Sandwich Emoji

Sandwich was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥪 U+1F96A


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Val jones ‏@Valjones2305Val

@NickFerran Don’t have a middle name, so mine would be bacon sandwich 🥪

Tiffany Marie ‏@BuyMe_TIFFANYS_

At times I randomly want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich 🥪

🌟 imMARVELOUS 🌟 ‏@Switcha0843

kickin chicken sandwich 🥪😋

asuna yuuki ‏@bknightasuna

🥪. yayy

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🍗 Poultry Leg (2 servings) Lunch: 🥪 Sandwich (2 servings) 🍌 Banana (1 serving) 🍿 Popcorn (2…

Ferrari ‏@socaKING_

@_kirstenmariah I just made a sandwich 🥪😅

Joanna Selcott ‏@joannaselcott

@marmite I hope that you will be using quality peanut butter without palm oil otherwise I will have to continue my…

Diane Lockhart’s Acid Trip🍭 ‏@angelinadarling

@HowardSchultz Get back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich 🥪

Nadiyya✨Nür ‏@LadyHijabi

Couldn’t enlist because he was busy choking back those ham sandwiches 🥪 & washing it down with a liter of cola 🥤

El Comandante! ‏@jlopezDR

Egg salad 🥚 sandwich 🥪 home made!!! #lunch

Kevin Reynolds ‏@Kevinfr9

@missmuckyduck No difference to me having a chicken sandwich 🥪

Gimme Strength 🌈 #SAFC ‏@thenight_worker

At work.... 15 minutes early so gonna have a sandwich 🥪 cup of tea ☕️ then a fag #Shift3of5 #12HourShifts #NightShift

Tootie 🌺 ‏@_KenyaTee

Just made me a big ass ham egg bacon and cheese sandwich 🥪😋 complete with a cup of orange juice

🇵🇷Manuel🇺🇸 ‏@TonyChestnut7


🅸🅰 🅰🅺🆁🅰 🎮 ‏@iaakra26

While your at it fix one for me 🥪

Kelly White ‏@kelllzzz94

Love Emma for bringing me back to life by breakfast in bed this morning 🥰 ☕️ 🥪

Walmart ‏@Walmart

@nsrlracing Those are the best sandwiches! 🥪 😁

Gicola A. Lane ‏@GicolaLane

I literally tell Mama Lane this ALL the time! She even makes sandwiches 🥪 better. #MamaMagic

cornbreadman🏴‍☠️ ‏@cornbreadman264

@SENPAiSNTHOME It just proves that you're having a impact on THEM. 🥪

asuna yuuki ‏@bknightasuna

🥪. who watched the new SAO?? I just finished and WOW, I cannot wait for next episode

Stanway Rovers ‏@StanwayRovers

Great win today. Time for some fantastic hospitality for the players and officials 🥪@mather_kev

wilford Boudreaux ‏@connorspopop

@britin17k But I do like fried bologna sandwiches 🥪

Bistro on Bridge ‏@BistroonBridge

Looking to make your weekend extra special? Check out our new line up of items on our Specials Menu! Featured here…

CloudPeeps ‏@cloudpeeps

“Variety doesn’t really matter to me. I would be perfectly happy to eat the same Caesar salad or peanut-butter-and-…

َ ‏@hadeelalsha

@itsJWolfe Me: I want a flat stomach My stomach | \ | / | \ | 🍪…

Antony Nallist ‏@NallistAntony

@guardian I could murder a bacon 🥓 buttie 🥪

Hugh Casey: A Spaced Oddity🕊♥️🖖🏻 ‏@hughcasey

Steph is at gaming. I’m home, not feeling great (yay, chemo!🙄). Gonna have food shortly. So, should I have hard sal…

asuna yuuki ‏@bknightasuna

@PhantomKurapika 🥪. oh wiw i might watch it idk

faillawinesoregon ‏@faillanorth

Is it lunch time yet? 🥪🍷🤤 #paninisforthewin Staff favorite pictured above: farm-fresh egg salad with house-made c…

asuna yuuki ‏@bknightasuna

@PhantomKurapika 🥪. death is hot omg i haven’t watched the anime yet

....1$..J..$1.... ‏@31IMe_J_Sm0oth_

#SaturdayThoughts Is it ‘PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY’ 🥪? Or is it ‘#PB&J ‘ sandwich? 🙂

Rachel ‏@writingabit

@babycowLtd I think Alan’s folk song ‘Sausage Sandwich’ could become the ballad for remain. “You and I found a com…

Ethan Wang ‏@ethanwang62

@ComplexMusic that’s on you 🥪

asuna yuuki ‏@bknightasuna

@PhantomKurapika 🥪. i’m tryna decide what to flip my fem gon too, idk what to do

Rexy Rhys ‏@RhysSharmy41

Like if you eat food 🍕🥪🍔

☘️Donna☘️ ‏@Day_Glow_Eyes

@KatzsDeli I can’t wait to visit you guys when I’m in the city next month 😁 🥪

asuna yuuki ‏@bknightasuna

@PhantomKurapika 🥪. my accounts barley get interactions but i stay bc i love my muses

