Rhinoceros Emoji

A rhinoceros, displayed either as the entire animal, or just the face.

Rhinoceros was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🦏 Rhino


🦏 U+1F98F


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AG ‏@casinonines

@cherylofficial6,My baby, some oatc,specially for my little baby's to enjoy,with my dearest care & comforting love,… https://t.co/EZB4KhRRlF

Dr Will Fowlds ‏@DrWillFowlds

On now, tune in if you can 🦏#rhino https://t.co/08iKbtxQBi

Planet Rhino ‏@Planet_Rhino

Streaming live now, get watching! 🦏#rhino https://t.co/EEFrAk485l

Cosmic Shenron aka the Platinum Dragon🐲 ‏@monstierider24

@kwskenya That's something you don't see everyday. 🦏🐃

sharon durham ‏@SX1604

@DSWT Look how she’s grown! 💜🦏

Desiree_Laverne ‏@Desiree_Laverne

The perfect gift.. 🦏 #SavingTheLastRhinos.. 🦏 Pre-order your copy! My favourite conservationist.. Grant Fowlds (Rh… https://t.co/m1nAd7U82W

AG ‏@casinonines

@cherylofficial6,My baby, a nice picture,specially for my little baby's to enjoy,with my dearest care & loving love… https://t.co/Hkj8dBl9Mf

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

@drafting_king @DynastyTrades @DynastyOuthouse @MyFantasyLeague @JukeGarrett @DynastyHHPod @riese_adam… https://t.co/gPbKDcvm3z

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

@drafting_king @DynastyTrades @DynastyOuthouse @MyFantasyLeague @JukeGarrett @DynastyHHPod @riese_adam… https://t.co/bXQy6GLcQA

Pixomatic ‏@pixomatic_app

Rhino 🦏 Made with #Pixomatic by @deepak_suhanda #rhinoceros #girl #digitalartist #visualarts #agameoftones… https://t.co/9Q30lQFEyH

Pippa Mavian ‏@PippaMavian

@animalsrfriend Incredible! 🦏❤

Barbara de Souza ‏@aubsdes

You gotta l💚ve the French💙❤️ 🐊🦏🐅🐘🦍🦒 https://t.co/P4RAO084Xg

Latest Nigeria News Updates ‏@Edujandonblog

Hey Ecko 🦏 thanks for the follow!

Jeremy B. Crow ‏@jeremybcrow

Awaiting my flight to Skukuza!! Safari time!! 🔜✈️🦒🦓🐃🦏🌍 @ O.R. Tambo International Airport https://t.co/HuTjZGmnRS

Rhonda Forbes ‏@RhondaForbes

@1bizzeebee1 @AliceBe19722212 Because I’m an animal lover, I’ll put the Animal Justice Party 1st. 👍🐘🦏🐢🐇🦒🐕

Wildlife Warriors ‏@wildwarriors

Today marks one year since the world lost #Sudan, the last male northern white rhino in existence. As the last of h… https://t.co/28j7R9KN08

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

RYNOS acquired the Picks 😎🦏

Courtney Carter🌵🇺🇸❤🇮🇱🏈 ‏@CarterCourtknee

@ArizonaKayte @Militarydotcom 😂 what's with all the screaming? Save some $. Don't bother with camo. We can hear yo… https://t.co/Ow6v2TOrhz

jj ‏@sgtrendezvous

stop flexing on us with your iphone rich boi peace and love😎✌️🌟❤️🍒🥦🐘🎶🌺🦏☮️ https://t.co/QgqQMF58IB

STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war ‏@STROOP_film

Txs @GaryGb0423 (who was one of the first to watch STROOP on its film festival run) and yes it is vital to watch… https://t.co/PgdMss5zFY

Gia Gali ™ ‏@GiaGali

Follow the ones that Like and Retweet this 🦏🌌

BuckeyeCindy ‏@CindyBuckeye

@ScottStenholm @MeghanMcCain Sorry 😐but your Dad is not as great like you state. Trump will always and forever hav… https://t.co/RBoAnADqMg

🌸🦊 Ameila 🐰🌸 ‏@ameilaquinn

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Leuise Crumble ‏@LeuiseCrumble

Help me pressure Tanzania's conservation funders into withdrawing until it changes its decision to allow trophy hun… https://t.co/tJoegSVMwc

