Skull and Crossbones Emoji

A human skull shown above a crossed pair of bones. Used as a symbol of death, and often as a danger warning on poisenous substances. Not to be confused with the skull emoji.

Skull and Crossbones was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Apple Name

☠️ Skull and Crossbones


☠ U+2620

️ U+FE0F


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Rich ‏@richiesigns

@Dr_YouKnowWho_ I think you need a longer tongue 😂😅😂 ☠🇺🇸☠

𝐒 ‏@yunhyeongallery

Can I join ☠☠

MaryN 😭 ‏@Be_like_Mary

@markfolding @TalibKweli @blackchaos45 @JellyRoll1890 @MaryRespawns @ShotMessinjure ☠☠🤣🤣 You should def up yo momma…

Altitude ‏@AltitudeFilms

Guess the Academy Award winners! Hint: they all won for Best Actress 💁‍♀️ Bonus points if you can guess the actress…

jojo ‏@love_of_yulanda

Bbz gwan lock off the place...your year this ! 😘👽☠

💛 Pitu ⚽️ 💙❤ ‏@_ftMapi

Voy mi gente 🤡 clown, chaotic, typos 24/7, never shuts up, literally shut up dork 🌻 soft, shy, friendly, cute, s…

حوماني | Houmani ‏@mahmoudhoumanee

Concussion 🧠 = death ☠ #ainalasad

Mike ‏@BigPumaLive

I step away from twitter for 2 days and miss all the content creator beef in The Show community ☠

Kitcha | Main Acc 🍍 ‏@KitchaSaventhes

I will never relate to people who skips out on coffee. Y'all cray. ☠☕

💀Heels Pops & Chairshots💀 ‏@Hpc2sweet

🏴‍☠HPC Wednesday Night Live! 🏴‍☠ #LetsTalkAboutIt🤼‍♂ 10:30pm EST⏰ TONIGHT!🗓 YOUTUBE!📺 Week’s Guest:…

Jepoy ‏@jeptagle

i got robbed. i need myself back. ☠

INDIAN ‏@vistw

@ANI Arvind Kejriwals claim of clean water is big lie. @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia @AamAadmiParty Water of Delhi is P…

dust to dust ‏@mementomorial

☠: you might want to acknowledge hell

Hit_Man☠ ‏@hit_man420

I hate 2☠

👑 Heiress of Chimamanda ‏@writeforlove

Oh god!! We're going to die 😱💀☠

Kim Kline ‏@KimKline05

@MusicKillsKate I think the majority agrees! Fame and fortune can create quite an ego☠

Jepoy ‏@jeptagle

i second emotion ☠

وَيَوْمٌ كَجُمُعَةٍ ‏@witness_tv_

#deal_of_the_century may be a point to start any talks but who will believe al-yahud (الیھود)? ☠ Quran warned us already 👁👁

yssa ‏@acyssa_

66 hours☠

Rich ‏@richiesigns

@BuffaloTraceMe Mornin Buff! Its gunna be a 2 pot morning.... ☠🇺🇸☠

Rn1967 ‏@ryannevin17

@craig_m0808 @EuropaLeague A think ☠👻 would of sufficed

saccharine ‏@nzkya

my english teacher will yell tf off everytime she enters the class😌☠

Catzumi_Zero⁷ ‏@Catzumi_Zero

Am I okay after seeing that Black Swan performance? NOPE. I'm a mess on the floor, reduced to a puddle of my own te…

[4Za]FORZARACER ‏@ForzaRacer_4Za

@itzzParadox What are you doing to these kids man? 😂☠

Silas Mankwane ‏@MankwaneSilas

ANC is dead... Nothing good coming out of that organization... Nothing at all. What happened to Accountability? T…

Lee MacDonald♥️🇺🇲💯% ‏@Scimitar_98

@Bamafanaticfan1 @RashidaTlaib Muslims do not apologize for their VITRIOLIC actions/behavior, and are allowed, by t…

