Scarf Emoji

Scarf was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧣 U+1F9E3


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Aiden Brady ‏@aidiebrady

Here we go ten in a row. Here we gooo ten in a row. Herrreee weeeee gooooo ten in a rowww 🤣 mon the hoops 🧣

CCCU Primary Ed ‏@CCCUPrimaryEd

Could be a chilly day for graduation 🎓 tomorrow - wrap up warm! 🧤 🧣 👢

TAYLOR SHADY FACTS ➐ ‏@goldentays

I 🚶‍♀️walked through the 🚪 with you the 💨 was ❄️ but something bout it felt like 🏠 somehow and i ◀️ my 🧣 there at…

Bay🌅 ‏@bay2O19

🧣#Winter2019❄️ The #rainbow🌈#beam stands out clearly on the #baseline of the #SeaBay🔘 just like the #pedestal for t…

Sara Alabdullah ‏@SaraAlabdulla72

GoodMorning 🧣

Vic ‏@vickatsuru

🧣🎩(*ё)👓🎯🧰 I played “Where’s Waldo” after a long time in “Hakone Honbako”, a wonderful hotel in Hakone, Kanagawa📚 🐥…

Willie Lee Page Smith ‏@RoyalKingWill

@ShawnteLee89 Bahahahaha let me send yo ass this scarf 🧣

Golden Valley High School ‏@GVHSASB

Our winter sports rally is coming up fast, be there on Friday to see all the action! Make sure to wear your class c…

هاجر فهد ‏@struggle4lif

#كنت_احلم_اكون Model , Fashion designer but it’s okay , Maybe it's not too late .🧣

coop ☻ ‏@nolimit_coop3

@slickthegoat Damnnn. Cold case 🌚🧣

LJ & Shelby ‏@2Swaggs

@jeremiepoplin And I thought the guy with the 🧣 was the gay one. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Maddie Crichton ‏@maddiecrichton

@DrBeaubert well some of us just caught the charming English teddy bear movie on HBO!!! so I tweeted it when I tweeted it! #🐻 #🌂 #🧢 #🧣 #🍯

ʟɪᴠ ᴘᴀɢᴇ-ᴘʟᴀɴᴛ. ‏@littlerxckstar

Green hair 💚👕👘🧣👽

KeepOnTrumpin ‏@BrannonSheree

@BlueSea1964 @SandraTXAS Take off your head scarf 🧣 We all don’t wear those. And I say ban the 🐱 hats‼️🤔🇺🇸

Colorfly Official ‏@ColorflyApp

Wearing bright colors in winter! Hats, gloves and scarves are necessary! 🧣❄️ ---------------- ❥ Tag/DM me or…

mia 🍬 page ‏@miadraws

giant scarf! 🧣🍃❄️

I'm a Fish 🦑 ‏@InMyJins

[♡] 01.23.19 Thanks for posting on the fancafe today, your words are so cute and caring. Make sure to stay warm a…

ღ💃❤🐕ღ♥•❥¸¸.•*¨*♥ ‏@Mily116

❄✿☃️*.¸.*¨`*•💙¸🧤~¨`*❄☃️ 💙..¸ღ☃️🧦¨`*•💙.🧣..¸ღ❄☃️ A daily dose of daydreaming heals the heart, soothes the soul, and…

Grace Chen ‏@GraceChensox


[email protected] ‏@charlynfelizab1

@Art_Donovan @RealJamesWoods @POTUS @SpeakerPelosi SHAME ON YOU!!!! 🧣

𝙧𝙤𝙭𝙮 ‏@roxybean_

retail employee: empty, folded store: customer like five minutes before close: 👔 🧣…

natalia ‏@nataliaesq21

I put some red in my girls hair look at how cute she looks ❤️🎈💋💄🎒🧣🌹🍎🍒🚨

yan ladry ⚜️ ‏@_NoManLand_

@windyforecast Ha 🇨🇦 winter!! Lovely 🧣

Sources ‏@SourcesBC

On Feb. 5, RAISE THE ROOF 🙌🏠 for the #homeless. Bring your toque, scarf 🧣 & sock 🧦 donations, purchase your Toque T…

Jus2Hype ‏@ali_triplegear

@baileemorton7 @NBA What’s Wrong With A $25 Dollar Scarf 🧣 🤦🏾‍♂️ This Generation SMH #Rockets

