Scroll Emoji

An ancient scroll on papyrus, with shorter versions known as a roll.

The Apple version of this emoji contains the following words:

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

From “The Crazy Ones” text as part of Apple’s Think Different Advertising campaign of the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Scroll was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

📜 Degree

📜 Parchment


📜 U+1F4DC




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Mads🦋 ‏@mmichellebaby

Ya girl got her degree 👏 📜 🎓

CommunityCorner ‏@EdenfieldPl

@FDRLST @Bridge2Freedom Let’s weaken their host📜age hold expose corruption in their districts support citizen s…

TheQuoteTree ‏@quotree

📜 Inspirational Quote 📜 "I can't believe that out of a hundred thousand sperm, you were the quickest."…

Geoff Pilkington ‏@geoffpilkington

@PiperPerabo @biz @jack Excited to see what Twitter can do! Maybe this will inspire them. #WeThePeople 📜❤️🇺🇸

Uncle Rico #NeverCrapperware ‏@_chrismattingly

I was going to tweet something in this regard, and @GovBillWeld was way ahead of me: almost exactly what I had in m…

AtHeNa_BrOwN ‏@Bobhing18

#MostWantedTeam #CTCNOC #mandatoryFamPic #thankYou sa Pa 🍚 🏅📜💵⏰ Twas a superb and emotional NOC 🎉 2019 Petskie…

Jon 💯🤘🏾 ‏@JonnGrey

@cynthiiagonz 📜 added to the list ✅

Lorinda Christine, MSc Museum Studies ‏@lorindafraser

Gotta admit, when it came to letterhead, Eaton's had game! 📜✒ #letterhead #eatons #Harrods @BCArchives

CommunityCorner ‏@EdenfieldPl

@LizRNC @jetrotter @realDonaldTrump Perhaps better phrase 4their craze is ‘they can’t control 63 million + citizen…

AkwaMuyi Funtisho ‏@akwamuyi

@TheIOShowa GBAM❗ 📜📖⚖️⏳⌛🧔🏿✊🏿✨💥🔥⚡🌀🌪️🔥

DRR HaWgs & DaWgs ‏@DRRHaWgs_DaWgs

📂#DRRJuco2020🐺 Patrick Green 🏈DL/OLB/Ath 🎓2019 📏6’4 🍱255 🏃🏻‍♂️4.69 🏫@MJCFootball 🗺Turlock,CA 📚GPA 2.6 📜AA Degree…

AkwaMuyi Funtisho ‏@akwamuyi


AkwaMuyi Funtisho ‏@akwamuyi


AkwaMuyi Funtisho ‏@akwamuyi


y☆ng j🤩yc🤩n ‏@cheshire_cat801

@ReMindAnthony yung joycon🕹🎖legacy check just😳🤝🤠came in the mail✉️📭once i tweet🐦🈳dat then Santa🎁🎄would check my🖥👀profile n say⭐️🎅🏿📜”oh BET😈”

DRRJuCo_Cali 🐻 ‏@DRRJuCo_Cali

📂#DRRJuco2020 Patrick Green 🏈Ath 🎓JuCo Grad Date 📏6’4 🍱255 🏃🏻‍♂️4.69 🏫@MJCFootball 🗺Turlock,CA 📚GPA 2.6 📜AA Degree…

DRRJuCo 2.0 ‏@DRRJuCoProspect

📂#DRRJuco2020 Patrick Green 🏈Ath 🎓JuCo Grad Date 📏6’4 🍱255 🏃🏻‍♂️4.69 🏫@MJCFootball 🗺Turlock,CA 📚GPA 2.6 📜AA Degree…

The BEST ‏@LeyLeyThaBest1

I'm almost to the finishline nothing going to stop me from being successful call me retarded, weird, or whatever bu…

Dilly101 ‏@Dilly1011

Beautiful poetry by Kevin Ahern, Ph.D. 📜

Cheryl M-B🌊👍🌊👍🌊👍🌊 ‏@italgal37


Curator☕️ ‏@UEntertaining

Christmas List Ideas 📜 #ChristmasList #ChristmasGifts #DontBeAGrinch

🌊🌊🌍 📜 🗽⚖️ Making Manifest ⚖️ 🗽 📜 🌎🌊🌊 ‏@FritziRoss

@Dar_Thatcher @Congress Can get due process in court; we're all glad to accord DJT due process in jury trial for an…

Christopher Thomas ‏@bkoach1911

Congratulations to my God fearing and beautiful wife on completing her college degree 📜! We are so proud of you !!

