Shamrock Emoji

A three-leaf clover, otherwise known as a shamrock. Commonly used on St Patrick's Day in Ireland and around the world, as it is said that he used the shamrock as a symbol to explain the Christian Holy Trinity.

Not to be confused with the four-leaf-clover, which has a similar appearance, but four leaves.

Shamrock was approved as part of Unicode 4.1 in 2005 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Apple Name

☘️ Shamrock


☘ U+2618

️ U+FE0F


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Tjj2 ‏@Tjj214

@KylieJenner Wow nice ☘☘👠👠📺👌🏼🤙🏼😀❤🔃

jiobrien ‏@jiobrien

@AngelaBelcamino I was Irish then, and I'm still Irish. We persevere ☘☘☘☘☘

Usman Choudary ‏@UsmanChoudaryof

There is Nothing Precious than Water in the World, The Water is the Essential Requirement of Everyone. Every Drop o…

Max grove ‏@Maxgrove10

@saltysixties Good morning Marcie have a nice day☘🌱

아루잔이☆ ‏@arustarlight

Good luck☘ Let it burn roof on fire @AceRavi 🔥🔥🔥

Fiona Healy O' Neill ‏@Fi_Contextual

@AllegreACT You too! 😊💚☘💚

The o Triangle ‏@theotriangle

@sherilynfenn1 It's a traumatic experience. What doesn't....etc. Makes us stronger.! Hope everything works out ok.…

Hugh Duffy ‏@Hughbhoy1888

@frankiebhoy58 @JohnColl84 @JordyMcx True ☘☘☘

ARI #MAPOFTHESOUL ‏@Chimsmissingjam

My attempts at drawing💜☘

Eurodesk ‏@Eurodesk

Feelin' lucky? ☘ The @Google News Initiative Fellowship offers paid #SummerPlacements to #journalism, #technology…

Kerry Convention Bureau ‏@KCBKerry

Fair play to all the #EventProf early risers for this morning's beautifully zen AIPC(Y)O(GA) session!! Great way to…

yasmin❤ ‏@yasmin_shahari

If you're not happy, at least be honest rather than you lied about your feeling. At the end of the day, who are you…

Tony Clark ‏@tony1888c

@alancranney 😂😂😂 brilliant !! Happy birthday Maisie!!☘☘🇮🇪🇮🇪

Paddy JK ‏@CreedofPaddy

@pennyobrien19 That's the Irish rebel in ya 🇮🇪☘

Iqbal ‏@Iqbal40474346

Come and see ꧁ŘĶ☘Ñⁱᴋʸ ʲᵃsᵐÎᵉÑ's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE:

Retorik Tercüme ‏@RetorikTercume

Mutlu Cumalar! 🍀☘🌿🍃🌴 Happy Friday! . . . . #happyfriday #fridaymood #fridayvibes #cumamesajı #mutlucumalar…

Geisika limahu ‏@GeisikaB

very fresh and free🌼🌷🌺🌱🌲🌳🌴🌿☘🍃⛰

Roma Dominguez Photography ‏@DohaPhotog

Another legendary St. Patrick's Day celebrations at grandhyattdoha ☘ 📸 . . . . . . . #DohaPhotographer…

Alan Thompson 🇮🇪 ‏@thombo1987

Big morning ☘🇮🇪 & night coming up in Bris 🇦🇺 The Queensland derby! The @brisbanebroncos vs the Cowboys. Lets give i…

Mar 💔 Tial ‏@quabhena_ophori

A special gud morning to all here.. #Bless_up☘☘☘

chaco ‏@hgl_foc

@daraloal Thank you so much😭🙏💕💕💕💕 Only fan club members can apply for the tickets, I'll try all of the concerts in Japan!!!☘✨✨

🐋Whalien1234 ‏@whalien1234

🐨Who are you? 🐹I'm your friend HOPE☘ @BTS_twt

Mangalam Vidhyalay ‏@mangalamschool

Thought Of The Day☘💤 #surat #gujarat #india #thought #think #motivational #Gujarati #indian #quotes #inspiration…