Justin ‏@jmorgan8890

Sometimes it’s fun to play dress up on rainy days! #🌧 #🧣 #🕶 #😎 #silvertone #🖤 #👏🏼 #📸 but where did we put that dar…

Jansen♛ ‏@BornnReadyy

Max b jams and stuffed backwoods 🧣

Sophie Smith ‏@sophie_smith6

Twitter: y’all have never grown, harvested, spun, and wove cotton into clothes, and it shows. Me: 💁🏻‍♀️💵🏢👗🧣

Alana 🕮 ‏@Larns___

I've only mastered scarves 🧣 These are amazing. Charming Crochet & Knit Versions of Fish, Fries, and Other Foods:

CGB ‏@thinkCGB

@Shawnaah Blood pop 👹⛑🧣🍎

Andy*K250 💬 ‏@andy_k_250

Q: What do you call a snake with no clothes? A: Snakèd! 🐍 🧣👚 😊

𝓱𝓮𝓵 ☁️ ‏@veontans

Good Morning💛 I hope you have a lovely day today and you get many beautiful surprises🌼 Dress warmly too & take ca…

L. Lovers Land 🛶 ‏@w90_9

Happy Dreams ✨ @0o0oco 🧣♥️

Lucy Gibson ‏@LucyRGibson

@GeoffHutchison @fringe_world @abcperth We were sitting across from you. Your reaction was gold! 🧣🙈

Everything's Coming Up Philhouse ‏@MinyaNravitsa

Send snoods. 🧣🍆

*Ms*Heather*Bloom* ‏@MsHeatherBloom

...and a well wrapped scarf is highly necessary, even if it’s no longer -18 with the windchill! 🧣

Nikesha Brown ‏@NikeshaBrown2

If the government shutdown? Who took the taxes out of my check??🤔 I ain't working until the government is reopened.…

David Glenn WTVC ‏@StormTrack9Dave

Heavy downpours followed by much colder temperatures tonight! Join me at 5pm on NewsChannel 9 for a forecast updat…

Nancy Lee ‏@NancyL50964212

Perfect timing after meeting for some detoxing. Get your #wearredandgive on. 1️⃣0️⃣days to go 2/1 🥰💃🏿👠🧣…

Heather on the Hill ‏@jitterbug212

🌻 I tend to forget to refill my daily asthma meds, then I start to feel low energy (because, duh Heather, I can't b…

🐑🐑Suzie P🐑🐑 ‏@FisherP22

@woolhour That’s Jemima! She didn’t like the really hot weather in summer. They all love a good belly rub too. P.S.…

B. Fly ‏@bflyapparel

Come Out to see B. Fly Apparel’s Winter Collection at “The Link Up” Part 2 Networking Event! JANUARY 26, 2016 ~ Lo…

B. Fly ‏@bflyapparel

Come Out to see B. Fly Apparel’s Winter Collection at “The Link Up” Part 2 Networking Event! JANUARY 26, 2016 ~ Lo…


✊🧣✊🏿🧣✊🏽🧣✊🏼🧣✊🏻🧣 NJEA members from every corner of the state are wearing red today because they are ready for relief…

Leanne ‏@LeaRus81

@craiggill46 Lol aye. Some of the wee sashes would’ve made a good scarf 🧣 lol

Zoha ‏@zohamemari

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Animal print knit scarf 🧣. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Grace Students ‏@gracepstudents

Since it’s so beautiful outside we’re going to be outside for youth group! Just kidding that would be terrible. Com…

🎄Christmas Cheer🎄 ‏@1ChristmasCheer

336 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄🛷🔔☃️🎅🏻🎁🤶🏻🧸🧣🦌📯❄️❄️🎄🎅🏻🦌🧣🤶🏻🎁☃️📯🔔🛷🧸❄️🎄🛷🔔🎅🏻🤶🏻🎁☃️🧣🦌🧸📯❄️🎄🧣🦌🎁🎅🏻📯🔔🤶🏻☃️🛷🧸❄️🎄🛷☃️🎅🏻🤶🏻🔔🎁🦌📯🧸🧣❄️🎄🧣🎅🏻🎁…

Hsu Growing Supply ‏@hsucompost

Turning compost today. Air temps may be chilly but inside some of our compost piles the temps can range from 40-50…