(Q) T.C.B. #Triggered ⚡Cpt. Thunder Jr.🕛📜💭 ‏@HarraReal 👍🔧🛡️🇺🇸📜 Offline Law Dictionary

Kathy Mitchell ‏@kathymitchell56

Knock knock joke time! Knock Knock Who's There? Art Art Who? R2-D2 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖 Knock Knock Who's There? Toby…

babette ‏@blessed2bHis2

@PunishDem1776 @LanieLou5 Talking points, they're not real people, unlike our warmhearted @POTUS❗…

WhoaMan ‏@WhoaManPod

Such a classic😇📜 What did your parents say to get you to behave long before the #elfontheshelf days? Do you use t…

TheQuoteTree ‏@quotree

📜 Inspirational Quote 📜 "Behind every successful man there's a lot of unsuccessful years." #BobBrown #dailyquote #qotd

Andrew McKay ‏@AndrewMckay100

Spot the new Sticker! Love this Yeti chillin amongst the creme de la creme #paranormal @AstonshngLegnds 📜🔮…

babette ‏@blessed2bHis2

@CallingBSonU Touche´ wisdom; but we can fight on multiple fronts, like in WWII❗ Also, #IllegalTrespassers is a hug…

Jessica Houle ‏@jhoulelaw

New poll says 51% of Canadians don’t have a Will. Uncomfortable dealing with mortality? Let’s grab a coffee - I swe…

Ivan Jimenez ‏@Ivansote21

Master’s Degree still pending too 🎓📜

tevii_quote_dem ‏@tevii_quote_dem

I was on the wake up list 📜 again thank god😇🙏❤️

Jaden Navarrette ‏@JadenNava11

Dec 18th, finalizing the papers 🖋📜🦆

babette ‏@blessed2bHis2

@vazr00 @CallingBSonU @realDonaldTrump Because it does & this country is worth fighting for as evidenced by our…

Out-R-Inn 🏡 ‏@OutRInn

#Graduation🎓#MUGNIGHT🍺Sunday🤶🏻Dec☃️15th @OutRInn🏡 @Trulyseltzer PROMO🍓@9pm🎁Congratulations🍻📜#HowFirmThyFriendship❤️…

Amanda Jewson ‏@babysbestsleep

Are you on the #naughtylist 👎🏼 or the #nicelist 👍🏻? How about my webinar list? Or my WAIT list? Guys, there are so…

Gyran42 ‏@Gyran42

@PeachJars Congratulations! 👩‍🎓🎓📜

Will🧙‍♂️Menaker ‏@willmenaker

🚨ATTN all Vanderpod-heads🚨 That Will and Kath talk about a TV show magic that you like is going to come back in s…

babette ‏@blessed2bHis2

@RMata0312 'bout time one of his kids looks like Clint!🚂🇺🇸❤🙏📜👣💒🎉

L-G💞d ‏@agentlancegod

@EA ET to The Fuckin EA 💭🗨️👁‍🗨👁️👀🧠👽👽🍸🎱🥳😇💙💎🏅💝💖💞🥰💡📡🧬🧫🧪⚗️🔬🛡️🔭🛡️🔮🚬🔑🗝️🖼️🧭🗺️⛱️🗿🎈🎀🧧🎁🎊🎉🎐🏮🪔✉️📩📨📧💌📮📪📫📬📭📦📯📥📤📜📃📑📊📈🗓️📕📇🗳️📰📁📂📘📒📙📏…

John Plantaseed ‏@johnplantaseed

@SpeakerPelosi Cleaning your house up ! now clean your mess ☝ 😤 before you get terminated for breach of contract !…

Claudia Gibson ‏@Redzone22Gibson

And they’re all schmucks! I hope to see them subpoenad soon!⚖️📜 #Nepotism ✌🏽

🌊🌊🌍 📜 🗽⚖️ Making Manifest ⚖️ 🗽 📜 🌎🌊🌊 ‏@FritziRoss

@MarkieJP But it does earn him prominent spot on list of Congressional GOP cult members who: betrayed 🇺🇸; defied 📜…

Mark Burkhart ‏@Big_Bird89

Yes Sir 📜 🏋️‍♀️🏈🏆

Cam’Ron McQueen 🇵🇭🌋 ‏@Blasiann_____

if i haven’t spoke to you or seen you in a while it doesn’t mean that i don’t fw you it means we are both living our own lives 📜

🌊🌊🌍 📜 🗽⚖️ Making Manifest ⚖️ 🗽 📜 🌎🌊🌊 ‏@FritziRoss

@fromthebunkerjr They choose to violate Oaths of Office, defy 📜, & betray nation more officially than for the past…

Emilio Monsivais ‏@Emilio7QB

Officially GRADUATED from Garden City!!🎓📜 1 degree down, 2 to go!

