Rabbit Face Emoji

A cute, cartoon-styled rabbit face, shown with two long ears. Some platforms display this emoji with buck teeth.

Sometimes used as an Easter Bunny emoji.

Rabbit Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐰 Easter Bunny


🐰 U+1F430




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ruby ♥ wonho ‏@ilovewonho

i never used to look into tarot readings but lately i’ve been looking a lot into them for 🐰 and mx and so many of t… https://t.co/iEB8D3jpPq

ita 🌹 ‏@itaGarcia9

I want to see Bad Bunny 🐰 so bad 🥺😭

AU ‏@El_Unzi

@Valeria_orozco8 We in itttttt😜🐰🤘🏻

GummyBear♡ ‏@gummybear_sex

Oh bad bunny 🐰😩 in love w/ you even more 👅

Defvaren 🌹 ‏@defvaren

Happy Anniversary 2 months ❤🐰@I_AM_Rosa_

🖍️AshFaery_Art🖍️ ‏@Ashfaery_My

Study and test some them body gestures by @rawrgyle. She is SUPeR KeWL 🤩🐰... now studying animations oTL https://t.co/a2yVOJKlxJ

Daniel William Clark a.k.a. "Thor O'Daniel-san" 🎃 ‏@DanielWClarkDWC

I am loving the picture for November on the Official @IMPACTWRESTLING 2019 calendar featuring @WeAreRosemary and… https://t.co/eoOq58IPtx

🐥| emi 🐢 ‏@chaemizelo

I didn't get here to let you go, I didn't get into this fight to let you lose your happiness or to lose you~ so i'l… https://t.co/0mkpGM8EkI


[121119] Chubby bunny🐰 (c) txtbighitnews  #TXT #투모로우바이투게 #수빈 #SOOBIN #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #MAMAVOTE… https://t.co/55vC25wztQ

Hei🌷국🐯💜🐰태📌 ‏@HMeigui

But have you had pork belly?!! It’s love inducing. I’m on the pork love train with 🐰🤪 https://t.co/l6cc38MdAW

Bring Wonho Back 🐰 ‏@45378JoJo

I didn’t even use my twitter before this all started and now I begin and end my days with tweeting for Wonho and fo… https://t.co/KskxiGsfo3

kiki ‏@cypherxkook

my bunny 🐰 ggguuuukkkk https://t.co/JPuA0iZYrr

Merry Little Kpop Trash ‏@banababymra

All I could watch was Bap slowly decline 🥺🐰 https://t.co/KNZMxL7L5v

Not.a.bad.thing ‏@bonafemna

OTP Moments OTP Moments OTP Moments OTP Moments OTP Moments OTP Moments OTP Moments OTP Moments Summoning all the 🐉 and 🐰 around..

bts ‏@bts63713143

Everyday is jikook day🐰👉🏻👈🏻🐥 https://t.co/gZzri5PXBZ

👑🐰All For Wonho 🐰👑 ‏@MariaNu35653353

Stop along your journey to say hi to our baby Wonho🌼🐰🌼#ForWonho He loves you so much and wishes you a great day and… https://t.co/3qVw7u4JIA

mitchy ‏@miichelladaa

#Halloween2019 was one for the books 🥵🐰 https://t.co/3FtZip2gQ5

3Ana ‏@bukusiki

Remember from the Idol Room, when Monsta X was divided into Cute members and Sexy members but all failed to meet th… https://t.co/uRe6sF7Ly4

Doomfist ‏@Preserrve

@GhouIlsh @chobubo Snow 🐰

Shikiluna🐰 ‏@ShikiLuna

@D_q774 Yeah, you get it right! Really cool! I congratulate you!🎉🎊 Is there a specific job where you want to work?🐰

Shikiluna🐰 ‏@ShikiLuna

@D_q774 Everybody says it differently! It’s actually a person’s inner feelings, plus what it is and why do you love it.🐰

Shikiluna🐰 ‏@ShikiLuna

@D_q774 I say it to you! 😎Your are a lovely and nice Fan, a Takkun and Tomitake lover! You are express your love an… https://t.co/PCK49b3pFd

Miss Bunny🐰🐇🎺 ‏@MissBunny0390

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary. 🐰🐰🐰🐰🤓🤓🤓🤓 https://t.co/gMcKp8G0an

Godzillo🧢 ‏@godzillo_

Even @dailykos follows @AndrewYang on Twitter, what's your excuse? Follow @AndrewYang🐰 now! https://t.co/h5a5SZORCi

#WeLOVEmonstaX ‏@enya_fl

COME BACK BEAUTIFUL 😭😭😭🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰💙 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent https://t.co/5PwK66j1lz