Tony Lowery ‏@TLow14

Wishing @MikeLoweryShow a Happy 18th Birthday! Very proud of the young man you are becoming! I thank God everyday f…

Annissa Flores ‏@NessSayWhat

My princess ☘

Zeljka Rudic Vranic ‏@ZeljkaRV

@MaryTfan Thank you dear Mary😀🌸☘

RMJSGJHJMVJK 🏟🛫🌏 ‏@kyci20130613

@taestythic Hes stunning!!! Art!! Thats it. 💜💘🌸🌼☘👀 @BTS_twt indeed #themosthandsomemanintheworld #Taehyung

Zona Meeks ‏@zonameeks

Good Friday morning⚘☘it's almost 3:00 am here. Can't sleep☘HAGD E1⚘☘

chaco ‏@hgl_foc

@LuciiPerez20 Thank youuuu😭☘😭✨✨

Zona Meeks ‏@zonameeks

@caitrionambalfe @maknightma Happy St.Patricks Day to you as well Caitriona☘☘

ColorlessGreen ‏@c010r13ssgr33n

undyed smaragdine conceptions drop off venomously ◻️☘🤔💤😠

David white(scotty) ‏@Finglasd11

@CraigOBrien6 @packycollins @KenDKM @murphysboxing @Markpor52886238 Good stuff pal Best of luck 👊👊☘

Kat Paws 😺🐾 🇺🇸 ‏@kats_katspaws

@Greebobek Gooood Morning Bek! Wishing you a Fun Friday and a Wonderful Weekend 😁☘ 🌸🌷🌞

FOLLBACK ? Yechan, Kim ‏@yer3i

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。190322 jungsoohyun_ Instagram update #SEULGI #REDVELVET RVsmtown

FOLLBACK ? Yechan, Kim ‏@yer3i

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。190322 #IRENE for Damiani D.ICON Collection #REDVELVET RVsmtown

Zona Meeks ‏@zonameeks

Oh my goodness☘Two of my favorite men of all time, Scotsmen ☘ Kilted,☘ SAM HEUGHAN and Gerry Butler☘⚘❤@SamHeughan…

Paul Morrissey ‏@Paul_Morrissey

Conor #McGregor not scared of fighting @cowboycerrone He sees ''stiffness' and 'a scared little strapped up…

Kiritkumar J Patel ‏@kjpatelparadeep

*May I request you that instead of making _"April Fool"_ on 1st April, plant at least one tree and make _"April Coo…

FOLLBACK ? Yechan, Kim ‏@yer3i

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。

FOLLBACK ? Yechan, Kim ‏@yer3i

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。

KingdomGospelRadio📻 ‏@KingdomGospelRa

🍀☘🌺🌹The Voice Of God: Let's listen to the recitation of God's words together! ➡The Parable…

Bangtan Ireland ‏@BangtanIRE

Our average daily streams during previous comeback weeks have been anywhere between 4,500-7,500 streams a day, so h…

Every Detective Bot ‏@alldetectivebot

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🕵️‍♂️   ☘☘☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ 👇 ☘☘ 👇   ☘ ☘   ☘  ☘   👞 👞 Step away from the Crime Scene. I'm the…

Lightbulb Academy ‏@lightbulb_aca

Good Morning 🌹🌹🌹 Have a Wonderful Day 🍀☘🍀

Elaine Adams ‏@WickedEls

Coordination is only one element of #GibbsMarchOn☘ success. The other three? Talent, determination and flossing twi…

lu击 ‏@viceswicked

@AidanRGallagher aidan stream "Style" by foster the people, goodnight.👍☘

Jeff Stallwood ‏@JeffStallwood

@Sascha_pm Yep... #July is @ufc #internationalfightweek & @TheNotoriousMMA should be on the card fighting & promo…

Saxon 😎 🇦🇺🇮🇲 ‏@SaxonTheHound

@5Lupey @_00_Leesa_00_ now that's a pronk Lupes!! 😉😆☺🌳🌱☘🌼🦌🐾

FOLLBACK ? Yechan, Kim ‏@yer3i

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。190322 #IRENE for Damiani Dicon Collection

