Roll Of Toilet Paper Emoji

Roll Of Toilet Paper is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧻 U+1F9FB


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C4 Gogglebox ‏@C4Gogglebox

Found your wallet 🚽💩🧻 @baasitsiddiqui #Gogglebox

🇺🇸 PayItForward213 🇺🇸 ‏@PayItForward213

#MAGAidea We have a saying here in #Ohio “If it’s #BROWN Flush it Down !” Sherrod Brown needs to go ! 🚽🧻

Vanessa Anton ‏@veechic

Getting a new toilet today! Pretty excited. 🚽🧻 #FridayFeeling #homeownerthoughts

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@erikjhortiz Or you can dress as wet wipe manufacturer and yell "flushable" to random objects and people, hopping t…

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@AmirTalai We have the solution to the wet wipe pollution💧🧻

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@jonnajarian We have the solution to the wet wipe pollution💧🧻 #gelwipe #innovation #startup #environment…

☎️ R J ‏@RJ_1A

@RealJamesWoods Has Geraldo gone broke helping others? USA debt $21+trillion Talk is cheap; spreading ❤️ is easy.…


Kleenex now sell 'Obese Person Size Tissues' Going like hot cakes in Home Baragains. 🧻

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

Gel Wipe turns regular toilet paper into flushable wet wipes💧🧻 #innovation #skincare #luxury #environment #success…

Jen Giacone ‏@MaddFan1

The trees are starting to change here to yellow, red and lovely Charmin white. Yep, it's t-p season again. 🧻🍂 #HalloweenPranksters 🎃

Ethan Slyder ‏@libertyloungeUS

No body likes her anyways. When was the last time Rihanna released a good song? 🧻🚽💩

🕸 2018 Crypto Market 🎃 ‏@figureight

@Kleenex_UK @LisaMHancox Hi 👋@Kleenex_UK 🧻. I'm really 🙏 self concious 👉👈about the size ⚖️ of my big 💦cummies. I'm…

NHammertime ‏@NHammertime

Might as well serve this at the next Sokol party @bigdaddysoks @PelicanPeter @jrbielejeski 🧻🚽

🐜💩💛 ‏@ultimape

💩🧻 Delicious family care products. Now in the children's toy aisle.

MsStevens ‏@lisastevens2

#NoOffence - fantastic drama. And now I won't be able to use a paper towel in the toilets without a giggle. 🧻

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@emmawebsta We have the solution to the wet wipe pollution💧🧻 #gelwipe #innovation #startup #environment…

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@natemcdermott @TylerDinucci We have the solution to the wet wipe pollution💧🧻 #gelwipe #innovation #startup…

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@Misiluti21 Available at @amazon . Already our customers by using Gel Wipe (nr1 in UK) have helped remove 1.000.000…

A-Level Physics HQ ‏@ALevelPhysicsHQ

Check out the new science emoji added in #ios12 We’ve now got a virus 🦠 Petri dish 🧫 DNA helix 🧬 and bubbling te…

General Services ‏@ConcordNHGS

“Flushable” products may flush down the 🚽, but they can cause sewer blockages like this one. Please do not flush wi…

Jim Noble ‏@SevenOfJim

@WheelerWalkerJr Wheeler, You are a hot shit🤣💩🚽🧻🎃

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@livegreenlex We have the solution to the wet wipe pollution💧🧻 When toilet paper isn't enough, some people reach f…

DOBLE BATHROOMS ‏@DobleBathrooms

Extra 5% discount available on top of the discounted prices on Ideal Standard and Roca when ordering via our websit…

Jim Benson ‏@jmbenson1491

Well, the sh*show is about to be flushed down the 🚽🧻 The cast didn't disappoint; it was the same sh*tshow they have…

#ReKoMonateng ‏@TorqueMuziq

You are in the toilet🚽🧻💩 and someone tries to the door by force🤔🤔 Reply as a black person🤬😠😠

