Rose Emoji

A single red rose emoji. Sometimes used as a display of romance, or for their pleasant smell.

This can also be used as a display of democratic socialism.

Rose was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌹 Red Flower

🌹 Red Rose


🌹 U+1F339




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HeavenSent ‏@abcxyztea

@TheArabSource 🙏🏻🌹❤️🌺💙🇸🇾🇮🇷🇵🇸🇷🇺 God Bless #Syria #Iran #Russia #Hezzbolah #Palestinians ... and Other Countries Who…

Lakshmi Ashvikian❤ ‏@rakie2000

@SurbhiSuryavan1 @AshaNegi7 @rithvik_RD Surbhi I Love what you said in the last couple of lines you are right we n…

Ray Boyd ‏@RayBoyd007

Junior primary fun day today so let’s brighten the morning up @Westbeechboro A big shout out to all WA state educat…

🌷July 🌷 ‏@tulipanes25

#EnTodoEsteAñoHice rockear junto a @enjambremx @elangeloopolis @soyjaviermejia @lhnavejas ✌️🌷🐝❤️🌹 #NemeisWolf

angeles☁ ‏@angelesthethird

I need your hug @taylorswift13 🌹💛

Ms.Jagnandan ‏@Kimberl34084505

@jasmine32020085 Oh mylanta!💖😊🌹 damnn🔥 you beautiful🌼❤

Emily🌷✨ ‏@itsemilybec

“ my mom says addiction runs in our family, but I’ve never been addicted to anything but you “ 😭😍💕🌹💋💍💏

Vålerenga forever ‏@ElvLvsj

@VCX32 Hello friend, I am very sorry because Boca lost in the finale 😭😭😭River Plate is a shame and do not deserve a…

A ‏@Schmangela1

If not a music nom, Best Recording Package was the one to get because of how interconnected their album art is to t…

Trinity Yvette ‏@angel170_5

🌹🐆Blossoming into a badass woman with more faith than fear🐆🌹 📷: @skilled_life Outfit: @boohoo Shoes:…

KERSTIN Gunnarsson ‏@gunnarssonmker1

@Marcell30288469 Thank you 💖 Good Night my dear Marcellina 💕 Sweet dreams Beautiful dreams my dear friend 💕🌹 Kisses and hugs 💕🌹🌜🌟🌛🌹

Susan ‏@sueyangel

@DebbieJayneC @BronsCarol @ryanstrasser18 @RussHerold12 @carleymatechuk @HumboldtBroncos I love u all. I’ll b pra…

GW ‏@gw_sebright

Juice rlly be out here making me scream the lyrics in my car, roses slaps🌹

GABE ‏@gabriel98ibarra

@lilithslyric Fine as red wine, so divine mi amor 😍🌹💍

David Campbell ‏@DavidCa29908830

@EehHorn @cathhewat123 @Sergio3712ok @yourstrulyBinu @Gerie_Ooms @RobVan_Doesburg @coo77505195 @papamohsen…

Angel Lee🌹 ‏@Ohjellyaceee

Good morning 💙 rise and shine 🌹

Rute ‏@ninetysevenash

@martapalinhos I do hope so!!! 💜🌹

gain ariana mutuals ‏@thankugains

stans follow everyone who likes and rts this comment ifb if you follow back 🌹

🌹Tinsel 🎄Tracey🌹 ‏@RedGothQueen

@rachaelhxx My pleasure lovely xxx😘🌹😘🌹

David Campbell ‏@DavidCa29908830

@EehHorn Hi ester your welcome😘🌹

The artist ‏@money_geta

The heartbreak de look funny but you can see she is really hurting. Love and light ❤️🌹to her

Goya Montoya ‏@ONLYMRKASH

My achilles heel 😭😭😭🤞🏾❤🌹

Dre Garcia ♡ ‏@DreGarcia

Crystal 1st and Rose awards for 🌹Best Performance 🌹Routine Composition #CALIcrystal #MedSenior1 #showPRO…

LALLA Villamil ‏@lallavillamil61

@mariachonatabe1 @Barbarapunzala1 @ALDubFTnQT @AldubMDEast @AIFam16 @TeamKPTY_ORIG26 @SONATAZ @ADMC_Arabia…

