Skis Emoji

Skis and ski boots, worn when skiing at a ski resort.

Only the Microsoft and Twitter versions of this emoji show both the ski and boot. Apple includes ski poles, but no boots. Google only shows the ski poles, without boots or skis.

Skis was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Ski and Ski Boot” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎿 Skiing

🎿 Skis

Unicode Name

🎿 Ski and Ski Boot


🎿 U+1F3BF




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Vision Expo ‏@VisionExpo

‘Tis the ski-son for really rad #frames 🎿😎🏂 These Prizm lenses by @oakley in Booth # 2153 enhance vision in both…

Jack Hall🉐 ‏@bigmacjack69

I could get used to this 🎿 ⛷ #snowboxx

andrew carter ‏@pastsellby

@iggigg @Ohdearbritain Wraps it all up in a nutshell doesn't it! We can't leave the EU coos doggy poos can't go 🎿

Sara Tatiana R. Velasquez ‏@SaraTatianaRVe1

Winter school day 2! 🎿🎿 Should I aim for going down a black line before finishing the PhD? @Bruns_Lab

toni ‏@toni100681

@spcjliverpool Awwww you all look fab 🎿

Love Farming ltd ‏@lovefarmingltd

End of a fantastic week in #stanton now home for some lambing 😀⛷🎿🍺🍺

WCHF Utah ‏@WCHFUtah

Our community comes through AGAIN! Thank you Mike Jones!! Four days ago we posted about Armstrong Sporting Goods,…

Nicky Llewellyn ‏@Nickyllew85

@MattOwenMUFC @KAHughesie Have you got home from Chamonix. I just got there 😂😂🎿⛷😎

Lindsey Blennerhassett ‏@LindseyBlenner1

@spcjliverpool They all look like real pro’s already ⛷🎿

Nathan Judah ‏@njudah_star

Ski Sunday 💓 🎿

Bénédicte Demarle ‏@BDemarle

@st1066 If it’s the French Alps Iain please leave a bit snow? (next weekend ⛷🎿🏔)

jennah rose✨ ‏@JennahHolzer

I already wanna go ski again 🙃🎿

NSCF ‏@natlskifed

We can all relate to this Sunday chuckle🎿⛷🏂❄️😊😂

Candy Corra ™ ‏@CandyCorra

Follow the ones that Like and Retweet this 🎿😜😜

Salomon SLC ‏@SalomonSLC

Spring in Utah has arrived! #powtown #timetoplay 🎿: @kalenthorien 📸: @iancrossett

Candy Corra ™ ‏@CandyCorra

Follow everyone that Retweets this 😠🎿😠

Luis ‏@luigiht_

Brb, gonna spend a whole week 🎿 in 🇦🇹.

Ellevyn Irwin Physio ‏@EllevynPhysio

🎿 Saalbach-Hinterglemm 🎿 — - 📸 Thanks to redfacade for the photo! 📸 — - #skiing #saalbachhinterglemm #austria…

Heston ‏@alternheston

Winter 2019 was such an epic ice blast! 🎿 ❄️ 🖤

Sugar Bowl Resort ‏@sugarbowlresort

🌥️| Sun! High of 45° 🎿| 86 Open Runs, 48 Groomed 🚗| I-80 | Old 40 - Open 🚠| Disney, Lincoln, Jerome, Crow's, Judah,…

Tomas Spragg Nilsson ‏@tjspragg

@MagsWMeyer Thanks! I enjoyed it a lot and would love to get into it more next winter! (I hurt a lot today though!) Do you ski? 🎿

Alexander Falk ‏@afalk

Amazing day for "spring" skiing 🎿 ⛷ #ski #skiing #brettonwoods #nh #whitemountains #skitheeast #dayatthewoods @ Bre…

Emojignomy ‏@emojignomy

👏 - First Option 🐸 - Second Option 🎿 - Third Option 💭 - Fourth Option

kuRt sherRlock ‏@kurtks92

@Dcarson1986 Love a foot pic you lad 🎿👀

Heather Burke ‏@FamilySkiTrips

Another day in the alps... #sun fun hi hum ... #skiing #austria 🇦🇹🎿❤️

LuxuryVacationGuide ‏@TheLuxVacaGuide

This Austria #chalet will do nicely for ski in lunch @bergkristall after 20 ski runs @stantonarlberg…

Charlatan ‏@HennyPuro

Black Diamond Ari 🎿💎


Your dad isn’t Polish if he doesn’t wake up at the break of dawn to watch the Polaks ski jump 🎿

Viktor Papp ‏@ViktorPapp4

@newscientist Electric and steam public transport, emergency vehicles, the rest is 🚲🛴🛶🚡🚠⛸🎿🛷

Andrew Lowe ‏@AndrewLowe99

@HeadofJuniors photos please - were desperate to see the girls 🎿🎿

David Sapsford #FBPE ‏@DavidSapsford

@darrylcooper1 @valdisere Have a great time guys ⛷🎿🍻

Follow Project Help ‏@FprojectHP

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🌷 Lia Paratsikidou 🌺 ‏@Para_Lia

