Scorpion Emoji

A scorpion shown with eight legs and an upright rail. May also be used in relation to the zodiac sign Scorpius.

Scorpion was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🦂 U+1F982


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Dr.Anirudh Sethi ,PhD ‏@Iamanirudhsethi

Months of pregnancy <1: 🐁🐀🐹 1: 🦔🐇🐿️🐨 2: 🐈🐕🐺🦊 3: 🐅🐆🐍 4: 🐖🐼 5: 🐐🐑 7: 🦌🐻 8: 🦍 9: 🤰🏻🤰🤰🏽 10: 🐄🐃 11: 🐎🐋 12: 🦓🐬 14: 🐪🐫…

æ ‏@damereham

#وش_برجك scorpion 🦂

Tammie ‏@twagner12

My Sparky is our scorpion hunting on the back 40. Only found one. Ooooooh, creepy. 🦂

🤠 BÏG TËXÄS 🤠 ‏@bigtexasmusic

They aren’t ready 🦂

karen w luv 💓 ‏@baby_jung00

@axbull_ scorpio tings 🦂😌💅🏼✨

Fantasy Character Bot ‏@fantasycharbot

Name: Agafnd the Bewitched Look:🧛🏻‍♀️🥋 Specialty:🎨 Familiar:🦂 Likes: 🍐🍰 Dislikes: 🍳🍉 Inventory:🥕🥓 Home:🏠

Æres ‏@AeresVistaas

#nofilter #night finally cool enough to be out and about 🐍🦂⛼ @ Bayonne, New Jersey

Christian Garcia ‏@thatgarcia2

The scorpion 🦂 pose

RedLeader327 🌞 \[T]/ 🌞 ‏@RedLeader327

@MinhyVa There are now 4 🦂 in this thread. 😎

😎 Cool Kid Bot 😎 ‏@OutShades

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 😎   🦂🦂🦂 🦂 🦂 🦂 👌 🦂🦂 👌   🦂 🦂   🦂  🦂   👟 👟 Sup, I'm the cool kid of scorpion!

starcult ‏@starcult69

Starkid questions! 1. Lauren/JLB 2. Joey 3. starship/twisted 4. kick it up a notch 5. TCB 6. AVPM 7. Nick 🥰 8. Mari…

🛸 s e r g i o 🛸 ‏@mrsomething101

@edgrinderhands @yellowtopaz_ Lmaooo my best friend is one and I think I know you mean 😂😂😂 Im a 🦂

ℳℴ𝓅𝒶ℛℳ𝒶𝒟𝓂𝒶𝒩 🧬 ‏@_JRWitt

@XenaAguerreiraP TY Happy Evening 🥂💋 #BoaNoite 🌎🦂 ... 4 me too Princess.! 🕺💃 #Parked

Jeff Benjamin ‏@Jeff__Benjamin

Well then 🦂 @ DUMBO, Brooklyn

Tune Unrated K9 ‏@KCass310

@obj the media treat my boy like he Killed someone and he on probation cause every little thing he do they on his A…

Prashant Dubey ‏@Chaukanna44

@TimesNow @derekobrienmp Good gesture by TMC reflecting hypocrisy to the core after killing BJP workers in WB 🦂 @aajtak @ABPNews

Miroel --- מירואל ‏@MiroelSOD

@Kevin_M_Seconds @Ilhan #ILHAN = IRHAN = IRAN = 🦂 #MAGA #ISRAEL #POTUS ✡❤☮✝️🦅 First Allahu Akbar, then Helter Skelt…

Prodigy ‏@prod_digy

@IamKmThyngV Crush idlip muna. Take care of yourself.🦂

Lorena Bobbitt 👑 ‏@x3_ElLe

just might be a Bill Gates in the making 🦂

Stephen🎲 ‏@Supkins12__

Finally got me a scorpion 🦂 🖤

Flo🖤 ‏@FlorineBrgs

@hoellywater Scorpion 🦂

Mariana🌙 ‏@mariiianasauce

Durango is where it’s at right now and if you’re not from there I’m so sorry sweetie we really are the best 🦂

_Maria_🇸🇳 ‏@MariaMa45594240

@Djelmatw Scorpion 🦂

✨🧜🏻‍♀️vibrant virgo🧜🏻‍♀️✨ ‏@virgoatherbest

MR. BIG 💧🦂♏️SCORPIO♏️🦂💧 we never see much of Big as an audience but apparently Carrie knows him better than we do…

YG ‏@midwestvill

Hmu 🔥🕷🍆🦂💨 everything must go

매튜 ‏@MattKT17

@CaptainFlowers @TeamLiquidLoL @TLCoreJJ @TLDoublelift @Jensen @Xmithie @Impact @liquidcain @TL_Dodo That loss really stings for Clutch. 🦂

