2nd Place Medal Emoji

2nd Place Medal was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 under the name “Second Place Medal” and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🥈 Silver Medal

Unicode Name

🥈 Second Place Medal


🥈 U+1F948


Tweets For 🥈

Team Hurra ‏@thehurradfs

🏡= Home 🚘= away 🎢= roller coaster ride 💉= Juicy 📈= Trending up 📉= Trending down 😍= Love 😬= Risky 👟= Sneaky 💲= Cash… https://t.co/JXoxHANXU8

Mr. Russo ‏@RussoTeach

⚾️Remember that feeling of watching the other team get the first place trophy 🏆 constantly look at the second place… https://t.co/Q8ccJPYpoq

Maciej Jakub Michalkiewicz ‏@MACI000X

@Kobel__ @HLTVorg @virtuspro @ARCYgg @illuminaRGaming * 🥈 Aristocracy

The Esports Observer ‏@esportsobserved

This week's Top Twitch Channels: 🥇 @dota2mc_ru 🥈 @BeyondTheSummit 🥉 @TTfue https://t.co/jhwdZrqxXv The main… https://t.co/9deJq8CFFG

Fausto Coffee ‏@faustocoffee

Team Fausto came 2nd! In their first rowing gala at Durham. Well done you lot! 🥈 #notbadforfirsttime #durham… https://t.co/E0gQN3lpsY

Bazz ‏@jo_bazz

@ElleHa I can’t beat him Elle, I can’t do 20,000 steps in a work day. I’m in second place but that’s all I can manage 🥈

Rafael Babosa ‏@Rafael_B_

💰Rafael Finho sent you ₹999+ 🔥Install Videzi + ₹20!🔥 💫Invite 1 Friend + ₹5 💫 💵Invite 10 Friend = ₹50+ 💵 🥇 Browse… https://t.co/DTBpWkivtq

Dave Wilding ‏@Wildinho23

@SimonWe03978835 🥈 commander

AndySportWomen ‏@AndySportWomen

#FINAGWANGJU2019 Artistic Swimming - Women Team Highlight 🥇#UKR 🇺🇦 🥈#ITA 🇮🇹 🥉#ESP 🇪🇸

GRANLEMFC ‏@granlemf

+1️⃣ p conta !! VICE 🥈🚀🤩 #granlemFc https://t.co/Gv5G88cQ8e

AndySportWomen ‏@AndySportWomen

#FINAGWANGJU2019 Artistic Swimming - Mixed Duet Technical 🥇#Gurbabendieva / #Maltsey #RUS 🇷🇺 🥈#Flamini /… https://t.co/HaGAVXYEEN

AndySportWomen ‏@AndySportWomen

#FINAGWANGJU2019 #Diving 3m Synchro Springboard Women 🥇 #Shi / #Wang #CHN 🇨🇳 🥈 @JennAbel91 / @citrini_melissa… https://t.co/VgcwnKBd6Y

Mateo 🇭🇷 ‏@LuhgMateo

@Mariia_94460 @shuryu_ted @abdu73042589 @brfootball Dont cheat 🥈

Badminton Pan Am ‏@BadmintonPanAm

Team Canada🇨🇦 won the gold at Team Event 🏆 of the XXVIII Pan Am Junior Championship 2019.🏸 👉https://t.co/6Hs7aya7jY… https://t.co/I5mU0XeE0j

Tom Gale ‏@TomGale_HJ

Huge thank you to everyone for all the support and messages after yesterday’s comp. Was awesome to walk away with a… https://t.co/t5KNwxri0H

KING HAVERTZ 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 ‏@havertzisabeast

🏆🥇 @Wack_SZN 🥈 @MahrezRole 🥉 @SuperBarcaXI 4th @CCFC_mjh Ty to all who was part of the ft fa cup

