Ram Emoji

A male sheep, known as a ram, with spiralled horns.

Ram was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🐏 U+1F40F




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piconbière ‏@MegBeudard

Moi : Twitter : ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer… https://t.co/XUpkrHWzjb

Poké Patrol ‏@PokePatrolYT

✨🐏 Shiny Wooloo in less than 100 checks ... I'm so sorry @TheJWittz 😅 https://t.co/DfebbhwUqY

古着屋RAINBOW 原宿店 ‏@RAINBOW_hrjk

🐏 staff coordinate 🐏 cable knit × suspender style #古着屋RAINBOW https://t.co/dVBIo69E6R

🅹🅰🆂🅾🅽 🆅🅸🅶🅸🅻 ‏@jasonvigil88

@UNLVRebelGrl Oh please. And you're a sheep who blindly follows these incompetent coaches as they drag the program… https://t.co/OxhSlMFTwN

Cordell ‏@adaptivethink

@BigBootyJudy814 😂😂😂🐏 shit

Daniel Short ‏@DanShort89

GOAT 🐏 https://t.co/2nadeEMiYd

Hannah Cooper ‏@han_cooper

I’m loving @imacelebrity this year! Great campmates. Loving the stories. It’s brill! I know some years it’s enterta… https://t.co/TvrKyAeeOT

Jamie Nykiel ‏@jamienykiel

@MichaelaHendry @Countryman1885 Thanks so much gorgeous girl. I feel honoured to have met people like you in the in… https://t.co/UZAnheOh8v

Henry Bear ‏@HenryBearT

Horns up #Rams🐏. Let’s get the next win ✌️on monday. https://t.co/tnP8Sk1f2A

kim.jongchen ‏@kimjongchen19

@layzhang you too gege 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️🐏

Brittany Lawson ‏@jadorebrittany

#gdtbath 🐏🏀 @ Dean E. Smith Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill https://t.co/rEaQWeJzeW

Vincent Maloba ‏@VincentMaloba

@fiftyminus2 Good morning Shazzy from Nairobi 🇰🇪.its daybreak at 9am.beautiful weather here cool &cloudy ⛅ with sun… https://t.co/M9kwGQ2tER

DevSwaggskool ⁶𓅓 ‏@DevSwaggSkool

S/O to Coach Herb McGee for being the 2nd Coach in NCAA history for winning his 1,100th game!!!! #PhillyU #Jefferson 🏀🐏

•°•b°•°i•°•c°•°t•°•°h•°• ‏@7preciousthings

I want to be jiminie here 🥺🐏 @BTS_twt https://t.co/XKh2vRytw4

Charles Johnson ‏@CharlesJohn2364

Blessed to receive a offer from Winston Salem State University 🐏 🔴!! https://t.co/b35gPWEwXv

BKI ‏@KKCity

Sably Goat Haven, produk pelancongan terbaru di Lohan, Ranau.🐐🐏🐑 ⏰ Operation hour: 9AM - 5PM 📍 Location: Sably Goa… https://t.co/jNIXMrO4Me

Tamara's Son ‏@BAMN89

Another W! Time to get ready for the next opponent! #TarHeelNation 💪🏾🏀👣🐏

Deej Smith ‏@deejsmith724

@NFL @marshallfaulk @nflnetwork MARSHALL. MARSHALL. MARSHALL 🐏🏆

Maddie Baddie ‏@MaddieNewkirk

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 🎼:… https://t.co/zKH8vVUCZw

Gabriel Islas ‏@gabriel_49er


#QB365 ‏@qb365media

🚨COMMITMENT ALERT🚨 2021 QB @McAllisterQb15 will stay in state and play for Colorado State‼️🐏 https://t.co/Oq8PMmrpQx

Taylor Walker ‏@_bbb_me

@MadDapr Hey Ramily!!! 😊👋🏾🐏 So I don’t know about the defemation suit so I can’t speak on it but I am curious what… https://t.co/g6j7h8baL0

Kathryn#Resister ‏@kathrynresister

@FrakerMonica @CitizenWonk Tulsi is a 🐺 in 🐏 clothing.