Rebecca Sipe ‏@Respect2Glory

Here comes .•*¨*•.¸ ¸the.•*¨*•.¸ ¸ Red.•*¨*•.¸ ¸ Tsunami .•*¨*•.¸ America¸.•*¨*•.¸ ¸ 🚽Flush that blue wave!🧻

🌈Jasper!🌈 ‏@lilstarsprout

AND WE'RE OFF! Comment below to claim the slot! No holds, upfront pay, 24 hour turnaround! Today's theme is the sca…

Trumps Brigadier ‏@AmericasDrum

#VoteRed 2 ADD 2 THE #REDTsunamiMidtermsVOTE, MOWING OVER THE #Rotten #Socialist #Commie #Progressive #Demonrats, A…

SATU laboratory ‏@SATUlaboratory

@Haamrtime Thrilled you decided test our product. Any feedback is always highly appreciated and remember we will al…

Trumps Brigadier ‏@AmericasDrum

#LockThemAllUp #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp! #JusticeIsComing AFTER #REDTsunamiMidtermsVOTE, MOWING OVER THE #Rotten…

Andy Tattersall ‏@Andy_Tattersall

@mrnick @KateFONeill @AcadeNik In all seriousness - hope you had a good conference fella and left plenty of time for your ablutions 🧻

Moshe Fasten ‏@MosheFasten

@WABetaInfo It's the new emojis: 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱 👨‍🦳 👨‍🦲 👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱 👩‍🦳 👩‍🦲 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️ 🦝 🦙 🦛 🦘 🦡…

interiors+sources ‏@InteriorsSource

Here's something I never thought I'd write: Check out our editor-in-chief hanging out in the restroom at Casa Fanti…

Biffa Award ‏@BiffaAward

Whitwell Parish Church are getting to the bottom of a real problem… #BiffaAward funding means a new toilet for the…

Dumb Precedent ‏@DumbOldJTramp

@realDonaldTrump But but but...Who will fill them...ICE? West Virginia coal miners don't want to move to harvest s…

cornbreadman ‏@cornbreadman264

@MikeWyatt000 @FoxNews Ass-wipe money 🧻

Trumps Brigadier ‏@AmericasDrum

#RedWaveRising2018 #RedWaveRising #RedWave2018 #VoteRed2018 #VoteRedMidterms2018 #NovemberRedTsunami COMING 2 ENSUR…

Trumps Brigadier ‏@AmericasDrum

#DrainTheDeepStateSwamp IN DROVES MR #President AFTER R #NovemberRedTsunami THAT WILL LEAVE THE #Unhinged…

Trumps Brigadier ‏@AmericasDrum

#RedWaveRising2018 #RedWaveRising #RedWave2018 #VoteRed2018 #VoteRedMidterms2018 #NovemberRedTsunami COMING 2 ENSUR…

#Mourinhoin ‏@MuhhHas

The Good Doctor n chill 😥🧻

Betty McLaughlin ‏@ithildin_lass

@LadyArsington Looks like they've got to go. 🧻

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

@realDonaldTrump Are you trying to imply that someone in YOUR government is actually working on the side of the US?…

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer ‏@MiamiDadeWater

Please consider the #MiamiDadeCounty water and sewer infrastructure and dispose of any items other than toilet pape…

Sarah ‏@Sarah_Summ

A good reminder as to why you should only flush the 3 P's... 🚽💩🧻

Aubrey ‏@SquirrelAubrey

Back to my regular Monday shift since tennis is over. 🧻🚽💯

Will loves Dodgers ‏@WillLovesDodger

Joe Buck does Joe Buck stuff already by calling Keekay 'Kiki'. You, sir, stink like Pee Pee. 🚽🧻

Imnot1ofuyahoos... ‏@antifeik

@NBCNews Throw them paper 🧻 towels 😂😂

DL ‏@1BigBadWolff

@BarbraStreisand @AlecBaldwin Put this on your favorite toilet paper 🧻 💩 so you can enjoy it everyday.

