Sleepy Face Emoji

Not to be confused with Sleeping Face Emoji, this sleepy-face emoji features a snot bubble coming out of the nose. This is used in anime and manga to indicate that a character is sleeping.

Sleepy Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😪 Side-Tear

😪 Snot Bubble


😪 U+1F62A




Tweets For 😪

𝑯𝒐𝒑𝒆 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 ‏@phantomcruz17


BTG🐍 ‏@mobolajii_O

I don’t sleep well at night because I keep dreaming about the continuous L i took all year long 😪

horror ‏@grosspuke

ALWAYS 🕔 make sure 👍 to shave 🔪🍑 because ✌️ the last time 🕒 we let 👐😪 a bush 🌳 in our lives 👈😜👉 it did 9/11 💥🏢🏢✈️🔥🔥🔥

CutieJoonie ‏@luviskimNamjoon

Me : goes 😪😪😪 when friends send their six abs pictures Me 2 mins later : freaking out over namjoon's veins

YT: CaniCreations💎 ‏@Cani_Mannah

apparently im too perfect 😪i genuinely wish i was

🔥열이엄마 ▪ daby😗😀 s/h ‏@yeollieeomma

Why did I even think of doing this?😪

Apex predator ‏@ElBlooderino

It’s raining cats,dogs,sheep,hyenas...heck it’s rainy the entire Animal kingdom 😣🤧😪⛈

H ‏@harriet_tucker

My Monday morning cuddle is bored of my company 😪

Jennykoko📷🍥 ‏@kokonuts15

They just wantu hit and run 😪

Biggz ‏@ushryboy05

My heart filled up wit sxars loving me xould be dangerous😪

brenda ‏@brendaxleslie

@SorryItsPickle honestly u right. I’m sure I’ll be dead by 1 pm so guess imma skip out 😪😪

Lei143 ‏@Viclei3

Sleep 😪

🦁💛 ‏@goddamngaby

But why did Chris Brown have to die so soon in Stomp the Yard 😪

Corporate Thug 😎 ‏@CallMeOptimum

All ye single ladies... Hope you're standing firm 😎😪😎

Donna Marie Ohrling ‏@donna_ohrling

@delta1633 That's how I feel today😪

denim chicken ‏@trashinn

@Mochizouu Wish i drank some, settled for tea 😪

jesssss ‏@_zavalajess

@jocelynsmh same same, glad i ain’t the only one 😪

YB〽️ ‏@_youngbryant_

I can’t ever sleep 😪

Osama Bhatti ‏@mo_bhatti

@murtazaarbabraz You haven't followed me yet 😪

_stvnbrmdz ‏@_stvnbrmdz

ugh humans 😪

prettyktmirchandani ‏@prettyktm

#SalmanKhanImpact💪 #MY👈 Favorite #SONG #TereNaam @prettyktm 😪

Karli Aki 🌊 ‏@itbe_karli

Just said my first farewell. This shit is too real 😪

Ganeysh John ‏@ganeyshjohn52

2 papers done and damn tired asf. 😪

josdelinne ‏@josdelinne1

Listening to my dear melancholy at this time like W H Y ? 😪

Vijay Singh ‏@Hatto_bae

@Grlwithdimples @justinbieber @selenagomez @jack Gareeb log 😪

Jorgen Von Strangle ‏@TonyStern7

@sayi_gowri @musttravelmore @guffawer There you go, seee no value this country has for love and affection 😪😪😪😪

🌱 ‏@xiaokundery

@glitterywonho Minhyuk, and only on pizza😪

✋🏾Manxele!!✋🏾 ‏@Siseko_34

@AdriaanBasson @News24 I kind of feel sorry for you bro😪. A grown as man who has to do such. Actually i feel sorry…