Ryan Templeton ‏@RynoTMT

Look what showed up today!! You have no idea what is in store for this...but stay tuned my friends!!!🤘🏼😎🦏👍🏼😊… https://t.co/KnM3FSfTe1

AG ‏@casinonines

@cherylofficial6 ,My darling,a nice picture,specially for my little baby's to enjoy, a lovely baby giraffe 🙂🙂🙂happi… https://t.co/ee2WNrRX84

Linda Rose ‏@lindar1017

@Patriot_Voices @RickSantorum Maybe Ricky Auditorium should get a therapist to help Him get over his sour 🍇 grapes.… https://t.co/F4uFQNd7pZ

Scott Salley ‏@ScottSalley53

Meghan McCain needs to shut up. Her dad was a fake ass hero. He was a 🦏 until the day he died. He gave Obama the White House.

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

@Stoops1990 Never understood the appeal of a Keeper league. It’s Dynasty or Bust! 🦏

John Couture ‏@Cooch34

@8BallBonge @darenw @MLB PEDs...of course his nonsense number will not be passed. The league stopped players from i… https://t.co/6aD2sjO8Gy

Samuel Gilbert ‏@Sammy_CG

@washingtonpost No one gives a crap about that 🦏

Pixe65 ‏@TexasPixe65

@SaraCarterDC @ananavarro @CNN She’s a Bush era Rhino 🦏.... in other words a Democrat in disguise ... can’t stand t… https://t.co/jRnYRsKCwm

Coach Bender ‏@Coach_BenderPb

@BigBurger73 @Tracy_Holmes94 🦏 in the TRENCHES 🦏🦏


Here's to hoping he/she sees this retweet! 🦏 https://t.co/ma13zZydK3

Mary ‏@gogogreendog

@OlPejeta How is it possible that it’s been a year already? 😥🦏

mark hayes ‏@markhay67446093

McCain was a RINO 🦏 BUT HE DID CARE before Trump Derangement Syndrome overtook him! Now the TRUTH is McCain passed… https://t.co/W2MoGgdZYD

Ray Gans ‏@RayGans007

@JB_bowling Took me a second to realize this was a bowling reference 😂🎳 Pulling for 🦏 Page

Sternergirl ‏@sternergirl

@catturd2 @KathyLittle18 🦏 Romney #RINO

#ChristianSlater ‏@not_ringo_starr

You're the only one who know what PID is — I’m a cultured man 🌟😎✌️🍒☮️🐘🦏🎶🥦🎵 https://t.co/5zvVqY4nzZ

LindaJedi ‏@LindaPi68631321


Brittney ♡ ‏@brittneysells

I wanna go to the zoo :( 🐵🦍🦁🦓🐯🐘🦏

frnxvry🌺 ‏@cheskalipton

EPIC!! 🦏 https://t.co/ekXeaiIf8v

Ashleysmith ‏@Ashley_smith354

Not quite a safari in Africa but it will do for now 🐘🦏🐆 @ ZSL Whipsnade Zoo https://t.co/UKoQONmGf2

Learning thru Lemurs ‏@leapinglemurs2

One year ago tomorrow, The world Lost Sudan, 🦏 the last northern white rhino. Please continue to keep the Conser… https://t.co/E8EZ3X3GUd

Learning thru Lemurs ‏@leapinglemurs2

One year ago tomorrow, The world Lost Sudan, 🦏 the last northern white rhino. Please continue to keep the Conser… https://t.co/gp7HF2nFK1

فراز حسین گردیزی ‏@FarazHu82188112

@ArmeenaRK These people should feel the pain of 🦏 by ripping their body part like this 😢

juanin siempre gana🏹 ‏@clockwork_juan

#Affinitweet Emoji Mood 🦃, 💛, 💖, 💔, 💥, 🤙, 💙, 💟, 💜, 🦏... via https://t.co/i6vqv8sgBi https://t.co/9Z7frtwYTP

Emyr Jenkins ‏@jenkinsbrynmair

Just had the email from Tanzania. The next Brynmair Bees adventure starts with a flight to Daar Es Salaam in a coup… https://t.co/CY8nXpcnwL

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

You’re a man of many talents, my friend! Keep up the amazing work! 🙌🦏 https://t.co/6BdgBTtPXO

