Rose Emoji

A single red rose emoji. Sometimes used as a display of romance, or for their pleasant smell.

This can also be used as a display of democratic socialism.

Rose was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌹 Red Flower

🌹 Red Rose


🌹 U+1F339




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Châu Mai Hứa ‏@chaumaihua

I’m such a fucking softie for flower boys..... 🥺🌹

gianna quinones ‏@GiannaQuinones

@PRAISESLUT_ Don’t be sad ~🌹

Abdurrahman yusuf ‏@partially249

My sister real men never kneel before you and then propose🌹,they impregnate you and let you decide whether you wi…

Miguel ‏@80Lunand10

“Stuck In The Past” Instrumental- Don’t Cry Sad Deep Piano Rap Produced by “EDOBY” It shouldn’t be so hard to le…

💙🌊Maggie Greene Rhee #ReleaseTheReport ‏@_DumptyTrumpty_

@Samiknowsbest1 @RedHairnBlkLthr @ExMissionary @Jersey_Gulls @TappyPaws @WhyPresident @whooz_ur_daddy…

Sid ‏@Sid70478573

@Andreia62319717 Yeah right, thanks sweet and beautiful hearted rose Andreia😚🌹 🤗🌜😚💖

Mona Stewart Walton ‏@MHolly05

Got home today and the rose bush we planted last year is in full bloom... love roses! 🌹🌹🌹

BGC Master Builders ‏@BGC_MasBuild

Lest we forget 🌹

rose ‏@zombiepaege

stolen ofc but reply with an emoji! ♥️: i love u ❄️: can we be friends? ☀️: love ur tweets ⭐️: love ur layout ✨:…

Dr Christian Rowan ‏@DrCRowanMP

Attending the ANZAC March and Service 2019, at the Kenmore War Memorial. #anzacday2019 #lestweforget🌹

هشام ⚖️ ‏@_h3sham

@Sb_alwadaei Thanks ya dstoori ❤️🌹

EnjoyLife ‏@cabow11111

@Feisty_Ginger_6 hiya Happy Hump Day 🌹❤️🌹

Maalik khokhar ‏@KhokharMaalik

@Patrioticgirl07 @FatihaRajput1 MashaALLAH 🌹good morning 🌼🌼

P A R I S ‏@YnotParis

Hiiiii I’m here. Come hang out. 🌹 @MyFreeCams! #onmfc

nico ‏@kunpisoul

🌹 bambam's lips a thread : 🌹 #BBMAsTopSocial GOT7…

ꀸꍏꈤꀤ 🏴‍☠️ ‏@danthepan_

Just been with the wrong femmes is all. You’ll get you one 🌹🌸🌻

LovelyMom1st🌊🌊🌊🐋 ‏@KittieLovely

@dappagirlleelee Yah don’t say!🌹

S. Parker 🌹🍾🌹🍾🌹 ‏@SParker0690

You replaced it with a race- slanted version of a Bible that favors only the White races of the world & the poor ca…

Athena Thomas ‏@AthenaLT

Lest We Forget #anzacday #wewillrememberthem🌹

South of Tokyo,神奈川 ‏@Visit_Kanagawa

How about enjoying beautiful roses in #Yokohama English Garden?💐 May is the best time to see over 1,800 varieties a…

karsia ☁️💗☁️🦋☁️🌴☁️ ‏@daydream_tay

i’m ready for 4.26!!!! 🌹🌺🌷🌸💐 THIS IS TAYLOR SWIFT’S NEXT CHAPTER AND WE’RE JUST LIVING IN IT @taylorswift13…

AjayTheGreat ‏@MohdAzahar33

@ZulaikhaJJ have a nice day baby! ❤️🥰🌹

Geo Rosendo ‏@georosendo74

@electricaaaa Your perfect the way you are ❤️🌹

Matt Tester ‏@testermatt89

Responsive to their country's call, they gave their best. Their lives. Their all. Lest We Forget 🌹 . . . . .…

