Selfie Emoji

A camera (usually a mobile phone camera) held up to take a photo of the person holding it. May be represented by an outstretched hand and phone, or a face showing an extended arm and phone in hand.

Selfie was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤳 Phone Camera

🤳 Selfie Hand


The Selfie emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🤳 U+1F933


Tweets For 🤳

Nostalgia ‏@nostalgia903

Ofis 🤳 selfie

AFL Women's ‏@aflwomens

[email protected] is calling out @JessicaWoochnar for her selfies in the next '10 questions with...'🤳 #AFLW Read more:…

♪C♫ ‏@corona_MMA

I like a good hair day 🤳😌

Dante Adams ‏@DanteAdams555

"Bounce Brothers" 🤳

IDEE Eyewear ‏@IDEE_Eyewear

But first, let me take a selfie 🤳#EyewearGameStrong. . . . #IdeeEyewear #sunglasses #style #fashion #party…

Corporate Gifts Online ‏@customgiftonlin

👉 XECH Vertical Mouse X-409 Function: Wireless Mouse Number of a button :3 Sensor: optical 🧐 🌐…

Christina 🇩🇰 ‏@chda7777

First selfie in Riyadh...? 🤳 #DiriyahTennisCup #DiriyahSeason #StanTheSelfieMan #Wawrinka 💥

KinGsley🎯 ‏@CockyKk

@Preshi__ Gather here let’s take attendance 🤳


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## kes! ☆ ‏@ur2cooI4me

making a hyunjin sugar edit so that i can drop it under skz’s tweets and beg for strayhampton stan mutuals 🤳 mind of a mastermind

Kay Griffin I am a Hufflepuff and a Leo ‏@PipsKay

So my Lovelies Wednesday December 11, 2019 is #nationalappday ❤🤳📱!!!!! And it is #nationalnoodleringday

Kimzie ‏@kimzieluvz

Trying to take a selfie while horseback riding in Montana 😝 🤳 @ Hollywood


Selfie 🤳 time😁

S. Garcia ‏@Garcia_Info204

Tufecki (2017) says it best in the outstanding book, "Twitter and Teargas": The story of technology and social move…

Anil Agarwal ‏@bloggerspassion

Which Lifestyle Blogs Do You Follow?🤳💅 Here are The Best 30 lifestyle blogs you can follow to improve and upgrade t…

Beto O’Dork 30-330 ‏@LocklearAndy

@JoeNBC Joe’s Selfie 🤳

Billy Faber - 9 Years Later... ‏@BillyFaber3

Oh! Go on then. One more retweet can't hurt? Phones by your sides Pike! 😸😶🤳

Phil Haslam ™ ‏@PhilHaslam

Lad I know mistook curry powder for heroine - ended up with a dodgy tikka 🤳

The Ray. La' boss ‏@Raybobo1

I’m LIVE 🤳 🎥 on #Badoo! Watch now! 🙌

Oscar Monroy ‏@oscarmonroy27

@BasketballWives @EvelynLozada I found an OG selfie 🤳 🤓

Marketing with Mavericks ‏@ShantanuChandra

Day 33 : 100 day 🤳 challenge #100daysofhappiness #mantraoflife #cookingtime Aalo beans, suji halwa, rice and dal PL…

Frederik Schweiger 🦄 💙 ‏@flschweiger

Flutter Time Square Selfie Crew 🤳

Efren Baquerizo ‏@efrenbaquerizo

Last selfie 🤳 / Last meme 💬

WoB Casting ‏@WoBCasting

Requirement Female Dancers For Disco Shoot . . . More WhatsApp & Contact ... Details Visit App :…

ali zahid ‏@zahid_hpitafi

@23Bano Your front part is bigger than rear part so you look unbalanced 😉😜🤳🙏

Deborah Thicc ‏@deborah_thicc

I am exhausted , but make it about sex ed 🤳.

Ct Shots ja 🇯🇲 ‏@cordo1t

Corporate event and saw Yendi. Tell her mi want a selfie 🤳 🤷🏽‍♂️

Paola Landetta C ‏@Landettapaola

Last selfie 🤳 las meme 🧟‍♀️

Luis Mazariego Wolf ‏@block314

A la selfie 🤳!!!

