Sandwich Emoji

Sandwich was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥪 U+1F96A


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comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😔👋HELLO!!! I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🏀 At 12pm I am - 😪 At 2pm - 🏐 At 4p…

Cascara Café Bath ‏@cascarabath

A warming Kimchi Cheeze Toastie on our specials today. Kimchi lovingly made by @fabfermented and fab photo by the t…

Kate Demolder ‏@katedemolder

🥪 Petition to introduce 'Little Break' into the Irish working day

Jay ‏@the_eatventures

The reason why The Reuban has lasted the test of time is because it’s so damn good 🥪 ____________________________…

Insecto Balarmo ‏@MrBishop4597

@WeAreOne_Q @realDonaldTrump Do you believe this baloney or are you just making sandwiches 🥪?????

Samantha Sandwich ‏@pvc_sandwich

@gal_curvy Gorgeous picture XX 😘🥪💦🥪💦

Samantha Sandwich ‏@pvc_sandwich

@CourtesanAnna Gorgeous picture XX You look Stunning 😘🥪💦

J o y R h o a d e s ‏@JoyRhoades1

@WELBooks Ahah. I misread. Thought you were installing a 🥪 making cafe :)

Samantha Sandwich ‏@pvc_sandwich

@Tempting_Autumn Morning Gorgeous XX Always love seeing your pictures, you get my attention (wink...wink...) lol... How are you today? 😘🥪💦

α∂яιαη ‏@amonck

Beer and 🥪 Brexit

Samantha Sandwich ‏@pvc_sandwich

@Miss_Emily_Sin I'd love to enjoy a Sandwich for you xx 🥪💦😘

zzz ‏@cupcake_zm

If you want breakfast in bed , robala ka skhafthin 😴🥪

Beybey ‏@elysiabeatriz

Toasted butter & bread 🥪

Dave Henderson ‏@pieman2pieship

@RokerReport Fish finger 🥪

sc ‏@shainacamsa

i want 🥪 huhu

Kristen Heptinstall🧐 ‏@DigitalKristen

The middle of the night routine when baby is sick: 1. Feed baby 🍼 2. Administer @fridababy Snotsucker 3. Administ…

𝚛𝚊𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚊 𝚔 ‏@rahera_k

@secondzeit sandwich looked edible enough too. 🥪

TandonHildebrand ‏@TandonHild

Things we won’t charge you for: 🖨📠📞☕️ 🥪🚖🚍🚃🚈or 🗺+⏱. Things we might charge you for ✈️🏝. #disbursements

Free Weekly Timed Podcast ‏@freeweeklytimed

📣 On this week's pod: The amazing Vicky McCrea! Vicky explains how she got into parkrun and her experiences as a p…

rootsandbrew ‏@rootsandbrew

Drink green... It gives you life, literally! 🥗 🌯 🥪 🌿 🥒 🍉 🥑 About @rootsandbrew: 💥WE ARE Abuja's favourite one stop…

St. Dalfour ‏@StDalfourUK

Treat yourself to a peanut Butter & preserve 🥪 It’s #nationalpeanutbutterday 🍓

No Justice, No Peace! ‏@LucasTalunge

@MatambaL 😂😂😂 ( sending you a sandwich by Whatsup 🥪) But You just joined my intinial thought, the gap is terrible! 🥴

kayrae ‏@KayRae10

Do you ever just grill a cheese naked? 🥪

Jantzen Tan ‏@jaaantzen

The Greatest Party That Never Happened 🥪

StMarysandHolyApostles ‏@StMarysScarboro

We ask that parents and guardians please stay with your children throughout the afternoon. Tea, coffee and cake fo…

Samantha Sandwich ‏@pvc_sandwich

@CharmianFetish @AWTopShelf Good Morning Beautiful XX How are you today? 😘🥪💦

D-$ ‏@Daniel_91021

I love you so so much thank you for everything 🎂💗🥪

Hertfordshire County Council ‏@hertscc

#3 food and water – think to yourself if you were stuck for hours what would you eat and drink? 🥪🚰

Doreen Okwara ‏@Dee_okwara

Peanut butter egg sandwich 🥪 #NewFave

camarcangel ‏@camarcangel

chicken spread sandwich made by yours truly 🥪 mirienda us

Bullwhip ‏@Asarus_Bullwhip

@DarkwolfALA @StripyDragon *smooches on opposite cheek* Lab love sandwich! 🥪

STAN UNB💜&🧡AteezPirateKingz👑 ‏@msA_Rod2012

Thank you for coming! Get good sleep 😴, eat 🥪 #MXMinHOU #mxm #brandnewmusic #kpop

Glyn Williams ‏@Carniphage

@OwenJones84 Translation: A vote for Labour is a vote for Brexit. Same shit sandwich. On wholemeal instead of white. 🌹💩🥪

