickolaslangley

🚮 party https://t.co/WLLgBAaGsZ

phahymer💕💕 ‏@FaymaMagezi

Pity card 🙄🚮 #BBNaija

DarkForce_weLite ‏@castlelitebae

@Nagey8 Twitter standards 🚮🚮🚮

Russ Joy ‏@JoyOnBroad

🚮headline: I was quietly cheering for [AV/MT] when they both got hired & turned that franchise from being on the ed… https://t.co/OR3uixHeXo

Curt Gotti 🐐 ‏@SMG_Curt

A lot of people is getting older but not growing up 🚮

Japheth Orieny ‏@JaphethOrieny

@lizwathuti @ActionForNature @citizentvkenya @NTVnewsroom @BBCAfrica @vanessa_vash @GretaThunberg @LicypriyaK… https://t.co/raA3JjuCzd

Pitso Ratsela ‏@Pitso_Sb

We all can joke but not to promote GBV!! Nah that's not it. 🚮 https://t.co/wBy07RYrLp

Melli Mel 🥡🥢 ‏@Rjay_k

Leave bitches on read . That’ll teach em 🚮

DoNotDisturb ‏@_anderson_mvss

@gee_palesa8976 @SirBallz @mba_lee20 Ghost account🚮🚮...you’re insecure💀😂

Mali ATM ‏@atm_mali

@Future2Past The boy is too young..Man U will destroy his career at an early age!🚮

still'MALADRO🇳🇦 ‏@Asmellinggood

Those that continue to mock and discredit IUM would be OMAKAKUNYA (on the boer's side) in the 80's because they f'c… https://t.co/us6NKLCVrU

Paaysos ‏@paaysos

Idk why people hate on Sao so much it doesn’t have the best moments sometimes but it’s not trash😂 don’t hop on band… https://t.co/s6GZwtsLHx

Kizzy azaman ‏@AzamanKizzy

@TeamEricaBBN5 🚮🚮🚮🚮 empty brain

Brightly ‏@BrightlyAgain

Sutton Stracke Slams Teddi 💤Mellencamp For Her Behavior on the RHOBH: "Why Is This Necessary?" Plus She Talks Stand… https://t.co/4bX9HP3SEx

Evodia ‏@Evodia88052247

@gracielamamabel The worst part is that he is in a relationship outside the house 🚮

bineveryword ‏@bineveryword

wearied: 🚮 #inthebin

Your FUTURE BOSS🤪 ‏@amanda_hot_o

The comments under this tweet🤢men 🚮 https://t.co/4rTbUDc9U0

Leadman ‏@Leadman001

After a very busy night with Man utd and Molde 4Odds 🚮 with 1goal short. 3Odds 🚮 with 2cards short 2Odds✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ Be… https://t.co/zjJgAdEUxS

Twambo Kuteya ‏@KuteyaTwambo

@433 @B_Fernandes8 Penalty and inshallah merchant 🚮

Gentle Don. ‏@dopedealer___

Ay, Reece broke my heart. Now I'm just a sad mf in the middle of the night. #Reece💔 #Paradise2🚮

♥️🔥 ERICA AND KIDD 🔥♥️ ‏@Kwanda11252779

Showmax extra view doesn’t say so !!! Stop assuming and subscribe 👀🚮#Bbnaija https://t.co/HXSUEcOZ5H

Dad Swagg™ ‏@DadSwagg

kidzbop getting ready to change the game once again, y'all ain't ready though 🙄🔥😂🎶🚮 iamcardib @theestallion… https://t.co/dTYV74fwRb

Herman Snerd ‏@AngriestRed

@Madam_CJ_Runner @_smithtm Naw he is 🚮

chams 🦁🇹🇳 ‏@chams_qlf

@laqlfff pims🚮

Big Wayne🤴🏾 ‏@WaynoDrainoo

There’s NO ROOM for UNSUPPORTIVE Family & Friends🚮

InFrankITrust💙 ‏@MSHANGASE

@BeeBabs @landzygama It's not cute at all 🚮🚮🚮

❤Manicky💞👗👠Sibs ‏@Sibongi01822347

The highest level of stupidity is a single Lady being faithful to a married man 😂😂🚮🚮

