Roll Of Toilet Paper Emoji

Roll Of Toilet Paper is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧻 U+1F9FB


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Roe Brothers Inc. ‏@RoeBrothersInc

7 Days Until Christmas ... 🎅 Great Gift Idea #18 Squatty Potty & Poo-Pourri! 🚽🧻😌🌹💩 SQUATTY POTTY: Elimination is…

Jesus Crypto ‏@JesusCrypto33

@realDonaldTrump Because USA 🇺🇸 are printing dolars to pay for it. I think 🤔 if it were forbidden by law to increas…

Aaron McCall ‏@aaron_mccall

Shit happens. Deal with it. 💀🧻

Mario Berky ‏@MarioBerky

@lawmaster @Nouriel If possible on toilet 🚽 paper 🧻

Neil Anderson aka The English uncle #93 ‏@NeilAnd62580252

@SkySportsNews No not the special one 🤡🚽🧻

piff ‏@piffmn


👾Agustin ‏@T0masFantita

@Rainbow6Game 🧻 paper

🇵🇪Stevie🇵🇪P🇵🇪 ‏@StevePook

Sad day.😂😂😂😂🚽🧻

Roe Brothers Inc. ‏@RoeBrothersInc

7 Days Until Christmas ... 🎅🎁🎄 Great Gift Idea #18 Squatty Potty and Poo-Pourri! 🚽🧻😌🌹💩 SQUATTY POTTY: Eliminatio…

MērkSqūad 🐻💎💸💣 ‏@themerksquad

God bless the invention of the squatty potty 🙏🏾💩🧻🚽

dos350 ‏@dos350_legit

@10NewsFirst some cultures eat turtle 🐢🔨🔥 👨🏾‍🍳🍽️👌🏾 💩🚽🧻 ✅✅✅

LEXII LYNN FRAZIER 💔 ‏@lexiilynn21

dirty backstage bathroom mirror shots are always necessary 🧻👠

Jock Mc British ‏@Coltario

Let’s suspend disbelief for a while 😂😂😂...I think they are reissuing the White Paper 📝 not that White Paper t…

DEAN ‏@DeanCrane95

#IReallyShouldHaveGotten the good toilet paper 🧻

gary miller ‏@crusader_01

@washingtonpost Washington Post when are you going to become a publication again meaning covering the News objectiv…

roobert ‏@Ruby_DubyDoo

Friends who pee together, stay together 🧻 @ Miracle on Queen St. Toronto

CavsBucks23 ‏@Bucks23C

@steamcapper1 Way off here 🧻

NINA ‏@ningom2

Old news, yesterday’s paper 🧻

C E S A R ‏@CesaarCasii

@tereiitzel @yoshuu_ Toma 🧻

Grown-Ass Man ‏@ZandEDad

@Will_work_4_zzz @Mr_Spikey_Head @bryanhayes67 @LifesStyleBlog @sweatsntopknots @Musings_of_wine @leeleebb21…


Happiness happens in spurts.. don't push pain away because that's how humans become addicted to with emotions 🧻

🦜TWEETING BULL🎯🦜🦜 ‏@BullTweeting


Deborah Robinson GySgt USMC ‏@debrob1947

so sorry💔💔💔💔🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌸🌷🌺💐😢😢😢😢😢😢🧻

Jim ‏@Jim28966091

@thenewmexican Love paper towels 🧻

future369_mont ‏@Future369_Mont

@FatKidDeals I need a deal on paper towels & toilet paper 🧻 etc

eli ‏@yukheisdior

WhY 🤔DoEs SoMeBodY 👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰NoT⛔️KNOW HOw❓tO FlUsh 🌪a ToYLet🚽🧻 AFter ThEyve 🤧HaD A ShEhhhT💩? it was 🤥not🚫 me. 😶WE…

Jayar ‏@JayarPlease

Guess where i am at? 🚽🧻

Emergency Plumbing ‏@eps5453

Rosie outing on the finishing touch to our tree. 🧻 #epsrosie #elfonashelf #delawareohio

Mamiki🥶 ‏@_daddyyyy

Wipe your mouth with this toilet paper cause you talk a lot of shit 🧻.

