Seat Emoji

A seat, which could refer to any form of place to sit, with the distinction that a seat is generally fixed, and is not a chair (which can be moved).

This emoji is intended to be a seat on some form of mass-transit, such as on an airplane, train or bus. Google previously displayed this as an orange wooden chair.

Seat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💺 Aeroplane Seat

💺 Airplane Seat

💺 Bus Seat

💺 Train Seat


💺 U+1F4BA




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Riding the train for the first time in 7 or 8 years. Forgot how wonderful it is. 🤣 - Actual leg room💺 - Wifi📱🖱 - Ar…

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@DrewMcM @FastCompany Interesting! But I'm still going to book aisle💺

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@kaykayaltieri Nah lol someone needs to teach that little man how to fight n he’d have a front row seat 💺 🍿 he’s in…

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🚨No Line No Waiting open 💺come right now. Walk ins always welcome. #browardbarbers #daviebarber #sunrisebarbers…

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Window or leg room?💺

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Adj. emoji Everyword ‏@vestigetire

amiable 💺 grounded ,

Letthegatdamnwindadown ‏@Nobuenoputa

All the ppl under here talking about "I been doing this" "my friend chops beats" etc.👉🏾💺

MrChair ‏@MrChair54166924

@SmolSprocket @Lizombi Nice Business card💺😀

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Steven ‏@Dey_callme_donV

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DJ Dexter Dynamite ‏@TPClikeYAK

One of the greatest, most unexpected dunks of all-time. 💺💥💯 #Top5DOA

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Robert Kessler ‏@robertkessler

@joereid I've got two emojis for BDB: ⚡💺

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Brian Cohen ‏@RealBrianKCohen

@DorisMatsui Are you in support of impeachment? I don’t see you on the list. If you aren’t, please take a seat 💺.

Inthebagjania19 ‏@inthebagjania19

@trippiemas @Kayylmariee 😂😂😂 big facts 💯 she don't care bout what nobody think but stay replying. She wanna be posi…

KAORi ‏@kaoseth07kyleDM

👤👥👣💙💦👖👟💍💎🐘🐳🐚🐋🐬🐟🐡🐜🌐🗻🏙🏢🏦🏯🌉🚈🚝🚎🚗🛳💺🚠🌧🌨☁🌫🌬🌀🌂☔💧🌊🎫🚴🎼🎵📱💽💾🖨💿📘📒📃📄📁📂📇📎🖇🗑📉💊🛡🚰🛂♿🛃🔃🔄✅➖➰➿💲❓🅿🅱🅱〰❕❔🔁⏩🔀⏸⏬⏫⏪⏺⏹📶🅰🆎🅱🅾🅿🆗🔵 BLUEBATCH1ANDONL…

Clayzer ‏@Clayzer2

@NASCAR Tri-oval. Best seats 💺

Queen👑 ‏@ChubbyChinkkyyy

Wish That HighWay To Heaven Had Some Extra Visiting Seats💺😔#IfICouldJustHaveACoupleTalksWithACouplePeople❣️🗣

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Janet Flemmons ‏@jray0507

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ash keller ‏@ashhhkellerr

ppl who put their shoes on the bed. ELECTRIC CHAIR !! ⚡️💺

Faisâl ‏@FaisalHassan__

@venduchess Come sekkle down here love 💺

JohnDavid Nduka ‏@blesssingjohn6

And you and iJohn know the significance of those two gifts. IAM THE HEIR 💺 👑 Honor from GOD of all flesh

daisymaedesigns ‏@daisymaedesigns

Team Window Seat or Team Aisle Seat? 💺 ⠀ ⠀ Vote below ⬇️⠀ ⠀ @ Columbus, Ohio

Emergency Services ‏@CecilCountyDES

🎶☀️♨️The Heat is On!🎶 For the next 3 days, dangerously hot conditions are expected thru Sunday, where heat indices…

Alicia Lynn ‏@AliciuhhLynn

Sings 🎶“Sit down in your Thinking Chair & think. Think. Thiiiiiinnnnkk...” Blues Clues song. 😩🤣💺

﮼ليلى🎓🇵🇸#علاج_مهني ‏@layool_nabeel

💺🗺🌊Dream blue 🦋🌏🛫

ADRIAN BENNETT ‏@pro1solutions

@JamessReality @Sunpoches Theyed of been sacked anyway ,but I wouldn’t stop there.I would take the whip away and as…