DOLLY ASTROS GIRL✭☘🦋 ‏@DollyDwyer10

@TooKold2 @1Cowboy4Ever My Dad was 100%☘ So I like your Irish!😁 He had to pass away before I could get this. He had…

SA puppet show ‏@thesapuppetshow

Is Irish lackadaisical twitter a language? Btw, no such thing as a fake Irish ☘

Lauren 💗's Lynn ‏@emohillbilly

His weed? I roll that.☘ His hand? I hold that. 👫 His back? I got that. 👍 His wife? I am that. 👰 My role? I play tha…

miya ‏@m_oasis232

Hi @Nickkyrgios ☘👑 how are you? stay stong and Best of luck for #MiamiOpen 2019. Go Nick!!🔥💪🏽


@FOX17 Ah well, at least they wouldn't be after her Lucky Charms anymore!☘🍪

Ana Hayat ‏@AnaHayat4

Good morning .......... To all .🌸☘💐🌺💮🏵🌼🌻🥀🌻🌴🌾🍁🌲🌹🍂🌳🏵🍇🍐🍉🍍🍅🍓🍑🥑🍆🥝🍈🍇🎂. 🕋. 🎈 🎉 🎂 😊. 👍.


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Tiny Town ‏@TinyTownSim

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Scooter ‏@thunderscoot

@jimmyfallon WOULD YOU PLEASE FOLLOW ME BACK? I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. 💚👍🇺🇸☘😁😻

Caryl Villagonzalo ♛ ‏@Carylcecv

BLACKPINK in your area? #TB☘

Caryl Villagonzalo ♛ ‏@Carylcecv

I need to be alone, so back off bru? #TB☘

Caryl Villagonzalo ♛ ‏@Carylcecv

Out of te woods. #TB☘

D6 CSA News Team ‏@d6csanewsteam

📡👇🏻Join Our other sources👇🏻🛰 📬 📮 👉🏻 📬 For Regular Updates 🕗 ☘…

Annie Burke ‏@moonmagic66

@FosteredTheBook @Rosie @MaiaMitchell @haydenbyerly @TheFostersTV Happy Birthday Rosie! All the best!💖☘

Game Rewards ‏@sexycutie2018

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Game Rewards ‏@sexycutie2018

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🕴Tony Fang Cruz😎 ‏@SkinnyDivision6

@Tvilla9 OK @Tvilla9 best of ☘☘☘!!! Seems like the luck is your state!!! GN

Best Angle Picks ‏@NoeskeRobert

Fridays FREE Picks CBB Cincy-3.5 Tex Tech -11.5 Tenn -17 Buff -4 Ore +2.5 Iowa St -5 NBA Den/NYK O215 Time for bounce back. 🤞🏽🍻☘🖖

Hopeseok☀️ ‏@Hopeseok_sama

@BTSW_official The Origin of Hope☘

Elly Edda ‏@ellyeddaiam

#TBT St.Patrick's Day in Hawaii pt. 1 ❤☘🌈

Elly Edda ‏@ellyeddaiam

#TBT St.Patrick's Day in Hawaii pt. 1 ❤☘🌈 @ Hawai'i (big island)

ColorlessGreen ‏@c010r13ssgr33n

vitreous verdigrisy cogitations rack severely ◻️☘🤔💤😠

S.S.Blake 🌿 ‏@Earthand_Water

However you start your morning is how you'll experience the rest of your day. In this case, she's starting her da…

JP ‏@jp_siira

@OmarAlex90 TY... Cheers/Slainte☘ from Massachusetts

Ginny Balfour ‏@ginnyb3

@kinsellawarren Please don't forget to add this group, and yes I include the cat, his name is Shamrock ☘ 🙀

FOLLBACK ? Yechan, Kim ‏@yer3i

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。190322 #IRENE for Damiani Dicon Collection This is IRENE's 2nd campaign with Damiani. The vi…

Derek Labarko ‏@DerekLabarko

The Best IUP Patty's Party ☘@TheConey1 #theconey1 with @LabarkoDJs @IUPTURNUP @AsSeenAtIUP @IUPBarSpecials @IUPattys

