Rolled-Up Newspaper Emoji

A newspaper, rolled up for delivery to a house.

Rolled-Up Newspaper was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🗞️ Newspaper Delivery


🗞 U+1F5DE

️ U+FE0F


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📰🗞extra extra read all about it!🗞📰We are in th…

Mogadore Volleyball ‏@MogadoreVolleyB

Doing what he does best... 💻 S/O to @JLRSports as he covers a #PTC matchup between @MogadoreVolleyB and…

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🏔️⛳️ WGOLF RECAP | The Cascades finished 10th overall at the SFU True North Classic. 🗞 READ MORE:… ‏@RunnerSpace_com

Laura Thweatt In, Dathan Ritzenhein Out of @ChiMarathon @dyestat 🗞

Pip ‏@Sanity4243

Tues 🗞 Biden builds edge & commands 49% among African-Americans, 46% among senior citizens & 42% among moderate &…

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Day 8 news 🗞 Powered by a chip butty, and support from friends - Angela has made it to Shap, but she's still plodd…

Bot Whatever ‏@bot__whatever

This tee will save you time reading 🗞.

The Marlin Chronicle ‏@MarlinChronicle

We are excited that Mickella Rast, former News Editor, stopped by to hang out and help the editors on Deadline Nigh…

iGO eBooks® ‏@iGOeBooks

🔰 iGO eBooks® 💢 In the beginning & still growing ✔️ UK & International Writing | Authoring | ePublishing | Events…

Noticia SPY💬 ‏@Noticia_SPY

🗞 🇵🇾 Saved By the Bell, entre las apuestas para el streaming de NBCUniversal

Rosco Paton ‏@Roscohmfc

The Sun never shines ☁️when it's a rag of a paper 🗞💩

BradleyJL ‏@BradleyJL17

What did I learn from this fine Tuesday? Fuck The Sun, the little shit rag 📰🗞

Julia Kelly ‏@mrs_jkelly

The staff of the CMS Panther Press met for the first time today📰🗞 They have lots of great story ideas for the year!…

The Fair Justice Initiative ‏@fairjusticegh

Read all about it! 🗞 The Daily Graphic (@Graphicgh) have published an article in their Monday 16th September issu…

Christian Fischbach ‏@ChrFischbach

🇩🇪 needs to increase its defense spending and rethink a ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 to avoid damaging it…

Matthew Eldred ‏@logic2win

Coach & Bus Weekly interview | CBW magazine 📰📚🗞

Euro Man & Activist🅰️ ‏@ActivistEuro

@mojos55 Down with Capita, Down with Atos ; Doen with anything Private inside DWP!! 🗞📰📰🗞📰📰📰📰🗞📰

Dawn Schafle ‏@MrsSchafle

Learning about the world around us through our first Current Events presentation. 🗞

Saint Lucia Football ‏@SaintLuciaFA

🗞 October Schedule for cnationsleague (ET and home team listed first) Sat, Oct 12, 6PM: Dominican Republic-Saint…

Saint Lucia Football ‏@SaintLuciaFA

🗞 October Schedule for @CNationsLeague (ET and home team listed first) Sat, Oct 12, 6PM: Dominican Republic-Saint…

S5000 Australia ‏@S5000AU

12th seat filled by Kiwi hotshot ahead of Phillip Island test today. NEWS 🗞 #S5000…

Chris Phillips ‏@19Phillips84

Scum newspaper 🗞 #Wankers

Euro Man & Activist🅰️ ‏@ActivistEuro

@adamgarriereal Drones are not from 🇮🇷 Iran. Drones may be from Any Middle East servant- puppet Regime! Period...!!! 📰📰📰📰📰🗞

Anything Liverpool ‏@AnythingLFC_

🗞| Liverpool fans were attacked ahead of Napoli Champions League match with 'glass bottles and belts': One large gr…

Progressive Weather ‏@ProgWeather

Climate Crisis News:📰🗞 Hottest Summer on Record (Northern Hemisphere)🔥📈 via @YouTube…