TheQuoteTree ‏@quotree

📜 Inspirational Quote 📜 "Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment. " #ThomasCarlyle #dailyquote #thoughtoftheday

Q🍼🦋 ‏@tquila1800

some more of my writing. 📜🍼

Sparta❤Lady❤Susanツ❤ ‏@THEHONEY63

@DanRather @GOP ☝🏼😡💭Itself From Trumpian/GOP Kinds Of Aggressive Behaviors, The Ridiculous Gaslighting That Have No…

Curasi Realty, Inc. ‏@curasirealty

🎈Great job Joseph Caparaso! ~~ 🏡📜Did you know Curasi Realty is also an excellent resource in assisting landlords le…

Sparta❤Lady❤Susanツ❤ ‏@THEHONEY63

@DanRather 🤔💭His Corruption & The @GOP’s Assisting In Spreading Corruption & Lies Will Come Crashing Down Very Soon…

#StoryOfHowMuchWeLoveGYU 📍 ‏@welovemingyu

📜 A STORY OF HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU 📜 Countdown: D-02 💞 🔗 2 DAYS TO GO!!! #민규 #세븐틴 #MINGYU…

[TT] Toxic Team SD ☢ ‏@ToxicTeamEsport

📜MATCH Report | ☣️ 🏆EFA Spain | Jornada 25🏆 🏟️ Local 🆚@VerdiblancoFC | 5⃣-0⃣✅ 🏅MVP de la noche | @gutiAkAcigu15


@bigricanman Any one who takes the life of any 1st Responder should have their life snuffed out!!! 😃👍🇺🇸🦅🗽📜⚖️⚔️

Madni Academy ‏@Madni_Academy

A huge thank you to Rabbi Paul Strasko for hosting our Year 8s at the @SinaiLeeds Synagogue.🕍 They appreciated th…

Wolf Tracker ‏@Wolf_Tracker_

Europa league betting we can’t wait... Will FC Porto go through... —— 📅 Track every bet you place 📊 Get weekly re…

🥊Tuftsgang 📢 🔎 ‏@TuftsLand

Typical GOP Senate.... INCOMPETENTS 📜

Rika_M ‏@rika_miy

@FretlessMonster Great!! 😄🇬🇧🎹🎶📜✨🍀✌️

King_JoeyGunnz ‏@KillaVersegunnz

If I Had To Rap Up #2019 It would A lil something Like This.... Get You Some Life Insurance 📜

wesT 🌍 ‏@mrwest_official

I bring you the betting gospel according to Oswald. Arise and Bet O ye Ghanaians!!! 📜

MANSCAPED ‏@manscaped

Making a list, checking it twice 📜 Used these on my balls to make them feel nice 🤤 Order the ultimate stocking stu…

Madissson ‏@CurlsxsM

Electives are annoying asf. Gimme my damn degree 📜


@kimhashadenough @Covfefe76 @TerrDonCantrell @pbryant1203 @garycstanley1 @AnnieGranny8246 @vet_ted @elad1933…

🌊🌊🌍 📜 🗽⚖️ Making Manifest ⚖️ 🗽 📜 🌎🌊🌊 ‏@FritziRoss

@thomaskaine5 Why doesn't anyone say to him every @!%$?! day he has NO ABSOLUTE RIGHTS. Only dictators have absolu…

Charlotte Uher ‏@chabxl

🎥👀Watched @zero_impunity tonight at Human Rights Film Festival👏🏻. The 🇱🇺&🇫🇷movie denounces the use of…

QuizzMagic ‏@quizzmagicen

Find out what Santa answered you on FB! 🎅📜 #Quizz #QuizzMagic #Magic #MagicQuizz…