IndeedyMusicalBingo ‏@MusicalBingo

Nothing adds to your hygge vibes like a warm toastie! This sandwich toaster could be all yours at tonight’s…

Alex ‏@ToiletRoePaper

@NeuroMnemonic @76Photomode Take his sandwiches 🥪

Pre KG | DIA Al Barsha ‏@DIAB_PreKG

Teddy’s bears picnic 🐻🌲🥪 #DIAB #Explorers #babysharkspicnic

Jessica ‏@BooksATrueStory

Book club last night! Yummy scones and cucumber sandwiches 🥪 #bookclub

ع ‏@aexgr

2:36am and rn my only yearning/disappointment of the heart is craving a shaami sandwich but not having the energy to make one 🥪

John The Chia Guy ‏@SigsbeeVon

@TalbertSwan White Bread doesn’t have any taste 🥪

KashLifeDolla ‏@ForeverDolla

Wake me up with some head and a egg sandwich 🥪

Natasha Patrice 🦄 ‏@natasha_patrice

All I want is a hot pocket that’s in the freezer but the microwave went to heaven & I know the oven is going to tak…

Sarah Hoffmann 🖤 ‏@sarahelizahoff

Can’t wait to make my drunk ass a peanut butter and banana sandwich 🥪 🍌🥜

Antony ‏@52CAL

@RokerReport D and B or Sarsaparilla in a Glass bottle. Ham and pease pudding sandwich 🥪 Saveloy dip Panaculty wi…

I.A. ‏@IA808

Elephant frontin like she doesn't want any of my Stortos sandwich tho 🐶🥪 #iykyk . . . . . . . . #ElephantSalud…

Chard Newsagent ‏@Chard_News

Newspapers 🗞 , hot food 🥘 , hot drinks 🥤 , fresh sandwiches 🥪 and fresh milk 🥛 ... Good morning and welcome to Thursday!

Iralee Jewett ‏@gingergymnast

I think about BLT’s a lot...🥪

obi-wan christobi ❄️ ‏@Overlord_Senpai

Goodnight jungkook 🥪


Good morning!!! 🦓🦓🕢❄🥤☕🥪

Lee John Blackmore ‏@LeeJBlackmore

@eleanorc Just an average day then😉🥪

Alexandra Calleres 🦄 ‏@MrsCalleres

@afossella At least it’s not 🥜 butter! I am at a point, where I am no longer in denial or try to make excuses for m…

fuckboy lars ‏@Sinqha

@LoIArtemis @Hashinshin Time well spent 🥪👏

💔💔💔💰💰💰 ‏@_bitchimleggin

I know u bitches getting tired of eating them jail sandwiches 🥪😂🤦🏽‍♂️

CAPTAIN-DB👩🏻‍✈️ ‏@fryyybaby

Seriously can NOT stop listening STALE HAM SANDWICH !🥪 🥪 🥪 🤪 by @DatelessMusic 🐣❤️

LMS ‏@thedarkmoney

@Koksalakn Turkey sandwich 🥪

Hartog de Mik ‏@coffeeaddict_nl

@BreneBrown @theRSAorg @Gobblynne This is extremely well done. Here; have a sandwich 🥪. You truly deserve one.

Lenny⭐️Polls ‏@LennyPolls

🥜Pick an alternate use for peanut butter and post a sandwich 🥪 #NationalPeanutButterDay #PeanutButterDay #ThursdayThoughts #LennyPolls

Kseries ‏@ThrottleKiid

Best sandwiches 🥪

EP Holcomb ‏@artwaif

“Fyre” is the best thriller I’ve watched this year 🔥🥪🌊

InfoSecRocket ‏@rodneyheron

Made the first Tomato Sauce sandwich 🥪 #ThingsCookDid


@M2Madness I've tried...there's no getting through to Comrade StarChild!! I couldn't even talk her into making me a sammich!!😢🥪

Randy Lee Danger 🚀 ‏@randella22

Best sandwiches 🥪 Don’t @ me 1. Slyman’s corned beef on rye 2. Bacon cheeseburger 3. Meatball sub 4. Grilled ch…

M.M ‏@callher_memi

Fried bologna fried egg and cheese sandwich 🥪 then finally my meat unthawed so i could make my spaghetti 🍝

James Dangerous ‏@jamesdangerous

Come with Chef Monk and make a glorious Grilled Cheese sandwich!! 🥪 🧀 🔪 The very first episode of THE DANGEROUS KI…

SaveTHEMEXICAN ‏@savethemexican8

@Sorrey_ @sarinasunshinee @MissAliCatt Ooo, that’s the worst. I need to be better about eating a decent meal before…

The Tony ⛄️ ‏@hellbound83

#DonaldTrumpsTheTypeOfGuy that would take a bite of your sandwich 🥪 and then ask, “are you going to eat that”?

sandwich man ‏@sandwic20205998

@LauraChapin @ByronYork Where’s my sandwich 🥪?

janet ‏@lambyloulou

Just made the most baller sandwich 🥪 🥓

Pati Jinich ‏@PatiJinich

@ElGuapoismad It is Maria cookies topped with Cajeta (dulce de leche caramel) and smooshed into a 🥪 súper simple!