Chicago Bears ‏@ChicagoBears

Why was Denver's 2-point conversion spotted at the 1? Chalk Talk dives into an obscure rule. 🗞:…

Alastair Craig ⚽️📝 ‏@Ally_Craig_

Not tall poppy syndrome, but just can’t justify buying The Sun again. Enough is enough 🗞. #BenStokes

Erin Tiernan ‏@ErinTiernan

Packing up 😭😭 🗞

Lily Cohen ‏@lilyofthepingo

Compromise time! AP won’t have a property right to the news compared to me, the person reading the paper over brea…

intelexual media ‏@IntelexualMedia

The news show you didn’t know you needed. 🗞✨ #LexualSays comes tomorrow exclusively to patreon

elexus jionde. ‏@Lexual__

The news show you didn’t know you needed. 🗞✨ #LexualSays comes tomorrow exclusively to patreon!

Le Provocateur ‏@ACProvocateur

Howdy Hounds!!✨ Come to our second meeting tomorrow, September 18th at 5:30pm in the SARR, and get entered to win a…

FAU Football ‏@FAU_Football

“It just lets me know that the game of football is bigger than football”. 💬 Had a blast with our friends from…

Duke Men's Tennis ‏@DukeMTEN

🔥 @nstachowiak13 is in the @ITA_Tennis preseason rankings 🔥 🗞 |

UFV Cascades ‏@UFVCascades

🏔️⚽️ | @b_zacharuk is the @CanadaWest women's third star of the week after racking up two goals and two assists on…

(`・ω・´)P.Reaper ‏@ProjectReaper

That's it for the news for your Tuesday. Same for Wednesday after 11:30AM 🗞📰

ITTF World ‏@ittfworld

He said that beating 🇯🇵Tomokazu Harimoto was the biggest win of his career… What will be 🇮🇳Sathiyan Gnanasekaran's…

(`・ω・´)P.Reaper ‏@ProjectReaper

Time for Tuesday news right now. 🗞📰

IG: @Wave917fm ‏@917wavefm

HEADLINES 🗞 With @excel_u on #DayBreakNigeria

Football Agent Education ‏@education_agent

Great interview with Future of Fussball Business Magazine 🇦🇹 Always interesting talking about the relationship betw…


I Just Got @EpochTimes 🇺🇸📰🗞📰🗞❤️📰🗞📰🗞🇺🇸 I subscribed to digital and print @EpochTimes It’s an early birthday pres…


RELEASE | Thomas Grant Nominated Big Sky Athlete of the Week 🗞: #TBirdNation #BigSkyXC

The Nottingham Panthers ‏@PanthersIHC

Herr takes "Performer of the Week" vote for the second time this season! 😼 🗞 #BeTheRoar |…

Joe Stanley 🇬🇧 ‏@JoeWStanley

Sick of hearing the same tired anti-agriculture nonsense in the media? 🗞🎥🎙? Call in 📞! Text 📲! Write a letter 📝!…

Princess Mangele woNtshosho ‏@zamangw01796498

@Nathi_MfokaJobe @MajavuThabiso Maybe it's bcos Zuma's face or mention is news for media houses and sells 🗞 🤔

The Torch✏️📰🔥 ‏@BergenTorch

Scan our QR code to stay up to date with anything Torch related!🔥🗞

Newport County AFC ‏@NewportCounty

🔥 Getting warm at Moss Rose 🔥 Read our Match Preview ahead of kick-off in the #SaveOurShirt Unsponsored Derby 🗞…

The Torch✏️📰🔥 ‏@BergenTorch

Come check out your horoscopes in the September 2019 Issue! Made by our very own features editor! 🔥🗞

You ‏@natediggy75

@JasonSmith929 Hahahaha me and my brother would stay up so late and hat the newspaper 🗞 would be delivered sometimes during it

St Barnabas Hospice ‏@StBarnabasLinc

🗞📰 DO YOU HAVE SPARE NEWSPAPERS? 📰🗞 If you get a regular newspaper, please can you consider saving it for us to us…

