Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji

A character lying on the floor due to an extreme amount of laughter. Face is laughing, possibly with one hand hitting the floor. An emoji version of the phrase ROFL.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🤣 U+1F923


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Pedro Delgado ‏@pedrodelgado991

@AwakenedCthulhu @DrLupoOnTwitch @Ninja Of course I knew he doesn't have ego, all his actions up to this point prove it. 🤣

óÓÒò 🔱 óÓÒò ‏@mpspec

@UtopiumTinkerer @Lslyyy2910 @InsanityIsFree @jenniferm_q @NalasNotNormal @AdamantAnarchy @SallyMayweather…

RATIONAL 🐁 ‏@sarankaran_y

When your inflow is high, you should start a trust to avoid taxes.🤣

ty😻 ‏@oooshepretty_

i need to do this damn highlight but i keep gettin distracted 😩🤣

José Roberto ‏@jose_roberto__

I don't understand how people can invest (more like waste) so much of their time into long seasonal shows on Netfli…

Cash Play Records Uk ‏@CashPlayUK

@MPSBarnet @MPSSpecials @MetTaskforce Suck ur mums 🤣😂

The Heart Broke ‏@TheHeartBroke

@paulsnewmans What is this gayness? 🤣

Z ❁ ‏@zAlvarraddo

Derek: “Nobody better mess with my girl because I’ll put a bullet through their head” 🤣💛

Stevie Leigh 👻 ‏@SnP4eva

@Zak_Bagans Aaron is a sexy beast!! 🤣😋😊😄

Ben Drisgula🐻⬇ ‏@BenjaminDrisgul

@debbiecat4 Hahaha. Looks like she just using her hand as a makeshift one 😂🤣

Masih Mansouri ‏@CallMeAlchemist

@_nbenzo 11:11 The Universe is trying to tell you something girl... 🤣

Jake Jortles ‏@tereska_jason

@LoverOfShrimp Trash got them to the AFC Champ game, and they put more talent around him for this year. Trash gonna…

CryptoCatcher ‏@jeffF0303

@cryptoaddict86 I’m not breathing any 💩🤣

Winnie B McCullar, MDiv ‏@revwinnie

@JohnOSullivan36 @Madonna She suppose to ALWAYS stay 25, right ??!?? 😆 She’s not suppose to get old... cos when s…

Alex G. ‏@K_Hunny18

@modernalmight @Nat_Batt98 🤣 they’re bogus

Noel 🖤 ‏@iTss_nOeLL

@exquisite_ess Welcome aboard! 🤣

Venture Capital ‏@kelly2277

@911CORLEBRA777 This is fun! 🤣

dez ‏@desree73

We back and dumber than ever 🤣

🐐✊🏽 ‏@ThaLunatic_

I'm not letting up , hell nah they might as well block or mute me cause I'm not gone stop retweeting that shit 🤣💃🏽💃🏽

Lisa Sumner ‏@Smigz73

@JohnnyVegasReal 🤣😂🤣😂 looking good Johnny

Thabo Simon Botlhokwane-Tau ‏@T_Botlhokwane

@legends_barber_ Watch out guys...don't say I didn't warn you 😂🤣

TideMasterTim ‏@tidemastertim

@MyNintendoNews @JynxClub Unfortunately it's a dead game. 🤣

LBalz ‏@Lbalz

@AwakenWithJP How can I unsee this?🤣😣

rai ‏@raisuhaaa

@liana_96 you too . all the best 🤣

Lola.Bonjet💜🦄 ‏@_LoveNyaa

@TeeeMarie__ This one little kinkyy bitch in my gf dm💀 now my gf told er she hadda a girlfriend & she still tryna h…

k ‏@good_man_19

@OsamaNatto @JoeWongComedy I think he is playing Pokemon go 🤣😅

YxngLxrdCeltic ‏@JxrelPxngxn

@KameronBennett Crippling Depression UPGRADE! 😂🤣

🇺🇸John 🇺🇸 ‏@DaBearsk35

@KurtSchlichter @townhallcom Lol. “Conservagimps” They’re not only “never you” they’re “always liberal.” No way c…

brittany o. p. ‏@boppitybop

“great gowns, beautiful gowns” 😂🤣

David ‏@TheRealTubsy

@Ninja @E1GHTIES @KorKapOtOmiS I just seen this happen on stream nearly spat out my coffee 🤣

