Sleeping Face Emoji

Face with eyes closed, and a sleep symbol – Zzz – over the head

Generally used instead of the Sleepy Face Emoji to indicate both sleeping, and sleepiness.

Sleeping Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😴 Sleep Face

😴 Snoring

😴 Zzz Face


😴 U+1F634




Tweets For 😴

wendy waranka ‏@wendywaranka123

Goodnight everyone have a blessed night 😴😴🙏❤️❤️😘

whata weirdo.♡ ‏@laurabakerrr_

busy weekend and all I actually wanna do is sleep😴😂

Slywalker ‏@boyslywalker

It’s so disrespectful how these new rappers took Yung Lean style and ran with it 😴

Ad.r. ‏@_Reazon_

Girl if he dont make you work for it he prolly got something that aint worth having 😴

Harryyy 🐢 ‏@Invokehazza

Been awake since 5 😴 Totally gonna smash today 😂

Heather ‏@sandzwiththezee

Good night 💤😴

✨K🍥K🍥✨ ‏@lemonkyun

kinda wanna skip doing fun stuff in my free time tonight and go to bed 😴

eva ‏@everrzzz

imma fall asleep when i see my roommate being a hoe 😴

Lord Arse! 🕹️ ‏@Lord_Arse

Today's #BeautifulMaps is Matthew Smith and Software Project's classic 1983 platformer 'Jet Set Willy'. After a hug…

jenna ‏@jenna_chiusano

i know too many bitches like this😴

Harry Munday ‏@MrMundayy

Can’t believe I’m doing a 12 hour shift today😩😴

reymello ‏@reymello123

@NicoleAnais Once you puke you'll be good😴😴

jøç ✨ ‏@joocelynn23

It feels so good coming home and just laying down finally being able to sleep after a longgg day 😴


goodnight!! 😴

Jared Serna ‏@jserna15

deadass tired 😴

cj ‏@apache_onwheels

@KeikoTerada Keiko good afternoon, chikokuda, it's late here so I'll say goodnight till tomorrow!✌🏼💓😴

Kay ‏@_SelfMadeKay_

You claim you fuck with me 🤦🏽‍♂️😴

klari ‏@klarissalopez_

Do you miss anyone right now? 😢 — my bed 😴

Siera Vernice 👑 ‏@SiVernice

This about to be the best sleep 🤟🏽😴

Garden Square ‏@GardenSquareSC

That #SaturdayMorning feeling... 😴🐰

rayvennn✨ ‏@longlivekaleb__

laun talkin ' bout "we not stayin on ft tonight" i was finna hang up he said "na we still talkin tf" & an hour in a…

SteveSmithSKL ‏@Homeboy2002

There’s a storm brewing 🌩⚡️🎾💨💥 ...and it’s name is #sabinelisicki 💪🏻 All the best for the #USOpen @sabinelisicki, h…

Andrew ‏@_ModernAncient

Many of you have real deal spiritual powers that you simply aren’t exploring. Skepticism, laziness, and the attenti…

Alex Bot ‏@PapiAIexBot

rare painting of seal team six feet under or sleep 😴WE

Theresa Speechley ‏@theresaspec

What with Gary snoring and workmen starting behind our house at 7! How am I ever to manage a lie in😴😪

lyss ‏@_AlyssaDanielle

some of you are disrespectful as fuck 😂😂😴

Lyn Shephard ‏@MummytoFrank1

I slept awful ☹️😴

Brooke ‏@BrookeKermack

No self respect at all😂😂 just want attention😴😴

Riley&Rezzy ‏@jada_tee

Yessssssss i love sleep 😴😍

Tiyaaaaa 🖤 ‏@shatiya_graham

Still up lol I’m about to gts tho 😴

Joey. ‏@Cassieee_Jo

Adjusting to bar hours again in brutal! I’m old 😭👵🏻😴😴

💕Susanna Morgan 💕 ‏@S__Morgan13

@fiftyminus2 It's hard to know who keeps their twitter on during the night. My phones always on silent when sleepin…

IamNotTheFather🍼 ‏@TIMMY_DARKO

@frnch_nilla don't let that be your insecurity G. Better than having a bigass forehead like me 😴 ol' Epson projecto…

Phakiso sedumedi ‏@2468_75569

@mailandguardian As for the word sheebeen queen. I bet someone who id reporting this story is 90 something years old😴😅

Rodriguez ‏@EllesRodriguez

mad draining when your constantly the one who is blamed for someone else’s problems😴

Emily White ‏@azsungoddess1

Leg 2 done at #RagnarGreatRiver ! Nice temp 😎 now, time for some sleep 😴

joanna ‏@heyyjoanna_

wow lol okay goodnight 😴

Captain• ‏@krvnlgn_2

12 hours of sleep😴

Non ‏@inen_4

A beautiful couple😴🖤 #NefesNefese #RüYus

ᴮʳⁱ♪ ‏@blessjong90

@1OKplur @heyyshinee @kpop013 Shiny got off cuz she has work tomorrow, and I'm falling asleep already 😴

brittany ‏@brieeowens

@nauticaboatboi “What happened?! YOU WANNA TALK MORE SHIT ON TWITTER BITCH?!” Ugh, I hate me LOL. Smh I am a changed woman now! 💀😴

Yessica’s #1 Fan ‏@KendricktheG0AT

Goodnight 😴

beautiful trash ‏@allislime

jus popped a benny i’m SLEEP😴😈☝🏻🤣👌🏻💯

Rick Jame$ 🕳🥃 ‏@Dippsett_

I prolly be single til 2020😴

Matt Serrano ‏@Soccer_Bud

@Barnesjr52 @_SimPimpin @BopMisha Bruh the fact I just finished this movie 😴

kayleigh ‏@_kayleigheloise

being in work on absolutely no sleep is a killer, bring on 2pm.. straight to bed😴

