Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji

A character lying on the floor due to an extreme amount of laughter. Face is laughing, possibly with one hand hitting the floor. An emoji version of the phrase ROFL.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🤣 U+1F923


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KNasty 💋👅✨ ‏@KWithTha_Draco

@kristendadon I was tryna get my bottle back & the bitch swung so we started fighting 🤣

Kerry✈️⚽️ ‏@KerrySomewhere

@irishelt @redheadcher What the hell! That’s completely unfair 🤣

Han, Solo ‏@hscptcrash

“Walk by yourself you little gargoyle” #QuarantineWatchParty 🤣

Molly ‏@mollyhartxo

@_aarryyaannaa 🤣 hell yeah 👏😝

Nolastname James ‏@J_No_Last_Name

@maxisnicee @swish41 @SteveNash The off-balanced backpedal got me!🤣

Was.Theresa ‏@TheJannie1

🤣😂🤣 The globalist whores at the UN are in an absolute panic. Mene, mene, tekel, Trump.

Amanda Biser ‏@ohhsmatscots

@jaeden_risch I really do say the darndest things!🤣

🥳🤩April 2nd 🤩🥳 ‏@PrincessCaee_

I’m not changing my birthday as my name till this quarantine is over and I get to go out and step fr 😂🤣 my actual b…

soup dogg ‏@acaprisun

@getyourownjoy okay i JUST started i’m VERY overwhelmed i will text you tomorrow when i can travel 🤣

Sidney Robinson II 🥱 ‏@__kid10

@PlayboiJxy @babykey___ no cap 🤣

🧔🏻 ‏@RossPaulChrist

1950s Raisin Bran commercial - Family Guy CLASSIC 🤣

Daisy Wood ‏@Daisy_Jane_Wood

@BrittiniMartin Mine starts kicking as soon as I get into bed and doesn’t stop! 🤣

Muggleborn but fierce ‏@Its_Realms

@xoLadyArchangel Ha ha ha I can hear you saying it now 🤣

United_States_Of_Q ‏@UnitedStatesOfQ

[STEINBART] "stated he received his orders from messages that were sent from himself in the future. STEINBART said…

WEIJA MANTS3BI 🤴 ‏@xpensive_china

@citizenKorley The word is so sweet 😂🤣. You don’t read your bible

EMGG Hush ‏@HushUpGirl

@IvyDGAF_ @J2H_Reble @1_j2h @RealJ2HJiggy @noble_ulysses @DramaBuilds @StormXdg @FLG_MANIAC @J2HChefHarden…

esKahn™ , now a state of Mind ‏@esKahn

@aizadfahmy What an odd sequence of things 🤣

L. Norris ‏@LNorrisATL

I'm always coming up with ideas!! For myself and for others 🤣. My brain just be going. Popping up with shit. Gift &…

𝔫𝔬. ‏@Lucidcat_

Itsreal85 be having me weak these gta v videos 🤣

Matthew 😷 #InstacartStrike 🥕 ‏@MatthewTelles

@hashtagmolotov One silver lining to this whole pandemic mess, is that it's making our job very, very easy! 🤣✊🏼🤬🔥👷‍♂️

Jen ‏@jennifernoemi_

@AllyBellini lmfao literally 🤣

A. Bronx Belle ‏@BlackYukiViking

That lamp came with the smoke every time 😂🤣

Kristopher London 2HYPE ‏@IamKrisLondon


𝐉𝐔𝐍𝐈𝐎𝐑 ‏@juni0rr13

bitch not a good morning text at 6pm 🤣

H£ĀRT3R€AKQŪÅÑ🏚💙 ‏@QuannyG1

I dont want you tryna keep up wit other bitches💯...just hold ya standards n stay solid🙌🏽...only if i had someone to tell that too😐🤣

OhhhOkayShae ‏@PrettyBraceFace

Omg these bitches weird asf 🤣💀

Neal Houston, PhD 🇺🇲 ⭐⭐⭐ ‏@DrNealHouston

@bobs284409 @gatewaypundit So very true..🤣😂

twittër cristian 😈 ‏@crmejiaa

@giseeell_m 🤣 just admit it

Greta ‏@GretaMiddendor1

@1GaryBernstein @jwhaifa @KayLyme @RL9631 @JulieReichwein1 @EtheElephant1 @FemFoxx @stlpcs @rdrhwke @BertkP…

glorizona ‏@matthewwilberr

@fvkinmel But fr that how tall you are to me 🤣

Bigger Long’s Ghost Last Laugh ‏@pobrecitoshame

@Black_Action I think I found the problem bruh. Looks like she has a tumor in her brain. Sad! 😂🤣

