Sleeping Face Emoji

Face with eyes closed, and a sleep symbol – Zzz – over the head

Generally used instead of the Sleepy Face Emoji to indicate both sleeping, and sleepiness.

Sleeping Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😴 Sleep Face

😴 Snoring

😴 Zzz Face


😴 U+1F634




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Hibbs 🇬🇧🐝 ‏@Jhibbert91

After six days of overtime and long gym sessions I am spent. Turning off all my alarms now is a better feeling than…

Key Flo ✡️ ‏@Keydro96

Alright, I’m fr taking a nap 😴🤫

CLAUDEA💙 ‏@Claudea_13

I DO NOT want a nigga I done already had😴🙄

Angie Blackburn ‏@angieblackburn

Waiting 😴

Uncle Titus ‏@invocation195

Daytona is mid 😴

Egon Mortenson ‏@EgonMortenson

@DavidTabulaRasa @AJOCberlin O toll😴

ELI ‏@Elidragom

Webby, Rocky and Redd are all incredible artists. Cop some tickets, don't sleep😴

📸 Sarah B ⚽️ ‏@Sarcastic_Sazza

Home to Northampton in the Fa cup draw 😴😴😴 winnable though ⚽#imps #facup

DAT ♑ ‏@datarrah

Good Night 😴

A👸🏾 ‏@sundaraputALI

But I don’t feel like being bothered w anyone😴

Nester ‏@nesterempty1

@BillKristol Aren’t you tired of that bullshit yet?? Give it a rest😴

🍻R2🌼 ‏@Yblrossy

Woke up feeling blue. I’m stayin in my room today 😴

Ben ‏@benn_davies14

Finally home 😴

Titty ‏@ThatoChandi

@BassieM_ Nah they’re boring😴. Everyone has blonde. Red would really look amazing on you!

Kean_dryl ‏@DrylKean

Time check 2:19😴😴😴

FAH ‏@afvfaheffdy

i need to sleep alr, goodnight mofos. 😴

Dee♠️💲 ‏@Rook_Speaks21

Wellin 😴

Definition of Sphallolalia ‏@SirLogan_21

I just ate... Gotta be at work by 3, about to be late 😴

lazytweeting ‏@whorealised

I would so love to write a well crafted tweet about how lazy I am buuuuuut 😴

Jayde ‏@jayde96x

Hate those really fkin selfish people that never stop to think about u for one second n everything has to be about them 😴

JaeJae ‏@JaeLashea1

All I could think about in class was going home and getting straight in my bed‼️ 😴😴

slimCh6po ‏@SlimCh6po

@badgrump @caramelvirgin awwwwww. does that mean you’re really choking on water? or are you just teasing us bro🤷🏽‍♂️😴😃

204 Park ‏@204Park

Well I’m not gonna lie - today is feeling a bit like the Monday-est Monday ever haha 😴☕️ But- I’ve got a strong cup…

. ‏@hoove_juice503

They're jus gunna have to wait n c... 😴😴

C ‏@champagnechica7

Mannnn it’s only 1pm but my lunch gave me the itis and i NEEDS a nap 😴

Josh C 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁 ‏@joshclark1992

Burton at home 😩😴 @SUFCOfficial #uti #FACupDraw

Roy Boy ♠ ‏@myfantasyyy

Can someone bring me coffee to start my day 😴

rudeboi 🥇 ‏@bkoogieLoc

gang unit always let him go cuz he cooperate 😴

DeadPoet ‏@hehatemesp

I be thinking I want to talk to people. Then they start speaking and my brain can't deal. I got PTSD from Too much…

Mark Akers ‏@MarkAkers_

Burton🧐😴 what a shit draw

cheeky✨ ‏@fielshans

Good night 😴

RubyGypsy ‏@LynneaWeitz

My sleepy Lil baby 😴❤️😘

ant 🐜 ‏@trap_antant

@_Aliseeeee I’m eating it today 😴

Gellert Grindelwald ᶻᵉʳᵒ ‏@iamtnvr_

Mitron.. Tweet Kar Ke Thak Gye Ho To Thoda " Marshmallow Creme Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies " Taste Kar Lo.. Tha…

