Scarf Emoji

Scarf was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧣 U+1F9E3


Tweets For 🧣

Kyle Busch III🏎💨 ‏@dvrtface_

On EVERY ASPECT👁💦👗👟👢👡👠🧣👜 👑

Gina Pelloni ‏@GPdogma

@keithawynn You’re hired!! 🧣❄️☕️ 🎄 🍪

Kristin Giannas ‏@KristinGiannas

@FOX35Tom Haha you’re welcome?🧣😸

AdamrocksBerlin♔ ‏@BerlinAdamrocks

@JazzRocks3 @shuboogie @lilybop2010 @LinoD @adamlambert The expression is indeed interesting, but I love those clothes 👖👕🧣😍

Méndez Montenegro  ‏@MarilynMendezM

Data provided by: #weatherlive #Tegucigalpa 🧣

Meghan Jones ‏@TheMeghanJones

Thanksgiving is 1 week away! 🍂// Do you know what you’re wearing yet?! 🧣// @ Dallas, Texas

Amy Guerra ‏@AmyG7700

Have a new or used coat taking up space in your closet?! Why not donate it to a good cause?! Send them with your st…

Sugarbear ‏@431craig

@sakura_shokuin 🧁🎈Happy Birthday Yume!! 🎈 🐹 Take care 🧣

Angel & Greyhound ‏@AngelGreyhound

🧣 Warm yourself up from the inside out 🧣 . We will serve you a deliciously indulgent liqueur coffee of your choice!…

. ‏@vviijjj

happy weekend 🧣

Cedrix Alejandre ‏@AlejandreCedrix

cold nights😞🧣

✩ 𝒮𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓁 ✩ ‏@shell1404

Today’s all about fake it til you make it. Eye liner, a hell of a lot of concealer and my new! Look…

Jessica Wilson ‏@Modelmadein88

Its snowing! 😍🧣

Winstonberry ‏@winstonberryuk

There has been so much 💕 for our @powder_uk scarves...I think we’ll get some more 🤩 They make such fabulous present…

DawnMaria ‏@Peeperpea29

@Jimmysimmonds1 Indeed, I'm on my first cup now. ☕💕 Have a fabulous Thursday! 🌞🐧🧣💗🐦🐾🎼💙

archie henderson ‏@jazzemu_

(• _ •) />👕 I’m an adult now, I shouldn’t leave my dirty clothes on the floor (- _ -) perfect />👕 🧦👗👕🎒👙👘 👖🧦👟🧤👗…

Regina ❤ ‏@RQHearts

@Lindsay_Senter Safe travels. We're going to get slammed with our first snow storm of the season...frm NY up throug…

Christina Kohn ‏@ChristinaKohn1

Today, we are expected to get our first snow of the season! While most people are moaning and groaning, I am PUMPED…

Stephanie Strong ‏@Felidaedreamerz

@TravisAllen02 16° in Portland, ME 🧣

Four Jays Group ‏@four_jays

@CasharaKnitwear Good Morning! Are you ready for a busy day at the #WealdenTimes #MidWinterFair? What cashmere an…

mike ‏@mikebhoy

It’s a bit nippy. Might need a scarf 🧣

Niki Younie ‏@NikiYounie

@jerseygirluk59 @ProfNoelFitz I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!!! 😫😫😫😫😫👠👗👚🧥🧦👕🧣💅👖🕶️🧤👙👜👛👝👢👒👠👡📿💍💎💄

Chris 🐤 ‏@ChrisBart0n

@pinkun I love this. We need yellow and green t shirts with "Daniel says relax" across them! 🧣 #ncfc

🥀 ‏@sexyy_blackkk

Bro it’s so fuckin cold in here I need gloves 🧤 a scarf 🧣 all types!

