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Sailboat Emoji

A sailboat, otherwise known as a sailing boat or yacht.  Uses wind as the source of propulsion to move around a body of water.

The color of the sails in this emoji vary, with Apple displaying orange and red colors, while Google and Microsoft display blue sails.

Sailboat was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛵ Dinghy

⛵ Yacht

Apple Name

⛵ Sailboat


⛵ U+26F5





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Wendy Murphy ‏@wendymurphymufc

It's time to say #goodbye to the #LakeDistrict 😍⛵☀️ we have had the best time,everyday has been brilliant 💛☀️💛 one… https://t.co/DxUgKEI6HR

Millennium Point Birmingham ‏@millenniumpoint

Set sail for the Greek Islands with a screening of Mamma Mia! on the giant screen in Millennium Point’s auditorium.… https://t.co/wZDKIf9M8J

Sea Haze 🎨 We're free 🇬🇧🥂🎉🔱🏴WTO ‏@seahaze55

@Jannermaid1 It would seem that by the sea is where normality is! 😁🥂⛵

mitsu ❤ ‏@MitsueMitsu

@calogerogemini Peaceful sea 🌏🌊 Wonderful view 🌊⛵🐦

Tall Jo ‏@TallJosephine

@newmidsuk Thank you, it was fab ⛵ x

Susana Tanqueiro 🐿️ ‏@esquilo71

@MBBoraBora Happy and safe week Bora! 🐿😊🤗⛵🌊🍀

Harlow Blackwater SC ‏@HarlowBlack_SC

Some pictures from the Bob Knights Trophy on a very hot Sunday evening 🔥🏆⛵ Great turnout from both our club and… https://t.co/AJKqoA5ASz

Don Wright ‏@editoreboat

Electric Boats Magazine ⛵ 100% FREE download ✅ Issue 2 out now⚓️ Here -> https://t.co/wvMnqepGCr https://t.co/ub5cVaVfRE

Neha D Bhriguvanshi ‏@imNeha_D

Sailboat ⛵ Give energy to your dreams not your fears 💫 #myartwork #sailboat #ocean #watercolorpainting… https://t.co/jwsuqd4WiP

Paid ‏@paidcouk

Communication is the secret to high-flying business relationships. Happily, our seamless software makes client-supp… https://t.co/t1PhV4RLyX

Love Changes Us ‏@art_beat16

Thank you very much for including us! 🏖️⛵💐 https://t.co/J0RtmTfofa

#BritsOnBoard ‏@britsonboard

Set sail on a #cruise ship with actual sails ⛵ https://t.co/ChrmTscFSU

Cateena ‏@MissHissyKat

@Snapitson @JanSummerz @yarrajewel We're set. See you at the airport. ✈🛩⛵⛱🌊

Berlin Fashion Week ‏@berlinfashionwe

Designer @mhoermanseder is taking responsibility! 😍 Have you seen the collecton which she has created in cooperat… https://t.co/86ugCvAkya

STS ‏@TheTeamSTS

Natasha will use her breath and tongue to control the specially-adapted boat! ⛵ https://t.co/THejMcOjqP

prince is yoshi ‏@blackmaker412

OH MY GOD. YEDAM JAEHYUK JUST MADE MY HEART ⛵🛳⛴🛥🚢✈🛩🛫 😱 Ride it, or not ? 🤔 #YEDAM #JAEHYUK #TREASURE https://t.co/1pS2emVMSz

Aadil Rashid ‏@AadilRashid_phy

@irfanba173381 Lot of throats were sailing in the same ⛵

SedenK ‏@SedenKPRL1

Finike 💙⛵ https://t.co/7O5Og7Elvz

Snuti ‏@SnutiHQ

@QuestionableSys Thank you so much 😊 This truly made our day! 😊 Our team mates on ReSail, @NKCSS and @Xeethrax are… https://t.co/yQfRWX3GeZ

KeithKearney ‏@KeithKearney89

@mrgaryfox A Calm Sea never made a Skilled Sailor ⛵ quote of the week

YUN 💖 🐰🐬/📌30DaysJMChallenge ‏@chewyun23

Jaemin the sailor man ⛵ https://t.co/hS9vxcQSR6

Portofinos Lagos ‏@PortofinosLago

We are open everyday 12-10 for lazy lunches overlooking the Award winning Marina de Lagos ⛵ With an extensive me… https://t.co/K0EEFSzD7t

Tall Jo ‏@TallJosephine

@Gary_5057 I love Clevedon, it's one of my favourite seaside towns ⛵

Mista Z 🧢 ‏@mista_Z_

@statusupdatebot By boat like I did ⛵ https://t.co/0v1Sw5z0ud https://t.co/oQbPL8iH71