[ Child! ]Farne ‏@RxbbitSamurai

《🐰》 it's okay stanny!!! We still love you!!

happiest girl in the world ‏@wonnie_won

cutiessss 🐻🐰🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent https://t.co/RxxcXBWpWd

ar1ahs suspended ‏@ar2ahs

👋 hey lil 💦 piss 🍼 baby 🥺 you think 🤔 you're so 💢 fucking 😎 cool? ❄️ huh? 😤you think 🤔 you're so 💢 fucking tough? y… https://t.co/HA7Wwi5bPQ

Jennifer Muller ‏@jenn_m_tweets

abortions are peachy 🐰

#WeLOVEmonstaX ‏@enya_fl

Wohnny!!!!🔥🔥🔥🐰 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent https://t.co/2KPKbRDFTp

SirLeprechaunRabbit®🍀🐰#OntarioConf2020 ‏@leprchaunrabbit

@TimeTravelTalks @milhistbuff3 #TimeTravelTalks #WWI Briefly 😔 SLR🍀🐰

EG Keller ‏@EGKellerDraws

@NJ4Pete @firstdogsSB @jilltwiss Holy crap! 🐰❤️🐰

🏳️☆ 𝒕𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒅ā𝒏𝒊𝒆 ☆🏳️ ‏@fortressedheart

I can’t believe I forgot these....I’ve injured myself this time😭 💗🐰💗 https://t.co/xIr3JlBcwu

Blythe L. Staria @rtpin ‏@jennievariax


follback please, my acc is blocked ‏@Army01333078

@btschartdata @BTS_twt 🐰 : im not surprise, uri Army never disspointd @BTS_twt https://t.co/0ojNjuk9BF

[ Child! ]Farne ‏@RxbbitSamurai

《🐰》 ok but now everyone knows why Farne doesn't want to eat meat as her current self even tho she body craves it so… https://t.co/wQBZ4VYh72

ً ‏@vrsnayeon

Costumes? I feel like an easy choice for me would be a bunny 🐰

Paul Finnell ‏@pfinnell4

Rob Williams 🐰

JK💜JM ‏@XtyM2

Hmmmm, why looking at my cats reminds me of #jikook #kookmin 😂😂😂💋🐥🐰🐱🐾💜 https://t.co/9OSdPzYPDX

Alexzander ‏@hiimalex19

@Hobi_Verse21894 OMG LISTEN TO THIS SONG BY NEW ARTIST @LaytoMullen https://t.co/0xiTlUFJZm …🐰🐰🐰

MX MBB Fighters ‏@nowadaysbonbon

@OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent @STARSHIP_STAFF All Wonho wanted was to become a better person and SS made it possi… https://t.co/xLC0kqmpav

kass ‏@hii_kassidy

He was such a goofy little guy, Rest In Peace my angel. ❤️🐰👼🏼 I’ll love you forever, and thank you for everything.… https://t.co/6deEAs4IfS

[email protected]! ‏@ecmua0

BABY I'M MISSING YOU 🐰❤ #우리가_역사를_만들거야 #MonstaXis7 @OfficialMonstaX https://t.co/uIvAdlYQai

Robyn Michaud ‏@NorthStar_Kwe

Having a blast at Tim Hortons camp with 54 grade 7/8 kids. Even got to cuddle a bunny today! 🐰 #timhortonscamp… https://t.co/6xnaGuD5Am

call me Thea ♥ GOT7 GA📌 ‏@mymarktuans

ohHhHhH good morning 🐰🍑 https://t.co/o3JRVKNq7h

el ‏@chemistwice

happy birthday dara rabbit🐰 the vampire of kpop, stay healthy queen❤️ #HAPPYDARADAY https://t.co/L1a9S3SYPr

🍜 💖 🐰 ‏@From0NotEven1

Good morning Hoseokkie.. Have you woken up? Did you sleep well? Did you eat breakfast? Have a great day bunny 🐰💖 I… https://t.co/FjqwCDgsNd

🐰✨Onew Philippines✨🥕 ‏@onew_ph

📢The Return Musical Gwangju Ticket Opening 🐰Ticket Open: Nov 13, 2019 (Wed) 16:00 Link: https://t.co/Cgl5Qg9x9B…… https://t.co/BCWaao6zGQ

[email protected]! ‏@ecmua0

Never giving up on you 🐰❤#MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 @Official_MX_jp @OfficialMonstaX https://t.co/SAYnzunhDr

Kei 💙Find You Animation PINNED ‏@keiged_monbebe

@STARSHIPent @STARSHIP_STAFF please give us good news today. I'll be on a hiatus starting tomorrow. Super pleaseee… https://t.co/Jsgs4X0PpG

