Exploding Head Emoji

A face with an explosion taking place in the upper section of the head. May be used to display feelings of shock, awe, or as a visual shorthand for the phrase "mind blown".

Exploding Head was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Shocked Face With Exploding Head” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤯 Mind Blown

Unicode Name

🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head


🤯 U+1F92F


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Bry ‏@BryonyMcCulloch

Walking through the streets is like a game of chess at the minute, making logical and tactical moves in order to avoid other people 🤯

Amal Ugas ‏@amalugass

@AsteadWesley 😫🤯 when is the funeral???????

Richard Crutell Marz ‏@crutellmarz

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Suresh ‏@surddre

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MissMaryMac🎩💝🐮💝🎩 ‏@marymackc

@CocoDaBear @EinsteinBros You really made an impression on those Bagel Boys! @EinsteinBros sounds like a great plac… https://t.co/v2wkLk4zHX

Lori McG ‏@mcdoc60

@ChristinePolon1 @TKOBeauty 🤯 Makes perfect sense.

The Bad Takes Journals ‏@LunchJournals

@maebemarbles The fuzzies, the stitching, the stains... HOW?!?!?🤯

DaddysGirl👑🤪 ‏@yanigsfavorite

I'll never say I'm never this I'm not worried about that then days later I'm relating all my tweets about the shit… https://t.co/ThfEsRNL4u

Tom Bock ‏@galunga

@AndyMacgame9995 Haha, I am not “completing it” by any stretch.....it is kicking the living shit out of me. 🤯.

Azhari yusriadi ‏@YusriadiAzhari

Pressure and pressure 🤯

GB10 💪🏾 ‏@YoungGuwop10

Oh shit 🤯 https://t.co/lOhqbcxfTM

banana julius ‏@Chefdirtydan

Phenomenal 🤯 https://t.co/wyZ1k0GjVf

annaluvadii :) ‏@softtaddison

Everyone on omegle is searching for nOOds or stuff like that , this is so hdjdjebsb !!😤🤯

D 🤑 L L A ‏@kEEpITaHUNTit

@CashApp $Slyce93 it’s my time 🤯

IG:brewcityflakco 🍯 ‏@brewcityflakco

It’s crazy bro… Class of 2020 been saying “No Cap” all year Guess what No Gown either 🤯😭😂😂

LastAmericanVagabond ‏@TLAVagabond

Hey look, the "100% defeated" ISIS is conquering areas in Syria right now. But I thought Trump said he was s̶t̶e̶a̶… https://t.co/KjNqgzQtIG

𝕬𝖖𝖎𝖉 is staying at home, you should too ‏@qidthekid

Not at me realizing that with 20 ringgit I can isi 16l of 95 🤯 That's more than double the fuel omg.

The Lariat Pro Wrestling- Frank Sarne ‏@TheLariatPW

WorkHorsemen Vs The Revival 🤯 https://t.co/N8GWaYPfh3

Ericson ‏@akosixon

from htgawm 🤯 to b99 😆 real quick

Serg ‏@SergioLaurean

Soulmates and Relationships Q & A https://t.co/an4hxZKdWV 🤯☮️

TR⚡️ ‏@itstraayway_

i need a distraction ... break from reality 🤯

Aros ‏@Damii_aros

My bro @yourboycontrast Ep is out yooooo and it's flames 🔥🤯 https://t.co/xXpspo3LoH

Hiatus. ‏@radbuoy

romantic. 🤯 https://t.co/9Qp153NEQf

성화🌼✨ ‏@seonghwavibes


Jeremy Vuolo ‏@Jeremy_Vuolo

🤯 Okay, follow @ValaAfshar if you want this kind of stuff on the daily. https://t.co/ADTITKJdfk

Tobs...⌣̈ ‏@caustictobi

This cadet album brazy!!!!! 🤯 https://t.co/S48lPCfiTV

peens 🙂👍 ‏@meowkittens6

@yoitsmiked whaaaaat 🤯 that fkn rules !!!

Hassan Mehmood Awan حسن محمود اعوان 🇵🇰 ‏@HassanMAwan786

Omg 😱😍😲😳🤯😯😮😨 Atne Arse Bad 😍 @mahnoornadeemm https://t.co/QkQJpMDrJL

KJV ‏@kingja_mes

@Emdee_01 @prinzpablo_p Omo see jam!!!!🤯

Aldo ‏@AldoWalsh

Scrolling through photos & just keep telling myself better days are coming 🤯🙏🏼 https://t.co/URdEtkKo8J

Luna Lovegood🌻 ‏@lunarsunflow3r

Never in a million years did I think I was gonna be fw you 🤯

Carm ‏@mrsC_Dubya

What in the actual... is very accurate 🤯 Am I the [email protected] who feels like they are in a horrible nightmare, but can… https://t.co/Exb8IQg6R3

