Face With Symbols on Mouth Emoji

A face with grawlixes (symbols such as #%!) covering the mouth, indicating that the face is swearing. Used to convey a sudden outburst of anger or frustration.

Face With Symbols on Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤬 Cursing

🤬 Cussing

🤬 Grawlix

🤬 Swearing

Unicode Name

🤬 Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth


🤬 U+1F92C


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Anastasia 🌸 ‏@Noraa_Aisatsana

@D_Will6 Can’t screenshot a voice message tho 🤬

GoldensRule. 🐾🌊 🇺🇸🌊🐾 ‏@Patti_in_CO

@TheAtlantic That is so f**ked up.... 🤬

Nia ‏@thicknia

New account, shadowbanning sucks. 🤬



Cydney Smith ‏@CydneyS

I think the tories calling a vote of no confidence on the same night The Apprentice interviews are due to air is re… https://t.co/jgm6PXaW2O

Cyd ‏@TinkandChance

@breaking9111 🤬 What a sick sick person.

Boaby Shafto 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@BetamaxBandito

@GMBScotOrg @jegteg @DerekMackaySNP @scotgov @COSLA Another labour party political stunt 🤬

ʙᴇᴄᴋʜᴀᴍ ᴊʀ. ‏@BlueInHisBlood

“Playin wit my name that 🤬 is lethal dawg...” https://t.co/fsE5r9jBrv

⭐mayra ‏@dance_4life91

Meanwhileeee Cyntoia Brown needs to wait 51 yrs before release... 🤬 https://t.co/YvIKqHrLyf

Al ‏@alexwestwater

My TEN YEAR OLD cousin just said Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging is ‘a bit childish’ 😳 CHILDISH?!! ARE WE EVEN RELATED 🤬

Olwenc ‏@okjc16

@elizabethstoney @SusaninLangside @GlasgowCC See that doesn't warrant a reply. How rude not to answer any of the cl… https://t.co/5esGSAnzrW

tea ♛ ‏@tea32279217

@NancySinatra u r fuckin racist 😡🤬#NancySinatraracist

CEL ‏@_MarcelLamar

Not a fan of TT strong 🤬 face but all my homeboys sweeeeear she’s fine wine lol

Debbie Haden 🎤🎮 ‏@Windwaker75

@russty_russ Don't get me started 🤬

Sonia Dutta 💫 ‏@soniadutta1902

I bit my tongue twice while eating dinner tonight 🤬 So I had seconds just to prove that I CAN tell the difference b… https://t.co/mTbE2FZxuw

Amzo🏂 ‏@OfficialAmzy

@Draco1017_ Did u see Dembele’s goal yday against the opp boys Alright then continue !🤬

Mike ‏@MikeCohodes

JFC this administration. 🤬 https://t.co/NqGXAioXdJ

Kate ‏@NoelsWinnet

@Slap_My_Thigh Don’t. I’m seeing red now 🤬👊🏻

Mark ‏@NCMarrk

@RMinENC Or the person that runs the stop sign and pulls out in front you in 55mph zone and does 40mph for the next several miles...smh.🤬

James Oldroyd ‏@HRH_JAO

Dear @BBCOne if you want your licence fee this month I recommend not cancelling @bbcapprentice tonight in favour of… https://t.co/J1q5P8cEwF

Matthew_Salas03 ‏@MatthewSalas03

@EmilyAlemann This has me fucking heated asf Rn 😡🤬

Christmas Robin 🌹🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 ‏@rotster

@jessgreenpoet @BBCNews Colour me surprised... 🤬

aram💮 ‏@Armmrdn


🥑 Chantelle 🥑 ‏@channykins

Can’t even start paying it off because I already have 3 different orders before that need to be paid first 🤬 going to collect interest YAY

;$ ♈️єℓℓι ѕєℓℓ ‏@SellsLab

@YooFendi i was the first polo g fan in this community 🤬💸

Marjie Cunningham ‏@missmarjiec

@kylegriffin1 MFer got off rill light. He commits treason and gets 3 years, where a black person sells a little wee… https://t.co/WmdrCzPFKT

Vitcza 🐱‍👓Tabitha 🐱‍🚀Barney🐰Rocky 🐱‍👓 ‏@VitCza

@Tonithecat32 @1gingerbeauty @deborah26449389 @BonnieRotz @Tiggythecat16 @fluffybasil @Kathlee54272830 @EricaGoss… https://t.co/vETJ4kgKdb

BigCellSoufsideeee🤐 ‏@Fat_Jefe

All that sunshine inna rain shit was bullshit 🤬

wavy stojakovic. ‏@ogxmuchee

@KennyWitTheKoke @KNNYMILLS Stop lying Kenny 🤬 delete that “usta”