Art Martineau ‏@rebelsart

Well done to Josie Gordon @josephinegordo and Lilkian (100-1) with an amazing 2nd place tonight at @WolvesRaces. Gr… https://t.co/31B2J3gFdl

Alex Stanger ‏@alexstanger1993

Results this season (9th-15th) Best position | best two / three races points | Current total BIR 🥇 | 43 | 45 | 85… https://t.co/VKyd8eoPhm

Alex Stanger ‏@alexstanger1993

Results this season (top 8) Best position | best two / three races points | Current total JEV 🥇 | 43 | 68 | 130 B… https://t.co/1mVECSrFpD

Wall St Solver ‏@wallstsolver

🤔 Contrarian Buy Rankings 🤔 🥇 $DD ▪️ DuPont de Nemours Inc. 🥈 $GOOGL ▪️ Alphabet Inc. Class A 🥉 $HAL ▪️ Halliburton… https://t.co/Dskz5Nioqo

Corsham6th ‏@Corsham6th

It was a blast. Thanks for hosting @CorshamPE A 🥈 for the C6th team. https://t.co/v5TAYKm2uh

Lifestyles Fitness Centres ‏@LifestylesGym

🗣️ It's official the voting for the Fitness Professional awards is now Open. There are a number of #Lifestyles sta… https://t.co/wa1EGDVsrf

CDN Sport Institute ‏@csipacific

🥈| What a weekend! Even more success for our registered athletes & partner NSOs, with @TriathlonCanada and… https://t.co/BQVRC23Mzz

Coinvalue.xyz ‏@coinvalue_

🏆 Top gainers (24 hours): 🥇 $XMX: $0.0038335516 (+16.47%) 🥈 $NET: $1.4725398087 (+8.32%) 🥉 $ABBC: $0.2412751785 (+… https://t.co/IhTHRs4mxd

LouvardGame ‏@LouvardGame

🔵 #LouvardGame16🐺 🔵 Introducing our #Hearthstone Pro tournament, with 48 slots & a 2.000€ prizepool. Our reservati… https://t.co/qRL0TgjP2s

Student Profits ‏@Student_Profits

🇭🇷 Luka Modric 2018: 🏆 UEFA Champions League 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup 🥇 FIFA WC Golden Ball 🥈 FIFA WC Runner Up 🥇 B… https://t.co/obeky3GiC7

EPL Bible ‏@_EPLBible

🇭🇷 Luka Modric 2018: 🏆 UEFA Champions League 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup 🥇 FIFA WC Golden Ball 🥈 FIFA WC Runner Up 🥇 B… https://t.co/fV3NUG2d56

Ed Deadwood ⚰ ‏@EdDeadwood

🇭🇷 Luka Modric 2018: 🏆 UEFA Champions League 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup 🥇 FIFA WC Golden Ball 🥈 FIFA WC Runner Up 🥇 B… https://t.co/1Z0Sjqr6T7

PieSportsBooze ‏@PieSportBooze

🇭🇷 Luka Modric 2018: 🏆 UEFA Champions League 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup 🥇 FIFA WC Golden Ball 🥈 FIFA WC Runner Up 🥇 B… https://t.co/5Dz7xKWUJc

Wall St Solver ‏@wallstsolver

🤑 Aggressive Buy Rankings 🤑 🥇 $TWLO ▪️ Twilio Inc. Class A 🥈 $NOW ▪️ ServiceNow Inc. 🥉 $RPD ▪️ Rapid7 Inc. Rankings… https://t.co/uJ1TMxJ9Af

Debbz ‏@debbra22

Successful weekend 🍾🥇&🥈🎉 https://t.co/WhSNpRL14Y

Tennessee Swimming ‏@Vol_Swim

[email protected] breaking records and winning 🥈 at the World University Games! https://t.co/bezz6EJnUz

KingsHeadCacklebury ‏@KingsHead_SR

🎱 The Sean Snee & Mel Smith Memorial Pool Competition winner is... 🏆 Scott Murrell 🥈 Runner up is Ben A total of… https://t.co/8ImHFOzjUv

