Sandwich Emoji

Sandwich was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥪 U+1F96A


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Germard Way ‏@___cai___

@MSI Ohhh come 2 mama 🥪

Number11marketplace ‏@Number11mp

⭐️🥪THIS WEEK’S SANDWICHES 🥪⭐️ available to eat in or takeout 11:45-4:30 #lunchtimetreats #number11marketplace

Okay_renee😎🐷🍟 ‏@GoatPrincesss

If I plan my commute home juuusstt right I can get 5 Cousin's Subs before arriving at home. And that's living the dream. 🥪💘😍

✧₊★⁎ baby ⁎☆⁺˳✧ ‏@babyazulll

but u mad bitch cuz ur man made me a sandwich 🥪💕🥪💕 new song prod by @juliangotjuice & @dontbenotsocial

St Timothy's ‏@StTimothysPS

P1 Trip Reminder Please remember our P1s have their Trip to Kelvingrove tomorrow. 🥾 wellies/suitable outdoor sh…

Serendipity Catering ‏@SerendipityFood

Kick off the New Year with Serendipity Catering! ✨🎉 Check out our January 2019 special, here: ( 🍵🥪

Cincinnati Refined ‏@CincyRefined

If you love Covington's Wunderbar, you're in for a treat. The owners recently opened an NYC-style deli on Pike Stre…

Niaa J. Martinez🐍🦈🐊 ‏@nizzyjp187

Downloading Grubhub was probably the worst mistake I could have made. Just ordered a sandwich 🥪 from Grubbin’ and G…

Aster Sales ‏@Sales_Aster

@CommsHero Totes a #GladderMoment; YUMMY!! 🥪 🐟

Deirdre ‏@Deirdre_1964

@Dab5_at420 @SomersTrevor @CLyK76 @therealChef420 @weedpalace11 @DanielleMc420 @cannaworldsite @dahmane277…

Barbara Hall ‏@barjhall

@jayrosen_nyu @GeorgeLakoff I'm not a journalist, but I just learned why I need to change my old-school response to…

Jane Huang ⚖️ ‏@JaneHuangLaw

Love this video addressing #globalfoodloss. If you live in the #GTA, please check out @app_feedback, an app that gi…

julie ‏@Ju_Ju_Lorraine

@GBH68 looks better than a first class virgin train sandwich 🥪 👌👌i’ve never had one i’ve just seen pics you do

Kenny Brophy ‏@urbanprehisto

@Alison_Douglaz @cochnostone Just about to have my wee sandwich 🥪


Twin Sandmich 🥪 @marcuslbrowne . . . Clothing @kamsclothing #twins #twinsisters #lockandkeyla @ Lock & Key

Michigan Robotics ‏@UMRobotics

Friends and sandwich enthusiasts 🥪 student team STARX is fundraising at WhichWich tonight 4pm - 9pm. Just say you'r…

Delavie ‏@delavie

@shoegal4eva @beeorrell1 🤔Never tried that! Tomorrow for sure! 🥪 ☕️👍🏻

Colegio Pureza Santa Cruz ‏@PurezaSantaCruz

Our 4 year olds had so much fun making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! 🥜 🍓 🥪 🇺🇸 Thank you Moms and Dads!

DUNE ‏@Dbugs27

@RushSportsTalk Shit salad sandwich 🥪

Not Just Tired ‏@Not_Just_Tired

@MeghannMarieLee I could just eat a cheese sandwich!! 🥪 Aww happy birthday for Friday 💗 Glad you were able to celeb…

THE PAULA METHOD ‏@thepaulamethod1

All great things come to an end...CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Intensive Course students! 🏆🥇 Last day with ‘Englis…

Vuyani ‏@_Vuyani_

@sipho_wotshela I’d love some messy cheesy sandwich rn 🥪

Munch Miami ‏@MunchMiami

Caprese Sandwich #🥪 at earthmia just in time for #meatlessmonday @ Earth MIA

Brisbane Weekender ‏@bneweekender

If we weren’t mid 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️ we’d 🥪 by the river 💦 #brisbaneanyday #brisbaneriver #citylife #queenslander @ Brisbane…

