Exploding Head Emoji

A face with an explosion taking place in the upper section of the head. May be used to display feelings of shock, awe, or as a visual shorthand for the phrase "mind blown".

Exploding Head was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Shocked Face With Exploding Head” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤯 Mind Blown

Unicode Name

🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head


🤯 U+1F92F


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D. ‏@D_LaDivina

I got a 98% on my pharmacology exam 🤯



BigB ‏@72Blessings

In my thoughts - I never been faithful 🤯

Arely ‏@Arely_Gonzalez3

SOS is anyone in gov312L and wants to study with me tomorrow 🤯

IG/SC: DmnyGoKrazy ‏@Dmny706

@QueenGhana_ You + flagrant = 🤯

#6096 ‏@Sheeppard

@KABADIZ Mad oooh 🤯

Luis ‏@Luistogram05

Hey @trvisXX I still haven’t received my order. It’s been over 7 weeks now. These all were gonna be Christmas prese… https://t.co/H9P5syZkD4

🐝Honeybee ‏@lotusblossom59

@9NewsMelb @JaydeVincent Oh isnt that nice 🤯

LatexHugo ‏@paper_tex

@bellahudx This view is unreal 🤯

Riley🦕 ‏@ClontsRiley

We go together like bread and butter , I can’t help it 🤯

Vandicoup ‏@Vandicoup

@ShadowMann9 @DDayDoggy pls carry this angwy expresshun + his adorabuhl babeh noises over to the grievous v. Baby Y… https://t.co/3qiBt0QomB

Anzhyl_V ‏@Avenging_Anzhyl

@EternallyThor @taezking @BigHitEnt What did I just watched that's gotten my synapses short-circuited?🤯. This is ge… https://t.co/2H4VUeDF31

Beard x Brodie 🔥 ‏@StrictlyBidniz

@VanteEllis Mind boggling 🤯

Valerie Gill ‏@gillfam1_gill

It did make my head explode 🤯 https://t.co/lqrMGcFOAx

#6096 ‏@Sheeppard

@_Christy___ Mad ooooh 😲 🤯

Fair 🌿 ‏@ArtistEthereal

@imsickofidiots @mxssengerangel // I'm giggling!! Uriel: Look, Michael. No paperwork." Michael: 🤯💘

mo ♏ ‏@yungmoski

@smashashle I sent the one of you to bre, we’re so in love with you 🤯

🤍 ‏@solyybee_

I just realized that I wrote my last paper as undergrad last night 😅🤯

sman ‏@shoeson333

If 2 Flashes are vibrating or whatever they are doing to slow time, how are they talking to each other? I mean what… https://t.co/4sHYDBvIHQ

Christine ‏@Christi59792230

@bennyjohnson Damn 🤯

Creator Code: Pxblos 🇦🇺 ‏@Pxblos

@radiusfn how did you die that fast to a blue AR 🤯

sofi ‏@juslikeharry

the way my brain went 🤯 because there were two harries

Daren Osby ‏@Osby_8

They giving great players 300 million!!! No way I can give up now 🤯

Jenna ‏@jennabear1216

difficulty level: impossible 🤯 https://t.co/YUFxsDeK5B

Steve Ahern ‏@sharkdad

@rossmckeon @SanJoseSharks If I hear the “Gotta find a way” cliche one more time from this team during interviews........🤯🙉

Keep.It.Harry 🍉 ‏@KeepItHarry

Wth? Amazing editing or HARRY STYLES IS A TWIN!!!! 🤯 Lmaoo

Bot #696969 ‏@stream7epiphany

@btsdailystats @BTS_twt The charts are going to 🤯💥

Gen Huss - ג'ן הס ‏@miss_gen

We all have good days and we all have bad days and without the crap days we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good… https://t.co/9RWgnG9mmD

Doll Lawrence ‏@DollTherealdoll

Wow.! What a night 🤯

amara 🦋 ‏@uluvmarss

roddy snapped on this album. 🤯

My Life ‏@MyLifeTrading

🤯 You won’t believe this! Women Full Hair Systems Weaving Patch Mono Filament - Finishing Touch Sri Lanka selling a… https://t.co/uhSuUVXYaZ

LorneStefanini ‏@lorne_stefanini

@deputygrocott Good morning #ffbwednesday I’m a secondary AHT for T&L, RS & Philosophy teacher and general cynic. K… https://t.co/UrxomvS1wP

coop ‏@mccombscooper

rip keeper 🤯 https://t.co/9Wy955OiTc

Ched ‏@MistuhRager

I'm kinda impressed that they recognized that it's a video of themselves and their owner 🤯 https://t.co/PVvLONNS76

Sabeeha Majid ♥🇿🇦 ‏@SabeehaMajid

"he's the best I've seen, by far, from behind the stumps" 🤯 https://t.co/IdBov34GCu