Dope ‏@pishinaevdekur

@Migiisdrunk @skskskskskxh December 2019 💀💀💀💀☠☠💀💀☠☠🙊🙊

babyboy 🌿 ‏@Peachdoer

they're both fictional characters ☠

Carlos Ramirez ‏@LosOnAir

@KevinMcCarthyTV I was thinking the reboot Planet Of The Apes films! Andy Serkis' MoCap performance for the firs…

kukoyo ‏@kukoyo_angel

stealing gills 😋☠🐠

Andrei ‏@andreiparas

Sucks to be acidic and allergic. Ugh. ☠🤦🏻‍♂️

NoA ‏@ProphetAndroid

@ceckcee ☠ do ya parents know you be doing that

浜田(白組) ‏@hmm_md

⛴⚓MAD TRIGER CREW -Before the 2nd DRB-🎤☠ 💿💿2020.01.29 release💿💿

Just Simple ol HERM ‏@00cassiusclay

@itscmonsta @chosen_won76 Amen. Now..Your rent is 2,050 cuz? 💀☠💀

AmberGoesViolining ‏@ambergoesviolin

@ThatBravesGirl I can't ☠☠☠☠☠

Black pepper ‏@Puleng1084

@Pulane___ 😂😂 not for the weak like me. ☠☠

Motion has knowledge ‏@RealMotionG

Buying these, fk airpods ☠ ty @Serina2k

Rich ‏@richiesigns

This POS Douchebags smug attitude and contempt is a glaring image of the mentality ill and twisted liberal movement…

Annmarie Stevens ‏@Sweetieface33

@_Xtinkshun_ @KimFCoates Aw, thanks. 🐶 I haven't really been conscious long enough to watch tv. 🤒😭 I haven't been this sick since mono. ☠

mila ‏@milariot

get you a man who can do both ☠🖤🤵🏼

𝐒 ‏@yunhyeongallery

What is happening?? I'm lost. Someone pls update me ☠☠

Kiᴎg Skєlą™ ‏@King_Skela

DO OR DIE ! ✊☠

Jkookie ‏@MCVJeon

[👿]ㅡwhat are you waitng for❗❗ ☠CØMƏ AND ƏXPƏRIƏNC…

Jim Edwards ‏@MESSIAH11_4EVER

@LuridRaider Get fucking chills everytime I see it!☠💀🏴‍☠️

Alok Sharma ‏@aloks22

I know my hero @RafaelNadal will win the next 3 sets and seal the match. ☠ #AusOpen #NadalvsThiem #Nadal

ONETICKET 🇳🇬 ‏@ChukzLorenzo

@the__arny @Salmahpopcorn Like ballotelii 😂💀☠

Mayor of Unilorin ‏@MayorTswiit

Who wanna play The Russian Roulette game with me 😈☠👹💀

dweebertology ‏@dweebertology

@ImNotTheWolf Yea MCO is crowded too ☠

Jakjak ⚕ ‏@j4ckilyn

Slef study for chemistry is ☠☠☠


Stealing this from timeline. Which one suits THEEBIBI the most? 🦋 : a social butterfly, nice, and friendly. 💫 : a…

❄I'm🎄Lisa🥂🎁 ‏@HoldTheStupid

@sydrasmith @politico 💁‍♀️So does the🖕sleazy and treasonous @DevinNunes NO #GOPCoverup! We want…

Sara ‏@SaraelisGarvey

@luc_jac @carnesy56 Yeah, I'm lost ofc it is. I really am not paying that much attention to this match. 😬☠

Flashy Bashy Shashy Mashy Dashy Lashy ‏@FlashYizz

@muwuks 🏆🗡🏹🎭☠🐎(Speer Emoji)

The lost boy from ijebu. ‏@dehunmie009

If I stare you dead in the eyes, damn it's either I am in love with you or I am planning your death ☠ in my head.

Andy Cano ‏@AndyCan42524903

Guess what..... I'm still at work doing inventory 💀☠💩 its 3:44am

mio #2YA2YAO ‏@itaeilie

no words☠☠☠

get well soon 💜🧘🏾‍♂️🕊 ‏@calloga

@purpleisfine @Nobsidienne See how hard they work 😂😂😂☠

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(A.B.C---POISON ARROW)☠↕🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼

tory herrera ‏@tory58

💯 LIVE Stream HD ☠ R. Nadal vs D. Thiem ☠ Watch Free Live Stream HD Here : LIVE 1⃣: LIV…

Sara ‏@SaraelisGarvey

That's extremely lucky by Dominic ☠

goddessb3lla🌹 ‏@ademola_bella

No bad feelings baby☠🤤 @ Lagos, Nigeria

Stream NFR ‏@markwasalone

@TapuFini Your "oh wow" is sending me ☠

Gautier anthony ‏@Thonyan61250

@louisc0810 No nuts challenge ?☠

J1m1nsBlkHr⁷ ‏@LuvBlkHrCh1m

Those little fingers styling #JIMIN 's hair forgot to do her job & grab the black hair dye first. Yeah, I'm not let…

