Seedling Emoji

A seedling, a sign of spring. A new plant of some kind sprouting from the earth, hoping to grow into a large tree, flower or plant if conditions are suitable.

Seedling was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌱 Spring

🌱 Sprout

🌱 Sprouting


🌱 U+1F331




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Nikki ♥️ LLL Blog ‏@love_lippy

I'm living an organic dream with these FAB newbies from @AntipodesNZ 🌱 Have you tried them yet? They're like crack…

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👇👆 NCT couple/matching/twins icons for you and your bff or your side acc ✊🏻😔 🌱💚 ; i…

Lori Holler ‏@holler_lori

@SUZAN916 You too,thanks!!⚘🌱⚘🌱

sana🍂☁ ‏@purplepjms

@kisseokie I'll do it for free when you're not around :((🌸💗💛🌸🌟🌱💛🌸💗🌱🌸

Saumensch ‏@Mara_Simonds

🌱Cementerio de Highgate🌱 Londres ✨

. ‏@fmYyaxHeRBmOHs6

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

lulu catroid ‏@iamcatroid

@skrillbug I would buy a eco-friendly shirt from kiki! 💞 It's okay if it costs more, because I would support a posi…

daily JJP ‏@dailyJJP

they’re so playful when they’re together #jjp #jaebum #jinyoung 🌱

#1 Will Byron Fan #GO24 ‏@airbrenda

I needta go vegan one of these days 🌰🌱 I'll bet it's expensive and ya can't find ingredients anywhere

Dennis Windsor ‏@dennisnwindsor

🌱💧 Add the #PowerfulWellness of RevitaBlū to your day! Learn how RevitaBlū helps support your body’s systems.…

L O R E N Z O ‏@TheeLorenzo

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

Shawna 🐺 ‏@ShawnaLeneeShow

@sercangursoy86 Try to stay dry! 🌱

The Vegan Box Limited ‏@veganboxlimited

Only a couple slices of this beauty left today! #MatchaPistachio ✌️❤️🌱 #whatveganseat #theveganboxlimited #veganaf…

vegan_north ‏@VeganNorth

What an exciting week! We're only half way through #WorldVeganMonth and what a great month it is🌱. More of you are…

The Veggie Trail Tours ‏@TheVeggieTrail

Vegan nikujaga cooked by Yoshi-san 😋 a Japanese dish traditionally cooked with beef but this version is 100% vegan…

My African Dream ‏@MyAfricanDream1

What a life! This spectacular scene is nestled just on the outskirts of Johannesburg at Walter Sisulu National Bota…

🐝Nuts about Gardening🐝 ‏@giftedgardener0

@jackiegrantahr Lol. The grass has grown better in the borders than the lawn 🤣🤣🌱🌱

Kay Davis ‏@KayDavisArtist

MATE!!!!!!! ❤️🌱✨

Hail Seitan ⓥ ‏@soypreme

My deadlift PR was 120kg earlier this year. My 3 rep max is now 120kg/265lbs/19 stone. 5 foot 4, 66kg, #vegan 🌱

North Cumbria NHS Staff Health and Wellbeing ‏@ncnhswellbeing

Its Schwartz Rounds time and the topic is Caring for Ourselves! 💜♥️ We are set up and ready with our Health & Well…

BLANC ‏@Blanclivingco

...AKA smells like the natural products we use to care for your garments 😌 They smell lovely indeed ☺️🌸🌱

Mia Zur-Szpiro ‏@miazipporah

bye 👋🏼 gone to live in the mountains ⛰ see ya never 👋🏼🌿🌱 . #bornwild #wilderness #nature #naturegirl #mountaingirl…

Emlyn Sloan Perumal ‏@EmlynSloan

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

Seshat ☥ ‏@AyaBaniti

Take your herbs today ! If you need an energy boost I suggest u get some Maca Powder or Ginseng✨🌱

майо́р Darrell the Farmer🤠🌱🌶️⚒🇷🇺🌻 ‏@farmerdarrell

Risin' an' shinin'☀ without wakin' an' bakin'🌱is...good😊 (#sobriety)