TSG Hoffenheim EN ‏@achtzehn99_en

#Throwback 🕰 1️⃣ year ago: Andrej #Kramaric and Croatia had an incredible run at the @FIFAWorldCup in Russia. They… https://t.co/MDuEi25jzp

NKOMEJE Guillaume ‏@g_nkomeje

🇷🇼Rwanda Team U16 Boys finished on 5th position #FIBA Africa U16 Championship 2019, after beating 🇹🇳Tunisia 78-53 F… https://t.co/wlb1G7tLQn

Big O ‏@BigO_CR

💰3x 10$ PayPal Giveaway 💰 Thanks for all the support. It is time for another @ClashRoyale giveaway ! :) ⚠️ TO ENT… https://t.co/ffExTAu3KX

Angry Burly Bros ‏@AngryBurlyBros

ABB Ultimate Weekly Doubles Tournament #32 Results: 🥇- Michael 'Hunger' Dedic 🥇- Bertan 'Rockster' Kosev 🥈- Jean-L… https://t.co/Un3gE5B9gg

Angry Burly Bros ‏@AngryBurlyBros

ABB Ultimate Weekly Singles Tournament #32 Results: 🥇- Michael 'Hunger' Dedic 🥈- Lucas 'prismoid' Woolfe 🥉- Taylor… https://t.co/kAdXj2ewvM

Dr. Brad Gustafson ‏@GustafsonBrad

@RossCoops31 @Joe_Sanfelippo @TonySinanis @PrincipalStager Happy Birthday, @Joe_Sanfelippo! (Evidently… https://t.co/SIheRuhwzZ

Jess Chow ‏@JessChow11

It was a huge honor to represent both @BonivitalSC and Canada at the @usacupsoccer Tournament this past weekend! We… https://t.co/j4fgrwf2Uf

Game Gym @ Camp ‏@GameGymEsports

It’s no secret how much fun we’ll be having this weekend! So skip #Area51 & join us as we team up with… https://t.co/9gEMVok43u

The Open ‏@TheOpen

Last year's silver medal winner, @samlockegolf, returns to #TheOpen one year on. This time as a pro 🥈👉https://t.co/9zzXuXzre8

Valero Lounge ‏@ValeroLounge

It’s #CheekyMonday which means you can get a FREE 175ml house wine OR pudding with every burger, special or main yo… https://t.co/278BYd5h0p

Parker Spencer ‏@_ParkerSpencer

Great day for @USATPJTPODIUM yesterday! @Tsmorz with the 🥇 in the Magog CAMTRI! @darrsmith_ with a solid 8th in Mag… https://t.co/eryGUxWPEx

🧀queso y libertad🏴 ‏@quesoylibertad

@EmojiTetra Go right! ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽🥇◽◽◽ ◽🥈🥈🥇🥇◽◽ ◽🌸🥈🥇🍄🍄◽ 🌸🌸🥈🍄🍄🌹🌻 🐝

Madlen Her ‏@madlenher1710

@EmojiTetra Right, please! ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽🥇◽◽◽ ◽🥈🥈🥇🥇◽◽ ◽🌸🥈🥇🍄🍄◽ 🌸🌸🥈🍄🍄🌹🌻

Joe Brier ‏@joebrier99

European u23 silver medalists 🥈!! we gave it our all last night, strong running from all the boys 🏃‍♂️🇬🇧 https://t.co/fbGljHB0Sv

Eric 🇭🇷 ‏@NoHoesEric

The most heartbreaking and humbling day of my life happened a year ago today. No matter what happened this achievem… https://t.co/hECQ7IpDN8

Matej🇮🇱🇩🇪 ‏@jug_dva

Exactly a year ago @HNS_CFF Croatian national made history #Hrvatska 🇭🇷❤️⚽🥈 https://t.co/JxIIqN0yb3