Heather on the Hill ‏@jitterbug212

@PreachnGeek That's a great plan. 🍲🧣

HolyApostlesNYC ‏@HolyApostlesNYC

🧣WHY DO YOU GIVE WARMTH? 🧣 . . "I have #volunteered before and was impressed with the amazing work, I wish to contr…

ally ‏@yellow95s

🧣 - i know you just moved accounts but i know you by your name bc it’s cute we should dm sometime and get closer ! :)

Abi ‏@ItalianRose29

💖💜💗💙I hope you are having a lovely day Darlings... Oh my I am SO happy!!! Nothing like good news to put a smile on…

Cheryl J Henderson ‏@AcherylJh

@seanhannity I like to rip off her scarf 🧣

Show Cakes LLC ‏@ShowCakesLLC

Wizards 🧙‍♂️ wands, and a magical cake for Mackenzie!! 🧣👓✨⚡️-Harry Potter cake Call us TODAY to book your custom c…

FullStory ‏@fullstory

SCARF? 🧣 S → Status C → Certainty A → Autonomy R → Relatedness F → Fairness @justin0wings breaks down the SCARF m…

Robert England ‏@roberte46763910


NEET FILES📘 ‏@NeetFiles

Yesterday I wore something from 5 years ago and it fitted !!! So proud of myself It was a scarf 🧣 But still .Let us be positive here !!

EcoBags ‏@EcoBagsLtd

Could be a wee bit chilly at 06:00 tomorrow morning then in #Glasgow as we head off on our 500 (ish) mile drive bac…

Sue Baldaro ‏@sbaldaro

Thanks @republicarch 🧣❤️🇨🇦#BurdenofTruth #winnipeg #architecture #SteadmanLavery @cbc @eone @EagleVisionCa…

Flossie Shelley ‏@FlossieShelley

@cookiegigan @ghenderson1013 @mariakrachania @DeborahHeaven @davelackie @Chrissyann12345 @gonny_aarts @mov46…

HyperBeard ‏@HyperBeard

Get the silver ticket and travel to Yukiyama on #TsukiAdventure! 🗻❄️ A snowy mountain full of secrets waiting for y…

noah ≠ ‏@1noahhh

need me a chanel scarf 🧣

Jill ‏@SMIJbyJill

Travel Wraps coming soon. ✈️ Lightweight knit wrap for airplanes, road trips, National Park hopping, star gazing,…


.⋱⋱ ⋮ ⋰ ⋰. ..¸ ღ((¯`´¯))ღ💙¸.*´ `*.🐮.*´`*💙 Say Hello To Winter's Charm ~.. ღ✿*.¸.🐮¨`*•💙¸ღ¨`*🧤💙..¸ღ ☃️~¨`*•💙.🧣..¸ღ☃️~…

Purdue Fort Wayne ‏@purduefw

We’re ready for the annual #HomecomingPFW student vs. staff and faculty basketball game, happening now in the Field…

Anya Rice ‏@anyadrice

Stumbled upon marthas_attic while in welovewoodstock over the weekend. ✨🧣 @ Martha's ATTIC

Dazzle Dance Centre ‏@ZoeGilesx

Proud of my amazing girls last night with their props - mainly scarves and pom poms at DanceFit. 👣🧣👣🧣👣🧣👣🧣👣🧣👣🧣 If…

The Style ‏@thestyle3231

#UPADHA #SILK #CATALOGUE #FIDAA vol-2*❤ #Upadasilk *👗#Top :- #Upada #silk with #Embroidery #work *👖#Bottom :-…

Vanessa K ‏@vkrunich

@laura_barrera11 @kryssa50215274 @TMobile @JohnLegere @sbratto88 Agreed! Lookin’ fierce in that TMO scarf! 🧣💕


ღ❄️(◠‿◠)˙•☃️٠•💌ღ🌞 ƸӜƷ.•.¸¸.•☃️¸..•*"💙🐾🐶 💙🐾༺🐶•.♡~🧦༺🐶•.♡.• 🧤🐶༺~May you have an Amazing day, full of Love and Blessing…

ღ💃❤🐕ღ♥•❥¸¸.•*¨*♥ ‏@Mily116

.⋱⋱ ⋮ ⋰ ⋰. ..¸ ღ((¯`´¯))ღ💙¸.*´ `*. 🧤.*´`*💙 Say Hello To Winter's Charm ~.. ღ✿*.¸.*¨`*•💙¸ღ~¨`*🧤•💙..¸ღ ☃️~¨`*•💙.🧣..¸ღ…

