Sleepy Face Emoji

Not to be confused with Sleeping Face Emoji, this sleepy-face emoji features a snot bubble coming out of the nose. This is used in anime and manga to indicate that a character is sleeping.

Sleepy Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😪 Side-Tear

😪 Snot Bubble


😪 U+1F62A




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Jon Chen 🔜LAN ‏@ChenJonny

So Tired 😴 😪

𝙠𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙣 ‏@_rosesforjoon

@hoseoksshine been dead😪

Javi🎄 ‏@Javier_A20

@momjeansca are you guys gonna put up left over merch from the tour online when the tour ends? I didn’t get to cop a tee during the tour😪

Yasmine ‏@HindiYasmine

@L11_Official @sweehlam if this aint us😪

Dilly 🤘🏽 ‏@dtxdilly

The bad thing about a break up is your hoes don’t fwu anymore cause you dropped them for the relationship 😪

K Y 🇵🇷 ‏@PrincessKPeach

@meowmeeka_ Yea they’ve changed it a couple times but that’s the set dateS now 😪 and a girl 💗 I’m hoping she comes…

Mia ‏@MiaBaldwin_

Really upset cos I’m that skint I can’t even afford chrimbo nails 😪

jezebel coochie ‏@COOCHIECOWBOY

I got got by propaganda 😪

𝚂𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚈𝚊𝚗𝚐 .۵ ‏@NayelisCrespo_

@valenahir21 It so hard 😪 Plus my voice doesn’t work lol

José ‏@HipHipJosee

I’m crying 😂😂😪

O U T K A $ T 🥀 ‏@YuluvJulius

😪 them random booty pix u get without asking 😍👀

美麗 💕 ‏@Shortieee__

I always want to buy those big tubs of cheese puff balls from Walmart .... but I don’t want to look the chubby girl…

jas ‏@h0llajasmine

OMG i made all A’s this semester 😪😪😪🙏🏽

pineapple ‏@f6mmaaa

Seriously moving to a different country is a stressful situation 😪

مودّة ‏@55Doda

All show and no go😪

Shania💋💋 ‏@shambaek

@its_dayananana Miss you too yats😪😘😘

🌵🇺🇸 DeplorablesEVERYWHERE 🇺🇸🌵 ‏@MaD2016wiFe

@WestJournalism @YouTube 🌵🇺🇸 @VP Uou know why Umust reset #AmericaFirst We know why we must support #AmericaFirst…

ˢ ‏@skzyeehaw

@btsarmyglobe we love that slksksji😪🥰

High_Dosage ‏@thiskidimran

@_Shadow773 @shotsbynino @Luisfly_23 it was like kobe and shaq 😪😭

J_SWAYZ ‏@Whiteboyjay26

Those kebabs were so bomb 😪💦🤤

Meechiie 🤫💧 ‏@Meechiiesosa

They say another man’s trash is another man’s treasure but the thing is it was never trash to begin with some men j…

vivi ‏@thatvioIet

Turns out im no longer the daddy 😪

ѕαяιиα ‏@thirdeye_blonde

@EricaIsInfinite And then spent 5 days in jail for it. Absolutely awful... and not really surprising anymore, which is the worst. 😪

New Pac Prince ‏@ThePrinceofEnt

CRYING FROM LAUGHING BOUT IT #thewinterclassik #soundtrack 🛃✨😪 #feelcrazyinside @ The White House

MSunbae aka Neknoor ‏@sunbae_m

@wzqrsn Ooh mince 😪

millie loves sally ︽✵︽ ‏@gayleyatwell

y'all 🤪🤩 losers 😔😳 are 😏🙈 really 😁😭 getting 😪😍 old 👵😂 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11…

jenny ‏@clarkjoes

Filmé movies telling superhero movies to stay in their people's choice, mtv movie, teen and kids choice awards lane 😪

grace ‏@gracesmae

@misscolee96 @dollydanielle_ @Basetsana_Pule it’s honestly a struggle 😪

vic🎻🏳️ ‏@vskyeb

@icufreshmeat @VegJourney_GF That’s my favorite 😪😪

ckl ‏@lorennijc15

i dnt wanna b at work😫 i wanna sleep 😪

Punanii ‏@punanii_69

@kwa_kuya @followthefishtv @ShrineLA @chrislake @woowhector I know I literally woke up rn and seen this 😪

s ‏@suleeharana

Can the weeknd go back to making songs like twenty eight and not trash like starboy 😪