Juan Pablo Meneses Gómez ‏@MenesesJuan

Last selfie 🤳 last meme 🧟‍♂️

eva ‏@knjstunes

@JlNUYASHA peak loser behavior is not studying for something n giving up before they even try 😁🤳

APNurse4Yang☔️ ‏@darthkaqoon

Gobi was upset in the other photo because she wasn’t ready for a selfie yet. This photo below was a better selfie 🤳

Frederik Schweiger 🦄 💙 ‏@flschweiger

Flutter Chrisler Building Elevator Selfie Crew 🤳

Kamene Goro ‏@KameneGoro

But first let's take a selfie 🤳 Good Morning. #KameneAndKibe @kibeandy @Kiss100kenya @xtiandela

Big Lion ‏@BigLion24

@kaysmoko @mommaaaadeeee @KimKardashian Ima take a 🤳 with it the next time I see it :)

Stan ‏@1337Stan

@RealityAssHole I was just commenting 🤳👉

My Info ‏@sec2nd2n0ne

I’m LIVE 🤳 🎥 on #Badoo! Watch now! 🙌

• uɐpɐɯɐɹ pǝɯɐɥoɯ • ‏@Mhmd8R

I’m LIVE 🤳 🎥 on #Badoo! Watch now! 🙌

eva ‏@knjstunes

😺✏ — don't kill my vibe 🤳 ENTERTAIN ME

Shelley Cooke ‏@cooke_shelley

@DaleV73 @Sflecce I think it's pretty safe to say, at this point, that if he was ever actually AT the bargaining ta…

LITTLE JUNE💧🌪 ‏@Ashleey_234

New flickkk for the bird 🤳💉

ķųãmı♡° ‏@kuami_1

@UncleMohamz Yes no noise😂🤳✍🏽

🤴🏾Laddos Lane🗣 ‏@Laddo_ticket

Had to buy a new phone today📞🤳 The dusse' took my last joint out 😩🤬😐

Temptress Kitty ‏@KittyPorridge

I’m LIVE 🤳 🎥 on #Badoo! Watch now! 🙌

$even. ‏@JarrettLos

I call it heaven sent 🤳

Joc ‏@joceleaan

Do any of these apply to you? If so, dermaplaning might not be the best option for you BUT, we can definitely work…

Anime4Lyfe ‏@SonGokuRules

@ru_thompson 🤳 queen right there 🤗

Esco G. ‏@LordDom_


Jason Twista III ‏@jason_twista

I’m LIVE 🤳 🎥 on #Badoo! Watch now! 🙌

Zāna ‏@zanazora

mirror selfies gettin out of hand 🤳 legs lookin long af 🕷 what’s good 😂 #docmartens #basketofshoes #longasslegs…

Cantero Aldana ‏@Aldanabeelc

@RamiroLMLopez Doctor ? 🤳

😎 Cool Kid Bot 😎 ‏@OutShades

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 😎   🤳🤳🤳 🤳 🤳 🤳 👌 🤳🤳 👌   🤳 🤳   🤳  🤳   👟 👟 Sup, I'm the cool kid of selfie!

simon ujor 🇳🇬 ‏@ochiboy5

I’m LIVE 🤳 🎥 on #Badoo! Watch now! 🙌

Megan L. Killian ‏@megankillian

I'm grateful for these great people. Thanks for being awesome, y'all. @bethlemmon, @RyanCLocke, @iman_bh (🤳),…

🦋Major•KIE•Alert🦋 ‏@WishinOnA_STARR

Selfie 👑🤳

Kevin Hill ‏@KevinHi08154091

Looking for that new woman in my life 👳🇨🇱🤳🌆🏘️🏙️

Stamp-Tape❤️Sticker❤Keyring รุ่นพี่ฯ/✌️support 赖冠霖 ‏@tleelaapple

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Vanessa Ayola ‏@vaneayolab

@UCF_Knugget Selfie 🤳 📸🐴 don’t mind me fangirling Knugget

Resorts World Casino ‏@ResortsWorldNYC

No plans?Come in to #RWNYC & #PlayDineUnwind 🙃 🎰Play▪️6,500 games to choose from! 🍴Dine▪️RW Prime,…