Casual MMA Doctor ‏@casualmmajunkie

@thiccsaucce I love how they are both equality confused in the beginning 🤣


@Mandos_Mundo Ya it's called A WIFE!!🤣

Wizzology 💫 ‏@Wizzologyy

@justnekochan LMAO I LOVE THIS PIC SO MUCH 🤣

JaydeeLouise❣ ‏@GladwellJaydee

@Alucas199 Mate your dp’s old skoolllll you must’ve changed slightly from that pic 🤣🙊 xx

вgυyтσи🌺 ‏@_xPhenomenal

Like they should just open up the nail salon for a week 🤣 cause listen 🗣

Sarah Nietupski 🎶🎵 ‏@MsNietupski

I love that Clara saw it before I could even tag her 🤣

DjDoubleDrop ‏@anaxana

@champingyon @BillyJTweets Rubber arm 🤣

Suchan Dehingia 08% Follow back ‏@ArunDehingia

And the Best CM post goes to .....#UddhavThackeray 🤣

kevin ‏@kfaraujo1906

great having some moments with great people i’ve never properly spoken to like this - all for a wonderful sacana…

Shelby May ‏@shelbymay0

@peysmom19 That makes me feel better, I’ve told scotty many many times through out this pregnancy this is probably our last 🤣

Jolenexme ‏@jolenexme

@zeesaints @cupcake25024446 I see no different 🤣🐨🐰

Leah* Longbrake ‏@ClevelandLeah

@KateWarrenCLE No spoilers!! Next on the my list 🤣

a в e ʟ ʟ e 🐢 ‏@uhbelle_

@bananerssssssss for the taste 🤣 kaya starbucks and the sweet ones lang iniinom ko

ian☀️ ‏@illizle

@sperezz_ sometimes i lay on my stomach and put my weighted blanket on my back to make it feel like someone’s on me 🤣

doja cat stan account ‏@SarahMThom123

Hossss howwwww you find the words for this specific pain 😭😭😭 so accurate 🤣

Venus Child♉️✨ ‏@goldjules15

Another day on “Learn how to dye your hair 50 times a month without losing all your hair with Jules” can you tell…

tolulope ajayi ‏@teeman14

@edomalo Where do you find such premium content?🤣

Chef Soo🐧Cotton🐰 international 🐝 ‏@hate_lychee

@cloeymae_ @yennolenno Oohsehun 🤣 and handwritten letters frm ksoo 😆 #LetsLoveEXO #8ternityWithEXO @weareoneEXO…

❤️ ‏@erinnIjena

I know I can just taste it. I want some crab legs , corn , potatoes, everything I hate that Easter canceled. 🤣

Sean Jensen ‏@seankjensen

But I was patient, and I baited him after he ran out of balloons. Dumped a bucket of 💦 on his head 🤣

Vitó ‏@Vito_153

Celso nas trends 🤣

Kayy da Don 🦂 ‏@xCruddyxLee

@hzleyez__ @SourrPaatch @NubineQueen Im down for a good time 😇🤣

Ranada ‏@KuminBack

@_LAShug Lmaoooo I love fresh fish 🤣

Mone't❤️ ‏@yaannna___

I don’t be having nobody to talk to 🤣

Sheemy 💋 ‏@Mz_Sheemz

High , Tired , & Bored 😕 guess I’ll go find some food 🤣

nell ‏@NellsFargo_

@_shaytoven Yo I hate having to say that i’m joking. the joke don’t even be funny anymore 🤣

Shakeel Garda ‏@ShakeelGarda

@Yaya_Johennesse @sameeramayet We not having lockdown again ever I hope 🤣

NortheastMike❤️ ‏@tykiamonea

@boneycrystal Yup so I’ll remain on here til he off live 😂😂😂 but tell one of the friends to go see what he doing 🤣

erich b. salazar ‏@wyntre

@hcougar82 @NoleLuckNeeded @CNN Boom! 🤣😂😅🤪 she cute though, but that’s all I gotta say coz I know she dumb like the trump......

Casanova🥵 ‏@Nisha_apyt

Imagine fake breaking up with your gf/bf to hurt them and then boom someone else picks up the pieces you broke 🤣

ScaryCheri 🇺🇸Deplorable ‏@ScaryCheri02

@the1murdock All in fun. Need that while stuck at home. I’m texting from the closet. Lol. Joking, it was a video I…

me ‏@okguuuurl

@rahm3sh I laughed...felt bad...watched again in pause mode and slide...laughed...felt bad....😩🤣

Yawar Ahmad ‏@YawarAhmad112

Bcoz of virus threat😂🤣

🤡🤡🤡 to the left of me⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@beejyboo78

