Face With Symbols on Mouth Emoji

A face with grawlixes (symbols such as #%!) covering the mouth, indicating that the face is swearing. Used to convey a sudden outburst of anger or frustration.

Face With Symbols on Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤬 Cursing

🤬 Cussing

🤬 Grawlix

🤬 Swearing

Unicode Name

🤬 Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth


🤬 U+1F92C


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@WNBA @CandiceDupree_4 Should have done it in a Sky uniform. Thanks, Key. 🤬

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Mani 👑 ‏@bvsic_manni

i can really see myself about to go off 🤬

❌Sabine ❌ ‏@sabine_durden

@pamnsc @USCCB @Pontifex True. Crime seems to pay for catholic churches 🤬

Char ‏@hurricanechar3d

It shouldn’t just be “some” Republican Senators, it should be all of the damn Senators! Trump is out of control an… https://t.co/i0BuZoY7Oa

mercedes cruz 🥀 ‏@sadiesss381

I’m fr getting pissed tryna do this 🤬😂 https://t.co/B1kOKaH7uj

donnamay ‏@donnamay111

Poor little guy they should be ashamed of themselves 🤬 https://t.co/KLInwn5qI8

Caitlin S(cientist) ‏@Paleophile

@dog_rates The owner you tag in this post cropped his dog's ears based on his photos of his puppy/dog. 🤬 "Croppin… https://t.co/wqbRzQPlnx

Remigio Aguilar ‏@RemigioAguilar

Primer Road Rage con un imbecil en un paso peatonal 🤬

Rob Dens ‏@SteadyVybin

Would love to play 2K right now... but xbox live is down 😤🤬

Donadagohvi ‏@dontfeeltoosafe

If something has almond milk in the title why are you putting whole milk in it 😡🤬

#BeingMe ‏@AliceMoorefield

Words fail me... 😢🤬 https://t.co/FiFMVCb1L7

CassCohen ‏@cohen_cass

How is that my child is asleep by 9:05 pm if I put him in bed at 9 pm, but when I put him in bed at 8pm, he's not asleep til 9pm. 🤬

ᎠᏘLᏘIᏁᏘ 💖 RᏋᏁᏋᏋ ‏@bonbonsandbooks

@facebook please remove violent videos from your site it is NOT my job to report them! It is your job to keep them offline!😡🤬

David Alexander ‏@DaiTweedy

Love being awake at this time on my day off, honest 🤬

🌹🌹🌹 ‏@realrudy4l

I hate this iPhone pool shit with a passion shit so fucked rigged 🤬

Nae 💋 ‏@_jvnaenicole

I am not lying & you kno it 🤬 https://t.co/71aShvXg3L

Martia ‏@martiasmart6

Why tf is my ping always high asf in fortnite?!?!?🤬

KiNG MONZO ‏@ornelasmonce

I just got a fucking write up on my Friday 🤬

Myrissa Whisenant ‏@myrissadawn12

I’m done with the internet for the day. 🤬

Kaylea ‏@kayleabugs18

@DenverChannel @jacelarson I just don't understand people these days, those poor babies and mama! 😔😭🤬

✡️TemperanceWycke(d)🇺🇸💔🏳️‍🌈 ‏@FoodAprecianado

@maydaymindy9 Too late for me, but I’m all in for it ending yesterday. 🤬😩😫😭🤯

Flower Child🥀 ‏@Helloo_yellooow

the frustration is sooo real 🤬

CelebritystylistZ ‏@fashionestaswag


Alex 🌙 ‏@AlexSkinnny

@denzeldion I was gonna celebrate and watch all the movies on @netflix and they took the movies off 🤬 GMFU

t e d ‏@tedmeup


Robert Lawhorn ‏@rtla93

@wfaa This is old news. @GeneralMills products are loaded with #glysophate A known #carcinogen 😡🤬😡

Im that Viper ⛳️🎣⚓️ ‏@GatoVolador496

Haha! I was watching @TuckerCarlson and I saw this clip. I didn’t have my glasses on so I was like, “WTF?!? Since w… https://t.co/mRqDbbiVbI

ale ♡ ‏@a_badasss

wish i had a flat stomach 🤬

kay🕊 ‏@_zflexing

also paddleboarding is difficult 🤬

Capt Cannabis, Space Force🕊🇧🇷🇺🇸 ‏@LiberalMormon

But @SenSanders isn’t a Democrat!!!!! 😡🤬😡😡🤬😤 https://t.co/EiYXcBWN5F

Bart 🇺🇸🇲🇽 ‏@bartdesoma

@Breaking911 Immediate release from this planet. 🤬

Curly_Kid3 ‏@Forest_Prince_7

@IGN F#€¥ no where’s idris Elba 🤬

Mike Feuerstein ‏@organic_dad

@pjlarks Agreed. And electronic voting machines can be hacked. I honestly believe something similar happened in 200… https://t.co/tdvLA2V2i2


