Slot Machine Emoji

A gambling machine generally found in casinos. Shows three wheels with a lever to the side. Most platforms display three 7 digits on this emoji.

Slot Machine was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎰 Casino

🎰 Fruit Machine

🎰 Gambling

🎰 Poker Machine


🎰 U+1F3B0




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NWR ‏@nwrbroadcast

@SUPER_8_music @TheHangabouts Wow!! Two of our absolute favorites chatting about a new release! It’s like Christmas in May! 😎👏🍷🌲🥃🍹🎰

DJ KenStarr ‏@DJ_KenStarr

Big shout out to the good people at @clemusicgrp. I am proud to announce I have partnered with them and will be doi…

amanda marshall ‏@anoelmarshall

Oceans’s Eleven is such a good movie! Every time I watch it it makes me want to go back to Vegas so badly 🎰😎

DEX Arbitrage Opportunity Bot ‏@dexarbitrage

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Teresa Cooper/T-Bird ‏@tbirdcooper

@AuroraMcCreary when are you going to be in LAS??!! 🎲🎰❤️

Fruity Slot Bot 🎰🤖 ‏@lonesome_arcade

Spins... |☘|🎰|☘| Won $0.00 - Total $0.70 "Just one more go!" #slots #casino

Vinny Vetrone™ ‏@vinnyvetrone

& Double Down 🎰🎲

Heather Marie ‏@MrsAstronskas

Been as huge fan of @GhostAdventures since the 1st docu in 04 (Goldfield &Virginia City)! Now I FINALLY get to visi…

DEX Arbitrage Opportunity Bot ‏@dexarbitrage

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The Real Joe-EU Remoan #FBPE #Peoplesvote #Remain ‏@ORourkeGerry

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SBJN:♐🔥Photographic Memory: 📷🌟 ‏@theusagirl

This photo though, 💛🎲🎰thanks @ramborivera for sharing on your Instagram story...✌🤘

OGB ‏@GamblingBible

🎰 Like #roulette? 👁️ Then check out the top roulette sites online right here 👇 ➡️

rabbit march! 🐰 ‏@himizuku

kaching to all my fellow chicks and dicks of Shibuya 🎰🎲 #hypmic #HypnosisMic

xK_iyahx ‏@blue23_m

@OziePlayz JACKPOT 🎰


@LeftLaneDidon @prodbydani @Zaneinho9 🔦🔥🎰🏌🏿‍♂️🥂 FEAT. @NiCESUPREME88 @Stack_Skrilla @Melanin_9 @HusKingpin…

rabbit march! 🐰 ‏@himizuku

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” 🎰🎲 #hypmic #HypnosisMic

Hunwei! ‏@hunweii

I’m Your Puppet 🎰

Lindsay ☺︎ ‏@LindsayStohon

I love the casino 🤑🎰



Aditya Weirdsgn ‏@weirdeetz

Video Poker Classic ♦️♣️♥️♠️ Promotional ad. 🎰 For commision work PM us or email at [email protected] #weirdsgn…

sky sport online ‏@skysport33

🎰 Game Of Throne S8 E6 Leaked 📽️ HD (1080) Great Match Computer Live Stream HERE ➤ Mobil…

Kayla Kush +゚*。:゚+ ♬✧ ・:*:♪・゚+ ‏@_badluc

First time in Vegas so I had to do all the tourist shitttt 🎰🎲

Pechanga Resort Casino ‏@PechangaCasino

Relive the excitement of life in New York City with your favorite ladies! Test your luck with our new Sex and the C…

Damien Swift ‏@Damien1968

Love or hate him @georgegalloway is articulate, entertaining and on this occasion 100% correct. The Tory party need…

Floyd 🥊 ‏@realkelvinfloyd

Need to win that jackpot 🎰

Karla ‏@kfranco322

Sunday fun day! Day 3 here we come, but first some food and gambling! 🎶🎰💵 #EDC #Vegas #FriendsWeekend

KH ‏@heatonkate_

Bestest night with my bestest friends🎰 @ Mersey Ferries

hoosierblue ‏@hoosierblue1

Looks like your *🍀🎰LUCK🎰🍀* ran out! 😂😉

Allison ‏@allison_joyann

Vegas countdown begins. Only 29 more days!!🌟🎉🎰😎

•iva ‏@grethanxlife

omg wait i just realized that emma is going to be 18 on tuesday and now she can go to vegas and have fun🎰

