Exploding Head Emoji

A face with an explosion taking place in the upper section of the head. May be used to display feelings of shock, awe, or as a visual shorthand for the phrase "mind blown".

Exploding Head was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Shocked Face With Exploding Head” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤯 Mind Blown

Unicode Name

🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head


🤯 U+1F92F


Tweets For 🤯

Thug PassionADz ‏@adz_kris

Up just smelling the gas...but stuck on do I feel like rolling it 🤯😭

Phil Lloyd-Jackson ‏@plj2504

@brettgates223 Mindless 🤯😡🤷‍♂️

Saveearth1970 ‏@saveearth1970

Did you know that the Amazon rainforest 🌳 only covers two percent of Earth’s surface, but can produce up to ten tim… https://t.co/xBpMk6cqqi

BunnyBrunnhilde ‏@bunnybrunnhilde

@Wagnerian1979 @DrDavidVernon I have to say, I was a little surprised how fidgety the Bayreuth audience were. Also,… https://t.co/uOE6YFI0Wk

n6 ‏@n6saa


... ‏@__sbc

It’s way too hot for this uniform and boots the military really tryna have us check 🤯

Brito!!😛 ‏@sdamon769

@louisonuigbo @XXL Wahhh that album is hard and mind blowing 🤯

🌻🌹 ‏@piiscesmamii

2 days later... 🤯🙏🏼 wow @silvestre_erick my condolences primo, animo 🙏🏼

Kara Love Jefferson ‏@KLJ40

@KathyBurke just watched “All Woman”. Your opinion is my opinion. I have two daughters. No matter what I say..their… https://t.co/2RovmQZgK0

MR_MOSSBANK🤫 ‏@BoltonTown_Bl1

Twitter girls are so 🤯

✨Naji ft Loyalty✨ ‏@Najeri_

I be running off 4or 5 hours of sleep 😬🤯

Simon Ward ‏@simonjward

Half expecting the makers of Pringles to announce today that the tubes are designed to sit in the fridge or somethi… https://t.co/J9gkbSDw2X

mm ‏@alfamcmrry

information overload 🤯

Justin White ‏@a5pr1n916

@Margiemcdaniel Good morning Margie 😃👍 How are you? I am not usually up this early, but couldn’t sleep, because God… https://t.co/jDhL5ebTyQ

T&L Football Tips ‏@TLTips1

❌ both teams had seen a first half goal in every game this year 🤯 stats looked bang on for a goal https://t.co/fYCkEVUYhk

UltraCas ‏@Ultra_Cas

Then get cut off when telephone banking tried to transfer me! 🤯

🐬 ‏@dinkdelf

@Outrrrageous The disrespect, the hypocrisy, the entitlement 🤯

Stodosova's Biceps ‏@SamsBiceps

@PinaCocoTweets @BraveTart Oof. Wow. 🤯

Chelsea Donata ‏@_nahaled

I just asked an end user to send me a screenshot of the error they’re getting on their phone and he sent me back a… https://t.co/rSQKSIpXub

Mike Honig ‏@ThinkWingRadio

All I can say is 🤯 “Who is mothballing a U.S. carrier? And why?” https://t.co/6EX7nlLQfK

Tufter ‏@GaryButter

@InspGadgetBlogs Plenty of this 😤🤯😵🤬 to come! And, no doubt, another force subscribing will make it run even worse than it does now!

Kleevens 🏁 ‏@Outstanding90

1, 754 unread emails smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤯 #BackFromVacation

Raymond Julin ‏@Nervetattoo

Like, everything is wrong with it. It's baffling on a 🤯 level. It completely breaks law of locality, it completely… https://t.co/ZfALWGaCbg

Harry🕺🏻 ‏@Harrychambelain

Batley moving mad 🤯 https://t.co/bTFdFNsCwD

The answer is 42. ‏@WilLord2017

@GaryLineker What would have happened in the city game if the ball had hit the city players arm then the spurs defe… https://t.co/efA6YJJjke

glace au caramel🍦🤤 ‏@gayyassqueenyaa

She makes the best avocado toast 🤯

Property Hub ‏@PropertyHubUK

In case you didn't see it on last week's Hub Extra, we thought we'd share it again because we can't quite get over… https://t.co/QRbb4qndgr

𝓜𝓲𝓪 𝓐. ‏@tragicblush

From the India rally video I RTed, I was shocked to find out that Prime Minister is pretty much Perdana Menteri (Pradhan Mantri) 🤯 Ok bye.

