Scorpion Emoji

A scorpion shown with eight legs and an upright rail. May also be used in relation to the zodiac sign Scorpius.

Scorpion was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🦂 U+1F982


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Goslings ‏@GoslingsMPS

Foundation are enjoying using junk modelling to make houses for different desser animals 🐫🐍🦂

Birchgrove Swansea ‏@BGrovePrimary

Year 5 have had an amazing morning learning about different African animals with @aandsanimals 🦂🐍

murphy the great ‏@murphythegreat1

@Johnsmi84534254 @expo2020dubai daniel was told by his mi5 handlers to hand fat boy up because he was involved in t…

murphy the great ‏@murphythegreat1

@Johnsmi84534254 @DXBMediaOffice @HHShkMohd @BurjAlArab @FBI @UAEEmbassyUK @ICAUAE frampton u said u want to be lik…

murphy the great ‏@murphythegreat1

@Johnsmi84534254 @expo2020dubai @BoxingEsq @JayByrneKO 100 percent an even his owen people know that there all afri…

murphy the great ‏@murphythegreat1

@Johnsmi84534254 @DXBMediaOffice @expo2020dubai @FBI @DEAHQ yes at biggert gang in euro, cant handle it now .hiding…

murphy the great ‏@murphythegreat1

@Johnsmi84534254 @DXBMediaOffice @FBI we all know about operation shouvel .. mi5 sorted that . now there is another…

😎COOL GURU ‏@Sworn_Greatness

I have the sight now 🦂🐺🕊🖤

murphy the great ‏@murphythegreat1

@Johnsmi84534254 @BusinessDubai @expo2020dubai @HHSHEIKHMAJID @HHShkMohd yes until mi5 say its over. on 17 may it w…

Aysia ૐ ‏@Aysia_Marie2424

Being a Scorpio is so emotionally exhausting.. Can I just not overthink or feel so intensely for about 5 minutes??? 🦂

Jenny Eden Coaching ‏@coachjennyeden

Hey SoonerMel65🇱🇷🦂🌊🌊#Whywouldyounotimpeach🌊🌊 thanks for the follow!

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

EarthKind ‏@EarthKind3

☁️California Desert 🦂 #JustGoShoot #InstaGood #InstaPhoto #PicOfTheDay #PhotoOfTheDay #Photogram #Capture…

جدو سعيد ‏@saiedalsi

Scooorpy00 🌴🦂🌴 on Twitter

J U W A N ‏@Ohmyjuwan

Right on point 🦂

Alex Quintana ‏@alexqui65

@ricedaddy7 I’ve always been afraid of scorpions 🦂 and snakes 🐍 still am! SMH 🤦‍♂️

auj. ‏@_hunteraujenee

basically 🦂...

💋 انـ؏ــــم 🔥 ‏@i_____anum

Drop your Zodiac Sign.. 🤘 Mine : Scorpio 🦂

🇪🇷 | Spaz Visuals™ • 🏁 ‏@SpazVisuals

• ⓢ (swipe) There’s no turning back from here. It’s where I’m at and where I plan on taking it. North only: 📰 — 🔘:…

🇪🇷 | Spaz Visuals™ • 🏁 ‏@SpazVisuals

• ⓢ (swipe) They take you out the game just to put you on a mural. The thing is, I don’t give no person that much…

Rap SA ‏@the_awARDEE

first love: Cancer longest relationship: Virgo mom's sign: Leo dad's sign: Sagittarius worst relationship: Sagittar…

Stan Lee ‏@magicmoneytips

Unlock your Mind. . . . May the Flow be with you 🌊⚡🙏🏽👽👑👁🔥🦂🐅💎☯⚜🌀🐬

✨RO✨ ‏@sincerelysky89

Lmao this is me all the way team 🦂

Pratik Barve ‏@BrashtKoknBrahm

Aerys II Targaryen. 👑 Daenerys Targayen. 🐉 The Night King ❄️ Cersie Lannister & her scorpions. 🦂 #GameOfThrones…

