Exploding Head Emoji

A face with an explosion taking place in the upper section of the head. May be used to display feelings of shock, awe, or as a visual shorthand for the phrase "mind blown".

Exploding Head was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Shocked Face With Exploding Head” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤯 Mind Blown

Unicode Name

🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head


🤯 U+1F92F


Tweets For 🤯

Bryan Espiritu ‏@legendsleague

Here’s 9 year old B-Boy Malish doing THIRTY 2000s. 🤯 https://t.co/3XHJ35yf5Z

ArturHOE ‏@ArturoGarcia509

I haven’t been in hs in two years and the band moms still come running 😎😎😜😏😏😩😩😤😤🤯😳😈😈🤑🤮🤢

Khurram ‏@Khurram_Q4

@f_andersen30 can you please wear today's pad in more games ? They are beyond 🔥🤯 #LeafsForever

DevinLeary ‏@DevinLeary

#uncharted looses its 6th director 🤯 I remember being a lifeguard still when they announced it

444 ‏@GrungebunnyShui

Gotta stop yourself in your tracks when you start treating pidgeons like SWANS, whew 🤯

Qui 🌻💖 ‏@QuenishaN

My sister bad asf 🤯❤️ Happy Birthday Baby. https://t.co/pStr0pvzXI

Susan ‏@sngo1982

thanks (Not!) @DavidJonesStore for getting me the wrong size (I’m 6.5 in shoes, not a size 9!), ugh…great, I’ve to… https://t.co/6u8IfPVhhF

Jules ‏@thisisjustjules

It’s been a year, ikaw pa din haha. Why u do this FA 🥺😂🤯😒😭

nia🧘🏽‍♀️. ‏@prettygirlnia26

I’m addicted to first 48 rn but this junk is sooooo sad, it’s making my head hurt 🤯... I can’t stop watching it thou.

Kerry ‏@daphneblake

The prettiest, fluffiest little thing 🤯 https://t.co/MxnTQ0RFUw

👻SC:onlyreree ‏@_rerescott

Bruh 🤯 freestyle Friday days https://t.co/GnvjaHujhf

Chloe Cassandra ‏@ChloeCassandra_

@frida_avenue 🤯 😢 Thank you for pointing this out to me that’s so crazy

Vlicious ⁷🐯💜BLACK SWAN💘 ‏@VeautifulStory

@crystal_snowie This is on another level insanity 🤯

Valerie Guerrero ‏@valerieguerrero

@AC360 @andersoncooper Oh Lordy, there’s even more tapes. 🤯

Anna Marie Burslem ‏@BurslemAnnaM

Last night I complimented a couple for their awesome dancing. They bought me a drink. Today they took me for a joyr… https://t.co/8LBTTh2Hto

Ashley Nics ‏@AshleyNics_

All star weekend in Chicago is about to be crazy 🤯

⚡CaptainNinjaPants⚡ ‏@LightningCatLiz

@esbellybelly Whoa the details look amazing! Great job! 😯🤯

ו D∆SHAWN •× ‏@dvshvwnn

@KatyCrypto2 @LucasCosolo @gustavo_ascenzi @Sunako651 @samrovic @dhazelneri @chete014 @PoisonI96460421… https://t.co/xY3hP1ciFy

$cotty G ‏@BailsXIX

Lakers really gonna add another L to their record on Tuesday 🤯

CantGetRidOfMe 😛 ‏@amourBriMarie

This episode was pointless #PowerTV I dead ass think it was Tariq now cause of Tate’s reaction 🤯 https://t.co/wY9JKHK548

Adi Brescic ‏@AdiBrescic

@stanbruhh I know but I been drinking 🤯

He_Eclectic ‏@Jrae_McCay

@CocoaBreadFed My fav Body 👑🔥🤯

Emilee ‏@_hkittyfanatic

@wrongreality__ I’m just SHOOK. I’m over here taking care of the kids while he is off working and this happens. 🤯

kenece ‏@kenece3

they used councilman Tate .. real brother as his brother 🤯 #PowerSeason6 #PowerStar https://t.co/NMNkMlqw4j

LiveWithinMeans ‏@cath654321

@vk2hml Child abuse!!🤯

Steve Mann ‏@saintstst

@charliekirk11 Her brain is overloaded & fried!! 🤯

Mark Phillips ‏@styx1954

@BernardZuel Better not tell them that on Acclaimed Music’s aggregate of EOY 2019 lists Lana Del Rey tops the list… https://t.co/A6uF4dxpqy

a ♏ ‏@anjmnb

MIDTERMSSSSSssss 🤯 https://t.co/O7ZEGwmyxH

Ubaldo Garcia ‏@GarciaUbaldo23

@cleantechnica Damn, I didn't realize how difficult getting solar for my apartments was going to be 😢 I either have… https://t.co/sNnr8tuJyc