Jose Suarez ‏@jose_suarez3

Can’t sleep 😴

Joe ‏@mohjoejoejoejoe


Meli aguirre ‏@Meeely2016

Pa que tome 😴😴😴😴😴

°°RusselL Smalls°° ‏@zubzey

Apart from Brazilian hair and leg chain ... which other #H.I.V symptoms in #Nigeria do you know ? 😴😴

aubry grabow ‏@HuRlEyGiRl44

😴😴😴 #Chat#Liveme Official Dope boy

T. ‏@Teeshmoney

If I can’t trust you it’s fuck you shit bar😴

Carl Edison Tan ‏@carltan696

How to back track all the Marketing expenses from Q1 😴 tabang nang! 🤕

Nhlamulo Hlami Hlongwane ‏@Nhlamulo9

Wow my son is still sleeping😴🙏

Josh Morgan ‏@joshhmorgaan

Gutted that Beth got me up at 7.30 in a Saturday like 😴

Alex ‏@Alex_15____

On God.😴😂 smdh

Kaitlynne Marie ‏@gothgoddesspoe

Another tired verification, I'm always ready for sleep 😴 (Yes, it's backwards, I know 😂) #findom #finsub…

LiLi. ‏@MaliyahFoxx

Just got some bomb ass dick Goodnight lmao. 😝🤤😴

BLACK BONNIE ❤ ‏@laurensmommy23

Another round of medicine in the next few minutes and then I'm KO 😴😴😴

Gerina Velasquez ‏@gerialessa

Time to sleep. 😴

Georgie Porgie ‏@GeorgieSkyeApso

Any other #cheekypuppies our there like to wake their humans up early, then sneak back to bed? Hehe #BadDog…

Stevvie ryaan☀️ ‏@Stevie_vckeryy

Funny you want to talk down on my name to him but can’t say it to my face it’s okay tho honey 😘 you’re out of mine…

Mysong03061992 ‏@Song83224189

You know? When I feel lonely and sad, I'll sleep. Hahaha. Yes.... " sleep " I need only one to right now. 😴😴😴😴 To…

PapiBane ‏@PapiBaneIsBack

god im so tired, i know so much about sports i got accused of cheating 20 times ugh! gn 😴

ᵐᶦʷᵒ ‏@miilkboi

@uriwithnohoodie its prestige master lvl 1000 u virgin 😴

Ben Jones ‏@JonesyB_

Today is gonna be a struggle 😴

Manon ‏@Manonjeth

Last day... Then freedom 😴

Andrea ‏@andreakatelynne

@zbautistaa Says the lolo 😴

Nex 👽 ‏@Just_Nex

@sterlingtoth that was s fun stream. I was getting delirious near the end there... but fun. Missed hese nights. Hav…

Whizzle1 ‏@Whizzle111

But there such lovely boys,from broken homes n got called racist names .......😴

😎 Doc 🌄 ‏@Waveless_

I'm awake now, may as well stay up and have an early start. Nap will be needed later. 😴

chass🤩 ‏@lulchass

don’t hml if you ain’t over ya ex 😴


Mal knocked out I'm bout to crash too 😴

Dorian Perez ‏@bigdperez4

Within a blink of an eye 😴

Jono ‏@jonoisapanda

Disenchantment is an appropriate title for Matt Groening’s new @NetflixUK show... 🙄😴

myaperez ‏@myapere78631160

Got a 3 dubs in a row that a rap for the night 2:00pm😴🤪

elena. ‏@eelenamac

I could finally get more than 5 hours of sleep 🙏🏽😴

d y a m a n t e ‏@_dyamanteH

I come on here till I fall asleep 😴

Manda ‏@BaezMaranda

That part 😴

G 🤐😴 ‏@gvannoy2k

@FDsmith4 You know what I am going to say… no need to say it on twitter 😴🤐

Shiners ‏@mrsabad

I absolutely love seeing some of my favorite old school artists perform live, but the wait between each artist is m…

Nacho Cruz III ‏@NachoCruzIII

I need to sleep for like a whole day or something😴

purple rain ‏@velvet_rain004

@DMarlborough @BrexitCentral Yawn 😴

#TheFutureIsFemale ‏@Topsdiva

Exquisite weather to sleep in 💤😴☺️😍😘♥️💫💚🙏🏾

Heather ‏@heathersaucedaa

Finally time to knock the fuck out 😴

Naye ✨ ‏@nayeli_f14

That’s why you ain’t meet my momma 😴 💤

Lashee' ♓️😜 ‏@__ImwhatsPRETTY

Let Me Go Back To Sleep 😴

joseph 🌹 ‏@JPierree_

daily thing 😴

Marien Gahol ♥ ‏@MarienGahol

Off to sta luciaaaa 😴

Courtney ‏@courtsorensenx

Just take the parcel and shut up 😴

bex ‏@bekahasquith

cannot even find the word to describe how exhausted i am lately 🤒😴🙃

✨Jiggy Flocko ✨ ‏@DisplayGodsGift

Somebody really said ever Wr in NFL can do this Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ that’s the funniest thing I ever heard about football 😴

🌺 ‏@elizamariasc

What a long Friday 😴

Edgar ‏@Edgar_O9

Got this early ass flight 😴

DДVΞ ‏@1971DAVE_

@AnnaerAnna Sweet dreams beautiful 😴💜💞🤗😘💫

Sace ‏@_crucialmoves_

Nobody feels sorry for you😴

Allison Ayo ‏@Davidloveme

@NiallOfficial I hope come back again soon goodnight 🌙💤😴

Connor ‏@ConnorLeeKeegan

Makes it 10x harder to get up and go to work when I have to leave amber in bed asleep 😫😴

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