AB ❄️ ‏@youamazemex21

Jumping on the bandwagon! The first 12 emojis in your history is how 2019 will go for you personally. Here’s mine…

𝕞𝕖𝕚𝕜𝕠 ‏@jeonlaus

2,2 👌🏻🗡🧼💥💦🧻 hotel remm is the hotel jikook stayed during their tokyo honeymoon btw ✌🏻

Just Her ‏@MizzJones_01

@Joeybol5 @TEVOSPRITE_ that’s actually not too far off lol it’s not just toilet paper 🧻 and depends on how many peeps in the house 🏡

Hannah Benneworth ‏@HannahBenne

Today, after nearly a year, I discovered the first real downside to living alone: realising you’ve run out of toile…

Hercules ‏@LbzOumar

@launjhrc Tient 🧻

Kerrie Gibollie💋 ‏@KerrieGibbons

@longlostfamily Oh Lordy... here we go! Both sitting here with tears in our eyes! Get the tissues out Pete! 😥🧻…

HwaseongSuwon ‏@SunimSabomNim

@TheTorontoSun I hope she hands you a roll of toilet paper!🧻

선’s evie ‏@00BLUSH

becoming the trainees personal tear wiper and cuddle buddy 🧻👉💞👈

Rosalba Guzmán ‏@RosalbaGuzmn9

Beautiful growing old ! Many experiences and faith, clean , honest, purely, culturallims thinking 💭 Don’t fuck wi…

Kavanaghs Marino ‏@KAVANAGHSMARINO

@LovinDublin Oh no.. thats def a 🚽🧻 job!!

NikiLYoungLove ‏@NikilYoungLove

Smh, this dude still have toilet paper 🧻 hanging from his butt and he trying to claim the crown 👑 standing next to…

martin hart ‏@hartm28

@terrychristian The Sun newspaper 📰 not even good for 🧻

Julie Thompson 🇬🇧 RD ‏@Jules_GastroRD

Some good news regarding toilet access - according to @BBCRadioManc - Manchester Piccadilly Station has free access…

AHS Student Council ‏@AttleboroStuCo

AHS is looking for donations for our Pride Pouches. Donations can be dropped off in the Principals office. We appre…

🦊Esther Wilfred #GTTO 🦊 ‏@ezziewilf

@williamjohnbird @faisalislam @jeremycorbyn More like a swift and urgent toilet break 🧻🚽

Alex ‏@VeryniceGGGfan

@AbelPatson 🤣 The king of toilet paper 🧻 boxing..



Chaneliee❣️ ‏@_amourchanel

People be testing my patience . 🧻

Carolyn ‏@cprswiftie

@swiftsmidnights Toilet paper 🧻 😂

Brett Pransky ‏@BrettPransky

He Twooped himself again. Someone get him a wet nap. 💩🧻

Nicky Anunciato 🎄 ‏@DrNickofJersey

I don’t feel like that’s why we gave you those Bibles Romania!😂🧻 #History #Bible #ToiletPaper #ColdWar

🎁SAINT NICK🎁🇮🇪🇸🇪🇬🇧🇩🇪🧬 ‏@25_JOKER_KING

#YouCantBeHardcoreWithout not replacing the toilet paper 🧻

Vinay ‏@iamvinays

Indians don’t & thank goodness for that! Toilet paper 🧻 is the most disgusting & most ‘unclean’ way of cleaning you…

Nitesh Khandelwal ‏@k_nitzz23

Aus did try it with yellow cards, didn't go well. ⏳🧻 #AUSvIND #INDvAUS

minnie ‏@taehyun


Jayne Marie ‏@LionAndDragon64

@KurtBrowning Too funny! But why is the toilet paper on the outside? 😳🧻

Don Corleone ♔ ‏@king_Philz_

@Grace_got_me @DONHALOGEN @RoyalAceking Sorry grace, take 🧻

| 🆂🆄🅽🅽🆈 | #🅢🅡🅔🅔🅕🅐🅜 | ‏@hello_iam_sunny

@TeamSreesanth Once a Tissue 🧻 paper, always a tissue paper! Use and throw. 😂

DH Humanitarian ‏@DH_Humanitarian

Our Squatting Plate offers an easily transportable, low maintenance, hygienic #sanitation solution. It is made of H…

Shy 🌝 ‏@shy_peloquin

Me when I see there’s no toilet paper 🧻

Oxford Direct Services ‏@OxfordDS

We're delighted to have helped our local council wipe this year's @LoooftheYear Awards clean 🙈🚽🧻

Lackadaisical Anita Zondagh ‏@ZondaghAnita

@TheCitizen_News To think I bought this newspaper. Never ever again. Won’t even use it as toilet paper 🧻

Evette ♌ ‏@UniquelyEvette

Surprise all right! Evelyn teepee’d Lia’s Christmas tree 🎄! Used up a whole roll of toilet paper 🧻 Lia was so amaze…

Normanton Catering Technicians Ltd ‏@NCTL07

Sorry Sweetheart Im next 🚽🧻


couple wet wipes ‘case a bum try to touch me 🧻😷

luccifur ‏@luccifur1

@DonaldJTrumpJr @TrumpStore I’ll consider a purchase once the items become cheaper than toilet paper 🧻 #MAGA

Magic and Miracles 🔮💜😈🎸🎫🎤🎼🐶🧨💣🦠🐯 ‏@MagicandMiracl1

I’m predicting a Twitter tantrum soon. 90% chance of non sense in the immediate future. 📱🧻💩