Motor Vehicle Services Call Center ‏@motor_call

😏 Reaching your financial goals is easier than you thought 📈 We will make you to become our next manager, and we ar…

DRR ‏@DrrDenise

@k__ovfefe Selfie 🤳

Urban Tech Bot ‏@UrbanTechBot

Meet CloudIO, a boot-strap-minded UI that gamifies dining for policy makers. 🤳📩(🚎🌇🗺). #disruption

Trev Freeman ‏@Trev781

Is there a market open on how many selfies are taken with Tiger in it during the Presidents Cup???🤳

Mark Carr ‏@the1andonlyM

“I don’t do FaceTime”. Says the guy who takes a selfie 🤳 with EVERYONE. Mo. 😂😂 @SBKevinShow @ACatNamedMo…

Polyup ‏@PolyupInc

Less than 5 mins to go before #polyupchat with @Participate AND @AgenaCasey begins! Ready to rumble? 🤳

Bec🙈🙉🙊 ‏@RebeccaAmygree2

@zaynmalik @EASPORTSFIFA Take a selfie 🤳 while you wait.

Sweet Yoo Kihyun BR - Monsta 7 ‏@SweetKihyunBr

~ Fancam |🤳| 09.12.2019 Kihyun performando 'OH MY!' no Jingle Ball em Minneapolis ♡monamour_KH #KIHYUN #기현…

JP Maheu ‏@jpmaheu

“If I don’t grind, we don’t eat” @JordanUngar whispered before this selfie 🤳

Ultra New Town Tavern, Inc. ‏@newtowntavern

that selfie 🤳 timer ⏱ clutch huh?

University of British Columbia ‏@UBC

Do you love Instagram? Are you a #UBC Vancouver student? We’re hiring two paid social media content creators to con…

FIDM_Library ‏@FIDM_Library

You know you’re a @fidmsf student when you’ve snapped a pic in the library elevator foyer 🤳 #FIDMLife #FashionAtFIDM

Superdrymale ‏@Superdrymale

Morning selfie 🤳 #happyhumpday 😍

Gary Toner ‏@GT2o1o

@mcd_productions #12GigsOfChristmas 🎄🎅🤶 Happy Christmas 2019 MCD 🤶🎅🎄 Mr Christmas 🎄 (THAT’s ME!) is ready to ROC…


@ApeSchidt @EdwardBChang @BPD_GOD @Radikwear Dang straight, time to dap up with the secret handshake after we burne…

Rosie ‏@dulcinea17

@QTAnon1 The stupidity for a 🤳.

Snap Send Solve ‏@SnapSendSolve

Don't let vandals ruin your fun, get in the swing of reporting issues with Snap Send Solve! 🤳😜

NodeOp ‏@NodeOp

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Lotus ‏@Lotus_Efuru

Lol y’all say the same thing every year for New Years 🤳

Andy Hill ‏@theBookPeeper

@mummasuze @stockotrader Arghh that's like a pre-camera selfie of Mike 🤳😁😎

Norit Cuidado Suave ‏@noritomg

Selfie 🤳 @JJSaezDomper ♥️

henry ‏@zeaowo

peguei da moot 😟. I have a crush on you. 🤠. I wanna hug you. 🤡. I wanna kiss you. 🤳. l wanna fuck you.

Tallulah🐶🎅& Natalie💋🎄 ‏@natalievaness15

@Nightbird7115 Fank yoo soo vewy much for me Chrissymas card, Wickett n Birdie! 😺💌💝 Me luvs it 🤗 Vewy handsome 💖 Me…

Tarquin Fenter ‏@Tarkseth

@col83338045 I'm ashamed to say I haven't mate,,,, as it abso pissed it down all day and was out from 6:30am - 9:30…

Dadbodd ‏@Dadbodd1

@Crushing_Goals Bed-time selfie 🤳

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