Face With Symbols on Mouth Emoji

A face with grawlixes (symbols such as #%!) covering the mouth, indicating that the face is swearing. Used to convey a sudden outburst of anger or frustration.

Face With Symbols on Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤬 Cursing

🤬 Cussing

🤬 Grawlix

🤬 Swearing

Unicode Name

🤬 Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth


🤬 U+1F92C


Tweets For 🤬

Revd Andrew Klein ( Chaplain) ‏@KleinRevd

@ItsBouquet She can stick this. First Morrison with his faux patriotism and fake Christian carry on and now this . No way. 🤬

Turfer Girl ‏@MilliTg9

#NewProfilePic Fuck tha world 🤬 https://t.co/P7YSXr0yre

El Chapo Jr. ‏@TwizzAintShit

How my screen cracked and I have a screen protector? 🤬

Abdul Mateen ‏@AbdulMateen8143

@oppomobileindia I really disappointing oppo F15 camera clearity front and back camera and not give android 10 or c… https://t.co/GhGhBGs2No

yana ‏@yana77029164

@grustniychaiy shut your bitch ass up 🤬😡👺👹

scarlett ‏@Scarlettisacat

NOTHING I hate more than when people go into my room when I am not home. 🤬😤

Mindy 🇮🇹🍑 ‏@ms_vanilla503

@CapLee27 I still hate u soooooo u getting fucked up fucked up 🤬😡

Robinov VileCybernatski ‏@RobinBarclay1

@FoxySparkles23 @imthatholly My mum telling me how to drive even though she doesn't even have a license!!! 🤬

Tracey Claybon ⚖️ ‏@northwestraven1

@vanessa_vash 🤬 This should not have happened. Thank you for fighting the good fight!

Mr.SportsBook ‏@VegasBastards

Today’s Results 2020 record 29-32-2 🏈🏀⚾️🏒🥊 🏀Celtics +2✅🎉🥳 🏀Pacers -5✅🎉🥳 🏀Raptors -8❌🤬😭( late garbage 3)… https://t.co/i6cvrz1Wdy

C8 ‏@LegitLums

@TamaraGee95 We going crazy over 🤬😂

𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐢 𝐢𝐬 𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐋𝐋 𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 ‏@suck_my_peapea

@_gaybyers_ i just i just rubbed my sweaty hands ALL over ur ukelele😈😈🥵🤡🤡🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😋😥🤣🙁😩🙉😩🙉🤯😳😦🙀🤯🙀🤣🤣😈❤🤬❤😥🤢❤❤❤❤❤🙀🤯😈🤯🤪🤯🤯😴… https://t.co/rDjkwA8W1m

KWEENMK ‏@kweenmk_

Mans will deliberately use a pic that resembles another celebrity the most n be like “ppl say I look like xyz I don… https://t.co/aM6O1Nc5dE

ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʀᴇsᴄᴀ 🐍 ‏@cultleaderresca

You know when you get upset stomach aches and it really sucks? Not me. I have raging pissed off "WHY DID YOU EVEN… https://t.co/tUanKQ3gRG

Cell ‏@twcell

@lenabrinter Match makings trash, carry DMGS and LEs but loose to mg1 and 2 players 🤬

ℰѵ. 𝕔🤍 ‏@EvelynnSmirnoff

@bennyboi626 I get you! Every year it’s the same shit. You have to have 6 kids, 2 homes and a Yacht to get back $50… https://t.co/WAFeZNhlh1

Streletskiy Evgeniy Sergeyevich ..::TiJmc.com::.. ‏@TiJmc

@MarsCuriosity F**king Russian government has unreasonably blocked LinkedIn in Russia. 🤬

Sara Mahdi 🌊 ‏@sarumahdi

Now sure, money has the power to speed things up - but we all know that USING carbon capture tech - the r&d ITSELF… https://t.co/rPHoMFmMOm

CHO✨ ‏@tinyhyukie

Wtf i hate you yoan. I was thinking my account was hacked till i realized i’ve changed the dp 🤬

h a y l e y s c o t t 🖤 ‏@haayleyscottt

have you ever accidentally put a cleaning rag you used bleach with in the washer with all your nice towels ??? Same 🤬 #fml

귤. 🍊 ‏@gyurindeyo

@jisunfromis They're really like to piss flovers 'OFF' and even being such a turn 'OFF' 🤬

Kevin Gillam ‏@cosomodo56

I once thought Tanya was a potential PM but clearly, she’s been into the Kool-Ade again... How dumb! With the excus… https://t.co/W0RaA7gBuw

Michael Connell ‏@BlackCycFan

@Nash076 I remember hating every stage in Rogue Squadron where I had to play as those things. They were slow as a H… https://t.co/dEgVVVtTU9

shun ☾ 승철 -38 ‏@S00NGYU

@gyuboo_o @jinniespring I'm gonna eat you 🤬

emeraldcityjedi ‏@emeraldcityjed1

@Xanara6 @sharagodwinson Part of the reason so many fans are upset w/ #TROS is because of how they handled Ben's de… https://t.co/RkWlo1rWg0

12/28 🥳✨💚🐐 ‏@Kiriousity_

I feel like raising hell right now. But all I know is I have to move ASAP because she don’t respect my space or pri… https://t.co/437YmwnAqJ

Beatriz  ‏@Limabea24

Cr mh internet voltou agr 🤬

Sarah Hamilton ‏@hamiltonsarahj

@JamesMelville Tragic 🤬

Zariya⁷ ✨💜 ‏@seokjinnie__04

Me thinking abt this mess and decided to boycott the G. 😤🤬 Then it always goes around to "I love them too much and… https://t.co/02YyufJHMV

Jaeniene ‏@Jaeniene

@boston25 He should never be released 🤬 evil eyes!