Texas Patriot ‏@TemplinPatriot

@RepMarkMeadows @RepMarkMeadows - now the dems can go back to indicting ham sandwiches 🥪

Ashley Baylor ‏@Ash_Baylor

Not sure why people ask each other out for coffee or drinks. You want a ‘yes’ with some enthusiasm? Ask them to go…

SmirkMasterING 🇺🇸🇵🇷 ‏@Odaat08

@NYMag I take it you never ate a @ChickfilA 🐓 🥪 very #Sad

OB Quik Stop ‏@obquikstop

Our sandwich of the month is "Turkey" 🥪 with Chips & Soda $7.99! Come get one before March is over 🙂. #OBDeli…

*💀*•𝓒𝓸𝓬𝓸•*💀* ‏@Clo_Nadine

Nothing I love more than a crisps sarnie 🥪

Joe Balderas THD ‏@JoeBalderas7

Success sharing celebration continues @ 506 Day 2. Chopped brisket sandwiches 🥪 😋 on the menu. Thank you associates…

29PalmsWeather 🌐 ‏@29PalmsWeather

@uh_leen_uh Talk about a heatwave am I right? 🥵🔥🥪

🔴 [LIVE NOW!] CrashKoeck 🇨🇦🥪 ‏@CrashKoeck

🔴LIVE! It's 🥪 Twitch Plays Mortal Kombat (Alpha) | #CrashKoeck4Partner (Mortal Kombat)! Come watch over at…

randal wissel ‏@rwissel36

@JayBilas ur #ACC/#Duke bias is getting embarrassing. #JaMorant has a better FG%, 3pt%, FT%, and averages more assi…

Sian Smith ‏@CloverleafBD

Could someone please bring me a big mug of tea and a sausage sandwich 🥪 ☕️ And a hug? #MumHangover

Powelly ‏@powelly_miller

@BroadcastMoose Morrison’s special 🥪

Dave Madden ‏@DaveMMAdden

I wish Grubhub had an option of delivering knuckle sandwiches to others👊🥪

𝓂𝒶𝓁 🧠 𝓏𝑜𝓂𝒷𝒾𝑒 𝑔𝒾𝓇𝓁 ‏@LESBlYOON

lunchtime 💕🥪

Vgneration ‏@Vgneration

💛 Toasted #vegan cheese, tomato & “salami” sandwiches and HUGE banana milkshakes at the lovely #MeowCafe 🐱 in…

The Apiary Harleston ‏@ApiaryHarleston

Lunch? Afternoon Coffee? We've got you covered. ☕🥪 We have a wide range of fresh and made on-site sandwiches, pan…

Visit Weston-super-Mare ‏@visitweston

Treat Mum this Mother's Day with an indulgent Afternoon Tea at the Florentine at @WGevents 🥪🍰 Pre-booking essenti…

Robin Marwick ‏@electricland

OK, so let’s look at a very simple “classic” sandwich: two identical pieces of bread, single filling. 🥪 If it’s lyi…

Andrew Beshara ‏@Griffin_1994

That night I ate a squash/grape jam sandwich 🥪 #EricGordonWuzThere #StAnthonyMain #ExploringMN…

Jim Moody ‏@jim_crafty

@NewfieScumbag That’s what I like to refer to as a C*ck Meat Sandwich 🥪. Brutal

Two Stones Pub Wilmington ‏@2SPWilmington

Chef Dom is working hard to start your Saturday off right with some tasty lunch features like this Cali Turkey Melt…

comms301791 ‏@comms301791

😭👋Hey there.. I am a uni student. This is what happens in my day. At 10am I am - 🥪 At 12pm I am - 👣🛏 At 2pm - 📸 A…

ᵀʰᵉ $𝑎𝑟𝑎𝒽 ♍ ‏@sarah_alsaeedi

They ruin every fucking sandwich 🥪

Mr. Big Stuff ‏@Ejisbeast

I was sleep walking last and made a ham sandwich 🥪

Dpm ‏@Dpm23030327

Let’s take note the ham sandwich 🥪 wasn’t indicted either 😂. @TeamCavuto #CavutoLive

Cool As Leicester ‏@coolasleicester

⬅️➡️ Saturday brunch at Cue on Allandale Road.⁣ 🥑 Avocado toast with poached eggs, feta and chilli oil⁣ 🥪 Croque Mo…

Pauline Milligan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💃🌹 ‏@PaulineMilligan

@SirBillTaylor Yes. 😂. Sausage sandwich game. 🥪

Team Music Is Love ‏@TeamMusicIsLove

Since @martinamcbride ‘s first cookbook “Around The Table” & her recent #MartinasKitchenMix book, we’ve been able t…

(NEW ACCOUNT) Damascino Assassino ‏@Damascino2

@Praetoriu Sliced bread 🥪


🍦 🥪 for 🥞 🍳 because why not

Teri Inman ‏@TNtinman

@britin17k C'mon on now. Fried bologna sandwiches are gourmet dining.🥪🍳❤️

alnabhan ☁️ ‏@alnabhan17

Bacan sandwich 🥪 in Caribou 💘

Deb (Brokl) Johnson 🧩♟🚴🏼‍♀️🐾🏴‍☠️🏁🇺🇸🌎 ‏@DebsterSoCal

@BashAlaniz @tedcruz @r3dgh0st That is cool with me. We should do a taste test challenge with the masses. Taco 🌮 w…

