Relieved Face Emoji

Pleasantly content. Happy, but not over the top. Feeling a sense of relief over a situation, or to convey a calm or content state of mind.

Relieved Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😌 Content

😌 Pleased


😌 U+1F60C




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👼🏻 ‏@dysllexis

graphic design is my passion 😌

lulu 💗 ‏@gIowingjin

@Btsmaykoook speak spanish 😌

Marek Amler ‏@kozlik_matej

@Monitt321 @68isgr8 @oldarypar @CruisingRay @68Jagr Thank you my dear 😌

LoVeisREal🥺 ‏@Annie4456Annie

@kvmara @nzuzi99 when it's the right nigga, this statement hits different 😌

❤QUEEN❤GODDESS ❤ ‏@tharonikaminaj

@Nitascornerr Thank you sm babe and it must hard for you too, you very strong and ily😘 We are who we are,take it o…

Мечтатель по Жизни ‏@Olja_Yavorskaja

Tom leaving the theatre with Bobby 🤗😌 #TomHiddleston #Betrayal #BetrayalBroadway 16th of October, 2019 💙🎭 photo…

‹jimi3 jia day! ‏@ymtaes

jimin topping the brand reputation ranking for 10 consecutive months now? just it boy things 😌

TMA ‏@__miide_

One day, that thing wey dey everybody mind wey dem never talk, one situation go bring am out, and kasala go burst!…

🐺 ‏@sftinnie

@fIuffyrose according to my signed polaroid and broadcast, yes 😌


Him: Ok, Let me off the light and call you back 😌 Me:

-ᴋɪᴍᴏʀɪ ⵣ☮🌙 ‏@_kimori__

@sugashook__ Oh this is great too!!! You've posted it here, right? Because i think i remember about it 😌💖💖

char ‏@tacobelloficial

i don’t sleep good unless my room is at a brisk 64° 😌

dré ‏@andreim913

Everyone feels like home. Walang OP vibe ang freshies. Everyone is interacting, and everyone is helping each other. Good ol times 😌😌

~Mughee$🔥♥️ ‏@futuredctr

@Shanzey1311 Yeah new here😌

darcula 🧛 ‏@roguishpml

@X_perfecto_X @layIien @BBCNewsbeat read my second tweet 😌

Avivian ‏@ivaivna

i thought u will come 😪😌

McVin🔥 ‏@ImArbeen_

Cumingggggg hahahah saturday night is real 😌😎😂

FAYE🏹 ‏@picatxiu

I thought I lost this tweet. 😌

Luca ‏@witnessluca

@Minaj_Yonce Go watch the video of Peaches svcking a rotten d!ck and you’ll love it again 😌😌

Jack Skellington 💀🎃 ‏@TiffKirbs24

@cineworld hey, do you know how long it takes for job applications to be processed? Thanks! 😌

Mama Thouraya ‏@Thouraya_julia

#BenineseTakeOver ca m‘amuse🇧🇯😌

『 체리 ♡ 』 ‏@cherry_bobatae

@EatMyKook @kyuthobi I'm sorry but STFU IM TAGGED TOO AND I HAVE LIFE Thank you 😌💞

siera✨ ‏@itssincerity

@angellyaaaa that movie deserves an oscar 😌

haesbich ⛅ ia📌 (D boy❤) ‏@Bulayayaya01

btchs I'm back!!!!😌

Arrest🦅 ‏@Arrxsted

Who trynna chill inna Party?😌

september ‏@longstoryshor8

this is the WS I stan 😌

Adeoluwa Billions ‏@Gbaja_Adeoluwa

I know you must have heard about me😌

cocoxbengxli ‏@cocoxbengxli

@m4ian4m Awww shucks 😌

Man'c ‏@Mansimore1205

Frind (as a doctor): Bf ko 1time injunction laga rahi hu😌

Jaye 💙🤞🏽♐️ ‏@BluuJaye

Lmao I woke up to my baby sticking her Lil booty out in my stomach. OMG 😂😌💖 MY Tanka

