Scarf Emoji

Scarf was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧣 U+1F9E3


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sima 🇮🇷 ‏@sima27762554

@charliekirk11 As An Iranian I didn’t know I couldn’t talk with my bf ,male freinds , class mate , professor, manag…

liam ‏@liamguntalilib


Stuart McDargh ‏@sawmcdargh

@JoaniePhotos My mother was a Scarf 🧣 Girl. They were silk. She even had clear plastic when it rained. Had it’s o…

Karen Hoxey Roedding ‏@KarenRoedding

Such a fun night with some of my girlfriends at my shoe party at my friend Lauren’s ADORABLE boutique! She has the…

Matt Larsen ‏@soccerstuey

#RSL swag ready🤘🏼. Traveling downtown for the #LAFCvRSL game tomorrow🤩 ❎ Two tix ❎ Two kits (Will Rimando sign my G…

Ebrahim Badsha ‏@Badshaass

@mani_2860 @azimsherwani @_NairFYI @rohini_sgh Understand your concern on women wearing bikini on public platform a…

Matinee Manatees ‏@MatineeManatees

New episode is up! 1994's "The Shadow", directed by Russell Mulcahy and starring @AlecBaldwin and John Lone, but a…

james kipple ‏@kipkipple1

@kevinpokeeffe 🤣the struggle is real. actually made progress on my closet👚🥼👘👡🥾👛🧦👔🧣👟. today, too AAMOF

billions of packets ‏@justinesherry

Where is your 🧣?

Chasey ‏@chasey82

Imagine being a spurs fan but having a derby county and hibs scarf 🧣 in your room! 🤦🏼‍♂️

Pacific FC ‏@Pacificfccpl

@kzknowles Hit up!🧣

🕊Yarmouth22 🦅⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Yarmouth22

@protrumpuk Asia Argento: 1. Harvey Weinstein victim/whistleblower 2. Dating Anthony Bourdain when 🧣

HITNHOMEBOY ‏@hitnhomeboy

@BrianSimsPA @ccadelago @KamalaHarris hideous 🧣 included.. who mixes the wrong colors and seasons?! 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 she real…

🎀 NYC Aussie ✡️ RACHEL ‏@AussieRachel_

@AnOtterGuy ps: karma for the win 🌸🧣

This Fernandez Rocks💃🏽 ‏@HA_Fernandez

I think this is utter lunacy given the many prevailing issues that circumvent is here and that dastardly Zakir Naik…

Carlisle High School Soccer ‏@PowercatSoccer

Got it for the nostalgia but my New Central Dutch scarf 🧣 came in handy this week for our early morning training se…

Melbourne FC ‏@melbournefc

Scarves at the ready? 🧣 Don't forget to bring your pre-loved scarves to today's match, red + blue! Drop them in t…

Scott G ‏@ScottyG4

@BKLYNRELL1 I would have loved to choke him out with his girly scarf 🧣 he has on. Jiu jitsu life!!!

Borussia Dortmund ‏@BlackYellow

Congratulations to the three winners of our #BlackYellow100k scarf giveaway, @andystock22, @r_masti_, and…

윤기's caro 🎪 ‏@gothyunki

yoonieluvr69 has entered the chat ! </3 🎪🍎📮🎒🎡🍫🧣🎰🎢🗼

Follow HELP 👑 ‏@fw_hp1

I want you all turn on my notifications 🔔 LIKE, if you have them on. Follow me & Retweet fast. 🧣

Zvakwana ‏@Shumbayesango

@Mathuthu He goes there at night riding a hyena for scarf 🧣 rituals .

MAGA ‏@pinkkfrogg1

@TeaBoots I see the thug is wearing that palestinian bs 🧣 scarf...

Rafael Rojas Rdz. ‏@rrojasrdz

@PTelloVillagran Nos faltan 4️⃣3️⃣ 👟 = 5 + (🙎‍♂️ 5 + 🧣 2 + 🧣 2 + 👟 5 + 👟 5 = 19) x 🧣 = 2

Felipe R. Garcia ‏@Felipe_fn_Garci

@majornelson #freecodefridaycontest shinobu because of his badass scarf 🧣

Annette C. ‏@samismymuse

@SandraRankin_UK Exactly and impossible to avoid. Only protection works 🧣


next week is wellness week @ fhs monday is mental health & everyone wear red ‼️❤️❣️📍📕🎈🚗🎸🥊🍒🍎🌹🥀🐙🎒👠🧣⛑💃🏾💋🌶🥩🥤🏓🛷🏎🚨🚒⛽️🚁🕹🧰🛢🧨🧲🖍

M i u s h i ♥ Commissions Open!~ ‏@YinMiushi

It's been a bit since I've done a proper self portrait-kind of thing! 🧣💙🎀 #watercolors #traditionalart #mixedmedia…