TheBroadwayBradford ‏@TheBroadwayBrad

Do you have a #SubCard yet? There's free Subs and so much more at @SubwayUK 🥪

Francois Elbourne ‏@droneswa1

Never disappoints with a steak and cheese sandwich 🥪☕️☺️.... @panerabread

Ankita Garg ‏@AnkitaG56

@PKgourmet I tried making Dahi Toast after watching your video. And it was delicious. Perfect recipe for students l…

🌸💕sue💕🌸 ‏@Chloeandblake

@virtual_college @sainsburys Jelly baby sandwich 🥪

Chris Omar Games ‏@WoodsW2203

When I Wake Up Think This What I Want...🥪

Pauperism Project ‏@PauperismP

JOIN US as we give 🧴🧼🧻 & 🥪🍔🌭 2 ppl in need! 👉TODAY!!! @ Franklin Square Park (NW, DC)! See u there😆…

🇼˗ˏˋuıʍʇʎdəəɹɔˎˊ˗🍌👑King of the Reply Guys🗨️🐦 ‏@creeptwin

@sleeps_patrick @Gregorvski Sorry to hear about the issues going on buddy, I hope you're overall alright.😢😔💗 Glad…

The Merrion Hotel ‏@MerrionHotel

Take your pick! #ArtAfternoonTea 🥪☕️ Credits: @lexandzachtravel #MerrionMoments #FingerSandwiches #Dublin #LHW

chiara daulay ‏@chiaradharaurah

‘Baby look what you’ve done to me baby look what you’ve done now’ 🥪#directionersday…

Matt Ashton 🐦🇧🇷🔥⚽️ ‏@mattjashton

@redshepherdess Sandwich and crisps same time then yoghurt. No other answer is acceptable...🥪 😂✌️✌️

Frank Skinner ‏@FrankOnTheRadio

(Turn sound on 🔊) Download the podcast NOW! This week Frank has a lot of questions about bread and has found someth…

Chrissy P. 🌜🏁 ‏@Chrissy_24

I don’t have an appetite for destruction, but I would fight Chase Elliott for the last peanut butter & banana sandwich. 😁😋🥪

Biju Varghese ‏@BijuCSKManU

@ABC Costly Sandwich 🥪 Then!!!


This statement aged as well as a tuna sandwich 🥪 left on the dash of a Chevy truck dashboard during a Florida summe…

Pauperism Project ‏@PauperismP

JOIN US as we give 🧴🧼🧻 & 🥪🍔🌭 2 ppl in need! 👉TODAY!!! @ Franklin Square Park (NW, DC)! See u there😆…

William Crosslin 🏁 ‏@WCrosslinNASCAR

@DLand91 I’ve heard better comebacks from a turkey sandwich. 🥪

Hotel Wroxham ‏@HotelWroxham_

Why not treat your mum this mothers day to a traditional afternoon tea by the river Bure at Hotel Wroxham! With a s…

BillyBoy ‏@ShalashMuh

Auburn basketball (-2) is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 🔪🍞=🥪 #MarchMadness🔨@ClarkKelloggCBS…

BillyBoy ‏@ShalashMuh

@ESPN_ReceDavis @ClarkKelloggCBS @marchmadness @espn Auburn basketball (-2) is the greatest thing since sliced brea…

Tadadosi ‏@tadadosi

* Morning workout 🏃‍♂️☑️ * Breakfast 🥪🕣 * Viola's fanart 🎻🕤

Louise Proulx Ⓥ ‏@Louisepru

#WhatDoVegansEat Hello yumminess! Breakfast today. Marinated “eggy” tofu with warmed tomatoes, spinach, and Dayia…

Groves Nurseries ‏@GrovesNurseries

Lunch served till 3.30 so if you got carried away shopping no need to rush #ivyhousekitchen #grovesnurseries…

Jaypee Candelaria ‏@eepyaj19

Happy Anniversary MIMI ZOZI Salon 💇‍♂️ Free sandwich and drinks for the customers on their week-long anniversary ce…

🐭Magic Nut🐭 ‏@magic_nut

When republican mofos tell you they created a lot of jobs ask them how many jobs they created where a mofo working…

WhynotChelly ‏@WhynotChelly

@luv_u_mucho The sandwich is THAT kind of sandwich? 🥪


@catturd2 @maplesc727 Same sandwich 🥪 they usually order, except yesterday they super sized it for .39 cents more

charlotte ‏@jaurxguii_

@neganxv can’t wait omg 🥪

Patrick Schulte ‏@SchulteThatsMe

Weekends are for debating the definition of sandwich 🥪

Shannon Cole ‏@oshanada

If u wanna marry someone, ask THEM. If you wanna marry my dad, that’s fine, ask him. I just ask that you know how t…

Spice Shack ‏@spiceshackfood

Have you tried our sandwiches? 🥪 Sandwiches have been a staple street food across India for years. No need to bo…

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