Wandisimo 😏 ‏@OTG_Real

Rain 😌 I Can Finally Go To Sleep 🌧

Man'c ‏@Mansimore1205

Im that kind of girl ..... Even if u hurt me ....but still look at u and smile 😌💔 that ntg is happen😊

justkpopthings ‏@Breana_ana

Who thought its a good idea to play climax song 😌

LALA 🧡 ‏@auradonhobo


sum🔌 ‏@chaerseok

i’m going back to bed gn 😌

BriNicole ‏@briherself_

I just got me some good dxck and he left some money on the dresser . Whew chileee lol 😌

🇫🇷 spookyDaya - COMMISSIONS OPEN [2/4 done] ‏@ArthurBiver

(Repost because I wanted to polish it) Quick gift art for @ipskrimson, because he's a great and sweet guy who also…

Ella ‏@_s0ngbird

Love is a beautiful thing y’all 😌

itsnjerinotjerry✨ ‏@NjeriKariuki8

@mrkingoriginal Goes both ways,get you a girl that can do both,with and without🤥😌

Jarrod Mosele ‏@MoseleJarrod

@AllOnShow1 Beautiful 💖😌

Macy 🌻🔆 ‏@indigopu_ff

@Dumbfuckingass U no it 😌 💖

i s a b e l 🌻 🔜 Ascend STL ✨ ‏@isabeldelvalle_

@Prosethazine finally got to see the squad it’s been too long 😌

chlo ✧*:・゚✧ ‏@DEMONMIILF

i wish i wasn’t ugly and boring goodnight 😌

Xanthin | BTS & IU only 💜🌸 ‏@paperhearts92

@BTSARMY_MIA1013 Owh is that for 5M?? K fans in general or gp who trend that #? 😯😌

𝐕an ``exams ‏@V4nAngelo

@clxarose Luhh im fine im payn 😌

krys ‏@SOOJUNGvel

@BORAMvel mager ah ss ss 😌😌

𝓐𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂🐍 9¾ ‏@ughhtxt

@moabeomie @vgyu_daegu @TXT_members @TXT_bighit I haven't played for so long but maybe i'll log in to promote. The things I do for them😌

zamani_grams🔥🔥 ‏@ZamaniGrams

A mood 😌

Muwanika™ ‏@Douglas311

@LizabethGoodhe1 Come we sulk together! 😌

Aaliyah Hussain ‏@Liyah_422

@pbtqs @pettypete2 As a half caste girl who’s not into kaikoso, I needed this 😌🤣

babie 👶🏻 ‏@BabyboyChannie_

Things I like excluding kpop: — Feeling included 😌 — Being by myself every once and while — hanging out with frien…

𝕽𝖊𝖙𝖆𝖏 ‏@itsretaj0

@scruffiewaffle whatsapp 😌💞

🔥 milk 🔥🐓🍜🥤 ‏@cremayori

@kurolee97 I notice the details is all 😌🙏

aiennnn_ ‏@nraienzri_

|| Silence is the better one than everything 😌 .

Fuwari ‏@SpringFuwari

We're on our way to FBM! See you in a few minutes 😌💖

Werqz ‏@Werqz_Fn

@pace_fn @MoozMahFN @kultcuz Your right 😌

Jarrod Mosele ‏@MoseleJarrod

@SR4mylove6 Sleep well darling 💜😌

megan ‏@megvillanueva_

😺✏ — SOON! healing takes time 😌🧘‍♀️♥️

mommamia💘 ‏@miameyah_

i feel sooo at peace ina bed😌

AmberMFNMack 😈 ‏@amfmack

I can tell a lie if you asking me my whereabouts , but I might talk that real if you ask me what I care about. 🤷🏼‍♀️😌

Dani ❤👑 ‏@venus_0712

I'm kinda feeling myself 😌 not in a naughty way tho 🙄 hello btw 🙋‍♀️

Ardinchukwu ‏@sholz_ardin

@Steadi_lady Location?😌

♥ֆǟʀǟռʏǟֆʊʀʏǟ♥ 2.0😍 ‏@saranyasuriya21

@itsme_munch Sure broooo😌😌thnks a lloott🙏

✖ ‏@heybitchyyy

Backstabbing a person is your forte jud😌 HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