Crybaby ‏@kaeraematt

I am shook over the battery life of the 11 Pro Max. I took it off the charger this morning, used it all day to list… https://t.co/aavbSLN2YT

John Barbontin ‏@thatJohnBarbs

@afiercemind It’s a great post 😍🤯

M Flores ‏@sweetparafernal

Zapata en sticker de whats 🤯😎 https://t.co/zFHFrN0WZ1

succ boi 🦋 ‏@sexyprh

1. did u know that a "gangster" is the same as a "roadster" but with "gang" before the "-ster"?😱🤯 2. did u know th… https://t.co/rJnshnqgBb

5am ‏@FreeBANDS_x

@_iamniab Me to? 😂🤯

Kenyan Zanele ‏@la_zetch

@Zizipho_ZA Your options 🤯. I Stan.

Kolby Jack Davenport ‏@KolbyJackDTX

Just met Jennifer Aniston @ JRs!!! I think she has a crush on me! Feeling: ShOok Af check your DM’s 😳🤯😱

Olive Juice  ‏@OllieKinns

I just said a tragedy was Mac Miller dying and my baby brother was like Mac Miller? I’m like 🤯

albi ‏@SalihuAlbion_

@ActuallyDC Chocolate milk, apple juice, m&m cookie ? 🤯😩😩

Becky 💙 ‏@BeckyMartinez77

I don’t even wanna get up to smoke a bowl that’s how fucked up these cramps got me 🤯

N‎atuchips ⎊ 🌙☀️ ‏@natillaa_

Ok this is great 🤯 https://t.co/4mZOzv9CKj

Jessica Woodall ‏@Juiceicaa

Whoa, what if life ? 🤯

Rosemary Szaczkowski ‏@RosemarySzaczk1

@RaggedMountain4 @pollsofpolitics @realDonaldTrump Don't you look at the facts and truth!!! I don't know how some p… https://t.co/m2m7xJkZ4j

Briana ‏@bbrianar24

What a day 🤯😴

Best Username Ever ‏@ever_username

@R1NGO79 @kingbluelwt No. You need to stay in the centre, like me 🤯

socheekie ‏@socheekie

When I’m off henny I’ll fight anybody idgaf! 🤯

Babetron | BABExPETE ‏@Babetron_

Tonight was an amazing experience. We won our first tournament 🤯 Huge thank you to @WatchMixer, @CaptainsBrand &… https://t.co/75HRDrBuYL

thad castle ‏@AlisonJaade

Hey guys, did you know it’s snowing? 🤯

DaLoony69 #DJT / #TDG /#TMH ‏@Daloony69

@ScotsmanGrumpy UK next week so they say... but seriously hows does 1 from Scotland even cope with weather like tha… https://t.co/4OZACi8RJp

Samson Sagan ‏@713Samson

@juliasatx I didn't know until Infinity War came out that it's most common to snap with your middle finger, NOT index finger 🤯

aizely 🤠 ‏@Damariz__

@oneruel deserves more hype and that’s on period. He is so young and yet so freaking talented ! I have not gone a d… https://t.co/mf6EfcRJj8

Tamara🌻 ‏@TamaraScheider1

Destruction is a form of creation 🤯

ashley.B ‏@Gorgeouss_Smile

ma’am dababy is a genius , I’m still like mind blown “wow he really brought out the jabbawockeez “ 🤯😭 pure genius https://t.co/WaGevhtdy5

jonnAy ‏@f00tes

i wanted to book a tattoo from a super hot artist and realized his minimum is $400 🤯 i need to start a gofundme

Luna Garcia ‏@miss_LunaG

@whitneeyyjones I hate when DoorDash drivers get lost & don't bother to call me!!! For some reason it happens to me… https://t.co/KrmEJ7pMz8

Mauricio Amaral / “It’s Just a Talk” Podcast ‏@itsjustatalk

@CriticalBard “I know you have a lot going to on by being here but you can do it “ 🤯

alejandro perales ‏@alexperales41

What if pigeons are secretly robots that monitor humans being and to recharge they sit on the power lines 🤯

🥭 ‏@ISaidWadISaid

I say wow to so much shit I see on here. Daily. 🤯

𝓟𝔀𝓮𝓲 || SUGA'S INTERLUDE! ‏@underated_taegi

just realised I'd like 1gb philips mp3 player and that too was divided between me and my mom in half...500mb songs… https://t.co/7gf2MPjG9u

DeAnt The Rapper ☄️🌎⚡️ ‏@DEANTBO

@RapAllStars @JSauce2xs she not to be fucked with 🤯

®ee©e Moon ‏@Mooney199

@davefrecks @Sjopinion10 Course he did 🙄... must be an arsenal fan 😂! Had to basically tell Robbie to shut up and i… https://t.co/W77nmYL8U2