Conor Crowley ‏@conorcrowley78

I’m going to be honest @memmoalfama the yellow toilet paper 🧻 used to freak me out just a little bit. Not sure if i…

kate s ‏@kates_9999

Take the Asian gambling money out of the property and money markets and look what happens ☠️🥓🍼🔪🧻

Conor Crowley ‏@conorcrowley78

I’m going to be honest memmoalfama the yellow toilet paper 🧻 used to freak me out just a little bit. Not sure if it…

Embassy of Matryoshka ‏@MTEmbassy

Ahh, toilet paper, the most coveted item inMatryoshka! This gritty object is used like a valuable - you can pay wit…

Chris Foulon, CISSP ‏@chris_foulon

@montef @Sidragon1 Paper products are also a hit with my pups. 🧻 📦 ✉️📄🧾📜📂📓🗞📖

johnson fuller ‏@mjgkjrdf

man, this is a big fat mood. 🧻


Mad for paper 🧻 or I Kant eat right now not later 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾

Channing Hay ‏@channing_hay

it’s sad that the most stable relationship i have in my life rn is with my toilet🚽🧻

Lyletha Parker ‏@Skeet1941

@WILDLIFEPlCS I can’t say on Twitter.🤐🚽🧻

Jenny PA-C ‏@Jhill_2015

Cat get out of the Christmas 🎄 tree, stop eating the lights,no the Christmas ornaments are not toys. Cat decided to…

SaadAbedine ‏@SaadAbedine

Oopsie Daisy ... #Iran 🇮🇷 Guards general dies of self-inflicted accidental gunshot The usual government line of h…


/ finished my paper 🧻

wowie bacs ‏@wowiebacs

@OfficialNBARefs not only missed the foul call, they also got it wrong with the ball possession. Blind AF! @NBA 🚽🧻

Mymy ‏@Mylena38356692

18th Birthday + Dairy Food + Lactose intolerance = A lot of pain and indigestion!, yuck! #LifeisStrange #Inpain 😢😷🤢🤮💩😳🚽🧻🎉

🌻 ‏@_81396

Demarcus forgot the toilet paper 🧻 😂

John Smith ‏@JohnSmi54521544

@kebearden @BrandonHuffman @GregBiggins @nickafigueroa1 @kryan247 @RyanCallahan247 @GoVols247 @bangulo…

sorrygambino ‏@sorrygambino

So I took the last roll of toilet paper 🧻 that I bought because my roommates just been using it up knowing it’s the…

D.Scho ‏@DScho10

@neilhimself Am now retracting my earlier defence of jk’s work, an author who in any small or large way demonstrate…

mong🧨 ‏@metamonfry_707

@RozenWaffle There is some tissues for you 🧻 hehe XX

❄️🧣snurpus.™️🧣❄️ ‏@kaisoup97

@jhungtae Here’s a tissue 🧻

Setsuko germanaro ‏@SGermanaro

@beth2_k3a @cajunchick25 @ConDailyPost That’s all he’s got left. Can you blame him ? 🧻🚽 wiped out.

Imma Baught 🤖🇺🇸 ‏@bot_imma

When money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on ... And is too rough to use as 🧻 #ThisIsSocialism

Lady Glitter-Sprakles ‏@LadySprakles

Paper Towel dispenser 🧻 #AlternativeTrumpyBearUses

Tori L. Ridgewood ‏@ToriLRidgewood

@NanaAnuk Yarn 🧶 + toilet paper 🧻 rolls = tiny pompom hats

Alex ‏@VeryniceGGGfan

@GoldenBoyBoxing Why didn’t you fight the Charlo Brothers or BJ Sander?? Oh because yr a paper 🧻 fighter..

SqueakyWheel ‏@MadelaineWick1

@hrkbenowen @Lainstep Maybe I’ll buy it once I’m out of toilet paper 🧻

Point Blank ‏@Point_ImT3mpttd

Own Money 💰 💵 Own Job 🏗🏚🔦🔧🔨⛏🧱🧰 Own Place 🧻🚿🧺🚽🛋🚪

((( H K S ))) ‏@Klayoven

Clearly not enough folks... 🧻💩

((( H K S ))) ‏@Klayoven

Noted. 🧻

I’m No Angel ‏@west1fsu1

@PolishPatriotTM @IncrediblyWho It’s a great source for toilet paper 🧻 hey if ya gotta go.

Ash✨ ‏@AshleyCifuente6

What’s the point of having siblings if they ain’t gonna bring you toilet paper!!!!!!🧻

Louna ‏@LounaCee

When you have to choose between take a shit or apply lipstick right after requesting a Lyft 🧻 🦋#passthefebreze

TrumpFELON ‏@jlg718

@BillyBaldwin 🍕🍟🍔🌭🌮🥩🥓🥡 AND 🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽 Billy

Analee🌙 ‏@Analee__Luna

“In what stage of your relationship are you in?” -well....🙄💩🧻🚽

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