Ship Emoji

A large ship, used for transport of people or cargo across the ocean. May be a cruise ship, commonly found around tropical locations.

Ship was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚢 Cruise

🚢 Cruise Ship


🚢 U+1F6A2




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Jayne ‏@1whtb

@DavidGr07837209 @SBSNews But casuals are counted as employed even when working 1 hour a week, so what are they cou…

🇺🇸 Sara Conaway-Burns 🇺🇸 ‏@PatriotPirate74

Let us know when the EAGLE has landed! #Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA 🌊🚢🦅

🍋Anne Van Eijk🍋 ‏@EijkAnne

@SenRickScott @WHO Deal with the Dutch cruise 🚢 liner tying to dock there in Florida with you!🦠😷🛑

Minkkss 👁🛍 ‏@jadathebaee_

I wanna take a 🚢

Erin Everywhere ‏@ErinEverywhere

Any Shipfam 🚢 wanna get together on @zoom_us for @destructoamf Easter Sunday-Sunrise Sermon 4.12.20 🐰

Shelley K Booker ‏@1ShelleyKBooker

New York take #Comfort ❤🚢❤ #NewYorkStrong

Nick Guiry ‏@NickGuiry

@danielfreeman83 Especially for the Boozy Cruise 🚢 🍺🍺

Lenormand Bot ‏@LenormandBot

Your Lenormand reading: 🚢 ✝️

Shu's Money Crew ‏@SMC_EU

Do you wanna see @Mauz_OW or @SeicoeOW on Echo? #RUNSMC 👟💸🚢

Cali daisey🏄🏼‍♀️✌🏼 ‏@CaliDaisey

@RealJamesWoods Nice 👍🏼 one! 🚢 🏥 🗽

Careoran ‏@Careoran

@OberstWKlink @WW2Talk Me too! I received the Spanish version of the pirate Playmobil ship 🚢 from my parents . It’s…

CCnews24 ‏@CCnews24

🚢Both sides will jointly build the first blockchain platform in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Gulf.…

Wingright ‏@Glenlo

@maddow Matched only by you and your network unfit to report the truth!!! Is your ship coming?? Trumps ship 🚢 is al…

mystic piers ‏@mysticpiers

@kevski74 @GavinPartridge No that's my imbecile brother 😂😂😂 #yacht 🚢

Lorraine Smalls ‏@lorraine_smalls

Let's Dream about your next Vacation❗🤗🌏🌁🚢🚄🚇🗽 Exquisite Travels by Lorraine to B👁👁k 📙❗ Website 💻…

Lavi | AUs📝📌 No More Dream Is Coming♡ ‏@LaviHeartwood_K


Christopher Buchanan ‏@affablechap

@latimes Spring Break '20 in a can! No problem with Ft. Lauderdale teens on break? Let their grandparents out there, too! 🚢🧓🏼👴🏼🏖️

China Lied People Died ‏@hank_likes

@mehdirhasan 🚢Ahoy! 🚢 Linking a bulwark article...are they still afloat? 😂

L&Z ‏@LilyNZoey80

@RobertG30076252 @3days3nights And this coast guard ship 🚢 has been siting for the past day at the entrance to Gitmo

letsmakeaBeach ‏@letsmakea

Explore the ocean today!🏊🚢🐋🐋🏄‍♀️

Mandy Potgieter ‏@MandyPotgieter1

@Mareq16 Have you seen the Global Mercy?..... 🚢🚨🌍🐸

Tom Hicks ‏@Uncle_Tom_Hicks

@TimMurtaugh @maddow @realDonaldTrump And it sits in NY harbor just like he said it would. I used to respect her re…

シンゴオン ‏@Dr71917330

@USNavy Take me to Hawaii🏝️🚢 oh please (from Damn YOKOSUKA🗾)✈️   .。o○🗺️


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Becky Peel 👩‍🔬 ‏@Becky_Science

We waved goodbye to #SignyIsland today as we sailed away on the #JamesClarkRoss 🚢 It has been an incredible month a…

⚖⏰Tick, Tock... ‏@penelopepeace

HEY @maddow Trumps doing a fantastic job isn't he!? 🚢

Bay Rozgaar 🎲 ‏@laalaakhaan

Dear Farighs guess the Urdu Muhawras 1)😎😜👑 2)🐊😭 3)😁😡😠 4)👋↔️❎ 5)🌙🌙🌙🌙 6)🌋⭐⭐👀 7)💯🌕1⃣🌑 8)🎺 🐃 9)💦😎♻👀 10)💪🔪 👄🙏 1…

Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation ‏@StatueEllisFdn

Through Liberty’s Eyes! 🗽 Our interactive, LIVE Torch Cam caught these amazing images of the #USNSComfort arriving…

Maureen Ramsden 🛍🎀🛍🕶 ‏@MaureenRamsden2

@PaulSzoldra @NavyNana2 But because of what is on the Ship 🚢, there must be enough people onboard to protect.

Shaira 🍁 ‏@Shaira96012205

in the midst of this hopeless situation, people from all walks of life, including myself, completely powerless, but…

tropical pakalōlō ‏@ylang__ylang__

don’t at me right now I just need to put it out: LG logo roll out! ... Mercy ships 🚢 Comfort ship 🛳 Burn money beca…

péd 💮 ‏@Ppaappaappii

grade 12 + single mom = 🚢

aY.benn_. ‏@aYbennnnnnnnnnn

@efo_filey Ghana 🇬🇭 here follow for follow 🚢🚢🚢

Fourth for President ‏@FourthInCommand

Dre Kirkpatrick 🚢 We are all depressed. 🤒 But we must force him to. #Vote4Fourth

Kenneth Edmonds ‏@KenEdmonds19

Here is more of the stairway art on the @CruiseNorwegian Pearl. We were on board for a 5 day sailing to Costa Maya…

PEREZ ‏@Gechy15

@kiddnubian Ur 🚢 is madt on this street.🤣🤣🤣 #powers 💪

Pinto Employment LLC ‏@PintoEmployment

✈🚢 Logistics Jobs and Placement Services 🚚🚂 -

Sunshine07 ‏@leastofthese58

Ok work is very slow....who is up for a game of battleship? 😬🚢🚢

zeben-ze dovalie ‏@ZDovalie

@RescueMed @seaeyeorg Together for rescue ⛴🚢🛳

Urmila⁷ // Ni'tae'ka⁷ 💜 ‏@jungkimmin18697

@singla_aayushi @bitwies_ami @BTS_twt Someone skipped pre primary ⛴️🛳️🚢

Justin Maxwell ‏@JustinMaxwell7

I never remember stuff like this‼️However, I do remember Vinny Magee 🧔 in nets 👐 and possibly Sealink 🚢 as sponsor…

La-eeqah Adams ‏@La_eeqahAdams

Name the country 1.2⃣+®️+🔑 2.⛓+🅰️ 3.🧊+🛣 4.🅾️+🧔🏻 5.🐈+🅰️+®️ 6.J+🍳 7.😷+💵 8.🍲+U+👩🏻‍🦰 9.👄+🅰️ 10.U+🏗 11.🅿️+🅰️+🧔🏻 12.🚢+🦢+…

Jjewllzz ♥️I’d rather be 💃🏻on the beach 🏝 ‏@Riverratjulie

Imagine being stupid and you heard about the virus 🦠 but got on a ship anyways. Im sorry but why would anyone ha…

Harry & Archie 🥰👶🏻🥰 ‏@EkbergMageta

@OmisadeAkin @rab2024 @foreignoffice @10DowningStreet @FCOtravel NOWHERE should have been presumed safe, as it was…

Thames Tradesmen's ‏@ThamesTradesmen

TTRC rowing club quiz part 2 No offence intended obscure included 21 🦀 🌲 22 🏭 🌳 🌳 23 🥌 🚽 24 👕 🚣‍♀️ 25 ☀️ 🚗 2…

Jolene ❤️🇺🇸 ‏@SouthernConLady

Andrew - this is how I explain the Government when responding to anything: The government is a cruise 🚢 ship, Not…

🦋Lena🦋 ‏@PoorMulti


Mack Real III ‏@IIIrdRealm

@realDonaldTrump Gov Cuomo is the Presidential candidate DEMs & RINOs should have brought! ...wasn’t Socialist enou…

Atlantic Council ‏@AtlanticCouncil

⚠️CORONAVIRUS ALERT⚠️ 🇺🇸Coronavirus deaths in the United States could reach 200,000 even in a best-case scenario 🚢…