brown liquor brown skin ‏@jeshuaiam

where my scorpios at? i love y’all 😍😍😍😍 🦂

pete @ guarma🌴 ‏@costicowboy

@queen_benja I am SUPER! proud of you!! 🦂

Stan Lee ‏@magicmoneytips

Unlock your Mind. . . . May the Flow be with you 🌊⚡🙏🏽👽👑👁🔥🦂🐅💎☯⚜🌀🐬

Hilary Tinerella ‏@HilaryTinerella

@yellowdemos @emoblackthot Same 🦂

Stan Lee ‏@magicmoneytips

Unlock your Mind. . . . May the Flow be with you 🌊⚡🙏🏽👽👑👁🔥🦂🐅💎☯⚜🌀🐬

Stan Lee ‏@magicmoneytips

Unlock your Mind. . . . May the Flow be with you 🌊⚡🙏🏽👽👑👁🔥🦂🐅💎☯⚜🌀🐬


@HMAlexandraK Some of us have 😏.. Just Not A Chan #ANQN . I was a Targetted Reddit One of The First . On Calm Befor…

Queshawn ‏@queshawnblake_

On Sunday’s I wear fendi 🦂

Richard Hughes ‏@Richard50877354

I love what the ABC once was. At this point, though, it’s just another case of the frog 🐸 and the scorpion 🦂.

Suri ‏@suritweetstoday

@RavinarIN @_YogendraYadav @ShekharGupta @ndtv @TimesNow @republic @IndiaToday @CNNnews18 These liberals are like 🦂…

ZooeyKardashchanel ‏@SidneyLoove

@lucy_pesina Okay wow I’m honestly teary eyed 🥺 YOU ARE MY PERSON TOO BBY 💕 always here for you. 🐠🦂

Dmitry ‏@mayhemsiast

Quentin Morris 🦂• Chaotic Evil • Gay - Slim, average sized, young adult. - Remarkable aspects: Extrovert; Exhibitio…

🦂 ‏@WWDerpy

Sting like a Scorpio 🦂🌞 , Swim like a Pisces 🐟🌝

Starry ‏@starrysouled

I’m a Scorpio Sun and I love to see you how you are 🦂

Follow Me! ‏@F0ll0wNow

Retweet & Like this tweet 🦂 #TheFutureIsBright #AmorGignitAmor #family #TeamFirst #first #intensity #1FIRST

dave. ‏@daveKanjo

[email protected] if we can get @Goldberg v @undertaker can we get Taker @Sting? Stinger already said he’d do it. 🦂

soma ‏@suzisoma

@lostCityofXbee 🦂 full moon mood.

Aya ‏@rosesandknifess

First love: Pisces ♓️ Longest relationship: Pisces ♓️ Moms sign: Virgo ♍️ Dads sign: scorpion 🦂 Best signs: Pi…

Nicole ✨ ‏@ColeyMayy

looked the demon in his eyes and said put that semen in me 🦂

Dommarra ‏@dominicmarafio1

@arabianights_x DONT BE SO INSULTING❗🦂 If you dont like our democratic way of life you can go and live in an Arabic country.

ashley berry ‏@helloashberry

Post Scorpio full moon feels 🦂🌕🔥 #shadowworkislightwork #healyourselftohealtheworld #thatfullmoontho @ Ojai, Calif…

Notorious MSG ‏@nateene

🌕 Your Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes 🦂 aries: GAME taurus: OF gemini: THRONES cancer: HAS leo: ALWAYS virgo:…

Karla Gabriela ‏@karlagabrielaxo

full moon manifestations 🦂


my brother asked why I walk around with a lock on my key ... I told him just in case he ain’t around and I gotta fck somebody up 🤷🏽‍♀️💯🦂


@troyesivan lobster thingz ✨😍🦂

kenallen ‏@kenallenspull

👉☝️. 🍃🦂👉🌵wOot E.R.

mystic maggie ‏@tinyhometarot

I. Am. Dead. 💀🦂🌚


had such a great time ln and it was v much needed <3 so much release and transformation under this full scorpio 🦂🌕

Scorpions Youth ‏@ScorpsYouth

Congrats to our 13u Scorpions Rivera! The boys finished their season with another 🏆 nothing like watching the boys…

Theo_subtract_the_brian ‏@TheoBrianMvula

@Just_NillaK So much emotion and truth to her music 😭🦂

Vershon ‏@Vershonmusic

Ruff dem up! Quef dem! 🦂.