Small Might ‏@vanitaaaa_

@ck_originals_ At first I was buying into the propaganda but then I heard his story. They used my good sis in the B…

mía yeun ‏@ImActuallyMia

I bought a bunch of cute clothes from my store but I don’t like how they look on me 😪

StonedRebel♡Milan🌬 ‏@NirvanaStoned

Right 😪

Jhaleel ‏@iAm__JMo

Wheeew chiiile 😪

Julie Hoolie ‏@julieeejackson

@kingargyle I’m a dog person 😪

Nicole 🍭 ‏@xoxo_jayla

Drinks in the air ! 👆🏽keep resting bae bae we got you down here 🙏🏽💙😪

Edsoonniiieee ‏@edsoooncstll

Hopeless romantic😪

eye van na ‏@Ivanna_Rose

Seen the hashtag #thanossnappedsmite😪 rip 😬😝

diana ‏@dianaaa244

Sadly mine never came out like that 😪

Ozioma . S. 😌💻 ‏@Xymbiz

@frankdonga_ I forgot matric number when we went for 6 months ASUU strike😪😪

🎄 𝓚𝔂𝓵𝓪𝓱 🎄 ‏@dolandits

@bowwowwowyippy1 They god SKIRTT and hit the block like WIZ KALIFA😪

Harry Mclean ‏@HarryMclean18

@CianDobing @J_Highfield_ Asif you’d talk about my kid like that 😪

kyle mcdonald ‏@kyle_mcdonald55

@TheKOT4Q already know my celtics are boutta be last😪

k ‏@hollandhowell

I just lost my last braincells 😪👊


@shctrack4 ugh yes denise fest was the best part about living in st denise 😪

Gbɔgla🐐 ‏@_Kwame_Tettey_

@_selaaa Ino be you pɛ oo 😪

natali cruz ‏@nattcruz08

@payy_olaaa I havent even had coffee 😪😔

saruuuhh☃️ ‏@doanwithlife

my client just told me that when i’m in her house it “feels like home” but for the rest of the week when i don’t wo…

OG✨ ‏@TrvpCharlie_

This dude just used both his hands to grab his dick and he doesn’t have small hands 😪 I’m not sure where he thinks that’s going to fit

Madibuseng ‏@fancy_gill

@Thulaganyo__Mos Okay, you got me 🤣🤣😭😫😫😪

justin ‏@PUTOJUSTlN

@svssydun well if the shoe fits😪

SLICK🛸 ‏@_Myycah

@Kinglrg_ Future Hendrix means we never got a drake album 😪 future still gotta dip

Fabrizio Arzino ‏@Arzino_Fabrizio

@MikiScogna @JERRYlorenzo Look he’s hopless 😪 @JERRYlorenzo

marco ‏@marc_rubio6

facts 😪

meezy ‏@_meezy17

Long breaks make me so lazy to go back to work😪

☃️❄Mandi_Blake❄☃️ ‏@blakelynnie

Sleepy bowtie boy 😪

GreatGatsby ‏@MojoModjela

Had to get stitches cause men tried to mug me, after successfully knocking 4 guys out cold the 5th stabbed me by my eyebrow 😪

Savage_Wag_Kamandi ‏@kamandimuchoki

Baba Junior Rest in peace 😫😪😔: via @YouTube

alex ‏@ulttaewoo

its bc some fans still didnt understand so they had to do it live so the whole world can see it 😪😪

Saadi. ‏@saadilaadidaadi

@shayybrianee Beautiful woman ❤️❤️ so sorry for your loss 😪 Call me anytime Love you 😘 stay strong !!!

mykenzy ‏@shctrack4

@M00DYPAINT i bet you really miss going to denise fest the first friday of every month 😪

Now I'm pissed!🌊 ‏@KangasMom1

It's a sad day when you realize you could vanish right now and not one person would notice or care.😪 Treasure your…

