Seat Emoji

A seat, which could refer to any form of place to sit, with the distinction that a seat is generally fixed, and is not a chair (which can be moved).

This emoji is intended to be a seat on some form of mass-transit, such as on an airplane, train or bus. Google previously displayed this as an orange wooden chair.

Seat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💺 Aeroplane Seat

💺 Airplane Seat

💺 Bus Seat

💺 Train Seat


💺 U+1F4BA




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Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(JAMES---SIT DOWN)💺🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

Katie ThwaitesⓂ ‏@katiethwaitesx

It might be a different era but Mika still can't sit in a chair properly 🍦💺

david wharton 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇨🇦🇦🇺 ‏@davidwharton162

@LeaveEUOfficial @JandJNaylor 👍👍👍 be highly unlikely Don, he could take Khan's place seeings there's a spare seat 💺 at the table

Rissy Sandra😂😍 🌈 ‏@RissySandra1

@kalelacomedian Gimme a seat 💺 bro 😂

rutarakadavid ‏@Rutarakadavie

@PirateMulwana Reserve my seat 💺 in the front row

adrian eagleson ‏@adrianeagleson

Definition of Anticipation: Waiting for the moment when you hear “boarding complete” & you have a free seat beside you in economy 💺#longhaul

i ™ ‏@ADP10Italy

@juventusfcen @Dugout Empty seats 💺 😅

stupidparent ‏@stupid_parent

We were going to disneyland and this girl waved at my son on the airplane. I shortly seen them walk into the toilet…

TCRL - Racing - League ‏@LeagueTcrl

@ILRT_Cliffy @ApexOnRacing Good luck hope u get a seat 💺

puppy ‏@puppy_grr

@Bangkok_Jabba @RachelRileyRR 💺👨‍🦳🌽🗑️. I bet his knot tingles at the very thought.

Drew Povey ‏@drewpovey

Coffee ☕️ ✔️ Water 💧 ✔️ Learning journal 📖 ✔️ Place to think 💺 ✔️ Time to think 🤔 ✔️ Happy Sunday!…

❌ Mad Hatter 🔴 ‏@madhatter632

"Weapons in our hands’ Venezuelan Military warns it is ready to slaughter US troops" They do realize we have Drone…

Alexander J Topham ‏@topham221085

Sat in the new headingley stand at the #ENGvsPAK ODI 😮 the view is unreal and sat on cushioned leather seats 💺 I’ve…

Vijay Naam to suna hoga ‏@vijayShankarINS

@bainjal @rohini_sgh @sagarikaghose @BDUTT @abhisar_sharma @ravishndtv @ReallySwara @pbhushan1 @ppbajpai BJP ALONE…

Dr.Lunyal ‏@a_to_z_7

#My exit poll guesstimate for BJP--: 250 💺seats. Also a narrow plus-minus margin of error of 100 seats. The polled…

Rex.C ‏@CfcRex

Seven years ago,we were Kings of the Europe🏆.since Marina.G took over the vacancy💺 that Ron.G has left,we have been…

Nana Bonsu Cyrus🇬🇭 ‏@Silva_Platter

@kukua_b @benedict1_ There are empty spaces here 💺💺

Kenneth white ‏@Kenneth43959568

@aushempparty That’s at least on seat 💺

Shaligram [email protected]@ShaligramSing15

@anuragspparty You all are leaving for Fantasy world which doesn't exist! Our intelligence is the best source for y…

Maria💓 ‏@princessrromero

@Manuelromeroftp You look just like me💆‍♀️ take a seat 💺

🇳🇬_teeders_ 🇳🇬 ‏@dejnistaiwo

@hay_whye @the__arny When u don use Yansh tear your friend's car seat 💺 abi

Mark Wilson ‏@intrepidwilson

Media commentators are keen to warn us about Lord Froggage & his Bullshit Party and how successful they are but, I…

vanity cane ‏@coffeeflav_rd

Some people argue so much that they can't even remember what they said to even Start the argument... Have a 💺


Rudy How's Nit&YaWho & 1% Gangs PROJECT DECEPTION plan to Destroy America With 5EYES PLUS Plus With Currupt Law Enf…

T Penya ‏@PenyaAfrica

@TawandaKarikoga Cartels got Mugabe off the drivers seat 💺 it needs to pay off so we gotta keep the chill

Jeff Theis ‏@buck30buzz

@AlanC_Poker @foxpokerfox @RollinGood17 @RunAcesPoker This could be the next big poker-twitter beef! The world is w…

AppleJuiceJuice ‏@AHype1

I can’t change my ✈️💺 😤

adi ‏@snowdorokis

@itachikisses he’s gonna take his horse 🐎 to the old town 🏘 road, he’s gonna ride 💺 till he can’t no more 🐎🐎

