Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji

A character lying on the floor due to an extreme amount of laughter. Face is laughing, possibly with one hand hitting the floor. An emoji version of the phrase ROFL.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🤣 U+1F923


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♡ ‏@got7daesanq

wait wtf they're singing and dancing to a song from Manado 🤣 this is a local thing lmaooo who are they

KAT✨ ‏@_janxo

Ricky really be getting butt hurt over that comment 🤣

London ‏@Cather94

@Harry_Styles The king of the dance 🤣😘

She Who Rings the Bell ‏@Bell_Ringer53

@SirSkyward Hahaha. They should have just given them up front. We all have them by now 🤣

$oo Yung ̮ 👒 ‏@_LyssaLee

@elvirusss hey bitch, that's why protection is a thing 😏🤣

Aindrias Osborne ‏@OsborneSlieve

🤣 🤣 🤣 Oscar Territory You're toast @BorisJohnson Voters don't believe you.

jada hendrix. ‏@fashionable_jay

@freshlysqueexd You nasty 😭🤣😂

ZiziTheFoodie ‏@Zizipho_ZA

I got a boyfriend application izolo 🤣

cindyyayaa ‏@Cindyyayaa

@hellokittylivi I THINK YES 🤣💀💀

Davicus ‏@DavicusTV

@sixtnbitstorm so you're back to square one with discord, then? 🤣

hinami-chan ッ ‏@minahsaghost

woulda gave him the whole $3.18 in my bank account for this shit 🤣

NaomiMonae 🌻 ‏@prettyysaditty

@Chey_Glizzy21 lmfao man i swearr 🤣


Are you fr ? Cause I’ll make a video RIGHT NOW 🤣

gem ‏@jinkibumed

i bought the 2020 sg bc of comme des (&garcons) lol 🤣

$lim.🤪🥰 ‏@nuasgokrazy

Wow I haaattee niggas😭🤣

Bralynn 🌻 ‏@bralynnsimms16

Twitters where I let my feelings out at 🤣

Evan @ 27 Down Podcast ‏@Evandwetzel4

Disneyland Blows and all you Angels fans kept using it as a reason he would come. 🤣 He's an adult that wants to w…

Amanda Hardesty ‏@hollowsins

🤣😂 I mean...

Dr.Pratik Umbarkar ‏@dr_pratikaar

@erbmjha @timesofindia Now let's trend #Jaimatadi 🤣

Benny 🐺 ‏@OG_Benjamin

That’s disgusting 🤣

↬ v i v o 🍑 Thx~~ ‏@dojaee

191130—this is long overdue but I got a wayv kun fansign slot. He wrote in chinese, “I’ll always be cheering for yo…

GT3♏ 🇿🇼🇿🇦 ‏@Whipped_Crim_54

@fuhr_n @JamesLU11698782 @EFFSouthAfrica Did they just cluck?🤣

s. ‏@sesihle_

You hate us 🤣


We had a tripping good time in #TheOuterWorlds tonight! #DrugsBad4U 🤣 ThankU @tooniversal @BlanketThermal for the h…

Allex Cape ‏@cape_allex

I’m staying single forever. This shit complicated and annoying 🤣

mariaregina ✨💜 ‏@princessriax3

“ I knew you were crazy by the way you put your lipstick on” 😂🤣

I_am_Againstthegrain ‏@iluvbottombitch

@KollegeKidd Nah, he’s assembling the fucking #Avengers. 😂🤣😂🤣

Jov ‏@jovdawggg

Just like that 2 working days away from another weekend 🤣

PS: Original 💋 ‏@MsEndi_

Martin and pam be cooking eachova ass 🤣

Mother of Dré🍑 ‏@Onui

Lol people are fighting Boondocks? Loooool, this is why I hardly talk to anyone without knowing how their gumption…

P✨ ‏@dosesofp

And we were drunk 🤣 the best

callmejayy 🥰 ‏@_jaylynnx

everybody & they momma on here saying they want a son... watch some of y’all get girls first 🤣

Sbusiso Tshigabe ‏@SbuTshigabe

@aCko___ America and South African fights kill me always. Hayi shem siyakhuluma 😂🤣

