Exploding Head Emoji

A face with an explosion taking place in the upper section of the head. May be used to display feelings of shock, awe, or as a visual shorthand for the phrase "mind blown".

Exploding Head was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Shocked Face With Exploding Head” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤯 Mind Blown

Unicode Name

🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head


🤯 U+1F92F


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@RealMarkFreeman @EricSully1037 How have you NOT been on the Taco Johns train?? 🤯

Eric Nicol ‏@ricdotpdf

I also learned you can’t get butt hurt when you don’t get something, whether that be a person, a job, a trip, idk t… https://t.co/2jsj1hzxiy

P☰DXING 🚷 ‏@pedestrynxing

Yo, Atlanta need a defense. Matt Ryan got sacked twice in 4mins 🤯

Living Proof ‏@LProof_

All this grinding on Black Ops 4 has completely made me forget that Red Dead Redemption 2 literally comes out this Friday😩🤯

$ICKONTHEBEAT ‏@yovngkev

Out of My Mind - (Prod. $ICKONTHEBEAT X BLEM9) Message Me for Inquires/Collabs 🤯 https://t.co/sucn4E7lIy

Bino Jr ‏@BinoBinoBinoJr

I study the day before and still pass the tests 🤯

kb👻 ‏@barron_karlee

i’d marry Jacquees just to hear his voice everyday like wow it’s so perfect!!!🤯

Ponio ‏@poniosun

@marsrader wow, monolith..🤯

gabriella ‏@g_withit

Mind 🤯 blown #currently

Loretta Castorini ‏@LorettaCastori2

@johnmanly Why are you friends with these people?! Honest answer, please? 🤯 https://t.co/IU4fWW7gTN

Captain Krunch ⚓🔊🎶🎶 ‏@WaShuGolf

@damnbabyjan Love these lil' guys. May I try? _ 🤯 _/ / ||| 《《 ●●

Briana ☀️ ‏@Briana_Ramirez7

Brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton 🤯 @JakeCSchulte

Ramiro Galván ‏@ramirogalvan_

Black labeled Valentina does not play games. 😝🤯🔥🌶

Matthew Crespo ‏@_MVTTYUS

Dear @amazon applying for a job at your new warehouse here in Orlando has begun to feel like trying to score a pair… https://t.co/uDsEFeJmw6

Ed ‏@ed_herreras

OMG! That would be everything! 🤯

Atlas ‏@shagreflex

ffffffffffuuuckk 😩🤯 https://t.co/1D6VMvAEhT

Tonee. 8.12 ♌️ ‏@FemaleToniTonee

Guess Im Such a @WWE That The 💣 @WWERomanReigns Jus Drop On Me Has Me 🤯 And Wanting To 😢 All at The Sametime #ThankYouRoman #FightWithJoe

ScubaSteveSaid🇺🇸 ‏@scoobasteve7132

@JohnnyFreedom99 @Truthplease5 🤯 I bet the Liberals are going nuts right now and I think I'll have a beer🎃

CASH ‏@AshCash0890

I guess I have to try this other part at work on a computer. My brain is 🤯

✨Mirra 🦋 ‏@Mirrajay33

But damn I think I got one fr 🤯,

Bluana 🎧 Rezzbian👽 🔜CKOM Tour... Philly ‏@brybunny21

@OfficialRezz SPACE MOM: OH my fuck !!!!!! ✌️✌️🌀_🌀👽👽🛸🛸🛸🎧🎧 omg!!! What the fuck was that!! We love you 🖤🖤🥀🥀🥀😍😍🤯😢😇

Ellexus Howard ‏@lilbabylex

I’m one of those people that always rinses off my fruit, but I just realized I never rinse off bananas 🤯...FUCK!! I’m bouta die 💀

Annaliese ‏@Cannaliese

Feeling the after legalization hangover from all the information from consumers and provinces. Also just the gravi… https://t.co/lVai2co5wy

Thorny ‏@RoseRosecm

“Congress isn’t in session” 😳😵🤯#VoteBlueAndBringAFriend 🗳 https://t.co/ZBCx2OvJeU

Eric Petree ‏@EricPetree

Over 200 people gave their lives to Christ in 3 weeks! If a picture really could speak a thousand words...this woul… https://t.co/4tj0ZYmygZ

love, pain & retrospect 💛 ‏@smilewonuu

IT’S TOO EARLY FOR THIS 🤯 GOOD MORNING INDEED!!!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️ https://t.co/5ZhHA9Verw

EBE Bliff 🦅🦅 ‏@2MuchSoleee

man wtf these niggas be on in Chicago 🤯 https://t.co/bbPUVhhOk7

Millennium Hotels ‏@millennium

The windows at #Cincinnati City Hall are intended to make the building appear bigger. Talk about tricky design. 🤯 🤔 https://t.co/cNsplzvQtv