GAIN BTS MUTTUALS ‏@gainbtsmuttuals

Follow everyone who retweets and likes this💺

Lander Mclevel Ψ ‏@psyche_laander

sunday duty!🙌💪💳📠💻💺🏥

HomyFinder ‏@homyfinder

#homyfinder #Repost @stadiumsrock (get_repost) ・・・ Nanjing Olympic Sports Center 📍Nanjing, China 💺61,443(Stadium);…

Sharna ‏@Mis_InLov

My life looks great right now?? But people fail to see the rock I had to push to get where I’m at. I’m starting to…

jaggercomplex ‏@jaggerhype

seat. 💺

Sweaty Boi ‏@ThisIsAmerikyle

Why have one iron throne when you could have two? Tomorrow Game of Thrones ends, but my two seater crane sales nev…

Lisa Strom ‏@lisastromgolf

@Eaglputt @KRISTY2208 That sweet lady should have reclined her 💺 and all would have been right back to where it started.

[email protected]@Billadinishanth

Done...!👍 Sunday Relax..!📺Urban Ladder Robert Motorized Recliner...!💺#QuizTimeMornigsWithAmazon

Sorted Life ‏@sorted_life

Looking to get away? We plan exciting trips for everyone✈️💺Iceland anyone? 😁🥰#sortedlife #iceland #icelandair…

Philip-Ruthven ‏@RuthvenPhilip

@JimDavisOnAir @PurpleDon1973 @ianinsurbiton @JulesKay1 @Snakebite_Pit @BBCRadioLondon BEAUTIFUL! and wonderful sea air! ⛵️💺 x

High 🔑 ‏@koolahhkee

I just lost my phone in between the seat in the car and thout I grabbed a transformer 🤣💺

Madison West ‏@Madd_Dowg24

Hey @edmonderin23 💺🦠🧼🧸🎐🧾📰📐🛢📟🗼🧽🧴🛴🤹‍♀️♟🥋🥏🏉🥫🥯🎋🦡🦚🥽🧚‍♀️ That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Princess J 👑 ‏@Iam2much3_

Seat anyone? 💺👅

Lance Le ‏@TechnicalLance4

Today's Saturday's May 18th 2019 Seasons Happy Armed Forces Day Update For Oh Shiitake Mushrooms YouTube Video Grea…

Katie (B) Faulkner ‏@coachKTB

I have never seen more determination, passion, and competitive drive displayed than that of Americans boarding a pl…

Vegas BiLL ‏@VegasBiLL

American Airlines @AmericanAir Passengers Can Now Give up Their 💺 Seat, Book a New ✈️ Flight, and Get 💵 Paid for It…

Erica Dias ‏@Fashion101ed

Ohhhh and then they ask for a seat 💺.... 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ #PeopleKillMe #HeyBooHey #ETO20 #TableOf20 @ Miami Beach, Florida

Adamayo ‏@adamayooo

ok guys i got two likes o my last post and i literally posted it two minutes ago i’m so happy thank you all for the…

Umesh Poudel ‏@umesh2u2

@airindiain plane seat 💺 has already broken and taped to hide ! Please do timely maintenance for the passenger safe…

JD🇺🇸🇮🇱 ‏@JD_USA7

@AviMayer Safe travels💺🛫🛬

Umesh Poudel ‏@umesh2u2

@airindiain plane seat 💺 stand was already broken and taped to hide ! It’s totally uncomfortable ! #AI213 Pl…

Natasha Rae ‏@NatashaRaePR

How have I just noticed the only chair emoji is 💺 a plane seat??? I’m officially starting a petition for the creati…

𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕝 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕝𝕦𝕧 ‏@bangtandontplay

@s__t__f__u REPEAT until YOU GET IT, HAG. Seungri is sex trafficking trash⚡💺⚡ Seungri is sex trafficking trash⚡💺⚡…

💧medowieyowie🐨#Ilikebillshorten ‏@medowieyowie

@MsVeruca we will be looking at 2 genuine coalition sides at the next election if not a house full of indies (which…

Adam Parker Goldberg ‏@AdamShortShorts

@GridPalGeorge Totally: exhilarating + exhausting (hence my #FlipgridBusTour hashtag spelling 🥴 snafu). Glad we mad…

Flight4u ‏@flight276

#GOT7: US Dosmetic: Newark ✈️Toronto Toronto✈️Dallas Dallas✈️Los Angeles Los Angeles✈️Oakland Oakland✈️Mexico…

Flight4u ‏@flight276

#GOT7 US Tour Flight: Korea✈️NEWYORK SANTIAGO ✈️LOS ANGELES ✈️Korea Flight, booking number, seat number 💺 (DM)…

Flight4u ‏@flight276


Thomas.. F.. ‏@weltgeist13

Holy *#@*X! Balls, Batman.. 😈🦇🐼🚀💺🌘 -

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