Nunnery Wood High ‏@NunneryWood

@truman_rachel @StourportSCITT Hope everyone has warmed up, expect you all dressed suitably though! 🧥 🧢 🧣

Gary Skentelbery ‏@GarySkent

@WDPcomms @warringtonworld @ExpLearningHub @StMarkUniversal @f11_photography @Davet21 @DTCSales @BASNWLtd…

ShellyRibando ‏@ShellyKOAT

@Fox35Amy I know! I even had a space heater when I worked in Fl! 🧣

Mya . ‏@_ohhhyeahhh

i want some neck i wish i was a scarf 😂😂🧣

Laura Barrera ‏@laura_barrera11

@kryssa50215274 @TMobile @JohnLegere @sbratto88 I love that scarf! 🧣

Kollywood ‏@Kollyfilms_offl

👓👖Semma Stylish #STR 🧔👟 in #VanthaRajavathaanVaruven 🧣🙆‍♂️ New Poster!! STRIKING One🖼👌.. #Hi...

General Eccentric ‏@geneccentric502

Cute + Cozy #ootd 💛🧣👢 • Top $34 • Scarf $19 • Belt $12 • Boots [SALE] $18 • Earrings $12 • Jeans…

🏳️‍🌈Richie🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Richie2279

It’s cold out and I rarely wear a scarf 🧣. Keep warm in London or where you may be outside

Wilrike Pasman ‏@Wilrike68

@pjmweijs @food_lab_hva @HvABSV And, did they enjoy it? Not really the best weather for an ice-cream session 🧣🍦☃️❄

Mary Capuccine ‏@thekindofmary

@TheWeirdWorld One of my best friends has been trying to patch me up in the fashion world. She sees me living up in…

Tʜᴇ 86ᴛʜ Lᴇɢɪsʟᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ ‏@86thLegislature

Yellow scarves serve a practical purpose today!☝🏼🧣

Woodcote Primary ‏@WoodcoteSchool

Don’t forget to wear your funky scarf on Friday and all donations received will support families in our local area. 🧣

Ɩıʑą ‏@StarChildMYG

@IMyra077 Yes for just 2 weeks.. but it did.. 🧣

Ms. Weber ‏@MsWeber16

#RedForEd 🧣!!! I'm ready for the NJ legislature to post and pass the Chapter 78 Relief and ESP Job Justice legisla…

아쉬와그 ヅ 🌻🍃🌙☀️ Stream Daydream ‏@ash7Ko

We purple you 💜🌸🧣 #JIMIN #ThankYouForPromise #ThankYouJimin

아쉬와그 ヅ 🌻🍃🌙☀️ Stream Daydream ‏@ash7Ko

#ThankYouForPromise #ThankYouJimin 💜🌸🧣🍃 I purple you 💜🎶

dee (lightful) ‏@brighteyesemo

it's so nice when people take care of others 💜 and take care of lampposts 🧣 they must be freezing 🤗🌨️ •…

McDougleKISD ‏@McDougleKISD

McDougle Queens are ready! 👑Scarves 🧣 and talks today with Mrs. Jamie Karns! We can’t wait to welcome her.…

dee (lightful) ‏@brighteyesemo

it’s so nice when people take care of others 💜 and take care of lampposts 🧣 they must be freezing 🤗🌨️ •…

liz❄️ | 🐬🐝💙 | ☃️🎄 ‏@huyandere

little birthday gift for myself 🧣

SkeliDoge ‏@notThatIsa

proud of myself for stepping out into the cold & deciding to go back in for my pink cotton overcoat 🧣

Moosie ‏@catnip55

@atDavidHoffman 💍👜🧣👠👓🛳✈️🕌🏙💰💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💎 and to get into the country!

Study Higher Oxfordshire ‏@StudyHigherOxon

Phew! After running her third trip in a week our HELO Steph is having a brew and maybe a nap (hibernation until the…

Young Denzel ‏@MarkB_LifeStyle

Asian niggahs be drippin on y’all “ fly “ niggahs man ... y’all can’t see the supreme scarf 🧣 too

University of Denver ‏@UofDenver

Did everyone remember their 🧣 and 🧤 on this chilly morning?

Follow___Help 🤑 ‏@follower___help

Follow all who like and retweet 🧣

Bryan Solar ‏@BrySol1

@realDonaldTrump BAWCWF ... your new hats or is that on a scarf 🧣

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