LQQKING ANON ‏@BraveHe99369239

@Cloxxki @RightonQ5 @VincentCrypt46 I'd emagin hotel rooms for recovery of the children. 🚢🚢are floating prisons. Te…

Dublin Port Company ‏@DublinPortCo

Two exciting arrivals at #DublinPort where operators continue to invest. These 142-tonne rubber tyred gantries will…

𝑆𝑎𝑟𝑎ℎ 𝐶𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑠 ‏@_SarahCollins_

Goodmorning ☀️ She’s here 🇺🇸👏🏼🚢🏥🩺 welcoming The USNS comfort will be helping with the back flow of non-covid 19 pat…

Michele Florio ‏@MikiAV8BHarrier

Light frigates Al Zubarah #QatarNavy🇶🇦 Built 4🇮🇹 Serv 2021÷24 Disp 3250tfull Eng 4D28kts Range3500nm15kts Arm 16🚀As…

willyylliw ‏@_wxlly

@Tm0bb 🚢 bout to set sail on a bitch

Anelka Abaricia ‏@anelkamariva

Praying for all the sailors! 🚢⚓️

Shelley K Booker ‏@1ShelleyKBooker

@JonathanPieNews On this week's #episode of #CruiseShip #Hacks #KateWinslet #protests for DOUBLE Wide…

Natasha ‏@chef_natasha

Reposted from discover.n.y.c The US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort arriving in New York City yesterday 😮🚢🏨| 📸maximusupi…

SaintCraftRadio⚜️🍺📻 ‏@SaintCraftRadio

Breakfast delivered. Cheers!🍻⚜️ 🌍🌏Dual Hemispheres | West Coast IPA | 6.5% 🌎World’s Away | Murky Triple IPA | 10.3…

CJOropeza ‏@ElMatadorCJO

@kerie505 @BillKristol Sinking ship 🚢 indeed!

María Morales Carson ‏@carsonescritora

@Rafael_delRosal I think so, teacher! 🚢

CarolinasAirMuseum ‏@CAM_1549

A beautiful moment on the Hudson as the USNS Comfort arrives in NY Harbor yesterday. ⛑ 🚢 🥼 🇺🇸 #gonavy #usnscomfort

Diego Ortiz 📝 ‏@Diego0rtiz

If you can exercise aboard...YOU CAN EXERCISE AT HOME! 🚢🏋🏼‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ Tag the @RoyalCanNavy on your home fitness…

Catherine ‏@Catheri84744251

@gibbzer I tell everyone about this film..and It’s on amazon now..watching it tonight!! ♥️♥️♥️🚢

∗ღ𝑉𝑒𝑟𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑐𝑎ღ∗ ‏@VeronicAzSun

@jonlionfineart2 @NYGovCuomo It was a sight to behold 🗽🚢🇺🇸 Beautiful drawing👍👏👏👏

I'M IronMan🔅 ‏@imcrazybird123

Muslims Are Responsible For Sinking of Titanic🏔️🚢

Thomas E. Testa ‏@TTesta1

@jimcramer No way, Cruise 🚢 industry will change forever

Arslanbhatti ‏@Arslanb81945544

محاورے 1)😎😜👑 2)🐊😭 3)😁😡😠 4)👋↔️❎ 5)🌙🌙🌙🌙 6)🌋⭐⭐👀 7)💯🌕1⃣🌑 8)🎺 🐃 9)💦😎♻👀 10)👄🙏💪🔪 11)👆⚡👇☔❎ 12)💃❎⬜↗️ 13) 👏✋❎ 14)…

Gabe Rosas ‏@gabe_rosas

@MarkMcG_Bel @WilkITWizard @crispyire @Dark_KnightUK @MannySidhu2 @harsha_hosur @vcdxnz001 @benloveday…

Karen ‏@KCMozart

@VMaledew Some here r hoping that all our wicked Politicians and evil 🎥⭐️our being picked up by Mercy 🚢 and brought…

CR ‏@CR_US_Army

@DonaldJTrumpJr @brooks1170 @nypost One hell of vessel 🚢!! Thank you 🙏 Mr President

