Skull and Crossbones Emoji

A human skull shown above a crossed pair of bones. Used as a symbol of death, and often as a danger warning on poisenous substances. Not to be confused with the skull emoji.

Skull and Crossbones was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Apple Name

☠️ Skull and Crossbones


☠ U+2620

️ U+FE0F


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Orlando Pirates FC ‏@orlandopirates

☠ Day 2 of #PiratesCup2019.... 🎬ACTION!😎💪🏾 ⚫⚪🔴⭐ #OnceAlways

BCC Lismore ‏@BCCLismore


Bergs ‏@bergs____

With sunshine for the full Melbourne effect ☠

ᴏᴘᴇɴ ᴄɪᴛʏ ‏@planeta501

Tank girl 🗡☠💣

💀🎯 ‏@TriggA72

Mixed Personalities ☠👿👀

BTS✈Wembley 💜 ‏@int_hedgehog

@jhsrolex take all the time you need! finals are very horrible..I'm going through them too atm ☠ but the good thing…


@TheRealElvira Mistresses Of The Dark 🗡🦇🦇 Icon Goth Goddess ..☠♠️

J. ‏@jaehyuri

@baobaoheng Share it with others, okay? You know that eating way too much chocolate could lead to your doom. ☠

Necropole Santa Cruz ‏@NecropoleSC

Chet Baker - Time After Time via @YouTube☠ Necropole Santa Cruz ☠

Economic-Theories.TK ‏@EconomicTk

@jefferiesshow @jimjefferies You and your kind are an enemy of the people of the United States. You come to my coun…

Mehloemamba ‏@siya_lloyd

@cafulele My pirates my pirates 👌❤☠

𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓵𝓪𝓿𝓲𝓮_90💜 ‏@cestlavie_90

Please how does one be a whole cutie but sound so sexy at the same time? Namjoon did that. His voice ☠ but then the…

Şąıٳơř Şıřɛŋ ‏@MameidoNoSairen

This was mine BTW... And it's as fucked up as I expected. ☠

Azzy bagria ‏@AzzyBagria

THIS ICONIC👑 FIGURE DOESN'T❌ NEED A intro🤴 THIS graphic📲 IS perfect☠ FOR all hiphop📻 LOVERS 💗out THERE…

Haziq 'ORBIT' Haiqal ‏@HajikuHaikaru

Teaser of ******* performance for the part I choreograph: 😰😷☠😵🥵😷🥵☠

🐊 ‏@van_taes

i ain’t no mercy, primacy ☠ x x x perhaps i found a new muse #monstaxfanart #changkyun #MONSTAX_Alligator #im

kate ♡ ‏@agustaeguk

baby 😁🍼💜💞🍭🐯 daddy 💣💥☠🖤🚨🔥


Reposted from @SkratchSociety1 - 🌬🔥⚔☠🗝👁✂💿☄🌊⚡🗡💎Quick Shot from our event last night @houstongameguys video soon. s…

MISOMARIKO ‏@misomariko

@SinnerShadow Hell yeah, karate black belt ☠

Tasi. ‏@tasi917

Then he goes on explaining menstrual cycles and pregnancies and basically the entire anatomy of women. The dumbass…

Uncle Raider Mike✌🖤🍻🤘 ‏@SuiRaider

@uddybhoy1 Good morning to you & almost good night to me 🍻🤘☠

Gem 🎶ExcitedForChenAlbum💕 ‏@Ezralenne

@notzuly Wasn't that days ago? Ate you ok? Lack of sleep for that long ☠

Tonti Chor ‏@2BHKFLAT

@Ra_Bies Serious issue this, RaGa should mention in his Manifesto that he will take care of this and educate people reg the right usage 😽😺☠

Jaydan Torres ‏@jaydan_torres

@netflix BRAVO. 👏 Love Death + Robots is absolutely beautiful in every way. ❤☠🤖 Can't get enough of it.

My Name is Nobody👻 ‏@globalolly75

Smoking is deadly ☠☠☠

October Black 🌻🖤 ‏@NinaaaaBlanco_

We Lost Some Soliders In That War 😈 So They Been Tryna Kill 🙏🏽☠

ghetto intellectual™ ‏@kzshabazz

@caviar_diva @MsMollyRachael Make money together ☠

BTS✈Wembley 💜 ‏@int_hedgehog

@ddaengifyuagree what is my phone hiding from me 👀 why can't I see it ☠

Hunter ‏@HunterFromMcDs

@lababyxchik $67.00.... I'm a mess ☠


☠┊ RULES ┊☠

👻🎃Jose👀 dubs🎃👻 vamos por 10 k ‏@Josedubs1

ROBLOX epic con DE DIRECTO● // ven a jugar! //ROBLOX // ☠JOSE DUBSS☠ roblox

Jim Edwards ‏@MESSIAH11_4EVER

@ivy_poet @AlaskanRoyal @Raiders All Day Bro!!💀☠



Will ‏@Will95851925

@kikie__22 @orlandopirates Hold thumbs we might get lucky and grap this one away from sundowns☠💀