🏈 Mahomes' Right Arm 🏈 ‏@BamaChiefCeltic

@AlphaOG_611 @ChiefsBoogie Math is hard 🤣

iTHOT 💋 ‏@swagseastaarr

5 days. Lmaooo only stayed that long cause they gave me a free training meal for the first 5 days 🤣

The Piss and The Miss #GTHOM ‏@DawgBites15

Yet still can’t beat the other SEC team in his own state 🤣

5 . 🐍 ‏@AzureeSmithh

@badgett_ @kyaaasf Omgggg 🙄🙄🙄 are you about to pout? 🤣

Q2HAN ‏@q2han

@mrikro Last bite😘🤣❤️👍🏻

Tito ‏@titooceanspray

😭 the end of the clip when I 'lean over the dead body' "squad wipe sir!" but irl I'm just talking shit to my monitor 🤣

yami ‏@yamilettdiazz

Jacquelin and I have been laughing nonstop on FaceTime for like an hour 🤣

kam🍒 ‏@prettydimpss

@LUHXMATTO nothing at all Matt, we free to do whatever we want to do 🤣

Jes ✨🔜Countdown 🔜Ultra 🔜EDC🔜LostLand ‏@hi_jes_

@xhellowhitney Lmao when I first saw this at the movies it had me cracking up 🤣 and he didn’t sound that bad beat boxing haha

Nischel J Baxi ‏@NischelBaxi

@MeghaSPrasad They are going to walk out 🤣😂

Humble Beast 🐅 ‏@PrettyProblem98

Fr. Thats why it’s A good thing bitches cut themselves off you don’t even have to do it 🤣

Sensei ‏@mimihans14

Can we get kids now 😂😂🤣

bhav ♡ ‏@onelovetaekook

@hearthrobguk The one at 0:38 the besttt🙈😂🤣

Dylan Fowler ‏@dylanfowler15

@EDASHZ @batman_turner @kesteezyy lol I was gonna say... chilllll, I had a zune 🤣

Dennis van Turnhout ‏@nl_Tazzy

@gxsiame_ No way 🤣

𝓳𝓪𝔂 ‏@boujeejaayy

@marriaav_ perioddddd 🤣💕 miss you girly <333

Shoki N ‏@FavourIsMyName7

@TeffuJoy Sweetheart 😂🤣

Playboy.🔩 ‏@est199sixx

caught this buster laccin’ w his bitch, all of a sudden he don’t bang. 🤣 it’s 🅿️ gang til the death of me. acted re…

Harry Lime ‏@2fourflinching

@moongore @IrishTimes Where did I say anything about immigration or killing white people? I simply pointed out your…

entomodigist ‏@entomodigist

Uploading your “Other Government-Issued ID” to @RobinhoodApp will be like.. “Document Request: Invalid hyperlink -…

Elegence Freeman ‏@ElegenceF

“And that’s on fuck you.” 😭😭🤣☠️

NecroGoatLord ~ AFOWWS ‏@NecroGoatLord

If you're not following @PaladinAmber yet I have to ask what is wrong with you 😜 Even my better half was laughing h…

Bry, Thor of Coffee ⚡️☕️ ‏@architextbry

@Erin47085134 🤣😁 BAM!! All fixed!!


Who said i couldn’t fit my whole world in my header ? THEY LIED 🤣

Steve E Davies 🇮🇹 🇪🇺 ‏@SteveEDavies62

@parker__farquer I’m almost always smiling. Which I now realise is important to avoid that face! 😮🤣

princess ivory.. 💋 ‏@dridajuicegod

if i randomly bust out laughing, i probably just found out something and realized how goofy someone is in my head 🤣

Stephen Cash ‏@ColdBudCash

@SaraCarterDC @JennieSTaer Why am I not surprised? I mean come on now Hillary has always been a straight shooter a…

ਰਾਹੁਲ ਕਪੂਰ ‏@_dilkiaawaz

No Man Can Ever Be Satisfied with 4 things in life. (1) Mobile . (2) Automobile . (3) TV . (4) Wife . . . . . Becau…

Berenize Anaya ‏@BereeAnaya08

🤣 bro I'm going to hell for laughing to this

Shawn "4 Colly" Bird(s) 🎄 ‏@ShawnTheRuiner


Mbali ‏@eyeondapryz


Blinding ‏@Dalladh

@ChuckCallesto Pelosi has cooked her goose early this year 🤣

“STILL” A Trump Supporter and DONOR. MAGA ‏@still_maga

@charliekirk11 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣We got to put you in quarantine since you got too closely exposed to TDS virus. Trump…