Rebecca | Velvet Opus ‏@velvetopusreads

Not all those who wander, are lost ⛵ https://t.co/WJQYloTYXJ

uwu run for your dream 🌤️🌞 ‏@nikidanieldebut

it's baaaack aaaaAahHHhhHhh ⛵ https://t.co/DIqp1dpI9k

Daniela Chirico ‏@DanielaChirico

Good start to the week 💦⛵💦 https://t.co/mAo9fZjKS8

Alev Akın ☀️🌡🌊⛱🌺♥️ ‏@AlevAkn15

Have a beautiful Monday dears ☕🌊⛱⛵ First and second photos are my summer house's balcony. 🥰 https://t.co/CpgfQqG3E9

Russell Fields ‏@Rusty82Fields

@curra36 Thank you Galatea, Buenos Dias and Feliz Lunes(Happy Monday) to you as well 🙏☕☮🕊💙🌐🎼🎵🎶🌬🌊🌊⛵🙂👋

hany 🌸 ‏@wonhanykang

my ship is sailing again ⛵ https://t.co/BDqYr0lecS

Aggeliki . ‏@Aggelik66273619

@GmasdenT Good morning⛵🌊😍🌞🎶

𝑅𝒾𝒶 ♡ ‏@Riaskz

@Stray_Kids @PopeyeTweetsk look this ⛵ ⛵ ⛵

Susan Guy ‏@SuziGuy

Watching @bbcnews live from the english channel 🤢⛵🌊

M $ Mines 🌊 ‏@MCryptoMines

@TheCryptoLark 3 of them... $ocean $icx and $tomo... It s more than enough....⛵🤝

M $ Mines 🌊 ‏@MCryptoMines

When $ocean is going on #coinbase we ll pass the point of no return... ⛵ Still have time to get your bag! https://t.co/T0lmZIx4h1

SailCoach making you better ‏@SailCoach

Good winds at the Maltese regatta ⛵ Book now for September Base Camp. https://t.co/Ws4M0TgKsa… https://t.co/PLjAFLwzYl

Haveabrightday🇰🇷🇹🇭 ‏@brightly_j

@btobright2712 @cakemania17 ⛵or ✈ me too😭😭

Geraldine Browne ‏@Geraldi27619198

Magical murvagh, yesterday eve, Donegal... where else.... 🚲🚶‍♀️⛵ https://t.co/dNyrCzqNUq

len harper ‏@lenharperart

@BuckkeepRadio @HobbSquad I GOT ALTHEA, I AM PLEASED WITH THIS OUTCOME ⛵ I too am a fan of ships

Torquay Marina ‏@MDLTorquay

Be in with a chance of winning some fine wines with our Berth Holders Monthly Raffle Draw. For your chance to win,… https://t.co/mjQY7IMCNo

Michael Sonnleitner ‏@MiSonnleitner

@VirginVoyages Maybe something around Jules Verne? ⛵ 80 Days, ⚓ 20.000 Miles, ... Or R. L. Stevenson 🏝️, H. Melville 🐳?

LA Clippers France 🇨🇵 ‏@LAClippersFRA

❌ Match 6 ❌ ⛵LA Clippers 120 ⚫Brooklin Nets 129 📊 Boxscore 🔘 Kawhi Leonard 39 PTS, 6 AST, 2 REB, 4 STL 🔘 Lou Wi… https://t.co/701svIBnia

Aggeliki . ‏@Aggelik66273619

@ChandanBARUA5 Good morning☕🌹🎶⛵🌊🌞 https://t.co/EwnZrbqqSm

Jon Davies ‏@daviesjon33

@2Tone4Real I wouldn't mind if the Royal Navy intercepted his boat, or used a submarine armed with torpedos🚢⛵⛲✔️

YayAtiny ‏@YayaY87733190

@photocard_app 12.10 is Jongho's birthday🙈🍏 and 24.10 is Ateez's debut date⛵🏴‍☠️ #ateez #에이티즈 #JONGHO #종호 https://t.co/ciIUUovH7Q

P.M. ‏@Mangat_prab

That's it mom, I'm gonna go look for Narnia now❄️🧙🏻‍♀️⚔️🌈☀️🦁🌲🌊🤴🏻⛵🌟

Anne ‏@AnneAbbot

Sailing can be the ultimate way to enjoy a socially distanced vacation ⛵ https://t.co/RMtwMEjt0o #ttot #rtw… https://t.co/qzRT1DhNEA

I ❤️ This City ‏@ilovethisbot

I ⛵ Lahore https://t.co/Y4Kf7wL20m

Lagos Boats ‏@lagosboats

Life is absolutely beautiful, once you decide to live it... 😎⛵☀️ https://t.co/zdxY6WbFWN 📷 - (IG) oloribossbae https://t.co/BNABJ9r3jD