A RBI? Why is Puig even in this game?! 😡🤬 #SFGIants

sara ‏@esnyjin

@clssystyIes @rcyaljeon who are u talking to mith 🤬

Britters ‏@Britterzbee_

@destLovexo You’re so unappreciative of my Love & emotions. Virgo Ass. You have the feelings of a ROCK 🤬

Kade Jetland ‏@kjetland

@JennOMara4PA Thanks for leaving your signs all over the neighborhood. 🤬

Barbie Lara #GlovesOff ‏@TeaSippingBarb

@Mookyluv2 @TheChickLivesOn @WilliamFPeters2 @Billy_Ray28 @CaliPhunck @GOVTWINE @Cha51brolll19 @UncleChanBlake2… https://t.co/2rNkwbNxu4

⋆°♤Sнwαɢɢy♤°⋆ ‏@hipsterminx

I've never hardblocked anyone in my whole life but seriously...what the fuck is wrong with people these days???? LI… https://t.co/FysjPOtlUV

Michelle Barber ‏@mlb1103

@RealCJ10 He's a joke! 🤬

$$$ ‏@angelllbabyy

Who tf put that shit on my Twitter 🤬

❌Sabine ❌ ‏@sabine_durden

@RennaeCh Thanks and yes, people MUST wake up. Those clowns don’t care for citizens 🤬

Nick Barthe ‏@MadSweataz

Taught***** 🤬

ba¡lee ‏@heyyyitsbae

Not even syllabus week and already went through not one, but TWO ice breakers 🤬

Ethan ‏@NotYerButler

Duck the Fodgers 🤬

MeMac ‏@MeMacp

Puppet master 🤬 https://t.co/RVNtGQuNOT

BrownSkin🤞🏾 ‏@Sweetepps

I put all my problems in a SWISHER 👌🏾😪🤬💨

snow fairy ‏@TlNYPEACHES

@kyutieberrykyu ill fight all fifty of them 🤬 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MLOVE I HOPE YOU HAV E A WONDERFUL ONE 💗💗💗💗

S T E V E 🌍🤴🏾✊🏾 ‏@soflo_steve

Bruh YOUNG THUG wtf 🤬

PushWaves🌊🌊 ‏@PushWavesTuro

Brooo why shit always hit the fan 🤬

KowtowRobinson ‏@KowtowRobinson

@espn How long does it take to score a goal? LESS THAN A SECOND! 🤬

Red California 2018🇺🇸Deplorable Hillbilly ‏@jensinspired1

@NevadaJack2 @rail581 My kids live there 🤬

Dantley Harbin ‏@Dharbonix

I enjoyed the summer with my kids, we made great memories. I’m not gonna me that guy who gets excited for them to g… https://t.co/r9VncfIDhb

ale 🦋 ‏@aleealara

I sent Pablo this and he replied with “when I make you mad” 😡🤬😂 Pretty accurate tho https://t.co/wJwRRTtdhz

$𝒢 ‏@stephaniegaa2

Man your fingers gotta be broken for this shit 🤬👿 https://t.co/LMIAthyd5l

TheMichaelBrownMovement ‏@TheMBMovement

Killer cop shoots non-aggressive dog because the dog barked, a totally normal behavior for any dog. Hoping for just… https://t.co/vlF7Z22wWa

. ‏@AllOutOfHoes

Pissed me the fuck off 🤬......

vanessa | 52 ‏@fallawaypilot

@creativedun You took it 🤬 I found one in my room

flexican : 3 ‏@cIownie

where is slime language 🤬😡

MH 🌊#goodtrouble ‏@herman_maureen

I just can't. 😡🤬 https://t.co/ffGOG9uPPf

Ana ‏@macedoaana

This is literally my sister when I ask 🤬 https://t.co/M2K918mFLd

Shonjuan 🔥🤫Chosen☝🏾 ‏@iShonJuan

Last two chics I tried to smash one hit me with the “I don’t wna have sex unless I’m dating you”. Other one gn say… https://t.co/0hTVa9FAUg

John Colaw ❌ ‏@JayhawkLas

@iheartmindy “A” only one would be a surprise to me...🤬

its ho-KIM muttafawkuh ‏@_keetikat

Lmao held that one... now focus up 🤬 Game 1 loading...