ZM ‏@zephmolina

scorbuddies wya 🐰🔥 #scorbunnysquad #PokemonSwordandShield

Raspberry Souflee ‏@Coconut_Souffle

Love this pic 😊 🐰 #비오브유_국헌유빈_새로운출발을_응원해 https://t.co/pMDSEq7ONB

[ Child! ]Farne ‏@RxbbitSamurai


吉村 恵里子 ‏@misscd2019_YE01

@Super_Akkili19 Thank you.🥰🐰🍋❣️

吉村 恵里子 ‏@misscd2019_YE01

@bill_sturgell Thank you.🥰🐰🍋❣️

吉村 恵里子 ‏@misscd2019_YE01

@warren6856usa Thank you.🥰🐰🍋❣️

Marisa 🌈 ‏@Marisa26055693

Dope @BTS_twt 🐰

7 - 1 = 0 MONSTA X 0T7 ❤️🐳『Aꪀꪀч ; ‏@Hyungwonie_7u7

@ChartMVT @BTS_twt @OfficialMonstaX @NUESTNEWS @SJofficial MONSTA X ❤️🐻🐰🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺💞 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야… https://t.co/csBWLHeoLP

Chang_Nine_Kyun ‏@AnaEspi82908800

#ForMonstaX7 #사이버_폭력을_멈춰주세요 @OfficialMonstaX Wonho loves💕Monbebe, so our beautiful bunny🐰 will return with Monbebe… https://t.co/ECWCsqgrBZ

smelvis ‏@BlueelvisEric

@GeoffCarlin @TMisfit1979 @XboxDACH Typical XBoxer. Confusing a knob with a controler. 🐰

RoarLoud ‏@RoarLoudTravel

@CicconeTalia @Bento_TheBunny @LoriMoreno @suziday123 @always5star @Adventuringgal @MadHattersNYC @WAISItravelblog… https://t.co/qDkO1jemvb

Natasha #MBBCanBeYourHero ‏@NatashaRoltenve

This. ❤️ 🐰 What a man 🐰 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent https://t.co/IuCjGZ6ppE

Valeria Reyna ‏@Valeria59882761

@CreamyTtv 1 Queen bee for 2 King bees 🐝, sloth 🦥, neon bunny 🐰

Yahaira Mtz|🤠🇲🇽 ‏@RushHenderwhore

Rabbit power&cold🐰✨ @1LoganHenderson https://t.co/j4iyJ81fpc

Farrah Ferrari ‏@lovefarrah3

Dreaming of sun in Miami right now 💛 I am NOT a snow bunny 🐰 Stay safe and warm twitter loves https://t.co/6xO9PAr6QM

Golden Mich (Happyjungkookday 🐰🐰) ‏@michellewong131

@goldenstage_jk @BTS_twt I'm old enough to be his mom, so come along my bunny 🐰

원호's😿 | 원호탈퇴반대 OT7 ‏@ryeongselly

checkin list fansite all member done 🐻🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺 kiyowo kiyowo kiyowo waaa hd save save likes likes likes likes😍🤗 mean… https://t.co/Lhqb9gjgQq

Lupita Infante ‏@lupita_monbebe

@ChartMVT @BTS_twt @OfficialMonstaX @NUESTNEWS @SJofficial Monsta x 🐻🐰🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야… https://t.co/vRI6hZXNoG

Becca ‏@Shiro_XVI

prayer circle: 🐶 🐺 🐢 🐹 OT7 🐻… https://t.co/nClEuJQTIv

🕊💚 🐰🦊🐶🍑🌻🐍🐻 💚🕊 ‏@ahgakitten

Daily reminder that smirking Mark Tuan in a crop top exists. 🤤🔥🤤🔥🤤 💖 #WeLoveYouMarkTuan 💖 🐰 #MarkTuan #마크 #段宜恩 🐰… https://t.co/9E2Wxm0J9B

에리카 누나💜전정국이 ‏@KookieCake97

@ImThirsTaeKim @BTS_twt ❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰Always and Forever❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰❤🐰 @BTS_twt

A with luv ‏@angelinamarif

A whole baby 🐰 @BTS_twt #MAMAVOTE #BTS https://t.co/x9IQ6rT4eI

アラ Aditara ‏@matchxratte

Babies 🐤🐰 https://t.co/D6d7hGklQN

Avi Sachs ‏@Jerseyguy427

@Ayanotan1127 Good morning gorgeous sunshine! Have a great day and be well! 😎👍✌️🐰🐇📸💐🍵💓🍀🎶✨

Bri .•*•💜•*•.🐰🐯 ‏@KawaiiBri1

I’m a sobbing mess. Taehyung is so important to Jungkook and he makes sure we know that. Always. Jungkook is Ta… https://t.co/cq0iVdtcZM

