Skier Emoji

A person downhill-skiiing. Displayed with poles and skis, generally wearing a mask.

Platforms vary in display of scarf, helmet, and color of clothing. No gendered options are provided for this emoji. Skin tones support is not recommended for this emoji, but this is supported by some platforms.

Skier was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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The Skier emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


⛷ U+26F7

️ U+FE0F


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N ‏@NinWho

It's @XGames dayyyyyyy 🏂⛷❄

SlovenianGirlAbroad ‏@SLOgirlAbroad

Amazing slopes, perfect weather & beautiful Swiss Alps made ski trip to #Lenzerheide one of the best ski trips of p…

cokeland🥶🏚 ‏@CantGuardArb

Late night ski trips ⛷

marيam Zeaiter ‏@maryamzeaiter

The most beautiful thing❄️🎿⛷

Claire Hard N Sharpe ‏@clairesharpe_

Snow came in and visibility went so we hit the spa! Sauna followed by snow is the best feeling 👙❄️⛷ - - - -…

Eilidh Thomson ‏@eilidh_thomsonx

Excited for going to Andorra on Sunday ⛷ but also excited for coming home and having nothing planned for a while 😂 need a break!

cLoVa Gs ELITE tna ‏@cdog1_youtubeXx

@derekcarrqb @ufc @danawhite Oh my🥊🤼‍♀️⛷🏋🏾‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️ Like sports,like challengeable?callz

Lloydd ‏@Lwaters_

@neilsonandorra @RebekaOConnor @grandvalira @neilsonholidays Week to go ⛷🏂

abir ali ‏@abirali2

I guess today is one of those days the #Lebanon ‘s slogan ‘swim and ski on the same day’ holds true.…

annabucks ‏@annabjustliving

Powder day!⛷

ben ‏@ben_johns

#BenOnABudget number 3 ⛷

Lucia Hoxha ‏@luciahoxha

Few days to go and we cant wait❣️ ☃️❄️⛷🎿🛷🏂

Tjeerd Braaksma ‏@TjeerdBraaksma

Breathtaking ⛷

Follow___Help 🤑 ‏@follower___help

Follow all who like ⛷

Monty and Mama ‏@montyandmama

You know you’re a parent when you spend equal amounts of time drinking coffee as you do skiing, on a ski holiday! 🥨…

The Gilly Grumble ‏@MadleeRage29

Big girl is cooking and Big boy is freezing 🤣🌝⛷

Paul Feeney ‏@paulfeen68

Looking good 👍🏻🎿⛷❄️

Catherine Gamble RMN RGN ‏@minifeet2

@NHSConfed_MHN @WesselyS Annual ⛷ trip means I’ll miss this excellent opportunity/event

Freeride Company ‏@FreerideCompany

Some archival footage from our friends over the mountain... what do you think?? 👍👎⛷‼️😎

Millfield Prep Sport ‏@MPS_Sport

Thank you @schoolsportmag for listing us as the top independent sports school 2018. Our facilities and dedicated co…

‎ 𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘢 ‏@artoesucc

goodnight, I shall bless everyone’s feed w this video of changbin ⛷

BluBoy ‏@blu_boys

@carlathunt How good would that be ⛷

Chief Rocka ‏@FunkmasterDanny

Went off today⛷🌊❗️

maria_langford ‏@marialangford

@Shade_Group Amazing giveaway, thanks for the chance of winning ⛷🎿🏂⛷🎿⛷🏂⛷🎿⛷🏂⛷🎿

AllSportDB ‏@AllSportDB

⛷ 2019 @FISAlpine Skiing World Cup Men in #Austria 🇦🇹 #Schladming starts in 5 days

cgRedBeards ‏@cgredbeards

@usskiteam @lindseyvonn I agree!⛷⛷⛷

Nick Smith ‏@YorTours

By ek it’s minus 15 so need this hot drink and thaw out before 10am after first hour on virgin snow 🇨🇭⛷ – eating ha…

# SAHRA-01 ‏@sahramnl

@joekay 🕵🏽‍♀️🕵🏽‍♀️🕵🏽‍♀️🕵🏽‍♀️👨🏽‍🌾👨🏽‍🌾👨🏽‍🌾🚝🛴🚘✈️⛷🏊‍♀️🧗🏿‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️ how I feel when I have to look through soundcloud lool

MDL ‏@MarkdavidLawlor

@jpd26 Beautiful Bird hits the slopes🎿⛷ Have a fabulous time 😘

Tiso ‏@TisoOnline

⛷In the right conditions, the Cairngorms is one of the best places in Europe for ski touring. If you're a skier who…

Heidi Muir ‏@heidi_muir

@mennaandjen Good luck!! ⛷⛷

AllSportDB ‏@AllSportDB

⛷ 2019 @FISAlpine Skiing World Cup Women in #Germany 🇩🇪 #GarmischPartenkirchen starts in 2 days @KandaharSCG

Hadath el Jebbeh ‏@HadathelJebbeh

No slopes needed ⛷ . . 📸 by tonyghousseinn . . #ski #sport #snow #mountain #explore #lebanon #hadatheljebbeh @ Had…

