Seedling Emoji

A seedling, a sign of spring. A new plant of some kind sprouting from the earth, hoping to grow into a large tree, flower or plant if conditions are suitable.

Seedling was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌱 Spring

🌱 Sprout

🌱 Sprouting


🌱 U+1F331




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Anna Lize ‏@Anna_Lizee

📍 #Cornwall bound at the end of this month 🌊 Lunch recommendations near to these places... 🌿 @NTGlendurgan and…

𝘈𝘢𝘧 ‏@peachteari

i need some vegan meal inspiration 🌱🌿🌸

🎃 ‏@a_tralalish

Self compassion is everything to me right now. Self empathy.🌱♥️

CryptoGrower ‏@crypto_grower

🌱 #BUY Signal – Dip detected🌱 📈 Market: $BTS 🏪 Exchange: Poloniex 💰 Current BTC value: 0.00000830

Chowkidar Aishwarya Singh ‏@AishwaryaSing15

@rashtrawadi9 Ye hai Asli reason : 🌖🌾🌿🌱🥔

Donna Jones 🇪🇺🍃🇬🇧 ‏@donnajones

📝 *Announcement* 📝 If I’m not around on here much, it’s because I’m super busy at the moment, not because I’ve fal…

Bee Approved ‏@beeapproved1

Happy #WorldBeeDay! 🐝🌱 Today is the last chance to take advantage of our special #Beekind promotion 💚 With every…

Steve ‏@stripey2121

@JulieLgemini Hi Julie, best of luck to Hampshire of course, hope they keep doing well, England v Australia should…

Where Women Work ‏@wherewomenwork

An outstanding achievement - Corporate Responsibility Magazine has named #Eaton as one of 100 Best Corporate Citize…

Martha Dillon ‏@Martha__Dillon

Ok sure buy some houseplants Charlotte Church but how about some column inches for... - legislative emissions contr…

محمد دین بلوچ پی ٹی آئ. ‏@Muhammaddinbal5

🌱ITTEFAQ GROUP🌱 @Muhammaddinbal5 @iam_pk43 ⁦@ShahidaMehndi @drmansoor001 @sidra_isi @Goraya55 @Moona__61…

。✿Morte as sasaengs♡ #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN ‏@1CopoVodKa

@NCTsmtown_DREAM I love you to💕💕🌱🇧🇷

Blinded by the light ✍️🎨📚🇪🇺🌱🔶 ‏@IsOnHoliday

After receiving disgusting ukip, farage and tommeh's leaflet. This 👇 is finally one I'm happy to see 🙂🌱

María Sánchez Mainar, PhD ‏@MSanchezMainar

Scientific event THE ROLE OF RUMINANTS IN SUSTAINABLE DIETS June 21st 2019, Brussels, BE - BAMST & @FIL_IDF We h…

Jan ‏@geminicat7

🌱 I think this is Common Comfrey, spotted this morning by the river ...

ㅤً ‏@precichous

pretty prettier oh seunghee 🌈🌱🎶🎀

The May Bakery ‏@The_maybakery

#Repost livekindlivevegan • • • • • • @The_maybakery- Victoria sponge and red velvet. 🤩😋 absolutely love this baker…

shelley angelie 🍜 ‏@j4lebi

give us a follow and watch this space!! ✊🏽⚛🏛🌱

Tommy Tønsberg ‏@TommyTonsberg

Morning! A few photos from the finished @hardyplants stand at #RHSChelsea This is what it looked like when we left…

CARMA Ⓥ ‏@carma_ldn

Why should we be shopping vegan and ethically? 🌱 #vegan #veganfashion #ethicalfashion…

MediplantLtd ‏@MediplantL

Blog via @MediplantL Check out my latest blog all about #Cbd in #sports 👍🌱🍁💯👌🇬🇧

Moose Coffee ‏@moosecoffee

NEW MENU TOMORROW! Here’s the Verrazano Grande. A vegan alternative to scrambled eggs using crumbled tofu served wi…