ITV Cycling ‏@itvcycling

🔀 That's really shaken up the GC. 🥈 @GeraintThomas86 is up to 2nd! Watch all the reaction LIVE: 📺 @ITV4 📱… https://t.co/3v703jlFUg

Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations ‏@SpeedwayGP

Can @GBSpeedwayTeam 🇬🇧 turn 2018 silver 🥈 into gold 🥇 at the @MonsterEnergy #SpeedwayOfNations Finals in Togliatti… https://t.co/8bx94wBxPT

Wall St Solver ‏@wallstsolver

🏦 Conservative Buy Rankings 🏦 🥇 $AMZN ▪️ https://t.co/YJ0zftNqcc Inc. 🥈 $AAPL ▪️ Apple Inc. 🥉 $MSFT ▪️ Microsoft Co… https://t.co/7yQQZDrKpg

The Snaith School PE ‏@TSS_PE

East Riding Athletics Championships 2019. Relay - Year 10, 2nd 🥈👏 https://t.co/9hvJfqRqS1

Le Tour de France UK ‏@letour_uk

The GC before Rest Day 🛌👇 💛 @alafpolak 🥈 @GeraintThomas86 + 01' 12'' 🥉 Egan Bernal + 01' 16'' #TDF2019 https://t.co/t03oHyLVm0

Madlen Her ‏@madlenher1710

@EmojiTetra Down, please! ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽🥇◽◽◽ ◽🥈🥈🥇🥇◽◽ ◽🌸🥈🥇🍄🍄◽ 🌸🌸🥈🍄🍄🌹🌻 🎉🥈

helena | IRL ‏@rosegoldlogan

July 15th 2018 ❤️🇭🇷🥈 https://t.co/iDjnuyqT7r

Noe, 帅. ‏@YOHANexe


Rafael Babosa ‏@Rafael_B_

💰Rafael Finho sent you ₹999+ 🔥Install Videzi + ₹20!🔥 💫Invite 1 Friend + ₹5 💫 💵Invite 10 Friend = ₹50+ 💵 🥇 Browse… https://t.co/YV4tFIevFx

Madlen Her ‏@madlenher1710

@EmojiTetra What about this? 🤔 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽🥇◽◽◽ ◽🥈🥈🥇🥇◽◽ ◽🌸🥈🥇🍄🍄◽ 🌸🌸🥈🍄🍄🌹🌻

Minnesota Gophers ‏@GopherSports

First, she was named Big Ten Diver of the Year. Then, she defended her NCAA 1M Diving title. Now, she's a FINA Worl… https://t.co/anNyadqmTP


Some excellent performances from @OutwoodFoxhills student at the Outwood Games. Here are our medal winners below 🥇… https://t.co/pNs9UPptwW

Digital Skills EU ‏@DigitalSkillsEU

Love spending time on social media? We have good news for you! Social Media, Digital Marketing and SEO appear as th… https://t.co/cCry2UHmAR

Yamaha Racing UK ‏@YamahaRacingUK

Some great results for the #bLUcRU riders in the fourth round of @mxnationalsuk at Canada Heights. Highlights inc… https://t.co/k8xtl0WxeF

Whitworth HS PE ‏@WCHS_PE

WCHS Sports Day 2019 Overall Results!!! 🥇 Celcius 568 pts 🥈 Franklin 532 pts 🥉 Galileo 518 pts 4️⃣ Archemedies 512… https://t.co/4CftRF6DUl

The WBA Report ‏@WBAReport

Update📱| #WBA Salomon Rondon is set to be reunited with Rafa Benitez at Dalian Yifang after reports that a deal ha… https://t.co/0C9kh88JF8

Whitworth HS PE ‏@WCHS_PE

Year 9 FINAL Results 🥇 Celcius 144pts 🥈 Franklin 138pts 🥉 Galileo 134pts Year 10 FINAL Results 🥇 Celcius 164pts 🥈… https://t.co/46j2wJDMYJ