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

☠ It's 👾 getting 🎃 closer. Got this from the house nearby 🍬 🍭. 🕯 Watch out for me.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Trudy ♥ ‏@freakygirltru

Yeah these nakesrs need Jesus☠☠

Chromatic 🇰🇪🔥 ‏@_AugustoH__

@KeMimsy Warning ☠😂😂😂

Batuhan Morgan 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@enchantixmartin

Me vs my childhood fear ☠

Alan Nierychło ‏@alanstavros

My nephew and the future of the Marine Corps ☠ #toysoldier #familytime #poland🇵🇱 #boystoys #gunsout #riseandfight…

fēddï ‏@starsooncheeks

@chinashio16 I forgot to reply to you that I completely agree ☠

maldito sea ‏@Richardo_Posada

It's usually me, my boss, and another coworker in the morning. But now my boss and I are both out sick. Dude man'…

Sara ‏@SaraelisGarvey

@kiyokius @suckatbreakpts That's sooo odd ☠

jes 👻 ‏@jesikahjpg

omg im not xenophobic nor racist but omg ☠ chinese ppl are really sakit sa ulo ano

Bact To The Future ‏@BactToTheFuture

The bacterial membrane is the boundary between the microbe and the outside 🚧 If it is damaged, #bacteria die ☠ This…

Photon ‏@Photon22318487

@BruceSchnaak @Talkmaster Some are more quarantined than others... All flights out of China should be stopped but t… ‏@cdkeyscom_it

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Reaper Spades ☠️ ‏@Lex_Abyes

Been hiding from Twitter so I can beat KH Limit Cut in peace but at the rate this is taking me I may as well shut down my Twitter ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Trudy ♥ ‏@freakygirltru

@_Badassiee @daniellaxhj I wish I may I wish I might. I wish a naker would try me tnight☠☠☠

ten ‏@marshmeellows

this but in any public transpo ☠ ‏@cdkeyscom_es

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Gem ⚽️❤ ‏@CoachGem

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Sara ‏@SaraelisGarvey

@samstennis189 Omfg, Sam! ☠

walterpfachi💪👌🤙💥💣🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇦 ‏@walterpfachi

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Sara ‏@SaraelisGarvey


Sara ‏@SaraelisGarvey

@radiustachyon Hun it's the semis (☠), but YASSS

Guildford Talks Series ‏@guildfordtalks

Woop! We've also had a good few xr members from further afield message about coming 👍as well as other Surrey pensio…

𝐶𝑎𝑖𝑡𝑙𝑖𝑛 𝐾𝑎𝑦𝑒. ‏@seaforcaitlin

When you must perform and not just japorm because hello med!!!!!!!! 🔥☠

Kath ‏@KathJohnsonArt

#AgainstHate @HouseJudiciary @OversightDems @ACLU @splcenter @NAACP_LDF @UNHumanRights clearly…

ًang #○ ‏@SEUNGJlS

@l0v3racha i couldnt find one the right colours ☠☠

Abbey Rock ‏@AbbeyRock5

#JFCAvrilLavigne rockkzz!🤟🎸🖕☠💋

Photon ‏@Photon22318487

@ejthies15 @FeetMitts @howroute Is there any point reacting if he is dead? They might be waiting for the clean up t…

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

🤖 Oh no. ☠. Don't answer their phone! 🎃. 🍫 Got it! 🍫.

Anil Kamath ‏@kamathanil60

@rpsinha393 Drop of a Hat these #TukdeTukdeGang compares @PMOIndia to Hitlers Germany - never talk about inventors…

Organic Potato Ⓥ2.0 ‏@vorganicpotato

Just having anciety so i thought "what if my ohone explodes, how could i do anything and go home?" So now im stress…

Arfen jfb ya cuk ᴀʙᴀʜʙᴋᴛ⁹ˣᵖAKMJdwn ‏@kcnt0l

[ Arfen Upchar ☠ ]Wowowowowowowow his post on weverse makes me cryyy

Vindicated🇺🇸2020🇺🇸 ‏@HHypocrisy101

Never forget that THIS Is what the ivory tower coastal elite think of the average American... These people are the…

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