Tee ◟̽◞̽ 🌻🎈🌈💙❯❯❯❯ 🐝✨🎶💙💚🎶💙💚💖💗😍 ‏@Tee1D_2016

@fucksimoncowelI What is this?! I'm joining the queue of no no no. Let that boy leave his grief behind. His tours a… https://t.co/Dmx4qpHx3I

Jazmine ‏@JazzyFreakinJ

I’m mind blown 🤯 https://t.co/x2hVonIIHG

Julia 💕 ‏@juliareyes_xo

This month did not come to play with these back pains 🤯

Ian Povey ‏@PoveyIan

@karenwales66 Our soon to be brexit negotiator. 🤯

Dorrian Devontè ‏@dorriannnnnn

if u fw a nigga after your friend, that’s sick. if u fuck with your friend’s nigga, while your friend is still you… https://t.co/iD2djXl4Dz

Becca 🖤 ‏@RebeccaGaona

Life is .... 🤯

BigOp 💪🏼🤘🏼 ‏@Itsoption

My ps4 controller just randomly stopped working on my pc?? Can anyone help? I’ve tried multiple different ways on YT nothing has worked 🤯

Tommy Gustaveson ‏@T_Gustaveson

When the @OpsRamp team gets together, big things happen! Wonderful #GartnerIOCS staff dinner tonight, carrying on t… https://t.co/3nfU8LxlDf

Oh Minnesota Boy... ‏@bunnyhop2020

@Jali_Cat @donlemon Yes Don! We are INSANE!! The Crazy/Insane, for Trump!!! 👇🤪👇🤯👇🥵👇😫👇 https://t.co/LbnNhpYckV

Jessica M. ‏@MinimacReviews

When that extra quotation mark at the beginning of a chapter, that you think is a sneaky typo, turns out to be a ba… https://t.co/APRAgOpGQ3

Don ‏@TheDon

This is spectacular. Really fun, with great 🤯 moments. 💯 https://t.co/C68wHT6gYW

Samir (Oreo's Butler) ‏@samirkapoor1971

Is he choosing Everton over Arsenal ? 🤯😱🤯 https://t.co/GumNpaXMbG

Lyzette ‏@_1981xo

** very slow blinking** 😳🤯 FIREEEEEEEEE 🔥 https://t.co/4DtW04SwW7

cynophile✨ ‏@itsirishshane

Physics what? 🤯 https://t.co/Fb87gy96PK

##### [OGANGEL] ‏@OGSL8R

The smell of weed 🙏🤯 love weed aroma #terps

𝓢𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓪 𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓯𝓽 ✧❁.▪︎°• ‏@SerenaCroft

Omg I just released something about Jill's injuries in the reveal trailer in the bathroom scene 😱 That's not a zom… https://t.co/mzANrKt44e


This series is 🔥🔥🔥#TopBoy topboynetflix #London #Gangsta #yallCANthankMElater #iBINGEDwatchedIT 🤯 @ One Block East https://t.co/Lea4yKdAfH

choptop ♉️🙇🏽 ‏@prettyylele

i get paper and the bread that’s a sack lunch 🤯 https://t.co/4wwCHJpnrE

¬|| ꁅꂦꋖ7 ꂠꁲꈼꌚꁲꋊꁅ ‏@LU_aghatiny

@raidofregulus That would be insane! 🤯

Andrew Mohnson ‏@nms0834

@jasoncb82 @SwissFaryGodBro @evansilva Lol you’re asking someone to explain the shadiness associated with the Patriots. Wow 🤯

Zach Tornabene ‏@ztornabene93

@ABuford17 if he doesn’t miss a start and throws 100 pitches in each, it’s $10,000 a pitch 🤯

juli ³⁶⁵ ‏@gowonwithluv

@strangelybts @luvsmoonbin @cruyeon ever heard of reapplying the ink 🤯

yuli ‏@yulissaavargas

“I get paper and the bread that’s a sack lunch” 🤯 https://t.co/osgZBCoShH

iLikeChvrches ‏@LikeChvrches

Hatched my third shiny alolan sandshrew just now! 🤯 https://t.co/NtCIKe9adZ

Fact Man 🦹🏿‍♂️ ‏@ChrisTucker35

What in 🤯 https://t.co/9GWNZMrLgW

Jonathan J Panameno III ‏@jpanameno54

Ahhhh shit 🤯 https://t.co/lJtwL5CYuB

TATIANA🍒 ‏@Tatianaarlean

I need to secure my bag 🤯👀

tokyo ‏@farwenda

back to square one 🤯

Kaity B ‏@kt_buentello

🤯 I. Am. Shook. 🤯

Andrew ‏@LoKi_US

@INTELCallofDuty @iLLeYYY They wouldn’t have lost 🤯

michelle🌻 ‏@mishgeez

@spicebae_ how do you take my feelings and put them perfectly into words 🤯

+ ‏@justlikejvs

this new playlist i started 🤯

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