Moonshine ‏@Moonshi84280504

⤵️⤵️⤵️ Eat this! you #fuken Lib 🐏🐏 #FuQ for voting this evil POS back in for another term You have destroyed our co… https://t.co/HBJCq0S1mO

Breeze ‏@BreezeBebe

@CraigTSmithFL Wow, you can't be this simple. Are you getting paid half a penny per Tweet to bash him? Floridian… https://t.co/fcausW9Dbo

Obj ‏@LuzaniaJulio

100% committed!⚪️🔵🐏

Robert B. Garcia ‏@RobRams85

@ThinkBlue47 Come on young man put on the #RoyalBlueandYellow 👊💥☝️🤘🐏💛💙🏈 #LARams #GoRams https://t.co/Upl9SyLcre

Erwan Genevisse ‏@ErwanGenevisse

@MatthewJshow @real_defender @realDonaldTrump News for you: the factory is owned by Flex, not Apple and its been ru… https://t.co/pXfNYIaT3N


Finally Bacot 💪🏾🐏 https://t.co/WLossb0vJe

Sarah Zarymbski ‏@zarymbskii

SO incredibly proud of my girls tonight!! Love this group more and more everyday, and tonight they showed just how… https://t.co/jGKoYjV8r5

Trinnsty ‏@trinnsty

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 🎼:… https://t.co/oTP3rBTRMo

Kathryn#Resister ‏@kathrynresister

@polipopmusic @TulsiGabbard Tulsi is a 🐺 in 🐏 clothing.

Joyvonne ✨🌹 ‏@Qveen_Joyvonne

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic AFTERPARTY❗️ 🚨NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 10PM-2AM⏰ 4927 W. MAR… https://t.co/vlSXZ7PPUr

Future RN👩🏾‍⚕️💉 ‏@___daio

Officially a Ram 🐏 🎉❤️ #WSSU

Sheldon Pereira ‏@Shellboy101

Bhakths:Other cast are either terrorist,Forced converters or secular we love bjp stand against desh drohis lets vot… https://t.co/r8QT1suqco

brian crespo ‏@briancrespo16

@McAllisterQb15 @PalmerRidgeFB @CoachBobo_CSU @CSUFootball @RonnieLetson @csurecruiting @LindseySquints… https://t.co/NSsCYAXdds

Frack ‏@carter_j72

@katieeeeebell Me Too! #🐏

Tonya Moore ‏@TonyaMSweetT

@tpinsonn Have loved your celebrations since your Tarheel days🏀🏆☝🏼🐏but this one wasn’t as fun since you were beating the Hornets😩

iWITness™ ‏@26c66534c71a4c6

In reality.Religion must be in harmony with science & reason.If it doesn't conform to science and reconcile with re… https://t.co/3WR4Zoc7Gd

Kee 🌸 ‏@g0lden_kee1

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 🎼:… https://t.co/yzQqDzstfM

Kathryn#Resister ‏@kathrynresister

@DunkAsASkunk She is abhorrent. She is a 🐺 in 🐏 clothing.

Brian Stever ‏@BrianStever

Ugh Cole juuuust misses that #tripledouble tonight for the #Heels #UNC 🐏🏀 https://t.co/okXuaEVvkp

Tori ✨ ‏@pinkerhero

goodnight heroes~ 🌟 we're getting stronger together~ 🐏

Juanita 🐥🍜💜 ‏@juanitaBTS

@Vmin2919 @Pao2010Jessy @jooni12moon @BTS_twt @hyoyinrosas @Seok_chi23 @Jiminssi_lovely @niki8610 @littlemendeshx… https://t.co/KLVseR4Ubn

Patricia ‏@pattiked

@PlatekFor3 Effort never betrays you! Keep grinding🐏👣🏀💙

Patricia ‏@pattiked

The BIGS came out strong tonight! We can’t wait for the next Bigs video. 🐏👣🏀💙@__garro @iget_buckets35

Verna Webb🇺🇸 ‏@TIGGERR00

@artim942 @gregoryy2k @OANN He never said deal was done, he said they were close, so quit your lying 🐑🐑🐑🐏🐏🐏

Emma Moya ‏@ehm32

REUNITED!!! It was great playing against these two again, great game and great competition. So much fun playing aga… https://t.co/kzF6lvQIOT