John Griff ‏@Grifster96

Hmmmm... #ice on the ground and #redskyinthemorning ... take care everyone! 👍🏻🎤🎧🧣🧤🥾🌨☃️❄️🏂⛷⛸

Alain Bejjani ‏@alainbejjani

Wondering how I’m going to get to our next meeting ⛷ ❄ #WEF19

Gabriele ‏@Gabriele81ferra


Daniela Sherer ‏@DanielaSherer

@AllenLaseter Love these swooshes! Beautifully made ⛷

Laromi_artist ‏@13_Neko_13

Nieve, nieve, nieve y nieve ❄⛷

Alan March Sport ltd ‏@AlanMarchSport

The athletes are ready for Day 4 of the @ParaAlpine World Championships #KranjskaGora2018 Our team is ready to! H…

Kenneth Halvardsson ‏@morethanblac

@davehill_56 @YouTube Good morning Dave. Have a great day. Winter here with a lot of snow❄😲😁⛷🎸⚽👋

Mas Marti ‏@masmartirural

❄☃ Besides traditional alpine skiing, there are loads of alternatives for having a great time in the snow with your…

Charlie and Robin ‏@voon28260442

@Elako123 Kermit is giggling and doing flips ⛷ on the snow slopes. Monty and Lieschen are clapping and having warm…

Costa Brava Girona ‏@VisitCostaBrava

❄☃ Besides traditional alpine skiing, there are loads of alternatives for having a great time in the snow with your…

Richard Preece ‏@drrichardp

Webcast here ⛷ 🇬🇧 Run 1 at 09:00 GMT (I think) #mennaandjen

Henrik Windstedt ‏@henrikwindstedt

Slashing pow deep in the Kootenays 🤙⛷☀️ #powslash #bestoftheday

Webtour Getaways ‏@webtours

There's still time left for a ski holiday!⛷Don't delay!! >>> #webtours #justski #ski

St Michael's Chorley ‏@SaintMichaelsCE

The @Chill_Factore payments on School Comms are now open🎿 ! Letters distributed yesterday specify the date your chi…

NICOLA. 🤘🏻🦖 ‏@wingwahh

It makes me cringe seeing people go about in this weather not wearing proper shoes, just seen a girl wearing vans a… ‏@swisslakeview

#goodmorning 🤗 today’s #breakfastwithaview at hotelarnicascuolch 🥐☕️🥖 looks like it’s going to be another beautiful…

lifeluvin ‏@alienslvme

..Gimme the method man from the wutang clan....cant wait to see ya..slc feb 2019😆🖒⛷🍾❄

AllSportDB ‏@AllSportDB

⛷ 2019 @FISAlpine Skiing World Cup Men in #Austria 🇦🇹 #Kitzbuhel starts tomorrow @hahnenkammrace

Osinachi ‏@_Osii

this new James Blake album trippy ⛷

Alan ‏@BigALzz

View from the room before heading out. A little over cast and small snow flurries. Still very cold, currently -13•C…

Kitzbühel Tourismus ‏@kitzbuehel

Here is the view from the start house to the Hahnenkamm Race ⛷🎿 we‘re glad! @hahnenkammrace #kitzbuehel #kitzbühel…

Caos-K ‏@Caos_Kit

Off to the mountains?..🏂⛷take us with you!! 🚠 to shop all our Caos Kit 👀 #slopestyle…

Joyce Fountaine ‏@stormy_joyce61

I'm complete now! I found my Official Green Bay Packer NFL Parka Jacket! Now I can "bundle up" in my cold house,…

Mai ‏@MaisarahMahmud

📍Shizukuishi Prince Hotel 🗺 Shizukuishi, Japan 💰RM250 per night ⛷Attraction: The hotel is located in front of the…

Only Mr O ‏@Only_Mr_O

Today is the final day 🎿 ⛷ with the family in #Morzine. Brilliant conditions and great fun, but time to head home t…

Marlena Doppler ‏@mardop99

@TeamUSA What about ⛷ + 🍝 + 🥇 + 5️⃣4️⃣ = ❓

Glyn Ellis /\_/\ ‏@EllisHPS

@skirossendale - Your new base is looking great; very alpine-esque! ⛷💨

Aoraki Ski ‏@AorakiSki

When you open the window in the morning and you it's going to be a great #skiing day 😁⛷🏂⛷ #ski #Snow

SF_Bay_Expat ‏@SF_Bay_Expat

Following a 1 week hiatus from snow ❄️ during our strongest winter in 100 years in #Austria 🇦🇹, it has begun to sno…

Radio City ‏@RadioCity967

Sick of browsing on eBay? Get yourself on #HushHush and dream big like @RadioCityLeanne & @davekellydj 🤣⛷⛴

luther bandos ‏@TatsuInTheBando

Cam'ron freestyle. via @YouTube⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷

Chloe Cornu Wong ‏@ChloeCornuWong

🥰⛷❄️ Hong Kong Ski Team training dec 2k18, one month already. I miss you guys, looking forward to seeing you again.…

joshy ‏@astrojboy

@joonieonly YES ⛷🏂🏇🏻🏊🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🚣🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️IM COMING