Danny Johnson ‏@DannyJo83030153

@amyklobuchar Amy what about this.💀☠💀👿😈💀☠🖕🖕🖕

Zimandola ‏@Danie_4D

The world would be a better place if we all drive like African bus drivers ☠

DEADmontana ‏@realleanmartin

@astari my hearts broke. thats why i choke. on dope smoke til my throat swoll closed and i cant breath no mo gone!☠

KIA ‏@loyal_barb

@__DEEsire__ Again it ain't nothing special. They have bodegas coffee shops fruit stand what else special out of th…

Andrew Foster ‏@A1fosteryee

@TuceRPG @jojotheceo @WEZZZUS In front of the lengendary big Joe my guy. And other family in attendance ☠...yikes

Jude Pilgrim-I Just Want To Be Free ‏@righttowright


Natasha Younge ‏@natashayounge

Why can I only see creatures from #28dayslater when I hear about "smart bacteria" ...👩🏽‍🔬👨🏻‍🔬 ☣💉👹☠

nvd ‏@ewwkatyrat

@babukid1 @ced_gaga16 And once again, Katy was the highest paid female artist from mid 2017-mid 2018, bf A Star Is…

RAYMOND CAMPBELL Chill Factor ‏@Chillfactoryart

1987 Girls Girls Girls tour,Richfield Coliseum Cleveland Ohio,the day i knew i could accomplish anything i put my m…

nvd ‏@ewwkatyrat

@babukid1 @ced_gaga16 "Try again"? Had kitkats already forgotten abt the time they laughed at Shallow when 365 over…

Mist ‏@rulumaru

Me: Oh look a griffon Imma fight it Griffon: Lvl ?? ☠☠☠ You're underleveled you fool Me: Me: *rolls away in a panic*

🎶Sarah🎶 ‏@Sarah66432395

@bjnt92281 @BradGalli @TheSpartanMag And maybe make your dunks 😂☠💁

shaggy78 ‏@sronga93

@RoverDov123 @verified @SinistersArmy @KFearri @petergraigs They r Awesome 🎶🎸☠🖤🤟

shaggy78 ‏@sronga93

@paulharold777 @MotleyCrue @netflix Yes they do, & it wud be Great 🎶🎸☠🖤🤟

Kat Calderon ‏@PhotonNyanKat

Ugh... 3 hours of reading and homework... Brain. Officially. Fried. ☠☠☠ #scienceclass #thisisonlythebeginning…

Michael Pollie ‏@xpietoe

Found this on the interwebs.....☠🤣🤣☠

Andrew Foster ‏@A1fosteryee

@Cee_Keme @jojotheceo ☠☠☠☠ bron is bron you cant take that away from him.

Markrroberts2 ‏@Markrroberts21

You just mad because no real man wants anything to do with you!!😝☠

Do ‏@I_heart_musicqc

Just heard Crash & Burn, badass!!! Love love love this new song ! @NikkiSixx @MrTommyLand @mrmickmars @thevinceneil…

Dreamstar ‏@DreamstarAZ

I'm literally ☠ right now

Dan Lambert ‏@aslohand

@PSherryr I would like every last one of these murderous LEFTIST[21sr Cent SS]2B FORCED To watch a partial birth ab…

we aint never doing quickies👅💋 ‏@AngeneilM

shots fired☠☠☠☠☠ 🤣

):( ‏@ItsMeeMarshall

Bye world ☠💀

alaijahht ‏@ayeelaijaaaa

I bet they still say "nigga" when mo bamba come on tho and it be too loud to call them out☠

shaggy78 ‏@sronga93

@elementsx0x Good Morning 🌞🎶🖤☠🤟

AnnaMarie ‏@Golden_Sheeple

Hey so #criticalrole needs to stop slingshotting my emotions around at the very last second, I'm going to heckinng diee. ☠☠

Alinity ‏@AlinityTwitch

@theRSSfeeds Well not pizza friends it seems ☠

Carol Danvers ‏@StolenCaptain

C = really silly / true! A = easy to fall in love with / maybe R = f*%$ing nuts / not really O = 😑 / seriously? L…

