Face With Symbols on Mouth Emoji

A face with grawlixes (symbols such as #%!) covering the mouth, indicating that the face is swearing. Used to convey a sudden outburst of anger or frustration.

Face With Symbols on Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤬 Cursing

🤬 Cussing

🤬 Grawlix

🤬 Swearing

Unicode Name

🤬 Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth


🤬 U+1F92C


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janaina maconha:D ‏@Ionely___

if the devil👹😠 was asleep 😴😴 she'd knock him 🚪🤜 wide awake 😲😤🤬

Lady Jayne #JC4PM2019 #NHSLove #PCPEU ‏@CoolJayne

Hell yeh! We need someone who knows what they’re doing! Who’s honest & can’t be bought And who puts people & countr… https://t.co/yXwigOV6YR

Bill - New life free ‏@Bill58436620

@lbcbreaking Slavery and workhouses will abound 🤬#GTTO

Antony Johnson ‏@Fat_Tony88

Football is totally ruined and they should just cancel it completely. Ridiculous that you can’t even provide an as… https://t.co/WxGF8VbjdH

Rally 🍑 ‏@RallyRush23

@brandomwriter What the actual shit 🤬

Kiwisnstars 🥝✨ ‏@Kiwisnstars

Y’all if y’all gonna have a quickie in the bathroom of a bar be considerate and do it in the men’s one stall bathro… https://t.co/xuAI1k6HbC

Ashley Wallace ‏@_AshleyW12

@cjanton14 Okay, maybe your dog... 😍 Not slavering ones 🤬

dr soofia yousuf ‏@DrSoofia

@khaleejtimes @rajnathsingh shameless😈🤬

Randy Lew ‏@nanonoko

Stats for this poker series - Played 4 tournaments - 1 stone bubble (on Final Table) - 1 soft bubble (vs 84o) - 1 b… https://t.co/w9SkygzOhJ

originalClo ‏@CLLo_12

@eagleradio Convicted 4 times and still in public with access to children. How? 🤬

KATLEHO ‏@KatlehoT

@naledisibisi I am so sorry. The hell!!! 🤬

name cannot be blank ‏@samosaholland

Handmaid's Tale has me all kinds of triggered 🤬😶😡

Seven Clues ‏@Cloohs


katie ‏@glorfindels

— my family: oh yeah no that’s fine !! it’s better to take your time a learn so you’re a safe, good and confident… https://t.co/L25AspTkI0

Sheri Monette ‏@monette_sheri

@depressionnote @BradWollack All I can say is that he is a very lucky man just because I was watching him through a… https://t.co/9FSDo2TM9w

Dom وليد ‏@Dom_Waleed

Was so looking forward to have a proper breakfast, instead nah, I'll be getting depressed like them fuckers that e… https://t.co/QNoFdZLCOe

Carissa Allen 🤘🏽 ‏@callen_13

Trying to sleep with an ear infection is literally the most frustrating situation ever😭🤬

Lucy Townsend 🆘 ‏@lucy_persona

@lisastark351 They are just so thick! 🤬

Nicola McLean ‏@NicolaMcLean

@JLangrid @JeremyVineOn5 @theJeremyVine If you don’t know how to feed children responsibly don’t have children 🤬 it’s a basic life skill

Indy ‏@Raisingirl_Indy

@popularspup @Dscot7 That's what you get when you dress your animal up for 'cute videos' the one who made this bett… https://t.co/UQswfSik5N

Chelsea Bland ‏@SeeN_sunshine

Uncomfortable and irritated smh yeah great mix 🤬

Daisy❁ ‏@camilaa303

@Consssuelo Wow are tou fucken kidding me!🤬 wtf is wrong with these people!