Batman ‏@Bataccount

@Bataccount follow everyone who LIKES this⛵

ケロハシ福島かえる ‏@kero_hashi

⛵smooth sailing⛵ ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Jo Ladziński @ Revision Season ‏@JoEatsFood

A sequel which expands the scope of the world and takes its time processing the tragedy of its previous entry's end… https://t.co/D1kWOmFQjZ

🐺SynClaiR🎙🎶 ‏@SynClaiRWest

🌴🚉🌃 #NowPlaying in #Music: Filmed at the gorgeous city of ⛵#SanDiego, here's a classic music video from "The Night… https://t.co/Xmxm6weW7U

M A R K ‏@_mtuann

@gladioluis In the ocean with a boat⛵

SailCoach making you better ‏@SailCoach

A day in the week of Malta SailBase Food 🍔 Champagne 🥂 Sailing ⛵ Book now for September. https://t.co/iccBCbIwhe… https://t.co/k1z4HxkBlp

lemon⁷🍋🏖 ‏@suemebighit

don't mind me hahaha ig bts concept has a similarity in their summer package in saipan; roadtrip, beach, or smthng⛵🌊???

Muschelfee + Sir Pirat + Snutenpulli zuhause😷🏴‍ ‏@muschelfee69

@BigTurtler @RaabeOlli Hach ⛵🏴‍☠️😍

Jessica Leung ‏@1jessicaleung

Anyone wanna become a pirate with me and sail the seven seas ⛵

Instamapr ‏@instamapr

Surreal. ⛵ 📷 @the_essentialist_ ⁠ 📍 Ilulissat Icefiord, Greeland ⁠ 📱 Find similar spots like this on #Instamapr.… https://t.co/aZfYMOHYbk

@PotholeWarriors 🇮🇳 🏘 #PotholeFreeMumbai🛵🛣 ‏@PotholeWarriors

V much needed during monsoon When our Roads gets flooded with Rain water 🚣🛥⛵ #MumbaiRains @mid_day https://t.co/ES04Jqk4G8

Direct Booker ‏@DirectB00ker

Is not everyone’s dream, that even for a moment, felt what life is for a real rich man?⛵ In Porto Montenegro, you… https://t.co/ZyCZUROgrK

GReatours GReece by Evanthia ‏@GReatoursGreece

New #Acropolis #museum 🌍 Follow me Book a private #tour with me in #Athens🇬🇷 By EVAnthia #tourist #guide #travel… https://t.co/q3xvxiqKl4

AllSportDB ‏@AllSportDB

⛵ 2020 World Match Racing Tour in #USA 🇺🇸 #Chicago starts in 4 days @worldmrt #Sailing https://t.co/Xb5Wj7cPd3

Visit Lipsi ‏@VisitLipsi

Classic Aegean! Blue and white in the alleys of Lipsi. https://t.co/dtViSTlVX3 📷: Asimina (… https://t.co/viJYZID9Ax

Batman ‏@Bataccount

@Bataccount follow everyone who LIKES this⛵

em ✨ ‏@emwyyn

The sleepy fishing town ⛵ https://t.co/7DV6vE3M2N

Char ☀🐢🌻🧸🐬🏝 Nature Photo ‏@CharFlorida2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IOANA Wishing you all things beautiful ☀️⛵🌺🏖🌄🏖🌺⛵☀️ @bluesanctuary1 https://t.co/MIJorwF5CB

nadilathejoy(◍•ᴗ•◍)🌙 ‏@napyochan_

Girls don't want boyfriend, they just want OUR SHIP BECOME REAL!! ⛵⛵ #WayKimForever https://t.co/bSuh0dyFwY

William Jones 😷🌊 🇦🇺🐸 ‏@william7424

@TradySlim Still on board the $ALGO #ALGORAND Train 🚂 and boats ⛵🚣 💰💰💰 🐂🚀 Just waiting for the next phase...😉😊👍✌️ #BTC #Binance

Char ☀️ IL VOLO ☀️ Florida ‏@CharFlorida

GOOD MORNING PIERO Breathe in this new day and the beauty of your time making waves on the sea #HappyNewWeek… https://t.co/CahsSdHWzd

Naxos&Small Cyclades ‏@NaxosIslands

The perfect blue at the beach of Agios Prokopios in Naxos. https://t.co/THtkGPIdZZ 📷: Lykouropoulos ⛵👏😍… https://t.co/1lT5K1tGnG

Isa Rodriguez ‏@mariyahleesa

Arohas! Pls v0t3 for #아스트로 in T/T/A. Last day of ⛵ today. Last chance to get #ASTRO in top spot in 🇵🇭. (Pls use vee… https://t.co/6TdBFZwzDa

carol 🏴‍☠️ skypod spoilers ‏@sqxlovebot

me: fully sobbing, an absolute wreck skyjacks: so 🙏we return 👋 once ☝️ again 🙄😆 to the audition 👨‍💼🤔 table 🧐🤝 for the uhuru! ⛵🏴‍☠️🤪