Follow Help 🎁 ‏@AlgAf13

Enjoy Gaining! Just Retweeting this tweet this tweet 🦂 #AF13 #1FIRST

Lechuga ‏@LechugillaE

Guanajuato is pretty & all but there's no place like DGO 🦂

✨🧜🏻‍♀️vibrant virgo🧜🏻‍♀️✨ ‏@virgoatherbest

🦂♏️💧SCORPIO💧♏️🦂 scorpios are one of my favorite signs. intuitive as hell and "just knows"; do NOT cross a scorpio u…

Patrick Sewekow ‏@SpookyScaryBen

@CaptainFlowers @TeamLiquidLoL @TLCoreJJ @TLDoublelift @Jensen @Xmithie @Impact @liquidcain @TL_Dodo Flowers that a…

I Love Dodger ‏@dodger_i

One Day Sale…Hurry!. 👉 ORDER HERE: ✅⏩Excellent #gift for your family members ✅🗺️ FREE Worldwide delivery 🦂

Kelly B ‏@kellys_chaos

@TommyJoeRatliff @scorpions You know they still rock when your kids, 10, 16 and 20 have multiple Scorpions tunes in their playlists. 🦂

Miss Mochachino 🔮🌞✨ ‏@Neshiaa_lovee

Wanna rumble with the bee huh ? 🐝 Throw a hex on ya whole family 🦂

Jeff WE4B ‏@WE4Bravo

@AlaskaE3 We have lots of scorpions 🦂 here that come out of the woods looking for somewhere cool and water to drink…

Brooke/Deidara💥/Yuna🌸 🔜 CCE ‏@Eternal_sky13

‘True beauty lies in something that lasts forever, never rotting or fading’ 🦂

The Lookouts Blockchain ‏@LookoutsThe

Careful, she might be playing possum but she can definitely be a deadly stinger. #Novaatherealest is no joke when y…

Big Orange Satan ‏@bigorangesatan

@HippieVol @Nick23929445 @DavidGannon11 @DollyVol @BoKeck1 Damn right!!!!!!!! I love our battles and surveys and Im…

‏﮼ساره ‏﮼💉 ‏@so_ttz199

the scorpion 🦂♏️ #وش_برجك

Sippin’-N-Trippin’ ‏@TheyWantSamoa_

Nobody cause I know about everything-🦂

__michelle💙🏁 ‏@lifothepartyyy

I’m such a Scorpio lol. In my feels for 3 seconds aaaaaaand done 🦂

MANON ‏@manonfabrie

🦁🐵🦇🐜🦂🐢🐍🐡🐠🐟🐊🦓🦍🐘🦛🦏🐫🦒🦘🐃🐂🦙🐐🦌🦜🦝 @ Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Astronauta💚 ‏@AstroBobos

@iamsouljabrasi True!!!!💪🦂👈

makeupgirlies ‏@makeupgirlies

SCORPIO 🦂 ig:makeupbyrabe

A ‏@Angieisso

@homedada @ClaireBLang @WallyAction @CaptThunder @DanaLovesRacing @lanettstewart So happy you're home to cheer on t…

Austin Potter ‏@austinpotter04

2019 a roller coaster with no seat belts 🦂

#1 ‏@zachary_504

Lol cuffs 🦂 .....

|アマンディン| ‏@Didine1738

@chuurisverte Scorpion >>>>all 🦂

Andrey López ‏@andrey_lopez

I'm on my way to do this immediately 🦂! #SaveScorpion

omart ‏@skinny_bonezz

Fell in love with a scorpio 🦂 That was your first mistake

The Lookouts Blockchain ‏@LookoutsThe

I'm so versatile, although I'm a🌊 sign, you'll find me in full control in the steamy 🔥 desert. As long as you treat…

*screaming internally* ‏@chrisanthemum__

@mrsmartaturner Venus and Mars = SCORPIO ♏️ 🦂

𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕗𝕣𝕪 brͬoͦuͧhͪaͣhͪaͣ ‏@belfryblues

@Rociwi I assure you it’s harder being a broken Pisces with a habit of getting stung 🦂🐠😪😘

Fera Lunaris ^v^ ‏@feralunaris

@TommyJoeRatliff @scorpions I’ll agree with that. 🦂

Brooke/Deidara💥/Yuna🌸 🔜 CCE ‏@Eternal_sky13

🦂💕 messing with Sasori again

Lis & Sami🦂#SaveScorpion ‏@CaptainBadger79

@BaniMonica Thank you Monica! Yes, we will! 🌀🦂 #SaveScorpion

J R Burak ‏@WhadUpWitJon

@barstoolsports @OldRowOfficial Spinal 🦂

Zwide 👑 ‏@zani_rsa

uDriver is THAT song. Up there with Vula Vala and Amantombazane 🦂🔥

Adilene Cepeda ⚡️ ‏@La_Shulilla

Stay tuned for my Snapchat this next week. I’m gonna give y’all a lil taste of my other world 🇲🇽 🦂