JeremyTravis ‏@JeremyTen21

@FantasyAdvice99 Whoops! I added and dropped to block another team. 😁😪

:( ‏@needybell

@smallnpeachy I’m glad you’re doing well uwu. I’m also tired at the moment😪

Ileana 🌹 ‏@kouldbeileana

Sigh 😪

shirley B 💗🥶 ‏@yaguhliyah

lord knows i love my family 😪💘 I’ll rather leave before I let them

STRAYBOYZ OUTSOLD ‏@stayswithskz

@honeybeejeongin @lushskz @mintminhoe @BBcloutgang I just stated facts. Ive been thinking about your video all day 😪💘💘💘

tiana🍒 ‏@sushirollsebi

@ReeceJSings sorry for your daily struggle😔😪

Shaniqua ‏@Shaniqu89833082

Got so excited for the interview stage ..... then realised @KayodeKoD got fired and then my excitement just withers 😪 #TheApprentice

kala ‏@hello_sarahx0

@SageJPEG I’m sorry sage 😪 ily beautiful soul ❤️

T$leezy ‏@TerraGlockk

Just ordered me some chipotle i been craving it for the longest😪😪😪

Lil Jœ ‏@jrams30

@Snakes_CF @_kfbarra Smh this is the appreciation I get for going off Sunday😪

KevO ‏@Kev_O210

So stressed out rn... 😪

‘Ji Amy✨ ‏@AjieAmie

@Omo_frenchie @mariieejallow Yes Raheem & it's not even mine😪

🌻Wooyoung my $mile🌻 ‏@VihJessica

eu e o wooyoung 😪❤ I love Ateez ❤ @ATEEZofficial

Hailey ❁ ‏@faileyhry

I think everyone should go back and un-dislike Justin Bieber’s “baby” and dislike #YouTubeRewind2018 😪

pensive shrimp ‏@escalerraa

@urlocalgranny WOAHHH ETHEREAL GODDESS!! ANGEL OF MY HEART!! 💕😪💛💜❤️🧡💙❤️🧡😭💘💜💖💓😭💖💙💓🧡💛💙💕💕🧡💜❤️😭💙💛💜🧡💕💓

Koda ‏@koda_nami

@PSE_503_noe Yeah hoping you don’t have to sit out for 3 months like I had to when my thumb/wrist flared up 😪 Once…

The Black Supreme Kai ‏@BlackSupremeKai

The day the TL is lit...i gotta work 😪....Y A L L W O N

Blazerfan ‏@_BlazerFan_

@ACR_POKER Queen quads vs Aces quads on a live cash game for a $2,500 dollar pot with no bad beat jackpot 😪

TATO M ‏@tatoh94

@kapembwa_taizya We roll like they 😪..ain't no one stoping us

kyla ‏@JakylaDej

i can’t take no more losses this year WTF💔 12/12/18 LongLiveMyGodMommy😪

𝒜𝑅𝐼♡ ‏@justsimplyari

TESTIMONY 🙏🏾 When I tell y’all this semester was NOT easy at all. Working, Depression & Self Doubt,3 Organizations,…

calle ‏@bryanstreet_

I always tell everyone my spine hurts when it’s cold out and they look at me like i’m crazy 😪 glad i’m not alone

La🍑 Panda ‏@LaetitiaAmatTe

@frynchfry Imma try 😪

nikol3🖤 ‏@Ashley18642565

I hope he’s okay 😪

Misanthropic Drunken Loner ‏@fvckingchoke

Why’s the sun gotta set so early 😪 it’s super dark by the time I get my breaks at work and I hate it.

kid.from.the.sun🌞 ‏@tayley_crawage

😂 Bro I adore my lil sister ❣️♥️♥️❣️♥️❣️♥️❣️♥️♥️❣️. Literally texted me from the other room since we said goodnight…

🕺🏻oorrlanddoo el maravilla💃🏻 ‏@basikbottomed

If ya’ll knew what went down this past weekend 😩💀😭😪🤧

P. Will ‏@prestontre_

His form is impeccable😳 Someone taught him well😪

naj📿 ‏@Zencsss

ffs I just know my public law lecture tomorrow is gonna be longggggggg cos of this no confidence vote😪😔

xingsoo love bot ❦ ‏@seokjindan

my love 😪

Julia 🌻 ‏@jjordsss

Damn my friends are really graduating out here 😪 I’m going to miss yall

Chiichii 🦒 ‏@_ciciiii_

If I didn't have to work today, I would've been so content watching Christmas movies all day 😪

❄️ ‏@tiredyoons

@triviafvck same 😪

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