Katie ‏@kaay_tee92

@j_jimenez94 Tell tiff to vote too lol 🤣

J E ‏@jermsguy

@parelkid @utahjazz Grayson. 🤣

Charlie D. ‏@adamhatesme

@NancyPelosi @RepMaxineWaters @realDonaldTrump 😅😂🤣 “Strikes fear into the heart of @realDonaldTrump “LOLOL!!! You o…

кαуℓєу✨ ‏@kaykay_skittles

smoked with bestfriend, then went and smoked 2 more times. when i got home i deadass looked myself in the mirror an…

❌Don Noble❌ ‏@donnoble63

@nationalpost That's so millennial! 😂🤣😂

The Grapefruit Lady. ‏@DillonJaden

@daphnebee This app got me screamin hoe! 🤣

Juju Jordan ‏@JujuJordan_

“7 days in US and already you speak like one of them” 💀😂🤣😭

Cathy Sheil ‏@sheil_cathy

@mrtylerjohansen @guarinolm @dbongino @realDonaldTrump She can’t read. 🤣

Sarah ‏@SarahOwen14

@Haley__Parrish AHHHHHH 😱HALEY!!!!! 😡🤣

jasmine ‏@jazzy_5307

The minute I change the channel from ESPN to a sappy love movie Orlando falls asleep..... 🙄 I’m just trying to find…

5..6..7..8.. ‏@OnPointe28

@sarahjeong Keep talking, racist. 🤣

LFC TICKET SPARES ‏@Darreng85031479

@Sadiosaurus @LFC Strange how all a sudden I'd buy costa a pint jez 🤣👍⚽️

aleah 💝 ‏@bitem__e

@BubblyBreex @YellowPopTart did you not read any of the other replies 😐 am I supposed to reply to each of them? 🤣 l…

M.Ø 🌹 ‏@MatthewOdish

top of my lungs 🤣

Erica. ‏@ericallea

This why you never let a nigga use your car 🤣

Fr3d ‏@Fr3derick82

@lexiebu @EmmaLourdes Hard same! Looking in the Vegas area tho 🤣

ReginaGeorge 💋 ‏@_cleoztrapaaa

@_callRED_ This real right here 🤣 been low getting my weight up

A warrior ‏@ankitasood13

@TheRSS_Piyussh Lol 🤣 The Astrology at its peak !!!! Country dnt need any of ur bhavishyawani bcoz India need BJP…

Lee•Ah 🤸🏽‍♀️ ‏@FineAssLiah

Damn mbn 🤣

Ramsey Rodriguez ‏@RamseyRodrigue5

What if you see this shit on the block 🤣

trish  ‏@ohsheeluhh

I was about to tweet 3 different tweets but deleted each one after typing it out and Im realizing more and more tha…

Shayna 🌹 ‏@Thats_Shayna

Me: “ya nfs ask him to get us the blunt, he’s your boyfriend suck it to get it for free 🤣” Tatyana: “Alright Imma…

kenz mf nichole ‏@kenzieniichole

all i wanna do is ride to the west wit you 🤣😂

bronzki ‏@Suck_Guru

the Chinese Mestizo was an uber classic moaner. Wanna hear him plead again... Deepthroat Please... Deepthroat Please... 🤣

Taylor 🦄 ‏@tayrevels

@NICKIMINAJ @Genius Nic you do realize I have school in the morning right? 😩🙄 gotta get my education sis! 🤣 anyways…

prettyahhh ‏@prettyahhh1

@vixdgaf Knew you was part Chinese 🤣💀

✨ ‏@shestooboojie

@Beyou_TEfull I told you I was gonna do this 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 look how obsessed you were ctfu

R.I.P BUTTER BUT ♥♡ ‏@Capri_Lovely1

🤣 man I don’t take life serious if it’s not about my child fuck it 😭

Daniel Flores ‏@DeeFlow__

Am I the only one thinking that if that falls on me when I go.... I can secure the bag right after I’m at the GOATs…

🤗 Kierra ‏@kierrrrraa

Some lady is outside yelling "excuse me miss, you dropped your pocket" 🤣😂 she got 2 ppl already

AUG 3♌️ ‏@araceliparedess

@Tanner__Bunch @Latinprincesa98 Either way something getting ate 🤣

Dev✌ ‏@dpauline1393

I thought my trust issues were bad 🤣

Johnny T. Sollitto ‏@JohnnyTSollitto

@EricHolder Keep talking shit 💩youre going 2 HANG 2 @EricHolder #TRAITOR 😜😂🤣#qanon #maga #trump #WWGOWGA #qanonarmy