Caroline Winfield ‏@mydoggyruss

@SaxMike71 @JeneeS_IS250 Yeah. Here’s the thing: in my case, since I am thoroughly intimidating in person, but utte… https://t.co/u1fU2JCzSI

AnimalRescueCrusade ‏@ARCrusade

@GrouciDjamila Done ✅🤬😭💔

Reese's Pieces & Daria ‏@AttackOnTiteAss

This white bitch pooted when she walked by me. 🤬

Revd Andrew Klein ( Chaplain) ‏@KleinRevd

No. How dare you ? This is not the United States. 🤬 https://t.co/4k5noDaMVS

Kia🤍 ‏@MK_Mommy_

My Child Will NOT Let Me Take A Bath In Peace😩🤬

फेमिनिस्ट D 🌈 ‏@BrahmaandKiMaa

Here I come @sundarpichai 🥳😭😂😂😂😂🤬 https://t.co/7uZ2MdSksB

ℂ𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕘𝕦𝕪 𝕁𝕖𝕗𝕗 ‏@ChronicComicsYT

@anchors_ahoy He is something else this week 🙃😅 He was saying the most to Macy I was like 😲 he made Macy cry 🤬...

bad android ‏@badandroid2

@IshitaYadav You sexist, racist, classist, dentist, scientist!🤬

TheGayDispatcher🏳️‍🌈 ‏@GayDispatcher

Can I get a unit to assist on that stop??Anyone to assist?? No one??? Ok...😒🤬 We dispatchers love asking 48 times… https://t.co/6HovNX9Gur

Revd Andrew Klein ( Chaplain) ‏@KleinRevd

@tanya_plibersek No. This is not the United States. Will you give them the vote ? How dare you try to pull this stunt. 🤬

izzy🎆~watching haikyuu!! ‏@izzytheidiot


Girl2watch ‏@Girl2watch

@oscoopie @alicetweet @donlemon She had more than enough time....to uphold her 'cult leader' in his possibly physic… https://t.co/Ef3hrP5Arr

cheeku ‏@cheeku72816369

I guess nation first but this Kejriwal is not more than urban Naxal 🤬 #NaxalSaviourKejriwal

Kathy Strickland ‏@katdoc12

Every day ppl continue to surprise me with their stupidity! 🤬

Sjuliekay ‏@sjuliekay

@BEVHOWARD40 Democrats did not fail! Republicans made up their minds when they realized they could not win without… https://t.co/zFwnRSvdjE

shane 🇲🇽 ‏@WaveGodShane

Somebody really blew it tf up in the bathroom 🤬

yas 🧚🏾‍♀️ ‏@yasminearnai

why did Isaac delete that voicemail 🤬

Ariel Adolphsen ‏@AAthreat11

@amazonmusic What have you done with the Fine Line album?! Put it back! 😭 And don’t bloody tell me to buy unlimited… https://t.co/vuciLXzAEF

🔪 ⁷ ‏@errorkoo

@igoogledyourdad i better be the person who marries u two 🤬😻

Thela Rich ‏@thelarich

...oh I DAMN sure want a bowl of THAT...I saw some idiotic man in China eating LIVE, MOVING AROUND, BABY MICE earli… https://t.co/ocXTODOXRJ

Rebekah Hurst ‏@r_mariahclaire

@tessajenkins25 Literally nothing sets me off faster 🤬

Rob☯️Surf ‏@Rob__Surf

I heard @NPRKelly interview on @NPR today and it is totally disgusting what #MikePompeo did. Completely disgraceful… https://t.co/Xr9h6QjlFy

Manish Sharma ‏@myfrankview

@MilitaryUpdate_ @kanhaiyakumar Another video of Sharjeel Imam Home Ministry should immediately take cognisant to t… https://t.co/Wh0UBoOMwT


He said... trash yo cookie 🤬

A$A Watson ‏@Asapwatty

I hate when mfs get clout from ig skits then start doin music all of a sudden. Nigga stay in yo lane!🤬

Michele ‏@lavender4coco

@RoArquette Sounds like my #narcissisticabuse mother is running #CSA at the camps. This is disgusting!!!!!!!! Like WTF 🤬

tequila queen ‏@czrnasanti

my thighs (the actual skin) be chafing WHILE IM WEARING PANTS. like how tf that happen 😡🤬

Keith Vann Rich ‏@YoungxSpiteful

@ZOMB13K1D @InfinityWard I'm rewinding every fucking game 🤬

— 🙋🏻‍♀️ ‏@yuswho

kay why the cher must out the deadline like a day after the hols wah 🤬

Kevin Gillam ‏@cosomodo56

Elegant, shmelagant.... It’s bullshit and you know it. A smoke and mirrors distraction from the real issues confron… https://t.co/ZSxEH8dmbG

M ‏@marichobalansag

WTF what happened to my nail 🤬

3.14.15 RIP ‏@MyNameIsTT_

I’m so angry inside , I just wanna go put my hands on him 🤬.