MarineVerse ‏@MarineVerseVR

Don't try this at home ⛵🦄 https://t.co/FjWPwr1hxO

Melanie 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@openingnupward

@brittbrice16 I think we all know the answer then ⛵


Incredible day. Found a bit of sunken treasure, ate some delicious food, refilled air tanks, gifted cigars by a gre… https://t.co/yIGRKwSZ7I

Nation !! 💍 TAE + CASEY'S FOREVER 💖💖💖 ‏@itsNationJoy

Height: 175 cm (just shy of 5'9") Zodiac: Pisces ♓ Tattoos: 5 ⛵🤡👑🦋🦑 Piercings: 3 👂👃 Drink: Coffee-Taro Milk Tea Bob… https://t.co/EiBprqkDdM

Smoshe ‏@siennamoshe

ITS HAPPENING!!!! I know I said I'd never be in a long distance relationship again but.... This time it'll be dif… https://t.co/EpcE0r7dwM

For Whom the Bell Tolls ‏@whom_tolls

@RinR1966 Rod, by Wednesday the leaf💰 will all be at their Million $$ cottages 🚤🛥⛵🛶

Ahmad ‏@dukeahmad

Last night i slept in my room with good health and wishes, During sleep i dreamt of being in maldives' sea side ⛵🛶… https://t.co/I3QnAFFr1D

Turnover Brasil ‏@BrasilTurnover

FINAL: 🕸 Nets 129x120 Clippers ⛵ Destaques: 🕸 Caris LeVert 27 pts e 13 ast 🕸 Joe Harris 25 pts ⛵ Kawhi Leonard 39 pts e 6 ast

Meredith Wynne-Morton 🇺🇸 ‏@ChitownJewrean1

THAT'S MY BOAT 🛳🚤⛵⚓🇺🇸 https://t.co/dDCmpoPvQY

Tina 🍉🔞 Wonder Duo for the win ‏@cherubim_rock

Now that's much better 😎🌊⛵ https://t.co/hBDk4293yE

Kylie Morgan / Tali XOXO ‏@supertaunt

Just a girl and her paddle ⛵ Went out to my cabin for the weekend with @Vanessa_Wedge ♥️ bless her for putting up… https://t.co/RRlVkFdxLP

For Whom the Bell Tolls ‏@whom_tolls

@Leaf4Ever By Wednesday the leaf💰 will all be at their million $ Cottages 🚤🛥⛵🛶

🧘🍉🌹Dr. Pradip Paul, PhD(Engg) from IIEST, India ‏@DrPradipPaulPhD

@glitter_2em13 @David37498868 It is 🏵🌼🌻🌺 Beautifully cool... ⛵🚣

Grannybury ‏@grannybury

Awesome!⚓⛵🚤 https://t.co/ZLRUyBiPnr

emperio | cake boss bouchard ‏@emperiocism

Tagged by @godswallowing 3 things I like about my writing! 🍫 tooth rotting fluff with bad bad people ⛵dreamy, qu… https://t.co/PEQSwqQvUR

#InspectorBunker ‏@judas_twit

@Marsh4LL1 @Nigel_Farage Popeye the #Gammon man looking very broiled... He belongs submerged in salt water! |o|⛵

Dan Wells ‏@dwells50

@oak308 Gaffy Spinnerbait ⛵

Peter Pappas ‏@HRApplianceman

@Nancy_Mushinski Thanks, Nancy. Same wishes for you! ⛵☀️🍉

Cool Tees and Things ‏@CoolTeesNThings

Do You Love Sailing? Grab Yours: ➡https://t.co/qJXrcgCc1j Grab Yours: ➡https://t.co/qJXrcgCc1j Spread the word… https://t.co/M0fqg5tgEm

Pam #MassTestingPH ‏@theaspon

Watched Little Women last night. Amy, I've always known that you'd end with Laurie, but but but I'm a proud Saoirse-Timothee shipper. ⛵

ᗪuda ‏@moonycastellan

☇ packs❜ ⛵ˀ

rosesqueen ‏@clfqueen

NFR aesthetics⛵ https://t.co/39Nz131yXK

C0DE ZER0 😈 ‏@cam2_cute

⛵ word to Kodak "Let me drive the boat" ❤😍🔥 https://t.co/HOpBT8HY95

Jen ‏@curlysnuggler

@jenstevenson21 That's so perfect for you ⛵⚓

Mazu Resortwear ‏@MazuResortwear

Our Junk at Sunset shorts are made of 12 recycled plastic bottles. Save the earth while looking amazing in these un… https://t.co/4DzZvU8PW9

pam wo ‏@pamjwo

Last call . . ⛵ https://t.co/fczTKkiJ4f

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