AlexsisJanae 💕 ‏@asskabooutlexx

I promise I will never do this to myself again . 😪

Bean ‏@coketure

@alifanacct Yeah I’m right there with you 😪 can’t fix it at the moment

alya'a🇸🇩 ‏@3lyamotwkel

@raneem_moniem nfsyn t3bta mnk 😪

Smoov AkA 🇻🇮 ‏@AliSmoov

Look what y’all did to bae smh. 😩😪😢

k ❤️ ‏@kateykayy_

Finally made it home & all I want is my babies 😪

chey misses ateez 💌 semi-IA ‏@seoxushi

@seothighs Ahh it’s just hard because I had a solid for years and I wasn’t expecting it to change but now it has 😪…

- ‏@thekiidxo

Please God, let him be safe 😪

Ricki_Rick💀🇳🇬 ‏@Patrick41639980

@Phidelius_C See bread that that one is wasting is like you want thunder to fire you abi 😡😪

R0 ‏@R0Gjr7

@RealAnanyaa 1st rule of becoming a part of fandom here is using abuses as a habbit . Then fight me to our gnda lev…

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ً ­ ‏@ajay_snehi

@squidwxrds Bcz she works in bollywood.. Bollywood is hypocrite and anti-national 😪

Jennykoko📷🍥 ‏@kokonuts15

@_Toseen_ Swears... 😢😪

haziqasyraf ‏@piqisirumba

Hm , i already miss him 😪

王様 ‏@KingToX_

@CamRebellious Why you laughing at my girl bro 😪

Da.vontee 🍀 ‏@iamdgreen98

Fr😪 I ain’t finna be lame and act like I ain’t see ya message

Baby😊 ‏@Slender_slanda

@manlikedide 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️got me wondering if condoms were that expensive then😪

ⓡⓘⓝ 🦋 ‏@bxby_kawaii

someone feels sad and down again.. i guess she is missing her cat and cant stand the baby dumping, she is too soft…

ℓαиι🌹♡ ‏@lanimariexoxo_

One thing my ex always told me after justifying all the shitty things he did that hurt me.. "you sure know how to m…

Action Jackson ‏@_KyJayy

I’m a lil bit of both. Sadly 😪

Cece✨a 🤡😔🤠// semi ia ‏@sunkissedjinnie

happy songs turned sad are whew chefs kiss I think this might help me knockout 😌😪

𝗸𝗮𝗿𝗮 ‏@getwellxxx

can’t sleep, this back pain is no joke 😪

(ia)|Shine🌟| Dream🎯| Smile😊| ‏@mmitrav90

@proTAEcts Bruh here am getting cold and u r njoying 😪

$ ‏@safzzzzz

@calvintakyi Pussy I am here you are looking for someone’s daughter😪😹

x ‏@millentallod07

@itsjudy_ann I just miss mised missed misses. May Gas Cazsie! MISS LANG KITA ATEEEEE. ILOVEYOU MORE SURRY HEHE :( 😪💓

Sir Arthur ‏@digitaldidan

The hardest part about introducing people to the hustle is explaining how everything works.😪 You seem like you’re…

⚜️ Ross ‏@JeremyRoss385

My friends joke about my hairy arms but when they hit puberty and their balls drop, they gonna be pretty damn shocked 😪🤪

Judi Hewitt Ⓥ ‏@Judihewitt

@nancekivell73 @herbieharry Me too 😪

Ryan ‏@ryj0hnson

Dead ass 😪

KAI ‏@199414O1

@artificiallyegg why are they so mad at exols spamming lol ofc exols would hype the EXO members in that group. can'…


😭😥When You fight with Bae the whole day😢💔Then he/she apologizes at night😪😰 You refuse forgiving him/her 💔Then you s…

Ola ‏@olafdasnowmann

Everyday I’m reminded I cut my hair when I get out the shower and try to shake my hair and nothing happens😪

Black Amethyst✨ ‏@ll_oyce

When you fall in love and you start doing the stupid things, is there a pause button? Like I’ll come back and be st…

#DatAlbyChick ‏@I_amAlby

Broken heart made me wash everything in my closet!! Herh Im in pain charle 😪😩

jm 📌noren au ‏@irreguIar127

jaemin is my best friend 😪

Don Raul ‏@Eli_Kunene

I had a very vivid dream where my boss (and favourite lawyer) told me I suck at rapping. I woke up so angry with hi…