EVAB ‏@egirIevab

REPLY immediately 😝 - soulmates 😎 - basically family 🥶 - BEST FRIENDS 🤨 - close friends 🤯 - friends ❔ - acquain… https://t.co/ZwD6kcnfoL

CØCØ ‏@Gonegonzzo

Bruhh what a plot twist 🤯

alex ‏@aalexandraelise

@55AINZ holy shit I’ve never seen this 🤯

katarina trumbull ‏@kaataariiiina

Hmm...... we’ll see where this takes us 🤯

Σlick Head Hauncho ‏@NativeTongueZu

Never knew Pharrell wrote “Rump Shaker” 🤯

Sam ‏@SamanthaEsquiv7

Dexter and Joe from “YOU” sound so similar. I feel like im watching “you” all over again 🤯

𝓛 ‏@Lbooogi_e

Y’all ever watched 90 day fiancé? They still have dawrys in Thailand in 2020 🤯

alligator ‏@boomboomally

the jawline tho 🤯 #UPISFight #UPISKO https://t.co/KVCIzpTeiq

Mike Tha Investor ‏@MikeThaInvestor

Thought I was about to record my Stock Portfolio update 📷until I saw Robinhood doing an update on their site 🤯 P.S.… https://t.co/JJIHHeV9SY

🌈💅Shan 🥛💛🖕 ‏@shannaa101

@KatWehunt @antimickey_ Looks like they have two bands each I'm dieing 😍🤯😭

Stay Kids Store Ph 🌟 [PACKING/SHIPPING] ‏@staykidsstorePH

CHANGBIN GREEN HAIR?! 🤯 https://t.co/uC1G9s9mo7

Anna Devereux ‏@AnnaDevereux1

Irish people will see that as tea yet Americans probably will as coffee. 🤯 https://t.co/XFA4SBsY6i

McKenzie ‏@kenziesue05

this kiddo broooo 🤩💛💓😇🤯

its_mumtazzz ‏@dahir_mumtaz

@PBorCapo did- did u use the correct you’re ?🤯 ts is crazy, people nowadays don’t even be doing ts 😔

TJ ‏@soulsista01

@chezspence @yashar I had no idea that Aulani had a water slide and lazy river and I live 15 min away! Also didn’t… https://t.co/vh1udsEGTS

ɨƙoŋɨƙ ~ #ƑlyƝєrđ #TechAvengers ‏@iKoniKModz

@PettyFixes @InWin 👀😳🤯 OMG .... he lives!!!!! 😂😂😂

Key ‏@ItsAKeyEra

This show is wild 🤯

🐾 ‏@gloway12

this bitch just explained me perfectly wtf 🤯 https://t.co/Tqez6wMOvm

Zin ‏@zinythh

@Biqgy @strangerkos @SHORTYPlE @tvpnicolee @milkshotz @EMILYXTRIED This is just all the people @Biqgy flirts with 🤯

Kobus De Villiers ‏@kobus_villiers

The bachelor made up his mind 😆😋🤯😬 https://t.co/RzQtKgqek7

𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓲𝓪 ‏@theyahbtw

there are 1 billion cars in this world, yet he knows the name of each one 🤯

🐼 Julian 🐼 ‏@ThePervyWeeb

@shybabybun You’re extremely talented 🤯

Werise ‏@We_Have_Risen

@Shorty56167141 @FederalistNo78 @wfinalle57 @betheawakenig @jaimec729 @smileygurl56 @RockyShorz @1Naasty… https://t.co/XEPNV3ueXk

Make America Sane Again ‏@Streamenizer

@GodGunsandCoun1 @LFIMIKE @BanditTaco @spoilfknbrat @amikeliunas @jladyh @Hoosiers1986 @RepAdamSchiff So you found… https://t.co/AM8j9LluRb

meu aniversário 🙌🎊🎉🤪 ‏@dedezin2526

Tuezin agr rs 💪🤯 https://t.co/s3N5gvDP4f

BlvckSvvvge ‏@BlvckSvvvge

Money doesn’t buy happiness but neither does poverty... 🤯

Joxe1 ‏@joxe1_lol

Download Voicemod now for FREE! 🤑 The best weapon for players and content creators -> - The best real-time Voice… https://t.co/Oh2jmYZjww