Lauren Lasky Wivagg ‏@Lauren_LWivagg

@BrookeWivagg @tspencertv @BrookeWivagg ...or you are going on 24 hours with no sleep 😴😴😴

Grant Rogers ‏@Grant4Duke

Sleeping giant coming😴 #Si6hts 😈

FATEMA🧚‍♀️💜✨ ‏@ftma36x

I can hear your heart beat😴💘 #ishqbaaaz #shivika #ShivaaySinghOberoi #anika #SurbhiChandna #NakuulMehta

Azalea Anx ‏@AzaleaAnx

Tomorrow: Me: I'm so tired Friend: what did you do last night? Me: pulling an all nighter doing nothing with abs…

Jyotisman_🥋🎵🎧 ‏@JyotishmanTj

@AnneMarie Always love ur tweets bt isn't it 2:14 am there 🤔🤔...late night💤😴 Tbh we both have the same time zone f…

JimonJi 🌊🕉🤩 ‏@luhdude_

I see all the lil subtweets and undercover hate I'm too focused to acknowledge any of it 😴

Leek🥀 ‏@Muh_leek1

dog ass nigga tryna fight me 😂😴

sam ‏@sammil58

@SaffronBarker @Primark How are people seriously blowing the things she said away? If it was someone like pewdiepie…

MACK DADDY ‏@mackdaddyslayin

There is nothing I love more than coming home from working a 12hr night shift and seeing the woman of my dreams sle…

Huncho E 🎒 ‏@YoFav_Dominican

Random people steady hating I never let it faze me 😴

P A T T Y • P A L M E R ‏@pat_sue_palmer

Mom bod don’t care. 😴

laurie lorsch ‏@saltdiggity

@DirtyTbagger @DrsMeena Goodnight Doc😴💤

N.M.A🇦🇪 ‏@_nma98

Nighty 😴😴

Julian cifuentes ‏@Jcifuentes15

Living robotic lifestyle of work - school 😴😴

Abbs✨ ‏@Abbyscott98x

Can this day be over pls & thank u 😴

💖🎸🎸🎸 Ram Nase🎸🎸🎸 💖 ‏@RamNase1

Good night my all twitter friensds 😴 Happy Night'😪 A normal Person Prays to God 'Don't Give Me Problems" BUT A Gre…

karen harrison ‏@karenmharrison2

@PhysicsHawk We saw it after church yesterday & thought the SAME thing! 😴😴😴I guess it was about the man more than t…

James ‏@Goonyella_

Scunthorpe away, boring😴😴

Aaiza🍬 ‏@Aaiza9

Rather have Cha anyday😴😴

Jazieee ‏@ehzieljade

Okay! I'll SLEEP😴😴

scotty don't ‏@Kaylahhboo

@mikeydropsdimes same 😴

lay cee ‏@_bylacie

Fingers crossed the sleeping pills work 😴

Buller ‏@harrison_Buller

Load of bullshit🙄😴

••••• •••• ‏@AngelKatzzz

Cardi b made the best asmr video 😴

amarani 💫 ‏@amaranicolinn

If I stopped talking to it’s because y’all are fake af not because of a certain person 😴‼️

🇳🇬 Dr. Pro ⚕️ ‏@PintoPee

Are you tired of your Job?😴 Do you deserve better than those peanuts/tithe your boss pays you Do you want to beco…

👑blackWidow🇿🇲 ‏@Mwiche_Musonda

They have changed my Suwi😭 This new girl is boring😴 Bring back the old Suwi😫 #zuba

Bishwajeet Kumar Raut#Urban Nuxul ‏@RautBishwajeet

@soniassini @77_ShabadPrahar Aise hi twt kuregi ,, kussum se --- murr jaavan.. ! Kya .. 🙄🤔 With…