Debbie Durkin, Producer ‏@producerdeb

FRONT PORCH VIBES🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 #flowers #flowersofinstagram #beautiful #paradise #mountain #scents #intoxicating #nature…

milana rose ‏@MilanaStraub

My heart is so full !!! <3💞💛🌹🧡

Julie Rodriguez ‏@JulieRo02279354

Good nigth Anna. Precious flowers. Have a happy Thursday. 💐🌻🌹🌞

GHOST🌹🌙 ‏@OfficialGHOSTx

@akaTrioh Appreciate it man🙏🌹💯

Sox'N'Dots Burmese ‏@SoxNDotsBurmese

Thinking 🤔 Thinking of what mischief I can get up to today @lexi_loopy_lilac #anzacday #publicholiday…

Francesca zyl ‏@fankiezpie

@Rusty82Fields @waitwaitwait11 Bless You Russell @Rusty82Fields Always Great Heath Happiness. 🙏🌸Your Very Kind 💜🍃🍒🍃…

💕 Łเکเ 💕❤ ‏@Lisiludavi

@DebraVi91710578 Good night, Debra sweet dreams 🌷😘🌹

Irene ‏@ireney17

Can it be Friday night already! Ready to see and dance to @themariasmp3 again!🌹😄

💙🌊Maggie Greene Rhee #ReleaseTheReport ‏@_DumptyTrumpty_

@Ajohms1956 @Back_dafucup @RedHairnBlkLthr @LuciaRendn4 @callkurt @FixesItself Beatles- Let it be 💙🌹🤗

Follow Trick ‏@Amozaman

✌️🇦🇪 :) Follow everyõnė thąt likes & retweets 📀 💕 🌹

Joshua ‏@JoshuaSmith1983

Another sign that we are winning. Stay the course, comrades. 🌹

Theresa Kyle, PhD ‏@DrTKyle_CISD


Elias Amare ‏@eliasamare

Congrats @HabenGirma! The title of your book, HABEN, just like your name, means pride/dignity in the #Eritrea|n lan…

Lee ♞ おはようイケブクロ! ‏@nyaitsuu

👑 acts like a top, is a top ⚔️ acts like a top, is a bottom 🌹 acts like a bottom, is a top 🎻 acts like a bottom, is a bottom

Faisal 🏴🌹 فيصل ‏@faisal_al98

@BreadAndPork @VCU_YDSA You did some incredible work Nick, and it was amazing to work with you this year. I have no…

Julie Rodriguez ‏@JulieRo02279354

Precious roses Debra. Thank you. Have a happy Thursday. 💐🌻🌹🌞

Prince h ‏@hanyelsousy

@f5__21 Music....🌹🌹

Janasblue ‏@Janasblue1

@juliebenz ... and like Darla? 😂😊🌹💐

Classique_Osinachi ❤️💞 ‏@juicykrane

@Lolamira11 Oh wow Thank you And for the record, you Gorgeous.🌹

Mna ‏@Mna82733108

Come and see Ƥrincess.:Ꭶ:.SM♦'s LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: 🌹🌹🌹

Sid ‏@Sid70478573

@Andreia62319717 Thank you very much for the compliment my ever sweet charming rose Andreia. 🤗🌹😇🌌

Maureen Fitzsimmons ‏@mojos55

Kate 🌹 @affleckquine TIGs showing what a broad church they are by selecting MEP candidates who between them cover r…

leah 🌹 ‏@spunkIuke

Lest We Forget 🌹 #AnzacDay

SEMA KÜÇÜK🌹 ‏@SemaCiel0101

@mahraouiabdel Welcome my dear brother..goodnight and have peaceful sleep 🌹

ᜆ᜔ᜐ ‏@rnzlledqna

Good morning 🌹

Noora alhajri,MD, MPH ‏@Noora_alhajri7

@vinnyl88 @malas_mahmoud @UCSDsurgery @vinnyl88 @malas_mahmoud you guys are blessed with Dr. Malas 🌹🌹🌹, feeling jealous ... 🌚

Julie Rodriguez ‏@JulieRo02279354

@safonova_ag @Biela25 @claudia_maria @LynJ2017 @ReposarEnPaz @ShelleyCara @cliffping @mipe49 @xristina_kampa…

bbc♠️♠️♠️💯 ‏@ladifmonnour

@piinnkcatt how beautiful 🙈😍🙈😍🙈😍🙈😍🙈🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Ugur Aslantaş ‏@UgurAslanta4

Come and see ↱💎a3z-56 ↣♛'s LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: تعالو 🌹❤️