ً##__♡taeTae ‏@93spcm

@moncfs hello, send some hearts back !! 💗🌈⭐️🌱

Princess 🎀 ‏@poutyvoid

Good morninggggg 😇🌱 I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I’ll be online most of the day so feel free to dm me about…

🌱 8ball88 ‏@8ball811

@txbit_io @MyHushTeam Very nice and good to see they are still going 🕶️🥂 pls also look at $Coval - xcp fallout.. soon to be erc🌱

AEDR ‏@PerthWestAussie

Mystery #bulbs. Pic taken at 13:18, 19/05/2019. A little bit bigger. #Flower #Garden #Bulb 🌰🌱🌿 I think the set at t…

ً##__♡taeTae ‏@93spcm

@taesbberry hello, send some hearts back !! 💗🌈⭐️🌱

AimEmp ❤\(◕‿◕ \) ‏@M_Imelody

@AsiaPrince_JKS Cool!!! Come!! My darling Oppa~~LEZGO picnic in some garden!! Only U&Me na!!! lol😘😘🐰😻❤️❤️🌹🌻💜💛🌱🌴🌵🌳🍄🌾…

Hull Truck Theatre ‏@HullTruck

This week we're GROWing with @cedinb and @madzoreilly 🌱🌱🌱 Walking Towards Ithaca, Friday 24 May, 8pm 1975, Saturday…

Adam Pownall🌱 ‏@Adam_Pablo

Lots of projects growing at Truck this week. 🌱@theroaringgirls rehearsing 🌱@JakeeDaniel & co in R&D 🌱Tamar & Jo d…

Tommy Tønsberg ‏@TommyTonsberg

@janeperrone @Rocky_Coles @gartnerkenneth Really great to meet you in person, Jane 😊🌱🌱


𓂀 don't LIE and 𓂀 don't drink but 𓂀 will SLAP your 🍑💦💦💦 and SMOKE some 🌱 with you LADIES 😘 #POSITIVEJUICES

Impact Hub Berlin ‏@ImpactHubBLN

We look forward to discussing #ReThinking #Policy with @valeriestern_ from @VoltEuropa TONIGHT during our event int…

Excitable Sugar Scribbles ‏@excitablesugar1

This is such a beautifully made #commemoration of the life and memory of one of the queens of #England, Anne Boleyn…

Micaela M Naidoo ‏@KaylaNaidoo17

Where you are planted, you become the message that you hear 🌱🎈

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

One of the many reasons we’re voting @TheGreenParty @MollyMEP this Thursday 💚🌱🌿🇪🇺😀✅

GreenWood ‏@GreenWoodFP

We couldn't agree more! 🌱🌿🌳Here @GreenWoodFP we encourage children to be inspired by nature, unplug the technology…

Tommy Tønsberg ‏@TommyTonsberg

@archidave We’re helping some friends on their stand. 😊🌱

FAO Newsroom ‏@FAOnews

Why bees🐝 matter? Protecting our pollinators🌸 is vital for our future of food🍎. Without bees🐝 and pollinators🌸,…

PrinceCasmel👑 ‏@PrinceCasmel

@iamedem Happy birthday My King we love you die🌱🇬🇭🇬🇭

AEDR ‏@PerthWestAussie

Third #ArumLily. Pic taken at 13:17, 19/05/2019. Looking good. #Flower #Garden #Bulb 🌰🌱🌿

ripefresh ‏@ripeme

Who loves organic farming as much as we do? 🌱💚 We bring this fresh from the farm to your table! Order for home deli…

LGSeedsUK ‏@LGSeedsUK

Don’t forget to bring your fresh grass samples to @natsheep Welsh Sheep tomorrow, at Glynllifon College & we’ll ana…

Phoebe ‏@Phoebe_poodle

@gartnerkenneth @hardyplants The display looks absolutely terrific 😍 Fingers crossed for a Gold after all the team's hard work 🤞🌱

april ‏@needgws

after three years, what is your song from dangerous woman?🌱 jan- side to side feb- let me love you mar- i don’t ca…

Cai Baby ‏@caibabysussex

@SussexWildlife I've cheated a little - I couldn't wait to plant the seeds 🌱 They're already sprouting #wildflowers