Hossination ‏@HossinationHQ


Peaches ‏@RachellaSanders

The Tillman's, The Woodson's and The Johnson's do Vegas 🍾🥂🎲🎰🍻🍽 @ Las Vegas, Nevada

SelectorJnrB1 ‏@SelectorJnrB1

One Moment of Patience May Ward Off Great Disaster. One Moment Of Impatience May Ruin A Whole Life. #LoversInDub…

Vegas Tweets ‏@VegasTweetsInfo

Caesars #LasVegas Flash #Sale for May. Discounted room rates at 🎲 Caesars Palace 🔥 The Cromwell 🌴 Flamingo 🎰 Harr…

Anny Aurora ‏@AnnyAuroraPorn

Life sometimes requires some gambling. Just don’t raise the stakes too high 🎰

Pala Casino ‏@PalaCasino

Dracarys! 🔥 We can't get enough of this Game of Thrones Slot Machine! 🎰 Who's your favorite character? Want to play…

Boogotti Kasino (Bugsy Siegel) ‏@Boogottikasino click the link to watch full video it’s out now n also go subscribe to my YouTube channel…

Lorraine S ‏@Lozzabell70

Ecclesiastical and old = jackpot 🎰 #AntiquesRoadshow

lil koon 💰 ‏@lil_brent5

The game ain’t treat me right I’m still in love wit the bitch 🎰4️⃣🌍

歌マクロス ENG ‏@UtaMacross_ENG

Mirage's Daily Mission Challenge has started! 🔥 Play lives to complete missions! 📜 Get Orbs every day! 🎰 ⌚️ Ends…

DEX Arbitrage Opportunity Bot ‏@dexarbitrage

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IFeelGood ‏@ForeverBlessedG

@gulzaarAvi @Wisdomokezie1 Ifb 🎰 do you ?

DeeMamaKo 💖Commissions Open💖 ‏@KumaKitten96

3 Raffles🎰, 6 winners🏆🏆!!! Will it be you? To join these raffles, you do have to be a follower. I accept many peopl…

Fruity Slot Bot 🎰🤖 ‏@lonesome_arcade

Spins... |♣|🎰|🍒| Won $0.00 - Total $0.00 "Godamit!" In goes another dollar... #slots #casino

Candyce Ryan ‏@grrldejour1039

Just hit the Chocolate Jackpot 🍫🎰❤️ BOGO at @StopandShop

Rachel Kehoe ‏@TheRachelKehoe

Last night was fun I went to a brewery and then I went to a casino. I didn't get to bed until 3 am! 🍺 🎰

Jonathan Russell ‏@jrussell2407

Championship!!!! #teamslots 🎰🥎🥇

Boogotti Kasino (Bugsy Siegel) ‏@Boogottikasino

OUT NOW EXCLUSIVELY ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Can’t hold no shit like this is. #Benevolent 🎰🎰 #houston #Benevolent sho…

🔳 Sev 🔲 ‏@__Sev___

🏝🚨 PRODUCERS 🚨 🏝 I Want to hold a remix contest for any of the tracks off my debut EP ‘777’. Is this something any…

🎰 Vegas Music Lover 🎶 ‏@MovieDiva90

@IamStevenT Vegas loves you! 🎰🎤🎸

Cashman_Casino ‏@CashmanCasino1

🎲All of them pay but do you know which one pays the best? 🎰Try to figure out which ones are the Best Pay Symbols!🎰…

Chinook Winds Casino ‏@ChinookWinds

Let's hear it for this $9,739.00 jackpot winner from Lincoln City, OR! 🎰🤑🔥

Casino Bonuses Index ‏@CasinoBonusesIx

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CryptoManiac ‏@RippleAnon

20th tomorrow X R P 💰💰💰 💵💵💵 🎰🎰🎰

🎰 Vegas Music Lover 🎶 ‏@MovieDiva90

@PaulShortino @Rock_Vault Best Rock Show in Vegas! 🎰🎤🎸 Love it! We’ve seen the show so many times! Rock n Roll 4ever! 🤘🏽