🇺🇸🌊 Susan James 💙🌎 ‏@sbjames2327

@CaslerNoel @ESB521 @realDonaldTrump Welcome aboard, yet another crew member on the #Trumptanic 🚢 #TrumpPlague

ok ‏@malibutahoe

@American_Jen @SharonC19471948 🔴 DeepState evils like>snakes hissing w/ excitement🔴Using China-virus🔴Fauci has part…

Gulliver's Travel ‏@GulliversSLO

We are all in this together 🛫🚢 . . . . . #travel #vacation #holiday #travelgram #instatravel #adventuretravel…

🇺🇸 Sara Conaway-Burns 🇺🇸 ‏@PatriotPirate74

Easy translation... Patriots back yer shit up! Pics, videos, downloads, voice clips... Back it ALL up on an exter…

LQQKING ANON ‏@BraveHe99369239

Call MOMMY😂 I got CARONO19... Frado is at home like STEPHANIE(George) from ABC reporting now. All under house arre…

thefloatinghosp ‏@TheFloatingHosp

New York City has long welcomed floating hospitals to its waters 🚢 Learn more with some wonderful images from our a…

Nos The Immortal ‏@Nosferatu_D

@QuanlanV did a really cool art stream today. He painted me like Jack painted Rose in Titanic. 🚢

MISSCHINDIYA ‏@misschindiya

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 😩😭 and ooh Titanic 🚢 Jack didn’t have to die man😭😭

Annie Shea ‏@annieshea

@LovingLunch OMG SO JEALOUS!!!! I’ll come visit you EVERYDAY! 🚢

darsiltass ‏@MooneristoBTC

@pulte Me me me 🙏for next donation 🙏help me to achieve big goals and join this donation ship ❤️🚢🙏😁

space queen ‏@scoooby_sam

Our household is just gonna pretend like this quarantine is a cruise 🌅🌴🍹🚢

Jody Long ‏@long1_jody

hi mom-did daddy pay for school?🛺🚒🚍🚔🛹🚎⛵️🚢⚓️⚓️⚓️

LQQKING ANON ‏@BraveHe99369239

@Cloxxki @RightonQ5 @VincentCrypt46 Optics my Patriot & misinformation needed for biggest take down & restoring our…

M.Ali ‏@Ali_Madobe

This guy is saying Ali bin RA predicted #COVID19. Not only that he predicted every detail, that it will come in 202…

steve jeffs ‏@steves_simpson

@CombativeViews Of course 100% ... but that ship 🚢 has sailed brother : IMO : 👊🏼🇨🇦👊🏼 #UFC249

Lynne Barnes 🇬🇧 ‏@Barnsey_68

#TheDeep by #AlmaKatsu, fact and fiction seamlessly combined 🚢⚓️👻 My #BookReview is live on my blog @…

Tionne ‏@tionneterrell

She is apart of the problem! #MillionsOfUs see right through that 💩 #DrainTheSwamp #MillionsOfUs #2020Election 🇺🇲🌍…

Bob ‏@AbroadInnocents

Our new monthly Vlog series, ‘Cruise Pre & Post’, is almost here, covering 12 cities for pre/post cruise exploring…

Raeesah 🤍 ‏@RaeesahKhan99

Guess the movie! If you’re bored like me 1)👑 🧔🏼 💍💍 2) 🚢👩🏻‍🦰💓👱🏻‍♂️ 3) 👸🏻 🥀 ❤️🐺 4)👧🏼🔄👵🏻 5) ⚡️👨🏻‍🎓 🧹 6) 👩🏻‍💼 🧛🏽‍♂️…

Nikky Ingley ‏@CruiseAcademyUK

We love helping people secure their dream jobs 🚢🌍 We're here to help you too 👉…


Cancelled package holidays ✈️ 🚢 Read more ➡️ #StaySafe #ConsumerRights

🇺🇸 Sara Conaway-Burns 🇺🇸 ‏@PatriotPirate74

1/ The Zale Map of the Fallen stars, #PEDOWOOD Walk Of Shame. The unholy cross laid out with the names of Satan'…

Luv♥Fluke🍒💘 ‏@LuvFluke

2015.06. Ghostship🚢☠ #เจ้าแก้มก้อน

Praba👥🍍 ‏@maame_praba

@Aaron_zamani So much content mhern ,they are true captains of cruise 🚢

♥️🍒Cheryl🍒♥️PETSITTING OPENED! ‏@Cherxl_cherrx

(-please 🚢 me with cherries-)

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