Pedro Delgado ‏@pedrodelgado991

@AwakenedCthulhu @DrLupoOnTwitch @Ninja Lol, you missed my joke. 🤣

zʏ🌙 ‏@zyraligsss

@ianx00 Truthhhhhh 🤣

Laryssa L. 🧘🏾‍♀️ ‏@Laryssalamberts

@CJKyle2 just told me that my skin looks like Carmel... 😭🤣😭

Mai 마이 🐝 ‏@Sitimais16

If only this was true. 🤣

ling quannie🤑🌸 ‏@trill_only

I gave all 3 back😂😂🤣

🔥COGINC🔥 ‏@JaredLoredo

Anyone ever think about what you wanna eat when you’ve already eaten? This happens to me all the time. 🤣

Funnel Travels Maldives ‏@funneltravelsmv

yess!! we woke up like this 😝😜🤣 our happy and helpful crew ❤️ #goodmorning #Thursday #letsgofish #fishing

ً ‏@misqito

im gonna cuff my jeans & wear striped socks and my vans 🤣

Alex G. ‏@K_Hunny18

@OlRegular_P @Nat_Batt98 🤣 a dislocated shoulder

Alex. 👩🏽‍💻 ‏@_aelyc

@d_jaaaayyyy 4 more years to go. probably more like 12 for me 🤣

Daddy Beaver Master ‏@TheDailyCowman

@matt_lansford @jennylansford look at the bright side, nobody is going to steal your tractor weights tonight 🤣

ItsMeAgain ‏@TroubleDouble07

All of you people in “the abroad” I heard you are responsible for this man’s predicament. Why push him to politica…

sue ‏@sueimdone

Laughter is the best medicine 🤣

Karen Singbeil ‏@Karensreal

Smh 🤦‍♀️ Loved you on your season ... the chaos you created was like no other 😩😂🤣 BUT My Gawd after being in there…

Carlss✨ ‏@CarlyAshton13

hope everyone enjoys their last day of summer break tomorrow, ill be enjoying mine @ drovers inn 😆🤣

Duke J. Backus ✝️🧀🧔🏻 ‏@PastorChzhead

@MannysGrammy @Hyatt I’m sure I’ll need another one soon 🤣

Idin Miy💕 ‏@MayPastrano

Fresh From the Oven 🤣👅

Ashanti Vanzant. ‏@MotorCityVIXEN

@killakent 😂🤣😭 now that’s humble

I’m not John Cena ‏@jon_cerna11

The boy @CJMcCollum said I’m trying Jennifer ded 🤣

KP3 ‏@KurtPritchard

Who’s that right there?!? Holy shit. That’s fucking weird. What a tool. Say it to me and I’ll be fucking dead 🤣

gellzz ❤️ ‏@ang_licaa

@neruallu bitch you losing the butt you never had 😂😂😂🤣

curiouscat99 #KZ🥜KT🍉 ‏@thecuriouscat99

@itsshushi 'Cherry blossoms and friendship' 🤣

The Shit! ‏@quelamazing

Bruh this Riverdale show is bomedy. And that’s coming from someone who used to be obsessed with CW shows 🤣😭

roci m ‏@rociarmenta

I be listening to a song and remember shit that has happened when I was listening to that exact song 🤣

Paige🧡 ‏@Paigedianeee

Nu always hanging up on me and Kam Kam 🤣

Nick ‏@NickBuser5

@MandieFresshest Uh huh you know you were faded DM'n me about the gay frogs don't front..🤔😱🤣

🇵🇹 Sutharsan ME 🇩🇪 ‏@SutharsanME

@Crys_Koel you are 26.. 🤣

Syeda Mahinu Shah 🔥 ‏@syedamahinu

Kindly don’t take serious my mid night tweets 🤣

dee bee ‏@dee73bee

@AGentileInBoca @imnottayediggs 😂🤣😅 true

ciara ✨ ‏@ciarajenaai

@buttahpecan_ @_anbrielle 🤣🚮 don’t do that.

Daniel Bundy ‏@DanielBundyDB

@lamaibeach @JudgeJeanine @greggutfeld @TheFive I think I got my old blockbuster card, somewhere. 🤣

alondra ‏@SmileForAlondra

We casually drinking buzzballs on a Wednesday night 🤣

🇨🇦 Jordan 🇺🇸 ‏@Gagnon_11

@Lilosmommmy Like raven last season! 🤣

Tupou ;) ‏@_tupousuliafu

@aloisiaa_ blocked 😭🤣

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