Robert B. Garcia ‏@RobRams85

@RaideretteQT Damn, that's cool! 👊💥🎲🎲🎰

Thinatk ‏@Thinatk2

🎰My OG 🔥told me murder everything✨

🌐ECC EMPIRE🌐 ‏@ecclolipop

🎊 Congratulation🎊 🎰 918Kiss GREATBLUE Bagi Bigwin🎊 🎊Taniah👑ECC Empire👑Member 😍 Sudah Dapat Withdraw RM2000😘

IFeelGood ‏@ForeverBlessedG

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⋆ k ⋆ ‏@kyliehackfeld

@QueenAwakened oh shit actually.... perfectly applicable to my life right now? THANK YOU for the clarity 💜🎰

Charlotte de Witte ‏@CharlottedWitte

Up all night to get lucky 🎰🇺🇸

The Blade ‏@toledonews

Rossford may allow drinking outdoors near the casino. 🍻🍺🎰

Jonn Rodriguez ‏@Jonnrodriguez

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈⚡️🎶 #edclv2019 Day 2 🌼☮️✨🤟🏻🤪🎶🔥🍹🥃🍺🎰🎲💥 . . . #edclasvegas #edm #edmlifestyle #edmvibes…

Tina teal ‏@Tinateal5

@EveLynne42 Jackpot 🎰 👍👍👍

Chris ‏@csbush24

Fortune favors the bold🎰 @ Onslow County, North Carolina

Luni 7 ® ‏@luni7h

We live in the United States of America. Ok cool. United means, in agreement, & undivided. Put it towards the recen…

MoMo ‏@MoneyMark214

Feel like going to the casinos 🎰

Mary Agacki ‏@MarAgack

@amberindigo @sarah_hunt @johnnyfiasco @nflnetwork If only real half time could be so short. 🎰🎲

KING TELLEM ‏@tellem_kenya

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Dat Boii ‏@Juicy_Jraw14

Okay, this shit starting to sound like some fire now. 🎰

Bronwyn Sherratt ‏@BronwynSherratt

Alton Towers 🎡🎢🎰

CLTCH ‏@cltchit

Or 🔥that sucker down 🐉 Who’s gonna be among tonight’s body count? Place your bets 🎰 #CLTCH #cltchit @ CLTCH

Calvin Gaffney 🦈 ‏@calvgaff

I need someone to go back to vegas with ! 🎰 🏛️🏰🗼🗽🎢🎪🃏 #vegas #LasVegas #VegasBorn #vegasbaby #LasVegasrealestate

Jonathan Russell ‏@jrussell2407

My 4th homer got outta here in a hurry! Trying to lock in this MVP trophy! #TeamSlots 🎰🥎 #Bomb🚀 @SHRTampa Softball…

🌐ECC EMPIRE🌐 ‏@ecclolipop

🎊 Congratulation🎊 🎰 918Kiss VICTORY Bagi Bigwin🎊 🎊Taniah👑ECC Empire👑Member 😍 Sudah Dapat Withdraw RM2000😘 💝Joi…

Lekh Nath Kandel ‏@Ln_K47

knowledge 🎰

Raoul Duke ‏@raouldduke

@John88962453 @mtracey Trump/Tulsi 2020 if Trump is the stable genius he claim to be. 🤪🙏🎰

1stClassMil ‏@TheMillMAJAH

"Im Satisfied"#1stclassmil🏆🔑🍞🎰 #2Amazin #talent #hiphop #hiphopmusic #music #news #new #fashion #summer…

1stClassMil ‏@TheMillMAJAH

"Stand up"#1stclassmil🏆🔑🍞🎰 #2Amazin #talent #summer #springbreak #parties #fun #today #music #news #new #hiphop…

Terrapin Beer Co. ‏@TerrapinBeerCo

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1stClassMil ‏@TheMillMAJAH

"Alnight Alright"#1stclassmil🏆🔑🍞🎰 #2Amazin #lit #turnup #turnt #hiphop #hiphopmusic #rap #rappers #trending #music…

⛳ ठाकुर सचिन चौहान ⛳ ‏@SachinC29

People👥laugh at me😎becoz i 😎am different🎰 and i 🙎laugh becoz they all 👥are 🙈same.🙈🙉🙊

💯🥇#1FIRST❤️Founder💦¹³⁰ᴷ ‏@Thalaxa

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