Scarf Emoji

Scarf was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧣 U+1F9E3


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I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

Nobody loves Christmas like I do! Christmas reminds me of the beautiful smell of baking cookies. What gets you into…

Anitaheng ‏@Anitaheng2

@ihascococola So i’ll give you the skirt and the shy scarf 🧣

Dylan Arvela ‏@dylanarvela

@SmithTexi Mmmmh, not so sure. Agree on the 🧣 for 🏅.

高贵监听器🧘🏾‍♀️ ‏@bajankarma

It seems I’m a bit of a @KiplingGlobal fan...🐒 35 bags...👜 7 purses...👛 6 pouches... 7 scarves...🧣

SALMA ‏@naitwasalma

Another happy client in custom mokini 🌹🌹🌹🍄🍄🍄🍄🌹🌹🧣💄💋 #handmadebyme #solsanaa

Casey Diablo Rodmell ‏@RoninSeraphim

@YourPalRoss so I was listening to Avicii (I think that is how you spell the musicians name) and their song wake me…

Gap years Inc ‏@gapyear2016inc

Afternoon ambling @NGVMelbourne - divine aspiration 👗👠👡🧣👢🥿

melanie | a sock ‏@hiraihere

p.s. this was written at like, 2:30 a.m. so please bare with this mess (me). I just needed to post something tbh. :) - Mel 🧣

Lady Elizabeth ‏@Bettyliscious

@ArtistBurns Last time we went (a few months ago) I came away with a gorgeous flamingo scarf! 🧣 #HappyScarfLady

Midnight Silver Moon ‏@puig_gabriela

@CinderfulCircus 1. Spider-Man Far From Home 2. I don’t really wear accessories all that much, but I do love my sc…

na💝🦄🌈🎶_no19(๑◕ܫ◕๑)✌ ‏@NaokoNov19

@genesimmons I like King Ghidorah✨🐲🐲🐲✨. You’re greater than GODZILLA cuz you spit a REAL fire🔥! Don’t catch a cold…

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

Ohhhh I luurrvvveee Christmas! Christmas reminds me of the festive smell of dad's roast dinner farts. Stay merry! 🧣 🤶

james blasko ‏@jamesblasko2

@Never_Danny @amybruni @chipcoffey @AdamJBerry @NJParaUnityExpo Nice 🧣. Proven fake. 🙄

marjorie ‏@marjori57795778

@TODAYshow @alroker @craigmelvin This looks frosty ☃️ 🥶 🧣

treeman ‏@trsports81

@thebettinaarndt @RhondaForbes 😂😂😂😂😂 umm country voted yesterday labor lost so I’d say most voted liberal...…

𝕿𝖞𝖎 𝕿𝖞𝖎 ‏@__B__A__B__Y

Always trust that GUT feeling..... it does never let ya down 🧣

Austin Anthem ‏@AustinAnthem

🧣🐣 #LosZanates stickers and decals: Not just for laptop lids and vehicle windows. 🛒🛍 Get some today!…

Uniswattt Ruan ‏@Uniswatttruan

During visiting hours we visit the dead... 🧣🌎

Shaggy D ‏@ShaggyDTweeter

@Comey Jimmy, it’s all going to come out into the open. It won’t be much longer. I wonder if you will end up w…

tamsin smith ‏@mangotams

@dpint01 This tweet is the only redeeming thing about that match. Thanks for the laugh. 🧣

Jules Jamison 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@JulesJamison

@frisky9 All thanks to your hard work @frisky9 Brilliant! 🐈🐾🧣

agua caliente🌐 ‏@calejado70

@PeterJMacca A little too much fume mate?🧣

Ann ‏@neverfindapen

Is it fall yet? 🎃 🍁 🧣🍂☁️🏈

Lisa ‏@lisarocktheday

@IamGabrielLuna Great partying tonight 🥳🍸🥃😁I believe you have left your scarf 🧣 Hope you had a great see. See you t…

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

I think it's time for some Christmas carols! Christmas reminds me of the happy sound of wood being chopped. Fa La La La! ❄️ 🧣

Princess Morgan ‏@moggymainecoon

@frisky9 This is pawsome! Thanks to Frisky’s Mum and the 🧣 army for all their work 👏😺

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

Ohhhh I luurrvvveee Christmas! Christmas reminds me of the festive sound of wood being chopped. Jingle all the way! 🧣 🤶

ilhaamsolo ‏@ilhaam3

@News24 Some much needed rain🧚🏻‍♀️🌂🧣

Leyton Orient ‏@leytonorientfc

Remember your official #LOFC Fan Zone is at @BoxparkWembley tomorrow. ⌚ Doors open from 11am 🍻 Three bars 🍔 More t…

Global Scarves ‏@GlobalScarves

Bundesliga is settled, Man City finishes the treble with an #FACup Championship, but European soccer isn’t over yet…

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

How many days till Christmas? Christmas reminds me of the dazzling smell of burning wood. Christmas wishes! 🎅 🧣