Russell Rhino 🦏❤️ ‏@RussellRhino_

You’ll have to send us a picture in!! 🦏 #HelpingRhinos https://t.co/UEny095TZv

[email protected] ‏@wendamcmillan

@pulte The Rhinos 🦏 and DS

Christy ⓖⓞ Taylor ‏@christy_taylor

@itsREEDyo But it wasn’t a rhino 🦏😂

Natalie McKendry ‏@NatalieMcKendry

But the FREEDOM that comes after......Gᗩᗩᕼᕼᕼᕼ!! 💃 ᑕᗩᑎ'T ᗯᗩIT!! 😁 ⒷⒾⒼ things are coming! #RhinoTribe 🦏 #BOSS Ladies… https://t.co/XzibzeHUxy

Jenny ‏@angelicauras1

A big shout out and huge thanks to Jon White for designing and creating for me this fantastic flyer for Birmingham’… https://t.co/2QrkYnrqpZ

;) ‏@5EAN5LEV1N

@davidthewhiter1 Don’t look back Dave you’re not going that way 🥊 Browne can’t handle a in shape motivated Rhino 🦏

Radiant Rhinos ‏@radiant_rhinos

Stock up on your favorite Radiant Rhinos tees just in time for spring and summer ☀️20% of net profits is always don… https://t.co/eXHJ2yXwWP

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

Nice official list Nick! 🙌🦏 https://t.co/Ipb2DXz5zu

rRagingRhino ‏@rRagingRhino

🦏😎 STAMPEDE LETS ROLL 🤘Live now @WatchMixer playing @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios for a bit then maybe some division… https://t.co/4IXuVVAoKF

#RingoStarr ‏@ringostarrmusic

On the road again. Hotel room photos Peace and love 😎✌️🌟❤️🍒🥦🐘🎶🌺🦏☮️ https://t.co/me8zEWr344

K. 〽️illz ‏@TheRealLastKen

@HIS_ARRIVAL Me either 🦏

Leeds Rhinos Netball ‏@rhinosnetball

Can’t wait for @mynetballnation this week @maggie5208 🦏💛💙 https://t.co/35lQ8wdGoo

mimi 🌙 ‏@MINMlMI

WELL I HAVE A WHOLE ZOO IN MY STOMACH WHENEVER I SEE YOU MISTER SAN 🐯🦋🐼🐷🐺🐍🐘🐴🐠🐻🦏🐢🦍🦊🦉🦀🐫🐬🦒🐄🐿🐰🦅🦘🦎 https://t.co/bKtWmvukaI

🎯🍷Karen Evans 🥃🎯 ‏@krazykaz1961

@FreddieBailey96 That woman has thicker skin than a rhino 🦏😩

Tom Seabridge ‏@Seabo20

@davidthewhiter1 C’mon the Rhino 🦏

Stafford Speedway ‏@StaffordSpeedwy

2,645 pound beasts 🦏 🦏 🦏 Happy Modified Monday 👊 #SKmods #WelcomeToTheShow #Nascar #Mods #Junior https://t.co/sOgbfU5VR5

Vic Jubes ‏@VicJubes

Unfortunately not so Meghan, he was a blue 🦏 https://t.co/htfaJo0lVH

twirlywhirly ‏@twirlywhirly3

@O2sports @shonamackie @EnglandRugby #WearTheRose the way they all showed stamina strength & stayed united as a Team .. baby Rhino 🦏 😊

🐇Milky Cherry Creme🍒 ‏@xCherryCremex

@Thepsychosloth @Zahzu I'm glad someone else also observes his cute rounded leaf head 😆🦏🌱

Lori Sirianni ‏@4AnimalLife

@bradheath Marks may be honest & law-abiding but ppl who make $10,000 bags out of ostrich & alligator skins see ani… https://t.co/FgSSDiRpEQ

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

This is true of any corporation, regardless of vertical. 🦏 https://t.co/UKHYjbIc5r

#ChristianSlater ‏@not_ringo_starr

My peepee hurt 🥦☮️😎🍒🌟🎶🦏🎵🕉✌️


@LenMcCluskey What a waste of space you are, as if a crowd(?) of losers ‘marching’ will make a multi $$billion comp… https://t.co/tFa1F40pnX

Desiree_Laverne ‏@Desiree_Laverne

A definite MUST HAVE!!!... The perfect gift!!!.. Pre-order now!!🦏 #SavingTheLastRhinos🦏 My conservation hero...… https://t.co/6zPsZPhAep