TravelSuitsMe ‏@travelsuitsme

Good morning 💙🏂⛷🌨 #Castle #funday #snow

Kari ‏@KariRunnersEye

@WhistlerBlckcmb Whistler... thanks for having snow! Looking forward to the skiing tomorrow ⛷🎿🤩😍 #Whistler #skiing #winterlove #lovinglife

Ski Focus ‏@SkiFocus

Time to rip up some variable, steeps and bumps. #basi level 3 prep continues!! Keep up the hard work boys. 💪👊😃⛷. .…

bethunehealth ‏@BethuneHealth

Peg Lalor back on the slopes tonight! #peglalorrocks⛷

Graham Truett Guffin ‏@GrahamGuffin

I’m Yoda with this ish ⛷

Devin Perez ‏@devinp89

Can’t wait to be here tomorrow ⛷

Erin Mayovsky ‏@ErinMayovsky

Let’s go! Race you there! ⛷

Crescent Ski Council ‏@CrescentSki

Howelson Hill. It was the first🎿⛷❄️

Clarissa ‏@_claaarii_

@lencexo Me too !! ⛷

Gillian Kershaw ‏@gillykersh

Very lucky to have this mountain oasis in our backyard and so accessible for an end of day mountain rip, shred, etc…

Laika Choc Lab ‏@laikachoclab

@crowned_warrior @lenapup15 This was last year on vacation. ⛷🏂 Snow everywhere! Great 😁

G-Baby ‏@gglover28

The snow is comin. The mtns are callin. Waking up at 530 tmr to get some freshies in ⛷🙌😊⛷ #Goodnight

Ekky Rezky ‏@Ekkyoz

⛷.🛷.🏂.🎿 @ Fujiten Snow Resort

paul francis ‏@paulafr68963440

Ah! ⛷ “Davos!Darling!” “All of the ‘Great and the Good’ Darling!” “All of the World MSM Present Darling!” “Oh Look!…

Lorelei ‏@LoreleiEllen

Close by #ParkCity #Snow = 19" in the past 24 hours, 53" this week. 📸❄️🏂⛷🎿 This is my favorite city in Utah. I lov…

Dr Amy Wooldridge 🤓 ‏@EvilOverlordAmy

The weather today in #Adelaide is SO HOT that I might just move somewhere colder, like #Canada! ❄✈😎 ...but serious…

Josh Zuker Travel ‏@JoshZukerTravel

⛷Valmorel, Grand Domaine, French Alps⛷ ➡️Last Minute Escapes to Winter Paradise ➡️From $2,255 pp for 7 nights

dreww ‏@ANDrew9_8

whole city is ⛸⛷

Maria Spitale-Leisk ‏@MariaSpitale

Little night skiing at Grouse. ⛷

Panda Poles ‏@PandaPoles

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme... ⛷: @shogo_kawano_japan 📸: @satoshi_saijo_photography #PandaPoles…

Barry Hertslet ‏@Barry4xx

Maybe in Russia⛷

RAHUL WAGH ‏@waghrahul449

If you cannot manage stress You will not manage success ⛳🎯⛷ @ Gondwana club

India Unveiled ‏@IndiaUnveiled

Decathlon is now open in dehradun..😱🥰😎🏓🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️⛷🧗‍♂️🏃‍♂️ One soultion for all sports items..🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️ Caputred som…

Planet Unveiled ‏@PlanetUnveiled

Decathlon is now open in dehradun..😱🥰😎🏓🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️⛷🧗‍♂️🏃‍♂️ One soultion for all sports items..🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️ Caputred som…

@pmvdlaan ‏@pmvdlaan

@JoshMalina Lol -196F = -126C Winter is here ⛷🏂❄☃️

Maureen McDonald ‏@Maureensatwork

@1legchad @UTChargerTom As I've told all of my skiing friends....."If I'm going down a hill at 50 miles per hour, t…

Karen King Gardner ‏@Karen_Anne67

Amen! 🧗🏼‍♀️🤾🏼‍♀️⛷🚣🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Jane ‏@Abfabtravels

@GFLBlog Skiing! ⛷And made bread. 😁

lysander ‏@mustbe_lys

This Geofilter consists of a ski slope (on the right side of the filter) that overlooks Lake Tahoe and the mountain…

Ashana Armstrong ‏@akwildflower93

When Olympic skier ⛷Jeff Olson recently made the comparison of how we grind up spices to powders to more rapidly to…

West Hills STEM ‏@WHSTEMAcademy

Winter Family Night: Can You Build a Ski 🎿 Lift Chair & Get Your Skier ⛷safely to the bottom? @BremertonSD…

D-9341 (Benjamin Oliver Walker) ‏@SpiralGestalt


Jill Irwin ‏@PJillIrwin

@IndiraFeustel @Astro_Feustel Definitely! ⛷🎿⛷🏂🇨🇦🇨🇦. I love Mexico 🇲🇽 but the skiing here, meh 😂

Liz Steele ‏@MizLizSteele

@WendellPierce @sundancefest Are you coming to Utah?⛷ Look forward to seeing this film.

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