1 Hour 1 Self Care ‏@1Hour1Suho

🧣 wear something you love

IsoRu🌴🔝 ‏@EyeeSoo

On Ttrees 🌴🧣 Blood in , Blood Out

OnLogistics ‏@OnLogistics_Ltd

🧣 ONE MORE WEEK TO GO 🧣 Until OnLogistics MD sleeps rough for YMCA. We just need to get 26 more likes of the our F…

Mongoose Apparel ‏@ApparelMongoose

*BRAND NEW* Break the cold with our all-new multi striped scarf. Winter or spring, it will still do its job! 🧣

Forge FC ‏@ForgeFCHamilton

Reminder: It's #ForgeFriday. 🧣 #ForgeFC | #CanPL

Erica Peterson ‏@ericalpeterson

You know it’s been a long winter when you’ve been away for a week, and when you return your husband’s highlight is…

Queerlycontent ‏@queerlycontent

'Heated pool' is a misnomer. I would call it a lukewarm bath temp. Eldest really wanted to go swimming. 59 degrees…

Dapper Dashy ‏@dapperdashyy

Dapper men style💯 . Evening Casual 🧣 . Follow us @dapperdashyy . . . . ————————————————————————— 🎧 Styles on…

Kathryn McLeod ‏@KathrynMcLeod76

I shouldn’t have to wear a scarf in my classroom but here I am, wearing a scarf 🧣 With attached mittens 🧤

Jackizz ‏@Jackizz5

Come and see 🐺␝ᴅɪᴀᴀᴄʏᴅᴀ 🌒🧣's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: jum date💃

Amelia Draper ‏@amelia_draper

🚨 Weather Alert 🌬 Wind Advisory north/west of DC until 🕛 for gusts to 50mph 🌲 Potential for downed trees 🔌 Some sp…

Karin Shah ‏@coolshah

@elineof Scarf 🧣, something that doesn’t cost a fortune in yarn.

ringo 💎 ‏@bwaysalazar

ryan knowles b like 🧣

amir ‏@amirmuizuddin

Come and see 🐺␝ᴅɪᴀᴀᴄʏᴅᴀ 🌒🧣's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE

Cathy Delhanty ‏@CathyPoint6

Attention Delftians. Who wants to help the Delft Mamas? Please share this around 🧣. Lucie Herraiz Cunningham Frien…

LilMax49 ‏@LilMax49

A marvelous 🥝 Kiwi @daniellecormack touching the lives of women and children around the world #dreamsrealized 🌐💭🧣…

dave badgley ‏@badgley_dave

First it was a terrorist attack second keep up the red scarves 🧣 ❤️

‎اشرينايوب ‏@rwaawa

@jihanmuse looks pretty on wearing shawls 🧣❤️


Awwww Friday..... We would love 💕 to see you today 10-4 Continued sidewalk sale.... all women’s clothes .99 cent…

Timandra Dyer ‏@tjd19

Some other pics taken when our special @frisky9 post arrived, Milly & Molly checking out the special chocolate yum,…

Timandra Dyer ‏@tjd19

Oh @frisky9 Milly and Molly were thrilled with their special parcel today, they wanted to model their scarves for y…

Fuse ‏@fusetv

Be like Lizz and be sure to watch #BigBoyOnFuse weekdays at 7am both for the best in pop culture AND fashions! 🧣

Angus McPussPuss ‏@AngusMcPussPuss

@OssieAndLuna @frisky9 It would be pawsome for him to get a 🧣 I have sent copy donation to Frisky. Also happy to do…

Ossie And Luna ‏@OssieAndLuna

@AngusMcPussPuss @frisky9 Maybe Alfie can get a 🧣 ? We don’t mind paying the postage. We have sent a donation too b…

EK Relay ‏@EKRelay

Forecast for tonight looks dry but cold 🥶 going to be wet most of day today so ground will be wet so wrap up warm a…

Elementary Educators ‏@ETFOeducators

TODAY: Wear #RedforEd to show your support for public education. A red shirt, sweater, pants, socks,🧣, or even a to…

Anthony Drakeley ‏@therealmccoy84

@davidthewhiter1 Are you insinuating that fury is gay? 🧣

Adhilla Zaidi ‏@znradhlla

🧣: @farizamacho 👗 : apple_couture 👜 : onlineshop_efaacollection2 . confident is the best outfit 🌹 . Acah acah re…

Ridiculous Moyo ‏@RidiculousMoyo

@edmnangagwa Nhai iwe, y hvent yo subjects bought into that scarf 🧣, are yo subjects neck-less or u are no1’s presi…

Ruseps ‏@Ruseps1

🧣👗 Without Investment New Online Business Start…

kineiionline ‏@kineiionline

South island, New Zealand. #travel #photo #mountains #snow #winter #lakes 😀😎😛👢👖🧥🎒👓🧣🐱🐰🐦🐧🦃🐓🦜🦚🐕🐩🐇🌿🌱🍀☘️🌾🌺🌹🥀🌷🌼🌸🌏🌞☀️

