Sleeping Face Emoji

Face with eyes closed, and a sleep symbol – Zzz – over the head

Generally used instead of the Sleepy Face Emoji to indicate both sleeping, and sleepiness.

Sleeping Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😴 Sleep Face

😴 Snoring

😴 Zzz Face


😴 U+1F634




Tweets For 😴

Kristen ‏@lockedeek

Me trying to get some decent sleep: 💤😴 My mind: Yeah, no.

Jabulla ‏@Jabulani30

@errolbsk Fumbling PP?😴😴What did she do?

valeria ‏@huhval

@localmisandrist SLEEP 😳😴 i’ll be there 🛌💭

22 ‏@benito2x

Good night 😴

Jessy ‏@Jessy_Theriot

My body is vibing off of my tween's energy today. 😴😴😴 I need caffeine to get me out of this funk. 💆💆💆

Kathy ‏@BsoRules

@Mindlessrobot37 @Mannabouttown @johannasophiabo @KathyRaven85 @AmyMelsness @lindal_2812 @Greeneyz0080 @LaurieMit…

RK ‏@rr_alk03

b36ech ely tbain bs deactivate ur twitter acc 😴😴 — I won’t 😘😘😘😘😘

Joshua T. Stevens ‏@JoshTStevens

@ann2143 I gotta stand up on the train or else I’ll fall asleep 😴

zero-eight-thirteen👑 ‏@_STARBadASS

I’m slowly falling to 😴

defuzion ‏@fuzion407

@groyperfan It’s impossible to have a discussion cause your first instinct is to block me. 😴

ewikaaa 🖤 ‏@erika_losilo

Aircon please 😴

224💕 ‏@prettyszn

Tired ass bars😴😴

Thereal_JTyanna ‏@JamarialR

Get You The Moon on repeat. GoodNight 😴

layan alrwaished ‏@lay33_

@ralkandere Best night with you😴

Brit🦄🌈 ‏@needleeyebri_

Everyone has the own definition for cheating, for me cheating is basically anything you do or say to another person…

Parchment ‏@AMP07_

@Christoff_Bryan Lone a this yaa see pan the bench ... you gwaan yere 😭😭 plus the man has proven to be a catch and…

Manar🍇 ‏@manarlk47

MySelf😴👌🏻 #كن_جريء_واكتب_اسم_من_تحبه

Tim Shafer ‏@masterman45

Night🌙 all. Time⌚️ to get some sleep😴. Hoping unemployment comes soon. I may have a ride to my 2 VA appointments, b…

Jackie Caruso Phy ‏@j_crucify

Finally in Dallas 😴

Ada M Rosales 💋 ‏@AdaRosales

Done with everybody’s shit at the moment . 😴

AshleyMarie ❤ ‏@__amvxo

Ya the type of females to friend someone cause they man look good 😴

Dianna Estrada ‏@Dianna102

Sunday naps hit different 😴

abel ‏@iamabelho

@lvvvri @Justjazz__ Gen shut up you don’t even drink 😴😴


@busanbois Good night 😴😘💤🌙

laura ashley ‏@LASH_N

on to my 3rd home, work hard in silence while they play 😜😴

Anthony Guzman ‏@Anthony_Guzmann

@ppeneloppe_ imagine not having dark mode on 😴 and so what if im using my computer just flexing on u wheres ur computer

سارة ؏. مشربك ‏@Sara__Abdalla

I'm so sleepy😴😴 How will I survive today ..

cassondra ;) ‏@cassondra_munoz

shleep 😴

Sherjeel Babar 🇵🇰🇵🇰 ‏@Sherjeel_9298

Good Morning everyone😴😂 #INDvPAK

July 1st ✨ ‏@KeDeede

When I loose this weight, a butch better not cut her eye at me 😴

daij. ‏@ddaijanaee

haven’t been to one party yet & im totally fine w/ that 😴.

Danielle 😜 ‏@danielleL09

7 hours left and I’m fading fast SOS 😅😴

The Dog Botherer (TTV Affiliate) ‏@TLeaman_Jr

@AlmightyAlexa Supporting others , streaming and eating is what I do 😁 Oh, and occasionally sleep too!😴

Adita ‏@aditaas

Why am I sleepy all the time? 😴

Kay🖤 ‏@k_mcmahan5

Wait up for a “come over” orrrrr.... go to bed already bc I got work in the am.... goodnight😴😴

Ronnie Edge Jr. ‏@RonnieEdgeJr

@bigwavecoming @thesilverfoxx22 Thank you, just tiiiiiiiiiied 😴

🌊🌊🌊 ‏@beenhadthewave

I suppose just indica will do tho 😴

Brayona ‏@brayyyona

What I need to do: Sleep 💤 😴 🛏 What I’m doing: Thinking about mangonadas 🥭 🍹

Jesse♡ ‏@jesse_anguiano

Kind of wishing I had chloroform so I can start knocking myself out every night and actually get some sleep... 😴

فاطمہ✨’ ‏@fa60ma7

@taaiifaa Of course ,I would be like a badass lady😴🔥

🍒🍒 ‏@linsyslays

tomorrow finna be a long day but im still gonna hit the gym real quick tn 😴

4zhar ‏@MuhdAzhar_

49 hrs of work this week 😴

#YOUniverse✨ ‏@HappilyMe__

@_MyTwittahName Awww so I ain't even get invited to the watch party. You just don't love me.😭😭😴💀