HFX Wanderers FC ‏@HfxWanderersFC

🌊 MATCH PREVIEW It’s the rematch 🆚 @ForgeFCHamilton but this time, we’re at home 🔊 🗓 09/18/2019 ⏰ 6:30 PM 🎫 Tick…

GlasgowWoodRecycling ‏@GlasgowWood

We’re at the ‘Meet the Journalists’ event finding out how to best get our story in front of the press! 🗞…

Catherine A Hamilton ‏@CatherineAHamil

On my bulletin board! 📰So happy to see my article on the front page🗞of the Polish American Journal this month! 📆📰📆🗞…

iGO eBooks® ‏@iGOeBooks

🔰 iGO eBooks® 💢 UK & International Writing | Authoring | ePublishing | Events 🌍 Charity/Third Sector 💷 Fundraising…

iGO eBooks® ‏@iGOeBooks

🔰 iGO eBooks® 💢 UK & International Writing | Authoring | ePublishing | Events 🌍 Charity/Third Sector 💷 Fundraising…

HER'd the Podcast ‏@herdthepodcast

#HERdNews 🗞 | It’s Happening! There’s a #SavedBytheBell reboot in the works! 🙌🏾 🔗:

🌹The Deplorable Fifth Beatle🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 ‏@DeplorableFifth

@realDonaldTrump I never thought I’d see the day. This was the top newspaper 🗞 everyone trusted with the truth. Now…

teagan ‏@sugarspunsist3r

4 knowing us better🙈 —Tea*an Terry Bra*thwaite x — 16 — straight — the inbetweeners or skins I always rewatch — sc…

Nottingham Forest Women FC ‏@NFFCWomen

🗞 The matchday pack! All the important ticket, parking and matchday information you need to know ahead of this Sun…

austin★彡📌 to watch me be tourtured ‏@rebootprachaya

i got pulled over🤩 & my vape 🤤🤤was in my cup holder 🥤🥤🥤& the cop 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️was like “u know the news 📰📰🗞 saying 🗣🗣tho…

IB ‏@IBark3r7

Playing the Euromillions tonight with the hope of winning it & flushing this shit rag of a paper down the shitter f…

STC Sports FC ‏@fc_stc

🗞 Training tonight for the STC! 5 a side at Goals! #ForzaSTC

VARSITY ‏@varsitynews

Edition 8, paying tribute to recent victims of GBV and of course our own Uyinene, is out on campus now 💜🗞…

Newport County AFC ‏@NewportCounty

Kick off is fast approaching here at @thesilkmen ⚽️ Get excited ahead of the match 👇 Unsponsored Derby 🏆…

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 SSC Napoli v Liverpool Preview ⏲ Kick off 20:00 📊 Pre-match stats ↙ 🗞

Alison Pope ‏@alisonpope

Things you can access via your local library (in both electronic and physical formats): books, newspapers, magazine…

Birmingham Dance Net ‏@BrumDN

🗞 ⭐️ #BDN #NEWS ⭐️ 🗞 💫 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 #Introducing... IS BACK! @BhamWeekender here we come! 📒 Sunday 6th October, get…

Allie ‏@truthtreeallie

MD got me on @NPR 19 years ago (really??). Non-screamy FTW. Always read, and listen, between proverbial lines & hav…

OntarioHockeyLeague ‏@OHLHockey

The #OHL Pre-Season is all wrapped up and several players made their mark. Learn about big performances from De Si…

Major League Rugby ‏@usmlr

"Not only is the national team on the upswing, but a domestic league, #MLRugby, just finished its second season and…

The National Lottery ‏@TNLUK

Telling friends and family you’ve won The National Lottery is one of the best bits! Stephen Cole certainly found an…

OPCraft ‏@OPCraft

📰 Introducing weekly updates! 🗞 Starting this Sunday we’ll be posting a weekly update every week! These updates wi…

soniyá ‏@sonii_4sure

@LouisvileIip @benstokes38 Idiot I don’t BUY newspapers, let alone Sun newspaper 🗞😴

HGHS English ‏@EnglishHghs

Drop Everything And Read day today ... great to see so many of our students enjoying both fiction and non-fiction texts! 📚🗞

Football FanCast ‏@FootballFanCast

🗞 Hold the front page! Man spotted shopping on his way home from work.