The Don ‏@don64_don

Ship ‘em out or give them some ballistic therapy! They do not belong in what’s left of our once civilised country… https://t.co/WG9j0BpZy3

Diogenes of Lagos ‏@The_Nifemi

Why would this one be posting my Socialiga pic without my consent? 🤬

HelloSaysBear ‏@mexflyboy

@Independent Dear creepy British retailers, 1984 & Minority Report are NOT how-to manuals! 🤬

Annie Chrisman ‏@orphan64

@LisaGarr I think you are kind and compassionate! I do not like your guest tonight, Kimberly. She has been so rude… https://t.co/r1IAwThSt1

an honest sinner, not a lying hypocrite ‏@suecorreya

@KathViner I couldn’t card less if he’s attacked, the assault on him is no different to the attack on me. But mine… https://t.co/Mv6rV2N7RO

Chris Jones ‏@ChrisJones293

@KipperBedwas @stolen_london Shame the car hadn’t been fitted with a bull bar.....just so that it didn’t get too da… https://t.co/gzDJ6tyk8V

Kelli Smith ‏@KelliSmith15

😳🤬 ICE raid separates 4-month-old baby from breastfeeding mom @debi129 ⁦@MarilynT4⁩ ⁦@LarryJWoolfolk1⁩ ⁦@shawbear76… https://t.co/TUihag6ch7

Madeline Thomas ‏@gunnersrgod

@amyjohnsonnn_ He’s a massive knob & can’t take it that we beat him every time 🤬

Benthos♠ ‏@Benthos

My wallpaper kinda fire tho 🤬💦💦😏⁉️😎😂🔥🔥📛🧨🎆🚒👨‍🚒🧯 https://t.co/qzT1RAFM0e

Helen Woodgate ‏@helen_woodgate

@KatEvansBCF I’m not sure people realise there’s a lower speed limit for towing? And don’t even get me started on p… https://t.co/3M4sDM7dQ9

Me ‏@BriWitDaFro

I betta not see a stupid ass meme of some busted chick saying Virgo Season. Y’all tried it for Leo. Virgo Szn is of… https://t.co/77WWJvgfGk

Light Skin✨ ‏@CarterRahmir

Up at the same time every night 🤬

americana princess and mister heartbreak ‏@taylorsbestday

@calmtfdown13 @wildinswift stop giving him ideas tf 🤬

Kenneth Chung ‏@woshichin

those who stretch their leg to the next row in cinema should be put in jail. 🤬

kiara ‏@kiaa_bby

I’m gonna eat melatonin like it’s candy 🤬 I can’t sleep now

Geetanjali Singh ‏@paperhearts79

@WishMaster2019 And slaughter 🤬

𝐫𝐲𝐧 🔪|| arlie's dumbass ‏@bobabuckyy

i demand all of u to CHOOSE 🤬

Jas 🥀 ‏@_ohsothatsjae

I’m about to file a noise complaint on her ass 🤬 she really be fucking up my sleep

Noely ⚡️⚡️🏐 ‏@YaThinkN

@Old_Rando @nikalicious76 @Telstra @9Netball @SuperNetball UGH! only so many times you can restart and pull the plug 🤬

Ashlee Morgan ‏@AshleeMorgan66

@RogerHa16583517 @Alexcl1690 @shaunjlawson 15. I did not vote for this 🤬 https://t.co/wEb7EpVGLG

Ameni ‏@Ameeniii

My blood is boiling what the fuck 😤🤬😢 https://t.co/PpI3Xq8HRd

chlo ‏@peacefulbrycex

don’t play fornite it rattles the whole of everton ft 🤬

chloe🧸 ‏@cchloemartin

People cutting their grass at this time on a weekend 🤬

K.💓 ‏@spiccyymami

I’m getting my fucking crab legs tomorrow 🤬 I’ve been wanting them for toooo long now 😩

AsiaB💕 ‏@AsiaB59061919

Had to make a new Twitter 🤬

Nkiruka Ilewi 👩‍💻 ‏@nkyru

@developerayo I will personally leave a permanent scar on the person, then report. God punish them 😡🤬

❤️ BRI ❤️ ‏@BritneyC420

I’m down to cuddle for two days straight but school gotta fuck it up 🤬

Rhian ‏@rhiangibson_

Trying not to get angry about the tiler we used last week dumping all of his rubbish (off cuts of tiles, used grout… https://t.co/jJBKEffX2E

Juandisimo ‏@itmejuandisimo

@endyvidual @k1ngsay10 Smh Yall are some assholes 😒 her titties obviously based off Minecraft 🤬

@issytoobusy ‏@issytoobusy

@depressionnote But if you tell me what to do and not do hmmmm 🤬 you better run

EastAtlantaChocolate🍪 ‏@SheCuteIGuess

ATP I’ll fight both of y’all hoes! 🤬 #LetMeTFOffWork Now!