OVVAChica ‏@Nira95760435

@Genius 🤣😎😎😎 Let them guess. ASSume.

neomi ‏@neomifloress

@kiimmxxo mood😂🤣

Seb ‏@trippiesebb

@ballislifedanny Das the joke 🤣

Vicky Zhuang Yi Yin ‏@VixZhuangYiYin

Cute aged couple sitting next to me on the plane saying to each other: chainese bohat aye hai... 😂🤣 I'm literally…

PUP ‏@D0ntGetChipped

@HanadBandz LMFAO he straight up told her she beat 🤣

🕯1️⃣7️⃣🕯 ‏@_seventeen17___

Oh shxt, I just remembered where i put it. Im fxcking amazing bruh lol. I was crying over this baby ass blunt 🤣

Agatha Innocent ‏@innocent_agatha

@chencollins1 @umar_ayotunde 😂🤣😂... See me see trouble oo🙄🙄

Walëlë ‏@_jwthomas

Whose idea was karaoke 🤣

K Y ‏@kamsiyochi_

@robert_0034 The CW series 🤣

Nessa ♓️ ‏@pretty_nessy_

@TrillAssLucky Nah deadass they do be tasting stale 😂🤣

C. ‏@xoxo_corisaa

had to requote because this happened to me with Tummalipoli I went to drink coffee with this man & everything! We w…

DARIO H. MEDINA Q. ‏@Condepatula68

@alonso_dm ii L I T E R A L !! 🤣😂🤣😂

Kamene Goro ‏@KameneGoro

Top list 🤣 #KameneAndKibe @Kiss100kenya @xtiandela

Shelby Mathews ‏@Xeybhls

Day 22 of Huevember Hecate 💙💙💙 I have done some other doodles but I am trying to still finish these and want them i…

Thembelihle Mphuthi ‏@JeffrasMphuthi

@Kagicles I am thinking of calling your company to move the payroll to month end nje...🤣

olive039 • HappyDanielDay 💝 ‏@ongnielive039

afternoon's theme: teaching how to upload a gif to daniel. 🤣

Trae' ‏@Oh_Dii

@ChelseiWahlgren I’m yelling Hahahaha 🤣 you sneeze and they gonna say you being disrespectful

aydrihottie ‏@JustMeAydri

“Hoes” but he in lovvvve w a hoe! Lmao stop playing 🤣

990s and Heartbreaks ‏@larryvslarry

fuck she in detention 🤣

Mama Bow ‏@MamaBow_

@iamTEHN @TheGreat_Natsby You tell me 🤣

jess ❣️ .. ‏@theonlyjess_

y’all i just be tweeting 🤣 .

Thoroughbred Bella Bae 💋💕 ‏@thorough_bella

@kiairrasamonee @naelatto Your page or public shit i can still see her notifications because of our interactions yo…

Bontlefeelab ‏@BontlefeelaB

🤣🤣🤣why do you want to be rated. Have confidence Mahn 🤣 While you are here. Please subscribe, like and comment to m…

njay_meelah ‏@muslimahgutz

@pherlicks @Hamza_Uzairu 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 I know this feeling but I'm too faithful to default

Silentfan ‏@Silentfan12

@_fall_winter_ Im with you girl. Toxic kiara fans 🤣

am ‏@maningasam

hehe hi sir 🤣❤️ captured by yours truly 👸

Jay jay. ‏@Dcheddah

And a tiger ate my bag 🤣🤣😂🤣

The Energy Still Lives In Me ‏@alki87

@wlff99 This is funny and troubling at the same time 🤣

TMBeats_RSA 🎚️🎛️🎚️ ‏@TM_Mluh

@albedningo @thami_tzz 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Okay it's on its way🙏🏾🙌🏾

laitlyn ‏@givenchybody

Yup and that’s about all you’re focused on... you come to me with your problems, bitching to me all day, talking ab…

VOLT 🚀 ‏@aaron_wekhola

@glosh_gumiton I want to get viewers for you.😊🤣

isela ‏@iselamamii

Guys are hella easy, just dm him and I guarantee he will let you fuck 🤣

yaz ‏@syrianqueen_

I’m cryin 😭😭💀🤣

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