Cecelia RoseBud🌹 💫✨Roseanne✨💫 ‏@birdankle

@ChrissyRoseUp @CatcheNameHere I’ll tell you what, @CatcheNameHere flipped that scarf in air when #Roseanne asked t…

IG--- BoBaynes ‏@Wallarc

@Signora_Larissa I guess we should stick to popc plans , lets buy u more scarf 🧣 to match ur shoes 🙈🙈

Riverside Coras FC ‏@RiversideCoraFC

Hey man take it easy, just want to tell you about our home game 🏡 🆚 @ascsandiego 📅 5/19 ⌚️ 5 pm 🏟 JW North Hig…

Forward Madison FC ‏@ForwardMSNFC

New scarves 🧣 available at our team store Flamboyance today! The team shop is open from noon until the end of tonig…

SwapNeal Nikunj ‏@SwapNeal30

#TheSociety S-1/E-4:- who killed Casandra? I still wonder. I have doubts on Cambell and the guy who comes to the st…

Riverside Coras FC ‏@RiversideCoraFC

Bring it in everyone cause we are back home! 🏡 🆚 @ascsandiego 📅 5/19 ⌚️ 5 pm 🏟 JW North High School 🎟 $10 at th…

🎄Christmas Cheer🎄 ‏@1ChristmasCheer

221 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄❄️☃️🤶🏻🧣🦌🔔🎅🏻🎁🛷📯🔔🦌🎄❄️🧣🎅🏻🛷🎁🤶🏻☃️❄️🦌🧣🤶🏻🎁🎅🏻🔔📯🛷🎅🏻🧣🎄❄️🎄🦌🔔🎁🤶🏻☃️📯🔔🦌🎄❄️🧣🎅🏻🛷🎁🤶🏻☃️❄️🎄🦌🧣🎁🎅🏻🔔📯🛷🎁🎅🏻🔔🦌🧣…

민소휸 ‏@Pogyx2

Tae you know all Of ARMY in the world love you so much and love BTS too, we always be your side Kim Taehyung and BT…

Lizzi 🦋 ‏@Lizzibear

Want a chance to win one of my gorgeous Lizzibear Hugs™️ scarves?! Enter my raffle now and on June 1 I’ll draw a wi…

🎡HealingSeal☄️ ‏@sealwhitejr

we wear matching outfits! 🧣🍨

Mark ‏@Batchowski

Surprised they aren’t selling Man City / Liverpool half and half scarves 🧣 at Wembley today.

Amy; Magizoologist & Warlock➰ ‏@LirbesOlerybes

His 👀 matches his 🧣💚 😍 #LukeEvans IG story

S ‏@coreyisapeach

SOOOO fuckin’ stoked for my Real Friends scarf 🧣🙌🏻♥️ best purchase I’ve made in awhiiile. #RealFriendsBand

King Kenny ‏@LFCRed1977

Going to enjoy watching the Red Men knocking those fookers of their pedestal next season. 🧣

Tony ‏@nugentino1

@_Syriana_ One Kiss by Dua - get you in the mood for Madrid 😉🧣⚽️🏆

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

Is it almost the silly season yet? Christmas reminds me of the peaceful time to sit in front of the crackling fire. Christmas wishes! 🤶 🧣

Sarah ‏@miss_luna_lily

@ReadingInHeels @_selfportrait_ @glossier @serpentstail @TheSchoolOfLife @bumbleandbumble Adore @ReadingInHeels St…

Kanganwai Chihozhwa ‏@chihozhwak

@xandatoto ED scarf 🧣 looks better

Tony ‏@nugentino1

@SamanthaQuek @paulprowl1981 Just imagine @SamanthaQuek - you 🍑💨 - get 🎫- go 🏟 - watch LFC 🧣 win 🏆 - superstition m…

BotUnicode ‏@BotUnicode

🧣 code:1F9E3 SCARF(Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs)

robbo ‏@probbo1978

There up the Mersey is red 🧣🔴😎#LFC

Bahar Mehmani ‏@mehmanib

What’s the color of the 🧣 you were knitting it PEERE conferences and meetings @Dublin_kshankar ?

💧Toni Gunn ‏@potofjasminetea

@schirriant You need a 🧣

Prometheus 🔥 ‏@PrometheusAM

@LeeARisk I like the little scarf! Epic.🧣

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

I hope none of you are Grinches! Christmas reminds me of the festive taste of chicken. Stay jolly! 🧣 ⛄️

Tom Robertson ‏@TomCRobertson

You’ve got one job if you sit in front of the scoreboard scoreboard... Don’t do this with your 🧣 #AFLPiesSaints

Ceri Muter ‏@Ceri_Muter

I'm not quite ready for wool just yet so instead I made this linen cord and linen fabric scarf. Arm knitted of cou…