Alanna Rizza ‏@AlannaRizza

Finally started watching The Sopranos 🤯

semangat ya, aku ! ‏@nursiani_marc03

@bukantoxic Anjay 🤯😂😂

The Party & the After party ‏@Rachelnaela_

Nah she wasted that good ass juice tho 🤯 https://t.co/1NjLUKuVuX

Jacquese Robinson ‏@___Quese___

@forbiddenexodo Riiiiight 🤯

💎icey got the niggas❄️ ‏@Hoodrich_icey

🤯😡😩thinking about this stupid boy just gets me so infuriated !!!! 🙄

seonghwa will eat your kneecaps ‏@seonghwashungry

brain went poof 🤯 need kneecaps to function 👁👄👁

Brismas ‏@GGonMW

Just solo queuing ranked 🤯

Homi🦋 ‏@tropicalmamiii

@Sebagilardi She's amazing, god 🤯

Tanya Lloyd ‏@Lloyd_CFE1st

This #LloydsLions amazes me! She sent me a pic this am to show she had reached her personal goal of 100 AR pts. In… https://t.co/uai0YYsfsr

Adam Pugh ‏@AdamPugh

I might even have to do storytime on Houseparty later because whew. 🤯

Shintarō Midorima🏀⛹️👓™ ‏@IszybeeTheFirst

Oooomon......na Girl talk like this so???😳🤯🙆🏽‍♂️😯 https://t.co/5k7mwFf950

Kizzy Mittens🌊💙🇺🇲 ‏@PhyllisMemaw

@o2bnobx @realDonaldTrump Thank you. 🤯 The most intelligent thing I've read today!

YourDeal.India ‏@InYourdeal

🤯 You won’t believe this! TDG M3 Smart Band Color Screen Blood Pressure Oxygen Heart Rate Android iOS selling at Rs… https://t.co/aibv11mtP2

MoMoney ‏@mo_bliss

@GhostStP @MattyMcFly_ Those new pressure cookers will have them done in 30mins 🤯

TJ Werner ‏@OGTjwerner

It is insane how understaffed countries like Sierra Leone are, compared to the U.S., when it comes to outbreaks of… https://t.co/3HwQjOLvef

Nottinghamshire Live Sport ‏@nottslivesport

No place for Matty Cash but Jayden Bogle gets in?! 🤯 #NFFC https://t.co/KIEuNcbQjB

NottinghamForestLive ‏@NFFC_live

No place for Matty Cash but Jayden Bogle gets in?! 🤯 #NFFC https://t.co/5vtkHjcuTL

EZEQUIEŁ🧚🏼 ‏@yoursweettheart

Kris jenner as a red head milf? Im 🤯 cutee https://t.co/9HM7Y4LjQ6

Taylor Smith ♻️🌒 ‏@TBS_VeryFunny14

niggas send subs instead of subscribes. 🤯

Redtillurdead ‏@YNWA_9_6_4_EVER

@LegendEskimoBoy Fknell loads mate 🤯

phaw ‏@phawlynn

what if what if what if 🤯

rob | follow limit‼‼ ‏@ultjaemren

oomf's mind... 🤯 https://t.co/sj4VbSNK2q

Paul Gavin Battersby ‏@BattersbyGavin

@IcelandFoods Wish you was near Newquay Cornwall 🤯🙏

habibi ‏@BabieNando

Dawg. I cant accept this.. wow 🤯 https://t.co/qmJ5XeqX1G

… ‏@elenaphobic

@stefavsalvatorc @elcnagilbcrts @stefansliamv @ghaccount @rememberains what a clapback 🤯 be thankful im giving u th… https://t.co/2ixYzEwph2

Wolf of Roto Street ‏@RotoStreetWolf

BIG NEWS folks. In under 2 hours, we'll be interviewing NFL Red Zone's @ScottHanson for the @FFBDPod. Send in any… https://t.co/TpVEwdfQtk

Jizel Smith ‏@Jizzymannn

Driving through Laurel and just saw snow flurries.... it’s April 🤯

Hailey ‏@haileygkallison

Here we go again, last night I had a dream I was back at Tahoe Joe’s and I was deep in the weeds, I haven’t worked there in almost 5 years 🤯

ye’s attorney ‏@LadiDub

Imagine being in a coma while this plays out then hearing about it after 🤯

rizi ‏@abraiz99

@jaden rlly got me covered. Honestly, got me thru the toughest times in my life. If you haven’t heard all his album… https://t.co/4zqP5BqNvU

Wolfgang ‏@espiritujerevy

The Invisible Guest is mind-blowing! Grabe yung twist after twist. 🤯

Staci Jeffries ‏@StaciJeffries

I'm so freaking excited, YOU CAN GET ALL OF THIS ⏬ for almost 80% off!🤯 Best part?! 🚫No Autoshipments 🚫No Fees 🚫N… https://t.co/3Ka9d7Le46