Noely ⚡️⚡️🏐 ‏@YaThinkN

@nikalicious76 @Telstra @9Netball @SuperNetball Same! I am about to lose it here 🤬

Greaves ‏@LukeGreaves18

@hcapehorn That’s the exact position we were in against you’s last week 🤬😭

🔰MUFC GOM🔰🔴⚪⚫ ‏@JonSanc21510626

Scum Bin dippers at it again and they always cry for justice for previous crap that's happened! Boils my Blood hat… https://t.co/uTvniWL5QJ

evan ⊬ AB DAY ‏@Iovelymv

@DENYFORYEARS you’re the only one baby. go to bed 🤬

MJ ‏@Mjsnoturfriend

@MariamVakani They didn't even identify themselves 🤬

poumfweezy ‏@pouweezy

Hella annoying when I’m all comfortable & snug in bed & my husaband fakahekehekes’ me to make him some food! 😤🤬

Pinky ‏@PinkyFortnite

Reply with the last thing in your camera roll 🤪 NO CHEATING 🤬 https://t.co/UUvgg7M0WR

kwesi.whitworth ‏@kwhitworth2k18

I said I wasn’t made about the Rams game I lied nigga I’m hot af I didn’t come all the way here to see you muthafuc… https://t.co/xI9E2awE2r

Zoey Grafil 🎀 ‏@zoeygrfl

May them mfs be sentenced to death. This is outrageous and insane 🤬😢💔 https://t.co/73JtRRqm9m

Nick Curry ‏@nickcurry74

@lauraoakley81 Scum. Hard as nails hitting a woman. 🤬👊

Elisabeth Grundnes ‏@Oktopia74

@David_Leavitt This is some next level dictatorship right there. 🤬

TommyGirl ‏@carly_leahy

They are all fucking at it the sick cunts 🤬 https://t.co/WCnb0b4N8n

elle ‏@bluefleur268

my heart is literally broken when she said, 'You convinced my mom that you'll take responsibility to get married to… https://t.co/rIWjUYPSow

Pandi ‏@Shrewd_DogTail

Why do I need subtitles 🤬 https://t.co/UM2cNyBdfK

kimerr ‏@qimcad


Leo Bunny ‏@LeoBunny5

Rude hoomum! Nail trim and bottom check 😮the indignity 🤬

Pablo ‏@PabloGo27734748

You are one bad motherfucker 🤬💣 https://t.co/Z9L9Q04EC6

after life666yt ‏@johnerobertson4

cant sleep 🤬😭

Sugar & Vice ‏@Sugar_and_Vice

@Charley_Louise Knock back with “passive aggressive knocking isn’t helping here” 🤬

Indy ‏@Raisingirl_Indy

@Anna49616731 @QasimRashid @JoyAnnReid He is hoping for fights to break out. The exact same reason why he is insult… https://t.co/drEmu3fZkK

D4nny_80 ‏@d4nny_80

@TheHairyJobbie Good point , Who gives a fuck “ lleave them to do there thing ya bunch a daftys !!!!! Look in the fucking mirror 🤬

Edward Coles ‏@eddcoles

This kept me awake!.... 🤬 Pictures show illegal hilltop rave in South Cambridgeshire https://t.co/UoNjDsZORC

