Roll Of Toilet Paper Emoji

Roll Of Toilet Paper is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧻 U+1F9FB


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BBC Radio Bristol ‏@bbcrb

This is disgusting! 😱 🧻 16 tonnes of wet wipes 📅 in three and a half days 🌉 and all from Bristol

V. Kinkel (V for Victory!) ‏@vkinkela

@the_rbf @GOP @LaraLeaTrump Jealous of all his successes? Hahahahaha! We love him and We will keep President Trump…

Al-Sadiq Banks ‏@AlSaadiq

I’m always amazed in the gym bathroom when someone leaves 🐢 in the 🚽 but there’s no tissue in the 🚽. So you just go…

Deva-UK ‏@uk_deva

Finger gone straight through toilet roll!🤭😱 🚽🧻#SixWordHorrorStory @plumberparts your turn! #PlumbingDisaster😀

I'm focuzed man ‏@Foecuz

@realDonaldTrump Like @AnnCoulter said, “@BarackObama deported more illegal immigrants than your big mouth ever will. 🧻

Lisa Schultz ‏@lschultz714

I happen to love my job, but this is a funny to get you through the day if you don't enjoy what you do.....its all…

GabGirl Entertainment ‏@GabbyXD129

There is no toilet paper left. #SixWordHorrorStory 🧻😱

ɹǝqılɐɔ ƃuıʌol ‏@HawayuHarry

With others, i use my body With you, i use my heart -Khai 😭🧻😭

Pods & Monsters Podcast ‏@podsandmonsters

This week we discuss #TheMummy, staring #BorisKarloff! Join us for talks about dirt, fluffy evil cats, some of the…

Yung Draino 🇯🇲 ‏@YungRane

I’m on the paper 🧻 route when they see us they know the business you can get a route canal & 2 extractions

Janitorial Direct ‏@JanitorialDire1

There Is No Toilet Roll Left😩🧻🚽 #SixWordHorrorStory

Sackup ‏@Sackup3

@washingtonpost And you wonder why your “news” paper 🧻 is dying.

Parks & Weisberg ‏@BHHS_PW

Here's how to get your house ready to sell! 🌿Whether they're made of plastic or actual leaves, plants can freshen…

🐏 ‏@deyloveJoe

Now That’s paper 🧻

Doug T ‏@foamster

@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @speakerpelosi You should give her this 👉🧻 because she is full of this 👉 💩

4:18👩🏽‍🎓 ‏@LiveLifeLavish_

Paper 🧻 📝 Trail

DaReal R✌🏾R Sakk🎒🧵 ‏@TalibanSack

We wiping his 👃 no need for no 🧻

Dalia ‏@Dalia01234

When you poop 💩 and theirs nothing to clean up 😂💁‍♀️🚽🧻

Slick ‏@SlickPicks2

RECAP ⚾️ MIL/SD F5 O4.5 🧻🧻🧻 ⚾️ Braves tt O4.5 (-130)🍞🍞 ⚾️ Cardinals tt O4.5 (-115) 🍞 ⚾️ Mariners tt O4.5 (+115) 🧻…

Notre Dame #1 ‏@notre_1

@nytimes The NYtimes says everything Trump does is the end of the world 🌎! Idiots! They also said he wouldn’t win!…

Mrs Erica Lauren Horn M. ‏@EricaLa91257108

#SixWordHorrorStory. We’re out of toilet 🚽 paper 🧻 yikes 😳

🌹LadyDanger🌹 ‏@LadyDanger35

@xieouyang @almason49830803 No toilet paper 🧻 ?

Jill Bennett ‏@JillBennett18

#Toilettraining #alien style is the theme of #JeanneWillis @Hrefna_Braga #Dontgothere! @AndersenPress Red Reading H…

ѕσρнια ‏@S0phyCakes

“Truth is mutable.” 🧻

Khaleng 🌺 ‏@khxxlly

You deserve every good thing life has to offer, you're a good person and everything about you is pure and genuine.…

Zonke ‏@Zonke_dobsy

@lindamagazi_l Catha nge sunlight liquid 🚽🧻

Bro Hajji ‏@BroHajji

@IbnJabarti @zeroborta @ceo89 After reading the comments I can honestly say these two are the epitome of the word ‘…

2Tokez ‏@2tokez

@CouRageJD The fact that wiping is still a thing is so stupid. It’s 2019, we have iPads but still use 🧻 ?.?.?.?.....

7/10 🦋 ‏@TheRealMahasin

becauseeee he the shit 🧻🏆

Tom Crawford ‏@ThomasC72256421

@Pink_About_it Hey, it’s cheaper then toilet paper 🧻

Kenny Schindler ‏@twizzlerfanatic

Anyone interested in 🧻 a house for no reason?