👑Natasha McCartney👑 ‏@tashmccartney

Ndidikwe finish yile kaka yeCovid😪Smh🚮Can it leave my body already 😩

This awesome guy ‏@KoketsoQM

@TebogoMokolopo Hai! Use a different meme 🚮😂😂

Xany𓅪 ‏@roroycmn

@f_sdojv You mean to tell me there isn't enough summervibes enthusiasts out there!! Look at the moves..the materi… https://t.co/4q6CbKGA5b

mKersh ♛ ‏@xoxo_mhnk

@courtneyyyyyr22 WHO ARE WE FIGHTING? You’re hot and he’s mad.. what a loser 🚮

Laila🦋 ‏@Laila_Motau

@jaketheoptimist South Africans mara💔🚮

Nan ‏@faaaaackyou

lol throw this whole asssss year away, 2020 is just 🚮🚮🚮🚮

Wild_Wolf®️ ‏@Mashava9

#ZodwaWabantu she pays and pray everything 😂😂😂🚮 https://t.co/icFJPuuY9H

♿️ R I $ P Y ‏@42_Crispy

Ion understand why females speak upon a nigga they claim they don’t fw anymore 😑🚮

kristen 💖 ‏@_kristennb

@toe_mus @Billyntheback i know one too, but he's ass 🚮

dimps_dimakatswo ‏@dimakatswo

Kayode move the camera na😣🚮 we tired of seeing laycon and Erica #BBNaija

That_C4_Guy ‏@Chimz_C4

Number 5 would have been perfect for that Artemis Fowl movie but they fumbled 🚮 https://t.co/s172MgUpVv

BLM ‏@A349520j

@estrellaestee Hors classement the economist 🚮

😈🕷SMKWOAH💸🔌 ‏@SelfmadeWoah

Mane These Trashcan Bitchs 🚮

🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 ‏@buhlebathabile

It’s the rapey vibes for me. Men🚮 https://t.co/tCougEmHlF

Bianica 🧘🏽‍♀️ ‏@ryeshaaaa

i want a sweet boyfriend mine ain’t sweet at all and ain’t wuffafuck either. 🚮🤣

𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝟏𝟗𝐍𝐒 🏆 ‏@AyodiJnr

Honestly tho.... Is Ferguson back to tipping referees? How's this a penalty Teams are actually competing with this… https://t.co/EJIHZpOh3W


Mfs over East too thirsty they already posting pics innat stolen shit 😭🚮

Jr. ‏@shawn_0fficial

Right🚮😭😭 https://t.co/FfgIdja0N3

A. ‏@M_Andy__

@onlylilibee 😫 imagine a whole smear campaign just because she said no argh 🚮

Ny💋 ‏@_Nykeshia

I’m in distress about my whole situation 🤢literally cause ugh 🚮

Hugh Smithson-Wright ‏@HRWright

@andisn16 Ha ha yes absolutely. Good riddance to bad rubbish! 🚮

@Skhu ‏@SkhumbuzoMiya2

@Dj_Maphorisa_l Cut this shit 🚮 stop 🛑 using other people's names

Ayokanmi⚡ ‏@damfery

@u_pahtreek Dive FC, 🚮

Moran𓅓 ‏@ItsMoran_

Manchester united 🚮 awarded a penalty.

Alma ‏@MySoulMiAlma

@Oscar_T_Hamese Aggression towards women in our country has become a culture 🚮🚮🚮🚮

TheeNotoriousACB ‏@NotoriousACB

#PSA If your regular timeline celebrates use of the #nword🚮, NO you cannot hold yourself out as a credible #dei… https://t.co/4rtfe5SDjr

SClifer ‏@Bamyrick226

@beScrappydoo Many players can play D and rebound. He’s a offensive liability in a scoring league. 🚮

𝒞𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓂ℯ ℳℯ𝒾 ℬℰℰ🐝 -⋈ ‏@FANTASIA_XM

All my love for @_kenciaaa_ (et certain/es de mes mutus) sinon le reste 🚮🚮🚮

Peace&Love. Too much Hate in this World ‏@__malazw

Yeeee. Lobengula sold the land .Lobengula disappeared Nywee. Ndebele people this, Ndebele that. Y’all fail to hav… https://t.co/rmvAdseecI

kozkoz🐥 ‏@kozkozkozko

@AymanEtCoyote 3k/m ou rien 💁💁🚮

Dimitri Merritt ‏@meritofapproval

@senatemajldr Shifting the blame. It's the ONLY thing you do best. 🚮

bruce ‏@BruceJVail

Smashmouth is 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮 https://t.co/99Sp51N9Zx

Mncedisi Mndzebele ‏@Uncle_Legendd

Rashford is just a talent lad with an empty skull🚮 Martial is everything and more 😊

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