🌷Marty and Al🌷 ‏@Marty_The_Pug

@daisymay31806 Fank yous😊Nigh night Daisy Mae😴❤️😘

GET SENT BY SENAIT💕 ‏@PrettyNu1021

My granny ass is sleepy soon as I get to the west I’m 😴😴😴

Keiaaa 🤑💋 ‏@keiaak

mfs really temporary & fwy when it’s convenient for them 💯😴

Rob Da Leo🥀 ‏@UziiBert

@deana_phelps_ I don’t need clout that doesnt [email protected] pockets🤷🏾‍♂️ They having a kid no need to be so bothered you…

Rekia ‏@_KissMhyTweets

Raeleigh so funny 🤣 I’m goin to sleep on her too 😴

✰Ander$tax✰ Ⓜ️TTⓂ️ ‏@AnderStax1k

Rd im takin my ass to sleep im done retweetin random shit🤣🤣😴

Bry ‏@Bry77079315

Uninstall Ml 😴😴😴😴

🌷Marty and Al🌷 ‏@Marty_The_Pug

@Mark_99nc Fank yous😊Nigh night Mark😴

Kitti. ‏@kaay_am

My motivation to study for finals is nonexistent 😴

amber ☁️ ‏@xAmberPenax

I’m D E A D. I cleaned the whole house, reorganized the clothes AGAIN, and got rid of a bunch of Jordan’s toys 😴

دابلي🍼 ‏@tajim_7

Good night😴😴

Gloria Chairez ‏@vulcan54


o.g. dorsey ‏@nigel3018

yo reptile ass hands + that screen 😴😴

. ‏@therealtaelo

taelo annoying was suppose to wash my clothes for me 😴 #bbymoms❤️

momma c ‏@platekchelsea

I need a new job that doesn’t involve me waking up at 5:30 every morning & not getting home till almost 7 in the evening. 😖😴

Kaly ‏@KalyHFN

@Gunner_Robinson Of course some of the people you’re replying to also said that Clackamas had twenty of the 22 best…

Chan ‏@Amiir_Chann

@Aphrodite__11 Keep Calm 😴

*m* ‏@zah_e_naseeb

See you India in World Cup after 4 years. Hopefully with a much alert captain. Till then good night😴…

Missi Pastor ‏@missi_pp

It’s raining 🌧 I already don’t wanna wake up in the morning 😴💭

Neo Boo 💕 ‏@itsBuhle_boo

@juiceysylva No one but yourself, Mara weitse o dom 😴 is everything good at home?

MALSHA ‏@Malshaaa

@TheVigi46228813 @FanReyez @Jessiereyez 😴😴😴 you‘re boring, thought you‘d have more in store. You‘re probably like 12 😂 stay blessed

jeongin as 😽 ‏@jeonginascats

shhh, baby is sleeping 😴 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #jeongin #양정인

‏ً ‏@Serpesti

Someone start drama. 😴

East Coast Girl ‏@EastC0astBrat

Goodnight 🌙💤😴

Ramesca ‏@Ramesca14

Falo nd😴

Khaleesi Forever 👑 ‏@OMGItsRabbit

And Yeah it's quite boring 😴

Vero ‏@veronicaaa08

@__nilbog But you won’t play me 😴😴

wes ‏@19wthompson

Not gonna say too much 😴

c ‏@uchihapaz

Any ghost stories? 😴

𝔓𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔬 ‏@Pedro_bg3

@juice_loading2 @felixavalos43 I know he was wearing a diamond snapback and a jean jacket when he tweeted this 😴

سُنّـدُسْ Al-Ismail ‏@Sondos_MJ

@MariaSHAMM Sleeep time ! 😴😴✋🏻

Hong Kong Fupa ‏@IamDwayneWayne

But as soon as you make yourself a priority, you’re fake. 😴

dea 🌙 ia ‏@jaemcats

@yetosha let me bring her a biology tutor😴

Kaye. ‏@KayAngellle_

He don't even wanna be w| her, he keep asking me to hook him up w| one of my friends 😴

Brenda McMihelk ‏@mcmihelk_brenda

I forgot about yesterday, ✨✨ #throwbacksaturday 😀😀😀 #saturday 🌃🌃🌃🌃 #goodnight 😴 🌙 🌌 #goodnight🌙 #bitmoji #facebook…

Juan Don👲🏾😤🎤🔊 ‏@ZTheChosen1

Don’t 😴

brianna ‏@shadysminaj

goodnight 🤪😴

Denisse ‏@dendenalecute

@__nadia__00 Go to sleep 😴 I’ll be here giving my life to the internet

Penny Rogers ‏@PennyRo79471827

@taylornation13 I better get to bed!😴

G ✨ ‏@ganeeyahh

this seems so staged but I’m 😴

Jennie ‏@itsjenniebih

I’m exhausted, I need my bed and a j 😴

Landon's Mommy ‏@kisspink__

Everybody gone! Good fuckin night! 😴

Cherisee ‏@briskootside

That “people can identify as a lamp nowadays” patter is pure pish man. It’s really no funny. I honestly dinny care…

🐼 humblepanda_ 🖤 ‏@steven_gee23

After hours and hours of raging in comp, TWO DOWN. 😴💀

erigong’s angel! ‏@ANGELN0HAL0

LAZY 😴 and ERIC 🥰 both have four 4️⃣ letters in them COINCIDENCE 🧐 i think not

p ‏@ppeneloppe_

@Anthony_Guzmann U are the web client 😴

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