♊Tonya Pozey♊ ‏@TonyaPozey

WilSon shippers definitely needed this today. 💍💍❤👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👬🧻😭🏥 #WilSonWedding #HusbandsForLife #Days

Ace Of Spade ♠️ ‏@SavageLyfe1738

This What U Put On Ur Bed Or Anybody’s Bed When U Have Jeans Or Pants On ......Look All That Dirt And This From The…

Mudslider ‏@Mudslider1

@MENA_Conflict Disinfectant wipes 🧻 might be appropriate here

Holly ‏@HollyAcacia3

Bro frank won’t answer his phone and there’s no more toilet paper 🧻 what do I do

Sam Green Media 💚 ‏@SamGreenMedia

The morning after a night of eating 2 McDonalds burgers and half a pepperoni pizza... 🧻🚽💩


ummm, can we start a petition to like... stock public bathrooms with scent-free / hypoallergenic wet wipe dispense…

Carolyn Finney ‏@finnnnneey

@nino_market awh, well here’s some 🧻 for you 🤗

Tom DeCicco ‏@TomOverChaplin

@JoietheD Better get 30. They also make for lush toilet paper. 🧻 👍🏻

Daisy J ‏@luvpurple72

Idk about this, honestly it didn't help me relax at all, instead I felt anxiety and made me want to pee,🚽🧻😂... some…

Rosey ‏@Rosey2559

@Cavineer48Joel @ryoatl @POTUS @parscale 🧻🚽Flush such 👺💩.👋🧼🚿👏🏻❤️🇺🇸

jay ‏@say_banana

@tenisphere Why you ask me if you were gonna answer your own question? 😑🧻

Cory LaViska ‏@claviska

“Sorry, I used the last roll.” 🧻 #SixWordHorror

(Khushbakht) Khushi Shuja ‏@Khushishuja

Americans quit wasting toilet paper 🧻 on your bums and use my mans @hasanminhaj ‘s lota.

JoRdAn ‏@Jordan_s1734

@DuaneW23 Either take em back or I’m wiping my cheeks with em 🧻

Ross B ‏@UnspokenWordRB

@joerogan Good picture mate hope u remembered the toilet paper 🧻 Ur next movement could possibly be the most diffic…

KDF ‏@thatxgreenxgirl

I assert my dominance at work by changing the way the toilet paper goes in the bathroom #TeamOver 🧻

Nwa Mazi ‏@CallMeKene

Tissue paper 🧻 or water 💦? Me: 💦 Water.

MouthGuard ‏@MouthGuardOG

@SavorySimple It looked a bit flushed. 🧻😳🙄

Kensington Gore ‏@Kensington_Gore

I’ve run out of toilet paper 🧻 #SixWordHorror

Standard Error, PhD ‏@1RachelAnn1

@AlphaCatPA I did it my way!!🧻🎹

its momo bitch ‏@hoonah_01

anyways stan sero 🧻

ᏕᏗᏝᎷᎧᏁ 🗿 ‏@StonySalmon

@Butt__Bear this thing is absolute 🧻

αrieℓℓioтт 🕯 ‏@arixmochi

@AsurionCares Why? So you can make me wait 12 hours instead of the 3 hour turnaround time you promised? So you can…

Elspeth Potts ‏@elliepooter

@AnulasKitchen @itsanitarani I use a bidet so use less paper and I use @WhoGivesACrapTP 🧻

Ja’Nitra Roshanti ‏@Jholli_Rancha

@tez_brooks The same person who’ll does that, will 100% NOT replenish the toilet paper 🧻 and that’s a fact! Just se…

Thori ‏@Thoriso_o

@MbusoNkabz Exactly why I don't watch that 🧻🚽

glenlivetdrinker ‏@markyrod1

@Raptors 🚽🧻 I see issues.....👀

ZorbaX ‏@Ouzo4Zorba

@paulkrugman McConnell is talking abt polluting the electorate Mr 🚽 🧻 “Nobel” economist. What are we getting from H…

Trackpop💜 ‏@trackpop_


The Bern Identity ‏@bern_identity

@WestCoastGadfly @KatQannayahu @therealjcricket @laflemm12 @SpaceCoastLaw @nashville_brook @janieo @scapelliti…

D 🤡 T ‏@kevinD1944

🖤Trump’s blaming Iran is just more lies to help his Saudi lovers. Kushner’s affairs with Royal Family are more betr…

E~Z~E ‏@NopainNogain423

@VirgoJ24 Red lobster is GARBAGE 🚽🧻

sham🌸|pinned! ‏@heartaez

i like to 📨 randomly insert 🧻 random emojis that have nothing to do with what im saying 🌞 my irl keeps laughing whenever i do it

Darth Django ‏@Dark_Stark88

I think I use a well-above average amount of toilet paper 🧻 and I don’t know what to think of that.

2020ResistBotUSA #TheResistance ‏@2020ResistBotU1

@RichieFed He unrolls it from the bottom of his shoe! 🚽🧻

Mrs. Stephin Merritt ‏@JosieSkocik

Email me if you want a Pizza Roll. Leave a photo of your Disportable Sleeve™️at this webzone if you want a Pizza R…

J. Jonah Jameson Jr. ‏@Giveakook

@kylegriffin1 Trump "should stick to domestic cleaning 🧼 🧻 🧹 “

👑-F.A.C.E™️©️®️ ‏@KENBC1


Rob Silverii ‏@robsilverii

@timoreilly What about a Bucatini straw? Gotta be better than the paper versions. It’s like drinking out of a tiny 🧻 roll.