Brayan Jesús Salcedo ‏@bjdose

Un muy bonito día para ti y para mí as well. Feliz cumpleaños my crab! 🦀🌱 I hope you have a great day! Felices 24!…

Shawna 🐺 ‏@ShawnaLeneeShow

My next YouTube Video for TODAY will be an UNBOXING video of the NEW SUCCULENTS that I will be receiving today in t…

Pasit Apinyawat ‏@KaiPasit

I’ve been waiting for my zz raven to grow for 2 months. Finally The new shoot!!! So excited to see how big it is go…

ReinChild ‏@MuvaReinChild

#theveganfoodie 🌱❤️ going vegan has changed my weight, gave my skin a glow, helped uncluttered my mind and gave me…

ABOUT TIME. ‏@AboutTimeMag

It’ll take you three minutes to discover London’s best #vegan wings. Time well spent: 🌱🌱🌱

Cate Crawford ‏@dolfipolonet

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

vegan_north ‏@VeganNorth

Our new #Vegan book is just getting better and better! If you'd like to be involved as a contributor or know anyone…

rebi espi ‏@reinnespinosa

happy birthday to my one and only sister. i aint never gonna stop loving u,,,,binch @whadduprich going✈️grand chika…

LittleGeniusNursery ‏@LG_Nursery

🌱'Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden'🌱*- Robert Brault We would li…

Tracy Lee ‏@tracylee3313

I need a bowtruckle🌱 in my life 🤩

AstroDK🇭🇺🇯🇲 ‏@DKAstrology

Rise and shine beautiful ppl! My fever grass grow big eeh👀✅ its full of vit C, drives away mosquitoes, has so many…

M O ‏@moamberv

time for change 🌱

@ABMontiJ ‏@ABMontiJ

🌱 Newt Scamander Fantastic Beasts I'm creating a fantastic beasts stickers pack 😁 waiting for it's premiere 😱🙌…

SK Events & PR ‏@skevents

Liverpool I hope you’re ready because we are! Important @LivFoodDrink planning is well underway in the office today ☀️🌭🌱🐶🍕🍹

🌲Northwest Writer ‏@tashastukes

🌱 "People purchase solutions, not products."✒ 3 Simple Steps to Fix Your Content Marketing 💻 via @ap_bullard 💡 Ef…

WPRawl ‏@WPRawl

Grown here. 🌱 This is what a row of green onions looks like in the field. 👌 #CertifiedSC #WPRawl #GreenOnions…

Jeramy Johnson ‏@jeramyutgw

👏🌱Amazon encourages you to recycle your old gadgets

H.U.S.T.L.E Clothing LLC ‏@hstlclothing1

You’re not paranoid enough... It could all be taken from you tomorrow but when you work like someone’s trying to ta…

VimFuture ‏@Futuremvafanaz

@Eassy__ We need to feed our people 🥬🥦🌽🥕🍍🍉🍌🍒🍑🥭🍅🥒🍠🌿🌴🌲🌳☘️🍀🍃🌱🦚🦙🦙🐖🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜

IG: Lashed_By_Faith ‏@Faith_Baloyi

My body loves me so much more since I went vegan 🌱🥑

'Mbassie The News Cat One Small Mew ‏@DeinhardtTimea

@WarmongerHodges Heroic and I might add: effin' brilliant😎 🌸🌱🌺🌱🌸

Daisy ‏@Daisy95amo

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

Lanie Khumalo ‏@_Gkhumz

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

Sara ‏@sara_93

We live in a beautiful world (don't panic)🌱 @ A Coruña, Spain

Geoffrey Bastard ‏@Geoffrey_RB

Great to meet HRH Princess Royal last week at the #RASC2018 to discuss Agriculture & Food across the commonwealth 🌱…

Leigh 🌺 ‏@leighlipop

When you’re bloated and you know it, you drink tsaa 🌱

Oleksiy Bekhta ‏@OleksiyB

Celebrating #peanutbutter month @TheForumSEB @VacherinLondon with Zibi’s little vegan number of #peanut slaw, soba…