LadyGOATLily🌺Real🌸Gentle🦋Like ‏@mstrs17

Second. 🌹

Kerry ‏@Kerry_Loo

Today I joined @UKLabour 🌹 Doing my bit to #GTTO Also, happy birthday mum. 😍

Knighty ‏@MickyBTFC62

@DavidDerbyd Respect David, I too share your view🌹🙏

KEN KRINGLE 🎅 ‏@Smoochies_55

@MargaridaMede13 Boa nuite, Margarida 🌹 hope to hear from you soon 😉 Sweet Dreams 😘💓

Lilian Eid ‏@Lilian_Eid

Remember, Life is short. So, don’t let these precious moments slip through your hands. Hit the brakes every once in…

DJ Kittens News ‏@djkittensnews

iamkittens: I’m sitting in the airport alone eating mac n cheese and just dropped a cheesy noodle on my jacket the…


“Plenty For Girls”🌹🌹🔥@Nonso_A #SimiLiveinLagos #SimiLiveinLagos @SympLySimi -LiveUpdates 🎥

TrippyQuotes🥀💡 ‏@BitchesBoyy01

Sometimes 🙂 It’s Feels Better Not 🙅🏽‍♂️ To Talk . At All , About AnyThing To AnyOne 🤫👼🌹..

𝔜 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔱 🕊 ‏@YANAKX

@ImaniDH XOXO 🌹

naoimh ✨ ‏@frizzydizzie

@ccosmictortoise 1000 times yes 🌹♥️

claudia dayani ‏@claudiadayani

@qgmon wifey wifey 🌹

𝕬𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖔𝕮𝖚𝖓𝖙 ☾ ‏@fatalemystery

Flower Girl 🌹

dndlp👑 ‏@iamayang_15


✦ᗫᗅᐻᙍ✦ ‏@_DAVE71

@Irina_gnr1510 Good night and sweet dreams Irina 😴🌹😘

Bea Nicole ‏@beaocang

Happy birthday, @hannahsanchz!! 🌹God bless you always. See you soon. Love u 💛

Quick ‏@iamjquick

New project out now 💨💿🌹 Will be on other platforms soon

Engr. Eedris Ayobami ‏@Iameedrizzy

@Doubuzofficial @ReekadoBanks God bless you beyond imagination😂😂😘🤗🌹

Anne E. Patriot⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@MissILmom

🎄🌹Sunday Night Carriage Car #2🌹🎄 🍾🥂Please Follow & Retweet!🥂🍾 💃🏼💅🏼These Next Top 10 Fabulous Ladies!💅🏼💃🏼…

Nawras jamal ‏@nawras_jamal

#RIVERPLATE is champion Vamos vamos i am damn fucking happy 😄😁😁🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘🌹❤️🌹🌹 😏😏😏

Sara Garcia ‏@saragp_23

🌹 en Toledo, Spain

Steve M ‏@SteveMilner1960

@FlowergirlPaula Sleep tight and sweet dreams 🌹😘😴

Joanne McCormack ‏@Empressjlyrics

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #love life and #Life will love U back. 😀🌹

S.M.Asim Rizvi ‏@GorgeousAsim

@EehHorn Okay thanks 👍❤🌹

⚜️Contempra INN⚜️ BOOK DIRECT FOR BEST RATE ⚜️ ‏@ContempraINN

#Miracle in #Miami #Miami over #NewEngland #Incredible #LastMinute #Win @MiamiDolphins @NFLonCBS @ContempraINN🌹

Luigi Rizzo 💌 ‏@RizzoGigirz58

@Zzz__MGWV @StellaMars2 @Leeza__TMJ @V2_N_St0 @Chuca_85 @ginestarros @majd9757 @Scant_17 @Saori__M @mamiRD_…

l a u r a ‏@xjungkookroses

✨ hey there to all of my new mutuals (and also to the old ones) ✨ just letting y’all know that if you ever need an…

Dante ‏@Fallenlegacyyy

Thursday the 13th is going to be such an emotional day for me! 3 beautiful souls return home just in time for the holidays 😍🌹

B & B Publishing ‏@Publisherperish

🌹The de Grey women return: loyal to Henry VIII, loyal to Elizabeth I🌹 #KU

Jon ‏@Jonny_MF_Walker

A Yellow Rose From Our Garden! 🌹💛🌹 #roses #yellowrose #garden #gardening #flowers #greenthumb #naturelovers…

Nate Perrin ‏@ItsNate90

@Camila_Cabello Camila CONGRATS on Your 2 GRAMMY nominations!!! I’m so Damn PROUD of YOU!!! YOU DID IT!!! What have…