Silent Majority 🇺🇸🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐1/1024 ‏@Justabitbad1

@Education4Libs Hitler 2.0 is trying for a comeback...🤬 https://t.co/cJynlwbVrV


@bthemermaid Lmfaooooo broooo not gone caaaap I did like shordy couldn’t even be a women about shit and say she was… https://t.co/Kvt8Q706e7

Tyler 🍦 ‏@Thor25x

Stream got cut short due to connection issues 🤬 sorry guys. Tomorrow we go again!

cock~chan ‏@kach0wkatie

@lifeofkaryme i peaked when i was a sperm cuh 😂🙄🖤🥀💯😳🤬😘

ChildofGod ‏@conidave

Get him out! How many laws have to be broken before justice is served?🤬 https://t.co/GYdJW7X7IR

𝘈𝘠0 𝘎𝘏0𝘚𝘛 ‏@Ay0Gh0st

"Niggas talk behind my back but they don't really want it with me"🤬

Tee ‏@Tee51188136

Megan thee stallion new song B I T C H is 🤬🔥🔥🔥!!! @theestallion SHE IS SOOOOOO DOPE!! I LOVE HER!! 😘😘😘

ricky ‏@ricdram

Lagunitas IPA tastes like the man i wanted to be 😂🤬

briana de haro ‏@Briiianaaa02

This week can’t get any worse , I have a freaking flat 🤬

SNOB💅🏽 ‏@muvaofmelanin

@_callmerexx SHUT YOUR COMPLAINING ASS UP AND ENJOY THE DAMN TRIP LEXIS 😡🤬👊🏾👊🏾!!! Thanks ! -Management

sesshōmaru ghidorah muhammad ‏@PrinceUhicha

Yikes 🤬✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼🤜🏽🤜🏿🤜🏾🤜🏼🤜🏻🖐🏿🤍🐉

William Brown 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@Brown666W

@ScottishSun Another foreign owned rag which thinks democracy in Scotland is optional and votes and mandates can be… https://t.co/mq4e4wT2mA

Teflon Don 🕴🏾 ‏@_MacRuc

Call of duty has the worst updating 🤬

ChUbByFaCe.ThReAdS ‏@loverss_thread

Have spelled it wrong ) 🥱 so she tried to hit me 🤨SEE THATS THE SHIT I DONT TOLERATE. So I got a belt and dead ass… https://t.co/FpDhi3bSmf

Bonnie J ‏@bonnielep

@Fah_Lo_Me @pfefer_r 🤬 They should be sued!

OccupyBuddha ‏@OccupyBuddha

I’m not sure there is anything more obvious: when one of the articles of impeachment is obstruction of Congress the… https://t.co/r3YHP10s35

How About Those Chiefs? 🏈 ‏@YFArwilson

Wtf?!? What a jerk! 🤬 https://t.co/RfhhTjzTpg

A Conservative's Appetite ♠️ ‏@Jlarswhite

@ABC BFD! Last I heard is that a President can fire any Ambassador he wants!👍🤬

MnM ‏@facome1

@SamInspired In-laws home with his then wife and 2 children. No job because he was already a millionaire air dumb a… https://t.co/vUFkKt8hsW

Gingerman ‏@THEGAG444

@RepAndyBiggsAZ @realDonaldTrump The last few days of the Dem managers SHITTSHOW HAS BEEN TORTURE 🤬

Walter Rau ‏@wallyworld98

@bhtoys Unbelievable 🤬😡

mic. ‏@williamsmica18

I just want to sleep. 😭 I’m so tired of never being able to fall asleep at a decent time. 🤬

Leslie Morrison ‏@lezliimorrison

It just keeps coming 🤬 https://t.co/cqspohwn3n

aiyla.e ‏@aiyla_e

me during school: 😶😑🥱😴🥴 me while i'm driving: 😡🤬😤😚😠 and that's one road rage luv

Colby_Rocks ‏@LisaLlinaresWol

@NPRKelly He owes you an apology. 🤬

Geneva Cortez ‏@gencortezx

Grammy's you just messed up with the wrong fandom! 🤬 Be ready 😏 #BTSdeservesbetter

Mere 🇨🇦🐴 ‏@Calderon08

@GreenwinTALKS How can they double the rent in a building that hardly has both elevators working and hot water or n… https://t.co/3eZ1XEkPcP

Roberta🥰 ‏@robertarv14

tmnc, vou ate dormir 🤬

FELIX. ‏@yoingbok

@seochangbint hey i want to be sexy too 🤬

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