I am so sad that Ski Jumping Fis World Cup '18 - '19 is over today. 😟 I LOVE this sport & even more its athletes! 💗…

Michael Brooks 💪 ‏@Mike_D_Brooks

🎿 I've managed to get my credit card debt down to £8,320 which is incredible. I'm not quite sure how this has been…

Johannes Pramsohler ‏@JPramsohler

Yet another fabulous day in the snow. 🎿😍 @ Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi

LoverBoyJM1994 ‏@BoyJm1994

@NadelParis @SleekMoneyRecs @SonyMusicGlobal @SonyMusicUK @megabuzzmusicpr Come to @Chamonix_France with me, @NadelParis? 🌹❤️⛷️🎿🏂

Hey! Holla | Fitwear ‏@heyhollafitwear

Ski Sunday!! @jacalijam and her fabulous Ski Gang took over Morzine recently...sans kids! 🎿🙌🏻 The whole gang wore…

Nick ‏@sussexmouette

I’ve had the most amazing week. Snow on arrival & then blue skies & sunshine 🎿 @LesArcs. Merci à tous @ClubMedFR…

SONYT ‏@djsonyt

@kenfov is pre-selected for ewaxfestival by @guettapen & @Clubbinghouse ! Vote for #KenFov to give him a chance to…

👑🍌BananaGains🍌 #1dderon 👑🍌 ‏@banana_1dderon

follow, who like and retweet🎿 #1DDRIVE fast

iworedettos ‏@iworedettos

late starts ftw. 🎿🤷🏻‍♂️

Pete Graves ‏@PeteGravesSky

@AlanMcInally @SkiLouise @CoreyE_yyc Class mate 🎿☀️

Johnny H. Lodbjerg ‏@Lodbjerg

Greetings from 🇨🇭🇫🇷🎿☀️❄️ #We are hiring! Join my team #CustomerSuccess #snowboxx #festival…

Ellie Donaghy ‏@Ellie888D

Literally loving life right now ☀️⛷🥂🎿🏔🍾the weather is beautiful & absolutely fantastic skiing!! X @ Courchevel, Rho…

AlpsPropertySpecialist ‏@alps_property

Perfect for a relaxing #Sunday, watching this cruise down the mountain is incredibly smoothing and hypnotic. With t…

TaylorKinneyItalia ‏@TKinneyFan

Taylor Kinney attends the Operation Smile 8th Annual Park City Ski Challenge 🎿⛷ #TaylorKinney #OperationSmile

Outdoor Pursuits ‏@FC_Expeditions

Ski Trip - we have arrived safely in Montreal, now heading to Mont Saint Anne. Long day of travelling but on the sl…

Imogen ‏@ImogenCWrites

@hellobexa I'm back! 👀⛷🛷🏂🎿💕 'My Skiing Holiday in Pictures' is NOW LIVE! I hope you enjoy a little insight into my…

Imogen ‏@ImogenCWrites

I'm back! 👀⛷🛷🏂🎿💕 'My Skiing Holiday in Pictures' is NOW LIVE! I hope you enjoy a little insight into my skiing hol…

🇬🇧MrJinx🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@TrueGentMrJinx

@lerchorinyo @petersturdgess @sarahwollaston @Devon4Europe This so call people's vote 👎is just the middle class try…

Hotel Dolasilla**** ‏@HotelDolasilla

🏂⛷👍🤪🎿🍾 @ Mountain Panoramic Wellness Hotel Dolasilla

Emojis Drive ™ ‏@EmojisDrive


Loudoun PE Dept ‏@loudounpe

Day 1 -we are off ⛷🎿

Chris Lewis ‏@Chr1sLew1s

Important to note that all participants are disabled, mainly vision impaired, but plenty of wheelchairs in those tr…

Roman Pushkov ‏@romapushkov

The real austrian fence 😄🎿 --- #austrianfence #ski #snowboard #funnypic #creativity

Andrea Eccleston ‏@Andreaecc84

@EmmausKs2 Looks yummy!! Have a great first day everyone 🎿⛷

Nick Smith ‏@YorTours

Another tough assignment this week “on tour” La Rosiere 1850 and the views from my new office 🎿⛷👌🇫🇷 — se sent cool…

Nesko Jancic ‏@NeskoJancic

@chijs It recognizes sunglasses though. But not 🎿 ones. Funny how fast you get used to something like this... remin…

KRISTY GREEN ‏@kristyjgreen

Skiing in LAAX 🎿 My 3rd earned company success trip! 🖤

simRC ‏@simRC_au

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean Good to see the Squaw Valley now info got a run 👍❄️🎿 always love the #outsiders weather report!