🦂❌🎰SOPHIA-ESTRADA PEREZ❤💋🎲💙 ‏@SophiaEstradaP6

@RealJamesWoods 💔 This is another #MURDER by an ILLEGAL, which was AGAIN a PREVENTABLE DEATH! This is ANOTHER…

chaitanya pant. ‏@chait_anya44

@Juicy_t731 @ellamai @iamcardib Why is someone smoking behind her ☠☠☠☠☠☠

Orlando Pirates Fans | The Sea Robbers ‏@TheSeaRobbers

☠ Good morning Sea Robbers wish y'all a great day. ⚫️⚪️🔴⭐️ #TseNtsho #ONCEALWAYS

🖤キャミー🖤 ‏@KittyCat_Cammy

@Shadbase No Paper Not funny Rip☠

BucsForLife 1937Ⓜ️ ‏@davidmasindi

Good morning and a wonderful day to y'all ☠

zipbagofbones ‏@zipbagofbones

@joy31608 Can actually ✂️ the 🍝 as effectively. Problem with this bill is that now we have more dead women and chil…

𝓥𝓪𝓷𝔂𝓪 ‏@JMaria_27

may pacoco feels ♡ ft. Remember Me ☠

2face off tha zoinkys ‏@Yellow_flame97

But she cant hold it down☠

Mairi Yoo ‏@Mairi_Yoo

I feel like she missed an opportunity here... 🔥☠

Draculeahfx ‏@Draculeahfx

@FAIRYG0THM0THER Mine and my sister's fav, that and the Hex Girls 🖤☠😍

Ayondela LaDiosa ♍💋 ‏@diosa973

@VanessaRetaa @itsmorganread Damn we can't have ANYTHING to ourselves...❄☃️ = 🤴🏿☠

ل ADI ‏@Adil63743232

@_zombiee__ Kitne me...? ☠☠☠

Kaili ‏@smiley_kaili

☠☠☠ oh God, I'm dead

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

🎃 Will this help?. ☠ What's that!. 💀 Oh no. 👺. Give me that 🍫.

Vanessa Sánchez V. ‏@Vampirezamua13

Love It💀☠♥♥♥✨✨✨✨ #Makeup #BeautyJunkie #likeiit #makeupartistsworldwide #highlight #moda #shoes #wcw #shoeslover…

Shark Finz ‏@SharkFinzToo

🔥☠ New Stuff ☠🔥 #EastCoast #westcoast #LasVegas #LosAngeles #Chicago #speedmetal…

Poochy ‏@poetpooch

@DevinCow My mom grew up on a farm. NEVER underestimate a cow! ☠☠☠☠☠

Jonathan Mata ‏@Jonatha32656850

@HelinaWang ☠ ☠ ☠ RAIDERS #RaiderNation

Ryan Strong💪 ‏@ryan_xx2293

What does it mean? Road to death?☠💀

Horror Morgue ‏@HorrorMorgue

💀☠🎂A Happy Horror Morgue Birthday to @WilliamShatner 🎂☠💀 #WilliamShatner

Selkie Spirit ASMR🧚🏼‍♀️🌊 ‏@AsmrSelkie

@AudiosGhostly That movie 🖤😈☠

Charlotte H ‏@C_A_Lott

@at_atul80 @Uber_Support "Ask your drivers not to accept rides if the BRAKES malfunction. It nearly KILLS the custo…


Dawg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭☠☠

Brandon Bostic ‏@P0larSSB

@TheMaliqueWebb @quick_smgSSB @TSA_Trent @LarryLurr When you make it to a weekly you can talk to me ☠

319PYROS ‏@3Pyros


Nick Jakusz ‏@NickWithAMic

I wish I was as good at anything as Fletcher McGee is at shooting a basketball. ☠ #MarchMadness

Jang ‏@_jhonmar02

That'$ bawal ☠

Lamar Endrikat ‏@Moneymizzle1997

Wont be going live today 🧟‍♂️ I'm dead today ☠

Jim Edwards ‏@MESSIAH11_4EVER

💀☠💀☠💀☠ RNFL ☠💀☠💀☠💀

Aaron James ‏@angelo_canonce

Bitch! ☠

Arnold B. Carreiro 🦍🦇 ‏@MasterZenek

Can anyone guess what my favorite weapon theme is in @GearsofWar? 🦴💀🦴 Seriously, it feels awesome to have spent a m…

Clown Ass Nigga🐝 ‏@XXXTenTaycion

@AraRocFon17 Okay kinda, yeah but like Take your name "Arantza" like that's not gonna be anything but a name, where…


X JAPAN Team Facebook☠ #XJAPAN #WeAreX

StraightFromTheGrave ‏@xSxFxTxGx

Laid down bass for half the songs on the album, this is a clip of our jam "7 Days Of Sin". Can't wait to finish thi…

CambridgeGirl ‏@cambridgegirl

I just put out a new roll of #AngelSoft #toiletpaper . I grabbed a bit to blow my nose. This is what came next. 😳🤮☠…

Draculeahfx ‏@Draculeahfx

@FAIRYG0THM0THER Yas Zombie is life 🖤☠🙌

RedFadeRedd ‏@FadeddRedd

@__zariaaaaaaa she knocked hard af☠

Jonathan Mata ‏@Jonatha32656850

@RaiderPosts Have a nice day ☠ #Raiders #RaiderNation

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