Ooohhhhh Michael.P.Dalby! ‏@michaelpdalby

@MLdrivein what is happening? Told cancelled due to weather? No refund and can't re-book any other showings. 🤬

mindersue ‏@mindersue2

🤣😂🤣 Now that’s funny 😆 go home u illegal aliens 🤬 https://t.co/HMiahlhQf3

Eve Scott garner 1981 🏐🥎🏀🏸🎾 ‏@EveScot45700084

@UtahResident @keanothedog @Ldogls @BandieraNancy @kaysintBB @fras99 @Thedude67111 @MrsAmy47 @POSPOTHUS @JakeMusc22… https://t.co/zt16hPtQF6


♦I’m DONE 👑😏 ♦Golden Baloon🎈✔🤬 https://t.co/RmEQtY676X

Lore mami ‏@_lorenasalto

Why is it so hard to find sazon badia complete seasoning 😭🤬

M ‏@mariamadiallo_

If I have to make one more study guide 🤬

Iseult Sidhe ‏@IseultSidhe1

@Freeyourmindkid "People are mean to us, too!" And we're all 😑 And they're all 🤬

maper081 ‏@maper081

@zahraelise_ I was patted down couple of months ago by a guy and I felt violated 🤬

RareDimond💎 ‏@Chocol8tBee__

I get 💰Not 😡 🤬

KWAME SAÑTANA ‏@Quince40Jones

Im soo done with my car 🤬

🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@deniseLMAO

@keepinit_kei He has one, a very annoying one 🤬

Mike Blythe ‏@blyth_mike

@thecarolemalone Said it all along, it’s all engineered to stop Brexit 🤬

jd ‏@JennnnnnnnD

So tired of being asked why I was in prison like I did my time it doesn’t matter 🤬

rynesha ‏@ayeNESHA_

you do this literally 5 minutes after i gotta ordered mine!🤬 https://t.co/4NgL1BYvqt

B R I I B E N Z🛸 ‏@breezy_benz1

So i cheated on my nail lady . (BIG MISTAKE.) not even a week later and my nails are already starting to fall off 🤬 NEVER AGAIN.!

Malcolm Neck ‏@DTisdale31

@TDDoesIt @_ImChefCole Bruh this nigga has my name 😡🤬

Vivi ‏@viviweeniee

Nothing irritates me more than when a guy acts like a vieja, how fucking annoying 🤬

𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫 ‏@cmbjade

@mayaftmabel also it was a bag of clothes 🤬

vy ‏@vietgcfs

@fIirtguk i love u more 🤬

𝔅𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞 ☥ ‏@OriolGoddess

I hate when I’m irritated and the person knows I’m irritated, and keeps talking to me like I won’t punch them in the throat. 🤬

Anton Pokuta ‏@AntonPokuta

I hate school 😡🤬

Jess ‏@_jbreezybabi

I’m not the one, took every bone in my body to not throw my phone at this haole guy 🤬

Lwethu 💎 ‏@Thando_Dlula

Why do you kids still take cars without permission ? 🤬

Taylor Rafalski ‏@tayyy9898

@_DomoWilson1 I was adopted by my step dad easiest process ever. No excuses especially when she be having Mila all… https://t.co/J2vwoeyqhG

MIS🇦🇪🖤. ‏@mis93_

What do you think?🤬💔 @PUBG #pubg https://t.co/7c8pcwJZgp

♥Promyce♡Keeper♥ ‏@M00REroe_Avenue

Tryna nap. Here comes someone who doesn’t need ANYTHING knocking on my dargon door. I’m ready to go ! 🤬

Erick Heroux ‏@HerouxErick

@slpng_giants @TeamYouTube YouTube is proud of its boys. 🤬

Abi Hill ‏@AbiHill

@matt_brett97 @HQManUtd Massively uneducated query 🤬

Lynsey Boyd ‏@LynseyBoyd86

@cheryl_r_87 Little tramps 🤬 hope you get your money back lovely 😘 xxx

noodlesxz_ ‏@noodlesxz

I’m so sick of coming to work and not being able to take a break 🤬

Vanilla Milkshake ‏@VanillaMilksh13

This a**hole tackled my Boyfriend today. He’s gunna get srsly injured. My Boyfriend was outside with his friend (th… https://t.co/qf0VkUyegq

Lorrie Churchill ‏@LAChurch6

@breaking9111 This Globalist Hooch needs to be fired right NOW! I am sick to death of the hypocrisy of the left. 🤬

Meredith Hancock ‏@MeredithHanco12

@SenSchumer @SenateDems Since Obamacare, mine is no longer quality or affordable. 🤬

Progressive DR. GRYO ‏@IAMDJGRYO

Organic Chem 2 killing me 🤬

🎄💜MFNPKJMNBCH!💛🎁 ‏@MochiBish

* ADDENDUM: I don't care what flavor. You hate one, ANY one, and you need dragging. And if you hate SIX of them? Bruh. 🤬

