Roll Of Toilet Paper Emoji

Roll Of Toilet Paper is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧻 U+1F9FB


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WiloMartian ‏@WiloMartian

@Barbwire654 @TPointUK Great! Then both the Tories and Labour support socialist ideas. What an uncharacteristically…

Matthew Scharf ‏@scharf_10

“I sell paper” “Haha toilet paper 💩 🧻 ?”

JosephMerrick ‏@JosephMerrick4

@chelseahandler Expensive shit roll 🧻

aus vern2seok day #x_x ‏@gothwonz

@lovrbeom Highs ch thank u😭😭🎻🧻

❄️🧶HazelMae💖🐈 ‏@LetMeowwwt

@MissTArchie1 @Sweetie73348706 Same here. Mom always windexing 🧻 boogers off windows and the glass door on de porch😹


@ericonederful Courtesy flush 💩🧻🚽

Jatodric Lucaś ‏@Jatodric_214

Ehhh I’m still finna go get this paper 🧻😂

Krewe of Tucks ‏@KreweofTucks

Tucks version of Sunday funday🤣😜🧻🚽! Anyone else joining in on the fun?!?!? T-MINUS 12 DAYS!!!! 💜💚💛 • • #tucks2019…

Yichen Wuwu ⚡ ‏@YichenWuWu

Quote: ‘In the Temple of Heaven park (天坛公园) in Beijing it’s already impossible to use more than your fair share of…

Neal ‏@neal

🚽🧻 High five to @natracare for the first past the flush test!

apparentlyshelby ‏@messrshelby

Happy 7 months of shitting in a bag 🧻 #ileostomy

Jacqueline Thompson ‏@ThatsJacqueline

Trump: I’m out of toilet paper 🧻, quick call a national emergency, the Mexicans must have stolen it 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨…

BANGhetto 🇧🇩 ‏@TrustyShoes

@DJTreG They sholllll do! Yes. And my parents just have the toilet with a hose extension ... But my ppl also wash…

Bessy V ‏@Bessytta

@Romston Hello 👋 have a happy cleaning 🧹 🧻 day

Tong Garden Centre ‏@Tong_Garden

Toilet roll holders make the perfect pots for starting your seeds. Make use of them and have fun while doing so! 🧻🌱…

Francisco Catarino ‏@FranciscoC1

🧻🧻 Toilet paper workout 🧻🧻 You are stuck at home with no equipment. What do you do?! Do what other any person would…

EastOfTheCascades🇱🇷🇨🇦 ‏@RTCdn

A great warning to those who might consider sending their child to Boston U to major in economics. #gop 🧻…

Tom ‏@TomWillingham5

@tweetmommybop Emulate Trump, paper towels 🧻😜

road work ‏@aheaduhyea

mummy’s rly just be like 🧻☠️🧻

NAU Athletics ‏@NAUAthletics

Worst Seat in the House? We got you covered 🙃 4⃣🎟️ + 4⃣👕 + 🧻 = 💲1⃣0⃣ 📅 Available at Last Home @NAUBasketball Weeke…

Ron Allen ‏@ICHawkeye

@hawkfromnorwalk @dougiefresh_515 How many rolls of 🧻 did you go through?

Miki Booth ‏@MikiBooth

Because they are deep state operatives paid to protect oasshat’s real identity and the crimes they committed to fak…

Tootsie Barn ‏@tootsiebarn1

What do you guys think of our quote graphics? Tag someone who needs this little reminder ✨🧻

Lauren Mitchell 🌻 ‏@RadioLoz

@AndyGibsonTV Haha that is BRILLIANT 😂🧻

𝓔𝓻𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮 ‏@iamsuper_eray

Oh this #MMKMoiraAndJason episode! 😭 I need more tissues please! 😂🧻 Kung maka “I will love you the way God wants yo…

Bojana Konstantin Janketic ‏@SerbiaTesla

Our country ecosystem🌍 is still slow walking. Never been such climate change in our history. We need our…

Bojana Konstantin Janketic ‏@SerbiaTesla

Our country ecosystem🌍 is still slow walking. Never been such climate change in our history. We need our…

💪🏽one$um🚶🏾‍♂️™️ ‏@Grind4grandma_

y’all boys jewelry cloudy than a mf 🧻

Robert Cherry ‏@RobertCherry1

@GQMagazine A mag not fit to be used for toilet paper 🧻.

Cim Ove Andreasen ‏@CimOve

#IAmFueledBy the pure happiness it bring me after i installed a “Yum Yum Yum” sound to my toilet 🚽🧻

Hendi ‏@Hendi213

@Li_Ag_Investor @Trisseswe @Bateman_Trading Well yes did wonder if we should built pot to over 2k take out 1k which…

ブージ ‏@bobbypastoril

@jhztnxrgn_ @jhztnxrgn_ tissue you like?🧻

👙Mr.Saint👑 ‏@saint_lamar

@iamphillii Toilet paper 🧻

Ash🏹 ‏@AshleyPornia

on a 📝, on a 🧻,or on a🍂 pls keep it; i luv u❣

Jamshid Khan ‏@EngrJamshidKhan

Best toilet paper 🧻 in the world 🌍

❥ | Eclipse (Destiny) ‏@CuddlyCabelloo

🧻- this emoji fits you since you’re always on the toilet or smthing. Anyway I love you but you should stop trying t…