𝐤𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐚 🦇 ‏@klxudia_xo

@Sunsetseass can’t wait to take naps whenever i want now 😌

🕸𝕔𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕖🎃 ‏@memeteddyowl

@teeth_of_Wolves Awwwwwwww katsuki you love him SOOO much,dont you?😌😏💕

10/15 🏹🧡 ‏@_sgnisha

yeah I smoke my last so it’s official I’m done smoking for a lil bit 😌

Grace🌼 ‏@LemweleGreys

I wanna see him before my bday 😌

Darshana K ‏@DKandamulla

@Nadeez__ Hari bro 😌 I'll stop, but if you start again then it's war ☠

erits ‏@erixhbelle

mark lee bestest boy 😌

Megha ‏@roars_loudly

Both hv always been wrong 😌

Steph ~ i miss ariana 😭🏳️‍🌈🐝💖 ‏@AriGrandeUKFans

@FrankieJGrande @HaleLeon @ArianaGrande @GoodBurgerPopUP you are a very good looking couple! lovely photo frankie!…

βια ‏@whatisbia

@NathanGurdWorld kill em w ur voice😌

Gembulmbul ‏@IzzahSalsaaa

UIN can't relate😌

vicky ‏@vmrrrn

Queen 😌

🍫 ‏@blackanniee_

God don’t always come on your time but he always come on time 😌💯

October🔥 ‏@AfroM3rmaid

@Sico357 Perfect time😌

Danny Olson ‏@Bobo_Du_Hobo

@theomgcosplay @PeachJars Your sacrifice for your art doesn't go unappreciated 😌🤙


@maxvayshia Read again dear 😌😌

snapchat: derrirose ‏@DerriRose_

anytime 4 in the mornin’ by Nipsey come on, I never skip it! That man knew exactly what he was doing with this one. 😌

pat ‏@SuarezDanilyn

@sheeendurango Awww :(( thank you ate sheen 😌

Larenggg ‏@Itsme_lareng

I have my own happiness 😌💗💓

jasmin ‏@taesyoonqi

i bought some plants !! they should arrive next weekend 😌

Dejvibesss ‏@dejvibesss

less than 2 weeks 😌

KIRAN CHOUDHARY🇮🇳 ‏@kc491997

@iVeenaKhan Umm 😌 getting jealous of her?? Keep it up as its in your blood!!! Btw don't utter about CLASS that's doesn't suits you .

Jarrod Mosele ‏@MoseleJarrod

@LuanaVirgin I’m doing well Darling, it’s 9:16pm on Saturday night in Melbourne, Australia though..!❤️😌how bout you though?

名無き. ‏@_Brandooooon

“Imma fuck up my life!” 🖕🏻🖕🏻 Everyday mood.😌😌

Kalifer💕🍀 ‏@seho_exo

So no one tell me about this? Nice i understand 😌 my mutual is betraying me 😌 #SEHO

A سے Anza✨ ‏@Anzayyyyy

Hell of a sexy sizziling poster 😍😌🔥👅 The flexibility 😍😌🔥 and Chemistry is literally oozing out 😌😍 Can't wait to…

➰ ‏@_yoadrian

Me: *grown up in a Christian church* Also Me: “my favorite tv shows is good omens, lucifer. supernatural. Oh and…

; ‏@Qui_B

I’ll forgive i won’t forget it right game wrong bitch 😌‼️

Oluwasegun ‏@__Ifeoluwa

@i_amemerson Listened to them all countless times 😁😌

leslie🦋 ‏@lesanahyy

galantis show tonight was a 10/10 , vibes were def checked 😌🤚🏼

All things FAB ✨ ‏@allthings_fab_

I never had a job where they don’t care how many hours yu do 😇 that’s one thing I can say I like about this jawn pl…

rawan 🖤 ‏@_rawansaber

my boys looking fine 😌💅🏾

adiba! ‏@nishinowhy

@paigelovebot egg u out here getting the iphone 11 n im stuck on 5,,, LEGIT IPHONE,,, F I V E ,, my parents wont get me a newer one 😌🔫

soph✨ ‏@ssophxrose

😌 i’m trying :)

ABIOLA ‏@peniel_art

Looking to get more comfortable taking selfies 😌

𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 🕊️ ‏@_tonetjaochico

You don't have to wait on meeee🥰😌

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