Andrews London ‏@LDNAndrews

🎵 A chair is still a chair, even when there's no one sitting there.💺But a house is not a home when there's no one t…

LongLiveCzar ‏@LongLiveCzar

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Spectrum News NY1 ‏@NY1

A Colorado startup has redesigned the dreaded #middleseat on airplanes. Big question is: Will it be more comfortabl…

When 🚀🌙 ? 🚫FUD PO 📛👮‍🚔 ‏@pokertwitacc

Anyone else get a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach the day before your flight? 🤢💺🛫

Jason Paul ‏@JasonOutLoud

@KylieBearseWX 1. People with laptops out lose viewing angle and operability; 2. The angle of the recline is at th…

VinceEssence ‏@VinceEssence

@abiodun_john27 @danielmarven @Bams_Jnr @Kingtanda @PaBLO1759 @Famez_vv @_igwilo @iamwillsteel @dat_medli…

RG ‏@Rohit_FP

If there is 1 thing I love more than earning points, it is burning points. Up, up & away. @velocityfrequentflyer 🚀…

Charlotte O'Bric ‏@BricCharlotte

When Ryan Air take the fully paid for seat 💺 to a member of Ryan Air staff. The seat I Gave to the mother and todd…

Broly 🇭🇳🧬🇸🇻 ‏@iAmJusSAIYAN

Thank God it’s Friday. Daily cut 💺💈 @ Fresh Fades

SpanishEyes😍⚽️💜 USWNT⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Spanish_Eyes1

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Blu-b-blu ‏@PollytheAnna

Good Morning! On my way 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🛫✈️💺🛬🇨🇦

alan bullion ‏@alanbullion2

@vincecable I like unsafe Conservative 💺 seats

Farhan ‏@clockpkch

@CSAIRGlobal Wow this is awesome , can I have a chance to be on this seat 💺..... 🤣 🤣

Jxrzy ‏@Jxrzyboi

Sat Him Down and then got my eyebrows blown off💺💥😂

Esther Píscore Gensanta ❤️🥄🏳️‍🌈 ‏@LaMalaTW

@mjdelrio @Waterlord @Milhaud Lor cillones 💺

Andrew Lees Upholstery ‏@upholsteryalees

It's nice to visit different places in our work and have the opportunity to meet new people. This long studded fix…

Emoji Sayings ‏@emojiidioms_txt

at a 🙋 for 💺

issa ‏@softietingz

@tenderjae i will get on a chair . ME! 💺

Cmac ‏@Calmac007

@mca_j @CelticFCSLO You mean a seat 💺

🌟KING OF LAGOS(MFR) ‏@Derek74399105

Please take a seat 💺... if all the super eagles player want to retire now now bcos of criticism...please be my gues…


@Murdersthots Lmao you can sit w/ the cool kids then 💺


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❤️LoveOfGod❤️ ‏@brideofJC

@DailDawson1 I feel exactly the same way! We leave Sunday and I cannot wait to get away! #LunaticLeft #Delusional #DemonicRats 👋🏼 ✈️ 💺 🌎😎


-go swimming🏊🏽‍♂️ -go to an ice cream place🍨 -go to an amusement park🎢 -jam out to eachothers music🎵 -have a water…

Juicy♡☆ ‏@JuicyGeek

Ima need for her to have several 💺💺💺

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Kevin ‏@KeventureCalls

Something extra special about night flights on an @AmericanAir @Airbus or @Boeing that just doesn’t get old and mak…

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Syjafa🎶💃🏽😘 ‏@Sy2fra

Don't pull while in aircraft don't have to tell me twice #britishairways 💺🛫✈

Syjafa🎶💃🏽😘 ‏@Sy2fra

And so it begins 💺🛫✈next stop London Heathrow wait then Miami then wait then Jamaica 🛬🇯🇲🏖🏝

bbyinanona🙈 ‏@dottsecret

Some may curious how the feel of those who solah on 💺 , i prefer not. Don't asked for it. He hear what you asked…

Rajasthan Police ‏@PoliceRajasthan

Wear #helmet⛑ & #seatbelt💺 while driving🚘 & follow #TrafficRules! And @akshaykumar would say 'पूरी दुनिया से कहो,…

Clayton Baker🥋 ‏@IGIF_

I fixed it.💺#BB21

ECPO ‏@ECPObesity

I believe that everyone out there living with obesity has at least 1 fear. I know that I have several. My current f…

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