Maxinne Jae Dungo ‏@jae_dungo

@Paujenner11 Oh tissue 🧻

Alex ‘KNUCCLES’ Reed ‏@UnknownAndGrown

Dj Envy just gone admit, he let’s his wife put her fingers’ in his ass? 🤭Idc what the hell they said about a man’s…

أ.خالد بستكي ⚖️ ‏@Kh_Bastaki

@RashedAlawadi @NoMaskAziz 🧻 I only got this

NotJustAnotherCryptoGuy ‏@guy_meuris

Perfect place to read this article...😏🚽🧻

Lincswolf ‏@lincswolf

@DANCOLUK @njudah_star Don’t you mean - 🦘🐀 free kick 🧻 brace? 😀

Dave #VetsResistSquadron ‏@davidwsapp

@MsMollyRachael I need some wet wipes 🧻 over here

Kildosis ‏@Kildosis

Okokok. Dennis Rodman’s pod is 🧻. Dude wants to be filthy frank sooooo bad

khadijah 👸🏾 ‏@hellookittyy_13

I love brisket but it does not love me. I see how this night is gonna go 🧻🚽

Randall ‏@4RANDALL1

Let’s see what @cnnbrk is up to... Oh. Chicago police “think” “News”👉🏼👉🏼🚽🧻

A All Day ‏@MilkMoney25

@Ashleyalban94 @Ashleyalban94 get that TP 🧻 ready gonna be a long night 💪🏾😂

Randall ‏@4RANDALL1

@Spuyten_Duyvil @ChicSavage1 @SophistsAwake @twitswits @AngeleStar11 @ScottDa26536037 @realDonaldTrump…

Tiffany Dawn Byers ‏@Vicious_Skulls

Hey @RCSD can I have some of that 🧻? LOL. 💩 #livepd

FLgirl47 🗽🏖🌵❤️✈️🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧🇸🇪🇪🇺⛩🎨🎼🎭💙🌊 ‏@Lgirl47F

@NightlyPolitics Praise be, I’d got leftover provisions from the 2nd Civil War & the War on Christmas (I’m sure tha…

tana oshima ‏@tanaoshima

NYC has taken public restrooms seriously. You can’t flush, but who cares. There’s even toilet paper on one of them.…

M⚜u⚜v⚜a of 3️⃣ ‏@yeaSHEwineFINE

Chileeeee🤦🏽‍♀️ u really can’t have shit to ya self now a days not even a piece of toilet paper 🧻😩

✨🕯Soulful Beauty🕯💫 ‏@DeevaLaDeeva

Toilet paper 🧻 wipes

MIKE SMOOTH ‏@Mikesmooth1


Nathan Wheat, DC, CVSMT ‏@doctor_wheat

@mfloyd21 @bbroxey My favorite purchase that someone made while I worked at a pharmacy was a frozen enchilada and a…

its hobis day everyone else shut up ‏@onscreenkiss

🧻 - hellohello i remember being very scared to follow u for some reason????? i have literally no idea why bc ur so…

Mike #WTO ‏@mikeleigh33

@ryansabey The Sun is worse than toilet paper 🧻

Padric Gleason ‏@padricgleason

@RLEspinal 🚴🏽‍♂️ Protected cycle lanes 🐄 Develop local food supply chains 🧼 Ban microbead soaps 🚨 Enforce the lead…

C/-\LL M3 OMAR ‏@itzbadoo

Tissue paper 🧻 I guess

Anabella Maria D. Galang ‏@TheOncoOptimist

I see these toilet paper rolls w/o that inner tube to minimize paper waste more & more. @DFWAirport, you’re doing g…

jo ‏@missjordyndavis

i really love my squatty potty and that’s it ! love is love ! 🚽🧻

Dr Queen Christina ‏@ChristineEwing7

But are there enough loos on Manly Beach? 🚽🧻

Ginger ‏@whatasheila

@stonecold2050 Because #puertorico has paper 🧻 towels

Regina Lorenzo ‏@ReginaLorenzo5

@TheWRPSA @BTS_twt Yess!!... #RM was stoked Winning @steveaoki's Kolony sweater👏👍👊 #BTS Versus BTS Playing Rock Pap…

Heather C. Leigh ‏@HeatherCLeigh

Written by son and found in the kids bathroom. 😂😂 🧻🚽#kids #funny #bathroom

🌿Jon Grow🌿 ‏@Grow_Supplies

#cbd #infused Toilet 🚽 Paper 🧻 5mg dosage with each swipe

HOSEOK DAY ☀️ ‏@taejnism

doesn anyone wna give me any fics to read 🧻

@justjaylo ‏@just_jaylo

@CharlotteBatey Better then goin poop and having no toilet paper 🧻 hahahahah 💩

grégoire 👑 ‏@QuanSai

Just heard this Nicki Minaj “Bust Down Barbiana” joint. 🗑 🧻 💩

Jb Turtles ‏@JbTurtles

I did end up squad wiping 🧻 But Xbox clips don’t last that long ⁦@TeamAstroGG⁩ Apex Team #apex #ApexLegends #rc…

ig:pleasedsthetic ‏@pleasedaesthet1

𝒮𝓊𝓅𝓅𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓈- -pad 🧻 -menstrual cups 🍷 -tampon 🌂 -period underwear 👙

phyllis johnson ‏@phyllisj1003

@photog344 Excuse me??? This is no laughing matter! 🤣 I’m concerned 😧 Do you need anything? Paper 🧻 towels? A ra…