DB ‏@daltonbrown10

3 weeks and counting🎿⛷🏂!! ‏@vermontbiz

UPCOMING EVENTS for the week of March 24th! 👥📣🎿🏂 - ‏@vermontbiz

UPCOMING EVENTS for the week of March 24th! 👥📣🎿🏂 -

Chalet Ivy ‏@ChaletIvy

Our Deluxe Suite with courtyard view is perfect for small families this spring skiing season!! ❄️🇯🇵🎿

mike shipp ‏@shipp_michael

See you next year @GressoneyMrosa great 🎿

cityandski ‏@cityandski

Why not get some late season skiing in amazing Lapland. We now have 7th to 14th April available ⛷️🎿✈️#yllas…

Karen Ainscough ‏@karen37592181

@EmmausKs2 Have fun ⛷🎿❄️🗻🥰

Jill Pringle ‏@JillPringleSLC

@StJOHS Have a brilliant day - Les Menuires is amazing👍🏼⛷🏂🎿

Volatility Quant ‏@VolatilityQ

At least I will sleep after I ski this next week. Today, I am taking it easy in Les Arcs 🎿 ❄️ ☀️

JEB81 ‏@JaynewithaY81

@spcjliverpool Good morning!!! Enjoy ur first day on the slopes! ⛷🎿

kenny strain ‏@Kendostrain

Amazing conditions yesterday in @valdisere had a great time remembering how to ski #ski #valdisere #alps…

Буйлов ‏@Builov

@snowy_robolamp To ski of course 🎿

Mark Dampier ‏@MarkDampier

@st1066 That’s not early..... 😉⛷⛷🎿🎿

Nivraë ✧ 🎙️ 🎮 ‏@nivrae

Morning view... 🎿🏔️

Papplewick, Ascot ‏@PapplewickAscot

Not a bad morning for a ski. ⛷🎿

Grace ‏@GraceSlayter

Nobody: That one white family from your church: Yeah, we had a great time in Colorado! Just can't get enough of th…

Ron Crackman Crachiola ‏@lions_crackman

Another epic day !! Bought new ski boots @ Dizzy’s ski shop 🎿 best boot doctor on the Mt 🤙🤙Met the RCMP finest in t…

〽️K 💛💙🏈🏀 ‏@mkgoblue

Skied with my boys all day! Had so much fun! #WatchedTheGameToo #SnowValley 🏂🎿🌲☃️❄️ 🏀 @ Snow Valley Mountain Resort

Kyle 🇺🇸⚖️ ‏@nuggybuddy94

I leave for Colorado tomorrow and I’m so dang excited 😍⛷🏂🎿

Jessica Winn ‏@J_R_WINN

Great spring skiing today! 🎿 #skiing #life #writerslife

🔥瑞睿🔥 ‏@Mxykikker

I love skiing 😌🎿⛷🏂

わたし、ゆう。 ‏@2201_yu_matsu

Good condition⛄❄🏂🎿❄

dacostello ‏@dacostello1

The Home Alone movies (real ones are 1 and 2) are on Free Network tonight..🎬🏡🗽🏘️🛣️✈️🌃🍧🍕🌨️🎿Those are classics, but t…

Gina Gwyn ™ ‏@GinaGwyn

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Sara Susca ‏@sarasusca

When you are feeling blue and the new pair of skis 🎿 shows up 2 days ahead of schedule and they are INSANE! And ver…

T. ‏@thetylerstuart

Springtime in Colorado 🎿

Justin L. Abrams ‏@AbeLincoln1535

@Things4WhitePpl @bobbybrull9 @KetchupandCrown @semer996 ... how true this is!!!! 🎿 ⛷ @BigFrank32 @jcam32 😂🤣

小文 ‏@xiaowenzi678

Follow all who Like and Retweet this 👕🎿

Gina Gwyn ™ ‏@GinaGwyn

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Panda Poles ‏@PandaPoles

Wishing our beloved Tribe a sendy and shreddy weekend! There's plenty of snow out there just begging to be skied; s…

Wilma I Love @BTS_twt 💕 ‏@WilmaBisp

@CheekyHoussein Not really, it's just training. 🎿

Katelyn ‏@kinmaninPHL

@StoweMtResort So we're driving up to Stowe rn, @kellymkeating ?? ❄️🎿😊

Justin Brennan ‏@justinbrennan1

Do you think this 🎿 made it.... Yes or No????

Trae Sprague ‏@TraeSprague

Gotta get these runs in ⛷️🎿

HENRIK WAGNER ‏@henrikwagner73

Great bluebird day hiking up San Francisco Peaks to find some fresh Pow Pow ❄️🎿⛷ @AZSnowbowl #PowderAlert…

alanah odoms hebert ‏@AlanahJD

Beautiful black folks getting our spring 🎿 on at Park City mountain! @ Canyons Resort

Roberto Rodríguez Illanes ‏@robillanes

Great ski season! 🎿🚡⛷️

iworedettos ‏@iworedettos

big do’ins! 🎿🏔

Sarah McGrath ‏@vangrath

Took my skinny skis for a spin in the Callaghan valley today and spoiler alert: it was friggin’ gorgeous!!! (Also h…

Rasta Apharian ‏@ApharianRasta

@GrahamGains Holy Ship 🛳 😂 is that the slope of the pullback? I’ll need water skis 🎿 on Monday

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