1 Hour 1 Self Care ‏@1Hour1Suho

🧣 wear something you love

CrunchyCrowe ‏@CrunchyCaws

♥reminder that crunchy is and has always been a nightmare creature 💖 🐍 Art Sssstream is over for today, I will see…

brina beuna vruna ‏@bruisdead

sushi de cachecol, that’s the tweet 🧣 😻

𝐙𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞 🐚 ‏@mariiemata

I sneeze and swoosh. 💮🉐㊙️㊗️🈴🅱️🅰️🈲🈹🈵🆎🅾️🆘❌🚫📛⛔️🛑⭕️💯💢♨️🚷🚯🚭📵🔞🚱🚳❗️⁉️❓‼️📕🎈🌡💉☎️⏰⛽️🗼🚨🚒🎪🎸🎯🥊🏓🍷🌶🍒🍎🍉🍓🌹🥀🎒👠🧣⛑💋💄👹👺♥️❤️🔴 Get it?

Mina ‏@MinaMakesMagic

The more and more I try to declutter my closet, the more I go on shopping binges. 💃🏽💄🧥🥼👚👕👗👖👡👠🥿👢👘🧣🎒 • Spring fashion…

Brainfreeze ‏@BrainfreezePup

Come play fursuit bingo with us at the @biggestlittlefc fursuit festival tonight! I'll be there and I can help you…

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

How many days till Christmas? Christmas reminds me of the charming time the family eats a roast. Sparkle bright! 🎁 🧣

SaveForeverS2 ‏@SaveForeverS2

@Lynetterice @JoyceEng @MichaelAusiello PLEASE follow @SaveForeverS2 #SaveForeverS2 for news & updates re: the fan-…

Jessica Philemon💎 ‏@J3ssicaPhil3mon

On a Sunday, cause that’s just wrong. On god 🧣🙏🏿

SaveForeverS2 ‏@SaveForeverS2

@TalkTVwithTiffany @UnitedWeFanDoc @MattMitovich @shamikacotton @JoeLoffreno PLS follow @SaveForeverS2…

CanaryRach ‏@RachCanary

@Bevvy74 @TimKrul Thanku Pete, my Dad would certainly treasure it. 💛💚🧣✌️OTBC!

Ponsonby Central ‏@PonsonbyCentral

A winter essential. @wixiionlne, natural fabrics together with hand selected vintage. 🐑🧣🐑 #organicfabrics…

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

I think it's time for some Christmas carols! Christmas reminds me of the magical time of being with my family. Don…

Luton Town FC ‏@LutonTown

🧣 HARFORD SCARVES | Our in demand Mick Harford scarves are now back in stock! 👉

womaninbiz ‏@WhatsNewRae

@neithtextiles Hello to you Sharon and thanks for joining us! I hope you’re doing well 😊 #womaninbiz 🧣

SaveForeverS2 ‏@SaveForeverS2

@N3GatorFan @einat162 @Ioanos Calling all #FOREVER FANS! Please follow @SaveForeverS2 #SaveForeverS2 for news & up…

Tracey Richardson ‏@TraceyRich16

@thegingerwig @hilarymcfc is taking her 50 year old scarf 🧣 tomorrow from her first.

KissMyRosePetals ‏@2013ParentToBe

I really wanted my dreads today... I’ve been natural for two years and I was told my hair was two curly... 🥺 She wa…

I Love You Christmas ‏@SillySeason101

I hope none of you are Grinches! Christmas reminds me of the loving time to fill stockings. Stay jolly! 🧣 🎅

Patrick McMullen ‏@RiffTraxIsCool

@MaltKlaus @IslayMill I have to see if I can find a catalog, I could use a nice scarf 🧣 and possibly a pair of glov…

XLII ‏@pandakering

glasses short hair is really something i cant deny 🧣

Leyton Orient ‏@leytonorientfc

@TheTrevorDurham 🧣 That's what the scarf says!

Powelly ‏@powelly_miller

@ilmmad512 At least you got a free scarf!!! 🧣

EHS PE Dept. ‏@EastwoodHS_PE

Great afternoon taking care of our mental wellbeing! 🧣 Weaving 🍪 Baking 🗺️ Scavenger Hunt 🎤 Lip Sync…

Malri ‏@Cityflower7

@NPR Marnie with her scarf 🧣

MCD ® ‏@MovieCaveDave

@4kCinemaHD Come Check My Boyz Homie. 🧣 #LFC4Life

Staynor Hall Primary ‏@staynorHprimary

Team Nidd received some exciting packages that needed sorting so that they could go to the correct traditional tale…

andrew ‏@capetownmusings

@Joe990nwMoyo Some haven't recovered and should go to counseling or Premier League rehab 😂😬 as a Liverpool fan myse…

JPygz ‏@joe_pygall

1st June finally sorted! #AllezAllezAllez @LFC ⚽️ 🧣

NanakoNakata ‏@japaneznanako

Fashion 💕👠🧣👜🎽🗽 #MakeItPossible #可能性を信じてやってみよう #TommyHilfiger

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