Probably while he was working for Century Link 🤣

Leigh Ann Freeman ‏@lafreeman709

@TheBrandyClark @erin_aultman @ItsEricaDeLynn This is exactly what you need 🤣😀

Millie Skidmore ‏@mpicketts54

@pjljongen @gayletrotter @realDonaldTrump YOU WISH!!! 🤣

Sugurray from UGA🏌️‍♂️🍻🏈🍻🏆 ‏@sugurray4UGA

@LISAMW979 Love it...were you on the back filming it😲🤣⚘

Cassy Still ‏@CassyStill

"Walk by yourself you little Gargoyle!" (Things I probably should/shouldn't say to my small children who want to be…

areli🐶 ‏@aareli_28

Spent way too much time on tik tok today 🤣

lisa ‏@beamailuc

@AlexJon66631647 😂 BOOMER really ?? 🤣

Sarah ‏@slrichar2005

🤣 I’m dead

Ozzy ‏@ozzyldn___

@venga_123 Try give urself a fade if ur bad 🤣

Mal Daddy ‏@wholesome_mal

@bortions69 It’s called self respect, look it up hunty 💅🤣

Lalla⁵ 🐼 ‏@yjunlionness

@yeonjunscypher Honestly, same. I don't weather to laugh or cry 😭🤣 #BebeRexhaWithTXT #REXHAwithTXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit

yachi ta magoado ‏@_Color_Bars

@yoosevenn @flingpossum COME BACK LOLOL 🤣

Ma'am V ‏@prettymaamruth

@lizasoberano Wait. Empathy? 🤣 hmmm 🤔 Matagal nang may empathy si President. How about you? Do you have empathy for…

Danok Media Official 🇬🇭 ‏@Danokmedia

@tawiahsnr @kwadwosheldon Which one was the English in there? The class one raps ? 🤣😂 talented kids raps

codak.💋 ‏@cocallshots

my big gangsta need to wake up! 🤣

Bia just Bia ‏@BiaZorEl

@Bade_stan2020 Challenge accepted 🤣 I love this song...

Negra ‏@negra7

@Berishnikov @JoeySalads @BarackObama If that's what helps you justify supporting a subpar human as president, go f…

Cora the Beagle ‏@missycora1

@KJBailey5 You looks so cozy and comfortable my beautiful furend! Well, mama seys dat. Me can’t see! 🤣

🔑 ‏@uloveshaawny

well got his gay ass 🤣

𝕰𝖗𝖎𝖐 𝕲𝖔𝖓𝖟𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖟 ‏@vLilBill

This dude doing parkour 😂🤣

⚡️🌲Asha’man🌲⚡️ ‏@AFreeWhiteMan88

@heywildrich Fast food in the cities is terrible. I never bothered getting it near Boston. Moved up to Vermont wher…

~Claire~ ‏@clairedailyyy

@elletinneyy @kiramcnicol Check the nick of all of us 🤣

whine-liberally ‏@carleycraft2

@Bubola Not bad considering it never left for me 🤣

✨ ‏@GoGettaKaee


Kris Jenkins, MaEd. ‏@PreK33

#TeacherFriends This is what we sent our kids. Two of the three thought I really went to get groceries like this! 🤣😂

Moby Dick ‏@BuddyB400

@El_Presidente87 Bra go through the thread lol 💀😂🤣

johnny lee ‏@johnnyleemogu

@BradyGOATx6 @jordandixonreed @_Wixy @OGTitleTown @NFL @AaronRodgers12 Dont you dare show off bills rings 🤣

jimmy ‏@arunawaybear

@virgilabloh A better fucking site my g 🤣 tf imma do with a shoe idea if cant cop if your site is ass

👣𝕎𝕏𝕋ℂℍ𝔹𝕏𝕋ℂℍ...🔮 ‏@1shortyxko

I just remembered i knocked a mf mail box over today on my route 🤣😭

🦋b⁷ 친구 ‏@vmoonchild7

@fireproofvmin Graze jimi's? Yesssss! 🤣

Jess👩🏽‍🍳 ‏@J__Annette

@MarKellyyyy @DeeBaybeeee You beefin wit us for no reason 🤣

1Don 🇯🇲 ‏@leyah_don

Had a premium account and boi 🤣

ᴺᵃᵍᵉˡ® ‏@StevenAdams_Jr

@DatBoiMikeV Mike V... stop it. I know you playing but don’t even entertain me right now 🤣

kwabena baryeh ‏@baryehanajo

@iam_qelvin1 @gyaigyimii Ball J force la 🤣😂😂😂

She Hate Me ‏@BossDawgCasho

@Ashmoooeee I grew up around the corner from gates down north so that was that lol. Wings ain’t on sale 🤣 so the be…

Nicole Becker ‏@Crazy4OReilly90

@thebillsblues 😂😂😂 Listen I have loved Mr Favre for a very long time. It’s a sacrifice I’d make to get to meet him.…

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