Jimins Jams That Namjoon Left Behind ‏@Mackenz96569139

Guys let me tell u a little Secret-secret Are you ready for it? THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE 🤯😱🤔 https://t.co/LRbL8tLS1S

Stiefl ‏@Psychostiefel

@NoMansSky Holy cow you guys are at it atm 😳🤯 Those updates are pushing in at least once a day, that pace is insane… https://t.co/FFjoyRpIKY

Tech Energi ‏@techenergi

USB-C Cable Amazon Deal 📲🙌🏻 WAS £14.99 NOW ONLY £9.95 FOR LIMITED TIME 🤯😮🤭🤩😁😱😯 LIFETIME WARRANTY INCLUDED🔥 T&C’s… https://t.co/DrssV0KGPs

Matt ‏@Matt89386140

@JessieJoxxx That body never fails to impress 🤯😍😍😍

Bora A. ‏@B_Avci015

@ZachLowy That guy is insane 16 YEARS 🤯

Chela Stans BTS & Everglow ‏@ChelaBeezz

You mean I’m ForeverARMY 🤯😭❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/fB3iDbG6AS

Sanj ‏@Of_Abstractions

Twerking is an art form few are masters of, and I'm seeing one right here 🤯 (I need to learn how to do this so tha… https://t.co/iKmWlbvTC8

🐷 ‏@severusrose

@Azeez_jowder This is the craziest read because you have to be aware of the level your opponent possesses and use i… https://t.co/FyVYnAuvpb

KW🐐 ‏@Pito___4252

White runtz STUFFED all in this blunt 🤯

Carol-Ann ‏@Carolannsassy

@HappyintheWest @jkenney 🤯 their arrogance is mind numbing. #jkenny you helped create this equalization nightmare… https://t.co/KrXdgEZsYU

Michel Trudeau ‏@trudeau_michel

🤯 Aislin + Mayor Steinberg = Laurel and Hardy in a Resistance movie by Tarantino with Joe Pesci playing Dietrich v… https://t.co/7RZeJcudUr

Ryan (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ⚰️ ‏@imDarazo

@cakemog I just read through the whole thread, and holy shit was that uncomfortabe and terrifying. 🤯

Patricia Jones ‏@1234MimiJones

@CNN @CNNOpinion Trump’s greed for power will cause/is causing the US irreparable harm on a global basis. How can a… https://t.co/z5mCGT1dU5

Alberto García ‏@AGG7

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️😉😊 Wow!!! 😮😯😲🤭 Great shot 🚁👍👏 of this stunning 🌅 in the amazing 💨🌇. 😎🥰 The impressive silhouette 😳🤯 of the… https://t.co/xvoND3NKj6

LJ 👱🏼‍♀️ ‏@Laur_Johnston_

2 weeks off work is deadly until you’ve to go back and feel like you’ve to be trained in all over again. Can’t even turn the computer on 🤯

Ash Carty ‏@ashcarty147

3 tournaments in first 5 months of the Callander 🤯 next tournament 8 weeks away great stuff 👌

Pebi ‏@PebiRey

Today's Realization: Patrice dropped table tennis for basketball 🤯

Shooter McGavin ‏@dalton_turner

@Kaaayy_Laaa 😂😂😂 they are cousins honey, can’t believe you’ve never heard of him. 🤯

James Barley ‏@jamesbarley

@EGadsby @Loudbasket That’s good - you should def try the chilli. But more kick 🤯

Kate Panlilio ‏@KatePanlilio

Head is throbbing 🤯

verena 🌸 ‏@appreciateyouth

@RuinDaria @ShawnMendes @ShawnAccess They’re amazing 🤯

Slu ‏@dj_slu_012

. I'm Proud To Announce That I've Partnered With @RandxmBlvckDude As My Personal Photographer 🤯😩😆 More Dope Shots… https://t.co/EgdLbXuiOg

📈 ‏@RobbbMoneyyy

Need some zaxbys 🤯

★☆★ Fafa :) ‏@how2bealollipop

Found a dude on twitter that has the same name as me 🤯😳


BRUTAL 6.0 OLDSCHOOL KICK-EDIT AT DECIBEL. HEAR THAT CROWD GO! 😱🤯 @officialb2s @DecibelOutdoor https://t.co/9O0Da8Rda8

dy ‏@princessdyreen

im goin insane, nobody knows 🤯

𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧🎃💕 ‏@Dragondance6

Hello~ my boxing class for releasing pressure today! ✨🤯👊 https://t.co/9YflSjvvHx

Karisma. 💋 ‏@_bitchimBOSSY_

Brown skin make him go crazy. 🤯

☾ ‏@c4rafana

wth last ep of money heist is messed up 🤯

Gibson ‏@Gibson03280507

@yukina_shida be careful, how long it seems to have no end 🤯

Saaaruska ‏@csillaigo

@tecrangle Hate it when that happens 🤬 I had a shortcut to a place I was going quite often and when I got fenced of… https://t.co/cihqBHiFA8

𝔾𝕝𝕖𝕟 ‏@Glnnvc

3 season 3 days 🤯

khy ‏@KhyianJames

i see it comin' 🤯😎

Katie Bowes ‏@_katiebowes

@melodramaoife at what point did I say it wasn’t? 🤯

JuJu🇵🇦 ‏@2_3Rings

Isn’t he like 19??🤯 https://t.co/giZDueaSCx

Ruben ‏@SonOfRobinHood

This is too much 🤯😭

Farah Ghinan, S.H. ‏@farahghin

Such a long day 🤯😔 ! #Monday

chelsea ‏@chelseaclarkk

my head is completely goosed man 🤯

Stefanie Butler ‏@realStefButler

Designer of Dreams indeed. . The DIOR Exhibit at the V&A was a DREAM!! 🤯 . I mean, I was blown away. I literally ga… https://t.co/L8njvWbl1Q