A ‏@aramyd1

So I decided to see what @SistaSparkles “has been talking about sef”....and I ordered a @biscuitboneblog toastie to…

Casey's_Deli ‏@MAdv529

35 days until Christmas 🗓️🎄 One car ride until Casey Reuben 🚗🥪 #CaseyReuben #CaseysDeli

Michelle Rathman ‏@MRBImpact

My grandson’s preschool class schooled their teacher on how to cook a turkey. I’ll have the grilled cheese please. 🥪

CMNels10 ‏@CMNels10

@craigbradshaw12 @dazcs07 Got another one for you. Did you know that the CLUB in Club Sandwich 🥪 stands for Chicken Lettuce Under Bacon 👀

Coach Khouzam ‏@walnut_bball

Had a great breakfast with one of our sponsors this morning. Daily Donuts has great 🍩 🥪 🥐🥯☕️.

⚡️🅱️ ‏@tweetsbystac

I’m craving subway 🥪😭


👨🏻‍🏫 *eating smelly 🐟🥪* 👩🏼‍🔬 Did you put your stinky Tuna away? 👨🏻‍🏫 It was Chicken and I don’t talk about your…

💙 ‏@bugbadge

@MUKUYUKl have you seen 👀 that marvelous ✨ bread 🍞 fish 🐟 he’s like an inverse ➰sandwich 🥪

Steven Murrietta ‏@StevenMurrietta

@The_AliH No it’s a hot dog 🌭 only time it be comes a sandwich 🥪 is when you split the winner down the middle. Have…

Stha Mkhwanazi 🖤 ‏@2_Clyc

@MsMasasa I can totally relate. I love them on a toasted 🥪 Salad 🥗 no thank you Raw no thank you All gold tomato…

The.1_The.Only ‏@The1_The0n1y

Burrito 🌯 or sandwich 🥪 for lunch??

Crest Cafe SD ‏@crestcafesd

🥪 Take $2 off any Crestwich today and every Monday at Crest Cafe!

Wolfgang Frank  ‏@_wfrank

Toast made by @audirs5abt 🥪

GCTLosAngeles ‏@GCTLosAngeles

GRILLED CHEESE - just one of those fall #comfortfood you crave to help you get through the grind... 🥪 🧀 👇🏻…

mano ‏@drawinsantos

my lady puts honey ham and spicy salami in my 🥪.

Monica ‏@MonicaColgan

If only the #Americans would swap their #piece 🔫 for an actual #piece 🥪 then all might be right with their country 😂

NYS General Services ‏@NYS_OGS

🅰️ 1⃣ = 🍎 🅰️ 8⃣ = 🥪 🅱️ 4⃣ = 🥗 The possibilities are endless as long as you want a cold food vending machine. Bid…

Virtuous FaithWalker ‏@Shamomma

6 year old Grandson wisdom: a sandwich is a vegetable cause it has ketchup on it 😳🤣...yep, I totally agree!!! 🍅🥪 Not sweating small stuff💖😘

#KickRocksSis 😎🖕🏽 ‏@KingButch_

I got the itis now 😩 That lunch did a nigga good 🥪❤️

Teng-ku Lee 🧜🏼‍♂️ ‏@adzli_awg

lapaaaarsss 😢 i want 🍗 i want 🍦 i want 🍲 i want 🥪 i want 🍔 i want you.

Laura Calder ‏@lmcalder

@misspollyhoops Yip I wear a housecoat 🤣 too young to get messages but I love a piece 🥪

Haney ‏@haneylegend

Chips in your sandwich 🥪?