VinothKumar.M ‏@VinoMi15_Offl

#VanthaRajavathaanVaruven 🧣🙆‍♂️👓 on Set.. #STR is Looking Out🧐 to Surprise Fans🤩🎁 Earlier 2019🗓🌸!! #Silambarasan…

Giffnock Primary PC ‏@GiffnockPC

On the 23rd we are asking that all children come to school wearing something festive & bring a donation for the Chr…

🍁 anoshe ‏@ellydesmots

« See, they're currently in alien terrain, surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet. Huma…

paul ‏@HPatchkit

What with all the general madness, sadness & batshit craziness going on around me...... I’m quite happy to be walk…

Izak 🇲🇽 ‏@superizak1

🚲🇳🇱💦☀️🍂💡[EN] Biking around the Amsterdam canals in a sunny day is always a good idea. Be a healthy and sustainable…

Charlene 猫酱。 ‏@iamcharchar

First #toffeenutlatte date this winter. 🧣❄️

Valley of Roses ‏@valley_roses

Check our lovely selection of cashmere, pashmina and silk scarfs They are lovely gift too 💜🎁🎀🧣🎁

#GivingTuesday UK ‏@givingtuesdayuk

It’s winter 🥶 so why not encourage your staff to bring an old coat 🧥, a pair of gloves 🧤 hat, scarves 🧣 socks 🧦 wha…

Fynch-Hatton ‏@FynchHatton

One of our professions is knitting 🧣 We put in a lot of work to produce high quality garments for fair prices, whil…

#TouchedByGabbyMonèt💋 ‏@love__gabbyyy

@annnnnnese Your favorite scarf 🧣

☥ Tranquil & Peace. ‏@Dcomcustomized

Leaving the link up to the mixtape all month fuck with it #scorpioseason 🧣

☥ Tranquil & Peace. ‏@Dcomcustomized

Thank y’all for the birthday wishes but bump the mixtape in the BIO I’m dropping a new one in #2019 the link gone b…

Megan 📚🧶📝 ‏@MeganDConway

Binding off 125 stitches was a bitch, but I’M DONE. An infinity scarf knitted with circular needles. 🧶♾🧣#amknitting


Goedemorgen.. ❄️ 🧣 (Magandang umaga.. madilim pa) Lord, please bless the work of my hands. 🙏🏻 #Jeremiah2911…

Alex 💫 ‏@brujavamp

I can't wait to put up our Christmas tree and put up all the ornaments I made as a kid. 🖤 Christmas has always been…

Nicole Oliver ‏@nixallover

@KimMaida @ngSeattle @cnishina @cmgriffing @heathkit Yesss you got a scarf!! 🧣 Thanks for hanging out with us Kim, it was great to see ya 😄

Yuzuru Hanyu Lab ‏@YuzuruHanyuMuse

I’m going to get a fluffy sweater and and scarf 🧣

Juro ⛸✨✨💕中間試験中(´Д` ) ‏@juronom

Good news: I have a red knitted scarf 🧣 similar to this 😂

Our Nested Treasures 🌺🌺 ‏@O_N_Treasures

🧣 Nicole Marciano SCARF🧣. Silver Gray Black White Fringe scrunchie Scarf #ebay #sale #deals…

KassC ‏@kassbean

Damn hand me the crack pipe then bc ❄️🌨☃️🎄🧣🎅🏼🤶🏼

Kollywood ‏@Kollyfilms_offl

#VanthaRajavathaanVaruven 🧣🙆‍♂️👓 on Set.. #STR is Looking Out🧐 to Surprise Fans🤩🎁 Earlier 2019...