Hawkeye ‏@Hawkeye42409614

@Greenwoodavepc @POTUSPress It’s not just the bill, but AOC’s thesis paper 🧻

saleem shahzada ‏@sal2964

@bhatia_hriday @Dipdil @shyam_shantu @NeerajB94029005 @TarekFatah @sushantsareen There is a reason they don’t do it…

shayshay ‏@shaymommy30

Cleaning 🧹 🧼 🧻 🏠 whole listening to @FLAGALine new album can’t say I ain’t country!!

Juice ‏@ThatDudeAnts

Can’t believe ever since 69 got locked up the only thing poppin and “hot” right now is muddafuckin soulja boy 🤦🏽‍♂️…

𝖏𝖊𝖎 ‏@lxvlttrs

@juuliancyrus you’ve got cum rimming around ur mouth dear here u go 🧻

C Hutchinson ‏@chhraleigh

So, my now 9-year-old just got something called a “toilet paper gun” for his birthday... 😳🧻

Darryl Hauk ‏@OldBuzzardFeed

Hey @ReduxitSpem Arty. 🚽🧻🚿🧼💈👨‍💼👍. Ready to get at it.😀

Mining USA Nationalist ‏@Mining08110970

@chuckwoolery Within 9 days the pre-spring house cleaning 🧹 will take place..a major deep cleaning 🧻 <—roll of this…

moodcherries ‏@moodcherries1

🐌 Snails have teeth. 🤯 Russia is bigger that Pluto. 👶🏽 Babies don’t have knee caps. 🍔 There is McDonald’s in every…

Jessica Sheldrake ‏@jwsheldrake

He’s doing a good job of stocking the toilet paper in this house 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🧻 #onlyaskedhimonce

Darryl Hauk ‏@OldBuzzardFeed

@ReduxitSpem Aw crap, yup I did. In my own defense I was really busy.👍🚿🚿🚽🧻😳

Sasha Morton ‏@MissSashaMorton

@BUSHBINT @AdamJamesCh @WCullmac Oh, now my efforts feel utterly inadequate! Got loads of loo roll and paracetamol though! 🧻💊 #stockpileenvy

Bar jump ‏@LarryHannahsr2

@KamalaHarris I wouldn’t sign a piece of tollet paper 🧻 for you

Valarie ‏@vstew0360

When someone says your talking out of your ass, they literally mean your talking out of your ass ! Potty mouth 🧻

Chris Terrazas ‏@Mrlumberjack_08

Step brothers has taught me to always keep my apartment filled with toilet paper 🧻

Ⓜ️Adusa Wave 🐍🧪☠️ ‏@lil_msangelfuck

Deep cleaning 🧹 🧼 🧻 🧽

Carlos RodriguezPena ‏@CarlosR60707094

@TWPundit Of course not ,silly, they’re FAKE NEWS ,FAKE NEWS ,FAKE NEWS ,FAKE NEWS ,FAKE NEWS ,NETWORKS !!! 🧻 this…

Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. ‏@THEEXECUTIVE1

Starting this DIY bathroom refresh... Pray for me... 🧰🔨🔩 🧻

विष्णु ‏@vishnuozhukoor

Open google , search best toilet paper 🧻 in world . See the result #PakistanMurdabad #StandWithForces @shyamthayat…

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Restless Rebel ‏@outdoorwanderer

After a really tough week, I am just happy to have discovered this emoji. 🧻 Expect to see it more. #SaturdayThoughts

캄미 officially 20!!🎈🎉 ‏@CadenaCameron

Unpopular Opinion: twerking is one of the ugliest dances out there, y’all ain’t cute or even sexy. It looks like yo…

Nonleaguetoilets ‏@nonleaguetoilet

Larkspur Rovers FC 🧻🚽⚽️

Vicious Sid ‏@vicious155

The #sabres OFFICIAL EMOJI for the 18/19 season is... 🧻

Countess Rose Perry ‏@SipWatchTweet

@_drazzari @jflorez @boozychef @ibstatguy @MiguelNogueras @rr_pirate @moderndadpages @magee333 @suziday123…

dave ‏@dave15791924

@JesseCamargo07 @ABC I got everything maga even toilet paper 🧻 just like u see that we have something in common

Raju Joshi ‏@rajuajoshi11

@skulveer @timesofindia I have uninstalled app and also insist in my circle as well as stockist not to sell TOILET PAPER OF INDIA 🚽🧻

Raju Joshi ‏@rajuajoshi11

@Swamy39 rightly says Toilet paper of India 🚽🧻 and TOI live upto the expectation with flying colors.... Good job... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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