WetrastMarkets ‏@Wetrast2

@Roubini_Fan 🤭I guess will have to wait 💁‍♂️for @facebook white #GlobalCoin paper 🧻 June18th #cryptocurrencies

Michelle Morgan 🌊🌊🌊 ‏@focusmm64

@ABellaBoutique I can’t wait for all the displaced Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷 now living in FL to vote. Shove it right up his…

Noodle_One 🍜 ‏@Spaace_Naation

Mofo on the shitter and look who almost played a fucken game 🧻☠

Ben Morton ‏@BenEMorton

Absolute nutters!! 😎🧻

V. Kinkel (V for Victory!) ‏@vkinkela

@AmiriKing @AOC Only crap 💩 comes out of her mouth! Give her some 🧻!

Patriot Elsa 🙏🏼🇺🇸 ‏@PatriotElsa

@CaliRN619 @Winstonsmama5 @josepe4u @joanco27 @JairoEVera1 @tsunami_eric @308saiga @ALLEN4TRUMP2020 @Aug1405…

art dumpster 5000 ‏@_hejee

@minorcircuit what if 😝😝 you kissed😘😘fly dante 🙀🧚‍♂️in your bathroom 🌊🚽🧻

K2✨ ‏@_ik2a

Yay am crying — andoch 🧻

Mysteresa ☕🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Mysteresa1

@bluebutterflye1 @TribalShaman Your Spidey senses was tingling. ✨🧽🧼🚽🧻🚿

Caitlin 👽 ‏@cxxtlin_

His "sorry I rolled in shit today" face 😂🧻


@Jason_Lester How many intermissions!?!?🚽🧻

Bikermann ‏@Bikermann1960

@HeidoHodo Quit whining - it’s obviously paying for high quality toilet paper 🧻

RipleyScience ‏@ScienceRipley

More modeling with Mr Walmsley’s Yr12s this morning! This time tissue fluid! 💉🧻❤️💧

🌈 ‏@itstiarababyyy

I Can’t Wait To Decorate And Food Shop For My 1st Apartment 🏡🚪🧺🛁🚿🧻🛀🛌🛒

ItsGonnaBeGlorious 🌟🌟🌟 ‏@lauderdaleagent

@garythebrave @TrueEyeTheSpy @VickieFindley2 Toilet paper 🧻

Chrissie Mayr ‏@ChrissieMayr

@DamianJRogers @InHotWatershow @aaronbergcomedy @bigdaddybiscane Made that hat out of a paper towel 🧻

J. Faria ‏@GQ_Baseball

No joke some guy next to me in the stall at work is doing a stand up wipe rn. I don’t know if that is mental or revolutionary. 🚽🧻

Klaus L 🇺🇸🇩🇪 ‏@bikedb06

@ChuckCallesto Well, it is expensive toilet 🚽 paper 🧻

Gary Gray McKendrick ‏@BipolarRunner

@hatttiegladwell That’s the toilet paper 🧻 sorted then.

Raj 🌏 ‏@Rajtweets9

@larissafernand He is taking about ineffective way of using water ...we should use more paper 🧻...that is what he is suggesting 😂

Iamkayak ‏@IAMWOMAN73

@BetteMidler @realDonaldTrump What’s he going to do on Biden’s Inauguration Day in 1.5yrs? Say the election resul…

Wicked Uncle USA🇺🇸 ‏@WickedUncleUSA

Potty humor. 🚽🧻 #lunchboxjokes #dadjokes #wickeduncleusa

Candi Benson ‏@CandiBenson

@brianstelter 🤣😂🤣 Really @realDonaldTrump but it’s okay to walk up the steps to Air Force One with 🚽🧻 on your shoe.

Know Your City ‏@KnowYourCityTV In Kasanvu, Kampala residents have to pay every time they want to use the toilet 💩🧻 That is not fair!

BobbyD InsightSports ‏@future_player

@nathanpeats9 You must have a good sissor bone ✂️🦴❌🧻 @nathanpeats9

Bro Hajji ‏@BroHajji

@haz_mehdi @82Shaikh You and your likes really are something, brother @82Shaikh you see what I am dealing with? In…

smile ( ^ V ^ ) ‏@zumbelzambel

{\__/} ( • . •) /> 🍫 you want this? {\__/} ( • ^ •) here! /> >🍫 Zuvor: [\__/] (°○°) / \ --___-- | ₩€ | _____ [\…

Chad Brendel Fan Club ‏@ChadBrendel_Fan

Danny Floyd Official Visit this week for @GoBearcatsFB, son of QB Junior Floyd and RB Becky (O’Shea) Floyd. Urbania…

Mario Neuhold ‏@mrioa

@Huby98cs haha ja es is einfach das beste desicion making tool ✂️💎🧻

🛡️SovereignbyBirth ‏@sensimeliajah

there is N O D E A L 🚓🚔🚄🛫🛬🚽🧻#DontJustTalkMAGA #DrainThatSwamp #Patriots #Scotref #Indyref Follow @realDonaldTrump…

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