Josh Roberson FOX 8 ‏@JRobersonFOX8

Freezing temperatures for an otherwise BEAUTIFUL morning here on the north shore. More cold coming later tonight so…

CMR INC. ‏@cmrconsultants

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a top Licensed Producer? Check out what the team at WeedMD has to say 👉…

S2BOnline ‏@s2b_online

Share some #ThursdayWisdom : how do you find ways to grow better? 🌱 @StraightaheadUK @SquideoVideo @Amshire…

Horti Hugo ‏@Hugh_Cassidy

A slug a day .... this post-apocalyptic looking photo was from the other evening. It’s a #Dahlia cutting that has d…

Marie📴 ‏@mshinju

20181009 Daesung at the 2018 Ground Force Festival 😘🌱

Stevo McKenna Ⓥ Vegan Alba 🌱🌍 ‏@StevoMcKenna7

Went to .windmillscafe today. They offer Vegan options now. Had Baked Potato with tangine and side salad. Absolutel…

Breathe. ‏@breathebot10

Breathe in, slowly. Then breathe out, also slowly. Thank you, bio-friend. 🌱

juliane renz magracia dacsil ‏@JDacsil

☄️💥appreciation post☄️💥 u’re greater than the pain ♥️ it s ok 🌿🌱

𝐞𝐬𝐫𝐚 🍩 ‏@prxvx

8. favorite album the war🌱 every song is a bop

NWHS Green Team ‏@NWJagsGreenTeam

Please bring: paper towel & toilet paper rolls, screw top food containers (Talenti and Ciao Bella), old hard cover…

Branden 🌿 ‏@BrandenJOak

This week’s vegan food has been on point 🌱

CRM Science ‏@CRMScience

🗽 Are you going to Salesforce World Tour New York City? We are! It's is a bite-sized version of Dreamforce in a sin…

amelie 承 ‏@doctorjeon

@ninelifetimes @BTS_twt thank you <3 here's to more for us both 🌱

𝗥+𝗘 ♡ ‏@ryansericka

looking through our many google docs and i just really can't wait for the rest of our lives together 🌱

Pauline Mendoza ‏@mendozapauline

🌱 photo by @sandramaqueen

Bff Skincare ‏@Bffnaturals

Presenting @Bffnaturals range’s 🌱Pores Minimizing Serum Known as “the food of the gods”, Chia seed is the richest b…

Alejandra ‏@mamanina736

@EnjoyNature Super!!!!!!🌱🌱🌱🌲🌲🌲🌱🌱🌱

Fatto a Mano ‏@fattoamanopizza

This week’s #fattoamanopizza specials... for the carnivores... Tomato, Nduja, Cherry Buffalo Mozzarella red pizza &…

Würth Elektronik ‏@we_online

Interested in LEDs for horticultural usage to #LEDitgrow !😉🌱🔆 Meet our experts at booth B6.404 to learn more about…

JJarvz ‏@JJarvz

@vegankingzy 😂 That’s your playground. Play along King 🌱

Zensō CBD ‏@PeaceNPower

Truth can never be told so as to be understood and not be believed. - William Blake 🌱 #Life #Positivity…

Robbie George ‏@CODEMCR

@rachcrewe @IcelandFoods I’m not sure many climate scientists would share that sentiment - I will support local veg farmers! 🌱 🥕 🍎🌽🥑

Safer Pharma ‏@SaferPharma

Current EU policies seemingly underestimate the threat posed by #AMR & #pharmaceuticals in the #environment 🌱-…

Ruby Powell ‏@Ruby_Powell96

. @hanslope speaking at the opening plenary at the @CongressOrganic “We want more support for agro ecological far…

Mrs M🌱 ‏@TheMorganics

This is horrible, for the firefighters AND the 21000 chicks. 😢😡🌱 #FactoryFarming has got to STOP. have to be dec…