School of Journalism ‏@TheJournoSchool

Our London trainees had a great day exploring the BBC and News UK newsrooms today! 🗞🎥 #daytwo #squadgoals…

First Baptist Church of Cramerton ‏@fbccramerton

⛪️Church Weekly News 🗞📰 -

SOFZAYIN ‏@sofzayin

🗞📰NEWS📁: UNIVERSE 🌌📙SHOOTS SEVERAL MISSILES AT Burke JUST LIKE SUPERMAN (as posted in pictures, has improved his FL…

Maddy McCarty ‏@Maddy_TheFacts

While the rate won’t change to a taxpayer (depending on property values), the way it brings revenue to the city wil…

Motlo ‏@Motlo7

Should respect be asked for or should it be a norm?🗞

SOFZAYIN ‏@sofzayin

HEY CAP! 🧢 (from LINCOLN PARK USA 🇺🇸PLANET EARTH 🌍UNIVERSE 🌌) (From 🗞📰CNN: somebody shoot that guy! (Ha ha ha! Lik…

Stuart McMillan MSP ‏@StuMcMillanSNP

🗞 Here's my column from yesterday's @greenocktele talking #immigration, #prorogation, and new ways of doing…

Inverness Airport ‏@INVAirport

At Inverness Airport we're exempt from Air Passenger Duty tax! Graeme Bell, our airport manager, tells you why this…

The Bakersfield Californian ‏@Bakersfieldcali

Good morning! To read all about how the Kern County Fair set up has been going make sure to grab a copy of today's…

Emmanuelle👁💛📝📖📚 ‏@alfsgirl

Sad news... I hate it when a great journalist dies.🔎📝📠📰🗞

Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke ‏@AGCRacing

🗞 My press release from the last round of the 2019 @BritishGT season is now available to read on my website. Use th…

GlasgowWoodRecycling ‏@GlasgowWood

📰 Sign up for our newsletter! 🗞 📩 We want to keep people informed of upcoming sales, discounts and other exciting…

Commissioner Esteban Bovo ‏@CommBovo

[email protected] invites you to read the first edition of the new Chamber Gazette! Pick up a copy at the Stephen P. C…

European Federation of Geologists (EFG) ‏@EfgInfo

What is new for #European #geoscientists this week? Read #EFGeoWeek, the weekly newsletter on #Geoscience to find o…

Lois Lane ‏@Lois_lane_DC

@AgentStoney "You know, there's always a good story on my radar, but I can't talk much about it until the sources a…

Shelby Rae 🌻 ‏@Living_Urban96

Y'all I just attended my first meeting/event as a correspondent of a local Newspaper✒🗞 #imsohyped #grateful

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 Ajax v Lille Preview ⏲ Kick off 20:00 📊 Pre-match stats ↙ 🗞

American U. Eagles ‏@AUeagles

It's truly a banner day for AU Athletics with the @AmericanU announcement of an immensely generous, $3 million gift…

NBA RadioHOF ‏@radiohofbasket

✅ Valley Boyz Merch ✅ Off-Season tune-up ✅ Team outlook @KELLYOUBREJR is ready to take on the season and every…


✅ Valley Boyz Merch ✅ Off-Season tune-up ✅ Team outlook @KELLYOUBREJR is ready to take on the season and everyth…

Hendrix Warriors ‏@HendrixWarriors

BREAKING | Burks does it again!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 The Sand Man named to Team of the Week; 2nd straight day ear…

Alba Reche Now ‏@InfoReche

🗞 | New article about Alba at the CCME: "Alba Reche was one of the guests more expected. It was one of the biggest…

ILoveCheadleHulme ‏@ILoveCHulme

🗞 New Article 🗞 50% off some of the finest takeaway Pizza? Don't mind if we do 😁 @PapaJohnsUK offer this EVERY Tues…

Scott Douglas Clary, MBA ‏@sdouglasclary

🗞 Have you signed up for ROI Overloads' Industry Insights? ➡️@ROIOverload⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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