Excitable Sugar Scribbles ‏@excitablesugar1

@Emmabuzzybee @Society_Anne This is so beautiful and I love it! Thank you for sharing and honouring the brave ladies memory🌟🌷🌱👍🏼💛

Laura Medina Puche ‏@LauraMePuL

Inspiring the future generation of plant scientists (I hope... :))🌱💚💪🏻

Ragaa Fakhouri ‏@RagaaFakhouri

Pass on the weekend Easter 🐣 Feast! Vegan 🌱 caramel spiced biscotti cake, Kanafa, baklava, Cinnamon bun, bassbousa!…

postgraduate(su) ‏@ueasu_pg

Our first PhDiggers project is over, check out our post on the experience in the Lakeside View PGR blog! 🌼 Did you…

andrekent ‏@andrekentoffic1

Looking forward to saying 1,000 days of veganismo 🌱 and sobriety

Orlaith O'Sullivan ‏@orlaith

Great weekend for the Irish Sangha: we ordained five new members into The Order of Interbeing. We support communiti…

We R Here ‏@WeRHereOrg

A positive message of hope from #OurWallOfHope this morning: "Grow free wild flower". We provide a safe space for c…

AEDR ‏@PerthWestAussie

#ArumLily #GreenGoddess. Pic taken at 13:16, 19/05/2019. #Flower #Garden #Bulb 🌰🌱🌿

Hannah Austyn ‏@hannahaustyn

Need some #MondayMotivation ?? I have just started a group on Facebook called The HA Community 🌱 Join to be a pa…

Chantelle Nicholson ‏@chef_chantelle

Delighted to be part of the @MontessoriUK Centenary Children Garden @The_RHS #chelseaflowershow showcasing an edibl…

Vanessa ‏@nessigoodman

@KensingtonRoyal Well done Kate, on both your garden and inclusion of your beautiful children. 😁🌞🌱⚘🍁🌾🌼🍀☘🌿🐞🐛🦋🕷🐝🕸🕷🦠🌸💐🏵

MakeYourCareerMatter ‏@YourNHSLFuture

Our latest Princes Trust ‘Get Into Healthcare’ programme starts today! We are super excited to spend the next 6 wee…

ACE CAE ‏@Ace_Cae

🌱#EUSEW19 Energy Day "Up-skilling the #AEC industry to deliver high quality #energyefficiency #retrofitting with…



AI$🌍 ‏@AI10138687

The grass 🌱is not always greener on the the other side sometimes u have to let people have a taste of their own medicine 💯



Agri-wallet ‏@agri_wallet

with an overdraft, the #farmer is able to purchase farm inputs🌱 from a participating agro-vet even when your Agri-w…

Lori🥀 holler ‏@holler_lori

Good morning everyone,happy Monday, have a great new week!!🌹🌱🌿🌹🌹

Sister Kamo ‏@Anti_Kamo

Evergreen 🌿🌱

TravelonabudgetRO ‏@trvlonabudget

Sunny monday morning! 📸🔮🌸🏵🌱👀👇 . . . . . #travelonabudgetro ______________________________ #visionofpictures…

Nissa Rachmidwiati ‏@cacingski

"A kid (-as well as adult) today can likely tell you about the Amazon rain forest –but not about the last time he o…

Threads ‏@_vthreads

This Monday reminder is bought to you by veganmiracle 🌱🌎

AJ Smith ‏@MrSmithRE

Just sent my Year 10s into their second and last GCSE RS exam. Now I'm sat with my Year 9s and they're reading and…

Xuanne 🌱 ‏@minhyongies

All slots secured. ❌ Jungwoo both ❌ ❌ Johnny Neocity ❌ Slots left: Neocity 🌱Doyoung 🌱 Haechan Awaken 🌱 Taeil 🌱…


14 hours of allotmenting later... I have finally got the lot back on track. 👨‍🌾🌱🌾🌿 #Allotment #GYO #HardWork

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

@JohnHowarth1958 No 🥀. My husband’s lifelong Labour, no more. We’re voting @TheGreenParty 💚🌱🌿🇪🇺✅