LaRonda Murphy ‏@CoachLMurph

That scarf though 🧣❤️@KellermanMary

yeni bir dünya 🌍 ‏@yenibirdunya___

Istanbul is quite cold and rainy this week. Wear tight! 🧣🌂 #istanbul #Turkey #Brazil #Spain #Japan #Argentina…

AvonAthleticBoosters ‏@AvonAthletics

Isn't every game in November "Blanket Themed?" 🤔😁🧣🐧

Tasty Cakes ‏@TiffiePop85

I’m in here digging for my scarf 🧣 hat and gloves 🧤 tomorrow will be freezing cold 😤

Soccer Post Keller ‏@SoccerPostDFW

Show your Saints SC spirit!!! While supplies last, spend $20 at Soccer Post Keller and get a Saints SC scarf for $…

James Parish ‏@JamesKSLA

FIRST ALERT: Tonight will be the coldest night of the fall season so far. Lows Thursday morning will range from 23…

Monika ‏@DrMarsRover

Just ordered some fluffy silk mohair yarn in an aqua color from Purl Soho. 🧶 + ❤️ = 🧣

CarolinaLady76 ‏@CarolinaLadyD76

I just finished my first crochet scarf 🧣

Catherine ‏@WilloesCath

@bchydro 🥶-time to make sure all the windows & doors are caulked & shutting properly, furnace filter is clean, warm…

Fast Life Richie🧣 ‏@Fast_life911

Tryna keep my head above water, N***a 💪🏼We pirate 🏴‍☠️ out here, n***a just trying to afloat and I ride for my Famz 🧣

Thavage 🔱 ‏@TwterLessAlyne


Dogs Lover ‏@xoxdogsxox

Grace is all ready for the cold weather 🧣

Teacup Dogs World ‏@Teacupdogsdaily

Grace is all ready for the cold weather 🧣

Greene County Public Library ‏@greenelibrary

When you make a 🧣 red scarf, you could also make the day of a student heading to college from foster care:

LilBit ‏@1i1_Bit

Most women don’t have beards that’s why they have to wear scarves? 🧣

Royal Holiday ‏@RoyalHoliday

😊 Planning a vacation already? These are the 5 perfect winter destinations as the snow begins to fall. 🧥 🧣 ❄️ ☃️…

Kellie Walsh ‏@kelliewalsh1000

@Listen2Lena My boots 👢 and scarves 🧣

TheFabulashBeauty ‏@aydsmommy

❄️🧣🎄SURPRISE!!!!🎄🧣❄️ Comment “SNOW” to claim!!! Going........GOING.......G-O...... Be the FIRST 2 To comment! 👆🏻…

Julie ‏@RantingJulie

@Listen2Lena 🧣 scarves!! Everyone loves a good scarf. #danier

Roxane 🔁 Timeless ‏@CarstairsQueen

@BTS_twt good morning sunshines ⛅️🌤☀️ how do you feel today ? I’m sure the last two nights gave you all the energy…

Keith Chen ‏@KeithChen12

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!! 🧣🎶🎄 . .. .. This four storey Christmas tree has a water fountain flowi…

Archive Coffee & Bar ‏@archivesalem

Coffee for cold days. ☕🧣 We call this drink the Comfy Chair. Start with espresso & textured milk. Add a reduction…

Ghazi🧣 ‏@PlayboyBlizzy

And on November 14th, 2018, I came out on top w/ my beef against Twitter and had my account restored. I declare it…

Alison ‏@alisun_funk

It’s scarf 🧣 season dawg @MarshallsProb @marshalls ‏@thermodynamixca

SPIES, VILLAINS & BABES - NYE2018‼️‼️ 🏍🔫 007-Themed New Year's Eve Bash‼️‼️ 🎩👔🧣👞🧥 Costume Idea: Fancy Bond‼️ 🍸🍸🍸 Mo…

aishah ‏@i_shah0

Another day, another blessing 🧣

kiera ‏@simpsonkiera_

if anyone’s gonna have the best knitwear/winter jumper/dresses this year is of course gonna be me slightly obsessed n can’t stop buying 🧣❄️

Felicia Mayberry ‏@Mayberry22

Snuggled up🍁🍂🌲🧣 @ Show Low, Arizona

Donna Rapado ‏@DonnaRapado

Hellooooo...!!! 🧣👢🧤.....because 70’s.