A.M. ‏@SuchALady16

@BaskInRobynn Did someone bake a napkin? 😯🤯

LILNawf🤫♿️ ‏@Forestbandz

John legend got me in my feelings 🤧😭😭🤯

𝔀 ♡ ‏@8ctober

@jongkyeommie i hope so too! dk how the procedures for WU is like tho ugh. honestly 1 of the reasons this was so de… https://t.co/xF8SCYpWAk

Josh Justice 🛤🐹✌️⚛️ ‏@CodingItWrong

Oh never mind it might be a project backlog app, totally different thing 😉 Now the problem is how can I track the… https://t.co/zfy4gdtqaq

Look At my Face ‏@DeeJoseph14_

It’s crazy how during #TTUHomecoming2K18 i ain’t recognize none of you females.. but now that the makeup and hair o… https://t.co/aAJHjt55H5

Saudia ‏@saudiaomo

I had a dream about @sza upcoming album, the cover art and one of her songs were playing. Is this a sign, this is wild 🤯

Sue ‏@ssull5810

@Acosta Next Stop👀🤯 https://t.co/i7hJO98URD

Nicole Penak ‏@cedar_sister

So far.... Tory was re-elected... and Goldy is in third 🤯 https://t.co/4Nl4VsKGYQ

Monster Small Business ‏@MonsterSmallBiz

@Racine_Y Do you always feel like your company will never fill these jobs fast enough? 🤯 We totally understand. And… https://t.co/XIHkQrmOeL

not so spooky ema ‏@emaluax

it’s wack that I’ll be almost twenty by the time wonder women 1984 comes out 😳🤯

Chile Frito ‏@Roddyv69

If she ain’t got a ring she single to me. 🤯

Carly Reynolds ‏@carlymreynolds

@JohnnyHHD is a chicken tender to Cluck Norris 🤯

Lil stone. ‏@stonerkayy

@Vaaaaaani__ Bro i just watched that like bro if that’s not me and kevani idk who it is😂😂😂😂😂😂 yea your energy is tu… https://t.co/bxeT09wyn9

Lenny Wu ‏@wildworks

@nouisexy It’s Boss Time. Argggh! 🤯🔫

Omar150DT ⛽ ‏@omaroficial18

La Familia P. Luche really kidnapped a cop & made him think he was their kid & we all think that was ok?🤯

Clarissa Sanchez ‏@Issa2442

Last minute party planning 🤯

Allison ‏@allisontonyaa

@ChuyLepe_2 yes. we need a strict 1 child only law for the next 10 years and daily mandatory interruptions on our d… https://t.co/lRnprdrSAs

Aren ‏@a_aron444

Eraser companies are built on your failures 🤯

Casey Collins ‏@caseymcollins04

@PatHarty Or at home to Nebraska 🤯

mia hurst ‏@miahurstt

“Xxx” is a optical illusion i swear the middle kiss is bigger than the last but it’s not 🤯

✞Mєℓ ‏@melsqx

So many decisions 🤯😩😔

AimNfire ‏@AimNfir3

Even When It Seems Like I’m Not Working, I’m Working !! I’ve Been Holding Back A lot Of Music... It’s Time To Let… https://t.co/NQziYaA0hU

K60inc ‏@ksixtyinc

SATURDAYS POP UP SHOP WAS WONDERFUL!!! Great successions great experience and it couldn’t have happened without my… https://t.co/yZcC0APKGB

🧡 ‏@sray__

October is over next week . . . 🤯

April 24 ‏@_mother3Xs

about to take a niiiiice hot shower & just meditate.... I need it 😩🤯

KT🌸 ‏@KaylaaJanayy98

Brooooo no days off next week either😭🤯 he killing me lol

Mother of 🐲 ‏@crabbybarmaid

Dad is freaking out that my possible skin cancer spot on my hairline is just the outside of some huge tumor... like… https://t.co/4vbZBTYUni

Mūsu ‏@xMoose4L

Dude I didn’t know that moths have that needle face thingy that can curl up 🤯

yonny ‏@YonnyFlame

Wish I had the power to read a book a day or week. So much knowledge to take in 🤯

dominican nigga 🇩🇴 🔥💯 ‏@cactusfiree

He'S oNlY 20" SMH We already know he's 20, is so FUCKING annoying 🤯 https://t.co/wJnrVBK7Ry

Queen Coco & Princess Skippy ‏@SchnauzerCoco

@throwupthehornz Some do but mine is a clean freak.. ffs 1.29am and he’s drying his bloody hair. I’ll need blood pressure pills soon 🤯