Visit Lodi! ‏@visitlodi

Another great lunch spot in Lodi is at Cut the Mustard, whose sandwiches, soups, brownies and more DEFINITELY cut t…

TimElze ‏@TimElze

If I were to describe #SanFrancisco by using a #food item, it would be #sandwiches; and that's pretty lame if you a…

David L.Ramon ‏@gachodominguez

Oh shit found it 😎🥪

Michelle ‏@mcripe

@DPiper247 He needs a couple sandwiches 🥪 then he can start throwing his body around a little more in the paint. Un…

CrashKoeck 🇨🇦🥪 ‏@CrashKoeck

🔴LIVE! It's 🥪 [PG-13] !play to get in the race (Marbles On Stream)! Come watch over at!…

SusieQ ‏@shouldhavetho

Roast Beef sandwich 🥪 mmmm

insideOTG ‏@insideOTG

Success! Congrats to our @LGAairport MAT Crew who hosted @JetBlue Leaders and members of the media for a delicious…

J.Rodrigues ⚖ ‏@JayJonesR

But... cake has more car-.... you know what, nvm. Enjoy your sandwich fam, no hate 🥪😂😭

Keith McPherson ‏@Keith_McPherson

Shots? 🔫 Subs? 🥪 #MiddleChild Get ready for the @Genius breakdown

Paulsonlover6969 🤪 ‏@paulsontequila8

W-who sent this ? I wanna talk ✊🏻😔🥪

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😶👋HELLO...... I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🥪 At 12pm I am - 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 At 2pm…

Andrew Z¡gler ‏@andrewzigler

i thought i posted this at lunch and it was just sitting at 0 notifications like it deserves.............BUT i foun…

Raymond Bott ‏@_raybott

@steveallenshow With a little sandwich 🥪

LunaS ‏@L_n_Sh_rw__d

@AlanAshby just teasing us with delicious foods 🥪

Benita Broms ‏@BromsBenita

@truewestlondon 🇬🇧 brotherly rivalry ⁦⁦@NimaxTheatres⁩ @JohnnyFlynnHQ fabulous @KitHarington10 close up (1st row) t…

CRWalker ‏@CRWalker8

@DRUDGE_REPORT Oooooo...what part of a shit sandwich 🥪 do you cut away first?!

Follow___Help 🤑 ‏@follower___help

Follow all who like 🥪

Tierra 💕 ‏@T2Thick27

I want a ham sandwich 🥪 and some fish sticks lol 😩😂

Mesquite Cottage ‏@mesquitecottage

Join us on this chilly Wednesday night and fix yourself up with a hot, warm meal! 🥔🍔🍟🥪🍷


Sincere, humble person: Oh gosh, the way CJ writes her stories is just so very elegant and truly inspirational. M…

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😔👋HELLO, I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🤳🏻 At 12pm I am - 🥪 At 2pm - 📷 At 4pm…

Rosa DV ♥️ ‏@Rosadv12

Happy birthday to my little legend i call my nana !🥰 This has got to be one of my fave pics aha #BanjoSandwich ! 🥪😂…

Sofía Meza 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@jsmeza_23

@MissSp00n @KatyMontgomerie Without crusts, nice sandwiches 🥪

Lucky's Sandwich Co. ‏@luckysandwichco

Chili and a loaded sambo! Dinner of winter champions. 💪❄🥪 #chiloveluckys. . . . . #wednesdaywisdom #winter #chili…

MessyCupcakes ‏@sippin_tea

Same here! 🥪

Deezzy ‏@DeezzyTrill

Ever since uncle Kenton took over we’ve been going crazy on sandwiches 🥪 I love my job 🙏

Ben ‏@tagxrenjun

@itchajaehyunx Good morning babe i miss you so much kub ☁️💛🥪

Kansans For Hemp ‏@Kansans4Hemp

We would love to have you at the first #KShemp Symposium in Hutchinson, KS - February 2/23 @GrandmaHoerners…

ELC Santa Barbara ‏@ELC_SB

We are still full from last week’s potluck! 🤤 #Elcsb students always bring the tastiest items! #eatabroad 🥔🍓🍕🥪 @ EL…

Bagels & Brew ‏@bagelsandbrew

Need something to fuel you through the rest of today? Order one of our sandwiches today! 🥪🙌 #bagelsandbrew

🏳️‍🌈Trasher🤟@ school/work hell ‏@TrashBooster

This just in, Jen @meltedcream98 likes COLD pickles on her WARM sandwich 🥪

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