Cansel ‏@Cansel85646301

@lacurren is one happy women when she charges and finds shade on perfect rights and TAHITI🌼🌸😍💜💗🌻😃💖💙❤💚💟🌹🌷👌👍✌

Peninsula DSA🌹 ‏@DSA_Peninsula

*TIME CHANGE*🌹EVENT: Mark your calendars! General meeting this Sunday, April 28, 4-6pm @ Transport Workers Union (1…

Ziana A’la Firdausi ‏@Zianalila

Rise and shine 🌹✨

Elizabeth Sissy Warf ‏@SissyWarf

@YandR_CBS 😪💔 Gone But Never Forgotten 🌹💙

Cansel ‏@Cansel85646301

📹 @erubes1: "What a magical planet. Visiting Bora Bora 🌼🌸😍❤💙💖😃🌻💗💜💚💟🌹🌷👌👍✌

Sol🌹mxt🍃 ‏@maypatin631

@parkmygalaxy @BTS_twt 9- Spring Day. 🌹 #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt

Susie ‏@SusieBrien

@MylesKennedy @MKennedyBelgium @MylesKJunkies @MJoyC @Cattleya0908 @Chanapina @abolles5281 @DebraVi91710578…

مازنچر ‏@Mazangr

I’m proud of you brother, with my love for your gallery🌹

Cherfan4ever #Chercrew#chercrewwegotusbabe🌎✌🏼🕊 ‏@Cherfan4ever1

@Jayne071710041 Thank you. Lets encourage others to as well. 🌸❤️🌷🦋🌺🌹🐣

Aѕнα ‏@ThiaBaybee

Good day at work! 😍🌹

acaswell2372 ‏@acaswell2372

Have you ever just stopped and thought for a minute.. Damn I am happy... Had to go through some rough shot to get t…

𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐲𝐧 🌺 ‏@TaelynBerner

@ThiaBallerina Trust is earned, but Peter sees America in civil war, so he's scrambling to help the candidate he sm…

gebetanmuu ‏@alfinayy

like us🌹

Linda Garner ‏@lindaga524

@sues3jewels Amen!!🌹🌹

Gage ‏@gage_reitzel

The essence of romance is uncertainty🌹

Worthless💔 ‏@Abdlrffhbb

Goodmorninggg pips!🌹

Steve Matthews ‏@shhtevie

Made this beautiful flower out of old, well used handlebar tape. Being a mechanic has it's unexpected, yet pleasant…

Melissa Romero ‏@_MelissaaRomero

Just realized my brother and sil. are having their babyshower on cinco de mayo. With mariachi & an open bar! Finna…

Guapa ‏@Mikaelaajade

@_BrittanyMoniqe Thank you! And sending you positive energy as well Queen 🌹

Linda Garner ‏@lindaga524

@DerronEShort @kudzyvfavoured She’s beautiful!!!🌹🌹

فاطمة ‏@feneziii

sleepless nights.. may it all be worth it at the end🌹

mey // 4.26 🌴🦋 ‏@niteissparkling


Jaleese Uná 🌹 ‏@JaleeseUna

@IAMLACYJAY My debut single "Intimacy" is AVAILABLE NOW on all digital platforms!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌹❤🌹❤

Aimannn • ‏@AimanSenyap

Good morning @neenakml sayang, love you 🌹

𝙻𝙹𝚂𝙼 ‏@archive_ljsm

Flower wreath 🌷🌺🌹🌸

Mikiyo ‏@mikiyo_am

@Conyers47 Congratulations!👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹


@IMPOLITEfemale6 Love it!!!!🌹

One continually Angry Pissed Democratic American ‏@BobA1959

@VictoriaLAlbers @vankapro @katheri64795347 @VegasMel @MarieMex_91 @joefaz @Doh_Doh_Burrd @vixxjaney @thewebbix…

dayan ‏@dianneabby_


Kelli Stewart ‏@KelliSt44079142

Love you Stevie Nicks!!!😘🌹❤️💕💝💫⭐️🌟✨⚡️🌈

LDM (VR Model) ‏@OnlineDrLeZ

🏃🏾‍♀️Shopping never been so 🌞beautiful. ☝🏾Only 🌸in Secondlife #secondlifephotography🌹 @ Redford, Detroit

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