dos350 ‏@dos350_legit

#alert, i was #raped by #regex, #metoo if anyone else has been #abused you are NOT alone, regex did things to me th…

Anne Terri ‏@AnneTerri

@MaksFolk I thought you were going to say it was an old outside Loo 🧻

Tiffany Quiroz ‏@TiffanyQuiroz1

@TheAn1meMan Agreed, but the pic of this guy king of looks loke he's holding a box of laxitives and is desperately…

Water UK ‏@WaterUK

Water companies spend £100 million a year to clear blockages and #fatbergs in our sewage pipes caused by wet wipes…

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

Gloria: As a bestselling author that's tweeted 8000 times in 5 years and somehow has managed to have only 200 or so…

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

@haaohaoo For the moment but coincidentally, my brain's gone out of range ;). 🌸😂😂 - crashing for a bit now. 🤦‍♂️🔥🧻

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

The tweet is ~1 year old or so and I don't and never have used Facebook so no idea if the link is good to the hate-…

Chris Lutolf ‏@ChrisLutolf

"People should watch what I do, not what I wear." - would-be FLOTUS in her @NBCNews interview Well, you have to do…

Turnipov ‏@Turnipov2018

@JustAButternut @CoriSigma I don't use toilet paper: I'm a turnip. 🧻

Talent Guru #TimelessMovie #SaveTimeless #Season3 ‏@thetalentguru

@RottenTomatoes [email protected] #DemolitionMan is a classic only for the reason we are all dying to KNOW how they…

ions ツ ‏@ionstheGOAT

@ImpactTerrifiCK Monitor wipes 🧻

Michael R. Lawrence ‏@TheUHMethod

Twitter has clearly done another round of spammer flushing! 🚽🧻 My following smells better already! 🌻😄😁😆😂🤣👍

🎸😎StevenEveral😎🎸 ‏@StevenEveral

Toilet. 🎃🚽🧻 #UnusualPumpkinUses

Invest in Algeria🇺🇸🇬🇧 ‏@investinalgeria

#Business #Africa #MENA Some #Algeria-ns Tycoons 🇩🇿💪 💥: Food Industry 🍞: Cevital ( @GroupeCevital ) Appliances 📺…

Luisa 🦒 ‏@PygmyRs

@SiffleRS I always throw my pizza on the floor.. usually the bathroom floor because I always get extra flavouring from there 🚽🧻

R. Woody ‏@RWoody6

@JustJen64 @shockingcbr @stava61 Sorry - I think I was bordering on being one of those frustrating ones! Although…

dos350 ‏@dos350_legit

with our combined #feminine #prowess, they'll be #toast in no time! #twitch #pokemon 🔥🔥🔥🐩💩🚽🧻✅

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

@realDonaldTrump It's so great to have someone in your inner circle (pentangle?) tackle the deep-ship topics of the…

Blue Soulz ‏@blueslz

🤔 Trump ascended stairs of Air Force 1 w Toilet Paper stuck to his shoe! 🧻 - But at least he didn't wear a tan su…

Roy Dube ‏@FarmerRoy2

Having grown up in a house that had books in every room (that room too 🧻😊) I agree with the findings of this study!

James Ph. Kotsybar ‏@JamesPhKotsybar

At least bathroom protocol is clear. 🧻🚽

dos350 ‏@dos350_legit

@SBSNews trust vic to be this pathetic, #qlder Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of ev…

Joe2 ‏@eatatjoe2

@tassiedevil toilet talk? 🧻

Marjorie -ScareUpTheVote💀 ‏@Ocean_State211

For those that must share everything.......🚽🧻

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

@FixesItself @kimmyifuplease @verocruz @strom_annette @JoeMamaQA @marisac721 @theNiteMadness @BoofKeganaugh…

Cousin Ed ‏@EdStudioM80

@GavinNewsom We have a message for YOU, Newsom! We're 🤢 of our "lawmakers" using the constitution for 🚽🧻! We're 🤢 o…