Claudia Gibson ‏@Redzone22Gibson

⁦@RepPeterKing⁩ It’s been 3 weeks, Do you still hold the same position? Are you actually rejecting hard evidence?…

tired ‏@sizetriplezero

×Threads list 📜

Out-R-Inn 🏡 ‏@OutRInn

#Graduation🎓#MUGNIGHT🍺Sunday🤶🏻Dec☃️15th @OutRInn🏡 @Trulyseltzer PROMO🍓@9pm🎁Congratulations🍻📜#HowFirmThyFriendship❤️…

Out-R-Inn 🏡 ‏@OutRInn

#Graduation🎓 #MUGNIGHT🍺 Sunday🤶🏻 Dec☃️15th @OutRInn🏡 truly PROMO🍓 9pm🎁Congratulations🍻📜 Don’t Forget to stop INN 🏠4…

Raoul Li-Everington ‏@DrLiEverington

5/10 🩹4.5 million patients are waiting for non-urgent care with 13 out of 100 patients waiting longer than 18 week…

Αρσένιος Ιρλανδία ‏@darcyireland

I’m compelled to suggest @PiersatPenn for a follow - perusing her tweets is like a vibrant, intriguing, and fun adv…

Vicki M ‏@Vicki_Mallows

@emmageorge0411 @unibirmingham @NHSLeadership @YorkTeachingNHS Lovely photo Emma - glad you’ve had a great day, so…

🔥 ‏@MrsPanuringan

We live in a world that promotes consumerism and anti-values, that wants to steal the Kingdom of Heaven from us in…

Lisa Christensen ‏@LisaChr78786631

@glennkirschner2 @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @MSNBC BRING IT GLENN!💕📜🗽⚖ 💔 🇺🇸

Austin Leger ‏@austinleger23

@Eminem I want a spot 📜🔐🔓

Trenton Downtown ‏@trentondowntown

Only 14 more days until #PatriotsWeek. 📜NEWS: Giveaways still continue daily for #PatriotsWeek19 🎁, keep a lookout…

_Ebmcin ‏@_Ebmcin

I keep a ratchet 🔧 I feel like I’m getting close to a cemetery ⚰️ I rather be in jail , then be stuck on an obituar…

Dread Pirate Huggy ‏@deathbymonkies

📜Great Momentz in History📜

TheQuoteTree ‏@quotree

📜 Inspirational Quote 📜 "Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful. " #ZigZiglar #dailyquote #qotd

Rutherford B Coderan ‏@Coderan

Girl 👧 if you☝️wanna help me write ✍️ this love ❤️ story 📜 then you ☝️ better have a curious mind 🧠🤯🕵️‍♀️

Vue Mastery ‏@VueMastery

Infinite scroll is one of the most popular pagination experiences. And for good reason. 📜 In his recent article,…

KADEEM ‏@itsjustkadeem

@snipemulatto hidden 📜 in the chamber my nig

Ashley ‏@AshleySchappert

The kids wanted to go see Santa. They couldn’t find their names on the nice list but insisted they were there some…

Bear Review ‏@BearReview

@AmyBaskin Thank you, @AmyBaskin, for being a human and not leaving us dead in the social media ditch. Nice present…

The Writing Dojo ‏@thewritingdojo

However, I've also had the pleasure of working with numerous capable, diligent scholars this term, several of whom…

New Page ‏@Deyshaaaaaa_

@CashApp Y’all help a sista out for school ✨📜😩

Year of the Yoon. ‏@johnjac43552154

@THEAmyEdgar @ColinMair3 @JohnTho29498413 @DarkSideoDunoon @Feeltheflesh @Brianir64009092 @AndrewE31603880 @Baz175…

NEC Bowling ‏@necbowl

🗣️Official NEC Prime Performers (Week 8⃣)📜 ▪️ Kiearra Saldi, DUQ ▪️ Tyler Karpinecz, LIU ▪️ Tori Boughton, SHU…

CommunityCorner ‏@EdenfieldPl

@fedagentmark It’s a must or bust📜

Keeping Up With The Mets ‏@keepingup_mets

The Mets have signed Micheal Wacha to a one - year deal 📜 Welcome to New York ‼️

Urban Air East Denver ‏@urbanairdenver

What's on your Christmas list? 📜 This holiday season, treat your favorite kids to the gift of AWESOME! Urban Air Gi…

Kalaya Sho'Nae ‏@Shonae_sayzz

Whew! 📜

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