Alexjaegger🐰🇲🇽🇰🇷#WONHO ‏@alexjaegger94

Keep fighting monbebe, we can do it, please don't quit we can make a change 🐰💕 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 #MonstaXis7… https://t.co/x7kIxkkgFF

Kei 💙Find You Animation PINNED ‏@keiged_monbebe

@TeamMonbebe @STARSHIPent I really love this... 😭😭 #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 🐻🐰🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺 @OfficialMonstaX

Susu ‏@SSSuccubus

@BunnyAyu I’ve already started! Cant wait to come up with more ideas together😈🐰

Tofuu✧Nako ‏@callme_tofuu

🐰🐧 💕 best leader 💕 #IZONE #BLOOMwithIZONE https://t.co/PnqUgjvAZy

ilovemonstax ‏@rcfrt08

Wanna wake up one day and see MONSTA X being SEVEN members again.. 💖 We miss you WONHO our BUNNY 🐰 #MonstaXis7

Nadine ❤️ bring Wonho back! ‏@dva97968571

Monbebes who is still active? Where are you from and what time is it in your country? 🥰 🐹🐺🐻🐰🐶🐝🐸 #MonstaXis7… https://t.co/Ll7gkK5CLy

scuba steve ‏@aanaalisaa

‘tis the season to open your home to all of the animals having to fend for themselves in this crazy weather 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊 https://t.co/8UpH0UXTyq

Ahmjus Ay'n: So - I'm a Nancy! ‏@CallMeAhmjusAyn

@djangostigerr4 @donspruill @JohnFugelsang 🐰 What a maroon. 🕳️

SugarSpit ‏@SugarSpitSquad

@DaXzOr Thank you so much! That's a huge compliment coming from you! Your stuff is amazing ^_^ Alright then! More Jackrabbits 🐰🥕💦💦

누누호호 ‏@nunuseokie

at the heart of monsta x is wonho 🐰❤️ #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent https://t.co/5XFEF6XGSL

costata ‏@costata14

✨🐰🐯+Helmet✨ Matching Helmets⛑ #taekook https://t.co/nmBpo5Rdsa

Jesús Elizalde ‏@jesuscazadorj

Ven y ve el live de 🐰☆xandra☆🐰🌼 en #BIGOLIVE: morning live😂 https://t.co/5INrRfAp2R https://t.co/zRoz8z73RS

Kei 💙Find You Animation PINNED ‏@keiged_monbebe

@drewryanscott @gabelopezsongs Thank you so much for this!! You guys are so awesome!! #MonstaXis7 #우리가_역사를_만들거야 🐻🐰🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺 @OfficialMonstaX

🌻RabbitRover🐰✨🦄 ‏@Rabbit2Jade

#metoday I feel like mighty because you are my whole world. 👑 🐰〰️🎶💌 🌔

Shane26 ‏@Shano2671

@everhartxo @Ajgfilmp Love to grab that booty ❤️💙🐰

Protect Wonho🐰 ‏@wonhosnostrilz

Good night I’m going back to bed 🐰

𝙜𝙖𝙗𝙪 ꜜ♡. 𓏲🧸› ⋆ ‏@jjkmyyouth

🐰〬ໍ̷メ۪۪۪♡̸ 𝑡𝑒𝑥𝑡𝑠 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑚𝑦 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 https://t.co/DrRfba6KEo

INTL Vegan ‏@intlvegan

Do you know the difference? 🐰 Cruelty-free doesn't always mean vegan, and vegan doesn't always mean cruelty-free.… https://t.co/RaTi78h2D0

𝑳𝒂𝒖𝒗𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒚 ✨ ‏@nochukieee

🐰: Annyeonghaseyo ~ (hello) The way Jungkook greeted with deep voice while looking like a handsome popular univers… https://t.co/oVrmylgDQR

Chris The Lion Loring ‏@the_loring

Can sum one lend a hand ? Frosty gave me fresh snow for the bub⛄💨 🎩🐰 https://t.co/ccJgQXGXba

Bristol Rabbit Rescue & Friends ‏@bristolrabbitre

Gorgeous girly we met today! Passed her home visit with flying colours, we hope Dexter will think shes as pretty as… https://t.co/XdKdHQwX98

🏳️☆ 𝒕𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒅ā𝒏𝒊𝒆 ☆🏳️ ‏@fortressedheart

I don’t know...I just really miss this hair, style, look, everything....😔but!☝️ it doesn’t mean, I love the man any… https://t.co/p4DmE5sVIA

💚 ‏@ilysmdy

@ceyestore Rabbit 1🐰🌷✨

吉村 恵里子 ‏@misscd2019_YE01

@7cSGqJb6RlrPr1B Thank you.🥰🐰🍋❣️

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