Jen Dewey ‏@jendew400

Imo, any tweet that gets more than 100 likes is 'viral' cuz that's when my mentions go to shit and people start being willfully obtuse. 🤬

Kayveon. ‏@TheKrazion

If Ms. Thorman ever got hit 😂🤬 Booiiiiiii https://t.co/WUE74WPCtY

abc ❃ ‏@airiel_brook

there are literally only 3 truck spots in our parking garage and people with tiny cars still park in them ! they ca… https://t.co/5aBrNP6nXg

Diana Flores ‏@helpingeducate

@drdrew CA voters gleefully approved to state legislators to raise the gas tax anytime for however much they want w… https://t.co/VdafwRNht2

DJ HAZAN ‏@DeeJayHazan

@ManUtd When Are You Going To Sell Paul Pogba , Antonio Valencia & sack Jose Mourihno? #MUFC 😡🤬

🍑❤️🍑❤️🍑❤️ ‏@don_woluu

The way this manutd team is pissing me off ehn 😡🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬

Alex ‏@budgeup92

@Lee_82_ Fucking Pricks 🤬

Ali Naif ‏@deadmaunaape

@chingybooth @RomeluLukaku9 exactly 🤬

kaye ‏@kpab13

@PLDT_Cares what the 🤬 we don’t even have dial tone or the landline static is too loud we can’t hear anything else.… https://t.co/ZrVvWaXgfq

Nicole Toro ‏@nicoletoro8

I’m sorry but if you drive a red camero and can get out of your car with no assistance holding your designer handba… https://t.co/XOyOI6Rlig

Mick McKay ‏@mickjmckay

Pogba couldn’t hit the target from 5 yards out FFS 🤬 #utfr #ManUtd


@JaiNicole00 im about to start right now since im not doing nothing. . . but you know how you already had that 1 ou… https://t.co/CcBViJExL8

Metanoia Panda ‏@AdornByPanda

https://t.co/aBSLmnO29E OMG WTF! 😮🤬 https://t.co/j6Nj29jMBx

Sadat ‏@sadatbicaku

I can’t watch this shit anymore 🤬 Jose Out

Ariel ruiz ‏@bladadayaaang

My morning was going GREAT now it’s all 🤬

Tricky Dicky ‏@tricky_whu

@DRIVING_NAKED Fight for your country and you end up on the street, fight against it get a free home. How the feck… https://t.co/0qKq9qc2i7

Kylie Murrin ‏@kylie_kimberley

@Lookamatt @MemorialU blows my mind!!!!! they clearly do not care about safety of students... 🤬

Aziz ‏@aBigSadPotato

@Batadwaa @girIbatty RIGHT?!!!! 🤬

Kea Sebesho ‏@Big_Keezy

Look at Pogba 🤬 how do you miss that

Rachel Corry ‏@rjcorry

@Emilymurphy39 @LeosNeonatal Yeah I know! As an aside, I know of a baby with a serious heart issue whose specialis… https://t.co/MSOaqOPmWZ

k♡ ‏@padillaa_4

My eyebrow lady thinned the fuck out of my brows and im pissed 🤬


I’m hungry 🤬

Jay ‏@JayTroupe


Tess ‏@tessaanneeee

I’m pissed as fuck I wasted 7$ on nasty ass food from rally’s😐🤬

Annie Constable ‏@_a_constable

@Pc_Winter @lannyloo6398 Most of who I stop barely know the speed limits, let alone yellow boxes or bike boxes. 🤬

Kelly Maguire/stanage ‏@kellylynne87

Why do I have to get f****ing sick right before the holidays n my trip !!!😡😡🤬

rene ‏@rene07791508

@EpicGames Please take out the epic sword games 🤬

William ‏@gaijin646

@HeyGoKickRocks @ckintaro @realDonaldTrump Oops. Just looked at her profile. You’re correct, I should have been br… https://t.co/mkUWhFp6Jo

komerlat ‏@r_komer

@nytimes @RealCrimea Ok. Much of this sounds familiar and therefore very scary 🤬

🍫loyalT🥶 ‏@Veryyy_RARE

I forgot my Orginal Charger at home playing with mookie ass this morning 😭🤬

Mike ⚽️ ‏@dutchingmarkets

@markogorman06 @donnamacbabe @frankokane @Singlese @ShoubikB @Boripa211 @AshAsran @majer_brendan You watching on Vi… https://t.co/SxEFDCRPPZ

𝓛𝓸𝓸𝓴 𝓤𝓹 𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓭 ‏@HisBeloved_11

When a mean colleague constantly yells at you 🤬 https://t.co/EV4Ip64zzp

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