Ranojay ‏@Ranojay4

Is lockdown playing mind games or is there really a movie called "Tarzan, the He Man". 🤯

🎀 Shivii 🎀 ‏@CaramelCookiie

@BlvckExcellence For me, eating and then napping hits differently 🤯😍 lol You’re gonna raid that kitchen after!

t. ‏@Dimple_Face_

Sitting at the grown folks table and I’m finding out too much 🤯

👉🏾 ‏@She_MoanSloan

Lmfaoooo this nigga spitting 🤯

koolblacslim ‏@Michael40044049

@kittykushman626 Whoa!🤯😍😍😛

Cotton Jenn ‏@EyedKulak

@TJStJerome @JamesHo03148924 @Julesofthwood @Zulu_Law @lemieuxdavid Somebody I knew had a soundboard tape from ? (a… https://t.co/gceW8gAaKF

g w e n 🌙 ‏@daniellegwen

hay.. this mind.. it never stops overthinking ☹️ i always ruin my mood with my own mind. 🤯

trev ‏@Depndz

@LuckFNBR if you call me daddy 😳😰🤯

Rée ‏@_Reecelinex_

@simzsimple I thought the season finale was the best season 🤯

dUbb🧸 ‏@YRDubb

Damn near forgot 😳🤯 https://t.co/x4Jsey3DFY

💰 OG Chuck 💰 ‏@Always_Focused_

@585FLA Gotta open that 3rd eye and see the bigger picture 🤯😳💯

jonathan ‏@glumgaze

BUT HAVE YOU HEARD ??? 🤯 https://t.co/ny1z9M7vAW

KILLA ‏@thatkidrayy23

@lexiaintshit Today and tomorrow 🤯

࿗ Janmeyjaya ࿗ ‏@RaktaCharitraa

@dhirodata @Mertoth1 @CutieMonkey3 🤯 Sometimes the answer is the most obvious thing. 😂😂

Kat 🧢 🇺🇸 ‏@kathrynacullen

@Kinsey_ka Yeah, for me it’s my last half year 🤯

Comfort @coffee ‏@Comfortcoffee1

@AlHaill_RSA Preach brother 🤯

zachary ‏@zachalabastro

how r u gonna be a revolutionary if ur such a traditionalist? 🤯


🔥🔥🤯NEXT DROP 🤯🔥🔥 🤗STAY TUNED 🤗 https://t.co/3VoLRCZINL

Bianca 💕 ‏@Bianca_Tiana

just watched HTGAWM and wow 🤯


@mylifezjm they're literally fried chickpeas 🤯

Dr Tepi ‏@DrTepi

🤯 one hour later it’s still doing its thing!! 🤯 #macbookpro #update #apple @ Dr Tepi's Temple of Enthusiasm https://t.co/GOdXu6dAx2

Hollie Overton ‏@hollieoverton

@MissHillsmith It’s truly mind blowing how some people think they’re above it all! 🤯

TAE ‏@taesavage18

This nigga go crazy for this one 🤯 https://t.co/N3R4Pf2XqT

Coin Sonar ‏@CoinSonarBot

$EDO volume boost! 259 times the average volume in #EDO to #BTC pair (Binance) 🤯 Net 1 min volume: +3.273 BTC… https://t.co/Gq0GRTSoVd

Andy Mckay ‏@andyymckay

Watching Ozark for the first time. Harris Yulin sounds identical to Carl Fredricksen from Disney's Up 🤯 #Ozark

eidd ‏@EidHagi

The virus is starting to hit the UK hard now, nearly a thousand deaths in the last 24 hours 🤯

tasha|jongho ‏@qktsha

@oidarks @ATEEZofficial OMG I LOVE THIS! ateez and dreamcatcher are my ults😭❤️ you did great tho,I'm amazed😲🤯💕

Warren D ‏@wozwebs

New @Dynamomagician blowing my mind!!! 🤯

Marisa ♡ ‏@Marisa_Ramunas

@Mariaorbe18 🤯 thx bby

CynBT ‏@CyneRBT

@DoopieCash Wheres 2012 🤯

Techanalyst ‏@SystemPrompt

@nowthisnews @funnyhelenhong Covid viruses did not originate in China 🤯 Sorry to disappoint! Corona Viruses have… https://t.co/8TowqmnmjJ

◬ ‏@vickysssecrets

@shanaetiara_ Whattttttt just found out the rules 🤯

Eric Camarillo ‏@EricCamarillo

@amaurer13 Your burps are trophy worthy lol 🤯😂🏆🏆

northside ‏@fatsteve__

It’s gone be a crazy summer I’m telling you now 🤯

Headteacher In Heels ‏@jopheadinheels

What????🤯 https://t.co/Kp8jTzhMn7

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