Baza B 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@BazaB12

@SASxSH4DOWZ @EssRawr @starspawn_ @jendodge0898 Stand free scarf 🧣 on the door Gaasssss mon the Don’s!!!👌, You’s ar…

prnsdi ‏@prnsdi1

@MDesbarres You look awesome in green...🍀💀💵💚...a green scarf 🧣 would of been even more perfect! Have fun in your green machine...🏎🐱

Mr_Mak 🇿🇼 ‏@Mr_mak18

Hahahaha I had no idea E.D goes by the name scarfmore 🧣 I’m so broken😂😂😂😂

Roker Report ‏@RokerReport

Quality that man. Get loads of flags and colours on the go at Wembley and make as much noise as possible for the fu…

Pirata Espacial ⚔️🚀 ‏@Marlene_Zuviri

I’m still sleeping with her sweater 🌙🧣💤


“This is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls.” ❌ Literate and detailed ❌ Bashing skulls in with…

Dan Davis ‏@djdavisCX

ugh I’ll be running the furnace until Memorial Day...😔🐧👎🥶😮🧣

WAR ANGEL⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@WarAngel1111

@55true4u @SaRaAshcraft Suicide Weekend Incoming 🧣 🚪👁👁

sewcraftycrochet ‏@sewcraftcrochet

Beanies vs. Scarves: 🧣 Scarves!🧣 I love making scarves. I can make beanies, and when I do they're usually Seahawks…

sewcraftycrochet ‏@sewcraftcrochet

Beanies vs. Scarves: 🧣 Scarves!🧣 I love making scarves. I can make beanies, and when I do they're usually Seahawks…

RockIt n Rebel ‏@RockitnRebel

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Zebra and Tiger Large Scarf 🧣. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

🐕🐈🦒🧡⚾️🦋 ‏@Forbrandonbelt

Yay! @chipcoffey is coming! 🧣 #KindredSpirits

Heydyz Boutique ‏@HeydyCarolina

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: 📣SALE📣 Cute Black Plaid Blanket Scarf 🧣.…

OG NOLAN ‏@Nolan__21st

I can’t take a female serious if she comes outside with a scarf 🧣 on her head. Chalked ! That’s 💀

BossMommy ‏@ShopBoldMinks

Don’t mind the scarf 🧣, a look at those Minks 😝❤️👁 @BossMommyGotIt . #beautiful #eyelashes #minkeyelashes #lashes…

whereyouat.besson_ ‏@LimelightTori

@stylisticavery It’s a scarf 🧣 not every scarf is gonna stunning like really

1 Hour 1 Self Care ‏@1Hour1Suho

🧣 wear something you love

⚔️George Lettice⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@GeorgeLettice

@JackPosobiec @avibebert The Red Scarf 🧣 murderer should be found and suffer the same fate, leave the guns alone

👑 King T’Cherry Flash⚡️ ‏@xXSonTjXx

This scarf is fire 🔥 🧣


I have a theory.. May play out, may not just spit balling.. RC gets the red 🧣 scarf treatment. They blame it on he…

Sam A ‏@SheIsSuperwoman

Finally, cold weather today!🧣 . . . #superwomantravels #iphoneonly #wanderlust #travelust #travel #traveller…

He tangata, He tangata, He tangata ‏@tina_plunkett

💔- Constable watching over Memorial Park Cemetery where some victims are being buried. 🌹- flower to detract from…

ˡˡ ‏@llrrilll

we did it today 🧣❤️❤️

Julie Uhl ‏@Julie_Uhlie

Soccer season has begun. I just wish mother nature had gotten the memo! 🧣💨💦 #springsoccer #soccermom #myhudsie…

Macey || Jennifer Mace ‏@englishmace

you guys. you guys you DON'T UNDERSTAND alex's cat is ALREADY SO CUTE I just jf;dlakjfd;lskaj FOR ME. DO THIS FOR M…

DianaSky ‏@TheGreenManuela

@rockerskating I love my red scarf 🧣😊

Devil In The Detail ‏@ditdsrd

As we mentioned on the pod the Wild Thing official Merch will be available at the Wigan game 👕 🧣🏉

Claire Kuczma ‏@clairekuczma

I think that scarf 🧣 should be available on the tour it’s become so synonymous with this album now @mrmichaelball…

Royinho ‏@Royfoo23

Got me a 🧣 thanks #MNUFC

Jazzpher ‏@Jazzfah

@ThanksKedi I recall something about a fancy scarf 🧣

Laura Villareal ‏@earthandstars

@Matty_Layne Don't forget it's gonna be cold & wet so channel your inner Lenny Kravitz. Big scarf energy. 🧣

LK🔜DEADBEATS☽MMW ‏@iamsexier_

i got many complements today on my “scarf” (even though i’ve worn it several times)...& everytime the Chad went off…

MOD Squad Picking ‏@ModSquadPicking

🧣🔷 1970s plaid hooded cape poncho. #1970s #vintage #retro #midmod #preppyretro #vintageplaid #retroplaid…

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