✨🌱 Casey! 🌱✨ ‏@sketchingsprw

Details 🌱✨

Bradfords Building ‏@Bradfords_Build

#Throwback to the time Bradfords provided services for crops. 🌱 Does anyone have an idea where this scenic photo wa…

Holly Corfield Carr ‏@hollycorfield

🌿🍄🌱I'm dragging a whole hedge of poems to London to join @tweetbytheriver this Monday for a night of music with…

Colormachine ‏@colormachine

Darkened: #9cee36 ... #34c800 ... #00a300 🎨: 💚 ... 🌱 ... ♻

TweetiPy ‏@tweetipy

Its a day to be grateful for all we have 🌼🌱🌅🏠🎨🎭📚💰🍞

Marlese Sifre🇵🇷 ‏@MarleseSifre

Hopeful... 🙏🏼🥀🌱

𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧 31 ‏@seungmnn

goodnight i love seungmin mwah mwah mwah 💘💞💖🌷🌈🦋💘💐🌻💞💗🌷💖🦋🌱🌈🌱🌻🌷🌱💞🌈🌱💐🦋💞🌱💘🌱💘💞

Bilaaaaa ‏@jaemnaaaa

[WTB] not in rush PC JAEMIN -Rookies (matte/glossy) -cheer event -sg17, sg18 -ticket holder -collect book -passport…

SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd 🛠️👩‍🔧👨‍🔧🚜 ‏@TheSpreaderGuys

“Look at all my followers”! 😍🐮 We’ve nearly hit the 2000 mark! Please give us a retweet & follow 🐵🚜🌱👨🏻‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾…

Balachandra Danganavar ‏@BDanganavar

Happy Wedding Anniversary Smt. Lalitha & Shri. Prabhu Hanchinamani 🇮🇳 Grow Green Pedallers 🌱🌿🚲

Cindy Hurn ‏@CindyHurn

#Blog #WordsOfWisdom Growing Confidence 🌱🌿

Bathandwa Same ‏@BathandwaSame

Thank you for reminding us to recycle and support fair trade coffee farmers, @LaughingManCo! ☕🌱

nanokeratin system ‏@nanokeratinuk

The next generation revolutionary Refortify series offers smoothing formulated specifically for Afro Caribbean hair…

Emily Hui ‏@gratitude_em

@BuLisaBisa @DrLindC @EduMelb @UOMpospsych @GGSPosEd @PESA_Aus @PennPosPsychCtr @PosEdNet Thanks for your great ske…

Ben Ward 🖖🏻 ‏@Official_BWard

My recommendation for anyone considering going vegan: Target two days vegan / plant based and then do what you want…

Taj Enterprises ™ ‏@TajEnterprises

Nature itself is the best physician... Fellas this ain’t just for the ladies I use this too! 🌿🌱🍃 . . . . #natural…

かおるん♡Daisy ‏@kaoru_pink

#アベンジャーズ愛 #プレゼントキャンペーン WE ARE GROOT🤲🌱

Arancini Brothers ‏@AranciniBros

Perfect day for one of our Butternut Lentil stews with risotto balls and our home made tomato chutney. Yum!!! 🕺🌱💯💃…

Sweden in Nigeria ‏@SwedeninNigeria

Honored to have Ghana’s Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, H.E. Prof Frimpong-Boateng, o…

SheenaMae🕊 ‏@sheenamsuniga

A good news is coming. I'm planting the seed, generously watered it and i will see the harvest🌱

Kelsey House BR3 ‏@KelseyHouseBR3

Oh hey there vegan breakfast 🙋🏻‍♂️🌱 #kelseyhouse #beckenham #beckbromfl

Chrissy ‏@GoodnessCakesny

Getting excited to crank out holiday cookies!!! 🌱🍪🌱🍪🌱🍪😍🌱🍪🌱🍪🌱🍪😍 #cookies #vegan #veganny #veganism #veganfood…

The Garage ‏@_TheGarage

@adalef Look at those beauties, they're amazing! 🌱🌱

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