Brian F. Murphy ‏@CoachMurphy7843

We will have them all. Save your $49.50 a month. Buy yourself one of those preppy scarves instead! 🧣

Northwest Life ‏@sinath_life

@JAIMON777 Thank you!! Really appreciate that!! Enjoy rest of your week! 😊☕️🌲🌿🧣

adaeze noelle ‏@AdaezeNoelle

chunky beanies, cozy sweaters, & graham cracker caramel apples w/ @wakenedapparel 🧣🍯🍏🙌🏾 thankful for companies that…

AntiqueBBDoll ‏@Tretterpie

#Southern #Folklore @almanac 🤷‍♀️ It's going to be a long winter. 🍷❄🧣

Kekin Kurus ‏@ekin_jejai

Every one is wearing sweatshirts or sweaters in the office 🧣

Michelle ‏@m_sleblanc

Don’t forget your hats! 💨 ❄️ 🧣 🧤 #brrrrr #itscold #babyitscoldoutside

Kenneth Smith ‏@Kenneth61218767

It’s very cold 🇨🇦 So you take care of yourself 🧣 Good Evening /Night ✨

Angel Chun ‏@angel_hello

🧣 When you say You love the way I make you feel Everything becomes so real

Kristin Giannas ‏@KristinGiannas

FLORIDA gets a cold front... #FOX35 #GDO #Orlando #LoveFL #Fall 🧣🐱

Nicole Parker ‏@nicoleecparker

@_kalif0rnia I already have some of my decorations up 🎄🧣🎅🏼

Applehead City Pet ‏@AppleheadLtd

We expect to see you there!! Holiday shopping at its finest 🎁💋🐾🧣 #cincy #HolidaysAreComing @theoffmarket…

bri ‏@briannasanxhez

Sweater weather 🧣

Romano Promo ‏@RomanoPromo

Whether you're on the slopes⛷️🏂 or shopping for that perfect gift downtown 🛍️, you'll need a 🧢 and 🧣 to stay warm!…

Martha ‏@marthaedelmanca

It’s a cold world, bundle up 🧣

Leigh & Luca ‏@leighluca

Wouldn’t be #lostinthewoods wearing anything else… 🌲💙🧣 #leighluca #scarfweather #fallstyle #newscarf #scarf…

JunoActive™ ‏@junoactive

Dress it up 👢🧣 or lounge for your post turkey nap - our versatile Stretch Naturals Short Sleeve V-Neck Dress.…

𝚗𝚒𝚔𝚔𝚒 𝚕𝚎𝚎 ‏@nikkileewheat

the cats are staying cozy in this cold, crappy weather 🧣🐱🌬❤️

Paul Chandler ‏@pcchan1981

@Weez Let’s not do anything hasty here. What are your text options? How much do you like the scarf. I say just leav…

Adrianne Dias ‏@AdrianneTheURM

When the winter weather gets you down, grab you favorite pair of 👠 and a matching 🧣 and remember the holidays are u…

scorpio ♏️ ‏@TooMuchTaj

Everyone who bashin this cold weather is weird 🤣 I love the cold 🧣💨🧤☁️👢🌧🌂

Emily DiDonato ‏@emilydidonato1

Winter uniform 🧣 @ New York, New York

Julie Couret ‏@JulieTCouret

🌬all bundled up 🧣

Debs Harding ‏@AbacusEstimator

#TheApprentice2018 question why do all candidates feel the need to wear a scarf 🧣 once they are fired?


@Lord_Sugar is it really cold in your office building?? Everyone who gets fired walks out in a scarf 🧣 😂😂

Anna Mierzejewski ‏@Anna_Mierze

Wrapped up 🧣 a great event yesterday with @TrafficServices to promote safe winter driving. @CAASCO_News

Sophie Hunt ‏@sophie_hunt_081

Kids in winter be like 👁 👁 👂 👃❄️👂 👅 🧣

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