Marilu Cisneros ‏@mochimellow15

When people tell me not to give up and yet stuff like this happens 🤬😡😤😠

Matt ‏@Mhields

@OliverDurham10 Feel for you.. just no need at all. 🤬

O.Delgado-Hibbert Sir WinjAlot💧 ‏@winjafbaby

I realised keepers are the worst type of people 🤬😤

𝕊𝕪𝕕𝕟𝕖𝕪 ☽ ‏@Milliesai

@HaydoGo One of my favorite players, always fun speaking with you and playing w/ you 🤝 cAn yOu nOt bUiLd dUnGEOns u… https://t.co/3P3dNxP6zz

Wxffle, just Wxffle🚀 ‏@wxfflesuck

@xGrihzzly so like uan have to disrespect me like tht tlkn bout sum fkn ft.😔🤬

JennyTW #JS4PM 🔶🇪🇺🇬🇧 ‏@xJenniferRosex

That’s me and my husband f**ked then 🤬 It won’t affect the rich whose state pension serves to tip the gardener 😐 https://t.co/CeLjwZxeKC

Søren Hendriksen ‏@smafj

@LasseBjornstrup Sick bastards😳🤬

Kateri Wynne ‏@TerriWynner

Awe... you mad Bro? Here’s the thing, I don’t care! 👂🏼👂🏼🏢🤬

L.D._W.S. ‏@just4divas

@mecljc @Kaepernick7 @tariqnasheed @TheRevAl ABSOLUTELY!!! ... 😡🤬😡🤬😡

🦋 ‏@butterfly__soo

Another hate video with 2M viewss about the girls ughh!! Please report the channel and the video… https://t.co/h69Ouf8wDQ

Jack Rowley ‏@JackJrowley83

@sportbible Does this fella ever shut up 🤬

Phil Hague ‏@philsbin

Itv Hub what a load of B*****ks, Lethal Weapon available to watch....... Unless you have a Samsung telly then the i… https://t.co/WAVDlHQlUj

Terence Phayre Knott ‏@TerenceKnott1

Operation Chaos: Whitehall’s secret no‑deal Brexit preparations leaked | News | The Sunday Times Death of Democrac… https://t.co/pOhrrbrQa4

I'm a GNU. Ken? What are you doing? Ken? ‏@frank___7

Kerchingski on Radio 4 just now quoting the discredited Telegraph poll that 54% now support No Deal. Not challenged! 🐊🤬🐊

Roy Miller ‏@zyor2010

israel Furious at UN Report Detailing the Torture of Palestinian Children!👎😡🤬 "Palestinian children are systematic… https://t.co/Er05roYSom

69Supreme ‏@69Supreme1

Need that one good fuck 🤬

Mohasin J Bagwan ‏@bagwan_mohasin

⁦@TelanganaPolice⁩ 😂... your fellow who was rewarded by award 🥇 on the occasion of f#IndependenceDay on last Friday… https://t.co/FT9O1ZsEFX

sara ‏@TwistAwaySara

Dude I hate, like legit hate cheating on my boyfriend/girlfriend with their friend pranks 🤬

Candace Morris ‏@ccwcandace

@DrValeOli It’s not very nice indeed!! Been there. 🤬

Simon Eldridge ‏@SimonBlueBoy

@premierleague VAR is destroying the passion of goal celebrations - new handball rules a joke, nobody called for ha… https://t.co/dkW5cdqfFH

Tirion Roberts ‏@tirioncroberts

What’s the point in offering next day delivery if they’re not going to arrive that day and then tell me they’re com… https://t.co/E6LruADZJB

Terence Phayre Knott ‏@TerenceKnott1

I am unspeakably angry.... 🤬 But not at all surprised #revokeArt50 https://t.co/YRR7M8f62T

Samantha Rawson ‏@rawson_samantha

@RidgeOnSunday @SkyNews @thatginamiller Sunday morning & You have that awful ridiculous woman on. I swear she has a… https://t.co/qlzyQjwEHY

Charlotte ‏@Charazard_

@TheBoysTV has rekindled my love for @chacecrawford 😍 - also i now fancy the shit out of @KarlUrban - i think it’s… https://t.co/1dR1jVa650

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