🥛 Lon Lon Milk Mommy 🥛 ‏@ChloeChantalxo

@JeffreeStar We love an evolved Scorpio queen 🦂

anh misses bts ♡ ‏@milktuans

🦂 - uGH ILYSM i’m still working on your letter sksjs i take forever bc i can’t wRITE AND IM ILLITERATE but yk hhhh…

Anabelen Diaz ‏@adiazzz45

I’m Sansa! 🦂 100% correct @wearemitu #GameofThrones


Nooooo wonderrrrr !!! @beatsbynav a whole Scorpio 😍❤️💯🦂 gang gang

Domini | arsd | fanarts 📌 ‏@dominiboo

@yeanngers don't lie to me you 🦂

ً ➳♡࿐ ‏@unsweeteners


Jibralta the Deep State Witch💃🌊🍾 ‏@PeconicLady

@rmsylvia @BernieSanders is NOT a Democrat; RECORD to RIGHT of @HillaryClinton votes w GOP AGAINST all gun control…

Nada M. Salem ‏@_NdaSalem

scorpion twin 🦂

Josh Donos ‏@JoshuaKowalsk18

@LauraIwanaga @ChelseaClinton YEAH TREE HUGGERS. Now look at my many SJW emojies proving I'm better than you!!!! 🦄🐈…


@occulturalism @SnowWhite7IAM 🤣... Think NK #PATRIQTS , THE #DEEPSTATE Attempts FF Gets Public Worried About WAR MO…

ManWithNoGame45 ‏@ManWithNoGame45

Exactly why I just kick back and let my #AI #Scorpion do most #TowersOfTime in #MK11 😮🔥🦂 @MortalKombat @noobde…


@RJRosenstein @prayingmedic Lol Wouldn't That Be Funny if He Was Q 🤣.. SPQKE LIKE A TRUE #PATRIQT . 🦂🇺🇸😎

park park ‏@peachi_p

@logicalpunk I’m always open for cool bug pics 🕷🦗🐜🦂

James (Four Limbs) ‏@fourlimbsbeats

You ain’t ready for this one... @iamrjpayne got a classic coming #bsf 🎻 #eimg #gxfr 🦂

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

Andy McGuire ‏@RokerPark150705

@Philip_RJ89 @SAFCRABBIT @SunderlandAFC @SkyBetLeagueOne "Crazy" 🤣🤣 Now, the white #ScorpionLager 🦂🍺 away shirt, t…

๑۩Red Queen Devil۩๑ ‏@NearRedQueen

🦂RedQueenDevilTweet 🦂

𝓗𝓨𝓟𝓔🏁 ‏@HypeTheScorpion

Had to follow @Lathescorpion especially cuz of the Sign 🦂 No one is fuckin with us................ Period💯

CertifiedStepper 🦅 ‏@Devooo1k

Drake too 🦂

Hoop and Toy ‏@thehoopandtoy

Don’t miss this 🦗🦟🐜🐝🐞🦂

🇪🇷 | Spaz Visuals™ • 🏁 ‏@SpazVisuals

• ⓢ (swipe) Improvising a master plan. Adding to the culture for the culture continues: ⏳ — 🔘 click:…


@SnowWhite7IAM Apparently here either .. here is a few Alternative while we wait though ♥️ WE BELIEVE 😇🦂🇺🇸

Chaos Lacrosse Club ‏@PLLChaos

Run that back ⏮ ⠀ ⠀ And then run it back again. 😤 🦂

rif 🐢 ‏@posieturtle

🦂 An observant person. I think her mind is one of the funniest ever but most of the time she doesn't say what she t…

Wamy ‏@DearAmy

Casual reminder that @meganfox exists & that I’m in 💙 with her 🦂

YAI🌸 ‏@yaizaa_14

too much 🦂

TexasRebelDaGod ‏@god_texas

Going live so swing by and pull up a chair for some good vibes and convo.🤗🤗🤗 Cant wait to see yall. @RealmRoyale i…

Every Metal Word ‏@EveryMetalWord

barrels 🦂

ًsarah ⁵/₁₂ , 29 ‏@onelasttimecv

so anyways how r my daniel jack and jonah girls 🤑✊😌👋🦂👨‍⚕️🦗🕵️‍♂️🧟‍♀️🏃‍♀️👩🏿‍🦰🤡👨‍🔧🤠👄🎺🍾💂‍♀️

Sir_Solari ✨⚜️محمد احمد عثمان⚜️ ‏@solary__jnr

@LOOKlNGlN If you are reading this is too late Views More life Scorpion 🦂

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