QBlueSky ‏@QBlueSkyQ

@EverydaySchmoes @POTUS @IvankaTrump @GenFlynn @mflynnJR Yes- I am digging deep into China- the China Spy- Feinstei…

Dumb Precedent ‏@DumbOldJTramp

@DemWrite I thought it was the People's House, but then Donald Trump has shown us already how much of the American…

Oran ‏@oranv

Now that work is near Costco I stopped by to grab one item and carried it with me on the bus. It even fits under th…

Norman Charles ‏@NormanCharles88

@SethAbramovitch @ATLHawks And to think--at one point in her life she didn't even have a square to spare. 🧻

ShereeseM, MS/MBA ‏@ShereesePubHlth

@bbhomebody @meqapi Right? 📠🧻#MEQAPI

LiveStream Trading ‏@TSXtrad3r

$SPY uh oh 🚽🧻

Ethan Slyder ‏@libertyloungeUS

I've said worst in my oval office. 🚽🧻

Daily ‏@dailynowco

We have just launched Daily Go a progressive web app with curated dev news and an outrageous toilet mode 🧻…

Jose Ramon Marquez ‏@joseramonmarmtz

"What did you learn from Jennifer Lawrence?" 🧻 #FallonTonight

Russell T. Warne ‏@Russwarne

New @Wikipedia article on "Bathroom reading." Appropriately, it's short enough to read in one sitting. 🚽🧻

The Fastened Tissue ‏@FastenedT

That fastened tissue once stuck to your shoe. lay silent, placid, lifeless in poo 🧻

The Fastened Tissue ‏@FastenedT

@lmPostMalone About me? Same! Same!! 🧻

Amanda Richardson ‏@MancMer1

@myLondis @AndrexUK Great giveaway, thanks for the chance 🧻👑🤞

🇮🇱 \tTt/ ‏@CuculusT

Most #people today #live by the #evaluationtheory... 👍👎🏼👉🏿👈🏿🤝#evolution theory:🧻 a horse is a stone is a lake is a…

👻charlie🎃 ‏@charrliexbeex

@myLondis @AndrexUK fit for a #queen 🧻👑 that’s just how i roll..😝😝

Zelda Gif World ‏@GifZelda

Meeting the toilet hand from Majora's Mask in Skyward Sword... looks like he still needs paper! 🧻

Zack Voell ‏@zackvoell

🚀 Hear from the amazing @buymoonstuff team (@KevJamesAde and @guccimanlefluer). They're building a Lightning retail…

lisa williams ‏@pinkwinkgirly

@myLondis @AndrexUK Want to #WIN @AndrexUK fancy toilet rolls for today's #MegaMonday giveaway? Fit for a #King or #Queen 🧻👑

🦇🎃🕷Ellen Darlington🦇🎃🕷 ‏@emdarlington

@myLondis @AndrexUK #MegaMonday Fit for a #King or #Queen 🧻👑 #Mondaymotivation … …

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

SO that's what REAL ID 2020 looks like? 🤦‍♂️🌊🌊🌊🌊🧻

Leesan ‏@LeesanMarine

#Didyouknow that we have the UK's largest dedicated marine toilet show room 🚽🧻 If you want to be "flushed" with ch…

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

@realDonaldTrump You think you're an outsider doing what every politician since time began does "VOTE VOTE VOTE" -…

⚾ Player TBNL 📎 ‏@GrandePTBNL

@katy0819 Who wouldn't want this 🧻 tattooed on them? I want everyone to know that I do, indeed, use it. You also…

Schlomo Burdue ‏@SchlomoBurdue

@verocruz @FixesItself @marisac721 @Jamesbeauparla2 @kimmyifuplease Thank you so much. I just want to think my Aunt…

Pete Dako ‏@petedako

@janewordsmith Stephen Who… per? …any relation to "Biff" from the Hardy Boys? #cdnpoli @stephenharper #CanLit🚽🔥🧻

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