💸Big〽️oneyBigCat💸 ‏@BMBigCat

Had a nightmare so bad I ripped the sheets off my bed in my sleep .... 😪

💫 ‏@Tengkunasuhaa16

Just need some space😪

Athy ۞ 💛 ‏@raymorganlx

The crumbs.. When will we get the bread? 😪

Charlotte ‏@charlbuckley

@SophieJ43782902 Welllll sad 😪

ʙᴜɴɴʏ♥ ‏@_L0STBUNNY

when a school friend calls you at 12am and wakes you up 😪 like bro i was about to fall asleep

Brit🦋🔥 ‏@kjelip

low key so sad I didn’t meet loona like I could have been at that pier today so easily 😪😪

Dre ‏@drenodoctorr

I go bacc to work tmrw 😪🙄

jackie 🌸 ‏@Jackieepoo1

@2eraxx miss you too ear 😪

GUTICUTS 💈 ‏@VicAlGuti

@allisonpinedaa How’d I know that was gonna used against me 😪

j ‏@sojaia

@lilbuccee me too 😪

ZEESHAN ‏@ItsMeeZeee

Jb parhna betho to neend aati hy or jb bht dino k baad parhny betho to or ziada neend aati hy. 😪

fun girl ‏@wiseyute

One of dem ones😪

Idil. ‏@nibr__

stress thinking what i should do after ord 😪

this gorl SAW Got7 😭 ‏@kdrama_watcher

@sitnadh_1 I AGSJKSAHHSJA AGREE A comment was like “ah shit here we go again” 😩😪

Aiden ‏@_Trils

@Kompanymusic big krumbo has evolved into BIG KRUMBOPOLIS 😡, ableton has fainted 😪

YAY Toon DAY ‏@yay_tunes

@_Kaimaa I'm scarred for life 😭😭😭😭.it's not a pretty thing you know 😪

Jihyoseph 🤘 ‏@ABCDElvin

So much for this day 😪

fuqq on yo thot type beat ‏@njx9000

damn. i can’t sleep w out you 😢😪

Alyssa Guajardo ‏@danielle_ally

literally the love of my life 😪

MumBaekar.. ‏@katamulgi

@CrazySim01 Now need to update it😪

Rudy 💕 ‏@Shirrteese

it’s been a while 😪


@jaylenealyssa GANG 4L😈‼️💛And thanks jay I appreciate it💯😪

tit ‏@merve_trbl

Why am I crying to this oh my god🤧😪

JustRemmy ‏@Noooooobodyyy

@FeelMicFlow Fact😪😭

jade ‏@pIanetchuu

my osd was so cute & u all let me flop😪

AndreMussic ‏@AndreMussic

GTB doingg me dirty 😪

lovely💕tee ‏@JuicyJaeCouture

Damn I wish Mariah was here with me 😪😪😪

🤞🏽 ‏@roughbex

I just want a regular sleep schedule man 😪

Sabog de Third ‏@sabogandrew

oh i beg you 🙏😪

Dak▲ta R▲chelle ‏@Dako1r

😭😪 I’m so sad

Glory ‏@glow_riee

See me wishing this Abuja rain started when I wasn’t considering this job matter😪

Davd ‏@dskuko

I prefer Tim Godfrey’s Gbemisoke with Masterkraft sha... wish both were on Apple Music 😪

Kenz💕 ‏@mxckenzierose_

Brett and Jeremy pointed out to me that my boys are pretty much all I have left since all my girl friends are movin…

M&M 🙃 ‏@Itsme_mmmm

sleepy but i have to take down notes and review 😪

Eva Carthaus ‏@EvaBayern

@newworlddd555 Poor little puppy. Stop posting this cruelty. ☹️😪

Brotha X ✊🏿 ‏@noflash_x

Back to back years of feeling like this 😪. I need to rewind time yo

c🗿rdell ‏@drums

@Dezzy miss secure😪

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