Vic's Sub Shop ‏@vicssubshop

Does it get any better? 👌🥪 #VicsSubShop #AbseconNJ #SubSandwich

FOLLOW HELP ‏@followprojecten

follow everyone who likes this, 🥪

Breann ‏@breann_loveless

Wow it’s that time of year again everyone. 🥪

Wyndham Year One ‏@wyndhamyearone

We couldn’t believe what happened today... one minute Percy’s sandwiches were safe and sound, the next they were go…

⭐️Ro ‏@RoCMH

@wesDCSD #SandwichFactory 😬👏🥪 Lol. Love seeing such awesomeness at Niko’s school!! #proud #DublinDifference ☘️

Francis ‏@Purple_Drazi

The utility of the tuna fish sandwich! 🥪

Jenny Rodgers ‏@BridgeNCross

Road Trip. My favorite is queuing the music. And why does the food always taste better in the car? These are the be…

⚡Thunderbolt & Lightnin', very very frightnin' ‏@_thorelle

My dog likes to harass me over sammiches. 🥪🐾 #dogsoftwitter

Best Before End Date ‏@MrsBbed

@DeniseNesbitt @cake_willow @Loftus_England @preston_andy @BillScottWilton @jeffcornerstone @SimonClarkeMP No pics…

Scott Baptie ‏@ScottBaptie

🥪 Things that you can eat and still lose fat episode 235: the square sausage in a roll. - 😁 Instagram at its finest…

Charlie Follmer ‏@chazmanrflover

Lunch Time 😀🥪

Michelle Garrett ‏@PRisUs

Two best things about the day after #Thanksgiving? Pie for breakfast with coffee. 🥧☕️ Leftover turkey sandwich f…

MN Theater Alliance ‏@TheaterAlliance

Calling all Theater Education Program folks in Minnesota: tomorrow, we're hosting an online gathering just for you!…

Carmines on Penn ‏@carminesonpenn

We’ve got a case of the Mondays... See you tomorrow for lunch! 🥪 . . . . . . #littlecarminesdenver #sandwich #food…

Fiona ‏@FypieFi

Love this China tea set, that was left to me by an elderly friend. It’s from the early 50s but still seems very now…

travel with Irine ‏@travelwithirine

@Fit_life360 Extra P&J might be needed 🥪

stephie🍀 ‏@_steephie

@iVanessa27 @RNLoewen baguette und pizza😁🍕🥪

Asfahan®️ ‏@AsfahanSheikhh

@daalchawal27 Daal chawal making sandwiches ?🥪

Top 5️⃣ 🍆🍑 dead or alive ‏@nola_love9

I want to make some tuna sandwiches 🥪😋

Panera Bread ‏@askpanera

@scrush_tn Your sandwich should always be perfect! 🥪 DM us with your order number? We'd be happy to help.

Matthew Lippman ‏@matthew_lippman

World-famous sandwich chain Quiznos uses @OracleFoodBev InMotion Mobile to manage business on the go. Watch now:…

Randy Cotton ‏@randy_travel

@thornbridge Greetings from the Beer Capitol of MI where I enjoy craft beer/sports bars and trivia and do hope u wi…

Amada Gonzalez ‏@amada_go5

@ness__baby I forgot to add eat my sandwich 🥪 I had a subway sandwich 😂

The wood shack soulard ‏@epoh7

What a week! Let’s start this one with a Sammie! 🥪👍👏👊📞314-833-4770 📞📞 @epoh7 stlsoulard @WoodShackSTL #sammies…

Lola 41 ‏@lola41nantucket

Happy Monday and who’s excited about the short week!?! Today’s lunch additions- Chirashi🍚: Sushi rice with 2-pc e…

Cantina Curbside Grill ‏@CantinaCurbside

No You Relax, I’m A Regular Here And This Line Needs to Move..🥪🍖 #cubanosandwich #sliders #pernil #smokedham…

💜🐱 Mama Meow Meow 🐱💜 ‏@BangtanBiasRekd

@herpaderp_1 I woke up late the kids were being brats. I left my folded laundry with the bra I wanted downstairs so…

R🔥nge Heating ‏@RangeHeating

@jpandbrimelow @ShellStationsUK 🤣😂🤣. Nothing official. I just love a Christmas Sandwich. 🖤🧡🖤🎄🥪. So far @Pret just e…

Salesboost, LLC ‏@SalesboostLLC

We’re lucky to get to work with a great gal like Carley. Check out her favorite Thanksgiving dish! 🥪“Green bean ca…

N A I N A ‏@thehungrywooman

Sandwizza Time 🥪 . . . Where??? Sandwizza, Santacruz West . . . Follow @thehungrywooman for food updates!! . . .…

Samantha Sandwich ‏@pvc_sandwich

@beemine2222 Definitely going to enjoy a sandwich for you soon 😘💕🥪

Milo Butterfingers ‏@milos1971

Monday Lunch Special - French Onion 🥣 & Hot Roast Beef/Swiss 🥪 Today's Drink Special - $2 off Pitchers.