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

Did he call glass? Who cares! Willis banks in the three! 🐺 69 🐏 72 📺 https://t.co/SgY3Oam8WC 📊… https://t.co/RA7LruVzYi

Ken Krier ‏@coach_lightning

It’s been a pleasure watching your⚡️& 🐏 faces - can’t wait to see your 🐻 face. Congratulations son, big things ahea… https://t.co/ofuS5NHn0f

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

JERRY JOHNSON for THREE and we've got a 4 point game with 4:26 to play! 🐺 66 🐏 70 📺 https://t.co/SgY3Oam8WC 📊… https://t.co/fbhOy0zX3F

magnus ‏@yadudemagnus

ram? how you say 🍆🍆🍆💦🐏👻? https://t.co/3O6kgQDfR5

Chandler Brown ‏@BrownChandler

Heels win 75-61 over Elon! Huge game for Armando Bacot with 22 points and 14 rebounds! Garrison Brooks stepped up a… https://t.co/DtW7bAGhK4

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

7:53 2H | Red Wolves looking to get deficit below double digits for the first time since early in the 2nd half. F… https://t.co/yCvrcqnY2n

Chrissy 🇺🇸 ‏@Kiskiss08

Welp it wasn’t our best effort but a win is a win! Y’all need to seriously step it up for the tourney next week! 🏀… https://t.co/NnfnwO6D0L

Carolina Redhead ‏@redheadj23

How bout them Heels! 💙👣🐏🏀

Dominique Hoover ‏@D_hoov23

Kind of an ugly game, but I’ll take the win! 🐏🏀 Huge game for Bacot tonight

Evan McAlice ‏@EvanMcAlice

Tomorrow! 🐏🎥🤩 #5CCN https://t.co/bBb9Dm5GSi

AP© ‏@_APatterson20

Good W #TarheelNation 🐏👣

Victorian Farmers Federation ‏@VicFarmers

Happy #AgDayAU to all our members and farmers across Victoria! 🐄🌾🐏🐖🍎🐓🥦 We are thrilled to be celebrating the #VFF40… https://t.co/6rIONvO1cl

🇫🇷 GOLAZO ( ゴラッソ ) ⚓ ‏@golazo_23

@meirusaki Hello 🧚 🐏 ❤️

Larry D Jordan Jr ‏@ldjordanjr

Bacot a bad man 💪🏾🐏

easyD ‏@easyD01781068

@woodruffbets Lev really gets around. He's making Republican friends faster than Maria Butina. You haven't partie… https://t.co/XgMBZgkMz2

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

11:38 2H | Red Wolves not going away quietly. Fields has 13 and Johnson has added 10 to lead A-State. 🐺 45 🐏 59… https://t.co/w7acGUGmxr

Christina Mullen ‏@Cmullen11111

Congrats @EmeryMullen0 🏃‍♀️Rookie of the Year 🏃‍♀️Varsity Letter🏃‍♀️Mid Wach Allstar 🐏🐏 @shephillxctrack… https://t.co/YZr5O3a5Mt

Adam Heimbichner ‏@AdamHeimbichner

SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!! BALLER!!! 🔥🔥🔥 GO RAMS!!! 🐏💚💛 #CSURams #ColoradoState #TearEmAsunder #ProudToBe #EDGE https://t.co/69R4noUtBb

Bigshark1875 ‏@bigshark1875

@jokepolice5 @Archivall @Im_That_Bamaboy @Noor05923269 @helen_rat @TRusesabagina @Animehaaven @mikemajlak @KSIOlajidebt You sheep 🐏🐏🐏

ANGELO THA GREAT ‏@angeloxbell


Oh Heel Yeah ‏@TarN8tion

Long way to go. Early season. #Cohesion 🐏🏀

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

15:56 2H | CSU has outscored A-State 13-2 this half. A-State has six team fouls already this half. 🐺 35 🐏 52 📺… https://t.co/AivjKTwqDI

Oh Heel Yeah ‏@TarN8tion

16 dimes on 22 made FGs🐏🏀

Spades♠️ ‏@ayye_c

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨 NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 10PM-2AM ⏰ 4927… https://t.co/5oKiLfHWZg

Bitty 🖤 ‏@bittygotbands

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨 NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 10PM-2AM ⏰ 4927… https://t.co/dig8SQTntP