Vej_Gee ‏@Vej_Gee

Every so often you may see me post about a streaming app called Periscope.. this is pretty much an example what goe… https://t.co/ot4CC1TgzY

Andre. ‏@ScQttie

Just Mercy 🤯

⚜️Jeremy🤘🏽 ‏@JKMJX3

Just got finished watching @BlackBlueMovie. Absolutely loved it. @NaomieHarris & @Tyrese were phenomenal. Storytell… https://t.co/8r63PyHWqt

𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚊 𝙺𝚒 𝙱𝚊𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚗 ‏@bollybaatein

omg I was literally singing this yesterdayyyy! what a coincidence 🤯 https://t.co/FcurgsBOTm

rittersport ‏@hanishananni

Thank you @streetitems for the shoe 💕 demmmm lawa doooo tukaq2 colour 🤯 see my level https://t.co/hUeUVQ2SFG

Drea ‏@andreamonaee

😨😨😨😰🤯 my mind rn . goodnight on that one... a fuckin legend she is, OKAY?! https://t.co/RHFyt5CukA

Gustavo Ruiz ‏@gar9mex

🤯 authentically our the 🌎 https://t.co/p3GbhJ7zGx

hooman ‏@phiaaakyle

Y’all sleepin’ on this man...y’all actually sleepin’ on this team, surprise btchs 🤯 https://t.co/uIcWyVndCx

Omar ‏@_griezman_

Is that Dallas ? 🤯 https://t.co/R5aqD5KM8e

🖤 ‏@ashleeeyr_

Why is this girl name “sparkayla” and the other is “maritha” 🤯

BO$$🤍 ‏@tayshavu_

Men be so dumb like wtfffff 🤯

❌ ‏@vaupeia

My head is a about to blow. 🤯

Mama Shell ‏@musicmom67

@lowrad57 @H2OEcologist @SenateGOP @lisamurkowski @SecPompeo @NPRKelly Heard this on NPR earlier today while drivin… https://t.co/xMJPv8QolO

GIVY® ‏@MaleAlien

Hoops sent me a Snapchat of him smoking a blunt I was like WOAH 🤯

julie⁷ ‏@B1ACKSW4NS

ok wait this makes me sound dumb, i know that song is baila esta cumbia but i’m saying like ...... jungkook as el c… https://t.co/7wA5tGEK74

RED❣️ ‏@getSKIEhigh

This boy did a whole lot of carrying on yesterday and I didn’t have a clue 🤯

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Ramo🏆 ‏@DecadeR6

I took my time, I studied, and figured out who is the best Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege player of all time.🤯

Zurdula.com ‏@Dog_blingbling

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Valknyx ‏@Valknyx

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Corinne ‏@corinne_t

Jesus fucking christ I was not ready !!!! 🤯❤️🥰 Lana Del Rey tonight at a pre-grammys party 🤍 and her man https://t.co/iTd4fZZCeG

Eryka 🌹 ‏@ms_erykaa

I touch @Cyn_Santana beautiful ass hand lmao I’m hype asf 🤯😍

CaryLynn#CHERCREW|39|40|62~OGFan Account~ ‏@Cjones554

@cher @LivinMyBst @davy_roder @MrRicione I hate when people say, "I use to like you but now I don't because___" Loy… https://t.co/7QuLJaKKtv

sii ‏@blessyggonzales

907 words to go 🤯

Neolithus_bb ‏@SyswHsu

Damn that hairstyle 🤯 Crd pics #6MoonsInManila2020 https://t.co/vIrCZ6xvvx

RiLEY💋 ‏@killer_kya

I feel like shitttttttttt. 🤯

Isai Martinez S. ‏@irms25

The Mandalorian 🤯

ROK 🔜 DHANA? 🤔 ‏@blessROKk

Playing Yakuza Kiwami 2 and walked into the many pieces of railing on the sidewalks only to have Kiryu lift his leg… https://t.co/hC1WqGhNWp

Teddy Ballgame ‏@frozen_pundit

@Alyssa_Milano A tape of Trump firing someone. 😮🤯

Jay Velez ‏@JayVelez68

We’re 10 years away from the moment when Ted Mosby starts telling his kids about how he met their mother. 🤯

Steven 🦉 ‏@AllDayySteve

Roddy Ricch music doesn’t have any ad libs 🤯😮

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