Shavington Academy ‏@Shavington_Ac

Reminder: Eco Club 🌱 is on every Tuesday lunchtime in H4

Amena King ‏@AmenaKing

@eddiek2 Green🌱💚

Edward Untrusted ‏@EUntrusted

@MondaraTeh Is is your favorite color 🌱

Aloe Bud ♡ ‏@aloebud

🌱 Use lavender essential oil as perfume to help start the day with peaceful vibes

Leroy Catchy ‏@CatchyLeroy

@HZahid928 Hello 🦒🐿️🐦🌱🐛

christany ‏@christanylele

i remember you different, but i’m glad you’ve grown 🌱

Kenneth Ingebretsen ‏@gartnerkenneth

@Szalix Isn’t it! Very cool plant 🌱

Edward Untrusted ‏@EUntrusted

Drop your mobl colour 💦🔥 Mine:- Black 💦🌱

Pelcor ‏@Pelcor

Card Holder is BACK IN STOCK 🌿🌱 ➡️ Free Shipping Worldwide #pelcor #cork #fashion #trendy…

Earthing Bot-Art ‏@olivesbotart1

___________________ ☀️⚪⚪☁️⚪⚪ ⚪🌩️🌈🛬⚪🚁 ⚪⚪☁️⚪ ⚪ ⚪ 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 🐥..... 🦕.....🦆..... 🌱🌱☘️🌱🌱🌷 ___________________ -Sin…

420meds ‏@420medshop

Although #MedicalCannabis has been legal in many States for a few years,#physicians 👨‍⚕️&other medical providers ar…

Natu❄︎Kai☀️🌊🌊🌊🤙🏾 ‏@NatuKai3

❄︎ On shore Ordinary condition ・ω・ Bamboo shoots are bamboo 😳🏡🏡🏡🌱🌱🌱🎋🎋🎍🌊🤙🏾 #Kamakura

🛸 ‏@highleeeen

Sometimes u gotta close a door to open a window 🌱

boringmoney ‏@boringmoney

'ESG accelerates into the investment mainstream' says the @financialtimes 🌱 #ethicalinvesting #sustainableinvesting

Matt Witney ‏@DMAg_consultant

An early peep at some of the many trials this year - splitter boots vs single banding lentils and some replicated…

💧tracey ‏@traceyggor

@Loud_Lass It's so sad after the #Election2019Results That #ScoMo is pushing the🔪dagger🔪further & deeper into ABC…

yeap_yeap ‏@IrynaSonnova

So proud 🇺🇦🌱

ruth.ed by Him 👆🏻 ‏@missGBJoy

"Whenever I am anxious and worried, you comfort me and make me glad." (Psalms 94:19 GNTD) SALAMAT PO LORD AH . ALL…

Cabot Circus ‏@CabotCircus

Welcome Kokoro to @wagamama_uk 🙌🏼 Lighter Bowls. Lighter Souls. 🤗 Check out the Naked Katsu Curry and the Avant Gar…

Nala ⛲ ‏@shirleyheavens

❤️🌱🌻 New News

thank u , next ! ‏@issacloudagb

happpppppy third birthday dangerous woman 🌱🌙🌫 #DangerousWoman

Plant Based Health Professionals UK ‏@plantbasedhpuk

Excited to welcome vegandoctorjosh to our advisory board. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 Josh Cullimore is a GP based in Brighton. He qual…

darren’s duck div 🦞 ‏@sweetenerdarren

thinking of darren genuinely smiling and being happy makes me feel like dis 💕💫✨🌱🌟💘🌷🤟🏽⛅️💛

ArtByBai ‏@ArtByBai

@cupcakelogic Man-Overboardiculture 🌊⛵️🌊🌱🌊🌊🌊

ann🍫|| hunting for mutuals🌌 ‏@saltedeggie

top picks🌱💓 all these pictures look so boyfriend material🥰🤩🤤

Fast Buds 420 ‏@Fast_Buds

@StephandjoG Happy Harvest!!🌱 ‏@querencia_tv

EXPLORE THE WORLD TOGETHER ⤜⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⤛ A volcano takes and turns nature int…

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