SNGLV Media ‏@SnglvMedia

NBA Rule Number 4,080: Giannis Can’t Be Stopped 😤🦏 #FearTheDeer⁠ ⁠#Giannis #NBA⁠ ⁠ https://t.co/JPxWdFzSis

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

@_NickWhalen Henderson 🦏 https://t.co/bVAqIzZXFt

J Rose ‏@gatorcinti

@ChuckCallesto I hate to be the bearer of bad News,🦏

Spearmint Rhino ‏@lexingtonrhino

XXX Fetish Queen Rubber Doll March 22nd & 23rd at the World Famous Spearmint Rhino 🦏 VIP Bottle Service Available!!… https://t.co/FdW9xGhra8

Hannah Williams ‏@williamssymes

@O2sports @EnglandRugby #WearTheRose my highlight was hearing Sarah Bern being constantly referred to as Baby Rhino 🦏🏉🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

#ChristianSlater ‏@not_ringo_starr

PID? — No dummy he’s alive ✌️🍒❤️🥦🌟☮️😎🎶🦏 https://t.co/Ro2UQAeZDH

Orin 🚀🦏 ‏@orinoxide

FIVE. 🦏💦💦💦💦💦

Orin 🚀🦏 ‏@orinoxide

FOUR. 🦏💦💦💦💦

Orin 🚀🦏 ‏@orinoxide

THREE. 🦏💦💦💦

Orin 🚀🦏 ‏@orinoxide

Workout time, GO! 🦏💦

𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘦 🕷 ‏@IoveIydeacon

i’d rather stan shane AND get backlash than to stan this peace and love ✌️🌟❤️🎶🍒🦏🎵🥦🐘☮️ https://t.co/tFFJRqERYt

𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘦 🕷 ‏@IoveIydeacon

how about y’all stan shane AND ur faves, problem solved 😌😌 peace and love ✌️🌟❤️🎶🍒🦏🎵🥦 #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty

Mark Litherland ‏@mark79569028

@piersmorgan @GaryLineker He should be short himself 😡😡😡 Not that he dies... He and all the other despicable worms!… https://t.co/7rkqtk47uN

🏈 RYNOS 🦏 ‏@realRYNOS

You already dropped the right GIF! 🙌🦏 https://t.co/iZlb3Q0jSb

henry Ray ‏@henryRa83116893

@PaulZeise @RexChapman BLOCK??? More like a kick out BLOCK😬🏈🦏

Xolani ‏@x_xmkhonto

@CaraChirry No dear, I’m para soldier (Field Ranger). I’m an anti porch 🦏, my Field is to ambush and save our Rhinos 🦏.

Rhinos Foundation ‏@RugbyLeeds

A great night @SouthLeedsSpart for their girls Rugby taster session 🏉 11 new faces along to join @ShanLacey99 &… https://t.co/RbIYHHfHwB

SNGLV Hoops ‏@SnglvHoops

NBA Lesson Number 4,080: 76ers Learned Giannis Can’t Be Stopped 😤🦏 #FearTheDeer #Giannis #NBA https://t.co/hGzm86gmAs

Brewvies with Matt ‏@BrewviesWthMatt

This makes me happy. Protect animals! 🦏 🐘 🦁 #FuckPoaching https://t.co/jZyragWOAg

Anthony ‏@TheOnlyAnt

That is awesome, man! You're a solid dude! 🦏 https://t.co/gcWi2rDmb7

mark hayes ‏@markhay67446093

Saw their Programs and they were Hard Left leaning! Phrasing every Question as an Assault on President Trump RINO's… https://t.co/T53BPZx4MH

The Rothmans Years ‏@RothmansYears

Keith STEVENS [Millwall] 📘 The Topical Times Football Book 1989 #Millwall 🦁 #Rhino 🦏 https://t.co/4OahLKNHnh

Bryan Ramage ‏@Ramageofmetal

Did you miss last Friday's #TheGlobalOnslaught with Adam Onslaught on Midlands Metalheads Radio? 📻🔥👌 Check out th… https://t.co/ceKq5LQfUa

Evalena #Transparency🇺🇸 ‏@evalena72

Please look into the higher ups of this left 🦏 pretending to be conservative . We knew this a few years back... We… https://t.co/FRPhAeAXd8

Jaybees ‏@jaybees12

$AMZN $FIVE $NFLX $OKTA current account holdings 🦏

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