Belong Gateshead ‏@BelongGateshead

We're getting closer and closer to our final #MortalKombat games of the group stage! Can our teams make it to playo… https://t.co/8LHYqqcwio

Whitworth HS PE ‏@WCHS_PE

Year 7 FINAL Results 🥇 Celcius 162pts 🥈 Nightingale 134pts 🥉 Galileo 132pts Year 8 FINAL Results 🥇 Rranklin 158pts… https://t.co/74m7y4w4Jb

Ryerson Rams ‏@ryersonrams

🏋️‍♀️ | Catch up on the Ryerson barbell club's latest results, including a 🥈 and 🥉 medal at the team's home competi… https://t.co/uKQ60IdWHG

Kevin Reed REALTOR ‏@KevinReedHomes

When you are literally the #setxrunningrealtor , got a run in and closed a deal at the same time..... What's your s… https://t.co/N62KR9g4X3

Wall St Solver ‏@wallstsolver

📊 Wall St Solver Buy Rankings 📊 🥇 $AMZN ▪️ https://t.co/YJ0zftNqcc Inc. 🥈 $NOW ▪️ ServiceNow Inc. 🥉 $SHOP ▪️ Shopif… https://t.co/Mtxz7sAp3e

Lani Nelson ‏@klnelson3

Congrats to the Springfield Platteview Jr Trojans 14u A baseball team for taking home the runner-up trophy and meda… https://t.co/OexWoertiH

BMAA ‏@BXMartialArts

Congratulations to Sensei Rahul and Young Lions Karate Competition team on another great showing at the 2019 USA Ka… https://t.co/v3434h9ukM

Sports Et Cetera ‏@whoever1980

#TeamCanada 🇨🇦 road to #Tokyo2020 #Olympics #FINAGwangju2019 #Gwangju2019 #Diving After completion of synchronized… https://t.co/ERgioNLmnF

The Snaith School PE ‏@TSS_PE

East Riding Athletics Championships 2019. Grace, 2nd in the 200m. 🥈👏 https://t.co/sfYLVZxl9y

OAM- PE Department ‏@OAM_PE

Awesome sprinting from the Y7 girls @OasisSholing 4x100m team 🥇👏🏼 @OasisMayfield 🥈 and @OasisLordshill 🥉 https://t.co/62bK0LJ4R2

SEA Sports News ‏@sea_sports_news

🔘 #RoadToTokyo2020 | Congratulations to Pandelela Riong and to Leong Mun Yee of Malaysia 🇲🇾 for qualifying at the 2… https://t.co/4R8As5nJIb

Derby City SSP ‏@DerbyCitySSP

What a great competition this afternoon, a four-way tie for 1st place going down to runs scored. The @CricketDerbys… https://t.co/XZ0KyfndwL

Khel Un-Ltd ‏@KhelUnLtd

Shooting| ISSF Junior World Cup| Double Delight for 🇮🇳 Event : Women's 10m Air Rifle 🥇 - @elavalarivan 🥈-… https://t.co/zdELLOIXJo

Next Level Motorsport ‏@nextlevelmsport

🏁 We continue with our 2019 mid season reviews, this time with @willburnsracing. Will has had a promising first ha… https://t.co/QjBQUhl8Xz

England Rugby ‏@EnglandRugby

It was a 🥈 place finish for the #RedRoses in San Diego 🇺🇸 Watch highlights from their final #SuperSeries2019 game… https://t.co/6l72n6k8p5

Zlatan Leko ‏@ZlatanLeko

Split Croatia ⚽🥈🏆🌍15.07.2018 https://t.co/yD8egvQ5R6

Sports Et Cetera ‏@whoever1980

#TeamCanada 🇨🇦 road to #Tokyo2020 #Olympics #FINAGwangju2019 #Gwangju2019 #Diving It must be noted that Jennifer… https://t.co/YD495XNhsF