Universal Joint ‏@UJointAVL

GRILLED cheese & TOMATO soup 🧀 🥪 Haywood Chicken Sammy 🍗 Come say “yum this is good” 👋 #brandonofuj #goodfood…


We've been in North Hollywood for 2 1/2 years. Still shocked by how many places there are to eat around here! 🍞🍖🥐🍛🍗…

David billings ‏@FlyingPiemen

@RealSaavedra Thick as a workhouse sandwich 🥪.... they only know, that they want to do one thing!! GIVE ALL YOUR TA…

Ricky's - Ptbo ‏@RickysPtbo

Pretty nice day in The Boro @Ptbo_Canada @petedalliday Get out of the home or office this noon hour & enjoy a bite…

HAIF (NGOCLUB)❄ ‏@Helpindia01

Follow everyone who Likes this ☺🥪

@TheLunchboxLogic ‏@TheLunchboxLog1

It’s the @Lin_Manuel Edition of @TheLunchboxLogic 🍎 🍏 🥪 #inspire #motivation #namaste #inspirationalquotes…

White Horse ‏@Whitehorsesoho

Join the CLUB of White horse!! 🥪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #carnabystreet #nicholsonspubs #pub #photooftheday…

🖤💔 the ree up kid ‏@SiNxGaNg

finna make this egg sandwich 🥪

LEAD1 ‏@lead1acom

As we head into Thanksgiving, here’s to enjoying the company of good friends and family. 🦃 LEAD1 CEO…

data&fuku ‏@data_fuku

@pepsirat_emma Smoked carrot🥕sandwich?🥪😍😋😋😋

Chef Obubu 🍴 ‏@chefobubu

Sandwich 🥪 Queen 👑❤️😍

Chiptune Chronicles ‏@M_Illustrations

@KaitlinMcCulley What’s the difference between having a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with ketchup or a turkey sandw…

R🔥nge Heating ‏@RangeHeating

@irheatingandgas Cheers mate. I’ll make sure I try one! 👍 🎄🥪

Ben Shannon ‏@BenShabba

You know it’s almost Jesus time when the Christmas triple rocks up. Cranberry does something to my mind that makes…

Hard Rock Cafe Cozumel ‏@HRCCozumel

Monday, one of the most random days when it comes to food! 😄 🤘Tell us, what's your mood today? 🍔🆚🥪 #ThisIsHardRock…

Dan Shaw ‏@dshaw

Why would you bring and eat a tuna sandwich on the bus? ⚡️🐟🥪

Dan Kleinman ‏@SafeLibraries

@Wawa Great ad! It shows what an actual sandwich 🥪 looks like, rather than the picture-perfect ones at other places…

Jasmin Lucci ‏@JasminLucci

A perfect day for a Green Muenster Grilled Cheese and Truffle Fries 🥪🍟😊

The King’s Council ‏@tkccouncil

Join us for the Public Reading of Scripture at 12:15 in the City Room for sandwiches and Scripture! 🥪📖✨

Eric Black 🇺🇸🇬🇧🌲🦅 ‏@mrericblack

@realDonaldTrump Could not do denuclearize a ham sandwich 🥪

Portia Bruner ‏@PortiaFOX5

#ShoutOut to all of the #Fox5Atl viewers who appreciate a good layer of #Mayo on your leftover turkey sandwiches! 🥪…

Jennifer DeHayes, Ed.D. ‏@JenniferDeHayes

How to Build a Snowman... How to Make Hot Cocoa!!! How to Make a sandwich!!! @JenniferJOlsen @WWP_Dalers…

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