Ceres ‏@ceresgalax

Voreing? more like.. BOReing! 😴💤

Brittney Tebbe ‏@BrittneyTebbe

Im tired in every way possible 😴😓

Chanty~ ‏@Chantyrawaff

I can’t fuck with ppl who can literally lie to your face eye to eye when yk the truth. Good ass actors man.😴

denden 🌻 ‏@itschristeljane

sleeeep i need u rn 😴

Emma Rushworth ‏@erushers79

@rushj @paddymcguiness @flintoff11 Doesn’t make it not a car programme 😴 I’d rather they fronted a gardening programme

Sinèad ✨ ‏@_sineadkeego

Is it too early for bed? Asking for a friend 😴

Ayee Quay 🦋 ‏@AyeeMikequesTv

all you bitches do is lie then say you hate being lied to😴

Katie ‏@katie_taylor_88

7.14 is totally an okay time to go to bed isn’t it? 😴

kat ‏@kathrinequezada

A ton of homework due tomorrow, and still decided to take a nap 😴

yurel romero ‏@yurelromero

It’s such a nice day out! I wish I wasn’t at work😴

samantha granger ‏@samjam44

the smartest thing i ever said was nothin 😴

Liv Reep ‏@LivvyReep

The longest Monday of my life😴😫

R Waters ‏@robbiegwaters

Court on a Monday afternoon 😴

Mrs Baweja ‏@Uroooooooooj

@shraddhaslove Been okiesh 😴😴 How about you?

Pulkit Awasthi ‏@pulkitthejust75

#AYearTaughtMe that 12 months are not enough to think about your future. 😴🙄😛

Dyleo ‏@Dylan_Flint

Some serious pop.. 😴 @brandonaustin27

Alexis 🐻 ‏@OsoAventuroso

I might not be the best teacher there is but I really love what I do for a living. I too wanna get better at it lit…

Do nut ‏@HamzaRamay4

I can understand the language of the Egyptian mummies 😴

sophie Ⓥ 🎃👻 ‏@eatplantsnotpig

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 besides, what’s really more extreme: telling others they should go vegan, or arguing against veganism and ju…

Tanya C. ‏@tctapes

@smvrobles @ScumbagForHire Seriously. Everyone in wrestling is tired. But you chose that. 😴

Cameron' ‏@_xcvzx

January: let’s get that new bread 😴

Isla Campbell ‏@islacampbell_

Worst day ever 😴 bed pls

Trainer's Choice ‏@tcvitaminssupp

Get the restful sleep you deserve with Melatonin from @tcvitaminssupp 😴 Currently on Sale for ONLY $4.99 ✔ 👉Copy…

🙏🏽Watch Ova Me Juan🙏🏽 ‏@nicknamesolo

😴 bitch you fed me when I left my money at home !

Caitlyn Daviess ‏@ohshitcaitlyn

woke up super early, got things done this morning, now I'm sooooooo tired.... maybe a nap before work later? 🤔😴

Docker Tutorial ‏@DockerTutorial

Docker : alanunruh13 This happens to us! But only if we're whale-y tired. 😴 (via Twitter

Ma'Simelane ‏@Pirates1stlady

Wandile's storyline 😴😴😴😴

Sarah Boudreaux ‏@Sarah_Anna413

Two cups of coffee and two grande lattes later: 😴

RoselyAleena ‏@DivineQueeen

I can’t wait to go home and sleep 😴

TฯMM¥ ‏@TimmyWithYou

These 3700 games are killing me😴🐑

NotThaFather🍼 ‏@TIMMY_DARKO

@bnc_unique Who wouldn't? 😴

Eimear Boggs 💕 ‏@EimearB80

Was supposed to be working from 5am to 5 tonight.. nah sure working till 8.. i need sleeppp 😴😴

Maria from Estonia ‏@MariaEstonia

Have been away of twitter for a while. Because nothing to tell about. I have a boring life right now😴😴😴

Aikeaaa🌹 ‏@yukijean_

Goodnight zzzzzZzzz😴

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