Piggy French ‏@Piggy_French

Great time at Upton last week. All the team at Upton do an unbelievably good job with the event so a massive thank… https://t.co/ULin2zMqGf

TetrisTheGrandMaster2003 #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER ‏@Dead684

@mommyclairebro #Affinitweet Top Friends (fixed) 🥇 DeadSIender 🥈 NikasAshes 🥉 Leah and David 🏅 LoafOfBananas 🏅 Nigh… https://t.co/1EuSYdCV1u

Hari Priya CR ‏@cr_hariPriya

ISSF Junior WC Final: 10m Air Rifle Women Elavenil, Mehuli & Shreya - New World Record & Team gold 🥇 In the indi… https://t.co/72S2rFWOtt

Wall St Solver ‏@wallstsolver

💪 Wall St Solver Power Rankings 💪 🥇 $AMZN ▪️ https://t.co/YJ0zftNqcc Inc. 🥈 $AAPL ▪️ Apple Inc. 🥉 $FB ▪️ Facebook I… https://t.co/1pIHfhqv9v

Dansation ‏@KerryDansation

Beautiful pictures of our Niamh Dobbie and Lilly Ballantyne who danced beautifully at St Andrews #dancefriends… https://t.co/IzW3GwUOSM

Martin Grayston ‏@martin_grayston

@developM2Ls @IanRouth @dfoy2 @KathySomerset @sheepio That’s amazing. I bet you’re so proud 🥈

Rappe ‏@RappeJake

🏆 2019 Africa Cup of Nations 👏 MatchFinal 📆 19 July 🥈 @10SadioMane ⚔🥇 @Mahrez22 @LFC 🤝 @ManCity ⏰ 21:00-03:00GM… https://t.co/3bnzy9x1gI

Follow Trick 💫 ‏@FLWRGAIN

Follow everyone who LIKES this 🥈!

Howard Quayle ‏@HowardQuayleMHK

A huge congratulations to Team #IsleofMan who came second in the medal table at the #islandgames2019 in #Gibraltar… https://t.co/u019DWlWEp

Jones Bros CivEng UK ‏@jonesbrosUK

The hoarding on our A49 #Wigan Link Road project has been brightened up thanks to pupils from Worsley Mesnes Primar… https://t.co/FLFnrn8bEt

Kapil Choudhary ‏@kapil857

And its GOLD 🥇 for Elavenil as Mehuli settles for SILVER 🥈 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳#ISSFJuniorWC https://t.co/roNJF777s3

OA Shafton PE ‏@OAShaftonPE

Y9 Girls Long Jump - Freya 🥇🏆 *PB* Y9 Boys 100m - Max 🥈 @OutwoodShafton

JAFA ⚽️📲 ‏@jafa

If voting for the 2019 Ballon d'Or ended today, who would make your top three? 🏆1st: ____________ 🥈 2nd: _________… https://t.co/lSsiThyL1L

DappReview ‏@dapp_review

#DApp Daily Report: 💵Volume #ETH 💲 14.8M (65.1K ETH) #TRON 💲 6.9M (279.3M #TRX) #EOS 💲 6M (1.4M EOS) #STEEM 💲 6.2K… https://t.co/hXMoqKXPA7

CSSBattle ‏@css_battle

An action-packed mini-Battle 5 ended! A round of applause to our 3 champions & top 10 players 👏🏼 🥇 @hkosiacki 🥈… https://t.co/fAN5udqP1w

Questor Travel ‏@Questor_Travel

There is a lot of love on Twitter for these #MedwayYouthAwards photo comp entries... 🥇 - @cjohnsonICMAT 🥈 -… https://t.co/8XM3Mfvilp

The Snaith School PE ‏@TSS_PE

East Riding Athletics Championships 2019. Natalie, 2nd in 800m. 🥈👏 https://t.co/fxoHRtX3G3

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