Bitty 🖤 ‏@bittygotbands

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨 NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 10PM-2AM ⏰ 4927… https://t.co/OXeQd5bUHh

Neal_Davis ‏@Onmyroad2_Richz

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨 NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 10PM-2AM ⏰ 4927… https://t.co/OpHxdgogKb

Bitty 🖤 ‏@bittygotbands

@SelfWaveEnt presents: WHO’S THE LIVEST HBCU #AggieEagleClassic  AFTERPARTY ❗️ 🚨 NOVEMBER 23RD🚨 10PM-2AM ⏰ 4927… https://t.co/JBreYU7Sgx

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

16:39 2H | Kus called for an offensive foul and he and Matthews each have four fouls. Brevard has three. We won't t… https://t.co/w0Y6lpQSxH

Rhody MBB ‏@RhodyMBB

Touched down in Montego Bay for the 2019 Jamaica Classic 🐏🏀 x 🇯🇲 https://t.co/svYnYnlKo3

Oh Heel Yeah ‏@TarN8tion

Cole 7-6-7. Getting everyone going #CohesionBuilding 🐏🏀

TARA🤞🏽 ‏@tarajohnson_90


AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

Fields, Eaton, Willis, Brevard and Matthews on the floor as we begin the second half 🐺 33 🐏 39 📺… https://t.co/CUDDjCUeEa


YES WE BACK AT BIG BUKANAS Saturday, November 23rd 😈 #AGGIEEAGLERAM the Official AggieEagle Classic After Party🔥… https://t.co/J9bPS8PReE

Brett 😈 ‏@BSmoothee

YES WE BACK AT BIG BUKANAS Saturday, November 23rd 😈 #AGGIEEAGLERAM the Official AggieEagle Classic After Party🔥… https://t.co/jHbGrE77C9

Swae B ‏@Showtime_Monk28

Hell of a season thus far bro! Only place to go now is ⬆️..keep grindin 🤟🐏 https://t.co/wW2slydgIt

T.A. Foster ‏@TAFosterwriter

I truly admire all the people in my feed who covered the hearings today and are now tweeting the debate. I’m curren… https://t.co/ihTJbEy6hP

🆘⚓️🆘 🏊🏾‍♂️🆘👁🆘🌎🆘 ‏@GussDaGreat

@The_ColeAnthony working on a triple double 👀🏀🐏 @UNC_Basketball

ugslivestock ‏@ugslivestock

Merino Sheep🐏🐑 The Merino is one of the most historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep, mu… https://t.co/rS5ioiQxVz

TeagueMole87 ‏@Brendan1963

@GoHeelsGameDay Welcome Don! 🐏🏀

Lila Morgan ‏@lilamorgann42

one week left! get your Red Owens crewnecks for $20 until the 27th! message me for info! cash, check, and venmo!:)… https://t.co/jlGaAPEga7

Oh Heel Yeah ‏@TarN8tion

Active Bacot=Instant run 🐏🏀

Chandler Brown ‏@BrownChandler

2nd half! #GoHeels 🐏

🎃 People_not_sheeple (Lilly)🍥 ‏@Latina4freedom

@ALReproRightsAd @unafromaltoona1 @4YrsToday 🐏🐏🐏 think Fox, CNN, & MSNBC are different & all there is If u watched… https://t.co/WobhvKlduI

Pedro ‏@Pedrooo_11

Cmon boys 🐏

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

2:47 1H | Red Wolves have been whistled for 12 fouls already and Brevard, Matthews, Willis, Kus and Jackson each ha… https://t.co/eGChV7csZz

Jenny Horton ‏@jennyraehorton

Capstone Queen. This girl is going places! 💙🐏👑 https://t.co/F9jOa86JYZ

Jack Vernon ‏@Jackvernon08

Give this man and his staff time. He’s not only trying to move the first team forward and progress with the players… https://t.co/nSHdfk7cnP

AStateMB ‏@AStateMB

7:58 1H | Colorado State going to the big man inside often as Carvacho has scored or assisted on last three FGs. He… https://t.co/nr0ICpzJJB

🎃 People_not_sheeple (Lilly)🍥 ‏@Latina4freedom


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