Viostoreoffical ‏@viostoreoffical

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Seulgi, Kang. ‏@sseulgiv

╰⊱💜⊱╮Katty's Upchar ☘。[INFO] #SEULGI is on the cover of Beauty + magazine April 2019 issue.…

{🍏} Julia; não vai ver o BTS em SP ‏@universepjjk

00:00 Jikook happiness🌿☘

Claudia🦁 ‏@leonbangtan

This is it, this is my dream in life ☘ @BTS_twt

Tiny Town ‏@TinyTownSim

🔴🌆🔴🔶🔶🔶🔴🔶🔴🌆🌅🔴 🌿🌿🐿🍃☘🌿🌿🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 🌿🐝🍃🌳🌿🌿🌿📙📙📙🌊🌊 🍪🍪🍃🌿🌳🌿🌿🌿🌊🌊🌊🌊 🌼🍪🌿🌳🍃🌿🌿🌿🌳🌊🌊🌊 🌿🍪🌿🐻🍃🌿🌳🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 🌳🍪🌳☘🌽〰🌱〰😺🌾🌾🌾 🌳🏡🌳🌿☘🌿🌿🌿🌾🌾🌾🌾 🌳🌳🌳🌿〰〰〰〰🌾🌾🌾…

Betthany Hamilton ‏@BetthanyHamilt1

💰Skype sessions available💖 $30 half hour 🔥💵 $40 an hour 😈💵 Nudes, videos, sexting, rollplay ☘👄#kik betthanyh P…

Kerry Jazmine ‏@KGullic

@Time4Hiddles That's so cool! You have all the luck ☘☘

Anand M آنند ایم ‏@anandm_official

@MGNTheTwin Smritiji allegedly wanted the role. ☘ She's a seasoned actor. 👏😘

d'Vine Beauty 💋🥀👑 ‏@candigul01

Seasons change....yellow makes me shine 🌞 and green brings me money 💰!! ☘

Megumi Kaneyama ‏@megumi_matthew

@GUBLERNATION Happy Saint Patrick’s day ☘ and have a wonderful night. green-rimmed glasses 👓💚 It looks good on you!…

MykelAngelo Wurx. ‏@myke422

Look at that shine 🤩 Just a root touch up and a haircut. Next appt we are going lighter for spring 🌷🌼🌱☘…

Cashman_Casino ‏@CashmanCasino1

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MahArmy 🌻 ‏@Girassol_Army

@BTS_twt Hope , my love ☘☘😍😍😍💜💜💜

John McCann ‏@JohnMcCann_69

@wpb1888 I know!!! Shame it's not!!!🇮🇪☘🇮🇪

~ɛʀɨռ~ ‏@mais_fica

Honestly...I spent the night learning to Riverdance.☘

John McCann ‏@JohnMcCann_69

@del_pat @_John_Smith1967 Ha ha it sure does 🇮🇪☘🇮🇪


☘WTS Tiket Lychee Ong Seong Wu FM in Malaysia Row V ☘ ✔ Can Pay at Venue ✔ 300RM can nego Details please DM :)…

Melissa Deitrich ‏@MelissaDeitrich

Chris & Walt at Sixers‐Celtics game 3/20/19. Sat right behind Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell (1981 Finals MVP, playe…

Brigid Ryan ‏@brigidryan1

86 medals for @SOIreland including gold for Mark ☘🥇 love this video clip

j-hope loving & rt bot ☘🍀 ‏@JhopeUpdate

@BTS_twt What a visualllllllll 😍😍😍😍😍😍 hobi you've worked hard ❤☘

WeAllGon'Die.66.A1 ‏@BillySolesSoul

@ThatEricAlper "Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin. I came to win, battle me? That's a sin!" ☘

Dave Kenny ‏@davekenny1959

@patcashhealy @CorksRedFM @TVM_ie @corkracecourse @TheIrishField @ExaminerSport @irishracing @RacingTV @AtTheRaces…

Paul Kelly ‏@KellyPaul112

@DaveGowan The best of luck ☘ Dave you've got this. #continentalgripteam

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