Sabrina Guirma ‏@SGuirma

Sure we could, but we have some very lazy and detached Americans 🤯 https://t.co/OJULvL4nlj

Anthony Fontana ‏@AnthonyFontan89

@RealOmarNavarro @realDonaldTrump What country is that? All white America? Screw everyone else...🤯

Gina ‏@GinaBeNICE1

@KellyannePolls Actual excused racism 😳🤯

Ant Jones ‏@antjones72

Another 30mins on the phone to @TicketmasterCS still no Reading tickets or sign of them 🤯 https://t.co/pEYAqqWWSF

Charlita Huffman ‏@CharlitaH

WOW WOW WOW 🤯 https://t.co/IqhDPcRgZK

Hannah Thornton ‏@Ms_H_Thornton

@wordsanna Yeeeees!!! Eeeeeeeverything is the same color/part of a theme. 🤯

Sha Bishop ‏@DrakoMMA

But young @HotDamnTatum fighting twice this weekend 🤯 Crazy stuff. Grats on the W at UGP and you’ll get them next time at 8C.

Emmanuella ‏@emma_nelle

@chikanels This is a real thing !!:. Like I’m in love with calculus but when I’m trying to buy things and they do t… https://t.co/M2LEb2z3cw

marf. ‏@MarthaaLOVe_x

Afronation Miami???? 🤯 Really contemplating going back to Miami 💭 I wish they would do it in LA though 😔

Hafiy ‏@mdizzathafiy

i knew he was gg places!🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/Z0BLNzZnUe

Isaac Gibbs ‏@Isaac_gibbs10

@joellsw @Asadpxki Think I just lost my shit seeing this 🤯

ana 🍯 ‏@whatifwendy

@wannxsonn but her hair is shorter shin! 🤯

Paolo Sotto Manzano ‏@Paomanz

Oh come on. Killed over a sandwich? Surely there is a special place in hell for this trigger happy a$$hole? 🤯 https://t.co/iVki4HlvNX

Supervisor Analyst | Mi Mix 2 lovers ‏@sucofindo_1

@thedepthsbeIow 🤯😲 amazing

Ray Lamont ‏@RayRay131

Finally watched “Us” over the weekend and I’m 🤯

Hannah Lobdell ‏@BluLineAssassin

@GiaPadula Oh no 🤯😱😭

♡ 𝕚𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝✨ ‏@Lovieberry

how do I fix thisssss ahhhhhh 🤯😰😭


@mcujeno i voted for dom. yk my mind 🤯

Gemma Reeves ‏@SqueakyGem

@squeezymcgee It really does! It was the first time I'd been since the reno, there was only me, a mum with two very… https://t.co/QmFZwphuMx

Ludah Pocong ‏@pocongludah

@p0tat0bean WITHOUT SKETCH!!! 1!1 🤯

𝐧𝐨 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞 ♡ ‏@anneleev

@nuuuuuuuuna yeah i want to. but the shipping fee is way more expensive than the album itself 🤯

Dan Knowlton ‏@dknowlton1

Mind blown. 🤯 https://t.co/sj2LnO7ukT

GrandPapi ‏@ev_lfc

@GershonKnight90 Bro that pass thou 🤯

Sickening 🤮 ‏@peeweigh

@619menzi SAME 😭🤯😍

Jaap (Jacob) Bakker ♎ ‏@JaapHJBakker1

@Cptnrwrpnts 😳😳🤯😱 🤔🤔🤔 On the other hand.. I need new fenders for my boat..😄

Carmie 🌞 ‏@CharmenCarmen23

The Lizzo concerts over, school starts tomorrow, my life’s in shambles lol back to reality 🤯

⬛️⬜️ ‏@nick_malham

Hiring Harvard to prove that not hiding the fine print from customers is better for the bottom line. I’ll also note… https://t.co/ZBqD4rV6Xl

insited ‏@insiteddesign

With #landingpages built in @Unbounce converting at an astounding 60%+, @taylrn and her mighty @latermedia team hav… https://t.co/rhWZDcXXi0

iskay ‏@lezreyyy

80 items test ugmaaaaaa 🤯

Redon Titouan ‏@RedonTitouan

Download Voicemod now for FREE! 🤑 The best weapon for players and content creators -> - The best real-time Voice… https://t.co/M3ApC2tfK4

Expert Home Tips ‏@ExpertHomeTips

Some fabulous ideas here! 🤯 https://t.co/pXDroP9DRr

Reviews.io ‏@WeAreReviewsIO

Got a case of the #MondayBlues? Relive your amazing weekend by leaving a #review for the place or product that blew… https://t.co/hYcbDqECoq

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