Ana♡ ‏@ana_banjanac

I love you @nowthisisliving🌹 #344

Sean ‏@sean_lb

Some of the @MomentumLeeds family playing the Lexit drinking game whilst watching the channel 4 debate 🤝🌹

Jowy Maasdamme ‏@JowyMaasdamme

hello pencil my old friend 🌹 * ink & graphite on recycled paper •

GIORGIO ‏@giorgio_music


jazz ‏@interjazzlactic

we clean up nice 🌹💌

alyson thynne ‏@AlyThynne

@silverrich39 Thanks Richard I was so tired I couldn't remember my scripture, not like me🌹🌹🌹🦁

Jimmy the Saint ‏@buzzyngabe

@pacificabeauty Voted! 😍🌹🌱🐰🐁💖

🌹✊Dai Labour 🇪🇭 ‏@David75741853

Could the will of the people of Britain move May out of power 🤔🌹✊

JennyfromtheBronxsfan ‏@JLofrombronxs

Como La Flor 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 My new shirt and I love it . #selenaquintanilla #selenamovie

Sari★Zaki★ ‏@Azzoug807Sari

@EehHorn Thank you so much🙏Good Night 🌙✨Esther 🌸🌹✨😊

Nathan Griffiths 🌹 ‏@nathanpolitics

@awakeonasleepin @MrAJS22 @ne_grant @Choc_Girl_ @redrobshaitan @curiousallele @jshannontreacy @johnpilger…

HotBoyTürk🐺 ‏@KiingTurk

I want this shit to Bleed 🌹

lu 🕊 ‏@neondirectionR5

little reminder; i couldn't be more proud of you. singular act 1 is THAT art and i can't wait for what it's coming.…

ʝ.Բʟʀ ✿ ‏@JayeFeller

Press forward... move on.. 🌹

🌹Tinsel 🎄Tracey🌹 ‏@RedGothQueen

Before it began I wasn't too keen on Holly co presenting I'm a Celeb' but she has been brilliant X🌹

Johnnie Baker ‏@baker_johnnie

@mjdiehl18 @OregonJOBS2 Score 1 for a GREAT Mom! 🌹

Joanne McCormack ‏@Empressjlyrics

Your #imagination can be wilder than you, but only U know your own #limitations #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha 😀🌹

AIKK ‏@AikkYasser

AIKK is such a complicated heartthrob 🌹

dawn✞ ‏@sisterdawnmarie

Praise God for the little things! I hadn't been able to taste or smell anything since May. My ENT Dr said it proba…

Ghana Jollof 😋 🇬🇭 ‏@ncydiara

@tv3_ghana Ohema did massively well , go girl 🌹🌹

La vie claire2 ‏@Claire2La

@JillyLantang Thank you for your wishes Good night dearest !! have sweet dreams Hugs and Love 🌹🌻🌺🍁

Moonweald ‏@moonweald

@PoetIrrational Thank you, Poet. I'm glad this one resonates. I was hesitant to post it 🖤🌹

heelsandhealth ‏@heelsandhealth

@devoraleig Thinking of you and sending hugs and blessings.🦋🌷🌻 wishing you a speedy recovery 🦄🌹

Johnnie Baker ‏@baker_johnnie

@Katlinelle @OregonJOBS2 Score 1 for a GREAT Mom!!!🌹

johanna guppy ‏@JohannaGuppy

@Jaduk99 @dallo100 @Gustav1911 @minxymartin @firenicefly @HRHTudor1976 @Grombags @LolBeaton @Quinflax @milamcminder…

Uncle Michael👭🤝🤵🏻🇦🇺 ‏@michaelrode318

@RoseEllenDix Thank you much appreciated 🌹❤️

Cassandra Palmateer ‏@Cassand98206404

@RoJamesXIX SATISFIED Ro James ...on play ..🎶angel , I'm hooked and i can't leave your side..🎶... TeamRo's🌹...

alyson thynne ‏@AlyThynne

@dallo100 @10DowningStreet @dallo100 So well said that it needs do further words🌹🌹SOLIDARITY

Heaven. ‏@chxrryandvodkx

♡ ⋮ ❛We knew it from our meeting from the beginning everything was attraction my DNA today is telling me that you…

Cara 🔮🖤 ‏@Carraaa07_

some slightly sloppy ugly Christmas sweater flow☃️🌹🎄 @UnitedFlowArts 💚

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