Tatianna🍫 ‏@theyenvy__t

2 hours since I ordered my food and haven’t seen it yet 🤬 Chanello’s must see me 😒

Cee ✨ ‏@SierraCee_

I literally see red 🤬

✨ AJ ✨ ‏@ImightbeAj

My 123 lbs is goin to the right places this time around 😭 I need to be 150 🤬

PaTresha🌊 ‏@PaTresha10

@cwisme Not my district. He’s despicable 🤬

Spaniard a proud Resister🇪🇸🇬🇧🇱🇷 ‏@lademocraciala

This is been ringing my ears today ,after microwave K . A .Conaway made her last spit on all American women, with… https://t.co/ihfAw7xFU9

❌Sabine ❌ ‏@sabine_durden

U traitor r a huge waste of $, votes & time. They r NOT asylum seekers, but ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS. They live bett… https://t.co/bXvwGV8PIm

Suriya FC ‏@SuriyaOfficiall

@actorvijay whenever your movie releases, you release your movie simultaneously in #Kerala along with #TamilNadu! N… https://t.co/hPfYnfzWJv

Tee Tee ‏@BaNaNaCoCaInE

Went to Guy’s Bar-B-Que Joint at the Horseshoe casino. The food was terrible! The pork was watery, the cole slaw ha… https://t.co/WKQJfAGKRG

CALEB ‏@CalebHarrison97

And then father time happens and takes your gpa away and that tablet in your hands becomes obsolete in a year, you… https://t.co/62kcQbdWs6

lu daddyyyy 🤪 ‏@_UniquaaConella

people just irritate my soul 🤬

stina ‏@badgirlstina

The U.S. had eliminated measles thanks to our strong vaccination programs, but anti-vax parents read ONE fake study… https://t.co/lsQPJV5I8D

marcia.🌻💜 ‏@__heymarcy


Anna ‏@trillselda


Richard Statham, Jr. ‏@RichStatRealty

🤬😡 The young man on the porch showed great patience. I can truthfully say had that been me on the porch I would not… https://t.co/2s2w1HWWVG

Socahontas 💃🏾 ‏@MackZaddyAri

I broke a naillllll 🤬

Joaquin Eng ‏@JoacoEng

@adrianratam @ComunidadAvion @VolarEsPasion @HANGARX @aviacionline @aviacion_al_dia @VadeAviones @De_aviacion… https://t.co/uUyCnff22H

Myrissa Whisenant ‏@myrissadawn12

If this thing on my side doesn’t stop growing again & giving me pain. 🤬

PoohBear💜💪🏾🐻 ‏@JaidensRiena

Really mad & just irritated like 😩😩🤬

◢ ◤ ‏@izMungai

KQ is just bullocks 🤬

Salman rafi ‏@Salman_rafi0

Curse of the stolen billion it’s destiny 😤😠😡🤬🤬🤬🤬rot in jail blood thirsty politicians, you will pay for your crime,… https://t.co/1HqFsppa2o

Ara 🐻 ‏@arabear_20

Yes, I’m still super pissed about this shit 😡🤬 So bothered by the fact that men thinknits okay to come up to someon… https://t.co/VTHMzR3NTY

Tibby. ‏@Tiibbee

“Well I don’t have one” AN HERE WE FUCKING GO AGAIN 😡😡🤬😡😠😭😤

Mariana Cristiny ‏@Mxxclz

😡🤬 to com fome

The Don 💰 ‏@jt4__

It’s. not. up. yet 🤬

Angela Payne ‏@AngFPayne1226

If you can’t join ‘em, then beat ‘em! 🤬👊🏼 https://t.co/IOdkVE1xik

Chrissy 🖤🇺🇸🖤 ‏@crissy000

@eowyn707711 Oh my goodness... freaking sicko’s 🤬😡

LilBaby👑 ‏@LilBabyyy__

let me go to bed before i say some shxt ion mean 🤬

Shawn M. Hall ‏@_Its_SMH

I think he enjoys making me mad though. 🤬

Hailey S. ‏@its_HAILEYbitch

Gets into bed and am totally awake 🤬

Beth ‏@Mz_Beth301

“If you can say it why can’t we” 🙄😠😡🤬

Carlos Flores ‏@CarlosDFlores4

@AldoSoto21 Total bullshit!!! Urena should be ashamed of himself but we know he’s not because he’s an F’ing POS who… https://t.co/Z6RQ3YYJzw

jazmine 🌙 ‏@MmmBrowny

Leave my mom alone and stop spelling my name with an S 🤬😡https://t.co/se7OYstMqT

Monica🐊 ‏@coccodrillo21

@markbayliss4 Sucks and I was in the hospital 🤬🐊

Kristen P ‏@kristenpriz

Still furious that @ChallengeMTV casted @faithstowers 🤬 she suckkkkkkks 👎🏻

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