Rachel Bramante ‏@Rachelcail

@MakingAMurderer second series has my mind blown all over again. The level of incompetence of the justice system in WI is horrific 🤯

AAAHHHHshley Z 👻🎃💀 ‏@saltand_sea

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long but I just re-read The Ocean at the End of the Lane and now I’m re-reading… https://t.co/dk9llzxHYw

K A T I E 💓💓💓 ‏@katherynbbyy

My uncle said their sending astronauts to the sun at night so they don't burn up 🤯

kenn.jax ‏@jax_kenn

What if I already know them and have no idea 🤯 https://t.co/2b6JYz2EUK

Samantha Robinson ‏@divateach37

@RhonieSays Just imagine what we'll see when we get to Heaven 🤯😃😀😇

Vale ‏@D__Patterson96

What a day 🤯👏🏾

xo✌ ‏@shaylischutz

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt 🤯 https://t.co/MyavWr5Tvp

Dess Seasonn 🌙 ‏@duhhitsdess

I’ve been craving chili’s sooooo bad 🤯

Jay-Jay ‏@JayJay12229719

Defense thought they tackled him 🤯💪


tatum looking like kobe out there 🤯

Jay-Jay ‏@JayJay12229719

The defense thought they tackled him 🤯💪

des🤟🏽 ‏@Destiny_Ingels

Give a listen, sick beat. Turn the volume ALLLLL the way up 😝🤯 https://t.co/M1T67uVBnZ

Nichol ‏@nicholRT

@VanJones68 @AC360 How in Earth do you not lose your minds trying to reason with these Trumpy fools??🤯#sidesteppingfacts

Jay-Jay ‏@JayJay12229719

They thought they tackled him 🤯💪

George Arrington 🦁 ‏@TheTransfer52

Better chill if they ain’t respect Steve they defiantly not gone respect you 🤯 https://t.co/lChpyXwW9Z


When you next in the chair 🤯

Halloween Prince ‏@PrinxeRockstarr

🤯 your mind https://t.co/ZTMQgVnREL

The Karate Kid ‏@HapaKarateKid

Trump at #HoustonRally: “I’m a nationalist.” That’s the sound of 🤯 #MAGA

amywinchester 🖤 ‏@amyywinchesterx

Staying on your own is soo boringg 💤🤯

Oscar Escobar ‏@eskimoo18

Why is James Avery so expensive? 🤯 Gotta cut off an arm and a leg just for a charm bracelet and one charm 😂

Kiki ‏@ugghkiki

lol i mean forget you both 🤯

Inspire Rwilly🗣 ‏@RwillyTheGoat

People starting to be so toxic 🤯

💔 ‏@taylurrbabee

i drown in my thoughts everydayyyyy, all i do is sit in my room an think. 🤯

UNSCaustralia ‏@UNSCaustralia

@GrimBrotherOne This is crazy! 🤯

Betty Lu 🧞‍♀️ ‏@imperfectious_1

When you send a risky txt 🤯 but then idgaf cuz i said wtf i said

Andrew Thomas ‏@atrium347

I still... 😭🤯 #ThankyouRoman https://t.co/8ZZ8tfrQsA

JungleSix ‏@RealJungleSix

@Macc_Daddyy Thank you 🙏😊 More on the way I gotchu 🤯🔥

💋. ‏@Beronicaadkins3

when you dropping this @pnbrock 🤯 https://t.co/GsYcIF6icv

yasmine ‏@yasabundis

OKAY look at my Matty Ice 🤯😍 https://t.co/5Ar5T08Kfb

Aaron DePury ‏@AaronDePury

@Ryan_Cooper11 I was scrolling the other day and realized on paper he’s the best QB in the ACC 🤯

Austin Tyler Rogers ‏@austintylerro

Wait a second. Is Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer about getting the D? Open up your fruit cage? Call my name? You bett… https://t.co/63kJtAAvSY

marina ‏@marina_1300

@kiahcita Then maybe I don’t like you 🤯

PrettyGanGP..🔗🦄 ‏@flygurllop

slay gon b soo real tomorrow 🤯

Maximiliano Corona ‏@_BurntBoy_

Age 17 and already I feel like a workaholic 🤯 gotta secure the bag tho 💰🎬

Erica ‏@ericakristine_

I’ve never had a massage like the one I just had holy shit. That was like full on therapy. 🤯🙏

Dan Mathews ‏@I_Bleed_Blue182

BRUH...🤯😍🏒🚨 https://t.co/4i3INeJPsB

Hannah BOO-rien 👻 ‏@HeyHannahO

If you had told me 2 years ago I'd be attending a game dev conference like #GCAP18, I would have laughed so hard I… https://t.co/l4VzplhxX5

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