Seminole Co. Scorpions ‏@FCSLScorps

Come to Sanford Memorial to see your Scorpions as they take on the @FCSLDawgs at 6:30pm!! 🦂 #StingersUp


🐚🦂 triple water princess life

Squash Stats ‏@SquashStats

PSA NICKNAMES PART II: Who can name all these PSA players based on their nicknames: 20 ⚔👸🏼 21 🦈⚪ 22 🛡️ ⚔ 23 🤖🗡 24…

BRA DEEE.✨ ‏@deesetona

@DjMaphorisa & @KabzaDeSmall_ really did what they had to on Scorpion Kings 🕺🏾🔥🦂

Addy ‏@catfishgangg


Traci Paul ‏@TraciPaul16

@MoeSargi @ShadiaSargi Awesome!! Can't wait Moe!!😎👍🦂👻👽💗

Anwarrior 🖤 ‏@AnWarriorQ8

🦂 work out

wilk z blantem ‏@thaliasixteen

god, man, you're angry and it makes my eyes hurt 🦂

NAMVET SURVIVOR ‏@NamvetSurvivor

@JoyLinPark @TribeforFreedom @TheDemocrats Democrats are very unified (except The Squad). There is always an underl…

DC Sports Experience ‏@DCsportsXP

[email protected] x Scorpion 🦂 🔥 Coming back with a vengeance 😤 #DCFamily

Lea grassi ‏@grassi_lea

@flowerparties Jonathan 🦂

William J. Barnes ‏@WilliamJBarnes4

@AdaliaLio @wWdk4V0bpEw1aWh @de_carlosd @AdultBrazil @YairJordison @greg_battiste @danielle_creamy @Cpl_curieu…

-Kryss Anderson ‏@KryssAnderson

@imcorinnemec Definitely will hit you up for BD wishes on the very special day of November 5th. Remember, Remember... 🎁🦂💥

Martin Avery ‏@martin_avery

Arrived from #UK to #Glwice #Poland with @AlexAvery2 to see @scorpions tomorrow night 🦂 great place !. #iphone…

211 Beadwork ☄️ ‏@211Beadwork

Desert spice 🦂

Gerry Corrigan ‏@guycalledg

.and,still on the same ch.and its now crap action film sequel the 🦂👑with crap actor the rock aka dwayne johnson?!na…


FORTNITE: Season 9 - ROBOT 🤖 vs MONSTER 🦂 (FULL) - [BEST VIEW ] 😎 #Fortnite #FortniteSeason9 #FortniteBlockParty…

One Sided With Zoe 🦂♥️🦀 ‏@scorpheartcrab

Watching Riddle of the Sphinx. Missing you, remembering that night we watched Deathtrap. 🦂❤️🦀

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

TheMagPark ‏@TheMagPark

Air Force 1 Low travisscott - Sail 🦂 Size : 7 $650.00 Deadstock Burbank Location & Online • • • #TheMagPark…

Joseph Modica ‏@ModicaJoseph

@PlantMommyx Now Scorpios tho 🦂♏

Sally Puckett ‏@SallyPuckett

Protecting Gary's Gold! 🦂 @ Huachuca City, Arizona

Louise Page ‏@sweet_weezy

After you stream #silverdaughter - figure out “your song” based on your #zodiac sign!! ⚖️👼🐐🦀🐠👯‍♂️🏹🏺🦁🐮🦂🐏 (I made th…

Lgbt Law ‏@law_lgbt

These Deals Won’t Last. 👉 GET YOUR HERE: ✅👍Perfect #gift for your family members 🦂

Cora ‏@_cora_san

Pupok 🦂

Gregory E. Brown ‏@gregb1999

@AXLowe Yea I agree, but to keep it buck with Em on it the song Bang actually reach number 3 on the billboard chart…

Dash ‏@joshhtwox

This the real thing, can you feel the force yet 🦂

🦇Ricky🕷 ‏@Heretic__13 It's crazy, ALL the people that support her! Congresswoman who needs to be ripped from her…

Nancy Oquendo ‏@NanCyOkendo

“Instead of pouring vitriol into the situation, pour love into it. This will have a far more dramatic impact than anything else” 🦂

Brandon Henning ‏@BrandonHVoices

Thanks to @StroudKyle They gave me: Straight I am: Only attracted to the ladies. 😊 They gave me: 5’9” I am: 5'7"…

SALMAN 𖤐 ‏@Salman_B4

Be happy in front of people who don’t like you it kills them 🦂

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